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Cubic feet per minute, known as CFM, is how air movement is measured.  Choose a fan that can move at least 1 CFM per square foot. 

For example, if your bathroom is 80 square feet, select a bath fan with at least an 80 CFM rating to effectively remove excess moisture from the air in your bathroom.


Sones are the industry standard for measuring the sound level of your bath fan when it's in use.  A lower sone rating means a quieter bath fan.

One sone is equivalent to the sound of a quiet refrigerator, so a quiet bathroom fan will be rated at about 1.5 sones or less.


A no-cut fan is designed to replace your current bath fan without having to cut a larger opening. No-cut bath fans have an opening that measures 7.5 in. x 7.25 in.

Bluetooth Bath Fan

The Home Netwerks™ 110 CFM ventilation fan features an integrated Bluetooth®-enabled stereo speaker, LED light and LED night lights. Perfect for the tech-savvy homeowner with a desire to stream audio from their smartphone or tablets into their bathroom. Since the Bluetooth stereo speakers are integrated directly into the bath fan wiring, there is no need to re-charge the speaker.

This bath fan also includes an LED white light, a blue night light and soothing amber night light.

Humidity Smart Fan

The Homewerks™ Humidity Smart Fan detects when your bathroom has reached 60%+ and 80%+ humidity and automatically turns to 80 CFM and 110 CFM based on those humidity levels. This bath fan should be used in bathroom no smaller than 80 square feet. This fan also includes many other desirable features including:

  • Dimmable LED light
  • Soothing Amber and Blue night lights
  • A memory feature that turns on your most recently used night light color or main light LED level


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Ventilation Fans - TFV70L

Base Model NumberTFV70LFinishDesigner WhiteFeature 1Polycarbonate Heat-Resistant Lens with U.V. InhibitorsFeature 2Easy Removal and Installation of Motor Assembly Key-Hole MountingFeature 3Permanently Lubricated MotorFeature 4Precision-Balanced Impeller for Quiet OperationFeature 5Galvanized for Humid Conditions and Various Attic TemperaturesSone (decibel)3.50Shipping TypeSmall ParcelShipping Weight (lbs.)5.27Safety RatingCSAusRough in Dimensions8.62x7.62x5.62Vent Fan Lamp60WVent Fan CFM70Vent Fan Amps1.20Combined Wattage100Product TypeBath Exhaust Fan with LightProduct Code841Product Code DescriptionExhaust FanHeight (in.)12.37Width (in.)12.37Shipping Height (in.)7.99Shipping Length (in.)12.40Shipping Width (in.)12.40Carton Size (CU FT)0.72Bulb BaseMediumBulb Wattage60CollectionVentilation FansInner Pack Qty1Energy StarNoBulb Wattage60FinishDesigner WhiteFinish CodeDW
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9 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans With Light And Heater In 2021

A bathroom exhaust fan plays an important function in helping prevent the build up of moisture and humidity which can lead to mold growth. They also help prevent odors by removing stale air and overall make showering more pleasant. They remove vapor from your walls and mirrors, keeping them and everything in the bathroom in good conditions. 

A bathroom exhaust fan with a light and heater will warm up and light up the bathroom while giving you fresh, well-ventilated air to breathe while you shower in peace. Here are eight of the best bathroom exhaust fans with light and heaters, so you can find the perfect one for your bathroom.

Top 9 Bathroom Exhaust Fans with Light and Heater Combo

Broan Nu-Tone Directionally-Adjustable Bathroom Heater

Broan Nu-Tone Directionally-Adjustable Bathroom Heater

There are several different Broan-Nutone models on this list. That should come as no surprise considering how this company is one of the leaders when it comes to making bathroom ventilation fans. This Broan Nu-Tone Directionally-Adjustable exhaust fan with heater model sets itself apart from the others by allowing you to adjust the direction of the fan itself. The fan comes with an integrated heater and an incandescent light that'll brighten up your bathroom as well.

The most crucial feature of this bathroom exhaust fan model is the adjustable heat outlet. With that, you can point the heat precisely to where it needs to be in your bathroom. For example, you could point it right at your toilet seat, or even at the entrance to your shower; wherever you prefer.

The heater itself is quite powerful, with a 1500watt heater that won't take long to make your bathroom pleasant and toasty. The combination of heat and steam from your morning showers could be unpleasant sometimes. That won't be the case with this unit thanks to its 2.0-Sone (a measurement of its loudness), 100 CFM rating bathroom ventilation fan.

True to Broan-NuTone's company values, this model will ensure that the air inside the bathroom is just as fresh as the air outside. The unit also brightens up your bathroom with its bright, 100-watt incandescent lighting. It also does a great job at being energy efficient with all it's power. 

Broan-NuTone Ceiling Heater, Fan, and Light Combo

Broan-NuTone QTXN110HL

Another great unit from the Broan-Nutone lineup, the QTXN110HL model is an impressive bathroom exhaust fan and heater combo. 

The most notable feature of this model is that it's much quieter than the other ones on this list. This exhaust fan operates at only 0.9 sones which is whisper quiet when you compare it to some other brands sones rating. A quiet exhaust fan means that you won't wake up the rest of the house whenever you switch it o,  plus, your own experience in the bathroom will be a much more relaxing one.

The unit carries a 1500watt heater that you can either use with the ventilation fan or entirely independently. That's another element of control you have with this unit: you can enable each function separately.

Ventilation is critical to remove the humidity in the bathroom and provide it with fresh air, and this unit does that exceptionally well. The fan can handle as much as 110 CFM (or cubic feet per minute), so you won't have to wait at all for the humid warm air and fog to clear out. Buying it is one easy way to improve the air quality in your bathroom. 

This unit is simple enough for any DIY type of homeowner to install themselves. Plus, you have the option of purchasing multi-function wall switches built specifically for use with this NuTone model. 

Delta BreezRadiance Exhaust Bath Fan

Delta BreezRadiance Exhaust Bath Fan

The Delta Products Corporation also earns a spot on this list with its BreezRadiance 80 CFM exhaust fan that comes with a light and heater combo. This unit is part of Delta's Breez Ventilation System lineup, which includes a series of different models that'll suit your needs. Here, though, we're looking at the RAD80L model in particular.

If you're looking for an energy-saving unit that's Energy Star rated for your bathroom with lots of safety features, this is the one you'll want to buy. Delta built two things into this exhaust fan with heater features that you'll appreciate. First, using DC motor technology, and second, a built-in thermostat that keeps temperatures consistent. Together, these two features will contribute to significant energy-savings that'll reduce your power bills each month.

The heating module is quite powerful at 1300 watts, so you'll get the warmth that you're expecting. But more importantly, there are several safety features included in the design as well. The heater module has a thermal cut off and thermostat. If it ever gets too hot for whatever reason, the unit will shut itself off, reducing any dangers of overheating. It also has a metal guard to make sure that you'll never touch the heating wire by accident when fixing or handling the unit.

In terms of lighting, Delta included a 26-watt CFL lamp which will keep your entire bathroom area well-lit. The exhaust fan in this unit can handle 80 CFM of airflow. That’s not the highest on this list, but it's still pretty good, and it will keep your bathroom well-ventilated.

Broan-Nutone Heater, Fan, and Light Combo

Broan-NuTone 9093WH Exhaust Fan

This Broan-Nutone mode is the QT9093WH, and it's perfect if you're looking for a bathroom exhaust fan with good air flow capacity that is still a combo unit. 

Unlike the other units, the grill-side facing the bathroom is round and much smaller, giving it a more discreet profile overall. It consists of a grille 8 inches in diameter and a glass lens (for the light) that extends only 3 inches from the ceiling. Honestly, at first sight, you or even your houseguests might not even realize that this is a powerful exhaust fan/heater/light combo, just by its small size. Don't let it fool you, it still works great for medium sized bathrooms and large ones. 

It's not just a heater, fan, and light combo. This bathroom vent fan also serves as a nightlight. It consists of a 7-watt bulb, which creates just a soft glow. So, if you're the type that sleeps with the bathroom light on, this one works great for that function.

True to the Broan-Nutone name, this one has a powerful heating elements at 1500-watts and a ventilation fan with 110 CFM. Both of those numbers are pretty high when you compare them with the rest of the units on this list. Those two features complement each other well. The more heat generated inside the bathroom, the more steam and humidity will come of it. So, there needs to be an equally-powerful ventilation fan to keep the air clear.

For your convenience, the manufacturer also includes a four-function wall switch. That will add to your convenience as it lets you switch any of the four features on or off quickly.

Broan-NuTone 765H80LB

Broan-NuTone 765H80LB

Another great Broan-NuTone bathroom exhaust fan, and just like the previous ones, this unit comes with a heater and light built into it.

The fan is quite impressive. It has an airflow capacity of 80 CFM to keep the air clean and crisp, no matter the humidity in the bathroom. Plus, the thing will run at only 2.0 sones so that you won't hear anything louder than a soft humming noise coming from it.

As expected, you'll get some quick and powerful heat coming out of this model. Broan-NuTone includes a 1300-watt heating element capable of delivering fast heat from the moment you switch it on. So, you won't have to wait around for the air to heat up before using your bathroom. You can quite literally jump right in, first thing in the morning.

Here's where it gets interesting. The lighting for this model has a bit of flexibility. You can choose to use either incandescent light or LED lighting instead. As you might already know, LED lighting is another excellent way to reduce your energy usage, so that'll contribute to lowering your power bill at the end of the month.

There are some safety features to take note of with this model. Most important among them is thermal protection. Should the unit overheat for whatever reason, it'll automatically reset itself to keep you out of danger. That will lower any risk of the unit damaging itself, burning up, or causing a fire in your home. 

Aero Pure Quiet Bathroom Fan

Aero Pure Quiet Bathroom Fan

Aero Pure A515A W model is another fan, heat, and light combo that doesn't take up much space, and it's efficient at all its three functions. This quiet bathroom exhaust fan can handle an air volume of 80 CFM, which means that it stands shoulder to shoulder with most of the other models reviewed on this list. You can rest assured that humidity will not be a problem in your bathroom with that much airflow capacity. Plus, it'll remove any odors or smells from your bathroom very efficiently.

Aside from that, the heating elements this model uses is also fascinating. Instead of an internal one like other models, this one utilizes two anti-blast heat lamps, each offering 270W of heating. If those two aren't enough, you could also opt for a four heat lamp version of this model.

Aside from that, there's also a third lamp, though this one isn't for heating. It's the 60W incandescent bulb that provides lighting to keep the inside of your entire bathroom area bright.

It offers a quiet operation as the steel housing that you mount this unit in also comes with a vibration-reducing feature. Features like these make it one of the quietest bathroom exhaust fans and also causes less movement on your bathroom walls.

Aero Pure also offers another bit of flexibility that you might enjoy. You can wire all of the three functions — heating, lighting, and ventilation separately. That means you can have one switch that turns all of them on together, or you could split it out into several controls however you like.

Broan-Nutone Ultra Silent Series

Broan-Nutone Ultra Silent Series

The Broan-Nutone  QTX110HL model has everything you're looking for in a good bathroom exhaust fan — ventilation, heating, and lighting. This exhaust fan is what you want if you're looking for spot heating rather than heating the entire bathroom. It'll deliver a relatively-targeted supply of heat thanks to its 1500-watt heating element, and it'll do so quietly. 

The whole model operates at only 0.9 sone, probably the lowest level of sound on any model. It has the best sones rating than the other units you've on this list. You'll probably never experience a fogged mirror in your bathroom again once you purchase this bathroom exhaust fan. That's because the model has an airflow capacity of 110 CFM, which will quickly reduce the bathroom’s humidity and keep the air clear improving the air quality. That's one excellent CFM rating.This model is so powerful that it'll keep the air clear in bathrooms of up to 100 square feet in size!

The lighting it provides is also pretty bright. Inside, it holds two 60-watt incandescent bulbs to brighten up your bathroom while you're using it. The most impressive feature is probably under-the-hood, where you won't see it. Broan-NuTone did an excellent job engineering the motor used inside, which stays permanently lubricated so that you can use the model continuously with no worries at all. You'll never have to do any maintenance on the motor, and it'll continue operating efficiently no matter what.

So, not only do you get a well-heated bathroom with this model, but you'll also have well-ventilated air and excellent lighting as well.

Air King Combination Ceramic Heater

Air King Combination Ceramic Heater

With this AK55L model, we have a combination exhaust fan, bathroom heater, and light by Air King. Unlike the other combo units on this list, this one uses ceramic as its primary material. It's a relatively smaller unit, but don't let its dimensions fool you. It'll deliver 1,350 watts of heat generated by its ceramic heating element.

It then distributes this throughout the bathroom using its heater blower wheel that the unit balances electronically to keep the bathroom warm. In addition to that, it also has another blower that serves the ventilation function, keeping the air moving efficiently.

This exhaust fan and bathroom heater can light up your bathroom by housing a 100-watt standard lightbulb. This model houses the lightbulb under a moonstone glass lens that the manufacturer says will not discolor over time. The Air King AK55L model is energy star rated, which is noticed by how energy efficient it is. 

Tech Drive Bathroom Fan With LED Light

Tech Drive Bathroom Fan With LED Light

The Tech Drive Bathroom fan is easily one of the best bathroom exhaust fans. It doesn't have a heater and just comes with an LED light making it a light combo unit. However, it works great for any bathroom size and is well equipped to provide the proper ventilation in your bathroom. Whether you want it to circulate the air in larger bathrooms or smaller bathrooms, this combo unit efficiently does it with its technology that's been UL and HVI certified. 

It has a silent operation with its 2.0 sones noise level. Despite this level, it has a powerful fan that provides sufficient air movement around the bathroom. The exhaust fan offers easy installation and the LED light can cover your entire bathroom area. Do keep in mind that it requires ceiling installation, but that should't be a problem with its helpful design. So if you need to replace a light fixture you can conveniently replace it with this option without the need to install a separate dedicated electrical circuit. 

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Buying Guide

Before you decide on which brand and model you’d like to purchase, it’s essential that you go back to basics to understand exhaust fans with heaters.

As the name suggests, the primary function of a bathroom fan is to remove the bathroom’s warm air and channel it outside your home. That will ensure that the air in your bathroom remains fresh at all times. Plus, it also helps remove the excess humidity you create whenever you take a hot shower, especially if your using a shower head with a lot of pressure.

Bathroom exhaust fans come with loads of benefits. As mentioned previously, the main benefit they provide your bathroom is well-ventilated air and controlled humidity, especially if you use a lot of waterwhen you shower. 

Bathroom exhaust fans these days often come paired with heating elements and lights. That way, they offer you two extra benefits — additional lighting and spot heating for your bathroom. This reduces the need for central heating, which helps you save on your monthly power bill.

There are a few essential factors to consider when choosing the right bathroom exhaust fan for you. Here are a few:

Sound - One of the first things you should consider before buying a bathroom exhaust fan is the amount of sound or fan noise it generates. When it comes to these types of appliances, manufacturers usually measure the noise in terms of sones. The lower the sone, the less noise the unit will generate. With a quieter model, your showers will be more pleasant, and you won’t risk waking up the other occupants of your home with an exhaust fan that has loud noise levels.

Airflow - Airflow is, of course, a crucial factor as well. After all, we’re talking about exhaust fans here. You’ll want an exhaust fan with higher airflow so that the air inside the bathroom is just as good as the air outside the home. Bathrooms are a breeding ground for mold due to humidity so exhaust fans with excellent airflow keep the humidity down, and also help remove any odors from the toilet.

Heating - These units will never replace your home’s central heating. Still, you want to make sure that the model you choose can provide enough heat for your bathroom. Naturally, the bigger your bathroom is, the more heat you’ll need.

Efficiency - Consider the energy efficiency of the bathroom fan you’re buying. You’ll want a unit that saves as much energy as possible. That way, you won’t increase your power bill by too much when you start using it. It’s also best to find a model that requires less maintenance. You don’t want to choose a bathroom fan that’ll need your attention too often.

How to Put Bath Fan and Light on Separate Switches Instead of on One Switch

In-Shower Bathroom Fans

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Designed to work within the tub or shower enclosure, in-shower bathroom fans provide direct expulsion of moisture from the area that needs it most. Some in-shower bathroom fans are UL listed for use in the tub or shower area, but need to be installed on a GFCI circuit. features a variety of bathroom fans for use in the tub and shower from Broan, Air King and Panasonic in fan only and fan with light configurations that help to keep bathroom mirrors fog-free and prevent the buildup of excess moisture. These in-shower bathroom fans come in several styles to complement your bathroom d�cor and are available in a range of 50 to 310 CFM to accommodate bathrooms of every size. Contact our expert sales team for further information or to place an order, or order online, via our secure website.

Fan light bathroom with

The Quietest Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Heater and Light – Consumer Reports

The presence of an exhaust fans in a bathroom helps in more ways than one, preventing humidity build up as well as offering proper ventilation. This comes with numerous benefits mostly seen by overall better condition of the bathroom. A silent bathroom exhaust fan is a very useful device to have installed, and when it also falls in the quiet bathroom exhaust fan with heater and light category, what more could you ask for to keep a bathroom in optimal condition.

We are going to be opening up some bathroom exhaust fan with heater reviews, discussing widely about the best exhaust bathroom fan. Although noise generation as well as fan speed should be held in highest esteem, other features like light for visibility, and a heater for increasing the bathroom temperature should also be considered. The quietest bathroom exhaust fan with light and heater would be the most ideal product to purchase.

With quiet bath fans, one can worry less about any form of moist problems that might cause furniture damage, while a bath fan with heater would give that extra warmth addition in days of cold. However, a quiet bath fan heater light device combines all these qualities for simply a little extra cost.

We would rank the Broan-Nutone QTXE150FLT as the best heater bath fan for you, because it possesses the best blend of fan speed and noise production. This supplies it capacity to handle large sized bathrooms very effectively, as well as generating a very low amount of noise in the process.

What is the quietest bathroom exhaust fan?

The quietest bathroom exhaust fan is the one with the lowest sone rating. Practically, this stands 0.3 sones for the most quiet, although some manufacturers make products with claims of less than 0.3 sones. From 0.3 level downwards, there isn’t really much difference as per quietness, as the device is barely noticeable, and is why most of the products at that sound level comes with indicator lights.

There are also numerous brands and models with this criteria, as it is not exclusive to one alone. Amongst the top producers however, is Broan-Nutone.

What is the best brand for bathroom exhaust fan?

We would give this title out rightly to the Broan-Nutone brand. Having been in existence since 1932, they have lead the market for decades, always coming out with forward thinking residential ventilation products like the bathroom exhaust fan for instance.

They are also recognized for an award winning customer service (ICCSO), with branches in over seven countries, and more than 2,500 employees.

Their products are also very durable, as well as coming in different grades for different categories and purposes. Many of their exhaust fans also doubles as either lighting unit or heater too, which makes them pretty handy for their price.

Top 5 Quietest bathroom exhaust fans with heater and light in 2021 – Consumer Reports

1) Broan-Nutone QTXE150FLT Ultra-Silent Ventilation Fan with Light, Quiet Exhaust Fan for Bathroom

Quiet and effective operation

With speed of 150CFM, this exhaust fan generates noise of 1.5 sones which is a little noisier than a quiet regenerator in a quiet kitchen.

In the real sense, with all the activities that goes in a bathroom after mounting, the fan can be barely heard, and its 150CFM air flow rate is enough to recycle air in a 140sqft sized bathroom. This makes it very effective for reducing moisture and VOCs, leaving the bathroom with a clean and fresh atmosphere. Its fan motor is also engineered for continuous operation.

Multipurpose design with 6 inch duct connector

Though primarily an exhaust fan, the device also makes provision for two lighting systems, a fluorescent and night light. Purchasing this device would therefore eliminate the need for a separate light bulb installation. The fluorescent bulb is contained in the product purchase, and wired to work with the exhaust fan which are both controlled by a single switch.

To use the night bulb, a separate wiring system has to be installed, and the bulb purchased, because it doesn’t come with the product. The exhaust outlet is a 6 inches duct connector, which allows more air to move at a time, and also easy connection to the duct system of the home.

Easy to install and Design adaptable

Asides the fancy lights, and a very effective but quiet exhaust fan, the Broan-Nutone QTXE150FLT actually looks pleasant to the eyes, surely adding to the bathrooms overall looks. This claim is especially supported by a paintable polymeric grilles, allowing you to blend the fans color with the rooms existing decoration. For easy installation, two hanger bars are included in the package, while the fan takes a construction space of 2 x 8 inches.

Quality for the price

All the qualities possessed by this product ensures that it meets several standards. It is HVI certified and UL listed, asides the impressive quality of being energy star rated. These qualifications makes it usable over bathtubs and even showers when installed with a GFCI protected branch circuit.


  • very silent exhaust fan,
  • fluorescent (included) and night light (purchased separately) inclusive design,
  • 150CFM and 1.5sones motor is engineered for continuous operation,
  • easy installation with 6inches ducting,
  • paintable polymeric for decorative color designs,
  • energy star rated,
  • HVI certified and UL listed,
  • can serve bathrooms up to 140sqft in size,


  • Although top notch in quality, it costs quite a lot to purchase.

2) Broan-Nutone QTX110HL Very Quiet Ceiling Heater, Fan, and Light Combo for Bathroom 


With sound level at 0.9 sone, this exhaust fan is even quieter than a silent refrigerator, and the Broan-Nutone QTXE150FLT too. However, this quietness is achieved at a lower speed of 110 CFM compared to the Broan-Nutone QTXE150FLT 150 CFM, which is understandable.

In a nut shell, it would constitute zero sound nuisance during usage in your bathroom. It also comes with a 60 watt light bulb for doubling as lighting device, and 7 watt night light for those who desires to use one. Note that the package doesn’t include nightlight bulbs.

Independent heater

Specially designed with this device is an independent heater. This means that the heater is able to work simultaneously or independent of the light bulb or exhaust fan, and really a source of cheap quick heat, eliminating the wait and power consumed by a standard whole house heater.

Depending on your need, one can decide to keep the lights and kill its heater and exhaust fan, or leave everything working all at once. Its heater is powered by electricity, and it is 1500watt capacity heater, which is able to produce a very decent amount of heat for that size.

Highly Decorative

The surface of the device is made with a white polymeric grille design. Although this isn’t exactly paintable like the QTXE150FLT model, its white color ensures that it can pretty much fit into any existing design the bathroom has. This quality makes the device not only a good product, but also a beautiful one at that.

Easy DIY installation

If you are a dedicated DIY person, then you would really love how much pleasure there is in installing this product. Overall installation is practically easy to perform, especially with adjustable mounting brackets that spans up to 24 inches, allowing much flexibility as per position.

Its resilient anti vibration mounting brackets and a long with a 1.1 inch long tapered sleeve also makes things quicker, more flexible, and a very firm structure after installation.

Quality for the money

The international credentials of this product includes being energy star rated, and HVI certified. Energy star rated meaning that it wouldn’t consume a humungous amount of energy, while its HVI qualification means that it can be used over a bathtub or shower as far as it is installed with a GFCI circuit.


  • fan is very quiet while operating,
  • 60 watt light and 1500 watt heater for optimal bathroom comfort,
  • white polymeric grille gives a decorative nature,
  • comes with nightlight option (bulbs not included on purchase), easy and firm installation,
  • HVI certified with 0.9 sones and 110CFM operation,
  • permanently lubricated fan motor allows continuous operation irrespective of the ventilator,
  • energy star rated,


  • poor heater element quality,
  • means that it would get damaged very often.

3) Broan-Nutone QTXEN080FLT Ultra-Silent Ventilation Fan, Quiet Exhaust Fan and Light for Bathroom 

Quiet and efficient

The noise level of this exhaust fan stands at 0.3 sones, which so far is the lowest we’ve seen among all reviewed products, producing next to no sounds. It however gives up a fairly large amount of strength, with its speed at 80CFM.

If you are looking for something ultra-quiet first before another quality, then this is your guy, but if you rather favor a good level of performance with that quietness then you should try something else. This also makes it suitable for bathrooms of about 75sqft in size.

Additional two lighting systems

It comes with a provision for both regular lighting, and an optional night light. The regular lighting consist of two 18 watts bulbs which are included on purchase, but the night light would have to be purchased separately. The whole system is also controlled by a single switch, and if you would rather have it separate, then get ready to wire each individually.

Stylish and color variant

For decorative purposes, this fan comes with an option of two colors. Its whole design is pretty nice, and users are allowed to choose from either the white or cream polymeric grille colors available, depending on what blends better in your home.

The quality of this product also speaks for itself, being energy star, HVI and UL listed. It can be used above a bathtub and shower as far as it is installed with a GFCI protected branch circuit.


  • operates at 80CFM and 0.3 sones for a very quiet and efficient performance,
  • comes with two 18 watt fluorescent lights and a 4 watt nightlight option to double as a multipurpose device,
  • stylish white or cream polymeric grille colors to choose from,
  • good quality being energy star and HVI certified, as well as UL listed.


  • very effective in smaller sized bathrooms only,

4) Broan Very Quiet Ceiling Bathroom Exhaust Fan, ENERGY STAR Certified 

Efficient performance

Once again, a very low noise device on our list is the QTXE080 product. Its noise production number stands at 0.3 sones, which is almost as low as exhaust fans can get, therefore it offers a completely quiet operation, but also a lower speed.

Its fan speed stands at 80CFM, which is just about enough to prevent a mirror from fogging, but doesn’t do much beyond that. It is not an effective source of humidity removal from the bathroom, let alone VOCs released by newly installed furniture.


Like all other fans so far, it comes with a dual lighting system. The first is a regular lighting, which consist of two 60 watts bulbs that offers very powerful illumination in the enclosed space. You wouldn’t be needing any other light source in a small sized bathroom. The other option makes provision for night light, which would be purchased and wired separately.

Easy installation

Installing is pretty easy and straight forward, with every fitting needed for the mounting process provided in the package. It needs only a 2 x 8 inches construction space, where the hanger bar would be fitted.

Other qualities possessed includes being HVI certified, and can be used over bathtubs and showers when connected to a GFCI protected branch circuit. Being energy star rated, it is also an efficient consumer of power, preventing the bills from high spikes.


  • operates very quietly at 0.3 sones and 80 CFM,
  • easy installation,
  • energy star and GVI certified,
  • built with two 60 watt bulbs and a 7 watt nightlight,
  • cheap to purchase,


  • doesn’t do well when faced with high humidity atmosphere,
  • generally more suited to small sized bathrooms up to 75sqft,

5 Crucial Features to consider when choosing a quiet bathroom exhaust fan with heater and light

The two most important factors to consider when picking an exhaust fan is how fast it runs, as well as the amount of noise it produces.

Generally, the faster the fan’s speed, the more air it would be able to extract per time, and the more effective it would be in getting the job done. However, higher speeds also means higher noise levels, while lower speeds means less.

These high fan speeds have noise levels between 1 and 2 sones, which is still very much okay to live with in a bathroom. Always start your research by picking the best of both of these two features.

Although primarily an exhaust fan, there are many of this product that also comes with extra qualities, making it a multipurpose device as a result.

The most common one is having regular lights and night lights, while more rear is having a heater along with this setup. Going for a product which combines all of these features in one is surely a better option than just having a standalone feature.

This shouldn’t be much of a problem, because most exhaust fan heaters today is designed to fit the DIY category for easy domestic installation. All the heaters in our review fits this category, and you shouldn’t settle for less, especially paying extra to have a fan installed after spending over $100 on purchase.

Electronic products are always tricky when used in moisture filled or water prone environment. This is why they have to meet certain standards for performance, and safety from all forms of malfunctions that could cause hazards. The HVI and UL regulation body exists to that regard, and only products that passes their requirement should be used.

Exhaust fans also differs in the area of space which they can cover. Some can go as high as 150sqft or more (high end fans), or the midrange of 100sqft, while some remains at the lower end of 50sqft to 70sqft. It is important to measure your bathroom, and purchase something strong enough to get the job done, and of course, the higher its capacity, the more expensive the product would be.

Where do bathroom exhaust fans vent to?

The area where bathroom exhaust fans vent air to is totally dependent on the user. Normally, exhaust fans always comes with duct outlet of about 6 inches, which allows them connect to the home’s already laid duct vent system that eventually leads outdoors.

For this reason, the fan has to be strategically located and installed at the shortest and most direct route to the where ever the external vent opening is (mostly through a wall or the roof).

In all, air extracted from the bathroom really have no use again, therefore its eventually released outdoors, allowing a less humid air replace the jus extracted humid one.

How can you make your bathroom fan quieter?

Firstly, it is important to know that a fan cannot get quieter than it was originally deigned to be. That means that an exhaust fan with 1 sone rating, cannot be as quiet as that of a 0.3 sone rating regardless of whatever procedure done, because the difference is in hardware fundamentals like motor and blade designs.

Overtime however, some fans starts to generate more noise than it normally should, and in such condition, it can be remedied to start sounding as low as it was originally designed to be. Simply follow these few steps:

  • Start by killing off power to the fan through its control switch.
  • Open the compartment, and thoroughly clean the fan and all other moving parts, as well as casing preferably using hot water.
  • Vacuum the duct and vent housing, and ensure all dirt and dust are removed especially the ones on the fan blade and blower wheel.
  • Turn on the fan and observe the blades to see if it makes contact with any part it is not supposed to, and adjust accordingly.
  • Place few drops of lubricant on the motor shaft to oil its bearings, eliminating any squeaky sound in the process.
  • Turn on the fan once again to ensure everything is working normally, and the extra sounds produced are gone.
  • Couple the fan and keep running as usual.

Should you run the bathroom exhaust fan while showering?

Running an exhaust fan in a bathroom while showering is pretty much what is was built for, and it can be done without restriction when the fan isn’t located anywhere near the shower.

However, when the fan is located close to or directly above the shower, it becomes a different ball game entirely, and some other things has to be put in place for a completely safe use.

The first criteria is that the product passes the HVI and IL certifications, and finally, it should be installed with a GFCI protected branch circuit.

It is an outlet branch circuit which is different from the conventional ones, being specially designed to protect that branch. When installed, it protects circuit wirings, cords, and power supply cables connected to it from negative effects like ground faults and arcing.

Having this installed would greatly protect users from the dangers of an electrical device receiving splashes of water, and without this additional installation, never use an exhaust fan anywhere close to a shower.

Final Verdict : Quiet bathroom exhaust fan with heater and light

Our top choice for the best bathroom exhaust fan is the Broan-Nutone QTXE150FLT. Although not the most quiet, the noise produced is relatively low, and would be barely noticed. With speed of 150CFM, as well as being able to serve up to 140sqft size in capacity, its raw power and performance is unmatched by the rest. Its polymeric surface is also paintable for decorative preference, and let’s not forget its HVI, UL and energy star qualifications.

Your next best bet for effective air circulation in a bathroom is the Broan-Nutone. QTX110HL. This fan has a noise level of 0.9 sones, and speed of 110CFM, which is a little below the QTXE150FLT. It however possesses a 1500heater for generating more heat in the bathroom, which comes in really handy in winter times.

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Installing a BATHROOM FAN / light - EZ

The 6 Best Bathroom Exhaust Fans of 2021

Final Verdict

You can't go wrong with the Panasonic WhisperCeiling DC Fan (view at Home Depot), an easy-to-install option that's suitable for multiple room sizes and has one of the quietest operations on the market. If you're looking for a more affordable pick, we recommend the Broan-NuTone 688 Ceiling and Wall Ventilation Fan (view at Amazon).

Local Building Codes

Your local building codes might mandate that all bathrooms must have an exhaust fan. They also might require fans to meet a certain minimum exhaust capacity as well as other code requirements. It’s important to check with your local permitting department. 

Bathroom Size

Pick an exhaust fan that correlates to the size of your bathroom. A fan that’s too small won’t be effective, but a fan that’s too powerful might create unpleasant drafts. In some cases, a second fan might be recommended. 

Sound Ratings

The lower the sound rating, the quieter the fan. If you only plan to switch on the fan after taking a quick shower, the noise level of the fan might not be important to you. However, if you want to run your exhaust fan while taking a relaxing bath, look for a fan with a rating of 1.0 or less. 


Most exhaust fans have a simple and discreet grate, but others have more elaborate or noticeable designs. You might want to find one that fits with the style of your bathroom.


Some bathroom exhaust fans offer a number of additional functions in addition to venting if you’re willing to spend more. You can find fans that also function as lights or heaters. Some even have built-in bluetooth speakers or automatic humidity sensors.

This article was written by Erica Puisis, a freelance writer who has written for The Spruce since 2017. She specializes in interior design and has covered everything from furniture to appliances. To make this list, she considered each pick's style, features, and sound ratings.


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Buying the best exhaust fan is a lot easier now with this review of the 13 best bathroom exhaust fans available online.

Get the complete care and attention that you need for every corner of your house. We understand that keeping your home fresh, healthy, and alive is essential for you and your family.

Sometimes, it happens that a part of the house is neglected, despite best efforts. The bathroom can demand attention out of the blue when, say, the air starts feeling stale all of a sudden.

The moisture in the air might already have been bothering you, and now it has a peculiar texture too! Relax, we’ve got you covered on this and a lot of other issues. All you have to do is install one of our recommended exhaust fans to get that bathroom in shape once again.

Without further ado, let’s start browsing, shall we?

Top Bathroom Exhaust Fans With Light & Heater




Modern ceiling mounted cassette type air conditioning system

  1. Broan-NuTone 655 Bath Fan and Light With Heater

This bathroom accessory comes with a designer white plastic grille. It is polymeric and complements almost any décor. The bath fan comes with a unique Insulation Contact (IC). It is a ceiling installation, and just the grille and the light feature appear visible on top.

Why Did We Like It?

This exhaust fan provides proper ventilation that is essential to the health of a house. It works to constantly remove contaminants from the air and keeps indoors fresh and clean.

Secondly, the ventilator is resilient and has anti-vibration mounts for minimal impact on the surfaces of the bathroom walls. The motor comes with permanent lubrication and runs on a low sound. Plug it in to power a high-performance blower wheel.

Thirdly, the heater also has permanently lubricated motor functions independent of the ventilator. It provides efficient heating throughout the bathroom area along with the metal blower wheel that distributes the heat.

Finally, the fan vents moisture in the bathroom and prevents the formation of mildew, keeping it dry and safe. And all of this happens at the touch of a single switch!

41kcd2maknl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

This exhaust fan has its advantages, but unfortunately, it comes with a one-year warranty. So, replacing parts in case of malfunction or damage has a small window. Trying the brand for even the first time may become difficult to consider, given the short-term assurance.


  • Works in bathrooms 65 sq. ft. in area
  • Decorative
  • Discreet
  • Compact
  1. Delta Products Corporation RAD80L Exhaust Light & Heater

This bath fan has a galvanized steel body that resists corrosion and lasts longer in your bathroom. It is precision-engineered with a DC motor and a brushless fan to ensure extended durability. The good news is that the fan is assured to last more than some common household appliances in daily use.

Why Did We Like It?

As a safety precaution, the exhaust fan has a metal guard, which prevents contact with the heating wire. There is also a thermostat built-in to control the temperature. The heater module includes an automatic cut-off for heating and a thermostat for temperature control.

Moreover, this bathroom accessory has approval from Underwriter Laboratories (UL). The 1300 watt heating element has also been certified by the same laboratories for maintaining safety standards. Not only that, but this exhaust fan is also Home Ventilating Institute (HVI) certified. 

At less than 0.3 sones, the fan runs virtually in silent mode and is also energy efficient. The DC brushless fan motor consumes less power, has better output and efficiency, and is low on generating noise.

Best of all, it has a 3-year limited warranty period, and that is a win-win for most homeowners.

418ziwb7skl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

The instructions with the installation manual show a wired diagram that might be difficult to read. So, DIY installation of this one might be a tad time-consuming and challenging for you. As such, contacting support is advisable for installing it.


  • Consumes less power
  • Low noise levels
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Value for money
  1. Broan Nutone 9093WH Exhaust Fan

The Broan Nutone 9093WH exhaust fan is a powerful heater and light combination that can work efficiently in a bathroom 6.5 sq. ft. in area. It comes with an easy to install wall-switch that is all you need to control the fan’s functions.

Why Did We Like It?

This ventilation fan gives one of the best solutions to remove contaminants from indoor areas. So, any bathroom is safe and in good health with this powerful heating and ventilating device.

Both the 1500 watt heating element and the 70-CFM ventilation fan give their entire performance in bathrooms that measure 100 sq. ft. in area. The 100-watt incandescent lighting provides clean, smooth light to the whole room when lit.

Also, the exhaust has an electronically balanced centrifugal blower wheel that evenly distributes heat throughout the room. It also has an automatic reset for thermal protection for enhanced safety and efficiency in your bathroom.

The 7-watt night bulb gives a soft, almost natural glow and is a great additional feature for your home décor. The installation parts are easy to handle by yourself. Just read the instructions and fit into your lifestyle!

417tdhlclfl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

This exhaust fan is an upgrade of an old design that had better noise control than this version. The units of the previous design were separate, while now, the heater fan is attached to the air vent. That is the main reason why the disturbance has increased.


  • Easy to use
  • Intense heating and ventilation performance
  • Decorative and efficient
  • Quick to install
  1. Panasonic Ventilation FV-08-11VF5 Fan

This ventilation fan is ideal for residential remodeling, hotel renovations, or construction. It comes with a Flex-Z Fast bracket for easy and efficient installation. The entire process is smooth and trouble-free with assured safety.

It has a low profile and fits into a 2 X 6 construction. Completely hand-controlled, it will give you the desired functions at the simple click of a button.

Why Did We Like It?

It allows you to pick airflow from 80 or 110 CFM. The fan gives a powerful output while being energy efficient. This ventilation fan is tested and verified, and built to perform beyond the 0.1” to 0.25” static pressure benchmark.

And this is despite having complicated duct rungs. The fan generates powerful air movement due to its design. The device effectively produces enough pressure to move unhealthy air and moisture out of your home.

Another distinct feature of this ventilation fan is its ability to be utterly silent while performing at its optimal levels. Built-in mechanisms that keep noise levels at a minimum support one of the basic requirements of an efficient exhaust fan in the bathroom.

41wog478jfl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

Some instructions could have been more specific for the installation of the ventilation fan in the bathroom area. If you buy this fan, it could take you a while to figure out all the installation specifications. However, the overall process is easy, even if you’re willing to give it a shot by yourself.


  • Retrofit solution
  • Energy star-rated
  • Flexible Installation
  • Moves unhealthy air out effectively


  • Easy Installation, but poor instructions
  1. Broan NuTone QTX110HL Fan Combo

This fan combo, made of galvanized steel and a white polymeric grille, blends well with the ceiling to give a discreet finish to your installation. It gives the entire bathroom a clean, finished look and can fit into any home décor plan. It complements your interiors and functions reliably in everyday use.

Why Did We Like It?

This combination of an exhaust fan, two 60W incandescent light bulbs, and a 1500 watt heater can powerfully change the way your home feels forever. A quick installation can regulate airflow and control the temperature in your bathroom for a long while.

Also, a 110 CFM fan ensures an almost silent operation at 0.9 sones. The heater is also relatively quiet while in process. The fan has 6 inches of ducting for superior performance. The device is recommended for noiseless performance in a 100 sq. ft. bathroom.

Finally, all three functions of lighting, heating, and ventilation are available at the simple touch of a switch. The light is functional and décor-oriented all at once. You can relax while the heating creates a comfortable milieu at your home.

So, let go of worries with the ventilator filtering away air pollutants, venting humidity, and unnecessary odor. Bring home a unique 3-in-1 solution today!

41+3qohnzhl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

The entire unit promises longevity, but the heating element seems a bit fragile in this device. Long-term use is entirely possible with this combo fan. However, the heating might need a check from time to time. You may want to replace just the heating element once in a while if it gives too much trouble.


  • Easy installation
  • Decorative
  • Super-quiet ceiling fan
  • Designed for maximum heat output


  • It might require annual heating element replacement
  1. Delta Products Corporation GBR80 Exhaust Fan

This silver exhaust fan has a galvanized steel body to give an excellent finish to your bathroom interiors. Not only that, it is a huge energy saver exceeding Energy Star requirements by 840% in energy efficiency. Its performance at 0.25” static pressure is significant given the low consumption of power.

Why Did We Like It?

This fan has an airflow of 80 CFM and has an efficient DC motor with a brushless fan that is wholly reliable and steady. It is also compact and smaller than the average exhaust fan available online. That makes it relatively easy to install the fan and operate it in the bathroom.

Moreover, the exhaust fan is HVI certified and combines several design innovations that include a switching power supply for easy manipulation. It controls the quality of air in the house and prevents moisture from sticking to your interiors.

It can substantially decrease any risk of health problems occurring due to dampness, air pollutants, or unwanted odors inside the home. Its silent operation, energy efficiency, safety features, and resilience make it worth your attention!

You would also be happy to know that this fan comes with a 3-year limited warranty. So, consider browsing through the terms and conditions once to make up your mind about the exhaust fan best suited for your home.

41qzsyzu4el. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

The mode switch on the Humidity Sensor version of this product can be puzzling to some. Out of the three wires on the switch, the light and fan circuits are still relatively easy to decipher. The light goes on and off, and the fan toggles between low and high speed. The mode switch perhaps can best be deciphered to air out the bathroom.


  • Compact
  • HVI certification
  • Three years limited warranty
  • Moves odor quickly


  • Some wiring options may be overwhelming
  1. Broan-Nutone 100HL Fan Combo

This fan combo is a directionally adjustable bathroom heater, light, and fan, put together in one ensemble for the perfect home. Quite often, there are negligent areas of the house that need more attention, such as bathrooms, that too require powerful cleansing and protection. This is an efficient device that promises excellent bathroom health.

Why Did We Like It?

This fan would appeal to do-it-yourself pros. It comes as an easy-to-install device with a 4” duct connector. It also has a 24” adjustable hanger bar system. That ensures fast and flexible installation that suits all kinds of construction.

Easy to handle, the combo fan is compact and works sufficiently well for areas up to 90 sq. ft. big. It can fit 2” X 6” ceiling construction and only requires a 20amp circuit for use. There are wall switches sold separately for this device to support multiple functions to suit one’s lifestyle.

The best part – the ventilation fan can operate quietly at 2.0 sone. The efficiency of the entire combo fan, including the heater cum light functions, can make the bathroom relatively healthy and comfortable.

Both the heater and lighting can bring warmth to the area, which is especially useful during cold weather.

What Could’ve Been Better?

There is a 12-month warranty on this product, which can get you excellent customer service when you need it. However, the heating element seems to be fragile and could go bust after your warranty runs out, which can be annoying. Watch out for replacement and service costs should this be the case.


  • Decorative
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Compact


  • The heating element might have a short life
  1. Panasonic FV-0511VQ1 DC Fan

This ventilation fan weighs 9.26 pounds and uses innovative technology to safeguard and clean the bathroom. White in color, it comes with either a 4-inch or 6-inch duct adaptor. These are ideal for new constructions and renovations. It is a quiet and powerful ventilator that removes air pollutants and moisture from the bathroom.

Why Did We Like It?

This fan has a unique Pick-A-Flow Speed Selector that can enable change in airflow. You can pick from 50, 80, and 110 CFM. It delivers powerful airflow without wasting energy. The ventilation fan has Flex-Z Fast brackets for easy, fast, and trouble-free installation.

Moreover, the product is Energy Star Rated and can give you excellent performance on energy-saving and consumption. It not only makes the fan environment friendly, but it also affects the cost and durability of the product beneficially to the customer.   

Also, the machine is designed to allow spot ventilation and targeted functions in the bathroom area. It would very well suit the modern and contemporary look of your house. There is a 6-year warranty on the motor, which can keep you satisfied with the product for a long while.

41nslfwzzil. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

A great product with durability is watchlist material. If you want to install the ventilation fan yourself, however, you might have to do a thorough scouting job for a simple way of installing the fan. Either that, or you are a do-it-yourself pro, and the instruction manual seems easy to follow!


  • Good venting fan
  • Sturdy flex brackets
  • Discreet appearance
  • Good value for money


  • Instructions could be confusing
  1. Broan-NuTone 605RP Exhaust Fan Combo

This exhaust fan can take away cooking scents, tobacco smoke, and moisture from the house, leaving it clean and fresh. The 1300 watt heater included in the device adds a touch of warmth to areas as wide as 65 sq. ft. A combination of quality heating and air purification makes it a good choice.

Why Did We Like It?

The 1300 watt heating element gives speedy and enveloping heat. The warm air is distributed evenly throughout the room by an efficient fan. The blower quietly eliminates stale air and moisture to purify the environment.

Also, there are no central thermostats installed in this variant of the fan combo. Instant comfort and warmth are supplied without having to touch a heating device. It delivers excellent performance through powerful, energy-saving abilities. And the device itself is compact and easy to use.

Finally, the white grilles are rugged and remain unaffected by the bathroom climate. The design is clean and straightforward, perfect for aligning with the rest of the home décor. There is also a range of accessories made by Nutone to adapt this specific unit to your home requirements.

41wdu9h1p8l. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

The exhaust fan combo is good to explore as it is supported by a range of accessories manufactured by Nutone. However, detailed research and scouting are a must before buying the device and its accessories for the house. Some of the wall switches, for example, could pose a problem even some months post the installation.


  • Easy to install
  • Decorative
  • Quiet performance
  • Ventilation fan and heater can work separately/together


  • Accessories could pose some problems
  1. Kaze Appliance SE90TL2 Exhaust Fan

This metal exhaust fan operates almost silently at 0.3 sones. It has an 11-watt LED light, and a 2-watt LED night light for 24 X 7 visibility in the bathroom. The LED lights and the fan can be combined or solo-wired to multiple wall switches.

Why Did We Like It?

This appliance ventilates the air in the bathroom and also provides LED lighting for continuous and clear visibility within the area. The lights also serve to enhance the existing décor of the house.

Both the LED lights have excellent specifications. The more considerable light has a 2700K color temperature, and the 2-watt LED night light comes with 30,000 hours of rated life. They will help you find your way in the dark!

Moreover, the exhaust fan performs optimally for bathrooms up to 90 sq. ft. in area. It has permanently lubricated motors for continuously smooth performance and hassle-free operation.

It is also designed to operate at lower temperatures that prolong the fan’s life by preserving the motor and the bearings. The fan is housed in a structure made of rugged 26 GA galvanized steel. It is coated with a layer of paint to prevent rusting and unnecessary wear and tear of the machine.

31kjz5qgukl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

This exhaust fan is easy to use and relatively silent. However, there might be that rare occasion when the parcel that arrives at home has a piece that makes a clattering noise upon installation. Apart from that, watch out for a product buy that leaves the mirror foggy and moisture untreated.


  • Cozy and calm ambiance with LED lights
  • Easy installation
  • Quiet performance
  • Cost-saving device


  • Might have rare issues with fan
  1. Air King AK917 Exhaust Fan

This exhaust fan operates at 70 CFM and 3.5 sone level. It protects the home against backdrafts with a 4” round metal duct collar and damper. Adjustable hanging brackets complete the design of the fan, which essentially makes the product easy to install.

Why Did We Like It?

This device is part of a bulb-heater series that brings silent and focused warmth to the bathroom where it is installed – almost instantaneously. It has a 250 watt, r40 medium-base infrared lamp to deliver the required temperature to the toilet.

Moreover, the fan provides exhaust capacity for a room as compact as 70 sq. ft. in area. The fan also works to prevent overheating of the bulbs. It can also be wired to a separate switch and used as per convenience.

The simplicity of the unit is perhaps its biggest strength. The fan and the light can also be wired to a separate switch and operated as per will. The silence of the heat and exhaust work together to make this device a worthy option to consider for the perfect home.

What Could’ve Been Better?

At 3.0 sone level, the fan and exhaust work silently to do their job. However, there might come an occasion when you encounter a clattering noise, or even a loud performance, from this device. In such cases, check the installation or the purchase date, and use the warranty to get a suitable replacement.


  • Moves plenty of air
  • Easy to install
  • Attractive red and pinkish hue
  • 1-year parts only warranty
  1. Broan NuTone QT9093WH Fan Combo

This combo fan uses the efficiency of a 1500-watt heater and 100-watt lighting power to bring comfort and ease to your bathroom. The aluminum body enhances the look of your interiors and easily fits in with your other home décor. The white enamel grille also adds a simple and elegant look to the fitting.

Why Did We Like It?

The fan combo has a 4” round duct which is relatively easy to install. The hanger bars are expandable, and the mounting brackets are also easy to handle. The entire combo fan can be switched on by a wall switch with four functions once set in your bathroom.

Both heating and ventilation are robust, efficient, and simple to use. Contaminants are regularly removed from indoors to provide a clean and safe environment at home.

Both can also work effectively in bathrooms measuring 105 sq. ft. in the area. The incandescent lighting focuses on details and brightens up any room. Added features include a 7-watt night bulb with a soft glow ideal to go with home decor.

This 3-in-1 unit vents moisture and prevents the formation of mildew.

417tdhlclfl. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

This exhaust fan may be slightly challenging to consider in your buying options, given its price range. However, the sheer number of advantages and assured quality will undoubtedly be an essential consideration for anyone looking to purchase reliable and sturdy bathroom fans.


  • Decorative
  • Easy to install
  • Compact
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive – but can give value for money
  1. Broan-Nutone 665RP Combo Fan

An excellent combination of ventilation, heating, and lighting is found in this 3-in-one fan that can make your bathroom healthy, comfortable, and beautiful. The white polymeric grilles blend into the ceiling and give this installation the perfect place to sit discreetly and usefully for a long time.

Why Did We Like It?

The benefit of having this exhaust fan combo at home is that you can explore many options to operate the device. Just buy additional multi-function wall switches that are sold separately to give you the lifestyle you want with this fan.

Also, it works quietly and smoothly in smaller bath areas up to 65 sq. ft. The 1300 watt heating element and the 70 CFM ventilation fan work best in small rooms. So, you can have just a touch of heat when you desire to do so.

The best is that the fan, light, and heater can work independently and even together. You can choose to set the atmosphere of the bathroom as it seems most convenient and comfortable.

Lastly, the 100-watt lighting is clear and bright for the details to show, and this combo sets the tone for safety, health, and finesse.

41zcdb36p7l. Sl500

What Could’ve Been Better?

The combo fan might decide to give you a bit of trouble with the wires during installation, especially if you have decided to install it yourself on the ceiling. Taking some professional help is advisable to get a quick and neat job done.


  • Decorative
  • Discreet
  • Compact
  • Easy to use


  • May need professional installation for a good finish

Wall electric extractor plastic air fan for bathroom on white background

Bathroom Exhaust Fans With Light & Heater Buyer’s Guide

Have you been able to make a good choice for your bathrooms and home interiors yet? We understand that even after going through our detailed review of the 13 best bathroom exhaust fans, that could have been a bit difficult.

All the fans and combos may sound unique and exciting at a glance. Selecting the best exhaust fan for your needs can be daunting, though, given the range of attributes and specifications. But, be assured that you will find the device suited to the environment at home.

Consider the features and factors below that can quickly help you make your decision. A comprehensive buyer’s guide is just what you need to arrive at the perfect conclusion!

  1. Durability

An exhaust fan has to be installed once in the bathroom, after which it is supposed to stay for a while! Quite a few of the exhaust fans that we mention here are ceiling installments.

These can be fixed either by a professional or you, depending upon the ease of installation. You would want any ceiling fixture to be done correctly and maintained easily for years to come.

Even exhaust fans placed on lower walls need to be durable since they go right into your wall. Changing heating elements or parts can still be endured once in a while. But the purchase has to fit in perfectly with your house’s long-term goals.

  1. Family-Friendly Gadget

You are happy with the new exhaust fan on the watchlist and are planning to buy it. But does it say anything about being user-friendly? A house is full of people of all ages and sizes. The little ones may be able to remote control the fixture in no time.

But the old parents might want another exhaust fan that is simple to operate without any intelligent gadgetry. Finding the right combination of fans, heaters, and light for the bathroom for the entire family can be a task.

Quickly map out the best option from your choices and share your watchlist with the family. You’ll get there soon!

  1. Warranty On Parts

Many exhaust fans are combinations of heaters, lights, and fans put in one sensitive body to be tagged up your wall. There are so many parts to heating, ventilating, and lighting that it is hard to keep a tab on the resilience of every single portion of the fan.

Having a warranty on the fan combos and exhaust fans helps you replace faulty elements with ease without spending too much time and effort. Always look for a deposit on parts. Ask if it isn’t available in the literature you are reading to decide on your buy.

  1. Replacement Guarantee

Once the exhaust fan combo is fixed in the bathroom, you need it to work smoothly for a long time to repair, maintain, and any new installations that do not hamper your everyday life.

Though we have selected the best bargains for your bathroom and decor needs, it is always good to ensure some things beforehand. For one, make sure that the exhaust fan or combo you are buying comes with a replacement guarantee.

Accidents during delivery of the parcel, issues that could crop up while fixing the fan, or even a rare element blowout are realities that could inadvertently strike your new purchase. Treat the replacement guarantee like an insurance cover for the exhaust fan.

Make sure it has a healthy list of benefits for the product replacement.

  1. Customer Service

A call received well by the seller goes a long way in building a relationship with the product you chose to buy for your home. It is always good to engage with the customer helpline and the product information services for gadgets like the exhaust fan.

That is because the exhaust fan is a product that endures in a home. The sellers and service providers help you maintain it. They answer your grievances and support complaint queries when necessary.

If you have a good relationship with the sellers and service providers of the exhaust fan, it is likely you would return to them for your next updated buy. Lastly, customer service can also keep you abreast of deals and offers on the products.

Close up man hand installing vent cover from ceiling mounted air conditioner.


When it comes to the safety and design of your home, everything has to be perfect. And the bathroom is an essential area of the house. To ensure it is clean and healthy, we suggest you get a good exhaust fan.

The Broan NuTone QT9093WH Fan Combo is a clear winner amongst the choices on offer. It is lightweight and simple to use in daily life.

The Panasonic FV-0511VQ1 DC Fan cannot be left far behind in our favorites. Being one of the most brilliant exhaust fans around, it uses the latest technology to keep the indoors clean.

Before we leave, there’s one more fan you can browse for your bathroom. The Broan-Nutone 665RP Combo Fanoffers a combination of controls that can create an apt environment.

On that note, we will sign off. Till next time!

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