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How to Get Your Marriage License in Memphis, TN

Yay, you are getting married!!! Getting married to the love of your life is such a happy time! But, there are a few legal hoops to jump through first. Thankfully, this one that we’re covering today is pretty straightforward (and we’ll provide a few places where you can get the goods)!

What do I need to bring to get my marriage license?

To obtain a marriage license in Shelby County, both you and your S.O. must appear in person.

There are some age requirements for marriage in the State of Tennessee:

  • If you’re between the ages of 18 and 20, you will need a certified birth certificate for verification.

  • If you’re 21 and over, all you’ll need is a picture ID for verification.

How much is a marriage license?

Marriage licenses are good for 30 days from the date of issuance. If you wanna cut the cost down a little, you can always attend 4 hours of premarital counseling (by a qualified instructor) and the license will cost $ (The instructor has to sign and notarize the Premarital Preparation form, though, so don’t forget that crucial step!) If you don’t wanna do that, or simply don’t have the time, the cost is $!

Also, when you’re applying for a marriage license, you can complete the Marriage Application beforehand. It saves some time, and it’s pretty easy to do!

So, what all will you get when go?

What’s included is:

  • The Marriage License - Rites of Matrimony

  • The Marriage License - Certified Copy

  • The Tennessee Department of Health - Certificate of Marriage forms

    You may have seen pictures of couples signing documents after their ceremony. It’s these two! After your I do’s, both forms (the ones mentioned above) must be filled in and signed by the person who performed the ceremony and a witness and usually your officiant will send it back to the County Clerk's Office to be recorded.

    Do NOT forget to do this, or the marriage won’t be recognized by the State of Tennessee until the Shelby County Clerk's Office has both forms and they’re entered into the system.

    Be sure to use the Marriage License within 30 days, or it’s voided and you’ll have to purchase a new license and thus go through all this mess again. We don’t want that!

Where to go?

Here are 3 locations where you can get all the good stuff (and they’re all open Monday through Friday):

Downtown - Washington Avenue
Shelby East Complex - Mullins Station Road
Millington - Navy Road

It’s getting real!

Co-authored by: Ariel Taranski

Let’s cut the crap! There is a ton of information out there that can make wedding planning tough. We’ve weeded through the info so you don’t have to and created our No BS Vendor Guide!

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Kelsey Connor


Everything You Need to Know About Getting Married at the Memphis Courthouse

One of our AMAZING couples who got married at the Memphis courthouse shared so many great tips on a recent post of hers on Instagram, I asked if she minded me sharing them on here for any future couples considering the Memphis Courthouse as an option for their elopement or intimate wedding! It is a gorgeous space and with Carson’s tips, it’s such an easy and stress free way to marry your person!


1. Shelby County Courthouse is downtown at Adams Avenue, and ceremonies happen M-F at 12PM by a judge.

2. Pick a day (and a few alternatives just in case the first choice isn’t available) and call to book your court date.

3. Once your date is booked, make your plans to get your marriage license within 30 days prior at the county clerk’s office, right across the street. No appt needed. You need to bring the entire marriage license pack with you on your wedding day.

4. Max guest count is 8 (so 10 including the two of you) If you aren’t having any guests, you will need a witness, but that can be your photographer. Don’t forget your photographer!

5. There is a $25 ceremony fee payable by check.

6. If you happen to get married during a pandemic, masks are required but we were able to take ours off during our vows and for a few quick pictures.

7. Ceremony lasted about 20 minutes once everyone arrived.

memphis-courthouse-elopement-thewarmtharoundyou-amanda-michael (6 of 15).jpg
Mr. & Mrs. Loya | A Heart-Warming and Intimate Wedding

Through tears and giant snow flurries, I watched my soul sister marry her best friend. Their wedding day was a humble declaration of what a marriage is built around. Selfless love, support, and commitment to another person. I couldn't be happier for these two and the newest chapter of their lives. <3 

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Marriage Licenses

The Application Process

To obtain a marriage license in Shelby County, both parties must appear for the issuance of the license. The age requirements for marriage in the State of Tennessee are as follows. For persons:
  • Under the age of 17 - No marriage license can be issued. No exceptions. Provisions allowing judges to waive the age restrictions have been repealed. Underage marriages can no longer be authorized by court order.
  • Between the ages of 17 and 18 - If one applicant is between the ages of 17 and 18, the other applicant cannot be more than four years (48 months) older. No exceptions. A birth certificate is required for verification. The minor's parents/legal guardian, next of kin, other having custody of the applicant, or duly authorized representative of a public or private agency having legal custody of the applicant shall join in the application either by personal appearance before the county clerk, or by submitting a sworn and notarized Affidavit of Underage Marriage Consent. *This is not required if the 17 year old applicant is emancipated; however, certified proof of emancipation must be presented at time of application. There is also a three-day waiting period for approvals.
  • Between the ages of 18 and 20 - A certified birth certificate is required for verification.
  • Age 21 and over - A picture ID is required for verification.
Marriage licenses are good for 30 days from date of issuance. The cost for couples that have attended four (4) hours of premarital preparation by a qualified instructor is $. The Premarital Preparationform must benotarized and signed by the instructor. The cost for couples that choose not to complete the Premarital Preparationform by attending a premarital class is $.

Applicants applying for a marriage license may complete the Marriage Applicationform prior to visiting the office.

The Marriage License - Rites of Matrimony, Marriage License - Certified Copyand the Tennessee Department of Health - Certificate of Marriageforms are given to the couple at the time of issuance.

After the ceremony has been performed, both the Tennessee Department of Health - Certificate of Marriageform and the bottom tear-off portion of the Marriage License - Rites of Matrimonyform must be completed and signed by the individual performing the ceremony and forwarded back to the County Clerk's Office to be recorded. The marriage is not recognized by the State of Tennessee until the Shelby County Clerk's Office receives both of the forms and they are entered into the state's system.

If the Marriage License is not used with 30 days, it is voided and a new license must be purchased.

Newly married couples should present the Marriage License - Certified Copyas proof of their marriage for legal documents, name changes, etc.

Effective July 1, , a blood test is no longer required.

Where to Obtain Marriage Licenses

A Shelby County marriage license may be obtained at any of the following locations:

Downtown- Washington Avenue - Monday through Friday - AM until PM
Shelby East Complex- Mullins Station Road - Monday through Friday - AM until PM
Millington- Navy Road - Monday through Friday - AM until PM

If you desire a certified copy of your marriage license, come by any of the above offices or mail a $10 check or money order along with the exact dateof the marriage and the full namesof both parties, to:
Shelby County Clerk
Att: Marriage Department, Suite
Washington Ave.
Memphis, TN
Melissa \u0026 Erique's Wedding

Shelby County Marriage License, TN

Shelby County
Marriage License Requirements

Marriage License Fees:
$ – wo/ Premarital Course Certificate

$ – w/ Premarital Course Certificate

Washington Ave.
Memphis, TN
Ph: ()
Fx: ()

8 a.m. – p.m. / M – F

(except for Court Approved Holidays)

Local Wedding Officiants for your wedding or vow renewal ceremony. Submit one form to top-rated marriage officiants in your locality. You choose the best Wedding Officiant.

Ask a Lawyer Online Now! 24 Lawyers Are Online. Ask a Question, Get an Answer ASAP.

  • Shelby, Shelby County Marriage License, TN
    Shelby, Shelby County Marriage License, TN

Marriage Application Requirement Tennessee: &#;Get Copy Of Birth Certificate

  • Proof of date of birth (Government Issued Photo Identification or Certified Birth Certificate)

  • Proof of Social Security Number (for individuals that have been issued one.)

  • Both parties have to be present, unless one is incarcerated. If one party is incarcerated, the other party must bring 2 forms of ID for the one incarcerated and also must have a relative of the incarcerated party to sign for them.

  • Completing the online Marriage Pre-Application will save you a considerable amount of time. The general information you submit will be forwarded directly to the Shelby County Clerk’s office. After completing the pre-application online, you may then visit the County Clerk’s office location(s) to obtain your license.

Pursuant to Tenn. Code Ann. (a) (), “No county clerk nor deputy clerk shall issue a marriage license until the applicants make an application in writing, stating the names, ages, addresses and social security numbers of both the proposed male and female contracting parties and the names and addresses of the parents, guardian or next of kin of both parties.”&#; The application must be sworn to by both parties. Id. The requirement of a social security number was added by legislative amendment, Acts , ch. , 30, effective July 1,

Marriage ID Requirement Tennessee:

  • A valid driver license

  • State issued picture ID

  • State certified birth certificate

  • Military ID

  • Valid VISA

  • Valid Passport

  • Social Security number must be given if applicant has one (T.C.A. )

  • Shelby, Shelby County Marriage License, TN
    Shelby, Shelby County Marriage License, TN

Marriage Waiting Period Tennessee:

There is no waiting period. If all your paper work is in order you will receive your marriage license should be issued same day.

Marriage Residency Requirement Tennessee

You do not have to be a resident of Tennessee.

Previous Marriages: &#; Search Marriage | Divorce Records

If you have been married previously, then you will need to provide a copy of your divorce decree.

  • Shelby, Shelby County Marriage License, TN
    Shelby, Shelby County Marriage License, TN

Marriage License Fees Tennessee:

  • The marriage license fees varies from Tennessee county to county, so call ahead to the Shelby County Clerk’s office to find out the fee and ask what form of payment is accepted. In some cases, you may need to bring cash.

  • Pre-marital Education:To qualify for the exemption by attending a premarital preparation course, both applicants must submit a notarized Certification of Completion completed by the course provider confirming the couple attended the course together, or separately, within one year of the date of application to the County Clerk for the license. This document must be notarized and presented at the time of payment and receipt of your license.The Certification of Completion form was developed by the Administrative Office of the Courts and defines the qualifications of persons who are eligible to conduct the four (4) hours of premarital preparation training as required by Chapter No. Click here to print the Certificate of Completion form. This is the only form that can be accepted as proof of counseling.

  • According to Tennessee Statutes b-2, non-residents in some counties can receive a $60 discount upon showing the county clerk proof that establishes they are not Tennessee residents. Call the Shelby County Clerk’s office to see if this discount is applicable.

Proxy Marriages Tennessee:

No. However, if an individual is incarcerated or has a “disability that prevents the applicant from appearing”, a notarized statement containing the “person’s name, age, current address and the names and address of the parents or next of kin” may be accepted by the county clerk.

Cousin Marriages Tennessee:

Yes. A marriage to a first cousin is allowed.

Common Law Marriages Tennessee:

Common Law Marriages are not recognized in the state of Tennessee.

Blood Test Requirement Tennessee:

The State of Tennessee does not require a blood test.

Name Change:

Getting a marriage license with your new name on it does not mean your name has automatically changed. If you need to change your last name, you can use an online marriage name change kit.

  • Shelby, Shelby County Marriage License, TN
    Shelby, Shelby County Marriage License, TN

Marriage Age Requirements Tennessee: &#; Get Copy Of Birth Certificate

  • If either party is under the age of 18, they must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

  • If either party is under the age of 16, Tennessee law requires that the couple receive a court order before being allowed to marry.

Marriage Officiants Tennesee:

  • Any ordained or licensed clergymen over the age of 18, and justices of the peace, members of county legislative bodies, county executives and former county executives, current and former judges and chancellors of this state, current and former judges of general sessions courts, current and former governors of this state, the county clerk of each county, current and former speakers of the senate and speakers of the house of representatives, and Mayors of municipalities.

  • The authorized officiant must return the completed license within 3 days from the date of the marriage.

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  • Shelby, Shelby County Marriage License, TN
    Shelby, Shelby County Marriage License, TN

Marriage Witnesses Tennessee:

No witness is needed for the marriage to be recognized, but there is room on the marriage license for one witness to sign

Expiration Date of Marriage License Tennessee:

  • The marriage license is valid for thirty (30) days.

  • The license can only be used within the State of Tennessee.

Copy of Certificate of Marriage License

Tennessee Vital Records
Department of Health
5th Avenue North
Nashville, TN

Please Note: State and county marriage license requirements often change. The above information is for guidance only and should not be regarded as legal advice. For more information regarding Tennesee marriage license laws please visit Shelby County Website.


Memphis, courthouse tn wedding


ELOPING - a simple exchange of vows with just the minister, couple and maybe a  few
guests - current limit is four (no exceptions).  You come to us - locations pictured
below. Whether you live in our local area, visiting and whatever the reason: limited
finances, privacy or you just don't want the hassle of a formal wedding, eloping is a
great option for you.

Fees are as follows:

Monday -  Friday $
Saturday and Holidays - $

Cash only - no checks, debit or credit cards


1. Book your ceremony date

Please leave a message if no answer - we will return your call shortly.
Appointments must be confrimed.

Shelby County Elopements
Call Rev. Shirley at () if you are getting your license in Shelby County,
Desoto County, MS or Crittenden County, AR and want to get married the same day or
make an appointment for a future date.

Tipton County Elopements
Call Rev. Patricia at () if you are getting your license in Covington at the
Tipton County Clerk's office.  She will meet you in Atoka or Munford.

2. Purchase your license
You may purchase your marriage license anywhere in the state of Tennessee and
bring with you. For additional information go to our
"Licenses Info" page.

3. Get Married  
Bring your marriage license and fee and meet with minister who will perform            
your ceremony. Wedding will not begin until minister has reviewed your marriage
license. Please be on time.  Ceremonies are Christian.  A witness is not required. After
the ceremony minister will sign your license which you will keep and minister will send
the necessary papers back to the issuing clerk's office to record in their records.

4.  You have to do nothing else but enjoy your wedding day!

If you want a professional photographer for your wedding,
 we highly recommend John Tucker.  ()
Melissa \u0026 Erique's Wedding

Apply For A Memphis Marriage License

How can we apply for a marriage license in Memphis, Tennessee?  

You can apply for a marriage license in Memphis by going together in person to the Shelby County Clerk’s office. The Shelby County Clerk’s office has two offices in Memphis. The Downtown Office is on the second floor at Washington Avenue in Memphis and is open Monday through Friday from a.m. to p.m. The East Branch Office is in the west wing at Mullins Station Road in Memphis and is open Monday through Friday from a.m. to p.m. Interesting and useful information about marriage licenses is available online at the Shelby County Clerk’s office official website: Memphis Marriage License.

How can we qualify for a marriage license in Memphis, Tennessee?

Both of you need to be single and at least 18 years of age to qualify for a marriage license in Memphis, Tennessee. When you go to the Shelby County Clerk’s office to apply, you will need to present proof of your social security and photo I.D. The kind of I.D. that is required is different depending on how old you are. To see what kind of I.D. you will be required to present, visit Memphis Marriage License.

When will our marriage license be valid for our wedding in Memphis?

Your marriage license will be valid for 30 days. Your wedding may take place in Memphis, another city in Tennessee, or in any other state that recognizes Tennessee marriage licenses. Wherever your wedding takes place, you must be sure that the officiant returns your signed marriage license to the Shelby County Clerk’s office.  

Do we have to have physical examinations to be issued a marriage license in Memphis, Tennessee?

You do not have to have any physical examinations or blood tests to apply for or be issued a marriage license in Memphis, Tennessee.

How much will our marriage license cost in Shelby County, Tennessee?

Your marriage license will cost $, unless you have completed at least four hours of pre-marital counseling and have a certificate of completion. If you have a certificate of completion of the required pre-marital counseling, you are eligible for a reduced marriage license fee of $ You can learn more at Memphis Marriage License.  

Who is authorized to perform our wedding in Memphis, Tennessee?

Ordained religious clergy members, mayors, and judges are all authorized to perform wedding ceremonies in Memphis, Tennessee. You may ask any authorized officiant to perform your wedding in Memphis.

Where do we get a copy of our marriage certificate in Memphis, Tennessee?

You can get a certified copy of your marriage certificate upon request at the Shelby County Clerk’s office. You can choose to make your request either in person or by mail. You will need to pay a $ fee for each certified copy and provide the date of the marriage and the names of the bride and the groom. If you choose to request your marriage certificate by mail, send payment by check and money order along with the required information to: Shelby County Clerk, Washington Ave., Memphis, TN


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