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Polaris RZR Review

Long Travel Polaris RZR
Polaris RZR EFI with aftermarket roll cage, doors, bumper and long travel kit from Fireball Racing

It has been rumored for months as the Ranger&#;s &#;Evil Twin&#;, but now it is the real deal. The RZR stands for &#;Razor&#;&#;. As in Razor sharp side-by-side.

 The all new Polaris Ranger RZR. It is smaller, lighter,and faster than any side-by-side currently on the market. It is incrediblyresponsive with lots of power provided by a twin cylinder EFI engine, lowcenter of gravity and front/rear anti-sway bars.

Looking at the RZR head-on, it looks very tippy, but from theside you can see the lowered seat placement and a longer wheelbase which willhelp keep it on four wheels.

KMS Performance was kind enough to let us take their brand new Polaris RZR out for a test drive while at the UTV Rally in Moab, UT. The power was smooth and would spin the back tires on loose soil.  The throttle was a bit twitchy.  A heavier throttle spring may help there. The RZR did not feel narrow or small with two of us in it.  Climbed up some decent rock areas with ease. And it accelerated up to top speed real quick.

Polaris Ranger RZR Polaris RZR Polaris RZR Polaris Razor

Polaris RZR - Instrument Panel - DashPolaris RZR - Passenger Grab Bar

Polaris Ranger RZR Overview & Specifications

Electronic fuel injection

The RZR is powered by an cc EFI even-firing, twin cylinder engine that is mounted sideways behind the seats. The electronic fuel injection system constantly and automatically compensates for changes in altitude, pressure and temperature, making the RZR extremely reliable no matter where the rider chooses to go. In addition, the need for re-jetting after upgrades like high flow intake and exhaust systems should be eliminated (may need a EFI fuel controller to take full advantage). There are some reports that this engine puts out 40+ horsepower!

Polaris Ranger RZR - EFI Engine
RZR&#;s cc EFI twin cylinder engine

The good news is the cc EFI engine is not new to Polaris (also used in the Polaris Sportsman EFI) so reliability in early models should be better.

Power delivery is a bit twitchy.  Since the RZR is fuel injected, the throttle isn&#;t really moving anything in a carburetor like the Rhino.  A stiffer feel to the pedal would be nice.


The dry weight of the Polaris RZR is lbs. less than the Rhino. With a larger engine (cc delivers 30% more horsepower than the Rhino) and EFI, the RZR&#;s power-to-weight ratio is reportedly 44% better than a Rhino. It also reaches 35 mph 26% faster than a Yamaha Rhino.

The RZR also has the highest top speed of any currently available side-by-side.

A stock RZR can make it to the top ofSand Mountain, NV.  Stock Rhinos can make it about one-half way up the hill.  Big difference in power.


At &#; long, it is almost a foot shorter than the Yamaha Rhino (”). Not enough room for people to turn it into a four seat UTV. At 50&#; wide, the RZR is narrow enough to be used on most ATV trails. Although the RZR is shorter, it actually has a longer wheelbase by almost two inches.

The RZR is 4 1/2 inches narrower than the Rhino.

Side-by-side Comparison: Rhino vs. RZR vs. Prowler
Rhino vs. RZR vs. Prowler

Polaris Ranger RZR Dimensions - Wheelbase, Length, Width
The RZR is smaller than the Rhino in every dimension except wheelbase.

Polaris Ranger RZR is 50" wide so it can fit on ATV trails.
Polaris Ranger RZR is 50&#; wide so it can fit on ATV trails.

Another nice part about the length of the RZR at inches is you can load it sideways on a trailer and still be legal on the road. The Rhino and Prowler are too long to sit sideways and still be within the maximum width of inches. The RZR will also fit in the back of a truck much easier than a Rhino.

Center of gravity

With the traversally mounted engine placed behind the seats, Polaris was able to lower the seats by at least 7 inches to that the Rhino & Artic Cat. The lower center of gravity will help stability and responsiveness. Polaris thinks this is such and advantage they have a patent pending.

Polaris Rnager RZR - Lower Seat helps center of gravity
Seat position helps lower center of gravity.

Weight bias is about 45 percent to the front and 55 percent to the rear.

Suspension features &#; More travel out of the box

The Rhino sports ” travel front and rear. The Polaris RZR has 9&#; of front wheel travel & &#; of rear wheel travel.

Polaris Ranger RZR - Suspension
The RZR independent rear suspension
has &#; of wheel travel.

The rear suspension is an &#;Rolled&#; Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) System that is canted backwards so as the wheels travel up, they also travel backwards to help absorb some of the shock. Polaris calls this feature &#;recessional wheel travel.” 

The RZR is also the only side-by-side that is available with a front anti-sway bar. Front and rear anti-sway bars make the RZR more stable in hard cornering. We need to take a look at how easy it is to disable the anti-sway bar for rock crawling type use where the bars limit off-camber wheel travel. The front sway bar is pretty weak in the dunes.  If you want to jump at all, I would recommend removing the front sway bar.

The RZR S has much better suspension.  12&#; of travel.  60&#; wide.  Fox Podium shocks.

 Polaris RZR S with Factory Long Travel, Fox Shocks and Maxxis Bighorn Tires

All Wheel Drive

Polaris equipped the RZR with an all-wheel drive (AWD) traction system.  The AWD is enabled or disabled via a dash-mounted switch.  When enabled, the RZR senses wheel slippage and automatically engages the AWD.  Then when traction is no longer needed, the system automatically reverts back to 2WD. In the dunes, I find it is more fun to run in 2 wheel drive.  But I did find that the RZR would climb steep hills farther in AWD.

Leg minders

And it looks like Polaris did their homework and learned from Yamaha&#;s mistake. They include nets and deep foot wells to keep your legs in the vehicle during a roll-over.

Polaris Ranger RZR - Leg Nets
The RZR comes with nets to keep legs inside the UTV. This is a pre-production version.

Polaris RZR - Leg Nets
This is the production version. The leg nets are there, plus another net that overlaps and goes higher.  Not overly user-friendly. And doesn&#;t help with the RZR&#;s overall appearance either.


Polaris RZR ExhaustPolaris RZR Exhaust
Since the engine sits sideways, the exhaust exits right near the passenger fender.  Not the greatest location. Aftermarket exhaust manufacturers will have to make a similar bend, so don&#;t expect this to be fixed with a new pipe.

And the exhaust &#;heat shield&#; will touch your plastic and melt it.

The exhaust also melts the plastic behind the passenger seat. This was fixed for models.

Radiator Plumbing

Polariz RZR - Radiator Hose RoutingPolariz RZR - Radiator Hose Routing
The radiator hose routing seems a bit sketchy.  This hose runs right next to the passenger side front shock.  It can easily touch the coil spring.


Polaris RZR Seats
The RZR seats are better than the Yamaha Rhino, but are still a bit stiff. They are pretty thin so aftermarket seats will be tough to fit without losing leg room.

Seat Belts

The Seat belts can be a bit sensitive when trying to retract the belt on un-level ground. Moving to level ground seems to help. Best solution is to swap to an aftermarket four-point harness.

Air Filter

There have been problems with the air filter letting debris into the engine. New aftermarket air filter setups will help cure this, but hopefully Polaris will come out with a fix for this problem. There is a TSB on all units made before August   Check with your local Polaris dealer to see if the TSB applies to your RZR.  Newer units have had some adjustments to help seal the intake, and RZRs are much improved.

Polaris RZR Air Intake

Polaris RZR Air IntakePolaris RZR Air Filter

Tilt Steering Wheel

Polaris RZR Tilt Steering WheelPolaris RZR Tilt Steering Wheel
Tilt steering from the factory is a nice addition, but the wheel does feel a bit flimsy.

&#;Roll&#; Cage

Polaris RZR Roll CagePolaris Ranger RZR Roill Cage
The factory &#;roll&#; cage definitely has a case of the uglies.  The roll cage material sounded real thin when you tap on it with your fingernail. I would quickly invest in an aftermarket cage to increase safety and appearance.

Leg Room

Polaris RZR Leg RoomPolaris RZR Leg Room
I am 6&#; 1&#; and the RZR it was a bit tight for me. I would be more comfortable with a bit more space.


Polaris RZR Bed
The bed on the RZR is very small, but setup to use Polaris lock and load type tie downs.

The good news is the bed is very lightweight which helps keep the overall weight of the RZR low.

Ground Clearance

Polaris RZR Skid Plate DamagePolaris RZR Skid Plate DamagePolaris RZR Skid Plate DamagePolaris RZR Skid Plate Damage
Photos used with permission

Ground clearance of the RZR is advertised at 10&#; vs. 12&#; for the Rhino.  In reality, it is lower than 10&#; and hangs up on lots of trail obstacles. Also a bit low in the dunes when crossing ridges.

I think that the low ground clearance is probably the biggest negative to the Polaris RZR.

The RZR S (long travel RZR from the factory) has a much improved &#; of ground clearance. 


Polaris RZR Frame
Photo used with permission

Polaris RZR Frame is a little on the &#;light&#; side.

Emergency Brake

The RZR does not have a separate emergency brake.  On the RZR, the parking brake is automatically engaged when the vehicle is in Park. A separate e-brake would be nice to have.


The RZR has a Hitch Towing Capacity or lbs, but don&#;t expect to tow that much. The receiver cannot handle any tongue weight.  I towed a wood splitter (very little tongue weight) a short distance and bent the receiver mount.

Rear Differential

The rear differential on the RZR is always locked.  It would be nice to have a selectable locker for tighter turning and so you don&#;t tear up the lawn.

Aftermarket Parts Availability

Aftermarket parts manufacturers have embraced the RZR and lots of parts are now available with new stuff coming out all the time. PURE Polaris also has lots of parts & accessories available.

Whip Flag

The RZR roll cage does not have any provision for a whip flag. Plan to add a whip flag mount if you are headed to the dunes.

Rear View Mirror

The RZR does not come with a rear-view mirror.


Clutch modifications are very easy o the RZR.

Electrical Charging System

Stator Output: Idle ~W, Max ~W.

If the voltage level is outside of the ranges defined below for more than 6 seconds consecutively then the battery warning will illuminate on the gauge.  The 4 ranges are setup as follows:

  • 0 – 10 RPM                    V (engine not running)

  • – RPM:          V

  • – RPM:       V

  • + RPM:                  V

* RPM range below can be attained during engine cranking at startup.  This range is not looked at.

The biggest issue with the electrical system of the RZR is the location of the voltage regulator under the driver&#;s seat. With no airflow, the regulator can easily overheat and shut down. The RZR has moved the regulator up in front of the radiator.  There is aharness kit available for RZR so you can relocate your regulator up front and help solve this issue.

 Polaris RZR Voltage Regulator
Voltage Regulator is under the driver&#;s seat.

RZR S - Rectifier has been moved to improve cooling
The Polaris RZR Voltage Regulator is up front by the radiator.

Production Polaris RZR Photos:

Polaris RZR

Polaris RZR Rear A-Arm

Polaris Ranger RZR EFI

Available colors are green and red. The Polaris RZR is nowavailable at Polaris dealerships, with an MSRP of $10,


Aftermarket Parts & Accessories:

Roll Cage and Doors from PDS Fabrication

Polaris RZR - Long Travel Kit, Bumper, Roll Cage from LoneStar Racing
Long Travel Kit, Bumper, Roll Cage from LoneStar Racing

Polaris RZR racing in the Baja &#; DragonFire Racing

Polaris RZR racing in the BITD Vegas to Reno &#; Jagged X

Sours: https://www.utvguide.net/polaris_rzr_review/

by Sulthoni, on

Judging after its long travel suspensions, EPS, potent engine and relatively long wheel base, the Polaris RZR S looks like the perfect solution for a wide trail off-road rider.

The Polaris RZR S shares the same powerplant with the RZR namely a cc, 4-stroke twin cylinder, water cooled engine which cranks out a maximum output of 55 hp.

The engine needs to deal with a dry weight of lb. and can propel you to a maximum speed of 56 mph, being able to hit the 35 mph mark in seconds.

The UTV rides on 12 inch crusher aluminum rims wrapped in Maxxis Tires and features front and rear dual A-arm suspension and Rolled Independent rear suspension (IRS).

As far as style is concerned, the Polaris RZR S gets Stealth Black/Voodoo Blue Graphics and paint package.

Hit the jump for more information on the Polaris RZR S

  • Year:

  • Engine:

    4-Stroke Twin Cylinder

  • Transmission:

    Automatic PVT

  • Energy:

    Electronic Fuel Injection

  • Displacement:


  • Top Speed:

    56 mph (Est.)

  • Price:


The Polaris RZR S EPS is equipped with Electronic Power Steering, Maxxis Tires on 12" Crusher Aluminum Rims.

The new Polaris RZR S EPS gets Stealth Black/Voodoo Blue Graphics & paint package.

Polaris RZR S EPS Key Faetures:

Power Features:

Incredible horsepower to weight for sport performance
Due to the Polaris RZR® S&#;s low total vehicle weight and EFI high-output engine, it has an impressive HP-to-Weight ratio giving it unbelievable power.

True sport acceleration
The EFI high-output engine combined with a low vehicle weight delivers fast acceleration at 0 to 35 mph in seconds.

Suspension Features:

Performance based long travel suspension and shocks
A proven true-sport long-travel suspension package straight from the factory. The 12" of front and rear travel soak-up the rough terrain. Also features 2" body, high pressure, monotube shocks for better cooling and less fade, along with pre-load adjustability.

Sport performance wheelbase and high ground clearance
The RZR® S features a 77" long wheelbase combined with a wide stance for a smooth, precise ride. Add on an obstacle-clearing " of ground clearance, and you&#;ve got off-road riding at its best.

Dual A-Arms and rolled IRS
Features front and rear Dual A-Arm suspension and Rolled Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) to smooth out the whoops and washboard in the dunes, desert and wide open spaces.

Agility Features:

Low center of gravity for true sport agility
Only RZR® features the Polaris-exclusive Optimized Mass Design. The engine and other components are strategically placed to create the absolute lowest center of gravity, for the ultimate in razor-sharp performance.

On-demand true All-Wheel Drive (AWD)
True AWD gives you superior grip to put the 12" of suspension travel to work in the dunes and desert. It’s the easiest to use and fastest responding on-demand system, automatically engaging all four wheels when you need more forward traction and reverting.


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Polaris RZR Piston Kit

 Polaris RZR Piston Kit

Click on image to zoom



Polaris RZR 80mm std bore x 76mm stroke (cc) piston kit

  • Bore:  80mm
  • Comp Ratio:  
  • Piston #:  M
  • CPK #:  CPK
  • Rod #:  N/A
  • Pin #:  WCP1C
  • Locks #:  x SWL
  • Rings #:  CPNG
  • Gasket Only #:  C

Please Call for Availability


  • M
  • M
  • New
  • Item Requires Shipping

Sours: https://www.cp-carrillo.com/ipolaris-rzrpiston-kit.html
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