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Q: What kind of work would I be doing?
A: Each client will have different types of work.  These will be discussed in the job description as well as with the recruiters as you go thru the process.

Q: Are there performance evaluations?
A: Yes – performance is evaluated by our Quality Analysts and results are discussed with your Team Lead/Supervisor. They offer suggestions on improvement if needed during weekly coaching sessions.

Q: Would I be making, telemarketing calls (calling people to sell them things)?
A: We do not do any outbound telemarketing.

Q: Does an employee get to choose which program he/she works on?
A: Concentrix determines the best fit — of personality and other characteristics — for representatives based on the requirements of a given client, then we screen applicants based upon those requirements. If you are a match for more than one of the clients for whom we are hiring, we may ask you to select your preference.

Q: What kind of support will I have while I am working? What if I have questions?
A: Even though you will be working from the comfort and quiet of your home, you will have the support of your program team. We always have team leaders, coaches or support representatives — all with expertise in your program — available to you in secure chat rooms, as well as by phone.

Q: Are there an average number of calls I would be required to take during each hour I work?
A: Performance goals are determined in accordance with our clients’ needs. To operate as efficiently as possible for our clients, you will receive calls in a fairly steady stream during each work shift. The ability to handle those calls with the appropriate balance of good customer service and efficient resolution will be one of the things we will train you to do well.

Q: How would I know if it’s a call for the company or someone calling me?
A: You will be connected to our telephone system during the entire period of each work shift, resulting in the inability to take personal calls during your shift.


Concentrix Review: How to Work-From-Home With Concentrix

Are you looking for a stable and reliable work-from-home job? One of the top companies to consider is Concentrix. Check out our full review here. #online #legit via @TheWorkatHomeWoman

Are you looking for a stable and reliable work-from-home job? If you can type well, communicate effectively, and enjoy helping others solve problems, you likely qualify for a work-from-home customer service job. While not all work-from-home jobs are equal, one of the top companies to consider is Concentrix. 

Concentrix is often hiring for their work-from-home customer service team, along with a few other remote positions. They offer part-time and full-time jobs with benefits in multiple states. Here’s what you’ll need to know if you want to start working from home for Concentrix.

Concentrix Review: How to Work-From-Home With Concentrix

What Kind of Company is Concentrix?

If you’ve never heard of Concentrix before, don’t worry. This company has been around since the early s, and they provide global business services like customer engagement and business performance improvement. 

Concentrix has over 80 Fortune clients and does business in multiple countries. Some may consider this company a jack of all trades, seeing how they offer different solutions like customer engagement services, gig work, finance and accounting, marketing solutions, and more. 

Simply put, this company’s goal is to help clients perform better and engage with their customers on a deeper level. 

Is Concentrix Legit?

While Concentrix may not be as well-known as other work-from-home customer service options like Amazon or American Express, they are still a legit company with a great reputation. The company has a rating onGlassdoor and over 25, reviews on Indeed from workers.

While they provide many different services, their work-from-home career department is what we will focus on in this post. Concentrix’s modern solutions make it a top company to work for when considering a work-from-home customer service or sales position.

Customer Service Position Overview

Instead of working in a traditional call center environment, Concentrix has an extensive work-from-home program where you can provide customer support remotely. Customer service agents are responsible for answering calls that might involve billing questions, making changes to services, canceling services, troubleshooting, or other inquiries. 

Concentrix offers paid training and employee benefits. Currently, they hire in 35 states, so while the position is remote, there will be different application pages and forms depending on the state in which you reside. 


To become a work-from-home customer service agent with Concentrix, you need to have a high school diploma or GED along with a PC and high-speed internet service. Concentrix will test your computer and internet connection during the application process. You can also work from a laptop, but it must be hard-wired while you’re working. Some of the other requirements include:

  • Computer monitor between 17 and inches
  • Quiet distraction-free workspace
  • Landline or cell phone

You may also need to get a headset, flash drive, and dual monitors once you have been offered a position.


Concentrix requires that you are available seven days a week, but you won’t work every day. Schedules vary and are discussed during the interview. Keep in mind that you may be providing customer service for some of Concentrix’s clients, so the schedules they need will depend on that company’s customer service hours. Full-time and part-time opportunities are available.

How Much Do Concentrix Wor-From-Home Jobs Pay?

Concentrix does not share how much they pay explicitly on their website. However, on Indeed, customer service reps report making anywhere from $$ per hour to start. Employee benefits like health insurance, retirement, and paid time off are also included for workers with more than 30 hours per week. 

What Is it Like to Work for Concentrix?

Wondering what it’s like to work for Concentrix? I’ve scrolled through reviews on Indeed and Glassdoor, and for the most part, people find it to be a laid-back and stable work-from-home job. 

While the starting pay may not be much, there are opportunities for growth and advancement even within the first year. Since Concentrix is global and works with so many clients, they offer a wide variety of shifts to meet your scheduling needs. This means you don’t have to sign up to work the typical 9 to 5 schedule if that doesn’t work for you.

Pros and Cons

As with all work-from-home jobs, working as a customer service representative with Concentrix has its benefits and drawbacks. Be sure to consider the pros and cons to help you decide if this position is right for you.


  • Work remotely and ditch the daily commute
  • Only a high school diploma or GED is required
  • Paid training is provided
  • Above minimum wage hourly pay
  • Benefits provided if you work a certain number of hours each week
  • Flexible shifts are available


  • You must have availability seven days a week.
  • You may have to purchase some of the required equipment to get started on your own. (Concentrix didn’t make it clear if they provide you with any of the required equipment or pay a stipend.)
  • While jobs are widely available, they currently aren’t being offered in every state.
Concentrix Review: How to Work-From-Home With Concentrix

How to Apply

Applying to work-from-home for Concentrix is easy. Just click here to view available positions and see if there are opportunities in your state. Click the ‘Apply Now’ button and either apply with LinkedIn or through their online system. You can also send a resume to [email&#;protected]However, I think it would be easier to apply online through their system so you can keep track of your application and where you are in each step of the hiring process.

Are you looking for other relevant work-from-home customer service opportunities? Check out this post as well! 

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What is the Home Team Advantage?



In team sports, “home team advantage” describes the psychological advantage the home team is said to have over the visiting team because of playing in familiar facilities and in front of supportive fans. 

Concentrix has the home team advantage in business! We’ve done our research and analysis of common market dynamics, and have extensive experience in global WAH deployments. The work at home (WAH) industry is booming and rapidly changing the business world as we know it. Concentrix wants to lead the WAH pack around the world. Our growing transition to WAH models has convinced us that the work at home platform provides the greatest variety of talent, flexibility and cost efficiency globally.

Concentrix work at home staff have been increasing service quality and lowering costs for clients since Team members with decades of remote worker expertise bring value to client programs and lead them. We hire WAH staff from across the continental U.S., Canada and Europe especially those with at-home experience and aptitude. Our WAH solution combines the best-in-class thinking and leadership that is the Concentrix hallmark with an operational and technology approach that comes from our experienced pool of leaders and expertise.


Concentrix Employee Reviews in Remote

Great company for experienced Sales, Tech Support, and Customer Service professionals

Sales Associate Work From Home (Former Employee) - Remote - September 23,

The company culture is inclusive. The pay is low but adequate. Initial job training is thorough and paid at the set rate for your position. Attendance policy is flexible and forgiving. Some equipment is provided for work from home positions. While individual project positions may be seasonal, ongoing employment is well supported and possible.

Jobs require intense multitasking skills for all positions. Employee is responsible for providing and maintaining computer equipment when working from home. Equipment needs will vary by project. There is no company reimbursement for employee-purchased equipment. Your job responsibilities may change at any time with very little advance notice. Ongoing training is non-existent, even when your job responsibilities change drastically. Managers are either excellent or mediocre. You are unable to request a different manager if you are unhappy with your current team leader. If you are currently under contract to a specific project, you are not able to quit that project but remain with the company. If a seasonal project contract is extended, you are expected to continue in your position with no option to seek a different project. Your duties within a project may be doubled without any pay increase.


Long lunch breaks, Work from home jobs, decent pay, flexible attendance policy, sustainable employment


Must provide own equipment for work from home, no opportunity to change projects if desired, intense multitasking skills required, ongoing job training non-existent


Work home concentrix from


Delivering CX with flexibility and scalability

Delivering CX with flexibility and scalability

The right number of high quality agents, right when you need them

With Concentrix Work At Home, you can quickly react to unplanned events, meet seasonal demands, and support volume surges, with an expanded, experienced hiring pool aligned to your brand. Adding home agents to a brick-and-mortar contact center is seamless, and with Concentrix’s skilled workforce management team, we can provide over 90% schedule optimization and % lower TCO.

Work At Home is a key strategy for business continuity planning, removing the single point of failure that a centralized service location can represent.

Concentrix Work at Home

Virtual Operating
SecurityWorkstation &
Network SecuritySecureCX™
Workspace SecuritySecure

Virtual Operating Model

Work At Home teams are uniquely empowered to deliver exceptional customer experiences and business results through:

  • Collaboration tools designed to engage and connect teams
  • Virtual management tools for coaching, developing, and motivating
  • Modern, adaptive, blended virtual training approach
  • Certified leadership and virtual training experts

Global Experience

Our Work At Home program has been fine-tuned since , and is staffed by dedicated resources who fully understand the challenges and opportunities afforded by remote working. Concentrix Work At Home agents provide key support—including customer care, technical support, revenue growth, and back office—for clients across multiple industries and over 20 countries with a virtual end-to-end, permanent work at home agent model.

Data Security

Our multichannel, multidimensional approach ensures data security through:

  • Facial and voice recognition
  • Secure Data Intake (SDI) to mask secure data fields
  • Data encryption throughout the entire communication process
  • PCI-DSS certified and HIPAA compliant platform

Workstation & Network Security

Our controlled, secure, privacy-focused environment includes:

  • % encrypted voice delivery using Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Virtual desktop security prevents saving, copying, transferring, or printing of customer data
  • Monitoring recognizes any and every attempt to step outside of approved functions
  • Secured virtual private network (VPN)
SecureCX™ Workspace Security

SecureCX™ Workspace Security

Our SecureCX™ platform adds another level of security to the remote work environment—monitoring agent workspace security through:

  • Facial biometrics
  • Unauthorized device and usage detection
  • Evidence-based reporting with customizable business rules

Learn More

Secure Payments

To complement our Work At Home solution, Concentrix Secure Payments offers additional protection for customer payment transactions. Secure Payments enables non-verbal entry of credit card information via a secure IVR and masks it on the agent desktop, eliminating agent exposure to sensitive customer data.

Learn More

Proven Experience. Rapid Deployment.

14+ years of experience. 6 Countries. Tens of thousands deployed globally with ongoing expansion.

NOW Hiring! Work from Home Customer Service at Concentrix

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