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Behind Your Smile (2016) Episode 16 Eng Sub dramacool

Behind Your Smile (2016)

Consumed by revenge, Zhao Yi Ting’s life becomes cold and meaningless. But when he meets Lei Xin Yu, a young woman whose wealthy family has fallen on hard times, everything changes. He is drawn to Xin Yu in a way that he has not felt in a long time. Will Yi Ting discover a new lease on life through her?


Drama: Behind Your Smile
Country: Taiwan
Episodes: 19
Aired: Nov 13, 2016 – Mar 19, 2017
Aired On: Sunday
Original Network: SET TV
Duration: 1 hr. 15 min.
Native Title: 浮士德的微笑
Also Known As: Fu Shi De De Wei Xiao , Faust’s Smile , Faust
Director: Chen Rong Hui
Genres: Suspense, Romance, Drama, Melodrama

Behind Your Smile (2016) All Episode English Sub.


Behind Your Smile Episode 16

The epiosde number just bumped to 19! What! Also, FIGHTING Xin Yu!

The episode number just bumped to 19! What? Is this an MDL error? Everywhere else is still saying 18. Huh. Now to my review:

"You also have compelling reasons right? Can you all not be this excessive? First you stab someone, then you say that you didn't really mean to stab her! You're all so pathetic. You are all just forced to hurt others." - Xin Yu

Xin Yu has truly grown up. I love the dialogue and realities of this drama. She confronts Yi Ting and boy does she let him have it. He needs to realize the damaged he's wrecked. He's ruined her faith and hope in family, love, and friendship. Though Su Zhongwen should help restore some of that. He was straightforward with her and eventually told her the truth leaving the matter into her hands.

The reality is that Xin Yu is analyzing every moment when she thought she was with these people. She will probably never be able to trust like she did before. There will always be doubts and the waiting for someone to betray her. That's the most heartbreaking thing.

Did anyone else find it odd that her mom said she had grown up and that she was worried as her daughter never suffered. Maybe not big losses. I was nervous the Tourette's Syndrome was dropped, but it did make an appearance after one of her face offs.

While Xin Yu didn't think her full game ahead, she definitely had the start of a great plan. Yi Ting sill can't give up his revenge. All I can hope for is that Qian Ren will be okay.

"Xin Yu, I won't let anyone hurt you. Because only I can hurt you."- Yi Ting
I'm just as torn as Xin Yu. That line besides you can't help but feel for Yi Ting. It's because we know all the angles, motivations, and sides. As a viewer I feel sympathy for both Xin Yu and Yi Ting. However, I don't like some of his actions and moves towards Xin Yu. I feel like the strong point would be for Xin Yu to leave him, but my heart wants them to save each other.

Qian Ren turned into a spy fast. Even though he knows how much finding out about Xiao Yue hurt. (Talk about symbolism as Xiao Yue lays in the ruins of her robbed apartment she shared with Xin Yu!) In the end he knew to some extant and thought it was all right. While the farm people warming up to Xin Yu was moving, I wanted her to escape from all those who lied.

That ending is terrifying and I hope things don't take a tragic twist. I like the idea of Yi Ting and Xin Yu teaming up to bring Tang down. Because boy does he need to. I also like the idea of Lin Man not getting off. The proof will destroy them both, and that's how it should be.

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[Falling Into Your Smile] EP17 - E-Sports Romance Drama - Xu Kai/Cheng Xiao/Zhai Xiaowen - YOUKU


Xin Yu found uncle Qing’s daughter and together went to see Lin Man. But when she returned home, Xin Yu found out that Xiao Yue, the only person she could trust at the moment, is Yi Ting’s spy. Disappointed and hurt, Xin Yu leaves the house. Hearing what happened, Yi Ting finds Xin Yu, locks her into his room that night and the next morning sends her to the farm. But Xin Yu can’t stay put! She needs money to bail her mother out of jail so she went to threaten chairman Tang.ep16-1

Episode 16

Xiao Yue came home and gave Xin Yu the gummy bears and flowers Yi Ting wanted her to. She couldn’t tell Xin Yu that those were from Yi Ting so Xiao Yue invested that the gummy bears are from a friend that just returned from the States and the flowers were on sale. Luckily those two things were Xin Yu’s favorite things and she felt a little happiness in the middle of all those problems and pain.

The next day Xiao Yue accompanied Xin Yu to find Lin Man’s friend’s daughter. The person Xin Yu was looking for is the same woman she met in prison a while ago. Together the two girls went to talk to Lin Man. From uncle Qing’s daughter Lin Man needs a password. Uncle Qing left Lin Man an USB with all the information she needs to clear her name and reveal chairman Tang’s true colors, but Lin Man doesn’t have the password. Unfortunately the daughter and uncle Qing didn’t have a close relationship so she doesn’t know that she has the password.

Leaving the police station, uncle Qing’s daughter gave Xin Yu a lipstick. That lipstick was the only present her father left her…so it must be related to the password.


Returned at their house Xin Yu and Xiao Yue found the house devastated. They were robbed! While everything was a mass at the house, Xin Yu found out the whole truth, that Xiao Yue is the spy Yi Ting placed by her side. Xin Yu saw a text Xiao Yue was sending Yi Ting in which Xiao Yue was telling Yi Ting about the USB. Xin Yue sees the mails Xiao Yue and Zhong Wen were exchanging. Then Xin Yu realized that the Zhong Wen who she was talking on the mail was Yi Ting. Because of those mail, Yi Ting knew about the gummy bears Xin Yu loves, about the piano she likes to sing in order to get courage…about all her feelings. Disappointed and hurt, betrayed by the last person who was trusting, Xin Yu leaves Xiao Yue’s house.

Worried that something bad might happen to Xin Yu, Xiao Yue went to see Yi Ting and asked him to go look for Xin Yu. When Yi Ting found Xin Yu, she was thinking about Xiao Yue and all the moment they’ve spent together. Xin Yu doesn’t know what’s real and what’s fake anymore. From behind Yi Ting follows Xin Yu, until she texted him and asked him for how long he will keep following her.

Xin Yu:”So, from the start, I have always been alone.”

Yi Ting comes in front of Xin Yu and talks on behalf of Xiao Yue. He tells Xin Yu that Xiao Yue was forced by him to spy on her, but Xiao Yue always treated Xin Yu as a friend. But Xin Yu is to disappointed and hurt to believe anything Yi Ting might say.

Xin Yu:”You destroyed my trust in all humanity! You are a devil!”

Since Xin Yu doesn’t have a place to stay anymore, Yi Ting dragged her to his apartment and forced her to spend the night there. At least there she will be safe and won’t need to spend the night on the streets.

That night Xin Yu wanted to know when she and Yi Ting met for the first time. He told her that it was when Xin Yu was in high school. He was walking on the road, in a daze, and was about to be hit by a bike when Xin Yu pulled him over. Xin Yu doesn’t remember that day, but Yi Ting can’t forget about it.

Yi Ting:”I can’t forget.”

Xin Yu is hurt! She is in pain, but her pain makes Yi Ting suffer more than he could imagine…


In the morning Xin Yu wants to leave Yi Ting’s house, but she sees him sleeping on the sofa. She comes back am puts a jacket on Yi Ting to keep him worm.

Xin Yu:”You must feel guilty every day. That way you will think about me every day.”

 Yi Ting wakes up and drags Xin Yu to his car. He holds her head in his hands, looks straight into her eyes and tells her that he is the only one in the world that can hurt her. Then he forced Xin Yu to get in his car.

Yi Tin:”I won’t let anyone hurt you because only I can hurt you.”

Yi Ting took Xin Yu to the farm, pushed her out of his car and left. Xin Yu wanted to leave, but Xiao Mao convinced her to stay there since she doesn’t have a place to stay anymore. Meantime Xiao Yue sent Zhong Wen a mail in which she was explaining that she isn’t Xin Yu and he can find Xin Yu at the farm.


Zhong Wen came to look for Xin Yu. They talked about everything that happened in the time they didn’t see each other. Then Zhong Wen told Xin Yu what plans Lin Man to do in order to get her revenge on Yi Ting and chairman Tang. Hearing that, Xin Yu is worried about Yi Ting. But Xin Yu is also the person who can help Yi Ting. Both Yi Ting and chairman Tang are the investors for Zhong Wen’s new drug, but Xin Yu has the patent of it. Zhong Wen started a research company with Lin Man’s founding and Lin Man put the company on Xin Yu’s name.

Xin Yu came to Yi Ting and offered to sell him the patent for Zhong Wen’s drug. The amount Yi Ting has to pay is the same amount Xin Yu needs to bail her mother out of jail. Because Yi Ting refused, Xin Yu went to chairman Tang. She went to chairman Tang and threatened him boldly with turning the USB to the police and destroy him is chairman Tang won’t give her the amount of money she asked for.

Coming out of chairman Tang’s company, Xin Yu met Yi Ting. He scolded her for threatening chairman Tang instead of protecting herself. They argued and Xin Yu left. Worried about what chairman Tang could do to Xin Yu, Yi Ting called Xiao Mao and asked him to keep an eye on Xin Yu for the next days.

The next day, Xin Yu went to the meeting chairman Tang called her. She was alone and three men approached her. Luckily Xiao Mao followed her and fought the three men to defend Xin Yu. During the fight Yi Ting arrived too. Xiao Mao and Xin Yu got into Yi Ting’s car, but Xiao Mao was hurt…

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Your ep 16 smile behind

Say, warming up events developed here. Personally, I was delighted. My maid, apparently, too.

[Falling Into Your Smile] EP21 - E-Sports Romance Drama - Xu Kai/Cheng Xiao/Zhai Xiaowen - YOUKU

Whole life more experienced, and such a misalliance seemed unacceptable to her. But she probably would not have refused a light flirtation. In the smoking room (Inna did not smoke, but sometimes she visited there to keep abreast of all the affairs), the girls used to discuss young employees.

Igor was interested in many of them, but few could say anything specific about him as a man.

Now discussing:

But there were enough people like her, and it was already shining for her to be outside the gates of this research institute. I had to resort to female cunning and considerable charm. The head of the department was literally stunned by the sexual pressure of his subordinate and gave up on the second day. He perfectly understood what caused Natasha's interest in him and decided to take advantage of the opportunity to the fullest.

They had only two meetings in bed, but these evenings Natasha went away for a whole week.

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