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Sept. 26 Sunday, 11AM to 7PM
Sept. 27 &#; 30, 1PM to 9PM
Oct. 1 Friday, 1PM to 9PM
Oct. 2 Saturday, 11AM to 9PM
Oct. 3 Sunday, 11AM to 7PM
Oct. 8 Friday, 1PM to 9PM
Oct. 9 Saturday, NOON to 9PM
Oct. 10 Sunday, NOON to 7PM
Oct. 11 Columbus Day 10AM to 5PM
Oct. 15 Friday, 1PM to 9PM
Oct. 16 Saturday, NOON to 9PM
Oct. 17 Sunday, NOON to 7PM
Oct. 22 Friday, 1PM to 9PM
Oct. 23 Saturday, NOON to 9PM
Oct. 24 Sunday, NOON to 7PM
Oct. 29 Friday, 1PM to 8PM
Oct. 30 Saturday, NOON to 8PM
Oct. 31 Sunday, NOON to 6PM

*All Times Weather Permitting.
**Last Mini-Golfers Admitted at Closing Time.

  • "Excellent place for mini golf! Fun course that brings back childhood nostalgia. Make sure not to hit your ball in the water!"
    Amanda Gumber
  • "This place is great! For the price I paid there was a lot of fun. It seems kind of small from the street, but is pretty big. To go a second time it is also cheaper. I have been there twice and will be going several more."
    Michael Griffey
  • "Fun course. Remembered how much fun I had 15 years ago when my now husband and I went there when we were just dating. Took our kids there and they too agree this is the best one we've visited."
    Mrs. Armstrong
  • "It's Just fun! On a hot summer day - this is one of our favorite plans. The whole course takes a bit over an hour to complete - depending on how many people there are and how fast they free the next hole. It is just fun, a great option besides movies and fast food."
    Helen Morales
Sours: https://lostmountainadventuregolf.com/

Lost Mountain Adventure Golf

Lost Mountain Adventure Golf is a mini golf course located at 75th St in Woodridge, Illinois.

QWhat is the phone number for Lost Mountain Adventure Golf?

The phone number for Lost Mountain Adventure Golf is ()

QWhere is Lost Mountain Adventure Golf located?

Lost Mountain Adventure Golf is located in Woodridge, Illinois

Sours: https://www.chicagogolfreport.com/directory/listing/illinois-lost-mountain-adventure-golf/
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Ride the Rapids, Beware the Snake Pits, and Take a Leap of Faith at Lost Mountain Adventure Golf

Looking for some wholesome fun for the whole family, a child&#;s birthday, or group outing? Breathe fresh air and soak up the sunshine while you enjoy an imaginative mini-golf adventure at Lost Mountain.

Our hole course features a dramatic foot, three-tiered waterfall, and you&#;ll journey to the very summit of Lost Mountain and back.

Along the way you&#;ll encounter plenty of exciting challenges: a mysterious Burial Ground, an imposing Stonehenge, the hidden Bogey River, a Leap of Faith bridge over troubled waters, the crooked Devil&#;s Elbow, and the Final Ascent up a steep double tier green.

But wait, you&#;re not finished yet. You still must Shoot the Summit, then make up your mind at Indecision.

Finally you&#;ll reach the 18th, which some might call the Michael Jordan hole (&#;nothing but net&#;) &#; and it&#;s downhill all the way.

The adventure of the journey will only be surpassed by the fun you experience. This is Chicagoland&#;s most picturesque outdoor mini-golf and family entertainment at its best!

P.S. Watch out for the &#;quicksand.&#; We want you to finish your round and come back for more.

All Replays, Any Day: $

Ages 13 & OverAges 12 & Under
Weekdays Before NOON$$
Weekdays After NOON$$
Weekends & Holidays ALL DAY$$


And, yes, Lost Mountain is lighted for night play. When school is out, we stay open later into the evening for your convenience.

Mon-Thu May 12 NOON to 9 PM
Friday May 1712 NOON to 10 PM
Saturday May 1811 AM to 10 PM
Sunday May 1911 AM to 9 PM
Mon-Thu May 12 NOON to PM
Friday May 2412 NOON to PM
Sat-Sun May 10 AM to PM
Monday May 2710 AM to 10 PM


June &#; August AM &#; PM


For Directions to Lost Mountain at Zigfield Troy Golf, CLICK HERE

Sours: https://zigfieldtroygolf.com/lost-mountain-mini-golf/
Lost Mountain Adventure Golf Tips - Hole #2 BURIAL GROUND

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Mountain adventure golf lost

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Lost Continent Mini Golf

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