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Status of Relationship

Enemies, sometimes allies; one-sided crush on Bowser's side

Also Known As

Boweach, Bowseach, Prowser

“Hear me! I will kidnap Peach OVER and OVER until I pull it off!”
Bowser, Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

Powser is the het ship between Princess Peach and Bowser from the Super Mario fandom.


As shown by Partners in Time, Bowser and Princess Peach have known each other as children. However, even as a baby, Peach would avoid Bowser due to his rivalry with Mario and rude demeanor. Thus, he has attempted to kidnap Peach even as children.

Bowser has repeatedly kidnapped Peach and invaded her kingdom multiple times, both out of a megalomaniac desire to rule the world, but also because he has fallen in love with her. In certain attempts, Bowser may even try to force marriage between the both of them. Reasoning may very depending on the game. Although Bowser is interested in Peach, in canon, Princess Peach does not return his feelings. While she and Mario allow Bowser's participation in sports and board games, media such as Super Mario RPG portrays her as being frightened by him. However, she has been shown to be kind to the Koopa, as shown with a cake she baked for him in Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

In Super Paper Mario, their paper counterparts are forced into marriage by the main villain Count Bleck. For Peach to even say 'I do,' the character of Nastasia had to mind control her. The Nintendo Power comic, Super Mario Adventures, shows Bowser attempt to marry Peach as well. Here, he threatens Peach that, if she refuses or tries anything, her kingdom's inhabitants will be turned to stone. Due to the fact Mario was also turned to stone, Peach attempts to form a deal with him on her own, but ends up being kidnapped. Much later in the comic, Princess Peach is hypnotized by a koopa into believing her true love is Bowser. However, she eventually snaps out of it and helps free Mario. In Super Mario Odyssey, Bowser attemps to forcefully marry Peach, but not before being stopped by Mario. Posters around the world show Peach in disgust of Bowser. During Odyssey's ending, both Mario and Bowser attempt to have Peach choose between them, but when overwhelm her with flowers, she turns down both of them.

During his ending in Mario Power Tennis, Bowser points to his cheek and asks Peach to kiss him as a reward. Instead of complying, Peach has Birdo kiss him for her, which results in Bowser freaking out. Super Mario Sunshine has Bowser convince his own son into believing Peach is his mother. Believing Mario kidnapped her, Bowser Jr. steals Peach away as Shadow Mario.


“Oh, Princess Peach! Your cuddly old Bowser's here!”
Bowser; Paper Mario
“Princess Peach! You are formally invited... to the creation of my new galaxy! Gwahahaha! This festival's over!”
Bowser, in Super Mario Galaxy


Powser is actually one of the most popular ships for Bowser. It rivals with Mareach as both Mario and Bowser are portrayed in a struggle over Peach. The trio may sometimes be portrayed as a love triangle, or that of an OT3. Powser fans headcanon that Bowser kidnaps Peach either because he wants her to bake a cake for him, or because his kids (Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings) desperately want a mother.



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Bowsareach ― the ship between Bowser, Mario, and Peach



Princess Peach

Video game character

Princess Peach Toadstool[8][a] is a fictional character in Nintendo's Mario franchise, created by Shigeru Miyamoto and introduced in the 1985 original Super Mario Bros. installment. She is the princess regnant and ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, where she resides in her castle along with Toads.[9]

Being the lead female character in the series, Peach's role is often being the damsel in distress or the donor, who can help Mario. She is occasionally playable character in mainstream games like in Super Mario 3D World. In Princess Toadstool's Castle Run and Super Princess Peach, she is the protagonist and player character.[10]

She is one of the best known female protagonists in video game history,[11][12] with the most video game appearances of any female character.[13][14]


Peach's initial appearance was drawn by Shigeru Miyamoto. Miyamoto later asked Yōichi Kotabe to redraw Peach with his instructions. He had asked Kotabe to draw her eyes to be "a little cat-like".[15] With Kotabe's influence, Princess Peach changed considerably throughout her gaming system.[clarification needed][15]

In Japan, Peach's name has always been Princess Peach (ピーチ姫, Pīchi-Hime, Princess Peach) since her debut in the original Super Mario Bros. in 1985, but she was localized as "Princess Toadstool" in the English-language manual. The English version of Yoshi's Safari, released in 1993, contained the first usage of the name "Peach" in the Western world, though she was called Princess Toadstool in Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, released in 1994. In Super Mario 64, released in 1996, she uses both names in a letter addressed to Mario, signing it "Peach". From the 1996 game Mario Kart 64 onward, the name Peach is used in Western versions.


Peach is the native resident princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Within her castle are Royal Guards known as mushroom retainers. Peach's first appearance is in Super Mario Bros. (1985) as a NPC, in which she was captured by Bowser and Mario had to rescue her. However, the game suggests that Peach is not helpless as she is the only person capable of breaking the curse hanging over the Mushroom Kingdom.[16] In Super Mario Bros. 2, she became a playable character, uniquely able to hover.

Mostly playable, her roles vary between damsel in distress and protagonist, like in Super Mario Run.[17] She is at the center of her own story with Princess Toadstool's Castle Run (1990).[18][19] Her most prominent role is in Super Princess Peach (2005) on the Nintendo DS, where she must save Mario, Luigi, and Toads from Bowser.[20] She is not a playable character in New Super Mario Bros. Wii because a satisfactory mechanism to use her dress was not found.[21] She is a playable character in Super Mario 3D World, is the main protagonist in Super Princess Peach, and is a playable character in most Mario spin-offs such as Mario Party, Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, and Mario Golf.

In Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario, a cabinet minister or chancellor is part of the Mushroom Kingdom government. Her father, the Mushroom King, though mentioned in the instruction manual to Super Mario Bros.,[22] has never made an appearance in the mainstream games.

In other media

In the cartoon series by DiC, she is always referred to as Princess Toadstool, because the name Peach had not been used in the Western world until Yoshi's Safari in 1993, and she had red hair instead of yellow. Unlike in video games, she is occasionally seen using power-ups such as the Tanooki Leaf. She is voiced by Jeannie Elias in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! and Tracey Moore in the two follow up series, The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World.

Shogakukan published between 1992 and 1994 a manga named Otenba Pīchi-hime, with a plot revolving around a younger version of the princess.[23][24] From February 2006 to March 2007, the magazine Famitsu DS+Wii published a comical manga based on the Super Princess Peach called Peach no Daiboken!? created by Kazumi Sugiyama.[25][26]

Peach will be voiced by Anya Taylor-Joy in the upcoming 2022 film adaptation.[4]


Peach has made cameo appearances in non-Mario games. She is a playable guest character in the GameCube versions of the Electronic Arts games NBA Street V3 and SSX on Tour. She is depicted in a painting in Hyrule Castle in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. A drivable Peach kart toy is in the Labrador and Friends version of Nintendogs. In The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, her picture is sent to Mr. Write with the name "Christine" written underneath. In Kirby Super Star, she appears at the King Dedede battle arena, and in the minigame Megaton Punch. In Kirby Super Star Ultra, she is at the Dedede arena. Her crown is collectible in Pikmin 2, labeled "Unspeakable Wonder". In Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, Cranky Kong indirectly references her in some of his Monkey Museum ramblings.



In a reader poll on the Japanese website of Super Smash Bros., Peach was ranked as the 2nd most requested character for Super Smash Bros. Melee with 66 votes.[27] A reader poll in Official Nintendo Magazine rated her as the second greatest female character; the magazine stated that "some might view her as being a bit useless but we'll let her off as rescuing her is always so much fun".[28] In 2011, readers of Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition voted her the 44th video game character of all time.[29] In a Redex website poll in 2020, she was voted as the 2nd most popular character from the Mario Kart series.[30][31] Actress Brie Larson said "I'm just excited about the idea of pushing for a Princess Peach solo game. I think it's just been too long. Let's put Peach up there, let's give her her time to shine".[32]


SyFy included Peach as one of the "Greatest Video Game Heroines of all Time", stating "it's great to have tough female characters like many of the others on this list, but it's great to have one that embraces the power of being a high femme".[33]GameDaily described Princess Peach as an "ideal woman that's as sweet as can be" in its list of "babes that should or shouldn't meet your mom".[34] The website ranked her 48th in its list of Top 50 Hottest Game Babes, claiming that she is "the quiet 'quick, come and rescue me' type, but in Mario Strikers Charged she's all action with a hot sports outfit and shows the boys who's boss".[35]IGN editor Matt Casamassina stated that "Nintendo prudes will probably find themselves taken aback with Peach's outfit, which shows more of the character than we've ever seen before".[36] IGN rated her as 8 out of 10 princesses worth saving.[37]The New York Times said she had "grit as well as grace" and that her "peachiness did nothing to upset the apple cart of expectation: she may have been athletic, smart and strong, but she was also adorable [and what] once-unisex, postfeminist parents are shooting for".[38]Gaming Debugged listed Peach 1st place in their top "10 Video Game Princesses", calling her "The Duchess of princesses" and indicating "She might seem prim and proper in pink, but she's definitely the top princess in our kingdom".[39] Manolith listed her among "25 Hottest Female Videogame Protagonists", citing her Strikers outfit.[40] S. Williams of Momzone magazine declared her "gaming's lone female role model", citing her humility and gutsy charm.[citation needed] UGO ranked her ninth on its list of the "Top 11 Girls of Gaming".[41]Electronic Gaming Monthly ranked her 10th among Top Ten Video Game Politicians.[42] She is on Forbes magazine's Wealthiest Fictional People list of 2007, with a fortune of approximately US$1.3 billion.[43]Kotaku dedicated the article "Princess Peach Was The Best Character In Super Mario Bros. 2".[44] GameDaily listed her among hottest blondes in video games, citing appearances in sports games such as Super Mario Strikers and SSX on Tour; in Mario Smash Football, she wears a pink crop top, bare midriff, and pink shorts.[45] It listed "damsel in distress" among the top 25 video game archetypes, citing Peach's frequent kidnappings.[46]Polygon ranked her 4th of 73 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters "from garbage to glorious".[47]

Destructoid's Gamer's Red Carpet graded her D, calling her pink dress "awful", as opposed to Princess Daisy with a B+ and Rosalina with an A+.[48]IGN called Peach "all smiles and politeness" but labelled her as one of the weirdest Mario characters due to her constant kidnappings.[49]IGN later stated that "when she's not staring blankly at nothing, she can be rather adorable", however the fact that "Mario can heroically collect 120 Power Stars all while saving Peach's kingdom and still get nothing but a cake in return makes us think this might be something of a one-sided relationship".[50]

She was nominated for "Cyber Vixen of the Year" at the 2006 Spike Video Game Awards.[51]


On August 6, 2014, Nintendo declared August as National Peach Month.[52][53] A parody sculpture of the music video of "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus including Chain Chomp and Princess Peach has been made by custom figurine artist Kodykoala.[54]

She is considered as an LGBT icon by several journalists.[55]A.V. Club stated that "she became a perhaps unlikely but nevertheless important queer icon".[56] John Walker of Splinter described Peach as a "queer icon", saying "If you polled a room full of non-straight men about the women they consider to be 'queer icons' you'd probably hear a lot of 'Beyoncé', 'Dolly Parton', and 'Grace Jones'. But there's one name you might not hear that totally deserves a spot on that list: Princess Peach".[57]Gay Times listed Super Princess Peach in its top "9 video games queer people love, from Tomb Raider to Animal Crossing".[58] On March 11, 2010, Brightest Young Things named her "Gay icon of the week", saying that "For many, she was your first girlfriend ... and just pretend you were the hottest, baddest bombshell who could float, dig down 300 feet of desert sand, and beat mice with sunglasses".[59]

The release of Peachette in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe led to fan speculation and theories as to how the new Super Crown power-up works within the Super Mario universe.[60] In 2018, a short comic "The Super Crown's some spicy new Mario lore" on DeviantArt and Twitter transforms Bowser into a monstrously sinister female resembling Peach,[61] which fans named Bowsette.[62] The character subsequently went viral, with Ars Technica writing that Bowsette's popularity was partly due to her contrast with Princess Peach.[63]



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The complicated love triangle between Mario, Bowser, and Princess Peach

Ever since Princess Peach, Mario, and Bowser first appeared in Super Mario Bros. back in 1985, there has always been a deep connection between the three characters. On the surface, it has always seemed like Mario and Peach were Nintendo’s power couple, but when you look behind the curtain, maybe it was only a rouse. At the end of Super Mario Odyssey, Peach has finally had enough of both of them, choosing to reject both Mario and Bowser’s advances in favour of heading back to the Mushroom Kingdom alone. Who could blame her? After 35 years, maybe the princess just wants a bit of freedom.

Almost every game that features Mario has seen the plumber head off on an adventure to save Princess Peach, more or less exclusively from Bowser’s clutches. However, what if she was never truly kidnapped? Back in the original title, Peach was known to have great magical abilities, as she was the only one who could return the Mushroom Kingdom back to normal and break Bowser’s spell. Also, in Super Princess Peach on Nintendo DS, she showed off her magical parasol and how her emotions help utilise some impressive abilities. Why would someone with such power need a plumber to rescue her? Whilst it appeared the original story was solely about her rescue, there’s a good chance Peach and Bowser had began to form quite a close relationship. Whether due to Stockholm Syndrome or a genuine attraction, signs in later games showed that there was more going on that we first thought.

Peach and Bowser

In Super Mario Sunshine, there’s a moment where Bowser Jr. tells Mario to leave his “Mama” alone. He then says he won’t let Mario take “Mama Peach away.” The Princess looks shocked, and as she questions whether or not Bowser Jr. is her son or not, he says that his daddy has told him all about it. Bowser had also told him that Mario was the one who had kidnapped Peach, and not the other way around. As the kids say, WTF?? OK, at the end Bowser Jr. does say his father lied, but it was Peach’s lack of denial that begs the question, what if she really is Bowser Jr.’s mother? Peach and Bowser have spent a lot of time together over the years, and a relationship between the two is not out of the question.

I’ve always believed Bowser is just misunderstood. I’m not saying that stealing Princess Peach from the Mushroom Kingdom is the right way to go about it, but Bowser’s softer side was evident in the Paper Mario series. In Paper Mario on the N64, Princess Peach and Twink discover Bowser’s secret diary, and inside it reveals how he is in love with her. Whilst he says he kidnapped her, he writes, “I couldn’t be happier, diary! I hope she likes me…” Aww, how sweet. Yes, his methods are unconventional and downright wrong, but he loves the princess. Maybe if King Koopa went about it differently, like, I don’t know, asked her out on a date instead of stealing her, she might say yes?

Peach and Bowser Jr

Whilst Mario has spent a fair amount of time fighting Bowser, the two do have a somewhat love/hate relationship that has allowed them to at least see eye to eye at times. I mean, you’ve played Mario Tennis and Mario Kart, right? Where’s the hostility between them? They just want to play a friendly game of tennis, or race around a few tracks to kill some time in the Mushroom Kingdom. It’s clear there is more to their friendship, and even in Paper Mario: The Origami King, Mario saves him in the early stages when he could’ve just left him to rot in the cellars under Peach’s castle. They’ve got a lot of history together, but one thing’s for sure, they both have a soft spot for the Princess.

It seems like Mario and Peach are destined to be together, but the plumber has had feelings for other princesses over the years. Maybe Peach is just sick of his bullshit by the closing moments of Odyssey that she wants to rid herself of Mario once and for all. Back when Mario was simply known as Jumpman in the Donkey Kong arcade game from 1981, he was trying to rescue Lady from the clutches of the hulking gorilla. That Lady was in fact Princess Pauline, eluding to the fact that Mario was actually in love with her in the very beginning. They meet up in Odyssey, but the love is clearly not there anymore. However, despite past relationships, it’s obvious that Mario loves Peach. He’s taken her on dates in Paper Mario, and they even went on holiday together to Island Delfino in Sunshine, but Peach doesn’t quite show the same dedication to him.

Peach and Mario

Whilst Mario has appeared to make his feelings known to Peach, she rarely shows any emotions, and does little to reciprocate those feelings. She does kiss Mario on the nose for rescuing her, but I believe she sees him more as a friend. After Mario whacks Huey with a hammer in Paper Mario: Color Splash on the Wii U, she introduces herself as Princess Peach, then says, “and this is my…friend Mario.” Whether that pause symbolises her refrain from revealing her true feelings, or means that in that moment she finally realises that she sees him as more of a friend, it’s a somewhat embarrassing moment for him. Mario has been friend-zoned.

Whatever your thoughts on what’s going on between these three and who Princess Peach does love, it’s clear that it’s not as simple as you may have first thought. We haven’t even talked about Luigi’s feelings on the princess. There are many other signs throughout the 35-year history of the Super Mario Bros. games that points to one of many outcomes, but one thing is certain, Peach is more than some Princess that needs saving. She’s a strong and confident woman that doesn’t need anyone to be happy, and definitely not a plumber and a roided-up turtle.

10 DARK SECRETS About Peach And Bowser Nintendo Hid Within Games

Thirty years ago, Nintendo first introduced the world to Mario's mission, saving his one true love, Princess Peach. He had to dodge all kinds of obstacles the evil Bowser threw at him, but in the end, Mario always saved the Princess -- if the video game player actually beat the game, that is.

But no one ever really questioned Bowser's motives about kidnapping and imprisoning Peach. He liked the Princess and wanted her all to himself, but that pesky plumber just wouldn't give up. Basically, it was simply a classic tale of obsessed love on Bowser's part. Right? WRONG.

Reddit user Doogy65 dropped a major bombshell on everyone's childhood by claiming, "Bowser is in fact Peach's father, and wishes to engage in an incestuous marriage with her."

This is us right now:


Now, before you start lighting pitchforks and knocking down Doogy65's door in retaliation for destroying your innocence, there appears to be some truth to this theory. Doogy65 provides solid evidence, so let's take a look. Here we goooooooo!

  • Peach's mother is the cause of everything.

    According to Doogy65, "Peach is in fact the spitting image of her deceased mother, whose death drove Bowser to madness, and seeing that his daughter had grown to so resemble his wife, he decided he would marry her." That is definitely one of the most disgusting sentences I've ever read. I know Bowser has issues — murdering, attempting murder and kidnapping — but this?! Wow.

  • And Peach's royal title is a huge part of the problem.

    "Peach, with only the title of 'Princess' cannot, by the rules of a monarchy, be the ruling sovereign of the Mushroom Kingdom. If she were, her title would be 'Queen Peach.' If so, then who is the true ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom? Is there anyone else we can think of in the Kingdom who holds a royal title?"

    Doogy65 goes on to claim that, duh, it's clearly King Koopa Bowser. (And even if Bowser hadn't been a king, he still would've ruled the peons with an iron fist and made his presence known wherever he went, usually with that annoying, evil laugh.)

    Of course, one commenter pointed out, "'Bowser' is the name of Daisy's father in the movie. Yes, Bowser and King Koopa are [two] separate characters in that film." But, you know, details, details.

  • The other rulers in the "Mario" world are simply lesser kings.

    Doogy65 makes note of King Bob-omb (pictured above) and King Boo, but points out how Bowser is basically the Nintendo "American Horror Story" version of the Supreme. (Actually, I made that particular comparison, but Doogy65's observation rings true as well.) He or she notes, "Bowser is the only one with his...own castles, and controls several other minions besides his own race of Koopas, all of whom seem subservient to Bowser."

  • Peach's castle in "Super Mario 64" is actually Bowser's castle.

    Prior to the 1996 release of "Super Mario 64," the only castle we ever had access to was Bowser's castle. "It seems whenever Mario shows up accepting Peach's invitation for tea or cake or whatever, Bowser always beats him to the punch, and is already there when Mario shows up. How can Bowser always know when Mario is coming and beat him to Peach's castle? Unless of course, it's also his castle. He's already there in 'Super Mario 64' because he's always there...The place we've come to know as 'Bowser's Castle' is simply another fortress which Bowser uses to keep Peach away from Mario whenever he comes looking for her," argued Doogy65.

  • Oh, and that mural of Peach? Yeah, it's not really Peach.

    "The large mural of Peach on the castle is not of Peach, but rather the deceased mother, which Bowser commissioned in memorial of her." If this part of Doogy65's theory is true, then this is the creepiest backstory ever. I mean, it's sweet he memorialized his late wife, but then he went and ruined it by trying to have sex with their child.

  • And Baby Peach isn't really Baby Peach.

    If you're thinking, "Hey! What about when Bowser and Peach are both babies? Explain THAT, Doogy65!" Well, he or she does. Doogy65 states, "The 'Baby Peach' in these games is in fact the original Peach, the one who grows up to be Bowser's wife and Queen of the Mushroom Kingdom, and the mother of Princess Peach."

  • Bowser Jr. helps fuel this theory.

    According to Doogy65, "The last bit of evidence is Bowser Junior, who believes Peach is his mother. Why does he think this? The obvious answer is that Bowser told him, but why would he tell him this? Wouldn't it become very apparent very early on for the younger Bowser that this wasn't in fact the case? Unless Bowser has some very solid evidence to support this claim, such as the fact that Bowser Jr.'s true mother looks exactly like Peach. This would easily convince Bowser Jr. that Peach is his mother, rather than his sister, her true relation to him."

    In a twisted way, this makes sense. If Bowser was trying to get with Peach (gross) and Bowser Jr. accidentally walked in on them (doubly gross), then it would look wayyyyy more normal for a husband and wife to be together than it would a father and daughter. Ugh, I need to take a shower now.

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And princess peach bowser

Love Interest
Peach - Mario Party 10.png

Full Name

Princess Peach Toadstool



Super Mario Bros.


Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom


Can float, is adept at most sports, can summon a whole batch of magical healing peaches (SSBB)


Golf, Tennis, Go-Kart, Soccer, Baseball, Olympic sports


To be rescued by Mario

Type of Love Interest

Damsel in Distress, Princess

Princess Peach Toadstool is the kind and very beautiful ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and the love interest of the most famous video game character of all time, Mario. She is also the most famous known love interest.


In almost every game, Bowser the primary antagonist of the series kidnaps her and Mario goes on an epic quest to save her. In earlier games, it is assumed Bowser wants to capture Peach to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, while in later games, it is revealed he actually has a crush on her. However despite her kindness and beauty, Peach is not as defenseless as she appears. She is a playable character in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, where she has powerful healing abilities and in Super Princess Peach, a role reversal occurs where Bowser kidnaps both Mario and Luigi, and thus Peach goes on a quest to save them actually fighting Bowser as the last boss. In Mario spin-off titles such as the Mario Kart series, the Mario Party series and the Mario Sports series, she is also a playable character and she is partnered with Daisy since Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64. She is also a supporting character in the Paper Mario series and the Mario & Luigi series, but is playable in Super Paper Mario along with Mario, Luigi and Bowser. Peach also appears in Super Smash Bros. Melee as a playable character along with Bowser, Zelda and Ganondorf and she, Bowser, Zelda and Ganondorf also appeared in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as playable characters again. Peach also appeared in the Mario & Sonic series as a playable character and is part of Team Mario.




Mario obviously cares a lot about Peach as he's willing to rescue her countless times. Although neither character has outwardly expressed their affections for each other, it can be assumed that Peach does in fact love Mario for his bravery and determination. Their presumed love-life has since become the core of many internet jokes, most of which are fairly adult in nature.


In Super Mario Galaxy it is insinuated that Luigi "Jumpman" Mario is Rosalina's father, with Princess Peach having been his mother. StarBomb released a song where Luigi was trying to confess his love to Peach, only to be interrupted by Mario, who is depicted as a sex-pest. Peach ultimately decides she'd rather go out with Toad.


As revealed in the Paper Mario series, Bowser is strongly attracted to Peach. In keeping with the comedic tone of the series, Bowser keeps a diary full of Peach-related material and once confessed his love to a poster of the princess before realising his mistake. Bowser also has a son who once referred to Peach as his mother. The exact details of this have never been fully explored. In most Mario-themed games such as MarioKart and Mario Tennis, Bowser doesn't show his usual hostility, implying that his relationship with the other characters may be more complex than first appearances would have one believe.


In Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Peach is captured by aliens and imprisoned on their ship. There, she meets TEC-XX, the ship's computer. TEC tells Peach that her prescence has caused it to have strange feelings that Peach figures out are romantic in nature. TEC is confused by this, but questions Peach further. Over time, Peach and TEC develop a connection. When the alien commander finds out that TEC has been favoring Peach and neglecting its duties, he demands TEC be shut down. TEC's dying words to Peach are "I love you...". In the epliogue, TEC is rebooted with it's memories intact.

Super Princess Peach - Walkthrough Part 8 - World 8 Bowser's Villa

Sonya shouted - Yes, My Lady, of course - I bent down, unbuttoned the lock on my boots, pulled them off the divine legs of Sonya and. Put them in a corner. - Come in, Lady - I said uncertainly - That's better, My Bitch - she said, after patting my pussy, which has long stood on the Lady.

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