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The 6 Best Over-the-Toilet Storage Units of 2021

Best Overall: Sauder Caraway Over the Toilet Cabinet Bathroom Storage

Sauder Caraway Etagere

Our number one pick is this over-the-toilet unit by Sauder. Measuring roughly 23 inches wide and 68 inches high, it's conveniently compact with plenty of usable storage space. You'll get one larger shelf, plus two smaller cubbies, a shallow top shelf, and a two-shelf cabinet with a frosted window.

The Caraway is made of recycled manufactured wood and has a versatile white painted finish that'll complement most bathroom design schemes. This unit is also impressively sturdy and durable, so you won't have to worry about it wobbling or falling apart any time soon. It's also resistant to rust and corrosion, which is ideal for moisture-prone bathrooms.

Sours: https://www.thespruce.com/best-over-the-toilet-storage-4783728

Over the toilet storage ideas are functional fixtures that also add stunning detail into your bathroom. For the most part, the bathroom is the smallest area of the home. However, it is the one that needs to be the tidiest. Although there is an absolute lack of floor space, you can always make up for storage using the vertical space. The space above the toilet is often overlooked, but it is essentially the best choice for more storage ideas.

Make the most out of your bathroom’s available space with smart over the toilet storage ideas. Space-saving shelves are smart concepts that will fit all your bathroom essentials in one place.

Hanging shelf with plants and towels above the toilet

We rounded up some of the fabulous tricks for organizing bathrooms while adding more storage space.

Draw Attention to Walls with Geometric Shelves

White toilet with black candle on top

Who says the bathroom needs to be clinically white, blank, and drab? Stunning pieces like this three-fourth circle shelf will add a personal touch to your rest area. It is chic, minimalist, and just visually stunning. The Pantone brass color of this shelf will make you love this comfy storage space even more. The design is simple yet catchy to make the room less empty and dull.

Shove a Neat Multi-Storage Surround

Toilet surrounded by square cabinet full of essentials

If you need a room for your various trinkets, keep them in a place you can easily reach every time. Toilet cabinets are excellent fixtures to serve this purpose. With ample storage space, you can fit all your bathroom essentials without it being messy. The different compartments will also help you sort out your stuff to keep things more organized.

Add a Rustic Charm with DIY Ladder

Ladder storage with metal basket above toilet

Go easy with over the toilet storage ideas you can put up in a whiz. It will take no more than a few lumbers and a bang of nails to set up a DIY ladder. Hang wire mesh baskets in it for stowing things. Add in a hanging plant for a whip of the fresh outdoors and channel your inner planter. It is one of the best and inexpensive over the toilet storage ideas to try for small bathrooms.

Another Perfect Ladder Storage

Ladder storage shelf leaning on the wall with wicker baskets and towels

Ladders with shelves are also one of the coolest over the toilet storage ideas to consider. There is no need to hang a basket in it. You can simply stash your toiletries and other items on the pedestal for better organization. Wooden storages assert both a rustic and modern charm to add more depth to your tiny bathroom space.

Give Bathroom a Homely Fashion with Baskets

Brown baskets on white shelf above toilet

Baskets are a neat addition to the bathroom for holding all kinds of stuff. So, install a cabinet shelf and display baskets to give your bathroom a good kind of homely vibe. You can now say goodbye to the hair-dryer and curling iron messing your sink and countertop. These inexpensive over the toilet storage ideas will separate your belongings for easy access during those chaotic morning rush.

Built-in Shelves are Fine, Fine Fixtures

Built in shelf over the toilet full of bathroom essentials

If you have so much that a tiny bathroom storage cannot hold, you can always go big with bigger storage. Take this sleek and huge shelf as another smart over the toilet storage ideas. However, you need to be wise in choosing the shelf material, especially for a place where humidity and moisture are at their highest. MDF boards or solid woods that are properly sealed and painted are an excellent choice.

Bring in the Industrial Vibe with Rustic Pieces

Wall shelf with industrial pipes

Industrial piping and reclaimed woods go well together as stylish over the toilet storage ideas. The unique design of this storage is a spectacular addition to any bathroom. The pipes can cater towels for hanging so you can literally have your stuff in one place. The rustic shelves can also accommodate all your other necessities in one convenient spot.

Use Wicker Baskets Ingeniously

Three wicker baskets on the wall full of things

If you don’t want to bother yourself with installing shelves, why not fit the storage box directly into the wall? These wicker baskets are not one of your standard over the toilet storage ideas. The unique craftsmanship and ingenious concept will lend your bathroom a well-thought personal touch. You can mount these baskets by hammering a nail on the basket weave and into the wall.

Get More Storage Space with DIY Crafts

Baskets hanging on towel bars above toilet

DIY over the toilet storage ideas comes in an endless list of smart designs. It provides storage and enhances your bathroom space. It will also allow you to impart your style and unique personality. Take a look at this bathroom storage from repurposed towel racks and baskets. It is versatile, and decoratively speaking, chic and classy in every way.

Go Sassy with Funky Floating Cube Shelf

Big square storage divided into nine small squares full of essentials above toilet seat

Enhance your small space with little rural pieces that double as a storage and decorative display. Cubbies like this floating shelf offer more storage space with their nine available compartments. The wooden look and texture will let you embrace your home’s contemporary or rustic theme throughout your bathroom.

Take Comfort in Antique Pieces

Old white cabinet full of things above toilet

Give your bathroom a vintage interpretation with antique fixtures. You can repurpose anything you have on hand and turn it into marvelous over the toilet storage ideas. This old window in white paint is one stylish storage to give your bathroom a rustic boost. You can also mix and match items from the flea market and see how you can benefit from those pieces.

Slide an Over-the-Counter Storage Rack and Go

Toiletries in organizer rack placed on top of toilet

If you don’t fancy drilling holes or shoving bulky units into your bathroom, why not make use of bathroom caddies? Space-saver units like this one will make it easy to organize your toiletries in one place. Don’t worry if you have a top-flush toilet, the rack’s elevated base will not have any trouble dealing with that. Storage organizers like this are ideal for small apartment toilet settings.

Avoid the Clutter with Etagere Shelf

Black metal shelves with wicker baskets in the bathroom

Etagere shelves are small updates that can make your bathroom feel less cluttered. These vintage bookcases are not only limited to your living room. You can also put this inside your bathroom for large-scale storage purposes. Its open shelf will make it easier for you to take what you need without fumbling through your various toiletries. These shelves are good enough for small bathrooms but are also gorgeous for larger ones.

Do-Over with Adjustable Shelves

Three-layer adjustable shelf hooked from ceiling to wall in a gray tone bathroom with round mirror

Installing fixtures needs meticulous measurement to fit everything properly. But if you are your own handyman without the expertise, things have the tendency to blow up. Thanks to the ingenious telescopic pipes and shelves that will allow installation without any tools needed. You can adjust the length of the pipes to attach to your bathroom floor and ceiling. You can also change the shelves’ height to accommodate all your bathroom essentials.

Tidy Up Behind the Cabinet Doors

White bathroom fixtures in greyish-blue wall

If you want to keep your things from plain sight, cabinet over the toilet storage ideas are cool options. But there is no need to bore some holes into the walls to install one. This freestanding multi-use bathroom storage can be shoved right over your toilet and into the wall for perfection. The unobtrusive design with its chic doors offers a little bit of privacy for your belongings.


The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that always seem to run out of storage space. Unfortunately, most people are not very open to the idea of installing built-in cabinets due to rental limitations or the renovation cost itself. With over the toilet storage ideas, you can still keep clutter at bay. They are also awesome pieces to give you the freedom to add a personal touch to this tiny place in your home.

Sours: https://www.decoist.com/over-the-toilet-storage/
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Freestanding Over the Toilet Storage

It's a ladder shelf for over the toilet storage.  It was so easy to make, and very inexpensive, but adds a ton of storage and beauty - all without having to drill holes in the wall and hang something over the toilet.

The bottom shelf is just perfect for baskets, and the upper shelves are perfect for decor or toiletries.  

Easy Wood Stain Finish

A project this quick and simple requires an easy finish.  So I used Danish Oil - it's one VERY easy step that stains, seals and protects, all without brush marks.  It took me about 15 minutes to stain, seal and protect this shelf.

It is my new favorite way to finish pieces for sure now!  I did a post last week on Danish Oil and all the colors availabe here.  Go check it out and start using it, you will love it.  More building, less finishing  :)  And that's it for this over the toilet storage shelf!

Sours: https://www.ana-white.com/woodworking-projects/over-toilet-storage-leaning-bathroom-ladder
Install bathroom cabinet

11 Over-the-Toilet Storage Solutions That Are Actually Stylish

If you’re short on vanity space, an over-the-toilet storage unit is a great way to create extra storage by using an area of the bathroom that’s probably already empty. These units are also perfect for rentals since you can add storage and shelves without actually installing permanent pieces such as cabinetry. However, over-the-toilet storage doesn’t have the best reputation for style; so, we’ve rounded up the best, most stylish units for every space, need and budget. Take a look at our top picks, from traditional bathroom hutches to low-profile shelves.

Best Hutch Storage

Hutch-style over-the-toilet storage units are a great way to get that extra cabinet look without actually installing extra cabinets. (Though you should always anchor the unit to the wall for safety.) We love the glass doors on this hutch from The Home Depot. It has that apothecary vibe that pairs well with most interior design styles, from coastal to boho.

Best Metal Storage

Metal units are typically the most lightweight and slim versions of over-the-toilet storage, but the design also screams first college dorm. However, this shiny option from Pottery Barn is gorgeous and would look great against luxe marble tiling.

Best Minimal Storage

There’s no standard size for over-the-toilet storage and a lot of units, especially wooden models, tend to be pretty wide. If you want a wooden rack but don’t have space, this slim leaning ladder from West Elm is a great option. It’s compact but still gives you three additional shelves.

Best Cabinets

One of the most frustrating things about assembling over-the-toilet storage is that most models feature a bar at the bottom that runs behind the toilet. This bar helps counterbalance the unit, but not all toilets have space between the wall to accommodate the bar. You can avoid this with a floating cabinet unit instead. Cabinets are expensive, especially if you’re looking at hardware stores, but we spotted this slim model from Target that’s less than $75!

Best Low-Profile Storage

If you’re concerned that an over-the-toilet unit will make your bathroom look too cramped, consider a low-profile unit. These nest just over the top and don’t take up an entire wall. It’s a great way to get an additional shelf without sacrificing space for art. We absolutely love this sleek model from Target, and it’s less than $70! The shelf wood comes in two colors: light birch or dark walnut.

Best Spa-Inspired Storage

Extra storage doesn’t have to mess with the vibe if you already have a spa aesthetic in your bathroom. We spotted this no-tools-required unit from Bed Bath & Beyond with light wood that is perfect for a Scandinavian spa-inspired theme.

Best for Small Spaces

If you’re trying to add storage to a half bath or super small bathroom, chances are you don’t have enough room for a standing shelving unit between the toilet and the vanity or the toilet and the wall, but you can still mount additional shelving on the wall. This floating unit from Anthropologie is jaw-droppingly gorgeous with Edwardian-inspired brassy steel. Who knew bathroom storage could be so beautiful?

Best Budget-Friendly Storage

While that Anthro shelving unit is swoon-worthy, it’s a pretty penny at about $400. If you’re looking for a stylish option on a strict budget, check out this tiered rack for less than $60. The dark wood is the perfect background for styling apothecary-style glass storage jars and would look great against white subway tile.

Best Storage Set

No matter how pretty, sometimes over-the-toilet storage looks random and out of place — especially next to cabinets of a different style or color. If you like having matching furniture sets, you can buy coordinated bathroom storage, too. We love this three-piece set from Overstock. It comes with a hutch-style storage rack, a wall-mounted floating rack and a low-profile shelving unit. This set would be perfect to bring style and personality to a dorm or rental bathroom.

Best Multipurpose Unit

Unlike pantry or closet shelves, most over-the-toilet storage units don't have adjustable shelves. So, if you have large, decorative glass jars for soaps and cotton balls or larger art and knickknacks, they might not fit. However, this unit from The Container Store features foldable shelves. So, if you have XL shampoo bottles from Costco or just don't need that many shelves, you can just fold them up to accommodate. This is also very handy when moving and packing furniture!

Best for a Kid's Bathroom

A kid's bathroom is where you need the most storage for all those bath toys, but hutches and over-the-toilet units — even when mounted correctly — can become problematic with little hands. These lightweight acrylic cubes from Crate & Kids are a good compromise. They're wall-mounted and safely out of reach from mischief-makers. Plus, you can cluster as many as you need for toys, shampoo and more. An even grid of six or eight across a wall would look cute, too.

Sours: https://www.hgtv.com/design/rooms/bathrooms/best-over-the-toilet-storage

Toilet storage over white

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35 Stunning Bathroom Storage Over Toilet Ideas

Tired of trying to fit everything inside your small bathroom? Tired of bending down to grab your everyday toiletries? If your answer to these questions is “yes” then it is time for you to invest in an over the toilet storage space. By investing in bathroom storage over the toilet, all of your storage problems will be solved in an instant. Below are some of the most stunning bathroom storage over toilet ideas that you will love!



35 Stunning Bathroom Storage Over the Toilet Ideas - INFOGRAPHICS




This bathroom storage over the toilet is available in two main colors, such as black, and white. It is ideal for a minimalistic theme. The bathroom stand comes with rack shelves for organizing your small bits and bobs you would need in a bathroom. To add more character you can even put up a small plant on one of those racks. Moreover, the product is water-resistant and does not corrode easily. Each of its three shelves is strong enough to hold 5 kg, 7 kg, and 9 kg of weight, respectively.




This over the toilet storage comes in two styles, as a wall shelf, and as a space saver. The product is lightweight yet sturdy. It comes with three shelves that are made up of wood and a metal frame. You can easily store your hair, skin, and body cleaning tools and products without the fear of it collapsing. Moreover, it offers easy assembly and great value for money. The traditional yet modern look will complement the majority of the bathroom themes.





The product is available in two different sizes; each of which seamlessly fit as an over the toilet storage. Moreover, the product comes with a spacious shelf, and one cabinet with two more shelves. The design can be best described as traditional, sturdy, spacious, delicately decorative, and highly functional. Moreover, the product is coated with NC paint which makes it easy to clean and is highly resistant to water and rust. You can also use it as a bathroom towel storage because of how water-resistant this product is.





This piece of bathroom furniture is available in two designs, such as the linen tower design, and the space-saver design. Moreover, the space-saver design comes into two trendy colors such as white, and espresso. While the linen tower is only available in white. The product comes with a drawer, a tall and spacious shelf, and a small two-door cabinet. It is very easy to assemble and comes with all the essential hardware items and detailed instructions.




Simple and beautiful design; the product is perfect for medium-sized bathrooms. Moreover, the product comes with four storage spaces and can easily fit the majority of toilets.




The bathroom cart has a unique design and is manufactured from high quality and anti-corrosion iron. The product can easily hold up 17 lbs. of weight for a long time. Its three shelves are spacious enough to hold your essentials along with a little decorative candle and/or plant here and there. Moreover, the product is easily maintainable and very easy to assemble.




It is completely up to you if you want to use this bathroom over the toilet storage as a bathroom standing rack or if you want to mount it on the wall. The best part about this product, apart from its refreshing appearance, is the flexibility it offers. You have 3 sturdy shelves which can be adjusted as per five different distances according to your needs.



The design is traditional, but the use is modern. The product comes with a spacious shelf that has enough height to store your jumbo shampoo and conditioner bottles. Apart from this shelf, this bathroom furniture comes with a cabinet which is also very easy to assemble. You can find this design in very limited colors but this specific one is available in a rich espresso color. Moreover, the cabinet comes with tempered glass windows so you can say that the product is efficient, functional yet very aesthetic.




This bathroom cart over the toilet storage is ideal for those who do not want their toiletries on display. The product can be used as a over the toilet wall cabinet or even as a standing bathroom cart. Additionally, the product comes with one shelf and a cabinet that has two shelves as well. One of those shelves are fixed and the other can be adjusted as per your needs. Its design is traditional but the white, and gray color options add a modern touch to it.




This product is definitely one of the most minimalistic pieces of bathroom furniture in this list. It comes with four shelves which can be adjusted according to your desires. Each of these shelves can support 22 lbs. of weight with ease. The best part about this product is that you do not have to use any tools to install it. The item is simply supported by your floor and ceiling. Hence, no drilling or hammering is required in the installation process. Moreover, the product is rust and peel proof. It is secure and made of stainless steel.





This bathroom storage over the toilet is stable, durable, and very easy to clean. The product comes with a wide shelf and a cabinet with clear windows. Moreover, you get two wide and spacious shelves inside the cabinet.




This piece of bathroom storage comes with three storage spaces, such as one spacious shelf, one cabinet, and then another top storage space. The cabinet has a translucent window that allows you to view its contents. Moreover, the cabinet is further divided into six compartments for extra organization.




This space saver over the toilet storage can easily hold up to 22 lbs. of weight. It comes with a shelf, a two-door cabinet, and sleek design. All of this makes it ideal for a small bathroom. Moreover, the product has been manufactured with a sturdy material which makes it durable, waterproof, and also mold proof.




A shelf and a two-door cabinet will fulfill all your organizing needs at a great price. Moreover, the product fits the majority of the toilet seats. However, do take all the necessary measurements before you make the purchase. 




The best part about this product is its adjustable height feature. You can adjust the height of this bathroom to stand up to three levels. Apart from this cool feature, the product comes with a rather attractive appearance which is always a plus. Like most over the toilet storage ideas, it comes with a shelf and a cabinet, but what sets it apart is its beautiful design.





The product is made from good quality MDF material which makes it sturdy and more durable. Each of its shelves could support up to 11 lbs. of weight. It has a very different design as compared to all the other enlisted over the toilet storage options. It comes with two cabinets, each of which has four shelves. Then it has top storage and you can even use its top surface as a storage or best decorate it with plants etc. Moreover, the product can also be used as a bathroom towel storage.




The product is available in various modern, trendy, and elegant colors. The maximum capacity this bathroom stand can hold is up to 110 lbs. It is functional, aesthetic, sturdy, and everything that you need.



This is your typical over the toilet storage bathroom cart except that it has been made out of wood with a bamboo finish. Furthermore, the product comes with all the necessary hardware tools and also provides easy assembly.





It is strong, efficient, and very aesthetic. The bathroom stand comes with two drawers, two shelves, and top storage space. It will easily fit the majority of the toilet seats which is great. Moreover, the product comes with an in-depth guide with elaborate instructions.





The space saver cabinet is constructed from veneer and hardwood. Moreover, it comes in two traditional colors. The metal hardware adds to its traditional look and makes it an aesthetic choice for your small bathroom.




The product comes with an adjustable shelf so you can easily fit in your tall bottles of shampoo, conditioner, or even spray tan, etc. All in all, it is a great purchase. 





This over the toilet storage perfectly showcases the ranch/farmhouse look with a barn door and texture. The product comes with two roomy shelves that are also very easy to install.





The product is so easy to assemble that you don’t even need tools for it. It is made with thick tempered glass with a metal tube mount which makes it extremely durable. Moreover, it comes with adjustable height levels and in two trendy colors.




This is your traditional bathroom stand with a shelf and a two-door cabinet. The product is stable, sturdy, spacious, and stylish. What else could one ask for?



This is a rather simple bathroom stand with three shelves which makes it ideal for cramped up spaces. You can store the tall items on the top storage with ease. The product is easy to assemble as it comes with all the essential hardware and a detailed guide.




A simple bathroom cart that comes with two roomy handwoven baskets. The back is crossed which provides extra support to the overall structure.





Sturdy, elegant, spacious, and supportive back and sides keep your items organized and protected.




The product is a rather petite version of a typical bathroom cart. It comes with one shelf and is ideal for you if you do not have much to organize in your bathroom. Moreover, it is made with stainless steel which prevents it from corrosion and makes it easy to clean in general. The best part is that there is no need for installation so your bathroom is safe from all sorts of damage.





Beautiful and spacious design; however, one con is that it does not provide fall-proof protection to your products. Something could tip over and break. So, it is best that you invest in small organization baskets to go with this product. Moreover, it is sturdy and made from high-quality materials that add to its lifespan.




Simple and clean design, this bathroom stand is ideal for lightweight items as it is on the lighter side. However, it is perfect for you if you just need a bathroom towel storage.




It is a very attractive and high-quality design. Plus it provides side and back protection to your products which is great. Moreover, the product is sturdy and has a long lifespan.




Fun design. Efficient product. That is the best way to describe it. This is a smaller and more compact version of an over the toilet storage. 




One spacious shelf and top storage is ideal for people with small bathrooms and not much to organize. The best part is that you can simply open and close the bathroom cart like a beach chair and it comes with a bathroom towel storage.





The bathroom stand is rather simple and only consists of one top shelf where you can put your essentials. The product can easily support 75 lbs. of weight. Moreover, it is ideal for a really small bathroom with extremely cramped up space.

We hope that these over the toilet storage ideas helped you find the solution for storing your essential bathroom items in a cramped up space. Make sure you keep your theme and budget in mind while purchasing any of the recommended items in this list.

Sours: https://storables.com/storage-ideas/bathroom-storage/bathroom-storage-over-toilet/

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How To Reinvent Your Bathroom With Over The Toilet Shelves

That space in the bathroom just above the toilet is ideal for placing a small storage cabinet or a set of open shelves. Over the toilet storage is practical, space-efficient and super customizable.

Floating shelves over toilet

Just look at all these great design ideas that we gathered for you today. At least one of them would be perfect for your bathroom so have a look and start planning your next DIY project. We’re super excited to show you everything so let’s get started.

How High Should Shelves Be over Toilet?

The cabinet or shelf that you decide to install above the toilet should be approximately 2 feet above the tank. Keep in mind that the bottom shelf should be sufficiently high to allow for the removal of the tank lid for any purpose.

Can I Hang a Shelf above My Toilet?

Yes. In fact, installing shelves over the toilet can go a long way in filling up a dull empty wall and helping you make the best out of your storage room. For the most part, installing shelves over the toilet requires that you find a piece of wood of suitable length and width, a stud finder, shelf brackets, anchors, paint (stain also works), a level, and a drill. 

What Can I Put Over My Toilet?

You can get pretty creative with the storage space above the toilet that could be put to good use. Here are some ideas as to what that space could be used for:

  • You can use that space to hang some artwork. Abstract and nature-themed images could easily fit into a bathroom. 
  • You can install a towel rack and have your colorful towels neatly organized above the toilet.
  • Cosmetics are also a great thing to have above the toilet, especially if you have colorful perfume or shower gel bottles.
  • Plants can really add some color and a pleasant natural vibe to the bathroom, so why not consider placing them on a shelf above the toilet?
  • Open shelf cabinets are another great idea, and they can provide space for toilet paper rolls, bathroom deodorizers, and even towel baskets.
  • You can also repurpose wooden crates and have them serve as cubbies above the toilet.
  • You can use ropes to hang shelves for a more rustic appeal.
  • Shelves made from metal wires can be really efficient. Just make sure that the metal is rust-resistant, since it will constantly be exposed to moisture.

How Long Should Shelves Be Above Toilet?

Purchase shelves that will help keep your bathroom organized and efficient. We recommend 14″ deep shelving. By purchasing deeper shelving, your items will not appear to be dangling off the edge, as they will if you buy 12-inches. If you prefer more opulent shelves, select 19- or 24-inches.

Can You Put a Medicine Cabinet Over the Toilet?

You can definitely install a medicine cabinet over the toilet, but designers actually hate this particular storage solution for a variety of reasons. They claim it gives the bathroom a cold look and lacks style, the frames are too chunky, and a good medicine cabinet is very expensive. 

Keep it Simple

View in gallery

If all you want is to make the space above the toilet look less empty, you don’t have to go overboard with the design. One or two floating shelves would be enough. Make them stand out a bit by giving them a solid look but keep the design simple and friendly.

Ladder Shelves

View in gallery

A cute idea coming from ana-white suggests framing the toilet with a ladder shelving system. It’s great if you have the space for such a feature and if you think the ladder would go well with your bathroom’s design style.

Simple and Rustic Shelves

View in gallery

Above the toilet shelves are perfect for small bathrooms. They offer storage and style without taking up valuable floor space and you can use them to display all sorts of nice decorations just to add a bit of color to the room. Check out thesweetestdigs for more inspiration.

Wood and Wrought Iron

View in gallery

There’s more than one way of hang a shelf above the toilet. In fact, open shelves are extremely versatile and there are surprisingly many styles, mounting mechanisms and designs to consider so take your time and do your homework and don’t underestimate your bathroom shelves. We find the ones featured on lollyjane to be particularly good-looking.

Classic Look

View in gallery

A single shelf is enough to change your bathroom forever. That’s not necessarily because of its storage capacity but because it left you fill a void, an emptiness which ultimately prevents the space from reaching its potential. We’re talking about a simple over the toilet shelf like the one featured on myfabulesslife which lets you add color and cheer to the room in a very simple and affordable manner.

Repurposed Shelving

View in gallery

If you’re more focused on how you can use the space above the toilet for storage, then perhaps you’d prefer an open cabinet with two or three shelves and perhaps even a drawer too. It can become your new towel storage cabinet and you can also use it to hold toiletries and other such things. Consider a rustic or farmhouse-style design similar to what we found on houseofturquoise.

Extra Storage

View in gallery

Take things one step further and reinvent your entire toilet space. You could build a custom storage unit which fits around the toilet tank and gives you extra storage in the form of open shelves or closed modules for things like extra towels, toilet paper rolls and other useful items. Check out apartmenttherapy for more inspiration.

Get Clever with Baskets

View in gallery

Add a bit of uniqueness to your bathroom by turning storage baskets into shelves. They’re perfecto for holding extra hand towels close to the sink yet out of the way. You can hang the shelves above the toilet and fill that empty space with something that’s not just useful but also original and very creative. We found this cool idea on spruceyournest.

Deep Chair Rail

View in gallery

You should always look for ways to customize your interior design based on what makes each space unique and to try to take advantage of every little detail. For example, in this bathroom designed by Michael Teuber it was possible to add a bamboo shelf above the tub and toilet and to frame the tile wainscot in a really cool way.

Countertop Shelf

View in gallery

Another example of things that line up perfectly can be seen in this traditional bathroom designed by studio NLT. In here, the vanity counter extends to form a shelf above the toilet tank. It’s simple, practical and original and it’s an idea that suits most bathrooms considering how common this layout is.

Built-in Bathroom Shelving

View in gallery

Built-in shelves fill the entire space between the toilet tank and the ceiling and maximize this bathroom’s storage capacity in a way that doesn’t make it look cluttered or tiny. Add to that the white walls, floor tiles and matching fixtures and you get a super breezy and welcoming decor. You can find more details on younghouselove.

DIY Bathroom Shelving

View in gallery

How about making something for your bathroom yourself? It’s easier than you think. You could make a custom shelf or shelving unit for the space above the toilet and all you’d need would be a few pieces of wood and some basic tools. Display something cute and friendly on the shelves, something that would make the bathroom feel more inviting and comfortable. Check out mccarterfamilyblog for inspiration.

The Rustic Look

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Here’s the same idea we mentioned earlier: a vanity which extends above the toilet tank to form a shelf. In this case there are also more shelves above this one and they hold labeled storage boxes. It’s a really great way to take full advantage of a small bathroom. The design was featured on martysmusings so head over there if you need more details or if you’re looking for more inspiring ideas that can make your home more beautiful.

Live Edge Shelf

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If you want to make some shelves yourself, one of the easiest methods is to use metal pipes and reclaimed wood. It’s so simple anyone can do it and that makes this the perfect DIY project for beginners. So how about it? Ready to give your bathroom a makeover? This sort of shelves would also look good in spaces like the kitchen, hallway or even the living room. Check out all the details on houseofhawthornes.

Think Outside the Box

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Last but not least, a very cool project coming from hello-hayley. It shown how you can take advantage of the empty space above your toilet by making a rustic-industrial shelf that lets you organize items in baskets and boxes or display items on the surface at the top. There are also hooks so you can hang hand towels or other things including decorations.  These ornamental letters seem pretty nice but you can definitely come up with other original ideas that suit your bathroom even better.

Available on the market and ready to use

The Ringgold

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In a small bathroom it’s best to keep things simple so consider a storage unit such as this one. The Ringgoldis a freestanding over-the-toilet set of shelves with a sleek and thin metal frame that takes up minimal space and is designed to fit over the water tank and leave enough room to access it for maintenance and repairs. It gives you three open shelves on which to store things like towels, extra toilet paper rolls, tissues and various other supplies.

The Carruthers

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The Carruthersover the toilet shelf is even simpler and smaller. It’s a single shelf which gives you a small surface to place a few items on, similar to a tall and narrow console. It’s useful for storing various bathroom essentials within reach or for displaying a small planter, a vase or other decorative items. The design is clean and very simple and since this is not a very tall unit you can still add more accessories above it.

The Roberts

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The Robertsunit is great if you want to have both open and closed storage options in your bathroom. This freestanding unit includes an open shelf and two large modules inside the top section, behind closed doors. It’s made of manufactured wood with a white finish and has glass panel doors for a bit of traditional charm and classic elegance.

The Ashland Storage Unit

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A similar combination of storage compartments is featured by the Ashland storage unit. This one has a fresh and versatile design with beadboard detailing on the doors and an open storage module at the bottom for easy access to various essentials. This can also be a good display shelf for small decorations, a nice way to make the bathroom feel more welcoming without wasting space.

X Frame Design

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Simplicity can take many different forms and, on that note, there are lots of over-the-toilet storage units that are simple and practical in their own ways. This one has a stylish X frame design with two big open shelf areas and another flat surface on top. It measures 63.78” H x 25.98” W x 8.46” Dand it’s designed to fit on top of a classic toilet and to offer convenient extra storage without being in the way.

The Hostchon

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Here’s another similar piece, this time with a leading ladder design that gives it character and makes it look a bit more casual and stylish compared to other models. The Hoschtontiered unit can help you keep the clutter at bay in your bathroom by offering three shelves above the toilet on which to keep towels and toiletries. This frees up the counter and other areas of the bathroom and makes the space more organized.

The Somerset

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Like every other unit we mentioned so far, the Somersetis designed to take advantage of a space that’s typically left empty and unused in the bathroom, the space above the toilet. It’s a particularly useful addition to small bathroom where there’s very limited storage space. This unit lets you expand your storage without sacrificing floor space. It’s made of manufactured wood with a white or a gray finish and has a simple and versatile design.

The Ayden

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Although white is the best color for small spaces, it’s also great to add some warmth to the décor which brings us to the Aydenstorage unit. It’s crafted from solid bamboo which gives it this beautiful natural wood tone. The unit consists of an open bottom section that raises it over the toilet and two slatted doors that open to reveal three shelves.

The Foxborough

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The Foxborough storage unit has a slender metal frame with a black finish which gives it a big of an industrial appearance. In combination with the solid wood and glass doors it has a really nice retro look which adds warmth and elegance to the bathroom. The chocolate brown finish is beautiful and easy to pair with a variety of colors and decors.

The Eleanor

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The Eleanorstorage cabinet is a really great fit for small bathrooms and powder rooms because it’s very compact, has a simple and versatile design and despite its small size it’s packed with lots of hidden storage spaces and features. It has built-in holders for toilet paper rolls, side doors that reveal nooks where you can store toiletries and bathroom essentials and a pull-down shelf at the top.

The Cadell

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It’s entirely possible to have very little space around the toilet, even for many of the compact over-the-toilet cabinets mentioned above. Metal units such as the Cadellhave an advantage in this case. They can be very thin and slender which allows you to save even more space. This one is made from heavy-duty enamel-coated steel and has two open shelves. It’s rust-resistant, simple and convenient.

The Diane Module

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In case you’re looking for an over-the-toilet storage unit with a more traditional design, something better-suited for a retro interior, check out the Dianemodule. It’s crafted from manufactured wood with an ash gray finish and has an open shelf at the bottom which is divided into two modules and a cabinet with two more shelves and ornate doors right above it. The glass panel doors are what really sells this design.

Sours: https://www.homedit.com/over-the-toilet-shelves/

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