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Replacement Belt Clip Holster For Otterbox Defender Swivel Rotating for Samsung Galaxy Note 8


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Great case !! Feels real good in hand.

Review by: Yorley G

Date: 03/17/

This is the case I bought for my husband.It fits perfectly and went on with ease!

Review by: Lynn U

Date: 03/05/

Great phone case at a great price

Review by: Wesley B

Date: 03/05/

Best value case for your money. I would suggest this.

Review by: Samy A

Date: 03/04/

This is a great product which checks all the boxes that I want in my phone case. It's lightweight, and comfortable to hold.

Review by: Eggy L

Date: 03/02/

It looks exactly same as shown in picture!! like it.

Review by: Jayesh D

Date: 02/24/

Fantastic case for the price!! It can't be beat!

Review by: Huong D

Date: 02/23/

This seems like a sturdy and protective case. Love the look and feels great. I would buy this case again.

Review by: Chelsee S

Date: 02/17/

I really like it! It is hard case. It is good protection on my phone. Want some other colors.

Review by: Jonathan D

Date: 02/10/

The quality of the phone case is much better than I thought from the picture. It's really sturdy and clear. I did a drop test and both the phone and case are fine. Really happy with this case

Review by: Cristopher S

Date: 02/06/

What a great phone case. Easy to install. Feels great in my hand. Looks great.

Review by: Rowen W

Date: 02/03/

Given the price of this product, I would consider this a great deal! The case is durable and I highly recommend this product.

Review by: Onkar M

Date: 01/29/

Great case that works as it says! Reasonably priced.

Review by: Adrian A

Date: 01/22/

Nice case that helps keep the original look of my phone

Review by: Cortney C

Date: 01/16/

Would buy again. Came in time and packaged well.

Review by: Allaha N

Date: 01/14/

This is very sturdy and I have use this brand before and absolutely love it I feel confident with my phone being in this case.

Review by: Mikka C

Date: 01/09/

I liked the design and the fact that it's affordable Appears to be durable.

Review by: Holly C

Date: 01/02/

Very impressed with this product. The case fit perfectly was easy to install and also fit perfectly

Review by: Nuno C

Date: 12/27/

Good case, quality meets price point

Review by: Marge S

Date: 12/24/

Great great great

Review by: Dovid tondowski

Date: 05/29/

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    Review: Otterbox Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note8


    Otterbox delivers some of the most rugged smartphone cases available in the market. The company sells three basic cases for the Note8: Symmetry, Commuter, Defender, each with an increasing level of protection. Where the Symmetry relies on a classic one-piece design, the Commuter jumps to two pieces, and the Defender is made of three pieces. Otterbox sent us the Commuter and Defender for the Note8 and we took them for a spin.

    OtterBox Commuter

    The Commuter Series is available for a wide range of smartphones, including iPhones, Galaxy S handsets, and more. It consists of a thick rubber membrane that stretches around the outer edges of the phone, and a hard plastic shell that fits over the rubber. The thick, cushiony rubber protects against drops and shock, while the plastic shell provides an added layer of rigidity to deflect blows and help safeguard the glass front and back.

    The rubber piece is easy to stretch around the Note8. I actually wish it fit just a bit tighter. The inside edges of the rubber membrane have thick cushions to keep the delicate sides of the Note8 safe. There are a number of hatches and cut-outs in the rubber to accommodate the Note8's various ports and controls. Two rubber flaps on the bottom cover the headphone jack and USB-C port. The sides of the rubber membrane have thick ridges that fit over the volume toggle and Bixby button on the left and screen lock button on the right.


    Snapping the plastic shell on top of the rubber membrane is annoying and requires some prying. The issue is aligning it with the rubber flaps. I've experienced this same issue with other Otterbox Commuter cases. Since the fit of the plastic shell is so snug against the rubber, you have to hook the top of the shell on the top edge first and force it around the bottom edge. You then have to wiggle the flaps through the openings in the plastic shell.

    I didn't notice any issues impacting usability of the phone. All the Note8's buttons are easy to find and use with the case on, and the case actually helps you locate the fingerprint reader on the back. The flaps are easy enough to pry loose when you need to charge your phone, and the large gap along the bottom right edge ensures the S Pen is always at the ready.

    The Commuter is an incredibly protective case. Otterbox claims the Commuter survived 24 specific tests and hours of abuse in its lab. It also tests the case in purses, pockets, high/low temperatures, and other abrasive environments. Competing cases claim protection from “drops of up to 10 feet”, for example. Otterbox only offers "Otterbox Certified Drop+ Protection", whatever that is. (The Note8 is waterproof on its own.)

    I dropped the Note8 on the stone steps of the Great Wall of China, and it tumbled down a few steps before coming to a rest. The phone didn't break. I also dropped it onto concrete, wood floors, ceramic tile, and carpet. There's not a scratch on the Note8.

    There are some drawbacks, primarily size and weight. The Note8 is a huge phone to begin with and the Commuter increases every dimension. It's ungainly enough that fitting the Note8 into jeans pockets with the case on is difficult and uncomfortable. Moreover, the rubber material often catches the lining of your pockets, making it difficult to retrieve in a hurry.

    I wouldn't call the OtterBox Commuter attractive by any means. The plastics and materials of the case are certainly tough. The case comes in black, deep blue, or pink. The blue and pink cases are two-toned for some visual variety. The black case is uniform in its blackness.

    Commuter With Note8  

    The Commuter costs $50 for the Note8, which is a lot for a case, but it buys you excellent protection for your smartphone. The Note8 costs a whopping $, so $50 isn't all that much if it saves the phone from significant damage even once.

    Otterbox Defender

    The Defender takes the basic principle of the Commuter and turns it inside out. Where the Commuter has a rubber inner layer and plastic outer shell, the Defender has a plastic inner case and a rubber membrane embracing it on the outside. It's the most hardcore case Otterbox makes for the Note8.

    I'm not entirely sold on the design. The Defender is made from three pieces. First, a polycarbonate back plate, then a thin plastic front frame, and finally the rubber slipcover. A thin, shock-absorbent material is glued to the inner surface of the back plate. This material is easily scratched or damaged with a fingernail, but it does offer some cushioning for the Note8's glass rear.


    To assemble the Defender, place the Note8 on the rear shell, and then affix the front frame. It's a bit of a pain to snap the front into place thanks to the fussy clasps. Last, stretch the rubber cover over the entire assembly. You have to work the rubber into some grooves in the plastic frame. It isn't as easy to install as the Commuter and it's certainly more of a pain to remove.

    The inner polycarbonate shell feels flimsy on its own; I'd say it can't be used without the outer rubber covering.

    The exterior rubber has a coarse finish that gives the phone some grip. The side edges have a ridged texture that I found appealing and confidence-inspiring.

    The side buttons are a snap to find and use thanks to the over-sized rubber coverings. Travel and feedback of the buttons is quite good.

    The rubber flaps that cover the USB-C port and headphone jack are fussy. I found I needed to really dig my fingernails in to pry them loose. The opening for the USB-C port is large enough to accommodate any charging cable, but the cavity surrounding the headphone jack doesn't work with all headphones. For example, headphones that have a straight plug should work, but those that have a degree (right angle) plug simply won't fit. That means my favorite wired headphones are a no-go with the Note8 when it is wrapped up in the Defender. The cutout in the lower portion of the case for the S Pen is ridiculous. It almost looks like Otterbox forgot to fill in part of the case. The stylus is easy to remove and use.

    Otterbox kept the opening for the cameras as small as possible, but it's really deep.

    It's worth noting that the Defender series previously included protection for phone displays through a built-in screen cover. The Defender series for the Note8 does not include a screen protector.

    I can't say the Defender feels any more protective than the Commuter. It's absolutely thicker and heavier, but Otterbox doesn't give us any indication that the Defender is able to handle drops from greater heights. The company says the Defender is subject to the same abuse tests as the Commuter, and that's about it. There's no doubt the case works. I dropped the Note8 onto a range of surfaces while it was protected by the Defender and the phone came away unscathed.

    It's ridiculously huge. The case contributes nearly 2 ounces in weight, while it adds about a half inch each to the length and width of the Note8, and nearly doubles the thickness. It didn't fit in some pairs of pants, and was a tight fit in most others. The grippy rubber material almost always got stuck in my pocket liners. The Defender gets in the way of portability more so than the Commuter does. It makes one of the biggest phones almost unusably big.

    Perhaps this is why the Defender comes with a massive holster. The holster is made of solid plastic and includes a clip so you can attach the phone to your belt. The encased phone snaps into the holster easily enough, but it looks preposterous when attached to your belt.

    The case comes in black, purple, and aquamarine. The latter two have two-tone designs that are somewhat appealing, while the black model is black through and through.

    The Otterbox Defender costs $60, which is a lot for a case. It is thicker and heavier than the Commuter, but I can't say it delivers $10 more protection. Maybe the three-piece design makes you feel more confident, or the holster appeals to you. If they do, then go ahead with the Defender.

    Defender With Note8  

    I think the Commuter does just as well for a bit less.


    About the author, Eric M. Zeman:

    Eric has been covering the mobile telecommunications industry for 17 years at various print and online publications. He studied at Rutgers Newark and University of Kentucky, and has a degree in writing. He likes playing guitar, attending concerts, listening to music, and driving sports cars.



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    Otterbox Defender Case Review for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    Replacement Inside Shell For Samsung Galaxy Note 8 OtterBox Defender Series Case

    $Buy It Now19d 10h, Day Returns, eBay Money Back Guarantee

    Seller:casekingcity&#x;️(11,)%, Location:Valley Cottage, New York, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item:Replacement Inside Shell For Samsung Galaxy Note 8 OtterBox Defender Series Case. Generic Inside Hard Shell For Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Otterbox Defender Series Case Description:Make your OtterBox Defender case look new again or change the color combination with this inside plastic part with direct access to your phone screen.Give your phone case new looks with same Protection Hard Shell Works with the Defender Series Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ONLYProtect your phone with inside hard shell against drop and bumpTough Plastic material is damage/break resistant.Decorate your phone with colorful hard shell and give new looks to your Samsung Galaxy Note 8Direct access technology ( no built in Screen Protector)Note: This is not a full Case,Does not include Defender Case Holster clip, Outer Sleeve, sold separately.Inner Hard Shell Does not work alone, You must have Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Otterbox defender case outer sleeve to use this part.This hardshell only replace Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Otterbox defender case not other model.What`s Included: 1 x Replacement Inside Hard Shell For Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Otterbox Defender Series Case SHIPPING: We Ships in Bulk PackagingFree shipping: We Don't provide tracking numberIf you need tracking number then choose USPS First Class Package Ships in Bulk Packaging14 Days Replacement Policy, give us Chance to resolve any issue with the purchase before leaving any feedback.Enjoy your DealCondition:New, Return shipping will be paid by:Buyer, All returns accepted:Returns Accepted, Item must be returned within:30 Days, Refund will be given as:Money Back, Compatible Brand:For OtterBox Defender Series Samsung S8 Plus Case, Material:Rigid Plastic, Type:Fitted Case/Skin, Features:Replace inside Hardshell, MPN:Does Not Apply, Brand:Unbranded/Generic

    PicClick Insights - Replacement Inside Shell For Samsung Galaxy Note 8 OtterBox Defender Series Case PicClick Exclusive

    •  Popularity - 10, views, views per day, 1, days on eBay. Super high amount of views. 41 sold, 0 available.
    • 10, views, views per day, 1, days on eBay. Super high amount of views. 41 sold, 0 available.

    •  Price -
    •  Seller - 11,+ items sold. % negative feedback. Great seller with very good positive feedback and over 50 ratings.
    • 11,+ items sold. % negative feedback. Great seller with very good positive feedback and over 50 ratings.

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    People Also Loved PicClick Exclusive


    Otterbox galaxy note 8

    Otterbox Defender Series Screenless Edition Case for Samsung Galaxy note8 - Retail Packaging - Black

    Otterbox Defender Series Screenless Edition Case for Samsung Galaxy note8 - Retail Packaging - Black


    ratings Write a review

    Item #:


    This product is not Fulfilled by Ubuy and can take minimum 10 days in delivery. We might cancel the product from the order and refund you if any issue arise with the delivery of this product.

    Note: Electronic products sold in US store operate on () volts, a step-down power converter is required for the smooth device function. It is mandatory to know the wattage of the device in order to choose the appropriate power converter. Recommended power converters Buy Now.

    Product Details

    • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note8
    • New Screen less design: accommodates curved touchscreen. Try the OtterBox Alpha Glass screen protector for resistance against scratches and shattering (SKU: ).
    • Belt-clip holster included that doubles as a kickstand for hands-free media viewing.
    • Port covers keep out dust and debris
    • Materials Poly carbonate shell and Synthetic rubber slipcover
    Product Dimensions x x inches ( x x cm)
    Item Weight ounces ( grams)
    Item model number
    Compatible Phone ModelsDREAMLINER
    Special FeatureHeavy Duty Protection
    Is WaterproofFalse


    Color:BLACK |  Product Packaging:Standard Packaging

    Worry Less While You're Working, Adventuring and Living When You Defend Your Device Against Drops, Dirt and Scrapes. Combining a Solid Internal Shell With a Resilient Outer Slipcover, Defender Series Screen less Edition Deflects the Action and Accidents That Come Your Way Every Day. Plus, the Included Holster Doubles as a Kickstand for Hands-Free Viewing. Defender Series Screen less Edition - Because Life Happens.

    Customer Questions & Answers

    • Question: So this doesn't protect the screen? I need to also buy a glass protector after buying this $60 item?

      Answer: Yes you will need to buy a separate screen protector. Because the Note8 has a curved edge on both sides of the screen, to make an integral screen protector and a really protective case as a single unit would cause issues with functions of the curved part of the screen. Remember, your phone is nearly $1,, isn't it worth paying around $ to protect your "investment"?
    • Question: Will you be able to charge your phone with the wireless charger with the case on

      Answer: Yes, it works just fine with the Samsung wireless chargers. The smaller one you need to make sure the bottom port covers are completely closed and place the phone flat against the charger. Because of the size of the Note8, the wireless connection is higher than other phones, and the Defender adds another 1/4" or so, so it is just barely able to charge correctly. Also, if you are using a different cord and/or plug than the ones that came with the charger, it may not supply enough power to make the wireless connection through the case. I have been using the Wireless Charging Stand that came with the Power Pack sold at Best Buy for just over 2 weeks now and have not had any trouble fully charging my Note8 % of the time in the Defender case.
    • Question: The screen the most vulnerable part of the item. Why did otterbox drop screen c w defender series? What other quality prod. is available w screen prot

      Answer: Because of the new way Samsung is designing the phones with the curved screens, the Defender series of the Otter Box won't have the protective screen because it can't mimic the curve. After the Samsung 7 phones, they've all gotten the curved screens, but you can buy glass screen protectors separately.
    • Question: Are the s-pen and charging ports available with the phone in the case?

      Answer: The s-pen is unobstructed but the charging port and ear phone have a plug type cover. On another note my case did not protect my phone from a fall of about 30 inch

    Customer Ratings

    customers ratings

    • 5 Star 82%
    • 4 Star 11%
    • 3 Star 3%
    • 2 Star 1%
    • 1 Star 2%

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    Customer Reviews

    Ch•• ••ox

    October 20,

    Good product very durable

    Heavy duty

    Fr•• ••nk

    October 19,

    M.•• ••sa

    October 18,

    Good and protective phone case

    This is a good and protective phone case.

    Ea•• ••er

    October 7,

    Doesn't make much smoke

    I have had a couple of problems with this product. I noticed right away that the end caps are very tight and difficult to remove. Now that the tube has been exposed to heat, it is very hard to open up. I thought that this would be a good accessory for my new stainless-steel Napoleon grill. I previously used a cast-iron box for smoke generation, and it worked well for many years. I wish now I had never thrown it away, as this new one doesn't produce a fraction of the smoke my old box did. I started out putting the new smoker on top of the grill grate near what I was cooking, directly above the flame and got no smoke at all. Next, I tried putting it across the bars under the grates, but being round, the smoker kept rolling off. Finally, I tried putting it lengthwise, in almost direct contact with the grill burners. This new 4-burner grill generates a LOT of heat, but with one burner doing nothing but heating up the smoker tube, I got a few wisps of smoke. In this position, my old cast iron box would have looked like a white tornado. I think the holes in this smoker are way too small, and they need to have more on the opposite side. Air can't get out if air can't get in. All told, not a good investment.

    bl•• ••ed

    September 26,

    The product does wear out after a couple of years

    I don't replace my phone often so I rely on Otter Box to prevent damage when I occasionally drop it. After maybe three years the nubbins that hold the phone in the belt clip wear out, and I kept having trouble with the phone ejecting in random places to the point I almost lost the phone. I've had to replace the belt clip a few times since the clip tends to break. Because the nubbins wore out, I finally replaced the case and clip together and now my phone is secure again. Save your original receipt (which I didn't) if you want to try to take up Otter Box on their warranty. The product does its job, but it will wear out or break.

    Jo•• ••V.

    September 4,

    Buen producto

    Todo bien, super calidad

    Am•• ••er

    August 31,

    1st time my case outlived my phone

    I have had great success with OtterBox Defender. In fact my last case wore out before my phone "died".

    Cl•• ••ch

    August 26,


    This case has always kept my phones pristine and they last a long time thank you!

    Ke•• ••oi

    August 23,

    % dissatisfaction

    after having the case on for a month, i noticed cracks start to appear on my phone. no drops at all. then i decided to take the case off. THE BACK IS CRACKED i didnt even drop it!!!!!!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT

    an•• ••at

    August 18,

    Very textured

    No doubt this is very durable and will protect the phone. The one thing to note is this case is so textured it will grab the pants pocket liner causing a bit of a struggle when retrieving. I simply wanted others to be aware if you carry your phone in your pants pocket.

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    OtterBox - Samsung Galaxy Note8 Symmetry Series Installation

    This product may not be available anymore.

    Otter Box Galaxy Note 8 Defender Series Case - Black Details

    • The best price of Otter Box Galaxy Note 8 Defender Series Case - Black by Konga in Nigeria is 15, NGN
    • Available payment methods are

      Cash on DeliveryE-Payment

    • The first appearance of this product was on May 16,

    Technical Specifications

    OS:Android OS

    Konga's Description

    • Protect your Galaxy Note8 against drops, bumps and dust
    • Two-piece shell snaps around your phone while foam pads add cushioning
    • Ultra rugged protection ideal for heavy use and accidents

    Protect your Galaxy Note8The OtterBox Defender Series Case provides multiple layers of protection:

    Protect your Galaxy Note8The OtterBox Defender Series Case provides multiple layers of protection:

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