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Ford Freestyle Transmission Rebuild

The transmission is one of the most costly parts of your vehicle. Rebuilding a transmission varies depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle.

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RepairSmith offers upfront and competitive pricing. The average cost for Ford Freestyle Transmission Rebuild is $5245. Drop it off at our shop and pick it up a few hours later, or save time and have our Delivery mechanics come to you.

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2005 Ford Freestyle

3.0L V6 SE • 149,000 miles

Healdsburg ,  CA 95448

$8,195 - $10,017

Ford logo

2005 Ford Freestyle

3.0L V6 • 90,000 miles

Houston ,  TX 77026

$8,451 - $10,329

Ford logo

2005 Ford Freestyle

3.0L V6 SEL • 86,000 miles

La Mirada ,  CA 90638

$8,633 - $10,551

Ford logo

2005 Ford Freestyle

3.0L V6 • 210,000 miles

Escondido ,  CA 92026

$8,740 - $10,682

Ford logo

2005 Ford Freestyle

3.0L V6 Limited • 171,000 miles

Glendale ,  CA 91203

$9,298 - $11,364

Ford logo

2005 Ford Freestyle

3.0L V6 SE • 89,000 miles

Menifee ,  CA 92584

$736 - $900

Ford logo

2006 Ford Freestyle

3.0L V6 Limited • 81,000 miles

Fillmore ,  CA 93015

$788 - $964

Ford logo

2005 Ford Freestyle

3.0L V6 SEL • 89,000 miles

Stockton ,  CA 95206

$775 - $947

Ford logo

2005 Ford Freestyle

3.0L V6 SE • 85,000 miles

Los Angeles ,  CA 90034

$781 - $955

Ford logo

2006 Ford Freestyle

3.0L V6 SE • 45,000 miles

San Gabriel ,  CA 91776

$803 - $981

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Sep 7, 2021 1:22 PM

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What is rebuilding a Transmission? Why not replace it?

Let’s start with a more simple question: what is a transmission? But let’s make this short because, honestly, you probably don’t care about the technical details. You care about the role the transmission plays in your car. In short, the transmission manipulates the engine output, to make sure that power is always available to you. The transmission is also responsible for taking the power created by the engine and routing it to the wheels. Pretty important, yeah? There are four primary types of transmissions. Automatics, manuals, continuously variable transmissions (CTVs), and dual-clutch transmissions (DCTs). In general, CTVs and DCTs are not rebuilt, just replaced. So, rebuilding. Not a word you hear a lot with cars, right? But in the case of the transmission, it comes into play. Here’s what happens: the transmission gets taken apart, just like you do with an appliance when it’s not working right. But unlike you and the appliance, the transmission actually gets fixed and put back together in the right order. During a rebuild, the “soft” parts of the automatic transmission are replaced. These are the elements that easily wear with use and friction, like bands, seals, clutch plates, and gaskets. The transmission cooler will be flushed out and replaced, and the filter will be replaced as well. Further damage will be checked for, and replaced as necessary. And then it’s all put back together, by people who actually know what they’re doing. So, why not just replace the transmission? Simple. Sometimes, it’s cheaper to rebuild it. Would you rather spend more money or less money? Thought so.

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Symptoms of a failing Transmission

Difficulty shifting

You take your transmission for granted. It’s natural. Everyone does. You don’t realize how nice it is to have a fully functioning transmission until you don’t have one. If your car has hard shifting, gear slipping, is banging into gears, or has blips of accelerated RPMs without increased speeds, then your transmission isn’t feeling so hot.

Funny noises

If you drive a stickshift, and you hear grinding when you shift gears, you’re either a bad driver, or there’s something wrong with your transmission. You can decide which is worse. If you drive an automatic (don’t worry, only some people are judging you), then you might hear a wildly annoying whining noise from a grumpy transmission.

Check engine light

Your secret isn’t really a secret. We know that you like to ignore that check engine light every time it illuminates. It’s just a little light, right? What’s the worst it can do? Ignore the check engine light at your own peril. Ultimately, it’s lit up because something’s wrong with your car, and no matter how much you try and will it into existence, that reason isn’t magically going away.

Get a Quote 12-Month | 12,000-Mile Warranty

How urgent is a Transmission rebuild?

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the transmission is a critical part of your car. You need a functioning transmission, and driving around with a faulty one can cause serious damage to other parts of your car.

Don’t beat around the bush with your transmission.

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Are you SURE I need a new transmission?!


So… I googled “freestyle helicopter noise”. With some research, and then an actual diagnoses from Ford,

Nobody can get a real diagnosis from simply doing research. Only a true tranny tech with the car in his shop can diagnose and repair your problem. Yes, it is possible that the tech can repair the tranny… but just replacing a bearing assembly involves disassembly that necessitates the replacement of other parts too, as well as fluids and filters, and often finds associated damage. And there’s the cost of removing, repairing, and reinstalling the tranny, and once you ask why the bearing failed you open up all sorts of possibilities that could render all the other parts bad too… like was the tranny accidentally drained and not refilled, or did it leak and run low on fluid for a long time. Bearings don’t generally fail without cause.

Very often it’s more cost effective to simply replace the tranny with a rebuilt one. A tech can diagnose yours and give you your options.

NOTE: I strongly urge you to avoid “chain” shops, like that big name that rhymes with All Automatics Must Come Out. Ii recommend a reputable independently owned and operated tranny shop. You’ll have to pay for the work involved in the diagnosis, but this almost always is a good investment.

Sours: https://community.cartalk.com/t/are-you-sure-i-need-a-new-transmission/112309
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Where is the transmission control module located?

  • 3.0L
  • 6 CYL
  • 4WD
  • 113,000 MILES
I cannot find were the TMC is located on my vehicle listed above. I have to replace it due to code and it is not shifting. Help would be greatly appreciated.

have the same problem?
Friday, February 5th, 2021 AT 9:02 AM
Thanks, but my vehicle doesn't have the TCM under the shift cable end arm. Here are a couple of photos hope it helps.
Images (Click to enlarge)
Saturday, February 6th, 2021 AT 8:18 AM
Hello again.

Well, that's weird. I also looked at '05 and '07. The '05 was the same and the'07 didn't show anything. I'll find out more on Monday. I've attached one of the pictures you sent below. I've made a red mark on a harness connector and am curious to know where it leads. I've also attached a picture below of what I found for '05 and up Freestyle TCM online. Possibly mounted inside transmission. Let us know about that harness and we'll go from there. Hope this helps and thanks again for using 2CarPros.
Images (Click to enlarge)
Saturday, February 6th, 2021 AT 9:12 PM
Danny, I followed the plug you marked. The right side of the plug comes from a fuse box into a wiring harness on the fender well. Left side of the plug wise goes up across the injectors to another harness. Goes down towards the starter wise again to the picture I am sending you. Thank you for your help.
Images (Click to enlarge)
Sunday, February 7th, 2021 AT 9:12 AM
Can we double check the year because this is what we show for the car.
Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 AT 10:06 AM
I checked registration, car book, insurance. They all say 2006.
Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 AT 2:20 PM
The issue I suspect we have is that you do not have a 6 speed auto which is what they are attaching as the instructions for. You appear to have a CVT transmission which you are correct does not have the TCM under the manual valve lever.

Take a look at the picture below. Based on this you have a valve body that performs the functions of the TCM in the auto transmission.

Let's take a step back and provide the code you have and we can run through the diagnostic info to see what we need to replace. Thanks
Image (Click to enlarge)
Friday, February 12th, 2021 AT 11:11 AM
Yes, your right it is a CVT transmission. The picture looks like it. My code was P2765 input speed sensor. The car will not shift out of low gear. Thanks
Friday, February 12th, 2021 AT 4:56 PM
Hello again.

Here is what I found relating to that code on your truck. I've attached diagnostic steps below. Keep us updated as to what you find and let us know if you have any further questions or diagnostic steps needed. Hope this helps and thanks again for using 2CarPros.

Images (Click to enlarge)
Friday, February 12th, 2021 AT 6:37 PM
Okay, we are getting somewhere now. So where do I find the mechatronic unit and how do you change it? How do you reflash that unit?
Saturday, February 13th, 2021 AT 8:25 AM
Saturday, February 13th, 2021 AT 1:50 PM
Danny the number you gave me is for a
Motorcraft DY1213 Automatic Transmission Output Shaft Speed Sensor. Is this what you think I need? If so were is it located?
Saturday, February 13th, 2021 AT 3:24 PM
Just as soon as we get some nice weather here I will try this. Thanks
Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021 AT 7:06 AM
Sounds great. Please let us know if you need more info or how you make out. Thanks for the update. We will wait to hear back. Thanks
Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021 AT 7:25 PM
Hello again.

Let us know if this information helped or if you have any further questions on this issue. Thanks again for using 2CarPros and keep us updated.

Saturday, February 27th, 2021 AT 6:00 PM
In the process of changing the part. Part should be here Tuesday. Then we will see. Thanks again
Sunday, February 28th, 2021 AT 5:07 AM
Hello again.

Okay, sounds good. Let us know if you need any more help or info. Thanks again for using 2CarPros.

Sunday, February 28th, 2021 AT 5:21 PM
Sours: https://www.2carpros.com/questions/transmission-control-module-1470355
2007 Freestyle Transmission is out through the top.

2006 Ford Freestyle - AT Filter Kit

When servicing your transmission, make sure to replace your filter and pan seal. Your transmission filter keeps the fluid in your transmission clean and free of debris. If the filter is plugged with debris, fluid can't cycle through the transmission. A clogged transmission filter might cause rattling noises, transmission fluid leaks, a burning smell or smoke, or even an eventual loss of shifting. Replacing the filter as soon as you notice a problem can save your transmission. Transmission filter kits from O'Reilly Auto Parts contain everything you need--including the filter, O-rings, and transmission pan gasket--to complete your repair.

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1 - 4 of 4 results for AT Filter Kit
Sours: https://www.oreillyauto.com/shop/b/filters-16470/at-filter-kit-12765/925595400f55/2006/ford/freestyle

Transmission freestyle replacement ford 2006

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2005 Ford Freestyle engine or transmission noise
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Ford Freestyle repairs by problem area

83871 kmTurbine sound that was related to speed. 
119300 km

C $650
Car will not move when the ambient temperature is lower than freezing. Self diagnosed that the transmission high pressure filter housing bypass solenoid is not working. Dealer performed transmission service and cleaned the solenoid. 
154000 km

C $4000
CVT Noise 
57000 kmAxle seal on front driver's side leaking. Part ordered. 
59590 kmReplaced front driver's side axle seal. Replace leaking axle seal on drivers side. Covered under factory warranty. 
96774 kmAnd an axle seal replacement leak. Repaired under Ford CPO warranty with loaner. 
120968 kmCVT Transmission was making a whirring noise when the car was in park or neutral. Diagnosed with bad input shaft/bearing. Parts are no longer available (car is only 4 years old), so entire CVT transmission replaced. CPO Warrenty covered. 
133871 km

US $107
replaced axle, had complained for some time about noise when fully turned. The dealer said it was the "bump stops" and would lubricate it with no effect. Different dealer said axles and replaced under the extended drivetrain warranty. 
145161 kmTicking noise from transmission. Reading online sounds like a common symptom of CVT failure. Non-repairable. Full replacement about $5300. Traded car. 
100000 km

C $2123
Vehicle taken in for CVT fluid change. One week after return, vehicle would randomly go into "limp" mode. Vehicle returned, determined that the mechatronics unit had failed and one of the clutch packs was quite worn. Parts replaced. 
38710 kmReplaced transmission. Replaced Transmission 

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18042 kmNoise when driving 30 to 45 mph. Dealer found problem from transmission. Another transmission ordered, replaced in one day. Problem solved. Covered by warranty! Drives like new now! 
64516 km

US $40
Adjust transmission linkage. Adjust transmission linkage 
124000 km

C $150
haldex pump problem, 
131000 km

C $2539
AWD sensor always on, they changes the pump and 4x4 module 
136284 km

US $3100
Low grinding noise from the front end when wheel turned slightly. Replaced the AWD power takeoff. Did not solve problem. Claimed that replacement was not aligned properly. Reinstalled now noise free. I question need for replacement. 
98387 kmInput shaft bearing 
20968 kmNoise sounded like a bad engine rod bearing. Turned out to be the transmission input shaft bearings. No warning lights came on and the car was completely driveable. Dealer gave me a loaner for free. Excellant service. 
159677 km

US $65
Replaced front wheel hubs and bearings 

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193548 km

US $7300
Replaced transmission with a new one 
206452 km

US $7300
CFT30 transmission failed and had to be replaced. This transmission is presently on 60 day backorder from Ford, however, my shop located two in a warehouse. $7300 is a ridiculous price, however, the only other option is a used one, $3300. 
191010 km

US $310
Replaced driver's side front axle seal. 
246774 km

US $62
Transmission was replaced in kind under warranty from when original transmission was replaced. Owner was charged $62 for a broken thermostat housing that happened during the repair process. The powertrain company provided a transmission. Replace CVT Transmission in kind. The CVT was replaced by a powertrain company under warranty. The shop would have charged around 2k for a transmission but the warranty provided one - I have no way of knowing what the transmission cost was 
119355 km

US $210
Transaxle seal leak repair.  
155939 km

US $1870
The car would lose power suddenly but everything would be fine when restarted. Determined to be a faulty electronic control module. Dealer replaced it and had to change all the fluids and filters because of the repair. 
83871 kmTorque converter went bad, because of a seal failure, Ford can not get parts - lack of parts manufactured, have a Premium warranty with 10 day rental. The rental expires before Ford can even get the not new, or rebuilt parts to the Dealer. 
88710 kmCar jumps while accelerating, let off pedal, comes to a quick stop. has been returned once for loud popping noises, told us the bolts just needed tightening on subframe. Starting to hear it again, told them to fix when towed in. 
120968 kmTrans light came on,car would pulse pulling slight incline,could get no codes, dealer cleared, light came on again 2 days later. Dealer tested,put in new seals and another converter,new trans ECM,cleaned MAFS and throttle boy, OK for six weeks. 
230645 km

US $80
Researched/found prob with trans & throttle body this model b 4 purchase. Purchased ext warranty when bought 30 mo ago. S/son used car 6 mo and trans out 957 miles out of warranty! Love the car/ will repair and keep just looking best way. 
50000 kmMy 2006 Ford Freestyle experienced a transmission seal leak at 31,000 miles, under warranty. The dealer removed the transmission, and replaced a bearing, o-rings, and seals at no charge.  
55000 kmFreestyle in the shop for warranty work on crankshaft seal replacement, HVAC blend door creaking, engine roll resistors top and bottom cracked (rubber motor mounts). Everything was fixed except for the blend door, it still is creaking. 
125500 km

C $500
Changed transmission in full. The car keeps acting out - at times it just won't go any direction, like the clutch is not engaging or something. 
156000 kmTransmission never fully fixed earlier, warning lights remained on. Transmission gave up again. They tried changing just the mechatronic, found needed entire transmission. Extended warranty would have covered half of $3,000 cost. Not worth it, junked car. 
329032 km

US $677
CV axle 
201613 km

US $3000
CVT started going out at 99K miles. Drove until 123K. Replaced with salvage yard CVT. 

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138710 km

US $5500
cvt transmission replaced with new one from mfg 
227419 km

US $550
AWD system. fluid pump failure that activates the W AWD system. Per Ford the part is no longer available. 
256452 kmAWD fluid pump never repaired. 
186000 km

C $1100
Transmission not shifting properly when cold. Replaced mecatronic unit. 
144606 km

US $4200
CVT transmission failed. 
104839 kmCVT transmission was leaking. Problem happened after CVT service. Was told not related to service but not sure. Ford and Dealer picked up all costs including rental car so I'm happy. :) 
146774 km

US $1000
I noticed fluid was leaking from front of vehicle. Dealer found transmission pan gasket needed to be replaced.  
74000 km

C $100
Transaxle Roll Resistor bushing replaced 
176606 kmThe traction control and AWD quit working. They blamed it on my tires to get out of paying via extended warranty. It was too expensive, so now my AWD car with traction control is a FWD car without traction control. 

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95161 km

US $5000
transmission failure 
95161 km

US $500
severe transmission failure which would cost $5K to fix so got rid of car 
51613 km

US $125
Transmission light and engine light came on while driving with some hesitation of the vehicle experienced. Dealer traced problem to loose air cleaner cover but diagnostics cost $125.00 to analyze. 
198387 km

US $240
leak fixed with new gasket 
217742 kmTransmission totally failed. Car not repaired. Donated to charity 
41935 kmtransmission pan gasket leak. put in trans pan gasket. 
77419 kmTransmission shifter would get stuck in Park. Had to disassemble shifter module and deactivate the park release solenoid safety module. Took about 1 hour after I figured how to get the console out. Part is not replaceable as it comes as part of assembly. 
94635 km

US $12
Replaced Transmission roll resistor. 
198387 kmInput shaft bearings bad. Requires replacement. Over $4,000 estimated repair costs 
280645 kmTransmission was making clanking noises, unknown cause. Traded vehicle although it was running fine at the time. 
167742 kmtransmission needed replacing I junked the car instead. It required over $9000 in parts from the dealer. 
56452 kmCVT transmission PCM module needed reprogramming to cure "excessive hunting" between 30 - 45 mph. 

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50000 kmShifting lever made a squeeking noise when going into Park. Turns out there is a TSB for this issue. Entire shifting mechanism was replaced. Parts were ordered during a previous visit. 
185000 km

C $1300
AWD malfunction. Replaced pump for AWD system. Not sure of actual part name. Part was $750. 
251613 km

US $1500
Issue showed up as AWD Drive Failure message with Traction Control Failure light on. Was due to a common failure for the CV transmission on the Freestyle. Not the catastrophic mechanical failure, but the pressure sensor and Mechatronic unit. 
36000 kmAWD stop functionning, only front wheels where ok. 3 bolts where missing on the "PTO", the attachment of the rear drive shaft to the transmission, and the rests where loose causing the AWD not to function. Bolts where replaced, tighten with loctite. 
38000 kmAll Wheel Drive not working. They needed to replace transfer case and rear drive axle. Pinion Gear in transfer case was damaged. 
180645 km

US $1241
Rear differential was failing. Replaced with used part. 
183445 km

US $75
AWD sensor not working properly 
201613 km

US $2000
The computer that monitors the AWD sensors was broken. It had to be replaced. 
245161 km

US $50
I was getting warning lights and messages on my dashboard that there was a problem with the transmission, or the engine, or the AWD system. Putting it on the scanner showed only one code related to transmission solenoid. No problem driving. 
264516 kmThe warning light subsequently would show up intermittently. It wasn't much of a problem, so I never bothered taking it to the dealer, as my mechanic couldn't find anything to fix. 
32258 kmGear shift level moves from PARK, with extreme difficulty. No problem between R,N,D,L. Only removing from Park. Required a replacement Gear Shift Lever to be ordered from Ford 
138497 km

US $300
Transmission would not come out if first gear (safe mode). Dealer wanted $1,700 to repair but hydraulic valve body part was not available for two months. Decided to wait and see. Computer reset, car is acting normally. 
100000 km

US $950
AWD nonfunctional installed new rear pump and temperature sensor. 
1290 kmTransmission failed - replaced transmission 
174194 km

US $178
"Check Transmission" and the wrench light came on. The dealer updated the software but it continued to occur. They quoted about $7,100 for a new transmission. I'm still able to drive short distance but am looking to replace this car. 
120000 km

C $150
Passenger side front Wheel Bearing 
248387 km

US $400
DEM (differential Electronic Module) failure. The DEM has been replaced but the All Wheel Drive is still malfunctioning because the oil pump in the rear differential needs to be replaced. 
255639 km

US $1314
Replaced oil pump for all-wheel-drive system. 
218842 kmReprogramming recall related to transmission. 
148387 km

US $2800
Had input shaft replaced and bearings also. Replaced pressure sensor on rear differential, but AWD malfunction light is on. 
148387 km

US $700
the Input shaft failed again, transmission shop had someone machine a new shaft, so far so good, also the AWD malfunction light was due to a faulty pump at the rear differential, was replaced for 700.00 
34194 kmVehicle stuck in 'Failsafe Engine Mode' and 'Check Engine' light illuminated. After testing, dealership replaced the throttle body housing under warranty. 
56452 km'AWD MALFUNCTION' appeared on the dashboard while driving. Problem disappears after car has been left sitting overnight, but the error intermittantly has reappeared now at least four times over the last three weeks. 
61290 km

US $100
'AWD MALFUNCTION' and the wrench light continued to appear after last visit. Dealer found a DTC code in the transmission, and replaced a seal on the Haldex unit as per a Ford TSB. Ford covered most of the cost under goodwill even though it out of warranty 
90000 kmTransmission leak at transmission pan, pan and gasket replaced. 
168000 km

C $15
Repaired clip on shift linkage causing sloppy shifting. 
308065 km

US $1000
Rear differential pump burned out, wasnt circulating fluid, so it kept tripping Traction control error message. Heard that Ford didnt have a recommended service check, but Volvo did, which this car is based on. 

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Sours: https://www.truedelta.com/Ford-Freestyle/transmission-problems-1171

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