Ged math test answers 2021

Ged math test answers 2021 DEFAULT

Use these free GED Math practice tests that offer questions with answers and explanations to get ready for the realMath test. There are 258 sample questions in these free GED Math practice tests.

Following the questions, you can review each answer, check the explanation as well as the correct solutions. If you take a number of our Math practice tests, you will find out which math subject areas need most of your attention so you won’t waste your precious time on topics that you already know.

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Math Practice Test

Question 1 of 10.

1. Solve the equation 3x=24.

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20 More GED Math Practice Tests

Keep practicing. Here are 25 more Math practice tests that will help you get ready for the GED Math Test.

Pre-Algebra Math Practice Tests With Explanations

  • Set 1-Word Problems, Equations, Order of Operations
  • Set 2-Percentages, Decimals, Word Problems
  • Set 3-Expressions, Fractions, Equations
  • Set 4-Fractions, Decimals, Word Problems
  • Set 5-Word Problem, Percentages, Equations

Pre-Algebra Math Practice Test With Explanations

  • Set 6-Rates, Fractions, Expressions
  • Set 7-Decimals, Exponents, Equations
  • Set 8-Expressions, Word Problems, Equations
  • Set 9-Rates, Proportions, Exponents
  • Set 10-Rates, Equations, Exponents

Algebra Math Practice Test With Explanations

  • Set 11-Expressions, Word Problems, Exponents
  • Set 12-Inequalities, Graphing, Geometry
  • Set 13-Functions, Geometry, Inequalities 
  • Set 14-Slope of a Line, Expressions, Statistics
  • Set 15-Inequalities, Slope of a Line, Functions
  • Set 16-Geometry, Functions, Expressions
  • Set 17-Functions, Inequality, Expressions
  • Set 18-Order of Operations, Slope-Intercept Form, Functions

Simulation of the Math Test – 20 Questions with a Timer

GED (TI-30 XS) Calculator Practice Test

These GED Math Tests are a part of our GED Practice Test module designed by Onsego GED prep. All practice tests align with Common Core Standards and the GED Exam.

GED Math test details

There are 46 questions on the GED Math Test. You need 65% correct answers to pass the GED Math test and the passing score is 145 points.

You are allowed 115 minutes to deal with all the GED Math questions.

The GED Math test has two parts. The first part includes five questions, and here, the use of a calculator is NOT allowed.  This is the part where your arithmetic competencies and basic number sense are assessed.

The second part contains 41 questions, and here, you can use a calculator. There is an on-screen calculator, the Texas Instruments TI-30 XS, but you are also allowed to bring your own TI-30 XS calculator.

In this second part, you’ll also be able to access important and useful math formulas.

GED Math types of questions

The most used questions are multiple-choice questions, however, there are also other types of questions such as fill in the blank, or drag the correct answer to the appropriate place (hot spot).

The Part 1 and Part 2 portions are not timed individually, so test-takers can decide for themselves how much time they want to use to complete both the non-calculator (Part 1) and calculator (Part 2) sections of the GED Math test within the allotted time of in total 115 minutes.

Also, performing the correct order of operations, and deciding whether your result seems reasonable is crucial.

There will be a good GED test prep center at a school site or a community center in your area that will also help you to learn properly and our website offers more than 200 free Math GED practice tests.

GED Math Formulas

The math formulas are also provided so test-takers will not have to memorize them, they can use the Formula Reference Sheet to calculate their answers on test day.

You will receive a sheet with formulas that you can use when you sit for the GED Math test. In this article, we will explain what Math formulas are and how you can use them not only to solve issues during our daily lives but also how to use them on the GED Math test.

Formulas are written procedures that offer a step-by-step methodological way to deal with and solve routine issues and problems in mathematics.

They function as recipes and will be useful at times when you want to find specific information and data like volume, area, perimeter, the length of a missing side of a triangle, average, distance, or slope of a specific line.

Formulas can be used in everyday life to deal with tasks in or around the house. As an example, you are going to need the use of a formula to measure the area of a rectangle if you want to know how much paint you will need to cover all walls in a specific room.

Geometry area formulas

Area formulas are used for the measurement of the surface of a specific space. You can think of the area when tiling. The area is always measured and described in square units. If a closet floor is five feet, x five feet, the area of the closet’s floor is (5 x 5) 25 square feet.

Your GED Math test formula sheet includes the formulas for you to find the areas of a square, a parallelogram, a rectangle, a trapezoid, and a triangle.

GED volume formulas

It happens quite often that we want to know the volume of a box or space for example when we want to ship certain things. When buying a shipping box, we will notice a label that indicates the cubic inches/feet the box holds.

If we want to measure the volume, we multiply (the dimensions of) length, width, and height. Your clear reasoning skills are key here. The practice tests and online classes published on this website are provided by Onsego GED Prep.

GED perimeter formulas

The perimeter is described as the distance around a specific shape. There are formulas to measure the perimeter of certain shapes, for example, rectangles and

GED Math Practice Test

squares. Some irregular shapes require us to add all parts of the sides to measure the perimeter.

The word rim (which means edge), is found inside the word ‘perimeter; and this helps us remember what ‘perimeter’ stands for.

The GED Math test formula sheet offers you all the formulas you need to measure the perimeters of a triangle, a square, and a rectangle. So the formulas are provided to test your general educational development. Your high school equivalency diploma is equivalent to a common high school diploma.

Free GED prep

Other pages on this website contain free Social Studies, Language Arts, and Science practice tests and programs. So there is ample preparation and support offered for the four GED subject tests that, after passing them, will get you into college! You won’t need years to get ready.

Video lessons are known to be highly effective. Colleges require well-rounded reading skills so if you have the minimally required age, we provide all the tools for earning an academic certificate that will get you all decent jobs! The GED exam can be done in English and Spanish (in most states).

GED Ready test

Please keep in mind that the GED Ready® test (the Official Practice Test) is the only practice test built to tell a student if they are likely to pass the real thing.


Is the GED Math test hard?

Most GED test-takers fear the GED Math section, but passing the GED Math subtest doesn’t have to be that hard. Just make sure you get optimally prepared and learn about test-taking strategies and you’ll overcome your test anxiety. Prepare well by setting your goals and identify which subject areas and what skills you need to work on. If you additionally learn how to use the GED calculator, the TI-30 XS, chances are you’ll pass the GED Meth test with flying colors!

Can I use a calculator on the GED Math test? 

The GED Math test is divided into two parts. In the first part, you’ll have to answer 5 questions without a calculator. In the second part, you can use your own hand-held TI-30 XS or the embedded, on-screen displayed version of this calculator. Both versions work in the same way with the same functions. Learning how to work with this amazing scientific calculator will boost your results!

What Math is on the GED test? 

The GED Math test includes 46 questions that cover number sense, number operations, algebra, functions and patterns, measurement and geometry, statistics, data analysis, and probability. There are not only multiple-choice questions. You’ll also see fill-in-the-blank, draggable, and other formats. You are given 115 minutes to complete the GED Math test.


Last Updated on September 7, 2021.


GED Practice Test 2021: General Educational Development (GED) Practice Test 2021 online. Download free printable sample question answers (PDF) and worksheets for GED 2021 study guide free. provides a free sample test in each of the GED subjects online. Our online exams are a quarter of the length of the actual GED and will give you a sense of what to expect on test day. For the best experience, please use a laptop or desktop computer.

GED Practice Test Prep 2021

GED Practice Test 2021

Taking General Educational Development tests is tough enough for those who had academic trouble before dropping out of high school. But having to manipulate a computer to answer questions about science, social studies, mathematical reasoning, and reasoning through language arts was overwhelming for many who took the GED test last year.

GED Mathematical Reasoning Test

GED Social Studies Test

Subject NameGED Printable Practice Test

3. Social Studies
Duration: 70 minutes
Question Type: Multiple choices and other question types (drag and drop, select an area, and drop down)


  • Reading for Meaning in Social Studies
  • Analyzing Historical Events and Arguments in Social Studies
  • Using Numbers and Graphs in Social Studies


GED Science Test

Subject NameGED Printable Practice Test

2. Science
90 minutes
Question Type: Multiple choices and other question types (drag and drop, select an area, and drop down)


  • Reading for Meaning in Science
  • Designing and Interpreting Science Experiments
  • Using Numbers and Graphics in Science


GED Reasoning Through Language Arts Test

Subject NameGED Printable Practice Test

2. Reasoning Through Language Arts


  • 150 minutes
  • 10-minute break between parts 2 and 3
  • 45 minutes for the written essay


  • 3 sections
  • 1 written essay (extended response)
  • Multiple choices and other question types (drag and drop, select an area, and drop down)


  • Reading for Meaning
  • Identifying and Creating Arguments
  • Grammar and Language


Official Test GED Practice Test 2021

GED officially provides free as well as premium sample tests in each of the GED subjects. These online exams are a quarter the length of the actual GED and will give you a sense of what to expect on test day. For the best experience, please use a laptop or desktop computer.

Who administered GED?

The American Council on Education (ACE), in Washington, D.C. (U.S.), which owns the GED trademark, GED®. GED Testing Service is a joint venture of the American Council on Education. The Official Website ( is the sole provider of the official GED® test.

What is GED® test?

The General Educational Development (GED) tests are a group of four subject tests which, when passed, provide certification that the test taker has United States or Canadian high school-level academic skills. It is an alternative to the US High school diploma, HiSET and TASC test.

GED Testing Centers:

There are more than 3,200 Official GED Testing Centers in the United States and increasingly in Canada, as well as around the world. Testing centers are most often in adult-education centers, community colleges, and public schools. Students in metropolitan areas may be able to choose from several testing locations.

Eligibility Test Eligibility:

The eligibility to take the GED vary by state. However, candidates at least 16 years old and not enrolled in high school are eligible for the program. In addition, in some states candidates to be 17 years of age and a resident of the state.

GED Test Fees

The fees of the GED test vary depending on the state. In general, the fees per subject vary from $30 to $35. Therefore, the total fees for the four subject tests would be $120 to $135.

GED Test Languages:

In addition to English, the GED tests are available in Spanish and in French in Canada, large print, audio, and braille.

GED Exam Subjects

The GED® test is made up of four exams (Mathematical Reasoning, Reasoning Through Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science).

  1. Maths.
  2. Science.
  3. English Reading/Writing.
  4. Social Studies.

GED Passing Score

The GED exam has a passing score of 145 out of 200 for each subject. To earn your certificate, you’ll need to score 145 on all four subjects. Be sure to check with your prospective university about the scores required for admission. For example, Arizona State University requires an average sub-test score of 500 in addition to the certificate.

GED Office Locations

GED Testing Service – District of Columbia
1850 M Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20036

GED Testing Service – Minnesota
5601 Green Valley Dr.
Bloomington, MN 55437

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Download GED Math Practice Test 2020 Sample Questions Answers (Free Printable PDF) and practice free online math quiz test Test Topics
Basic Math, Geometry, Basic Algebra, Graphs, and Functions. There are two types of GED Math Practice Test files. One is a printable PDF file and another is an editable Doc file for your better GED Test Prep online.

Test NameGED Practice Test
GED full formGeneral Educational Development
Subject NameMathematics
Mode of ExamComputer-based adaptive test
Test TypeMath Sample / Mock Test 2
Available Printable PDFYES (Download link is given below)
Total Question (MCQs)35
Available of AnswersYES
TopicsBasic Math Geometry Basic Algebra Graphs and Functions

GED Math Test Questions Answers 2020

Q1. If 1 dollar is worth x French francs, what is the value, in dollars, of y French francs?

  • A). xy
  • B).  x/y
  • C). y/x
  • D). 1/yx
  • E). x+y

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Answer: C

you don’t see that you need to divide y by x, set up a proportion. Let z = number of dollars needed to purchase y francs. 

Q2. Evaluate y ²4x − y) if y = −2 and x = 8. 

  • A). -18
  • B).  8
  • C). 86
  • D). 96
  • E). 136

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Answer: E

Replace the variables with their given values. (−2)²(32 − [−2]) = 4(34) = 136 

Q3. On a road map, 1/4 inch represents 8 miles of actual road distance. The towns of Alton and Waverly are represented by points 2 (1/8) inches apart on the map. What is the actual distance, in miles, between Alton and Waverly?

  • A). 17
  • B). 32
  • C). 40
  • D). 60
  • E). 68

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Answer: E

Since 1/4 in. represents 8 mi, 1 in. represents 4 × 8 = 32 mi., and 2 in. represents 2 × 32 = 64 mi., 1/8 in. represents 4 mi. Then 2 (1/8) in. represent 64 + 4 = 68 mi

Q4. What is the area, in square graph units, of the triangle?

  • A). 8
  • B). 10
  • C). 16
  • D). 32
  • E). 48

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Answer: C

Use the formula for the area of a triangle. A = ½ bh =>½ (4) (8) = 16

Q5. At a certain time of day, a man 6 feet tall casts a shadow 4 feet in length. At the same time, a church steeple casts a shadow 28 feet in length. How high, in feet, is the church steeple?

  • A). 30
  • B). 32
  • C). 42
  • D). 48
  • E). 56

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Answer: C

Let x = height of steeple. Set up proportion: (height of the object / length of shadow): x/28 = 6/4
4x = 6(28) = 168 x = 168 ÷ 4 = 42 ft. 

Questions 6 through 8 are based on the following information.

A 3-foot-wide walkway is built around a swimming pool that is 20 feet by 30 feet, as shown in the following figure.

Q6. In order to determine how much flagstone to buy, the homeowner needs to know the total area, in square feet, of the walkway. Which of the following expressions represents this area?

  • A). (23)(33)
  • B). (26)(36)
  • C). (23)(33) − (20)(30)
  • D). (26)(36) − (20)(30)
  • E). . (26)(36) − (23)(33)

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Answer: D

As you can see from the figure, to find the area of the walkway, you need to subtract the area of the inner rectangle, (20)(30) sq. ft., from the
area of the outer rectangle, (26)(36) sq. ft.: (26)(36) − (20)(30) sq. ft.

Q7. If the depth of the pool is 6 feet, what volume of water, in cubic feet, is needed to fill the pool?

  • A). 56
  • B). 300
  • C). 600
  • D). 300
  • E). 3600

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Answer: E

Since the average depth of the pool is 6 ft., the water forms a rectangular solid with dimensions 30 by 20 by 6. The volume of water is the product of these three numbers: (30)(20)(6) = 3,600 ft.³

Q8. What is the total area, in square feet, of the pool and the walkway?

  • A). 50
  • B). 62
  • C). 759
  • D). 936
  • E). 1236

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Answer: D

Taken together, the pool and the walkway form a rectangle with dimensions 36 by 26. The total area is the product of these numbers: (36)(26) = 936 sq. ft.

Q9. Evaluate (6 × 105) ÷ (4 × 103).

  • A). 20
  • B). 100
  • C). 150
  • D). 1500
  • E). 2000

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Answer: C

6 × 105 = 600,000
4 × 105 = 4,000
600,000 ÷ 4,000 = 600 ÷ 4 = 150 

Q10. A house and a lot cost $120,000. If the house cost three times as much as the lot, how much did the house cost?

  • A). $30,000
  • B). $40,000
  • C). $60,000
  • D). $90,000
  • E). $120,000

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Answer: D

Let x = cost of lot and 3x = cost of house.
x + 3x = 120,000
4x = 120,000
x = 120,000 ÷ 4 = 30,000
3x = 3(30,000) = $90,000 

Q11. Joan borrowed $1,300 to buy tools for her job as an auto mechanic. The loan is for one year and six months at 9% simple interest. Which of the following expressions could be used to find the amount she will pay back at the end of the loan period?

  • A). $1,300 × 1.5 × 0.09
  • B). $1,300 × 1.6 × 0.09
  • C). $1,300 × 1.5 × 9
  • D). $1,300 + ($1,300 × 9 × 1.5)
  • E). $1,300 + ($1,300 × 0.09 × 1.5)

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Answer: E

Find the interest by multiplying the amount borrowed ($1,300) by the time period in years (1.5) by the interest expressed as a decimal
(0.09). To find the amount paid back, the amount borrowed must be added to the interest. $1,300 + ($1,300 × 0.09 × 1.5) 

Q12. Norm borrows $8,000 for five years to make improvements to his home office. If the simple interest rate is 13%, how much will he pay in interest?

  • A). $5,200
  • B). $4,000
  • C). $1,040
  • D). $420
  • E). $400

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Answer: A

Simply multiply: $8,000 × 0.13 × 5 = $5,200 

Q13. The solution x = −5 makes which of the following equations true?

  • A). 14 − x = 9
  • B). x + 3 = 8
  • C). 12x = −60
  • D). 2x = 20
  • E).  2x + 12 = 9

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Answer: C

Try −5 for x in each equation. Only option e is true when −5 is substituted for x.
12x = −60
12(−5) = −60
−60 = −60

Q14. Marc had $572.18 in his checking account. After writing a check, he had $434.68. Which of the following equations could be used to find the amount of the check (c)?

  • A). $572.18 + c = $434.68
  • B). $572.18 − c = $434.68
  • C). $572.18c = $434.68
  • D). $572.18 − 2c = $434.68
  • E). $434.68 + c = $572.18

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Answer: B

When you subtract the check from the amount in the checking account, the result will be the current balance: $572.18 − c = $434.68 

Q15. Ken earned x dollars at his part-time job on Friday. His wife earned $12 more than twice Ken’s pay (2x + 12). Together, they earned $174. How much did Ken earn on Friday?

  • A). $54
  • B). $87
  • C). $108
  • D). $120
  • E). $162

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Answer: A

Solve: x + (2x + 12) = $174
3x + 12 = $174
3x = $162
x = $54 

Q16. Two adults and four children pay $48 to get into the fair. A child’s ticket is $6 less than an adult’s ticket. What is the cost of an adult’s ticket?

  • A). $18
  • B). $15
  • C). $12
  • D). $9
  • E). $6

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Answer: C

Let x = the price of an adult’s ticket and x − $6 = the price of a child’s ticket. In the problem, the cost of 2 adults’ tickets and 4 children’s tickets is $48.Write and solve an equation:
2x + 4(x − 6) = $48
2x + 4x − $24 = $48
6x − $24 = $48
6x = $72
x = $12 

Q17. What is the median value of $268, $1,258, $654, $1,258, $900, $1,558, and $852?

  • A). $1,258
  • B). $960
  • C). $900
  • D). $913
  • E). $852

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Answer: C

The median is the middle amount. Arrange the amounts in order and find the middle amount, $900. 

Q18. What is the mode of the following: 14, 17, 14, 12, 13, 15, 22, and 11?

  • A). 13.5
  • B). 14
  • C). 14.75
  • D). 16.5
  • E). Not enough information is given.

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Answer: B

The mode is the number that occurs most often. Only 14 occurs more than once in the data set.

Q19. Charlie borrowed $1,500 from his aunt. He plans to pay his aunt back in nine months. If he pays 4% interest on the loan, what is the total amount he will pay back in nine months?

  • A). $540
  • B). $1,455
  • C). $1,545
  • D). $1,560
  • E). $2,040

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Answer: C

Find the amount of interest. For the time period, use 9/12, which equals 3/4 or .75.Multiply. $1,500 × 0.04 × 0.75 = $45. Add to find the amount paid back. $1,500 + $45 = $1,545.

Q20. Max needs to ship six identical packages, each weighing 3 lb. 12 oz. What is the total weight of the shipment?

  • A). 19 lb. 2 oz.
  • B). 22 lb. 5 oz.
  • C). 22 lb. 8 oz.
  • D). 24 lb. 12 oz.
  • E). 25 lb. 2 oz.

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Answer: C

Multiply 3 lb. 12. oz. by 6 to get 18 lb. 72 oz. Divide 72 oz. by the number of oz. in a pound (16) to get 4 lbs. with a remainder of 8 oz.
Therefore, 18 lb. + 4 lb. 8 oz. = 22 lb. 8 oz. 

Q21. In a theater audience of 650 people, 80% were adults. How many children were in the audience?

  • A). 130
  • B). 150
  • C). 450
  • D). 500
  • E). 520

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Answer: A

If 80% of the audience were adults, 100% − 80% = 20% were children. 20% = .20, and 0.20(650) = 130 

Q22. On a certain map, 1 inch represents 60 miles. If two towns are 255 miles apart, what is the distance, in inches, between the towns on the map?

  • A). 4
  • B). 4 (1/4)
  • C). 4 (1/2)
  • D). 4 (5/6)
  • E). 4 (7/4)

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Answer: B

Let x = number of inches between the towns on the map. Set up a proportion and solve it 

Q23. A carpenter has a board 4 feet 3 inches in length. He cuts off a piece 2 feet 8 inches in length. The length of the piece that is left is

  • A). 1 ft. 5 in.
  • B). 1 ft. 7 in.
  • C). 2 ft. 7 in.
  • D). 2 ft. 5 in.
  • E). 2 ft. 3 in.

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Answer: B

4 ft. 3 in. = 3 ft. 15 in. − 2 ft. 8 in. = 1 ft. 7 in. 

Q24.  A cardboard crate is 5 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 2 feet tall. What is its holding capacity?

  • A). 45 ft.³
  • B). 37 ft.³
  • C). 9 ft.³
  • D). 30 ft.³
  • E). 10 ft.³

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Answer: D

v = lwh; the container is 5 ft. long × 3 ft. wide × 2 ft. high. 5 × 3 × 2 = 30 ft.³ 

Questions 25 through 27 are based on the following graph.

Q25. How many gallons of paint were sold on Wednesday?

  • A). 3
  • B). 4
  • C). 5
  • D). 6
  • E). 9

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Answer: D

The top of the bar for Wednesday is at 6 on the vertical scale.

Q26. How much more paint was sold on Saturday than on Monday?

  • A). 6 gallons
  • B). 8 gallons
  • C). 10 gallons
  • D). 11 gallons
  • E). 12 gallons

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Answer: E

The top of the bar for Monday is halfway between 4 and 6, so 5 gal. were sold on Monday. The top of the bar for Saturday is halfway
between 16 and 18, so 17 gal. were sold on Saturday difference between 17 gal. and 5 gal. is 12 gal.

Q27. What was the total amount, in gallons, of paint sold by the store that week?

  • A). 20
  • B). 25
  • C). 30
  • D). 60
  • E). Not enough information is given.

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Answer: D

The tops of the bars for Monday through Sunday are at 5, 4, 6, 5, 14, 17, and 9. These add up to 60. 

Q28. O is the center of the circle, and the measure of ∠O is 70°. What is the measure of ∠OAB? 

  • A). 55°
  • B). 60°
  • C). 70°
  • D). 75°
  • E). 95°

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Answer: A

Let x = m∠OAB. OA = OB since radii of the same circle have equal measures. Therefore, m∠OAB = m∠OBA.
x + x + 70 = 180
2x + 70 = 180
2x = 180 − 70 = 110
x = 110 ÷ 2 = 55 

Q29. A bookcase has 3 large shelves and 4 small shelves. Each large shelf contains 8 more books than each small shelf. If the bookcase contains 297 books, how many books does each small shelf hold?

  • A). 29
  • B). 31
  • C). 32
  • D). 35
  • E). 39

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Answer: E

Let x = number of books on the small shelf, and x + 8 = number of books on the large shelf. Then, 4x = number of books on 4 small shelves,
and 3(x + 8) = number of books on 3 large shelves.
4x + 3(x + 8) = 297
4x + 3x + 24 = 297
7x + 24 = 297
7x = 297 − 24
7x = 273 ÷ 7 = 39 

Q30. Ms. Kraus buys 40 feet of wool to use for scarves. How many scarves of 3 feet 4 inches each in length can she cut from this material, assuming each scarf is as wide as the original piece of fabric?

  • A). 12
  • B). 15
  • C). 16
  • D). 18
  • E). 120

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Answer: A

40 ft. = 40 × 12 = 480 in. 3 ft. 4 in. = 3(12) + 4 = 36 + 4 = 40 in. 480 ÷ 40 = 12 scarves. 

Questions 31 and 32 refer to the following graph.

Q31. Customers of Rico’s Beauty Supply can make purchases online, from a catalog, or in the store. About how much more did the company make from catalog sales than from online sales in March?

  • A). $35,000
  • B). $65,000
  • C). $130,000
  • D). $195,000
  • E). $650,000

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Answer: B

$130,000 (catalog sales) − $65,000 (online sales) = $65,000

Q32. Approximately what fraction of the company’s total sales came from in-store sales?

  • A). 2/3
  • B). 1/3
  • C). 1/2
  • D). 1/4
  • E). 1/6

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Answer: B

$130,000 + $65,000 + $100,000 = $295,000, which is about $300,000.Working with compatible numbers, $100,000 out of $300,000 is 1/3. 

Q33. Josh needs to replace the boards on a 22-foot section of his fence. If the boards are 5 (1/2) inches wide, how many boards should he buy to cover the distance?

  • A). 4
  • B). 33
  • C). 48
  • D). 66
  • E). 121

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Answer: C

22 feet = 264 inches; 264 ÷ 5.5 = 48. 

Question 34 refers to the following graph.

Q34. What is the slope of the line that passes through points A and B on the coordinate graph? 

  • [In the examination, you have to enter the correct value]

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Answer: 1/3

The coordinates of point A are (−3,0). The coordinates of point B are (3,2). Use the slope formula:

Q35. What is the value of the expression 3(2x − y) + (3 + x)2, when x = 4 and y = 5?

  • [In the examination, you have to enter the correct value]

View Correct Answer

Answer: 58

Substitute the values for x and y in the expression. Then simplify.
3(2 × 4 − 5) + (3 + 4)2 = 3(3) + 72 = 9 + 49 = 58 

Free Download GED Math Practice Test PDF

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math GED Ready walk through 2

GED Math Practice Test

GED stands for General Education Development or General Education Diploma. The GED is a secondary option for individuals who did not complete high school and receive their high school diploma. The GED, recognized in all 50 states, serves as a high school equivalency credential. With this credential, graduates can apply for colleges and entry-level employment positions. The math section of this assessment tests student’s ability to solve algebraic and quantitative problems.

GED Math Practice Test


Who is eligible to take the GED Math Test?

You are eligible to take the GED math test if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are at least 16 years old
  • You are not enrolled in high school
  • You have not graduated from high school
  • You meet all of your state’s additional requirements (ex. the length of time since leaving school)

How much is the GED Math Test?

In most states, the GED Math test is $30 or less. Students are encouraged to check out the GED website for their state’s prices.

What type of math is on the GED Test?

The mathematical reasoning section of the GED test consists of two types of problems, quantitative problem-solving and algebraic problem-solving. Some of the many topics include:

  • Mean & median
  • Surface area
  • Slope of a line
  • Perimeter
  • Circumference
  • Simple interest
  • Pythagorean theorem
  • Quadratic formula
  • Total cost

How long is the GED Math Test?

The GED Math Test is 115 minutes (1 Hour & 55 minutes).

Can you use a calculator on the GED Math Test?

The GED math test has two sections. On the first section, which consists of 5 questions, you are not allowed to use a calculator. For the second section, which includes 41 questions, you may use a calculator. Please note that you must bring your own TI-30XS calculator.

How many questions can you miss on the GED Math Test?

The GED scoring system is complex, so one question doesn’t always equal one point. Some questions are fill in the blank or multiple select, where you must select multiple answers, which means multiple points. The GED Math Section has 46 questions, and a passing score is 145-164. There is no exact number of questions you can miss and still pass, but, according to the GED Testing Service, you need approximately 60%-65% of your points to pass.

How many times can you retake the GED Math Test?

There are no restrictions on how many times you can retake the GED Math Test. Generally, you can take the GED 3 times, and after the 3rd attempt, you have to wait 60 days. Similar rules apply to students taking the test in different languages. For example, if a student takes a test 3 times in Spanish, after the 3rd attempt, there is a 60-day waiting period to take it in English. Some states have individual retake rules. For example, in the District of Columbia (D.C.), after the first attempt, there is a 30-day waiting period before you can retake the test. Students are encouraged to check out their state’s retesting policy.

What do you have to score to pass the GED Math Test?

To pass the GED math test, you must earn a score of at least 145. The highest score is 164, and anything below 145 is considered failing.

How many questions are on the GED Math Test?

The GED math test consists of 46 questions. Some of the many question types include multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, hot spot, and fill-in-the-blank.

GED Math Practice Test

What to expect on test day

The rules and procedures for test day vary with each testing center. Below you will find some common tips to help you on test day.

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  • Arrive at your testing site at least 15 minutes early. Some testing locations will not allow you to take your test if you are more than 15 minutes late.
  • Bring an unexpired photo identification card, such as a driver’s license, state-issued ID, military ID, or passport.
  • You will be able to take a break if you scheduled more than one subject on the same day.
  • You will not be able to eat or drink in the testing area.
  • Cell phones and other electronics are not allowed in the testing area.
  • You must bring your own TI-30XS calculator.
  • You will receive a reference sheet and math formula sheet
  • Any additional items, such as backpacks and handbags are put in storage if it’s available.

GED Test Online Prep Course

If you are wanting to be fully prepared, Mometrix offers an online GED Prep Course. The course is designed to provide you with any and every resource you might want while studying. The GED Course includes:

  • 118 Lessons Covering all the Topics
  • Over 1,000 GED Practice Questions
  • 300+ Video Tutorials
  • More Than 400 Electronic Flashcards
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Easy Mobile Access
  • and More!

The GED Prep Course is designed to help any learner get everything they need to prepare for their GED exam; click below to check it out.

How to study for the GED Math Test

Does the thought of taking the GED math test make you nervous? Don’t worry- you are in the right place! Our test-taking experts thoroughly researched the GED to create the Mometrix GED Study Guide. This comprehensive study guide not only covers the major topics on the GED math test, like variables and line plotting, but it also includes practice test questions. With our easy-to-read explanations, you’re sure to ace the practice test, as well as the official one! The Mometrix GED Study Guide covers all four sections (social studies, science, reasoning through language arts, and mathematical reasoning) on the GED test.

Repetition is one of the most proven study strategies, so our experts also developed the Mometrix GED Flash Cards. Making the study experience fun and effective, the Mometrix GED Flash Cards are ideal for quizzing and studying on the go! These all-in-one cards cover all the major topics on all four sections of the GED test. You can also look forward to learning effective test-taking strategies that will make a big difference on test day!

We congratulate you on taking the first few steps toward earning your GED. We look forward to helping you ace the test!

Upgrade your studying with our GED study guide and flashcards:
GED Study Guide
GED Flashcards
GED Online Course
GED Test – Home


2021 ged math test answers

Use our free GED practice tests to pass your GED exam (updated for 2021). Our actual GED questions and answers will prepare you for the official GED exam.

Our free online GED sample exams include immediate scoring, answer explanations - and no registration! Practice tests are one of the best ways to prepare for the actual exam. Start your preparation with Test-Guide. 

Summary: Try Test-Guide’s free GED practice tests below to see what you already know.

GED Practice Tests

GED Practice Test Math

GED Practice Test Reasoning & Language Arts

GED Practice Test Science

GED Practice Test Social Studies’s sample GED questions are an excellent way to study for your upcoming GED exams. Best of all, our online GED practice tests require no registration, or payment!

The questions within each GED practice exam are categorized based on the actual GED test outline and are immediately scored at the end of the quiz. Once you are finished with the quiz, you will be presented with a score report which includes a complete rationale and explanation for every question answered incorrectly.

We will be adding more sample GED test questions in the near future, so please come back often. If you like these GED practice questions, please make sure to share this resource with your friends and colleagues. 

GED Practice Tests from Other Providers

In addition to the numerous free GED practice tests we provide above, we also supply a variety of further GED practice exam resources for our visitors.

Other GED Resources


Review our infographic for information on how to pass your GED.

GED Practice Exam

(click on image to enlarge)

In 2014, the format of the GED was changed. The new GED test consists of four separate content areas: Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA), Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies.

The test is designed as a high school equivalency test – if you pass the GED, then you are assumed to have an education equivalent to a typical high school graduate. The details of the subject exams are shown below. You can also view the official website for more information. 

Reasoning Through Language Arts

The reasoning through language arts (RLA) exam is 150 minutes long. The exam is broken down into three sections. One of the sections is a 45-minute extended response (essay). 

The other two sections (35 and 60 minutes) present questions that include multiple choice, drop down, short answer and other formats. Students are also given a 10-minute break during the test. Students are presented with short (400- to 900-word-long) reading passages and are asked a variety of reading comprehension questions. About 75% of the reading passages are informational, while the other 25% are literary. The texts vary in complexity with a focus on career and college-ready reading.

The topics covered in the test include:

  • Reading for meaning
  • Identifying and creating arguments
  • Grammar and language

The RLA exam assesses a student's ability to:

  • read, write, edit, and understand written English
  • understand, interpret, and answer questions based on reading passages
  • utilize evidence to support an argument
  • understand (at a college ready level) basic English skills


The GED science test is 90 minutes long. There are approximately 40 questions (multiple choice, drop down and other question types). Your test may include two short answer questions that could take 10 minutes each to complete. You also may use a TI-30XS calculator on this section.

The topics covered in the test include:

  • Reading for meaning in science
  • Designing and interpreting science experiments
  • Using numbers and graphics

The specific scientific areas covered include:

  • Life science (40%)
  • Physical science (40%)
  • Earth and space science (20%)

The skills measured in the science exam include:

  • Reading and writing in science (30%)
  • Science concepts (40%)
  • Mathematical reasoning in science (30%)

Mathematical Reasoning

The GED math exam is 115 minutes long. There are approximately 49 questions (multiple choice, drop down, and other formats). The exam is broken down into two sections. You are allowed to use a TI-30XS calculator for the second section, but not the first. You will also be provided with a math formula reference sheet, so you don't need to memorize math formulas!

The main topics covered include:

  • Basic math
  • Geometry
  • Basic algebra
  • Graphs and functions

The GED math test assess a student's abilities in:

  • Algebraic problem-solving (55%)
  • Quantitative problem-solving (45%)

Social Studies

The GED social studies exam is 70 minutes long. There are approximately 44 questions (multiple choice, drop down, and other formats). Students are allowed to use a TI-30XS calculator.

The main topics covered include:

  • Reading for meaning
  • Analyzing historical events and arguments
  • Using numbers and graphs

Student's reasoning skills are measured in three areas:

  • Social Studies and concepts (33%)
  • Reading and writing in Social Studies (33%)
  • Mathematical reasoning in Social Studies (33%)

The four main content areas include:

  • Civics and government (50%)
  • US History (20%)
  • Economics (15%)
  • Geography and the world (15%)

GED Study Tips - Prep for Your GED Practice EXAM

The best way to prepare for your GED test is to study smart and get plenty of practice in with our GED practice tests. Here are some key tips we think are of value to anyone looking to take the GED.


Best way to prepare is to study smart:

  • Understand what’s on each of the four tests (math, reading, science, and English and language usage)
  • Focus on the material you’re not good at
  • Develop a flexible study schedule
  • Study when you are most alert


The GED is a timed exam. To finish the exam and do your best, you need to keep pace. Answer each question in less than this amount of time:

  • Reasoning through Language Arts: 1 min 30 sec
  • Mathematical Reasoning: 2 min 20 sec
  • Science: 2 min 15 sec
  • Social Studies: 1 min 35 sec


Practice makes perfect. Take as many practice GED exams as possible:

  • Address all the questions you get wrong in your study sessions
  • Tackle one section of the exam at a time
  • Take exams with self-imposed time limits

There are many benefits of preparing for your GED exam with practice tests, and studying for your GED test using sample questions is one of the most effective study practices you can use. The advantages of using sample GED tests include:

  • Concentrating Your Study - As you take more and more sample GED practice tests online you begin to get a feel for the topics that you know well and the areas that need improvement. Many students waste a lot of valuable study time by reviewing material that they are already good at (often because it is easier or makes them feel better). The most effective way to study is to concentrate on the areas that you need help on.
  • Understanding the Test Format - Every standardized test has its own unique format. As you take your free practice GED tests you will become comfortable with the format of the actual GED test. Once the test day arrives you will have no surprises!
  • Increasing Your Speed - The GED exams are all timed. Although most students who take the GED feel that there is sufficient time, taking the GED practice tests with self-imposed timers help you budget your time effectively.
  • Strengthening Your Problem Solving Abilities - As you prep with the sample questions in our free GED practice test, and review the provided explanations, you will increase your ability to solve problems. Solid problem-solving skills will be crucial for you to achieve a passing score on your GED exams, especially the GED mathematics portion.



  • Photo ID – Non-expired and government issued
  • Calculator – TI-30XS only


  • Notepads – You’ll be given 3 erasable note boards and markers
  • Personal items – This includes purses and backpacks
  • Electronics – No phones, unapproved calculators, or smart watches
  • Food/Drink – Not permitted unless medically necessary


  • Arrival – Be on site least 15 minutes before your appointment
  • Memorize? – No, you will be provided a formula reference sheet
  • Breaks – 10-minute breaks are provided between subjects
  • Issues – Raise your hand if you need to leave your seat, or for technical issues

The GED now has two score levels: GED Passing Score and GED with Honors.

  • The GED Passing Score is the minimum score that demonstrates high school equivalent skills and abilities
  •  The GED with Honors score demonstrates that the test taker is ready for a career and/or college

The GED test is delivered on a computer and scoring is available on the same day.  In most states you can take the same subject test up to three times without an additional waiting time.  If you don't pass one of the GED subject tests after three attempts, you will be required to wait an additional 60 days before you try again.

GED Scores

Each of the GED subject tests are scored on a scaled level from 100 to 200 points. A passing score is 145 for each subject. Your GED scores are further categorized as shown below:

Score RangeCategoryNotes
100 - 144Below PassingDoes not demonstrate the skills of a typical high school graduate
145 - 164GED Passing ScoreDemonstrates the skills of a graduating high school senior
165 - 174GED College ReadyDemonstrates the skills of a graduating high school senior at a level indicating career and college-level readiness
175 - 200GED College Ready + CreditDemonstrates college readiness and may be eligible for up to 10 college credit hours


Can You Get a GED online?

In previous years, you had to take your GED exam at an in-person testing center. However, you can now take your GED exam online. Individuals who wish to earn their GED online will need a computer with a webcam, an internet connection, and a government-issued ID.

Students who wish to take the exam in-person can still do that if they wish.

What Do You Have to Score on the GED Test to Pass?

You need to score at least 145 on each of the GED’s subject tests. In addition, you need a total score of 580 across the four test subjects in order to pass and receive your GED test credential.

How is the GED Test Scored?

Each of the GED subject tests is scored on a scale of 100-200 points. The test score is first determined by calculating your raw score, and then determining a scaled score. The raw GED score is calculated by giving you 1 point for each correct answer and 0 points for each incorrect answer.

Your raw score is then “equated” to derive a scaled score. A scaled score reduces the impact of different test versions and the students who take specific versions.

How Do I Prepare for the GED Test?

There are a few strategies you should use to prepare for the GED. The first approach is to make sure you know what is on the exam.

The second strategy is to make sure you manage your time on the exam. The final strategy is to practice – take as many timed GED practice exams as possible.

We Hope You Enjoy Our Free GED Practice Exams

The sample GED practice exam questions that we have included above will help prepare for your final test and discover ways to improve your abilities. So be sure to take our free GED practice tests and those of the other sites we’ve listed, and review the areas that need a boost. Good luck!

And if you have any other sources for free GED practice tests, or GED study guides, please let us know by contacting us and we can include them above.

Last Updated: 10/4/2021

GED Math 2021 - Pass the GED Test with EASE

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