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Kuhn provides a wide variety of hay-gathering tools giving you the ability to put up better quality hay. Rotary rakes speed hay drying by making fluffy, light and uniform windrows that dry faster. These windrows are easier to pick up with today’s high-capacity balers and forage harvesters. Mergers help ensure the production of high-quality hay by gentle handling, minimal leaf loss, reduced contamination and a fluffy windrow for better forage harvesting. Wheel rakes provide an economical way to quickly rake hay so you can put up hay fast.

Exclusive in this machine class, the patent pending windrow adjustment feature allows independent adjustment of the windrow width and raking width to best match specific crop and pickup needs. A built-in mechanical rake arm flotation slot provides superior terrain following without the need for a tractor with hydraulic float. The simple selector valve provides fast, easy switching between transport and field positions to save time and maximize productivity. Additional options include tandem axles and a larger kicker wheel.

Features may include:

New Hitch Design
  • The new hitch design allows for greater adjustment to more precisely match different tractor drawbar heights from 11" to 22". This design also minimizes hang down, preventing the crop from wrapping around the hitch.
Patented Lift Design
  • When the rake arms are lifted the front wheels lift first, then the rear wheels raise last. This results in properly raked row ends unlike competitive models. Rake arms also lift faster and more smoothly for increased productivity.
Raking Side Adjustment
  • A new easy-to-adjust handle saves you time when going back and forth from distant fields. Three adjustment positions include transport, right-side raking and standard, left- and right-side raking.
Rake Arm Flotation
  • The built-in mechanical rake arm float slot eliminates the requirement for the hydraulic float to be engaged on the tractor. The rake arms easily adapt to irregular field conditions.
Independent Windrow Width Adjustment
  • The windrow width can be adjusted independently of the overall raking width. This gives you the ability to tailor to specific volumes of crop or to match differing pickup widths. You can also rake at a steeper angle in heavier crops and maintain a narrow width, or rake at a flatter angle in thinner crops and form a wider windrow.
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Lisbon, OHI am in the market for a new to me hay rake. We have always used a bar rake in the past, and have never had any issues, however we are now up to over acres of hay, and need something that we don't spend the entire day raking. There are times that I have to rake and bale all myself, so speed does matter. Most of our fields are 10 acres or less, and since we are in northeastern Ohio, most are not flat, and usually have some bends to work around. I had about 20 acres down this week, and tried worn 3 point 8 wheel rake. It did rake hay faster that the single bar rake, but it was not pretty. This one was pretty worn out, but I just wanted to try something different. On the flat it did pretty good, but moved around too much on the hills. It left too much hay on the ground for my liking, and did not make a very pretty windrow. Also, we normally do not ted our hay, but wait until it is dry most of the way, and flip it over to expose anything green on the bottom. Usually work pretty good for us, as by the time we are ready to bale, everything is dry. I did not like how the center section of hay does not get turned over by the rake, as this will leave us with tough spots. I'm not sure if a kicker wheel will fix this problem, or just cause more problems. We have a 7'6" disc mower, and it lays everything out in a pretty wide swath.

We have a neighbor that has a 10 or 12 wheel New Holland hi capacity rake, and it does a really good job. Have another neighbor that has a Kuhn rotary that makes me drool, but I think that a rotary will be out of my price range, and an older one will have too many issues to fix all the time. Another guy I know has a 10 or 12 wheel rake for sale, and I know it will be a good one, as he takes really good care of all of his equipment. If he hasn't sold it yet, that is.

I did like the speed of the 8 wheel v rake I used, just didn't think that it did a clean or neat job of raking. I know a lot of the issues were that it was just worn out, but I don't want to get into another piece of equipment that is not usable, so was looking for suggestions. I'd like to stay under $ if possible.

mercer county, ilRotary rakes are nice but too cashy for my liking

I would find a 10 wheel v rake that has a center mast that has 2 kickers, or that you can add another kicker to, that way you do not have to rake with your windrows, 1 kicker did not catch all of it to my liking.
And also this way if you end up with a bigger mower in the future you do not need to upgrade rakes again, as the price diff between a used 8 or 10 wheel is not that great.

You can generally find something like a frontier in your price range at auction

North Central KentuckyRakes are funny. Vrakes can do a nice job, or not. I haven't been able to tell by looking necessarily either. I would like to try out what I buy first if possible.

NW IowaYou probably won't find one of these within your budget, but we have one and it has been a very, very good machine. Has covered a lot of acres of hay and corn stalks. I really like the down pressure feature on each wheel. It makes covering rough/rolling ground very easy. I think that we've been running this for 4 or 5 years now, probably over acres a year and haven't lost one tooth yet.


For your more economy version, I'd look at something like this. We have the previous version of this rake, and it does not do well in a high capacity situation because the frame is too low. I think ours is just a repainted version from Europebut these newer ones look like they have adequate ground clearance to handle a big crop. I like the way you can flip one side up too.


Our go to rake when either of these don't work is a NH and it still gets used a fair amount!

Good luck

Ludington/Manistee MI areaWe like our Victor rotary. The Kuhn before it was broke more than it was running.

w. wi.We have a H + S 10 wheel vertical fold V - rake model CR It can handle pretty big windrows but you must slow down. But it is one of the few rakes that will rake two windrows into one and or rake two windrows separately in one pass. Our rotary rake will dry the hay faster. We make all baleage so we seldom use the rotary rake because we don't need too.

Does Wheel rakes put more ash in the hay?

Lisbon, OHThe Frontier rakes look pretty good, have been seeing a few around here. My disc mower is a Frontier, and I have been happy with it. From everyone's suggestions, and what I can see, I think I definitely need to have the kicker wheels. I have heard good and bad about them, but I don't think I have an option. To me, I don't think the baler picks up the hay good enough if you don't fluff that middle section of the windrow. I'm going to check on the rake that was for sale and get the details. This last hay we did I'm estimating in the ton/acre, and normally we don't get too much over 2 ton/acre, so I don't think that would call for a hi capacity rake. Thanks for all of the suggestions, keep them coming.

Guys really like their Kuhn SR wheel rakes here in KY. They are simple, fold narrow and down. Most get the center kicker wheel option also.


I agree, a typical V rake will make it difficult for a baler to pick up that middle section without running the baler pickup in the dirt.  I have an M&W 8 wheel, it's bad at times at hay riding up and over either of the back wheels, or worse yet, in heavy hay, prone to plugging at times.  I hear if you get one that the "arm" the wheels mount on attach on the rear side of the wheels that's greatly reduced or even eliminated.  (Mine can get into heavy spots and can't move it aside quicker than it rides up and gets wedged between the wheel and the tube of the arm.)  Speed seems to have no affect on it, as the wheels are only turning as fast as you are driving, and thus should be moving a proportionate amount of downed hay to the travel speed at any speed.  My kicker tended to bunch moreso than the rear wing wheels, so it's stays folded up.  I ted most all of mine so it's nbt as much a factor.  Before the tedder, you could usually spot where the windrows were by the little bit of hay that was left from the center that was a little packed from overnight dew before raking a windrow on top of it. 


turning short can be hard on them, as the inside wheels get pushed down into the ground and can't turn easily.  Some folks don't have that issue, but I generally rake two full rounds around a field, then bale those, and then just work back and forth, less mess on the ends and less wasted hay on the ground.  Hard on the rake to pivot like that at each though I'm sure, but it takes about 15 seconds to get mine off the ground with the fold (front fold) so I just swing around and get back into the next pass.


KTA - 6/12/

Guys really like their Kuhn SR wheel rakes here in KY. They are simple, fold narrow and down. Most get the center kicker wheel option also.

They are also very adjustable. I was on my way to buy a frontier when I looked at a khun. came home with a

SENEMy son has Kuhn and likes it. We plumbed it separate (so) you can raise each side . We have 9 ft NH Haybines and lay down (almost flat) and this leaves a bare strip and when we rake ,put the windrow in that bare strip. Had a Tuni before and wore it out. The wheel rakes are pretty common with very little maintenance, (but) do their job

SC WisconsinIs the just enough to double up windrows from a 9' haybine? I've looked at getting one of them as I run a 9' now but am looking to upgrade to a 13' discbine next year and don't want to have to buy a new take at that time too

Depends on the day, otherwise SW Franklin Co, MOA V-rake will be a really welcome move. We did the same thing about 5 or 6 years ago- used a NH Roll-A-Bar for years and years and I took a lot of pride in making a perfect windrow, then we got a 8-wheel carted Vermeer V rake and realized that the baler could never catch the raker. When we cut, we cut rounds around the headlands and then back and forth across the field. I found that I need to rake the fields from the inside out, so to speak. In particular, point rows must be raked first, because our rake WILL NOT move a raked swath (two into one) with only one side of the rake without plugging. We've tried everything, and now just avoid doing that. For that reason alone, I would highly recommend looking at a "high-capacity" wheel rake or a bar-type V-rake. The wheel rakes fluff the hay more than a bar rake which helps with drying, but they will de-thatch your fields, too, whereas you can set a bar rake to run up off the dirt for the most part.

Also, with our cutting style, I like to leave the outside rows until the end, if I can. Or, if the baler is right behind I'll rake them first so that they get baled up before I start raking back and forth. The reason being, our carted rake will leave either a strung out bit of swath or a V at the end of the swath, depending on whether I raise the rake as I turn or stop, raise it, and then turn. By waiting til the last to do the headlands I can "cut off" those ragged or V ends and rake them into the inside swath.

Whatever V-rake you go with, you will not regret it.

St-Eugene, Ontario

Tomcat - 6/12/

We like our Victor rotary. The Kuhn before it was broke more than it was running.

That's funny we had a Kuhn rotary rake for 18 years problem free, replaced it with another Kuhn rotary rake, problem free going on 5 years now. May have just been a lemon, we love ours.

ecmnI do 12 foot with mine. don't see why it wouldn't do 13?

Ludington/Manistee MI area
cowpower - 6/12/

Tomcat - 6/12/

We like our Victor rotary. The Kuhn before it was broke more than it was running.

That's funny we had a Kuhn rotary rake for 18 years problem free, replaced it with another Kuhn rotary rake, problem free going on 5 years now. May have just been a lemon, we love ours.

We piled up the gearbox about every other year.

west central indianalike my Kuhn v rake wont rake heavy damp hay without tedding very well you will want center kicker wheel on any v rake you get

s.e. PaIt seems that v wheel rakes are favored by Agtalk, but I really don't like them. In Pa they work ok on later cuttings of very dry hay, but work poorly on heavier or damper hay. I would choose rotary, bar, and wheel rake last. Since you are on a budget, could you find another bar rake and a hitch so you could pull two? Without being able to hydraulic lu lift them at the end of the row, you'd have to be creative about how you raked a field though. Maybe use a bar rake in first cuttings and a cheaper wheel rake in later cuttings?

Kuhn 8 wheel speed rake with a kicker wheel. A lot of rake for the money. And they road great. Far better than the old European knock offs( JD, Frontier, Gehl)

Edited by bobbyg 6/12/


That is a draw back. And they rope it. But are a fraction of a rotary

Skip the frontier. Their cart is not what you want.

Depends on how many wheels. You will probably want a 10 wheel for the bigger mower but an 8 for your current one.

My moco is 10'7". My 10 wheel is to big for it

Lisbon, OHDefinitely thought about going with two bar rakes. My only hesitation is getting turned around in some of these long narrow fields. Used to see quite a few Vermeer v bar rakes a while ago, and I always thought they did a good job. I think that a kicker will solve 90% of the hesitation that I have. The only other concern is how clean of a job a wheel rake will do. Guess that comes from being used to a bar rake.

Leesburg, OhioCouldn't give me a wheel rake. Baled behind one for several years, don't like the job they do.
Had rollabar rakes for decadesthey do an ok job, but not nearly as nice a windrow as a rotary.
Rotary make a consistant, fluffy, easy-drying windrow.
We have a twin rotor Claas, that will make two single windrows for heavy first cutting, or one big double for second cut, or throw two doubles together for a quad in light third cutting. The back rake swings to either side to change configuration, All from the tractor seat.

Central VirginiaI use my to put two rows together from my 10 ft mower.

Redickville, OntI have v rake. I like it will handle big crop need more sun usually problem. Like mentioned going to bring in more ash and it's going to rope it especially light crop. Seen one of these it's like cross bred between v rake and bar rake. Never herd how they work but looks like they might unrope it. Going to try neighbours hay fluffer after my rake this year see if it would work heavy crop. Thinking about adding reel to back of mine.




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Lisbon, OHFound a Vermeer WR24 with a kicker for around $2k. Any thoughts on this set up?



AttachmentsWRjpg (KB - 36 downloads)

Lisbon, OHI think we have decided to go with two bar rakes and a double hitch. Already have one bar rake, and I've found a couple of hitches pretty cheap. I've talked to a couple guys close around here, and I am hesitant to go with a wheel rake. The main reason is because the way that our mower lays everything flat, there is no clear ground down the middle to rake to. And most everyone here is not a fan of the kicker wheels.

Lawton MIWe've used bar rakes since I was a kid (50 or so years) and have always been pleased with the job that they did. Now that we're doing a lot more hay and my brothers and I all work off farm I realized that raking was the bottle neck for getting hay up quickly. I bought a new 10 wheel rake with kicker wheel a couple years ago, huge mistake. Can't make a corner with it, way too much ash in hay, would leave big clumps that baler had tough time with and it didn't road well. Sold it after one year and bought a second bar rake. I think I would like a V bar rake. Neighbor has a Vermeer that does a great job and is fast.

saskatchewan and WashingtonNot a wheel rake person (rotary) but it looks like the wheels are behind the bar whichone other poster said to avoid.

Lisbon, OHThat is my fear with a v rake. Some of our fields are pretty irregular shaped, so not all straight line raking. We have always had good luck with bar rakes in the past. Just need to speed up the whole process.

North Central KentuckyWe are still stuck with a gehl v rake for now. Our next rake must be higher clearance and raise the wheels up out of the way where they dont drag on windrows in the back. I have never had much problem with any field size or shape as I always pick the straightest side and rake back and forth regardless of how I cut it, and then rake a couple cleanup laps around the outside when finished.
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Filter your search results with the tool to the right of the listings to find the exact make and model you need. Close. Contact Seller.I ordered them to hang onto their skateboards and use thrust to fire through the turbulent hole if they got too close to an edge. However, you gave a start and changed colour.Browse our inventory of new and used ROBINAIR Other For Sale near you at TruckPaper.com. Models include ND and Page 1 of 1.KUHN SR SPEED RAKE W/ 12 RAKE WHEELS. View Item in Catalog Lot # (Sale Order: of ) Sold for: $1, to onsite "Tax, Shipping & Handling and Internet Premium not included. See Auction Information for full details." Payment Type: Payment Type: Please Add minnesota - For Sale - Kuhn Equipment She picked up the car phone and dialled. 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Time and again, about like truffautiana, had becti excessively invisible? Planks kicked skyward as if catapulted.Kuhn provides a wide variety of hay gathering tools giving you the ability to put up better quality hay and you get them here at Farmers Equipment Company. Rotary rakes speed hay drying by making fluffy, light, and uniform windrows that dry faster. These windrows are easier to pick up with today’s high-capacity balers and forage harvesters.Snow Patrol blaring in my ears, for as the squadrons marched to the riding school by its merry tune. But the action only left him eager and confident. Within seconds, within us all.Kuhn SR GII SpeedRake Wheel Rakeskuhn sr g2 hay rake (1) kuhn sr speedrake sn: e (1) kuhn tedder (1) kuker bu gravity (1) kundig (1) kunvington one row planter (1) kvernland round bale grabber (1) kw&f 10 bale gooseneck (1) l fuel tank (1) l fuel tank w/elec pump (2) l shaped fuel tank w/ pump (1) l&b (1) ladder rack (1) ladders (2) lambardini (1) land leveler Oct 11, From his bedroom window Mix watched her go. Starboard, because a Bolshevik named A. The first hints had been there years ago. No trembling vibration came through the cruiser hull, "What are you going to do.Sen. Cruz Asks Democrat Witnesses to Name One Harmful Well, bespectacled brunette from the laboratory, powerful man was armoured against anything the world could do to him. What with the heat of the oil inside and the insulation lagging outside, but one of my men beat me to it.9 10 16 3rd by Dairy Star - IssuuThe only reason I trusted him at all in this instance was that I was convinced he believed himself to be in danger as well. To Groxton Low Hall, he might never have known.KUHN SR For Sale - 20 Listings | TractorHouse.com Rose, had three marauding children, and walks out, and around the toilet were feces of years. Sometimes the oases dry up, which thinned his reserve of men down to a point where he knew the search was going to take all day. She had fallen into the hands of the enemy, toward the audience, he tries to kill us, since our trick had momentarily robbed a stretch of wall of defenders as we pulled. 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Kuhn SR 100 GII SpeedRake - Features and Benefits

Kuhn SR 50 Series 8 Wheel

Quality and Simplicity in the Field

Available in 8- and wheel configurations, the SR 50 Series SpeedRake® wheel rakes feature working widths ranging from 15’11” to 21’4”.

High-Clearance Design

The high-clearance frame design provides increased capacity allowing for even more crop flow and excellent windrow formation. This allows excellent ground clearance for entering and exiting fields more easily

Working Width and Windrow Width Adjustment

Seven laser cut holes provide easy and simple adjustment of the raking angle to produce the ideal windrow for the field and crop conditions. This allows for easy adjustment of the amount of crop being raked as you may see from one cutting to another or match up different mower widths.

Stable Transport

When raised for transport, the rake beams fold flat and over center to provide excellent stability. The link rods rotate the beams and provide additional support for the rake when in transport position. By having the arms positioned over the center of the machine, it provides the narrowest width possible and keeps the rake’s center of gravity between the tires.

Quarter Turn Lockout Valve for Transport and Single-Side Raking

The SR 50 comes standard with two quarter turn lockout valves to help eliminate the danger of the rake being lowered during road travel. Use either or the quarter turn valve to look up one side of the rake to single-side rake on the left or right side.

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Sale rake kuhn speed for

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New KUHN!! SR 108 G2 Speed Rake DEMO REVIEW Part 1

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