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Six months after arriving from the UK, the island's TV station SMBC's investigative reporter Melanie Sharpe is strangled and dumped in her home pool. Runner Benny Morgan heard a struggle and saw something leave before he arrived. A loose button convinces Neville it must have been new anchor Garfield Tourné, but he was on air interviewing his daughter Hélène at the time of the murder. Editor Henri Pigal admits Garfield refused to air the revelations Melanie prepared, for one about political candidate Elmina Blondeau's broken environmental promises. Garfield also has a terrible record molesting, dumping and buying off female staff. Neville's allergies-suffering even leads to an aroma candle torching the beach house, and most personal possessions, so he must move in a while with just-returned Florence. Commissioner Selwyn drives fresh sergeant J.P. to despair by 'standing in' for Ruby as useless 'assistant'. Neville finds the 'time machine' to crack he case. —KGF Vissers

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  • English policeman Charlie Hulme is found murdered in the locked panic room of Lord and Lady Salcombe on the Caribbean island of Sainte-Marie. Fellow Brit,uptight inspector Richard Poole,is sent to investigate and is quickly exasperated by the leisurely pace of island life,particularly his native team's working methods. Initially neither of the Salcombes own to knowing Hulme until Sarah,Lady Salcombe,admits he was her lover and was investigating her husband,James, for people-smuggling. After James is also killed Poole tracks down the mystery woman seen at the house and cracks the case. However,with his luggage still in England and a good cup of tea nowhere to be found,he is desperate to return home to cold,rainy London. —don @ minifie-1

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    Danny John-Jules, Sara Martins, Ben Miller, Lenora Crichlow, and Gary Carr in Death in Paradise ()

    What is the broadcast (satellite or terrestrial TV) release date of Arriving in Paradise () in Brazil?

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    DI Neville Parker inadvertently sabotages his own plan to return to Manchester by ruling the apparent suicide of resorts mogul Neil Henderson's electrocuted daughter Tamsin Lewis dubious. She left the firm, dominated by her stepmother Joanne, and probably discovered mismanagement. Fresh widower Charlie Lewis nearly was dumped for an affair with lover Sarah, who confirms they broke up. While allergies-tormented Neville gets only two nights in the crime scene hotel, and his condition worsens so as to prolong his stay, it helps clear the case after working out a surprising accomplice. Hotel porter Jacob Roach was hired by Henderson to lean on locals to sell land for the new resort, including Devon Ambrose, whose corpse he hid in his own freezer. Commissioner nor Neville are happy he has to spend weeks recovering in the bungalow, suspected to contribute to his ailments, and' creepers' like Harry. —KGF Vissers

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    And Then There Were None Episode 03 -- IMDB 8 -- Agatha Christie -- Best Drama Series

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    I must admit that one is worth the other and I have not yet decided what to give preference to. When it was over, and I, completely exhausted, sat down in my place, Robert and Alex with blissful smiles on their faces for some time silently sipped champagne. Then Robert returned my story to me and said with meaning: - I hope now you will make some corrections here.

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