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Best Enchantments - Tier List

Check this Minecraft Dungeons best enchantments & tier list. Including best armor, bow, and weapon enchantments to use and new Jungle Awakens DLC enchantments!

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Jungle Awakens DLC Best Enchantments

Jungle Awakens DLC Is Coming

Jungle Awakens DLC

New Best Enchantments are expected to be added with the release of the Jungle Awakens DLC on July 1, 2020. We expect a change in the game's meta with the new items coming in!

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Best Enchantment Tier List - Quick Reference Chart

Best Weapon & Armor Enchantments For Early Game

Best Weapon & Armor Enchantments For Endgame

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Best Early Game Weapon & Armor Enchantments

Enchantments - Melee Weapons



Leeching is an extremely useful enchantment that heals a percentage of your health when you defeat an enemy. This is good for higher difficulty levels when survival is important.

Check Out The Leeching Enchantment

Poison Cloud

Poison Cloud

When your weapon is enchanted with Poison Cloud, it can create small areas of poisonous gas, dealing area-of-effect damage to enemies in the area.

Check Out Poison Cloud Details Here!

Fire Aspect

Fire Aspect

Fire Aspect gives your weapon the ability to set enemies on fire. Doing so will do damage over time, allowing you to blaze through foes fast and efficiently.

Check Out Fire Aspect Details Here!

Enchantments - Armor



Burning will create a circle of fire around you that can flinch enemies away. This prevents them from getting into melee range with full health.

Cool Down

Cool Down

Cool Down shortens the amount of time needed between artifact uses. This is extremely helpful when surrounded by mobs in higher difficulty levels.

Health Synergy

Health Synergy

When your armor is enchanted with Health Synergy, you regain a percentage of health every time you use an artifact. This is useful for sustainability in more difficult dungeons within the game.

Best Endgame Weapon & Armor Enchantments

Enchantments - Melee Weapons



This Enchantment will imbue your weapon with a passive ability that heals players whenever they attack an enemy. This is great for both offensive and defensive purposes.

Check Out The Radiance Enchantment


Pair this up with other Artifiacts with stun and you'll be able to stun lock enemies whenever you engage them. Although since bosses are immune to stun, it's not recommended there.

Check Out The Stunning Enchantment


Let lightning come down on your enemies with the Thundering Enchantment. It has a high enough chance of triggering even without the upgrades.

Check Out The Thundering Enchantment

Critical Hit

Critical Hit (Weapon: Melee)

This enchantment gives you the ability to deal critical hits for triple the damage. Higher upgrades increases the chance of applying the buff.

Check Out The Critical Hit Enchantment

Enchantments - Ranged Weapons


Piercing puts more power in your shots whenever it triggers since it can then hit multiple enemies. This is great for both Crowd Control & Bosses.

Check Out The Piercing Enchantment

Chain Reaction

Shoot and arrow and you might just find it setting off a massive high damage chain reaction! Upon impact, arrows shot from your bow will have a chance to release another 5 arrows.

Check Out The Chain Reaction Enchantment

Tempo Swift

With the Tempo Swift, you'll be able to shoot arrows from a longer distance. No need for short-range bow or crossbow attacks.

Tempo Theft Enchantment - Effect & Upgrades

Super Charge

The Super Charge increase the damage your arrows will do during Charged Shots. Because of the conditions of this Enchantment, it's not quite as viable against multiple enemies.

Supercharge Enchantment - Effect & Upgrades


At the end of your attack, you will be able to deal additional damage thanks to the Swirling enchantment. It will add an additional move at the end of your combos.

Check Out The Swirling Enchantment


SImilar to the Swirling Enchantment, Shockwave will add an additional move to damage enemies at the end of your attacks. The Shockwave in particular is great for finisher weapons like Hammers.

Check Out The Shockwave Enchantment

Enchantments - Armor


This is an extremely helpful enchantment when in area with lots or ranged enemies. The deflect is bound to trigger every few arrows shot at you.

Deflect Enchantment - Effect & Upgrades


Additional defense is always good and Protection will give that to you.

Cool Down

Cool Down

Cool Down shortens the amount of time needed between artifact uses. This is extremely helpful when surrounded by mobs in higher difficulty levels.

Cool Down Enchantment - Effect & Upgrades

Swiftfooted is great for either closing the distance between you and an enemy. It's also good for disengaging from enemies and taking a breather to heal.

Swiftfooted Enchantment - Effect & Upgrades

Minecraft Dungeons - Weapons & Armor Articles

Best Meta Equipment

Unique Item Locations

Best Meta Equipment

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All Equipment List

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Enchantments are abilities that augment Weapon and armor by applying enchantment points to activate the enchantment, locking-in the choice.


Enchantment slots[]

Weapons and armor each have up to three enchantment slots, with up to three random enchantments choices per slot.

The number of available enchantment slots on collected equipment depends on the difficulty and the player's threat level.[needs testing] Unavailable enchantment slots or enchantment choices cannot be unlocked.

Type Tier Total
Common 1 2 3 6
Powerful 2 3 4 9
Gilded common 2 3 4 9
Gilded powerful 3 4 5 12

Enchantments behave independently when stacked. A weapon with two Chains III, each having a 30% chance to occur, does not give a 60% chance to occur, but instead a combined 51% chance, including a 9% chance that the effect occurs twice.

Built-in enchantments[]

When dealing with equipment possessing a built-in enchantment, that enchantment is unavailable as a choice to apply onto that particular piece of equipment, even if the built-in enchant is normally stackable. For example, a Diamond Pickaxe never has Prospector as an option, a Firebolt Thrower never has Chain Reaction as an option, Nimble Turtle Armor never has Rush as an option, and so on.

Built-in enchantments are shown as the enchantment icon with an orange border on the equipment's properties list and can be visible in-game through the enchantment notify icon, enchantment effects, and the Status Effect icon relating to the enchantment appears on the Heads-Up Display upon the use of non-enchanted equipment. Enchantments that are built-in cannot be upgraded, altered, or removed.

Soul enchantments[]

Enchantments that involve souls occur only on weapons and armor that provide soul gathering naturally, such as the Soul Knife, Soul Bow, or Soul Robe and their respective uniques, not on equipment that has an enchantment built-in that provides soul gathering - Soul Fists, Soul Hunter Crossbow and Verdant Robe being notable examples.

Soul gathering equipment can possess non-soul enchantments the same as regular equipment.

Anima Conduit, Enigma Resonator, and Soul Siphon are Soul enchantments that occur on both melee and ranged weapons. Soul Speed occurs on armor.

Gilded Gear[]

Obtainable, to a maximum power of 251, from defeating Ancient Mobs during Ancient Hunts or though bartering with the Piglin Merchant using Gold, Gilded Gear are weapons and armors that possess an extra built-in enchantment at tier I, II, or III and costs more enchantment points to activate and upgrade the enchantments within the slots. These appear in the inventory with a gold background and a golden tag adjacent to the rarity.

Gilded gear can be salvaged for gold rather than the usual emeralds with regular gear. Ancient Hunts do not allow gilded gear to be used as an offering.

Special event items equipment cannot be obtained gilded.

Enchanted mobs[]

Main articles: Enchanted Mobs and Ancient Mobs

Enchanted mobs are glowing, slightly larger mobs with 1 or more additional properties that make them more of a threat to players compared to standard mobs. Enchantments can be applied onto mobs from an Enchanter, the Arch-Illager or spawn with enchantments. Passive, such as Sheep, and neutral mobs can also appear with enchantments. Some of these enchantments, such as Heal Allies and Regeneration are exclusive to mobs and not available to players.

Enchantment list[]

Player-accessible enchantments that can occur in the enchantment slots as enchantments choices. These can be upgraded and can occur as gilded built-ins.

The Enchanter's Tome artifact can apply Double Damage, Fast Attack, or Quick onto nearby summoned mobs and other players.


Icon Name
Tier Text Tier Mob obtainablity Multiple per equipment Built-into Gilded / Unique Description Enchantment Point.png
Anima Conduit.png
  • Each soul absorbed grants a small amount of health.
health gained 2% 4% 6% None Unknown Common
  • Attacks on mobs that are not actively targeting you deal more damage.
damage done 15% 30% 45% Backstabber, Swift StrikerExtra damage on unsuspecting enemies Powerful
Artifact Synergy (MCD Enchantment).png
  • Using an artifact causes the next attack to deal bonus damage.
Deals X extra damage 40% 60% 80% None Artifact use boosts damage Common
  • Grants a chance for a bee to spawn after defeating a mob, with up to 3 bees joining the player's side.
chance to summon. 20% 30% 40% Bee StingerChance to summon a bee Common
  • Has a 30% chance to chain a cluster of mobs together and keep them bound for a short time.
seconds duration 1 2 3 Flail,Jailor's ScytheBinds and chains enemies Common
  • Deal increased damage against already wounded mobs.
bonus damage 0-50% 0-75% 0-100% Daily TrialsTruthseeker, Growing Staff, Resolute Tempest KnifeIncreased damage to wounded mobs Common
Critical Hit.png
  • Gives a chance to inflict critical hits dealing triple damage.
chance to trigger 10% 15% 20% Daily TrialsHawkbrand, Sinister Sword, Master's KatanaIncreases critical hit chance Powerful
  • Adds damage to the next attack after rolling.
damage. +X +1.25X +1.5X Great AxebladeRolling makes next attack stronger Common
  • Some attacks can be followed up by another attack in quick succession.
seconds cooldown 5 4 3 Daily TrialsWhispering SpearSometimes strikes twice Common
Enigma Resonator.png
  • Chance to deal triple damage based on the number of souls the player has.
chance 0-15% 0-20% 0-25% Souls critical boost Common
  • Mobs explode after they are defeated.
Deals X% of enemy health as damage 20% 40% 60% Cursed Axe, Battlestaff of TerrorMobs explode after defeated Powerful
Fire Aspect.png
  • Sets mobs on fire for three seconds, dealing damage over time.
damage per second X 1.25X 1.5X FirebrandBurns mobs Common
  • Slows mobs after hit for three seconds.
reduced speed -20% -30% -40% Frozen Zombie, Stray, Icy Creeper, & Daily TrialsFangs of Frost, Frost Scythe, Freezing FoilChill Gale KnifeSlows mobs Common
Guarding Strike (MCD Enchantment).png
  • After defeating a mob, gain a temporary shield that reduces damage by 50%.
seconds duration. 2 3 4 None Grants temporary shield Common
  • This effect pulls mobs in range towards the weapon's impact point.
seconds duration 1.0 1.5 2.0 Hammer of Gravity, Anchor, Encrusted AnchorPulls in enemies Powerful
  • Attacks deal extra damage to Illagers.
increased damage +20% +30% +40% Bone CudgelExtra damage to Illagers Common
  • Defeating a mob heals the player by a small portion of the mob's max health.
of mob's max health 5% 7% 9% Heartstealer, The Beginning and The EndLeeches health from mobs Common
  • Increases the chance for mobs to drop consumables.
increased chance +100% +200% +300% Fortune SpearDrop More Consumables Common
Pain Cycle (MCD Enchantment).png
  • Attacking drains player's life to grant one stack of Pain Cycle. At 5 stacks, pain is channeled into the next attack.
Max stacks does X damage Triple (3x) Quadruple (4x) Quintuple (5x) None Deal extra damage Common
Poison Cloud.pngHas a 30% chance to summon a poison cloud that deals damage to enemies in an area for three seconds. damage per second X 2X 3X Daily TrialsVenom Glaive,

Nightmare's BiteEncrusted Anchor

Spawns Poison Clouds Common
Prospector.pngincreased chance +100% +200% +300% Diamond Pickaxe, The Last LaughMobs drop more emeralds Common
  • Has a 20% chance to spawn a circular area that heals all allies within it.
health healed X 1.5X 2X Sun's GraceHeals allies in the area Powerful
  • After defeating a mob, there is a 10% chance to increase attack speed by +50% for a short time.
seconds 5 10 15 Maulers, Dancer's SwordIncreases attack speed Common
Refreshment Melee (MCD Enchantment).png
  • Defeating a mob reduces health potion's cooldown time, allowing player to heal more quickly.
seconds cooldown speed up 1.0 2.0 3.0 None Reduce health potion cooldown Powerful
  • Sharpens the player's weapon, causing it to deal more damage.
damage +10% +21% +33% Diamond Sword, Broadsword, Frost SlayerExtra Damage Common
  • The last attack in a combo launches a shockwave, damaging enemies.
damage dealt by shockwave X 1.5X 2X Daily TrialsWhirlwindCasts Shockwaves Powerful
  • Increases damage against the Undead.
increased damage +20% +30% +40% Dark Katana, Grave BaneExtra damage against undead Common
Soul Siphon.png
  • When hiting an enemy, gain a 10% chance to grant extra souls.
souls 3 6 9 Eternal KnifeChance to gain souls Common
  • Chance to temporarily stun enemies.
chance 5% 10% 15% Highland AxeChance to stun enemies Common
T Swirling Icon.png
  • The last attack in a combo performs a swirling attack, damaging nearby enemies.
damage dealt by wind X 1.5X 2X Sheer DaggersLast attack does area damage Powerful
  • Has a 30% chance to summon a lightning strike that damages nearby enemies.
damage dealt by lightning X 2X 3X Daily TrialsStormlanderFires lightning bolts Common
Void Strike.png
  • Attacking a target applies a damage multiplier that rises steadily to a max level, then is removed.
damage multiplier 200% 400% 600% Void Touched Blades, The Beginning and The EndApplies Rising Damage Multiplier Powerful
  • The player's attacks decrease the attack damage of all nearby enemies for five seconds.
reduction in damage 20% 30% 40% Daily TrialsNameless BladeWeakens enemy attacks Common


Icon Name
Tier Text Tier Mob obtainablity Multiple per equipment Built-into Gilded / Unique Description Enchantment Point.png
  • Increases attack speed for each consecutive shot. Resets one second after the attack.
increase per shot 8% 10% 12% Auto Crossbow, Mechanical ShortbowFirerate increases upon firing Common
Artifact Charge (MCD Enchantment).png
Sours: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Minecraft_Dungeons:Enchanting
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  2. 1995 chevy caprice tail lights
  3. Dodge challenger door lock knobs


With a variety of Enchantments available in Minecraft Dungeons, it can be hard to choose between them. Check our handy tier list to learn which Enchantments are best to make your character a powerful force of nature, and which you should avoid!

All rankings in this article are the subjective opinion of Game8's writing staff. Click each Enchantment's icon to read our full guides, including explanations of each Enchantment's ranking!

Enchantments in the S Tier should be prioritized when they appear. Although the effectiveness of all Enchantments depend on your Build, consider changing some of your Weapons, Armor and Artifacts around to better match these Enchantments when you get a chance to use them.

Enchantments in the A Tier are no slouch, and have the potential to significantly improve a Build which needs an extra boost.

When one of these Enchantments appears, consider if it might be the keystone your characters need; that said, they're not quite useful enough to necessitate changing around your whole Build to match them.

The B Tier Enchantments are still fairly usable, but there are other Enchantments which provide similar effects with better results.

As you'll need to Salvage a Weapon or Armor to get its Enchantment Points back, consider waiting to see if you find another gear with an S or A Tier Enchantment first before equipping one of these.

The Enchantments in the C Tier are not unusable, but as Enchantment Points are a scarce resource, and choosing an Enchantment will lock that Weapon or Armor into its effect, you might want to think twice before using one of these.

Chains ImageChainsHas a 30% chance to chain a cluster of mobs together and keep them bound for a short time.
Bonus Shot ImageBonus ShotFiring a shot also fires a second shot at a nearby enemy. The second shot has reduced damage.
Punch ImagePunchBoosts arrow pushback.

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Ranking ALL Melee Weapon Enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons From Worst to Best!

Minecraft Dungeons: Ranking The 12 Best Armor Enchantments

In Minecraft Dungeons –a game crawling with enemy mobs and tough bosses – having a strong, effective fighter is key. On one level, of course, this is achieved by gaining experience and snagging powerful equipment. However, these factors can also be enhanced by "enchanting" items. This is a level-linked system of buffs and abilities for weapons and armor, which can work towards assembling a powerful build.

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A Guide To Unlocking Armor Enchantments

For each level gained, players will notch an enchantment point that can be used on either armor or weapons. Enchanting armor is particularly useful as the player is given long-term buffs, bonuses, and various effects that can aid in survival, firepower, artifact use, speed, and more. These abilities remain in effect for as long as the piece of armor is worn.

Players will have anywhere from one to three enchantment slots to work with for each piece of equipment. More enchantment slots will be opened up as the player progress and depending on the difficulty setting as well as the armor. Each of the diamond slots will grant the option to pick from three enchantments. While these abilities are randomly generated, some options are unique to specific items.

Once this is selected, players can then upgrade to higher-tiered versions of the enchantment in question by spending more points. As is the case with weapons, armor can all be enchanted up to three times.

An item can also be salvaged to regain enchantment points and then applied to newly-obtained armor or weapons. This alleviates any worry about having to stockpile points for upgrades or squandering bundles of them on discarded armor.

With so many enchantments to choose from – and various ways to mix and match – it can be tough to pinpoint which to focus on when it comes to armor. This article will help players get a clearer picture by highlighting the overall strongest, most helpful armor enchantments the game has to offer.

Updated February 8th, 2021 by Stephen LaGioia:Minecraft Dungeons has quietly become one of the more popular dungeon crawlers of late, and an appealing choice for gamers on Microsoft's Game Pass service – especially for those who favor co-op multiplayer. Feeding off the success of the sandbox phenom Minecraft, Mojang has kept the momentum going with DLC content, including the recent release of the atmospheric Howling Peaks. Given its continuing popularity, and the vast array of enchantment options at one's disposal, it seemed appropriate to update this list with some additional information and even more great armor enchantments.

12 Potion Barrier

Though it might not look too glamorous, this ability is subtly effective in staving off damage, allowing players to live to fight another day.

Potion Barrier greatly boosts the usefulness of potions, as consuming one with this enchantment will grant a 90% reduction in damage for a short duration. The first tier offers a duration of 5 seconds, the 2nd tier gives 7 seconds, and the 3rd gives a whopping 9 seconds.

This can be particularly helpful when weathering those brutal assaults from tough boss fights and explosive Creepers.

11 Cowardice

The Cowardice enchant is best suited to players who commonly begin fights at range as it increases ranged and melee damage while at full health. There are three tiers and the increase steps up from 20% to 30% and finally 40%.

A 40% damage increase is huge but as this is dependent on a full health bar, so it's best to combine it with health regeneration enchants or artifacts to make full use of it. Those who exclusively melee will likely find limited value in it due to this restriction.

If movement speed is important to one's playstyle then keep an eye out for the Swiftfooted enchant. It will grant a boost to movement speed after rolling, making for a nimble playstyle.

Use the roll function to get away from enemies and enjoy a movement speed boost of 30, 40, or 50%. It adds a lot of maneuverability to your character, especially in situations where you may be overwhelmed.

9 Cool Down

This enchant will reduce the cooldown of artifacts being used. At maximum strength, it will be reduced by 27%. For any build which frequently uses artifacts, this is a powerful option.

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Some of the strongest artifacts have a cooldown of around 30 seconds meaning a 27% reduction is pretty significant and will allow players to deal increased damage or healing through more frequent artifact use.

8 Frenzied

The Frenzied enchant is best-suited to a tanking or melee player as well as anyone soloing content, as it requires players to be at less than half health in order to activate. It will boost melee and ranged attack speed by 10, 20, or 30% while remaining below half health.

If you're often in the middle of a battle then this enchant can help generate faster hits as health is reduced, allowing you to get extra shots in when it matters most.

7 Snowball

The Snowball enchant will fire a snowball at a nearby enemy every few seconds, slowing them down. It will trigger every 5 seconds initially but this is reduced to either 3 or 1 as it's leveled to its maximum.

It's a great way of slowing incoming enemies without having to use time or brain space to do so, since the effect is automatic. The enchant will help make enemy mobs more manageable with no input from the player.

6 Recycler

Running out of arrows is every ranged player's worst fear but this enchant will help. It will allow a player to craft a small quiver of arrows after being hit by enemy fire. For every 30th projectile that hits you the enchant will craft the arrows.

Higher tiers reduce this to every 20th and every 10th projectile. The top tier can produce a steady supply of arrows, especially if combined with other arrow producing weapons, artifacts, or enchants.

5 Food Reserves

Enchanting armor with Food Reserves will help healing effects go further as it will drop 3 food items every time a healing potion is used. Since both potions and food are used as soon as they are picked up, this means that every potion will also heal your team.

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It's best to communicate that you have this enchant so teammates can allow you to pick up potions when possible and they can benefit from the food items left in your wake.

4 Deflect

The Deflect enchant gives the player a chance to deflect incoming attacks. It has a 20, 30, or 40% chance to trigger, depending on one's enchantment level. Not only will this help in terms of survival, but it is also very powerful if it can be combined with Cowardice.

Deflection is also a very versatile effect, making it useful for players of all types. Ranged and melee types will benefit equally from this enchant at all levels.

3 Health Synergy

Artifacts are a large part of Minecraft Dungeons and most players will use them frequently. This is why the Health Synergy enchantment is so powerful. It will return a small portion of health every time an artifact is used. As you have access to three artifacts this can add up quickly.

The amount of health generated will increase from 3 to 4 and finally 5% of a player's overall health. It sounds like a small amount but it will add up very quickly.

2 Final Shout

While most of this article's enchantments are labeled "common" in terms of their rarity, Final Shout is one of a handful of rarer enchantments, which is tagged "powerful." These are generally more potent – though not always – and require more enchantment points to upgrade.

This one really can be a game-changer for survivalists who tend to get hit with regularity. When a player's health dips beneath 25%, all equipped artifacts will be triggered, ignoring the cooldown periods in the process.

This essentially gives a sort of "Super-Saiyan" beast mode to players, as various buffs, powers, and attacks will be initiated at once. This is especially effective for the third tier, as this will trigger every 8th second for as long as the player's health is under this threshold.

1 Thorns

Thorns is a common enchant that is incredibly powerful and especially helpful to solo players or those who prefer melee. Whenever a player takes damage, it will be dealt back to the attacker.

The amazing thing about this enchant is that it deals 100, 200, and a huge 300% damage back at each level. If you're lucky enough to get this option we recommend maxing it immediately.

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Ranking ALL Melee Weapon Enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons From Worst to Best!

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