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As of October 22, 2021 there are 31 apartments available for rent in Wausau, WI.

What is the average rent for a studio in Wausau, WI?

The average rent for a studio in Wausau, WI is $622.

For detailed rental price information, check out our Wausau, WI rental data.

What is the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Wausau, WI?

The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Wausau, WI is $670.

For detailed rental price information, check out our Wausau, WI rental data.

What is the average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Wausau, WI?

The average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Wausau, WI is $975.

For detailed rental price information, check out our Wausau, WI rental data.

What is the average rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in Wausau, WI?

The average rent for a 3-bedroom apartment in Wausau, WI is $995.

For detailed rental price information, check out our Wausau, WI rental data.

What is the average rent for a 4-bedroom apartment in Wausau, WI?

The average rent for a 4-bedroom apartment in Wausau, WI is $1,248.

For detailed rental price information, check out our Wausau, WI rental data.

How much do you need to earn to live in Wausau, WI?

Based on average rent prices in Wausau, WI, for a studio you would need a yearly salary of $24,880 to live comfortably.

Use our affordability calculator to search for Wausau, WI and learn more.

How can I tour apartments in Wausau, WI virtually during Covid19 & social distancing?

For the cheapest apartments in Wausau, WI we recommend using our cheap filter. You can also filter by price: Under $450, Under $650, Under $950

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5 Apartments for rent in Wausau, WI

Because you are so brilliant, you have discovered the rental market of Wausau, Wisconsin: a safe, easy-going little city with big love for the outdoors and the local community. And now, you have found the perfect little city guide to let you in on the tips and tricks that any local renter ought to know.

Much like the city's early settlers, modern day residents of Wausau enjoy their river town way of life. Kayaking and canoeing, riverside hiking, biking, gatherings, and jam sessions create a friendly, laid back atmosphere. In the summers, riverside parks are the place to be, especially during the Big Bull Falls Blues Festival. In the winters, there are a number of other popular spots, such as Sylvan Hills for winter tubing, and Marathon Park for pick-up hockey games, camping, and some amazing old growth forest.

Or, head on out to the Granite Peak Ski area at nearby Rib Mountain, where 700 feet of vertical drops have been the fix for people with thrill issues ever since the 1930's. When people aren't in the mood for a day in the great outdoors, they are enjoying the quaint downtown life of local eats, shops, cozy coffee spots, and plenty of funky live music. And, hear me out because you are really going to love this... rental prices in Wausau are very affordable, with apartments leasing for as little as $400 a month! In fact, you probably couldn't find a single rental in this town for more than a grand if you really, really tried. In a city like this, people don't live to work. They work to live.

Renters of Wausau are truly lucky, with plenty of affordable apartments that offer all the amenities you would ever need around here. A typical apartment complex offers these common property amenities: laundry facilities, playground, fitness center, BBQ pits, picnic areas, and recycling. For those looking for a rental with a swimming pool, well, you might just want to go on down to the river, silly. Those with big kid toys, such as guitars, kayaks, canoes, snowboards, and skis, will be happy to know that many apartments come with nice, big walk-in closets and extra storage space.

Pet-friendly apartments are hit and miss. Some places don't allow any pets, some only allow cats, some only allow dogs under 25 lbs., and others simply state "Call for pet policy". Pet deposits are common when a complex does allow your furry friends to stay, however they are very low and often refundable. Some places also charge a pet rent around $30 per month.

So, are you ready for long days on the river, on the mountain, and getting funky on the town? Well, hop to it. We've got the listings all ready to go for you, so best of luck and happy hunting!

-By Katy Comal

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Wausau housing: Seven new developments to add more high-end living, higher price tags

WAUSAU - Looking for a new place to live in Wausau? 

Because of a recent boom in housing development, your choices are about to get a lot broader — though possibly pricier.

To close the "missing middle" gap in housing in the area, the city has been a champion of several multi-family housing units, ranging from duplexes and row houses to apartment complexes, said Planning, Community and Economic Development Director Chris Schock. 

Most of the developments will be higher-end and come with larger price tags, Schock said, which is something that hasn't been an option before in the city. 

Here are the seven most recent developments in Wausau: 

1. Riverlife Village

A rendering of the apartments at Riverlife Village.

After a tumultuous year with former developer Barker Financial and stalled construction during a legal battle, new developer Gorman & Co. is set to start construction this June on this project near the east shore of the Wisconsin River, the River Edge trail and Wausau on Water entertainment complex.

The development is expected to be completed by summer 2020. 

The project, dubbed Riverlife Villages, will include a 52-unit apartment building with retail space on the first floor. The apartments are just the latest construction on the riverfront, which the city is hoping will turn the once-industrial zone into a hub of recreation and commerce. 

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2. River East Town Homes

The first phase of the River East Town Homes were completed in September 2018, and owners are now starting to move in after the customization, said Phillip Larkin, a Realtor with the Larkin Group. The homes are located along Third Street between Short Street and Dekalb Street. 

Ten units were completed last fall, he said, and three have been sold, with one more still being built out. These first units are a mix of one- and two-level town homes, with two to three bedrooms and a two-car garage in back of the living unit.

The next phases will add more town homes in the immediate vicinity of the first 10, Larkin said. Construction on phase two will likely begin this summer, and will add more single-level units, as those have been relatively popular with buyers. The town homes start at $199,000 to $219,000, but customization costs more, Larkin said. 

For more about the River East Town Homes, visit

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3. Urban West Apartments

The Urban West Apartments were built to change the housing game in Wausau, according to advertising from developer and management company S.C. Swiderski. The high-end apartment building will boast 65 apartments available for rent, starting June 1, said Jacqui Miller, the business development manager for the company. 

The complex is located at 1405 N. 12th Ave., near Briq's Soft Serve. 

The apartments in the complex will range in price from $950 to $2,500 a month, depending on which level the apartment is on and the number of bedrooms, according to the S.C. Swiderski website. Miller said all tenants will have washers and dryers available in their units, as well as all kitchen appliances. All tenants will also have underground parking included in their rent, as well as access to the complex fitness center and common areas. 

For more information, or to apply for an apartment, visit 

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4. Thomas Street duplexes

The Thomas Street duplexes are being built by Blenker Companies, Inc.

If you're looking for a little bit of space in a rental, the Thomas Street duplexes may be the right fit. Built by Blenker Building Systems, the two- or three-bedroom units also boast garages, said Jason Blenker. The rent for the market-rate units will range from $1,300 to $1,500 a month, which includes heat, electric, trash, water and sewer, so tenants have to write only one check, Blenker said. Each unit also has solar panels on its roof and is efficiently built, which helps to cut down on the cost of electric.

The units are located along the western-most portion of Thomas Street, which was reconstructed two summers ago. 

Though seven of the duplexes will be rented at market rate, three will also be income restricted, as well, Blenker said. City officials have praised that decision in meetings over the past year. 

Blenker said the first duplex has been completed and now has tenants living in it, and the second building should be move-in ready by May 1. As long as interest is continually being shown by renters, he said, the company will continue to build more buildings. He expects two to three more to be completed this year. 

For more information about the duplexes, contact Blenker at 715-570-5665 or visit 

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5. Sherman Street bungalows 

A rendering of what the Sherman Street bungalows will look like.

Located on small remnant parcels left behind after the city finished construction on Sherman Street years ago, these homes will be great for first-time homeowners, said Realtor Jim Jaworski. He said he was able to buy the lots, near the Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co., from the city last year, and expects to break ground on the first two homes this year, with CMO Building Services constructing the buildings, followed by another two later. The bungalows will sell for about $150,000, a price range that Jaworski said is hard to find in the area currently. 

The houses will each have three bedrooms, he said, and either one-and-a-half or two bathrooms, as well as a two-car garage and an unfinished basement. Unfortunately, the houses won't be customizable before they're sold to keep building costs low, but Jaworski said that after the purchase, tenants are welcome to swap out counters or floors to their own liking. 

Jaworski said there has been quite a bit of interest in the small homes, and he hopes they'll sell quickly. If that's the case, he may look into building similar houses in other places in the city, ensuring more access to affordable housing in the area. 

For more information, contact Jim Jaworski at 715-571-1156 or [email protected] 

6. Mountain Lanes Apartments

The proposed Mountain Lanes Apartments.

On the former site of the iconic Mountain Lanes bowling alley, this newly proposed apartment complex could boast up to 58 apartments, ranging in price from $975 a month for one bedroom and $1,350 a month for a two-bedroom. The new development would also include space for a medical office, according to information presented to the city by Lokre Development Co. 

The complex will include 28 one-bedroom units and 30 two-bedroom units, and construction could start as soon as this year, according to the information presented to the city. 

Representatives from Lokre Development did not respond to requests for comment on this story. 

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7. Westwood Estates

Those looking to escape the busy city might like Westwood Estates. The development is tucked behind trees on Westwood Drive on the west side of U.S. 51, near Rasmussen College, but still only a short drive to downtown Wausau. Construction started last year, and all of the completed units have been spoken for, but developer S.C. Swiderski is continuing to build more, with an expected completion date next spring, said Pat McElroy, the manager of the development. When construction is done, there will be about 80 units, divided into four- and eight-unit buildings, McElroy said. 

Rent for one of the high-end units will cost between $1,600 and $1,900, depending on the size and location of the unit, as well as the size of the garages and if the unit has a fireplace. The rent includes heat, water and sewer costs, but tenants will be expected to pay for their own electricity, wifi and any other services wanted. McElroy said the apartments come with a higher price tag because they're more high-end, with granite counter tops in kitchens and bathrooms and all stainless-steel appliances, as well as in-floor heating to keep your toes warm even during the dead of winter. 

To learn more about the Westwood Estates development, visit 

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