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Rated with 1 star
Rebecca of Farmington, MI Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2021

My fiancé and I went to California. We rented a car from Fox at LAX. We drove the car to Bakersfield, CA. That night our catalytic converter was stolen off of our rental. We called the company, and they were wonderful about bringing us a new rental (brought us a new rental from LAX and towed the broken car back), and we were assured that we would NOT have to pay for the tow. We used my insurance to take care of the repair, and went on our merry way. We had to pay a $350 “administrative fee” that our insurance didn’t cover, and were told the claim was closed. Now we received a bill for $818.00 for the tow. I called the company and was told there were no notes about FOX paying for the tow in the account, and the “quality assurance” tapes were no longer available; we were required to pay the money or be sent to collections. Well, want to fight this on the principle.

It is absolutely unacceptable to say something is covered, and then charge for the service. The dishonesty of FOX is absurd, and I caution anyone to EVER use this company. I am disgusted with how wrong this is. Dishonest and shady business practice should NOT be rewarded with new business. Now our account is in collections, and will ding our credit report, and we have to hire a lawyer if we want to fight this. Yes, it would be easier to just pay the bill, but how is that right? For your own safety and sanity, do NOT use FOX Rental. Thank you for reading.

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Rated with 1 star
Douglas of Salt Lake City, UT Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 8, 2021

I came to Denver to see the Broncos play at Mile High Stadium and rented a car from Fox Rental Cars. When I rented on line the cost emailed to me was $113.15 for 2 days which sounded reasonable. After I arrived at Denver International Airport, I noticed the other rental car company shuttles coming and going several times before a small Fox shuttle arrived - it was packed. We arrived at the nearby Fox Car Rental agency, and the lines were long, and there were not enough customer representatives, leading to another 1/2 hour delay. When I talked with an Agent they asked me if I wanted to purchase car insurance, but I said "No, I am covered by my State Farm insurance," yet I found out later I was charged $25.99 for insurance I didn't need.

The agent asked where I was going, and said she could pre-pay my toll roads for the toll road to Boulder, Co. where I wanted to visit a relative. I said yes, but she didn't tell me I would be charged over $25 for $9 in tolls. I told her I was traveling back to the airport from Denver, so I didn't need a 2nd group of tolls paid, but she charged me for a 2nd use of toll roads I never used, so I spent > $50 for $9 of toll roads. The Agent instructed me not to fill the car with gas "Bring it back as close to empty as you can." Fox Rental Car then charged me $7.99 a gallon for gas, plus all the airport taxes! Also, the Agent made me sign a "Deposit" for my rental car of $400. I have rented cars for decades and have never had to leave that kind of deposit (fortunately the deposit was returned).

The deposit should have been requested when I rented the car on-line. I had no choice. The car I rented was a bit worn out, 60,000 miles of wear and tear. My final bill was not the estimated $113.15 I was sent by Fox Rental Car, but instead was $232.54. Highway robbery. At least the guy who checked me in was friendly and communicated well - however, he said he didn't have the equipment to hand me a bill. "We will send a receipt to your email." So, I had no way to know I was getting ripped off.

I got on the Fox Rental Car website and sent a complaint to their Customer Service Department, but never got a reply of any kind - I waited 10 days. Even a "We are working on it" would have been nice. My guess is they do this to hundreds of people and just ignore complaints. You feel pressured in front of the agent because of the long lines and all the people waiting behind you, and a need to get going (in my case, a 1.5 day vacation).

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Rated with 1 star
Matthew of Milton, DE Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 1, 2021

We booked this company because it the price was right for what we were looking for. When we arrive, we find that there are already a few hundred dollars of additional fees. We were advised to bring the car back there because they only charge $3.50 a gallon. However, we find out we were already charged $160 right off the bat, and then additional after we dropped off.

Collecting the vehicle, the car was missing pieces, had dents and scratches. We didn't have enough room on the form to fill in all the issues. So, we had to take a video to document entire vehicle to keep from them taking our deposit. We had almost a half a tank when we dropped off, they said we only had 1/8th of a tank. When we dropped off they tell you to keep vehicle running. There was a long line of returned vehicles, all running. We had also used one credit card we didn't intend to use, that they advised we could pay with the debit card when we returned. They just still just charged the credit card. We had to fight to get our deposit back, as well as send proof that we put gas in the car. I'm still waiting for them to credit us back. Stay away. You have been warned!

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Rated with 1 star
E. of Brooklyn, NY Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 27, 2021

When I arrived to pick up the car I did not expect my wait would be a little over two hours. It is normal to expect people to wait in line but people were agitated because they were not communicated with regarding why there was an apparent delay. Just before I was finally called to see a representative an announcement was made: "If you are more than two-hours late I don't have a car for you."' I feel like the message could have been communicated differently and not in an unprofessional manner. I was thoroughly upset and I started to really come out of character and cuss the manager out. Fox Rental Car company deserves a star and a half for poor customer service.

Rated with 1 star
Tom of Schenectady, NY Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 24, 2021

Don't book with them. There are so many charges once you go to pick up your car. I was charged for a full tank of gas when I used less than half. They charged me $12/day to use a toll pass and told me it's the only way to our destination. Lies. Read the other 1 star reviews. I have have a very hard time believing any of the the good reviews for this company. Go on their Facebook, you'll see. Garbage all the way.

Rated with 1 star
Mark of Kansas City, MO Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 22, 2021

Confirmed car from Fox for $277.94. Got reservation details. Told Victoria at counter did not need ATS which means Sun Pass to cross causeway going to Captiva FL, told her to send to my house like last year on how many time I used. She charged me 10 days $119.90! for a grand total $413.71 for entire rental.

Rated with 1 star
Jay of Phoenix, AZ Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 16, 2021

In my last trip to Seattle, My rental car has been scratched by another vehicle in the parking lot while I was out for lunch. I report the accident to Fox and my credit card company. Later Fox emailed me. Says the amount is short. They will not accept the offer from Credit card Company. I checked with my credit card company. They said they are in the negotiation process and never had response from Fox. I emailed fox to let them talk to credit card company but they keep sending me the response and never reply to the credit card company. In the final email, I said I don't have the ability to make offer. Any negotiation should reply to credit card company directly. And Fox threaten me and send me a 14 day notice to have me pay the price otherwise they will turn me to collection agency. That is how they treat Customer. NEVER USE FOX CAR RENTAL IN MY LIFE.

Rated with 1 star
Anthony of Houston, TX Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2021

While in Miami had a reservation that the off airport site could not locate. Shuttle driver was playing his “personal music list” LOUD over the shuttle radio.. Gave my driver license for them to check for my reservation and they still couldn’t find it. Finally took the shuttle back to the airport to rent from a national known rental car company after I realized most other customers there were having same problem. Don’t waste your time.

Rated with 1 star
Wilfredo of Albuquerque, NM Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 9, 2021

They tried to sell me on toll charges and cheaper gas, I said no and they still charged me. Wow. Customer service didn't help. Credit card dispute in process. Ridiculous company, seems like the representatives are getting commission. I just wanted a vehicle to drive, geez.

Rated with 1 star
Jen of Chicago, IL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 6, 2021

We rented a car in Tampa, but due to hurricane our flight was cancelled & airport closed. Called Fox & they said we were responsible for car rental fees. We offered to switch rental to another city we could fly into, they refused & we got stuck paying for car we literally could not get to. Would NEVER use this company.




Crooks.. Their business MO is to charge you for things you dont need. We reserved a car through priceline and were told it would be 492.00 for the week. When we left the rental lot my CC was charged $1000.00. when the clerk presented me with the rental agreement he told me there would be 2 pages where i would be required to initial. (this is on an electronic device, you couldnt even read what you initial.) however i had to go through 6 screens for initials. I was then handed the rental agreement that did not list or itemize any of my charges. I then called the office and asked for an itemized list of charges and they would not give them to me. I was told they could not refund anything until i returned the car. when i returned the car i was told i would be emailed a copy of the charges. I still have not recieved that. DO NOT RENT FROM FOX. I do not know how they have ANY 5 star reviews unless they paid for them. all of the 1 stars are from people who had experiences nearly identical to ours.

Karl von Bahnhof

Do not rent from these fraudsters

Do not rent from these fraudsters. They show a low price on the internet and when you show up to pick the car up they will force you to take their overpriced insurance. I reserved a car in Mexico City and when I showed up they tried to force me to pay for extra insurance. I walked out from these fraudsters and rented somewhere else. Please do the same to save yourself the headache.

Reply from Fox Rent a Car

I am very sorry that you did not have a good experience with the affiliate locaiton in Mexico City. Insurance requirements are posted in the rental policies when booking.

Marjorie Millan

Guys please believe all the bad reviews…

Guys please believe all the bad reviews and do not rent from this company. If I can give them 0 rating, I would. They are a scam, rented a car for 2 days from and was expecting to pay only $80+. I ended up paying $230+ and the lady in the counter even said she saved me $150 because I was returning the car early. Totally absurd.

Reply from Fox Rent a Car

We would be happy to have an agent review the rental charges and signed rental agreement for you. Please contact us at [email protected]

Rebecca Chinn

Dishonest business practices and charges

My fiancé and I went to California. We rented a car from Fox at LAX. We drove the car to Bakersfield, CA. That night our catalytic converter was stolen off of our rental. We called the company, and they were wonderful about bringing us a new rental (brought us a new rental from LAX and towed the broken car back), and we were assured that we would NOT have to pay for the tow. We used my insurance to take care of the repair, and went on our merry way. We had to pay a $350 “administrative fee” that our insurance didn’t cover, and were told the claim was closed. Now we received a bill for $818.00 for the tow. I called the company and was told there were no notes about FOX paying for the tow in the account, and the “quality assurance” tapes were no longer available; we are required to pay the money or be sent to collections. Well, we want to fight this on the principle. It is absolutely unacceptable to say something is covered, and then charge for the service. The dishonesty of FOX is absurd, and I caution anyone to EVER use this company. I am disgusted with how wrong this is. Dishonest and shady business practice should NOT be rewarded with new business. Now our account is in collections, and will ding our credit report, and we have to hire a lawyer if we want to fight this. Yes, it would be easier to just pay the bill, but how is that right? For your own safety and sanity, do NOT use FOX Rental. Thank you for reading.

Reply from Fox Rent a Car

I am very sorry that there was an issue, I am sure that the claims department would be happy to assist you. Please contact them at [email protected]


Larry Markham

Bait and switch

I rented a car from Fox through Expedia more than three months in advance. I took full collision coverage and road side assistance and paid in full. Once I returned the car Fox charged my credit card an additional $476.86.

Reply from Fox Rent a Car

I am showing that all items charged were signed for on your signed rental agreement. We would be happy to have a billing agent assist you with your concerns. Please contact [email protected]

Rita Carvajal

Just one star...

I gave a one star because unable to give less to the company itself. Read the reviews about hidden fees and extra charges and said I would be careful it would not happen to me but it does not matter-they are professionally trained.
Just do not waste your time going there. At the end of the day you pay more than any other rental agencies and on top of that probably have to take a shuttle/bus to go get your rental.

Reply from Fox Rent a Car

Our billing department would be happy to review your rental charges and signed rental agreement with you. Please contact them at [email protected]

Connie Webber


NEVER RENTED FROM FOX. Rented a car from Fox using a debt card as the web site said they honored debts. Got to Fort Lauderdale to pick up our already booked and paid for and the lady told us they stopped using debt cards last week!! thank God the nice gentleman at Avis helped us. Never going through fox again!!

Reply from Fox Rent a Car

I apologize for the inconvenience Connie. Fox does not accept debit cards for pick up - you must present a major credit card to pick up the vehicle. We are happy to accept a debit card for payment when you return the vehicle should you wish to do so.

Worst experience with a rental

Worst experience with a rental. So many hidden fees when you get to the counter to pick up your car. Don't do business with them.

Reply from Fox Rent a Car

I am very sorry that you were not pleased with your rental experience. We would be happy to have a billing agent review your charges with you. Please email [email protected]


Will never use again.

Will never use again! Customer Service from Management was unacceptable. I rented a car from SFO which is inconveniently OFF SITE of the airport, realised after stepping off the shuttle van that I had left my prescription sunglasses on the passenger seat back at FOX. I rang immediately and got no reply to Lost and Found - if it had been on the SFO location I could've retrieved them but FOX is 3 miles away and I couldn't walk there to retrieve and make my flight. I emailed and someone finally replied asking what they looked like. I sent a precise photo and then no reply. I had to chase down only for a terse, unprofessional reply from the manager that the car had been returned without any sunglasses. I do not understand how any employee who got in the car to at least inspect it, let alone clean it, did not notice a pair of sunglasses on the seat. Do they not even look in their cars before they send them back out again to the next car rental? He never responded again to my query. These were prescription glasses, not designer and only useful for myself and cost a great deal as they were transition and brand new. I would've paid any postage to have them return rather than shell out another $500 for new glasses. Disgusted by management. I was willing to give them a chance even though I was not informed whatsoever that they were based off site and you had to search to find them. But learned a lesson about hiring a cheap car rental.

Reply from Fox Rent a Car

I am very sorry that they were unable to locate your glasses - we do our best to locate any lost items once reported. Thank you for sharing your feedback as we are always looking to improve.

Laura Ann Maressa

Check your tires!!! Could save your life

Let me start by saying I have rented from fox many times and have never been disappointed . I rented this car and feel very lucky I’m alive to email
and complain. I came here for work on Friday Sept 10. I didn’t want the charger , but it was the only car available . I was driving back from Murrieta , decided to stop and get gas. I was on a side street about 830pm on Sept 14. I heard a huge pop . Within seconds tire pressure gauge appeared and tire was at 18 and quickly went to 12, 9,6 . I pulled over to a lot and it was 2. I called 3 times and waited til 11pm
The first girl was ok. The second one, Chris RUDE. ARGUMENTATIVE is an understatement . He argued my wait time. He argued about where I was . How I could still drive on the donut 92 miles to airport til 1230 . They wouldn’t let me call USAA. He argued I needed to buy a tire. Now remember no service even came. How I should get a hotel. He had not a clue about anything. I’m in the dark at 11pm during covid with no traffic nothing open with them telling me how by busy they were calling this “3rd party”
He was absolutely the most ignorant non understanding customer I’ve ever spoke to.

I called again. This lady she was not as bad but not helpful. At this point im angry. Luckily an oreily delivery driver stopped to help. The jack we had was bent . I expected to see a tire with road debris . No. Instead I saw a BALD, CRACKED tire plugged multiple times not fit for the road. I thank God it didn’t happen at a high speed. I truly appreciate the swapping of cars at 3am rather than further wasting my work time the next day as well . I can’t help but wonder the reason was only because the service records were seen at this point and they knew I had bad dangerous tires it’s obvious the plug popped inside . This car should
never have been on the road.

This is what I want. $839 refund today. If I don’t see the refund I will pursue it legally for extreme negligence as well it was traumatizing to myself and my daughter. Ive already spoken to my local personal Injury lawyer who is also my client .

Please Advise ASAP when refund will be appearing.
This is a serious issue and while it’s not known to customer service or the desk with handing out cars your service tech should be fired and your roadside team as well!

Reply from Fox Rent a Car

I am very sorry that you had a mechanical issue with the vehicle. Please email [email protected] for assistance.

Debbie Weber


Well, I'm currently waiting on the customer service line, have been transferred twice and its going on an hour.
They charged me for a full tank of gas at 126.00, when in fact we filled the tank up at 6 miles left to the car rental. I also had some 12.15 reoccurring charge???
After Norman checked the car, I asked for the receipt he stated you will get an email and any refunds come 24 to 48 hours later...never said a word about the gas charge and I don't remember signing anything. The refund comment sounded strange, so
at the airport got the email with the extra charge of over 126.00 for the 7.99 a gallon. Really? so I returned a rental car with a completely empty tank??? Well I have the debit charge to prove the fill up
I was to pay 307, ended up being charged 469.
Still on hold....going to call the credit card company and dispute the charge....this is ridiculous.
Update they will reimburse me the tank of gas once I showed the receipts, so they say, no word on the 12.15 yet.
Got the refund, David from fox very helpful.
Always use credit card for gas to b prove you filled up.

Reply from Fox Rent a Car

I apologize that there is an error on your bill, if you need assistance please email [email protected]

Worst experience ever renting a Car!!

Worst experience ever renting a Car!!! DO NOT RENT HERE! STAY AWAY! We booked an inexpensive SUV. At airport LAX, we waited for over 25 mins for a van to pick us up. Only one van compared to 8 to 10 of Hertz, Avis, and others. At the counter we were deceived (buyer beware) into spending $20 more per day for vehicle. You can't read the fine print on their small screen (while initialing on the small screen) with a line of people behind you. The fine print cost us over $850 for seven days of rental. The "upgrade" SUV had over 40,000 miles on it. It was a dangerous vehicle. The Jeep Wrangler went into what is called a "Death Wobble" while on the highway at 65 miles per hour. Avoid FOX Car Rentals at every cost.

Reply from Fox Rent a Car

I am very sorry that you were not pleased with your rental experience. We thank you for your feedback as we work to make improvements.



Booked car got confirmation for 277.94 had all the taxes listed .made reservation . ok thought it would be close to 300.00 all said and done .had 25%off still dont think that happened. told victoria did not want 10 days of ATS that means Sun pass.Told her i didnt want just what i used .she did not listen.cost$119.90 Total Cost for trip $413.71 ! WOW .Not the way you do business .Beware of Victoria.

Reply from Fox Rent a Car

I am very sorry you had trouble with your rental. ATS cannot be added for certain days only, but if you wish to dispute a charge please contact us at [email protected]

Will Thalheimer


Arriving in Reykjavik Iceland, we got to the Fox Car Rental (run by Atak Rental Cars apparently), and after we got to the rental counter, it took them FOUR HOURS to get us a car. EVERYONE ELSE was waiting many hours as well. UNACCEPTABLE!

Reply from Fox Rent a Car

I am very sorry that you had trouble with the affiliate in Iceland. Thank you for sharing your concerns, we will be certain to share that info with the affiliate department.

rented a car thought Travelocity for…

rented a car thought Travelocity for Puerto Vallarta and also purchased additional insurance. Upon arriving they said they would not accept the insurance thought Travelocity and wanted to put a hold of $1300 on my credit card... when I complained... they dropped the price to $700. My girlfriend wanted the car so we have on but when when on their website later, it appears I could have paid for insurance for $25 a day. What a scam.

Oh and this entire ordeal took over an hour.


Reply from Fox Rent a Car

I am very sorry that you had trouble at the affiliate location in Puerto Vallarta. Their rental policies do state that you must provide them with a written document of the coverage you purchase elsewhere, but we appreciate you sharing your concerns with us.

Elizabeth Fletcher

Great experience

Great experience. Was skeptical due to all the negative reviews but the price was great. Rented in Seattle and from the first contact with Sierra the last when we returned the car with Marisol, I couldn’t have been happier. Car was great and the entire experience couldn’t have been better. Will definitely rent from Fox again.


This place is a scam

This place is a scam. They charge you less so they get you in the car, but they charge you fees that equal more than the cost of the car once you've paid and are on your way. The fine print will say this, but only if you sit there and read for an hour while people wait for you. I didn't take offer to pay $18 a day for tolls since I would only go through 4 ($7 over 6 days). I was very surprised when Fox Rentals sent me an additional bill for $67.03 of which $7.03 was for the tolls and the rest were their administration fee. Don't go here. They will scam you into getting more than the other non budget cars.

Reply from Fox Rent a Car

Tolls are billed by our partner American Traffic Solutions, if you should have a question regarding the toll charges please contact them at 855-571-5137.
Thank you.

We picked up the car in Denver

We picked up the car in Denver, and first problem is it took more than 25 minutes for the shuttle to come. Everyone other company had 4-8 shuttles pass, before we saw 2 fox shuttles together. Then we got a car with over 65,000 miles on it. I had never been in a rental with so many miles.

Reply from Fox Rent a Car

I am very sorry that you were not satisfied with your rental experience, thank you for sharing your concerns so that we may work on making improvements.

Michael valvo

I rented my car at Fox rental car…

I rented my car at Fox rental car through Expedia. My agreement with Expedia was $485 for Premier SUV for 11 days. I live in New Jersey I was flying to LAX. When I arrived at Fox rental at LAX airport (1:20) my pick up time through Expedia was for 12 PM, There is a three hour window. Hold on because here it comes, Fox rental had 10 AM. Which put me outside of that three hour window according to fox rental. They did not have my agreed-upon vehicle and I was forced to rent a Dodge Caravan for a much higher rate!!!! I believe when they realized I had a vehicle for $485 for 11 days they quickly decided to rent my SUV for much more than my agreement. Getting in touch with them is impossible even my credit card Company capital one ( fraudulent BLEEP that they are…. I canceled my current capital one cards by the way) Could not get in touch with them. I wrote customer service a few days after I returned home from my vacation which was approximately two months ago.Do not rent from Fox Rent-A-Car is the bottom line they suck and they are underhanded and not trustworthy.

in response to Fox rentals reply… they should post a phone number that I can call and that someone answers the phone. I have called many many times and my credit card company has called many many times and no one ever answers. They should definitely try to get in touch with me directly to correct the horrible business!!
Fox rental has my name they should be able to look at my invoice up and get in touch with me.

Reply from Fox Rent a Car

I am very sorry that you had trouble at pick up - Fox Rent a Car would use the time entered by your booking company and would hold that reservation for 3 hours from that time. I do apologize for the inconveninece you encountered and thank you for your feedback as we work to make improvements.


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Bridget B. on Birdeye

a year ago

07/22/2020, 14:05 PM

After reading so many bad reviews I was worried about what would happen when we picked up and returned our car. We arrived at MCO Airport and was quickly shuttled to Fox to pick up our car. The wait was a little long as they only had one man at the counter, but he did a great job. He did keep telling us not to fill the car up when we returned it because he could get the gas cheaper, but we filled it up before returning. When we went in to return the car a gentleman was out there and checked the car over before we left to be shuttled back to the airport. The service was great and all the fears that I had of renting from them turned into a great feeling. I did however stop at CVS across the street and buy a transponder for our car for toll roads, I filled the tank before returning since so many people had said they were over charged for these items. Use common sense and do what you feel is best. I would also say that I had asked for a car that would seat 7 and it did have seven seats, but by the time we put our luggage in the back the two seats had to be put down and were of no use that could have been a problem if the other two people had come with us as we thought, but since they didn't it was ok so please make sure you know what kind of car you could be getting as I didn't know much about the cars they showed and had no idea that a Rav4 didn't really have a trunk.

Fox Rent A Car Review - Rental Cars - Lied about issuing a refund (by Ameya of San Jose, CA)

The Worst Rental Car Agencies

01of 07

ACE Rent A Car

Founded in 1966 and headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, ACE Rent A Car was once the top-ranked rental car companies in the United States by J.D. Power. The company earned the top spot in the 2011 industry survey, followed by earning placement among J.D. Power’s Customer Service Champions in the next year.

Since then, travelers have been critical about their experiences with their 300 affiliated locations across the United States, naming them one of the worst rental car agencies. From 2016 onward, ACE was not rated by J.D. Power, along with several other companies appearing on this list.

In the ​reviews left at Consumer Affairs, many focus on the condition of the cars. Travelers claim their automobiles were dirty, “in poor shape,” or with outdated GPS equipment. Another common complaint focused on hidden fees, including automatic daily fees for tolls.

Before accepting a rental car, travelers should first understand all of the potential fees they could be responsible for absorbing. Before agreeing to initial anything on a paper or digital system, have the agreement explained, and be sure to ask about all other options. Finally, request a printed estimate of all charges and fees, in order to understand your agreement and how items are being added to the rental car total. 

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Advantage Rent A Car

Often associated with the lowest prices for rental cars, Advantage Rent A Car is one of the worst car rental companies as rated by customers on Consumer Affairs. Additionally, the consumer complaints on Better Business Bureau gave this rental car company an average one star rating.

Among the most common complaints against Advantage Rent A Car is the addition of collision damage waiver (CDW) fees without proper explanation to the customer. Many customers claim they verbally requested to decline CDW policies because their credit cards or travel insurance policies cover damages or loss to rental cars, just to have it added later. When it comes to signing the agreement, travelers accuse the agents of misrepresenting approvals or denials, resulting in additional charges. 

Before signing any agreement, travelers need to understand what charges are added to their account, as well as what travel insurance will and will not cover. While there are some situations where travelers may be forced to purchase additional insurance, most domestic itineraries will be covered through many other means. If a desk agent is being too aggressive in having a deal signed, ask to either slow down or speak with a supervisor to clarify any situation. 

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Fox Rent A Car

Another “low cost” rental car company, Fox Rent A Car advertises cars available for as low as $10 per day, or deeper discounts through other prepaid reservation websites. Despite their position as one of the largest rental car companies in the United States, many travelers have expressed their dissatisfaction with Fox as one of the worst rental car agencies.

Of the many negative ratings attributing to the one-star Consumer Reports rating, the most common complaint against Fox Rent A Car focuses on hidden fees and deposits for insurance, tolls, and second drivers. One traveler complained Fox kept a deposit for second drivers while another claimed they were charged for an alleged cracked windshield, which they say was never cracked in the first place.

Travelers who are suspicious of the condition of their vehicle should document everything during contract acceptance. This includes taking time-stamped pictures of the vehicle that note any pre-existing damage. All damages should be submitted in writing on the rental agreement with verification from an employee as failure to do so could result in costly claims and a long consumer complaint battle. 

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Payless Car Rental

The last of the rental car companies not ranked by J.D. Power, Payless Car Rental offers travelers low prices on cars in the United States and Europe. As many travelers have learned, the other side of those low prices often come in hidden fees and pressure to pre-pay for gas at the rental counter, which makes them one of the worst international rental car agencies.

The most common complaint in the reviews left at Consumer Affairs revolved around purchasing additional insurance or pre-paying for fuel. Some complain they were told they would get a better deal in buying gas from the rental car counter and would only be charged for what they used. Instead, those travelers say they were charged for a full tank of fuel at a higher price than at gas stations outside the rental locations.

Although pre-paying for gas can be a tempting offer, experts say avoid this at all costs. Travelers who want to ensure they don’t get charged for extra gas should refuel within 10 miles of the rental car return, and keep a copy of the receipt as proof they filled up on fuel prior to their return. 

Continue to 5 of 7 below.

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Dollar and Thrifty Car Rental

Combined through a purchase by Chrysler, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group represented J.D. Power’s two worst rated rental car agencies in 2016 but have improved slightly above Budget in 2019's rankings.

In 2016, Thrifty earned a score of 764 while Dollar only scored 774—both below the industry average of 804—but in 2019, Thrifty scored 831, Dollar scored 826, and the industry average rose to 839.

The most common complaint among the ratings on the Consumer Affairs website is the handling of toll roads. Travelers who rented with Dollar or Thrifty say they were talked into paying a daily fee for toll transponders. In truth, many of those roads offered cash lanes, despite the desk agent’s insistence they did not and warnings of fines for every toll road infraction.

When planning for a trip, the smart traveler should consider every part of their route so they can understand what tolls they might encounter on their trip. While renting a transponder may be easier for those who are frequenting toll roads, it may not be the only option available to the frugal traveler. 

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In numerous reviews, customer service issues were the most problematic among regular travelers. Former customers took to the nonprofit website to complain about experiences ranging from being overcharged on insurance to being “upgraded” without their knowledge or agreement to pay a higher daily rate.

While travelers may find themselves in a hurry to get out of the airport, it is important to read all of the fine print and understand everything they are being charged for before they leave the rental car lot. Those who are not in a hurry after they land should consider renting from an off-site rental agency in order to save money and get better customer service. Outside of the airport, travelers can avoid taxes, surcharges and upgrade fees with a little distance and some patience.

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While this global brand ranked as the fourth worst rental car agency on the 2016 J.D. Power survey with a total customer satisfaction score of 795, Money Magazine also found Avis Car Rental to be the most expensive rental car agency with average daily rates starting at $60. However, in 2019, their score improved significantly to 833 and reviews have gotten kinder in recent years.

The ratings on Consumer Affairs focus on two major problems with Avis: customer service and the cars' condition. Across complaints, travelers say that the inflated price they paid did not correlate to a better experience when renting or returning their cars, with hidden fees added, including a per mile and upgrade fee. Other complaints accuse the company of renting cars that were not cleaned, had obvious wear spots, or had malfunctioning equipment. The 2016 J.D. Power survey discovered this was a growing problem among car rental companies, as 21 percent of travelers reported problems with their vehicles. Specifically, 16 percent of complaints revolved around optional equipment, including GPS systems and toll road transponders. 

Travelers who are dissatisfied with their rental have several means to get satisfaction with their rental. Before a trip, experts recommend doing homework on their rental companies and reading reviews ahead of their trip. For those who experience an issue with their rental car, experts recommend calling the rental company directly to resolve the issue or returning the vehicle to the location where it was rented from to discuss a proper replacement.

Although dealing with a rental car issue can be a time-consuming and difficult process, travelers do not have to be sidelined due to a scam. By avoiding these seven rental car agencies and being aware of their hidden fees, travelers can avoid paying extra for insurance, getting talked into a toll transponder, or paying more for what they believe is a “free” upgrade.


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