90 degree angle impact driver

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Degree Impact Wrench, Tool Only

Engineered and designed by Klein Tools in the USA, the patent pending design of the Degree Impact Wrench provides a better, more ergonomic way to fasten in the field. The right angle on this tool allows the user to reach around a utility pole easier for better access with less fatigue. Up to ft-lb of max torque for driving fasteners into wood, metal and concrete. It features a variable speed trigger and a variety of square drives (/8-Inch, 1-Inch, 13/Inch and 3/4-Inch).



Impact Fastening

Special Features:

Powered by DeWALT 20V Lithium-ion Batteries

Overall Length:

'' (18 cm)

Overall Height:

'' (47 cm)

Overall Width:

'' (11 cm)

Drive Size:

/8'', 1'', 13/16'', 3/4'' Square

Impacts per Minute:

0 -

Torque Rating:

ft-lbs Torque



Sours: https://www.kleintools.com/catalog/impact-tools/degree-impact-wrench-tool-only

M12 FUEL™ 3/8" Right Angle Impact Wrench w/ Friction Ring (Bare tool)

Our M12 FUEL™ 3/8" Right Angle Impact Wrench w/ Friction Ring is the industry's most powerful right angle impact wrench. You’ll be able to easily remove stubborn bolts and fasteners with up to ft-lbs. of nut-busting torque without kickback. This cordless right angle impact wrench also gives you maximum access with ultimate control in hard to reach applications. Our durable cordless impact wrench easily fits into tighter spaces than traditional pistol-grip impact wrenches with a profile head of only ”.This allows you to be more productive by decreasing your need for socket extensions often used with pistol-grip impact tools. The 4-Mode Drive Control delivers unmatched control in various fastening and bolt removal applications. Modes provide RPM and IPM adjustments for maximum precision, and Mode 4 is equipped with Auto Shut-off in forward and Bolt Removal Mode in reverse. Our Auto Shut-off Mode will prevent over-tightening of bolts by applying no more than 15 ft-lbs. of torque. Bolt Removal Mode provides more control by drastically slowing down RPMs once the bolt is loosened. The REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence ensures you achieve maximum performance and protection against overloads, over-heating, and over-discharge. This cordless ⅜” impact wrench is powered by MILWAUKEE® M12™ REDLITHIUM™ Battery Packs (not included), which are compatible with all M12™ tools, delivering more work per charge and more work over the life of the pack.

Sours: https://www.milwaukeetool.com/Products/Power-Tools/Fastening/Impact-Wrenches/
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Skil 12V Right Angle Impact Driver Sets Performance Benchmark at a Budget-Friendly Price

Right angle impact drivers aren&#;t as popular as their standard counterparts, but they&#;re invaluable in tight quarters. The Skil 12V right angle impact driver is part of the brand&#;s PWRCore 12 system using that uses a brushless motor to power home hard-to-reach fasteners.


  • Higher speed and torque than Makita and Milwaukee
  • Accepts 1&#; hex shank bits to keep the head length down
  • LED halo eliminates shadows leaking into your field of view
  • Outstanding value ($ kit)
  • Kit price includes PWRJump charger upgrade


  • A little heavier than premium brands
  • Head length is a little longer than premium brands


Against premium brands like Makita and Milwaukee, the brushless 12V Skil right angle impact driver has a significant performance advantage. The trade-off is that it&#;s a bit heavier and the head isn&#;t as compact. However, its price is so much lower, that it&#;s bound to get the attention of both Pros and DIYers.


On paper, Skil boasts RPM with in-lbs of torque and IPM. Compared to traditional impact drivers, even on the 12V side, those aren&#;t mind-blowing.

Keep in mind that the right angle version doesn&#;t need the same kind of power and speed thanks to the limitations of fastening in tight space. It&#;s harder to keep the bit engaged when you can&#;t put as much force directly behind it. With too much power and speed, you end up camming out screw heads.

With that in mind, let&#;s take a quick look at one of the industry&#;s 12V cordless leaders, Milwaukee. Their M12 right angle impact driver () specs RPM, in-lbs of torque, and IPM. Skil outpaces it on each one of those categories!

A quick look at other names like Makita and Ridgid tell us that their 12V models have much lower figures as well. Does that make Skil the fastest and most powerful right angle impact driver available?

It certainly looks like it at this stage.

When it comes to getting into that tight space, you can use 1&#; hex bits to minimize the total head length. The head itself is &#;, making it a bit longer than its premium competition but much shorter than any traditional impact driver.

Feature Set

Paddle Trigger

The Skil 12V right angle impact driver has a variable speed paddle trigger that&#;s just short of 4&#; long. With a small choil near the bottom of it, you have an effective grip from the base up to about the middle of the tool. Moving much higher toward the head makes it tough to hold down and nearly impossible to feather. But that&#;s the nature of a paddle trigger.

The advantage of having so much wiggle room on your grip is that you can get your hand out of the way when you need a longer reach. When you don&#;t need as much, you can shift your hand higher and get more stable bit engagement.

Battery and Charger

With the Skil RI kit, you get a Ah battery and PWRJump charger. On the battery side, it&#;s a PWRAssist design with a USB port you can use to charge other devices.

The PWRJump charger also has a USB charging port. The bigger deal is the quick charging, going from 0%–25% in 5 minutes and fully charging the Ah battery in 45 minutes.

LED Halo

We love Skil&#;s LED halo design. It takes all the benefits of an LED ring around the chuck and tightens it up even more to nearly eliminate shadows. The only one you see is created by the collet in the middle.

Additional Features

  • 1/4&#; hex collet &#; no one-hand insert or spring ejection
  • Bit holder
  • Belt hook &#; left side install
  • Forward/lock/reverse switch


As a bare tool, the Skil 12V right angle impact driver weighs pounds and pounds with a Ah battery. That&#;s a little heavier than Milwaukee and Makita. For me, it&#;s a trade-off worth making for the performance and price gains.


You can get the brushless Skil 12V right angle drill as a kit with a Ah battery and PWRJump charger for $ Milwaukee&#;s kit is $ and Makita&#;s is a few dollars more. Ridgid&#;s Jobmax is around $ by the time to buy the basic kit and add the right angle impact head.

If you already have Skil 12V batteries, you can pick up the bare tool for $

Considering Skil&#;s performance gains and its 5-year warranty, it&#;s a very tempting price.


The Bottom Line

Against premium brands like Makita and Milwaukee, the brushless 12V Skil right angle impact driver has a significant performance advantage. The trade-off is that it&#;s a bit heavier and the head isn&#;t as compact. However, its price is so much lower, that it&#;s bound to get the attention of both Pros and DIYers.

Skil 12V Right Angle Impact Driver Specifications

  • Model: Skil RI (PWRJump Charger Kit)
  • Power Source: Skil PWRCore 12 battery (12V)
  • Chuck: 1/4&#; hex
  • Speed: 0 &#; RPM
  • Torque: in-lbs
  • Impact Rate: IPM
  • Weight:  lbs (  with Ah battery)
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Price: $
Shop Amazon
Sours: https://www.protoolreviews.com/tools/power/cordless/drills-drivers-cordless/skilv-right-angle-impact-driver-pwrcore-brushless-review//

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Impact driver 90 degree angle

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DeWalt Right Angle Adapter for Drill or Impact Driver

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