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SE Bikes OM-Duro, the + love child of a BMX cruiser & a mountain bike

It kinda looks like a regular BMX cruiser at first glance, ’til you realize those aren’t 24″ wheels, but in fact are scaled up to +. The OM-Duro is the latest in SE Bikes’ retro line-up, aiming to bring the fun of railing a BMX bike to the big mountain by way of big plush 3″ tires. Developed as a sort of celebration of 40 years of SE, it takes cues from their classic OM Flyer cruiser but throws in a set of disc brakes and a 1x drivetrain on top of fat tires to build out an affordable, fun enduro trail hardtail. Get a closer look at the bike, plus video of its designer tossing it into the air across the gap…

It’s always fun to see video of a new bike getting put through the paces, but it isn’t often we see them being worked over by their 45 year old designer (sorry for ratting you out Todd). But that’s what SE brand manager Todd Lyons who designed the bike from the ground up does, thrashing, manualing, and sliding the new OM-Duro around the bike parks & trails at Mammoth, Big Bear, in town & on the beach. Clearly this is a man who enjoys his work.

The resulting OM-Duro is a classic looptail cruiser frame with a gussetted headtube, plus the new addition of a replaceable derailleur hanger, a disc brake tab, and a standard 73mm threaded bottom bracket. Of course not to mention clearance for the x 3″ Vee T-Fatty tires. It even gets stealth internal dropper routing if you want to add on a slider for more trail-readiness.

The bike gets built up with a  SRAM GX 1×10 drivetrain and mechanical Tektro disc brakes on bolt-on axles (mm front & mm rear hub spacing), which all helps keep the cost down to just $ The clutched drivetrain delivers a solid trail riding range with a machined narrow-wide 32T chainring on the Cr-Mo cranks and an cassette.

For a classic look and BMX feel the sparkly blue bike gets SE Racing decals, a Big Honkin’ 6″ riser bar, toptube & stem pads.

The OM-Duro comes in two frame sizes that are said to suit riders from 5’3″(cm) and up, but a bike built like this doesn’t come light. The bike tips the scales (over?) at lb (kg), but with hefty steel frame, fork, bars & cranks, plus 32 spoke wheels, it’s clearly built to get tossed off a mountain for a good time.


The SE Bikes OM-Duro: The World's First + BMX MTB

Todd Lyons sez:

Hey ya!
I just wanted to let you know that our all-new OM-Duro video is posted. I know that this is not a true BMX bike, but I think that a lot of your readers would get a kick out of seeing the video:

The + OM-Duro takes design cues and aesthetics from the legendary OM Flyer BMX bike and mixes in some radical mountain bike upgrades.

I personally brought the first prototype bike home from the SE factory and put it through all types of real-world testing in various California locations. In the video you’ll see trips to Mammoth Mountain, Big Bear, Sheep Hills, Laguna Canyon, street riding, and everywhere in between. This bike is so fun!

I have attached some photos and the link to the bike is below.

I’d love for you to post the video. If you have any questions or need anything further, please hit me up!
Ride on.


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SE blurs lines with the fun and versatile OM-Duro + BMX / MTB Hybrid Bike

All the fun and playfulness of a BMX bike with all-terrain capability? Sounds like a recipe for good times! If you didn’t know, SE Bikes’ motto is “BMX Innovations” so it makes sense that they’ve brought us the OM-Duro – a BMX/MTB hybrid that’s bound to inspire some creative riding.

I’ll admit, until I owned several bikes the last thing I would have purchased is a sorta-this-sorta-that bike like this one. However, once you have your trail bike, DH bike, road/commuter bike, BMX etc. these in-betweens can make a fun addition to your quiver. Check out the video below and let SE’s Director and BMX legend Todd Lyons show you everything the OM-Duro can do!

SE Bikes OM-Duro, front angle

SE Bikes fans might notice the OM-Duro’s frame was inspired by SE’s classic OM Flyer, but with modern revisions to accommodate MTB components.  The frame is made from chromoly, and features mm rear spacing, vertical dropouts and a removable derailleur hanger. Up front is SE’s full-chromoly Landing Gear fork, but for this bike they feature disc brake tabs and mm spacing to fit MTB hubs.

SE Bikes OM-Duro, drivetrain

From the MTB world, the OM-Duro borrows ” wheels (with 3” wide T-Fatty tires), and Tektro Auriga dual-piston disc brakes front and rear. It also offers multiple gears, running a SRAM GX 1×10 drivetrain with a narrow-wide chainring up front (I do wonder if a chain tensioner might still be ideal…).

SE Bikes OM-Duro, rear angle

The OM-Duro also uses a sealed 73mm external bottom bracket, and may be the first hybrid BMX that comes with internal cable routing so you can add a dropper post! That one aftermarket addition would be absolutely crucial for anyone who wants to see what this bike can do on their local trail network. Oh, and for longer rides you’ll be happy to know there’s a water bottle mount on the OM-Duro’s downtube.

SE Bikes OM-Duro, front end

*Images and video c. SE Bikes

Components brought in from the BMX side include a three-piece SE V-Ridge chromoly crank, X-Pedo low-profile platform pedals, and nutted axles in both wheels. The ” rims are built like BMX wheels, with 36 spokes, double-wall construction and a 42mm width for those fat tires. The handlebar is obviously a BMX-type, but they’re close to a modern MTB width at 31”.

SE has executed some nice finishing details like color-coding this bike with blue hubs, rims, chainring and seat clamp. Those harking back to their BMX youth will love the OM-Duro’s three-piece SER pad set, and those enjoying adulthood will appreciate the bottle opener built into SE’s Flyer saddle!

SE Bikes OM-Duro, standard geometry

This chart shows the Standard size geometry. Check out SE’s website for the XL geo.

The OM-Duro comes in two frame sizes – Standard and XL. The Standard size bike has an effective top tube length of ”, and the XL grows to ”. Standover height is a bit taller on the XL as well, but otherwise the two frames share the same key angles and measurements.

The Standard size weighs 38 lbs, and the XL only adds lbs to that. MSRP for the OM-Duro is $, and it comes in Black Sparkle only. It is now available through SE Bikes retailers and online dealers.

Tester: Eric McKeegan &#; Age: 42 &#; Height: 5'11" &#; Weight: lbs. &#; Inseam: 32"

This bike seems to speak to a lot of riders on an almost genetic level. Perhaps it is because BMX bikes are buried deep in the DNA of every mountain bike and every mountain biker.

How do I know this? Personal experience. I didn't grow up near a BMX track. I didn't own any shop-quality BMX bikes as a kid. I didn't see "Rad" until I was an adult. Even with such BMX-deprived formative years, when I stumbled across this bike at Interbike it only took me seconds to fall in love.

And in some ways, bikes like this have to inspire that type of visceral reaction. Because when you break it down, there is nothing really "better" or "practical" about a bike like this. Is uses BMX-style disc hubs in / spacing, steel handlebars with a cross-brace and geometry that is far from what most would call progressive. The tires are also straight-up sketch-city in wet conditions.

But what is does have is style, in spades. The included pad set perfectly offsets the blue metal-flake paint. Three-piece steel cranks are complete with a narrow/ wide chainring, and those skinwall tires are undeniably cool. Maybe you are denying the cool factor of this bike. And I suppose that is your right. But you are also probably a dork, so bugger off and write on your graphing calculator.

Riders cannot survive on looks alone. And weird or not, this bike is made to ride. SE's product manager, Todd Lyons, took one of these to Mammoth Mountain and sent some big-ass jumps. I don't even send big-ass jumps on downhill bikes, so I set my sights a little lower and stuck to the local trails and side streets.

The geometry of this bike is obviously much more BMX than mountain bike. That 71 degree head tube angle feels old school, as does the short front center. The high handlebars keep this bike poppy and fun, but that means it takes a concerted effort to keep the front end down when climbing.

Those Vee Rubber tires are more show than go when dealing with loose and wet conditions. If I was riding this regularly, the tires would be the first parts to go. On dry and dusty trails I'm sure these work well, but those tiny cornering knobs give up long before I'd like on East Coast dirt. I'd probably opt to track down a pair of Onza Canis &#; skinwalls, but at $ a tire, improved traction and good looks come at a price.

The cassette is adequate for a bike like this. Stand up and smash your way up hills, maintain momentum, take chances. The steeper and looser the terrain the less fun I was having, but I'm pretty spoiled with modern trail bikes with that front wheel pushed way out there due to slack head angles and long front centers. Wheel weight was enough to notice some centrifugal effect on the steering, but Lyons said my production bikes will have rims that are about grams lighter than what I am riding. That is almost a pound and a half of noticeable weight.

I don't ride this bike on many mountain bike rides, but I do grab it a lot when headed out to the store or the bar or when I have a bit of time to mess around. And that is what it seemed to like best. It isn't a serious bike, at all. You either get on the bike and embrace it in all its quirks or you are going to be miserable.

This bike makes people smile. Just cruising around town or hitting up the local trails, I've never ridden a mountain bike that got more positive attention. Even if I can't pull Todd Lyon-level wheelies, the OM-Duro has the ability to make a dork like me seem almost cool.

Price: $
Sizes: standard, XL (tested)

You can find more info, including full specs and geometry, on the SE Racing website.

This review originally appeared in Dirt Rag #


Duro review om se

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SE Bikes OM Duro Review and Riding - Wheelies

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