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Carpenter Star This Baby is finally done. This my second quilt-as-you-go King carpenter star. The first time I chose to quilt the center star and ring as one piece and then add the remaining rings one at a time and quilt. This time I decided to divide the entire top into thirds and quilt. The second time is the charm! It was much much easier to quilt and there were fewer puckers to hide. Quilt as you go is not my first choice for a quilt but it is definitely doable for a quilt of this size. I chose to use it as a bedspread for my queen bed in the guest room. I’m very happy with the look.

I’ve also finalized the pattern:   QAYG Carpenter Star

My journey from the beginning:

September 26, 2014:  Quilt as You Go – King-sized Carpenter Star Quilt

September 27, 2014 : Carpenter Star – Backing

October 1, 2014: Carpenter Star – cutting the Fabric

October 4, 2014: Carpenter Star – Piecing Section 1

October 7, 2014: Carpenter Star –  Anatomy of Spray Basting

October 23, 2014: Carpenter Star – Adding Section 2

November 6, 2014: Carpenter Star – Section 2 Quilting is Done

December 24, 2014: Carpenter Star – Section 3 Challenges

 And the bazillion pics I took along the way:

Carpenter Star - King Quilt As You Go

Quilt-as-you-go Carpenter Star

Quilt-as-you-go Carpenter Star

Quilt-as-you-go Carpenter Star

Quilt-as-you-go Carpenter Star



35 Free Star Quilt Patterns: Free Block Designs and Quilt Ideas

Star blocks and star quilt patterns are popular quilting designs that have been around for hundreds of years, but if you're new to quilting, you may be asking yourself, 'What is a star quilt?' Star quilts are given their name as they resemble evening stars, and can be composed of star blocks or one large star at the center of a quilt.

Star quilt blocks are typically made with 6 or 8 points and are composed of squares and half square triangles, although they can also be made using quarter square triangles.

There are several variations of the traditional star block, including lone star blocks, which are also known as Star of Bethlehem and morning star designs. Lone star blocks are quite intricate and were named for the state of Texas, becoming popular after the fall of the Alamo.

Star quilts are also traditional designs within different Native American communities, in particular, the Lakota tribe, where intricate star designs hold special significance (If you're interested in the history of Native American star quilts, we recommend this excellent article by Cheyenne Cartwright, "Native American Star Quilt History"). Whether you're new to quilting or are looking to step up your skills, be sure to check out all of our excellent star quilt patterns listed below!

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Star Quilt

Today I’m sharing this Bonnie and Camille Star Pop quilt. I’ve had this Shine on B&C fabric bundle in my stash for a few months just waiting for the perfect project. This fun mix of florals made the prettiest Star Pop quilt.

Star Pop is a stash friendly modern star quilt pattern. It’s the newest Quilty Love quilt pattern in the shop.

Bonnie and Camille fabrics were some of my first fabric choices when I started quilting seven years ago. They are the happiest fabrics and so much fun to sew with.

This Star Pop quilt is the large throw size.

Star Pop quilt pattern

Star Pop is a brand new quilt pattern now available in the Quilty Love pattern shop.

This fun and modern star quilt is a play on the classic sawtooth star quilt design. I love stars in my quilts and am always looking for different ways to use them in my quilt designs.

Star Pop is a confident beginner quilt pattern. I kept the piecing simple on this star quilt. The blocks are simple and repetitive.

Fat quarter friendly star quilt

Star Pop is a stash friendly quilt pattern! Not quite a stash buster as you will need yardage for the stars but definitely stash friendly. Star Pop will work great with those curated fat quarter bundles already in your stash or a mix and match of fat quarters.

This fun and modern sawtooth star quilt is scrappy friendly! Each block uses less than 10 inches of fabric so it’s a good one for your scraps. I sewed up this cute blue scrappy baby Star Pop quilt as a sample.

Stash friendly quilt pattern

Besides fat quarters, Star Pop is layer cake friendly, scrap friendly, 1/4 yard friendly or fat eighth friendly. You will need the entire 9 inches of quarter yards or fat eighths so use those at your own risk.

Bonnie and Camille Star Pop quilt

This version of Star Pop uses the Bonnie and Camille Shine on fabric line. I’ve had this fabric line in my stash for a few months waiting for the perfect project. I thought Star Pop would look great in these Bonnie and Camille fabrics since they have a scrappy and happy feel.

Since Shine On has so many prints in the fabric line I ended up using about half of each fat quarter. I left the yellow prints out and then used each remaining print at least once in the quilt.

I love how happy and scrappy the final results are. Shine on has a few low volume prints in it so I used one of them for the stars. I chose the cute little rainbows on white fabric.

I’ve really been trying to stay away from plain white fabric in my quilts lately. Don’t get me wrong, I love the bright white in quilts. But white is not the most practical. As I’ve given away more quilts lately to families, I realize how impractical it is…lol. Plus, I’ve been enjoying the challenge of trying to replace white with something else. Rather than a stark white, I’ve been enjoying using a subtle low volume print instead.

I use white mostly out of convenience. I always have plenty of it on hand and I tend to be impatient and a poor planner when it comes to making a new quilt. I try to use what I have on hand.

Bonnie and Camille fabrics

Bonnie and Camille fabrics were some of my first fabric choices. My local quilt shop at that time carried a few of their prints and I always gravitated towards them. They really are the happiest fabrics and I still enjoy sewing them up.

This fabric line is the Shine On line that came out within the past year or so. Each of their lines coordinates so well together so if you miss one, chances are you will love the next one just as much.

I’ve been on a bit of a Bonnie and Camille sewing kick lately. Recently I sewed up this Scrappy B&C Lucky Log Cabins quilt. If you have a lot of their fabrics in your stash, they make really good scrappy quilts like that Lucky Log Cabins quilt.

Another scrappy Bonnie and Camille quilt I’ve made is this scrappy Ombre Gems quilt.

I’ll have some Bonnie and Camille kits in my shop later this year.

Confident Beginner star quilt pattern

Star Pop is a confident beginner star quilt pattern. Both beginners and novice quilters will enjoy sewing up this sawtooth star quilt. There are at least 17 different ways to make the same design when it comes to quilting so for this star quilt I chose a simpler piecing method.

These star blocks can be sewn together quickly. I like doing all of my cutting up front, making all of the half square triangles up front and then chain piecing my blocks together for fast assembly.

To do this, I’ll stack up all of the block pieces one on top of the other and then chain piece through an entire stack. You will end up completing your blocks all at the same time. I show a photo of this in the quilt pattern.

I’m all about shortcuts these days especially with more limited time with the two year old.

Long Arm quilting by Modern Textiles

Katie of Modern Textiles quilted this Bonnie and Camille Star Pop quilt. We chose this simple and and loopy pantograph called Cake Walk. Katie quilted most of my Star Pop samples and I highly recommend her.

Bonnie and Camille Star Pop quilt – backing and binding

This fun and scrappy Star Pop quilt is finished off with a Peppered Cotton wide back fabric. It’s a nice grey linen wide back and one of my current favorite options. Check out the brand new Wide Back Shop for modern wide backs.

I pretty much only use wide back fabrics on my quilts these days so I’ve begun curating a collection of modern wide back fabrics. Be sure to check it out for your next quilt!

This Star Pop quilt is finished off with a navy fabric from the Shine On fabric line. It’s a cute little rainbow print. The navy binding really pops on this one. You can’t go wrong with a navy binding!

Bonnie and Camille Star Pop Materials

Quilt Pattern: Star Pop quilt pattern by Quilty Love
Fabrics: Shine On fabrics by Bonnie and Camille for Moda Fabrics
Pieced on a Juki TL-2000qi
Long Arm quilted by Modern Textiles

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CONQUERING Edyta Sitar's Modern Feathered Star Quilt - Midnight Quilt Show with Angela Walters

5 Free King Size Quilt Patterns And Tips For King Quilts

Want to test and keep free this week’s tool for perfectly measured quilts and blocks? Click here to learn more now

Creating a king size quilt is an incredible undertaking, and one not for the faint-hearted!

But… what an achievement and a labor of love.

So, today I have for you:

  1. An exciting selection of free king size quilt patterns, and
  2. A discussion about resizing quilt patterns to enable you to convert other patterns designed for smaller quilts to king size dimensions.

I’ll also introduce you to a frame kit perfect to use for quilting, which makes handling the amount of large amount of material necessary for a king size quilt (and other sizes) easier.

king size quilt patterns

How to resize quilting patterns

Have you been looking for the perfect king size quilt pattern, but struggled to find exactly what you have in mind?

King size quilts are not particularly common projects––perhaps because they are so labor intensive––but you will find many more designs for quilts in other sizes which you can easily convert and use.

There are size charts available to help you resize patterns in stores, and online. They will help you gather all the information you’ll need, including how much material is necessary for the resized quilt pattern.

Here are some quick reference charts which you might find useful. And here’s a great post all about How to Resize a Quilt Pattern.

When resizing your pattern, you need to decide if you would prefer to:

  1. change the number of blocks suggested by the pattern, while maintaining the block sizes, or
  2. change the size of the blocks, recalculating the size they need to be to get your desired completed size.

Further increase in size can be achieved by creating larger borders. This can help to reduce the numbers of blocks you need to increase by.

But a word of caution, use this method carefully so as not to over-exaggerate the border size.

If you are using a pattern with quilt blocks, then you can add sashing between the blocks, and add to the border to increase the size. This will obviously change the design somewhat, so it’s a good idea to lay the blocks with the sashing before stitching just to check you are happy with the result.

It’s very important to estimate how much fabric you will need for your pattern:

Using a frame kit

A special roll quilt frame kit can be really helpful when you’re making a king size quilt. It helps to keep the quilt contained, which makes it easier to machine quilt. The kit can be expensive, but if you’re quilting regularly, it may well be worth the investment to you.

Before starting the project, it is important to draw a detailed plan of your quilt design because when you have the material loaded onto the rolls and you’re busy working with it, it’s really easy to forget what you want to go where. And if you duplicated areas it becomes further complicated. A good plan helps to prevent confusion.

When using the kit it is important to mount the fabric onto the kit rolls in the correct direction:

  • When you load the fabric for the top of the quilt onto the roll, make sure the fabric comes from the bottom of the roll.
  • With the fabric for the quilt backing, make sure it comes from the top of the roll.
  • This will ensure the layers lay flat. If the fabrics come from a different direction, then you create distance between the fabrics which can lead to needle breakages when you start to sew.

Once your quilt fabrics are mounted, it really is just a matter of sewing, while the frame kit provides the support you need.

Many domestic sewing machines can successfully be used for quilting, providing you drop the feed dog, and use an open embroidery type of foot on your machine.

King size quilt patterns

Here is a selection of five patterns that I love.

1. ‘Cactus Flower’ quilt pattern

king quilt size  

Image from

This beautiful pattern designed by Toby Lischko, comes with instructions on how to make it up as a king size quilt.

The PDF files include the fabric requirements, cutting instructions, diagrams for the piecing, quilt top assembly instructions, quilting, and finishing.

The size of the finished quilt is 108½ ” x 108½ “.

2. ‘Gobble Chain’ quilt pattern

king size quilt

The Gobble Chain Tutorial by Natalia Bonner, Kathleen Whiting & Whitnee North, guides you through the creation of this beautiful quilt with contrasting colors. Completed size: 100″x 120″.

You will find a list of all the materials you’ll need, together with a detailed, step-by-step tutorial.

3. ‘Bed and Breakfast’ quilt pattern

king size quilts 

 Image from

I love the color blue, and this quilt with its Mediterranean vibe looks amazing. Here is a link to this adaption of a quilt designed by Toby Lischko.

The finished king size quilt is 108½” x 108½” .

4. ‘Peaches & Dreams’ quilt pattern

king size quilt dimensions  

Image from

All the instructions you’ll need to recreate this stunning quilt are found here as a free PDF.

5. ‘Scrappy Ocean Waves’ quilt pattern

king size quilt kits

If you love triangles then this pattern is perfect for you. The size of the finished quilt is 91″ x 104″.

You will find the detailed instructions here.

If you have found other free patterns online that you love, please share them with us in the comments below, together with your quilting photos and experiences… especially any projects of epic king size proportions!

Want to test and keep free this week’s tool for perfectly measured quilts and blocks? Click here to learn more now

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Pattern quilt size king star

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