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All assault rifles in fortnite DEFAULT

FortniteChapter 2 arrived shrouded in mystery and without any patch notes. When players got in-game they found that the game’s arsenal had changed completely, but with no patch notes no one was quite sure what kind of damage the new an returning guns did. So, we’ve compiled a list of all the guns in FortniteChapter 2 and their rarities, and exactly how much damage they deal.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Weapons

Stats for each weapon are laid out by rarity starting from lowest rarity, Common, to the highest rarity, Legendary. So the stats will look like this:

DPS — Common/Uncommon/Rare/Epic/Legendary

Or if there are only a few rarities available they’ll look like this:

DPS — Epic/Legendary

Tactical Shotgun — Common, Uncommon, and Rare

Epic Games

DPS — 106.5/112.5/118.5

Damage — 71/75/79

Fire Rate — 1.5/1.5/1.5

Magazine Size — 8/8/8

Reload Time — 6.3/6/5.7

Pump Shotgun — Common, Uncommon, and Rare

Epic Games

DPS — 49/56/63

Damage — 70/80/90

Fire Rate — .07/.07/0.7

Magazine Size — 5/5/5

Reload Time — 5.7/5.3/4.8

Pump Shotgun — Epic and Legendary

Epic Games

DPS — 70/77

Damage — 100/110

Fire Rate —0.7/0.7

Magazine Size — 5/5

Reload Time — 4.4/4

Assault Rifle — Common, Uncommon, and Rare

Epic Games

DPS — 165/170.5/181.5

Damage — 30/31/33

Fire Rate — 5.5/5.5/5.5

Magazine Size — 30/30/30

Reload Time — 2.5/2.4/2.3

Assault Rifle — Epic and Legendary

Riot Games

DPS — 192.5/198

Damage — 35/36

Fire Rate — 5.5/5.5

Magazine Size — 30/30

Reload Time — 2.2/2.1

Burst Assault Rifle — Common, Uncommon, and Rare

Epic Games

DPS — 132.5/142.2/147.3

Damage — 27/29/30

Fire Rate — 4.91/4.91/4.91

Magazine Size — 30/30/30

Reload Time — 2.9/2.7/2.6

Burst Rifle — Epic and Legendary

Epic Games

DPS — 157.1/162

Damage — 32/33

Fire Rate — 4.91/4.91

Magazine Size — 30/30

Reload Time — 2.5/2.3

Pistol — Common Uncommon, and Rare

Epic Games

DPS — 162/168.7/175.5

Damage — 24/25/26

Fire Rate —6.75/6.75/6.75

Magazine Size — 16/16/16

Reload Time — 1.5/1.4/1.3

Pistol — Epic and Legendary

Epic Games

DPS — 189/195.7

Damage — 28/29

Fire Rate — 6.75/6.75

Magazine Size — 16/16

Reload Time — 1.3/1.2

Sub-Machine Gun — Common, Uncommon, and Rare

Epic Games

DPS — 204/216/228

Damage — 17/18/19

Fire Rate — 12/12/12

Magazine Size — 30/30/30

Reload Time — 2.4/2.3/2.2

Sub-Machine Gun — Epic and Legendary

Epic Games

DPS — 240/252

Damage — 20/21

Fire Rate — 12/12

Magazine Size — 30/30

Reload Time — 1.8/1.7

Sniper Rifle — Common, Uncommon, and Rare

Epic Games

DPS — 31.4/33/34.7

Damage — 95/100/105

Fire Rate — .33/.33/.33

Magazine Size — 1/1/1

Reload Time — 3.3/3.2/3.0

Sniper Rifles — Epic and Legendary

Epic Games

DPS — 36.3/38.3

Damage — 110/116

Fire Rate — .33/.33

Magazine Size — 1/1

Reload Time — 2.5/2.3

Rocket Launcher — Common, Uncommon, and Rare

Epic Games

DPS — 52.5/63.7/75

Damage — 70/85/100

Fire Rate — .75/.75/.75

Magazine Size — 1/1/1

Reload Time — 4.7/4.1/3.6

Rocket Launcher — Epic and Legendary

Epic Games

DPS — 86.2/97.5

Damage — 115/130

Fire Rate — .75/.75

Magazine Size — 1/1

Reload Time — 3.1/2.5



Assault Rifle - Weapon & Gun List

Find out about damage, rarity, and magazine size of the Assault Rifle weapon gun class in Fortnite chapter 2!!

This article has been updated to the changes made in Chapter 2 Season 2. Read on to know what's been changed with this weapon type!

Table of Contents

Other weapon type List

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Assault Rifle Overview

Assault Rifle Overview

Weapon Traits

Versatile in Any Range

The Assault Rifles are effective in short, mid, and long ranges with some excelling more than others. It's that versatility that makes the Assault Rifles among the best weapons in game.

High Damage Output

With great damage output and relatively high fire rate, the Assault Rifles are capable of melting enemy shields and health in a matter of seconds.

Beginner Friendly

Assault Rifles are among the easiest to use in the game and can be picked up by just about everyone. It's a simple aim and shoot weapon!

Weapon Tips

Fire in Short Bursts from Long Range

Shooting in bursts helps to suppress recoil and keep the accuracy of the weapon. When shooting in long range or using the the Scoped versions, fire in one to two shots.

Follow your Enemies Movements

Assault Rifles hit objects as soon as you shoot them. Keep your crosshairs on the enemy as much as possible in order to land shots!

Assault Rifle List

Assault Rifle

Common Assault Rifle Traits

Headshot Magnifier2x
Fire Rate5.5
Magazine Size30

Assault Rifle - Weapon Traits

Assault Rifles are a great choice as a main weapon in Fortnite. It's high damage and versatile range can easily pressure enemies and take down cover.

Burst Assault Rifle

Common Burst Assault Rifle Traits

Headshot Magnifier2x
Fire Rate4.91
Magazine Size30

Burst Assault Rifle - Weapon Traits

Dealing a good amount of damage with low recoil, the Burst Assault Rifle is a great weapon to take with you. It can hit targets from mid to longe range while you're alone, or while teammates provide cover for you.

Suppressed Assault Rifle

WeaponDPSEnemy DMGCraft DMGReload
Suppressed Assault Rifle ★5★5181.533332.1 secs
Suppressed Assault Rifle ★4★417632322.2 secs
Suppressed Assault Rifle ★3★316530302.3 secs

Common Suppressed Assault Rifle Traits

Headshot Magnifier2x
Fire Rate5.5
Magazine Size30

Suppressed Assault Rifle - Weapon Traits

The Suppressed Assault Rifle is a silent weapon that allows you to pick off enemies without being noticed! This is the weapon of choice if you are planning on playing stealthily!

Heavy Assault Rifle

Common Heavy Assault Rifle Traits

Headshot Magnifier2x
Fire Rate4.25
Magazine Size25

Heavy Assault Rifle - Weapon Traits

The Heavy Assault Rifle is a versatile weapon that packs a punch! This weapon is a great way to deal a tremendous amount of damage, when unloading your bullets on a target!

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Rarity Weapons List

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Fortnite Assault Rifles guide (V9.00) - Assault Rifle tips, Tactical Assault Rifle stats, Drum Gun stats, Fortnite's best Assault Rifle

Just when we got to grips with the lack of Thermal and Suppressed Assault Rifles in Fortnite, patch 9.01 brings the new Tactical Assault Rifle to the table. This new weapon seems like a variant of the Scoped Assault Rifle, and time will tell how it fares compared to the other weapons. Our Fortnite Assault Rifles guide will walk you through each of the rifles still available in the game, with fully up-to-date, practical tips, stats, and strategies for each one.

We've spent a lot of time writing lots of words on every aspect of Fortnite, all of which you can reach from our central Fortnite guide hub. We've got tonnes of beginner-friendly and advanced tips and tricks on everything from Fortnite weapons to Fortnite building and editing to completing the various Fortnite week 6 challenges. So take a look!

Fortnite Assault Rifles guide

Written by Ollie Toms and Dave Irwin

Assault Rifles come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and rarities, but they all share a few common traits. They are hitscan (no bullet travel time), they have first-shot accuracy, and they are unrivalled at medium range.

An Assault Rifle can also be used to great effect at long or short range, but they are of course not quite as suited to these ranges as other weapon classes such as the Shotgun or the Sniper Rifle. Regardless, they are the only weapons that can be used effectively at any range, and as a result they should always find a place onto your hotbar early on in a match. If you think you can win a Fortnite game using just SMGs and Sniper Rifles, you're mistaken (or you're by a vast degree the best player in the lobby).

For more information on ideal weapon loadouts and powerful weapon combinations, take a look at our Fortnite loadouts page.

Assault Rifles vs SMGs - when to use ARs

Assault Rifles are commonly compared to SMGs, and it's easy to see why, as both classes of weapon sport large clip sizes and a high rate of fire. But SMGs sacrifice accuracy in their bid to be the fastest, most shreddiest guns in Fortnite, whereas Assault Rifles, with their measured approach and relative lack of bloom and recoil, are much more effective at medium and long range.

If you're trying to burst down an opponent (or a structure) at very close range, the SMG will generally outperform the Assault Rifle. But if you're 100 metres away, that SMG is going to be useless, while an AR can still happily peck away at your opponent's health from afar.

Of course, this doesn't need to be an either-or situation. Both types of weapon occupy completely different niches in the Fortnite arsenal, so it's well worth taking both and learning to switch between them quickly depending on your situation.

Scoped Assault Rifle

The Scoped Assault Rifle is much more like semi-auto sniper rifle than standard AR, having a slower-firing than their peers, making it far less versatile, but better suited for long-range encounters.

We'll go into more detail about this subset of Assault Rifle below, but it's worth recognising that the Scoped ARs are a vastly different beast than regular ARs, and there's not too much point in comparing them.

Tactical Assault Rifle

Despite slapping a scope on this bad boy, it's more akin to an SMG than a standard AR. It has a nice high rate of fire and can dish out decent damage to players and structures, but has a huge drop-off at longer ranges.

Like the Scoped Assault Rifle, we'll be going into more detail on this one below, but just so you are aware that this is very different to the regular ARs and you shouldn't really use that as a benchmark when cross-referencing the two.

Fortnite best Assault Rifle

Now let's take a look at all the different Assault Rifles currently available to you in Fortnite, and how they stack up against one another, as well as their ideal circumstances and shortcomings. While we reference the different weapons' stats, we haven't included them here, but just head over to our Fortnite weapons guide for detailed stats on every single weapon in Fortnite.

Infantry Rifle

The Infantry Rifle is a curious cross between an Assault Rifle and a Sniper Rifle - but not in the same way as the Scoped ARs you'll find below. The gun packs a punch over great distances, dealing more damage per shot even than a Heavy Assault Rifle. Combined with its extraordinary lack of bloom and quick to return first-shot-accuracy, this makes it a powerful semi-auto long-ranged weapon that beats the Scoped Assault Rifle at its own game many times over. Its only downside is a tiny mag size relative to its considerable rate of fire.

The V8.20 Patch Notes, which you can read all about in our Fortnite Patch Notes guide, provided some changes to the Infantry Rifle. Before, its main benefit was zero damage dropoff; this is now gone, with the gun featuring the same dropoff as other Assault Rifles. But instead, the gun is now hitscan, meaning you no longer need to adjust for bullet travel time. This is a huge benefit to the weapon - which Epic knows, as shown by their subsequent nerf of the gun's damage per shot from 45/42 to 42/40 to prevent it from being overpowered.

This is a very powerful gun in the right hands, but you shouldn't really use this as a replacement for your SCAR. You should use it as your long-range option if you desire a faster-firing alternative to the bolt-action snipers. With a good aim and some solid game-sense on when to use it, the Infantry Rifle is a top-notch weapon.

Assault Rifle & SCAR

The standard Assault Rifle is characterised by middling stats across the board. They also occupy every rarity level, which means there's quite a bit of variance between the fairly lacklustre Grey AR and the wonderfully powerful Gold SCAR, particularly regarding the amount of bloom each gun suffers from while firing. But as a whole, these ARs are fast-firing, effective at any range, and excellent at taking down both players and structures at medium range.

While not as untouchably superior as it used to be, an Epic or Legendary SCAR is still a powerful item that's well worth keeping through to the end of a match. It can deliver quick and painful damage, particularly if you headshot your target, which is more than possible given the first-shot accuracy and low bloom of the SCAR; and it can also be used to pressure enemies and disrupt builds at ranges beyond what an SMG can handle.

Drum Gun

For its rarity, the Drum Gun can be a monster. Appearing only at uncommon and rare rarities, the Drum gun has decent accuracy, a fast fire rate, and packs a punch. What makes this weapon such a good one to use however is that it's even good when hip-fired, outclassing shotguns in many cases.

This is bogged down at uncommon level by a rather long reload time, but should you manage to snag a rare one, you'll be laughing as you spray a hail of bullets into your foes. Couple this with a long-range weapon solution, such as a Sniper Rifle of your choice and you're pretty much set for the game.

Heavy Assault Rifle

Oof. This gun packs a hell of a punch. Available in Rare, Epic, and Legendary colours, this gun deals significantly higher damage per shot than any other Assault Rifle, with the consequence that all its other stats are slightly worse to balance it out. Lower fire rate, smaller clip size, longer reload time, and a greater recoil and bloom to contend with. But seriously, you get nearly a 50% increase in damage with every shot over the SCAR. That's just disgustingly powerful.

The thing to remember, though, is that the Heavy AR's low rate of fire makes it less effective for suppressing the enemy, which means - as with the FAMAS - you should consider taking an SMG with you if you're using the Heavy AR. Or conversely, if you don't have an SMG on your person, you should probably pick a SCAR over a Heavy Assault Rifle just for the suppression and sustain ability.

Scoped Assault Rifle

The Scoped Assault Rifle combines a bunch of useful traits - fast fire rate, hitscan, a scope - but it's unfortunately not a weapon that sees a lot of play in most Fortnite matches. Its low damage is very underwhelming even compared with a Grey Assault Rifle, and you're much better off using an actual sniper rifle, or even a Scoped Revolver.

Regardless, the Scoped AR can be used to good effect, and the key to doing this is to never let up the pressure. The only way to make up for the Scoped AR's low damage is to headshot your enemy several times in quick succession before they even know what's happening. This is actually fairly easy to do if they don't build, because like I said, the Scoped AR is nice and accurate at long range. But if they do start building, the Scoped AR's time to shine is over and you'd best switch to another weapon to continue the fight.

Tactical Assault Rifle

Given its tight spread, it's more of a weapon that's suited for closer ranges than the Scoped Assault Rifle. It's a fully automatic weapon and includes a headshot multiplier of 1.75x. But for its rarity, it's really not that good an option as an AR. When used to fulfil the role of an SMG at close range though, its usefulness becomes a little more apparent and given that the Suppressed SMG is the only other SMG in the game, that's important. Use this in the same manner as the Drum Gun or Suppressed SMG. Also, that scope is purely for cosmetic effect. Such a waste.

Fortnite Assault Rifle tips and tricks

Finally, let's finish up with some practical tips and tricks on how to perform well with any kind of Assault Rifle in Fortnite.

  • Spam at close range, burst at medium range, tap at long range. This is all down to the Assault Rifle's bloom. Most ARs can return quickly to first-shot accuracy, so at longer ranges you should only tap the fire button or burst for short amounts of time before allowing the bloom to reset to zero. With close-range encounters, however, the bloom is less important than dealing as much damage as possible in the shortest space of time, so close range is the only time you should auto-fire with your Assault Rifle.
  • Switch to a Shotgun or SMG for close range. Don't rely on your Assault Rifle at close range. An SMG will always out-DPS an Assault Rifle in close quarters combat. If you've no SMG, then use your AR to support your shotgun blasts, but don't use your Assault Rifle for too long in these moments, because the fire rate just isn't good enough for close range encounters - unless it's the Tactical Assault Rifle that is.
  • Don't be tempted to stand still. Your Assault Rifle's bloom is much less of a problem if you're standing still, so many players are tempted to stay rooted to the spot as they fire at their enemy. This, of course, is a big mistake, because when you're a static target it's the easiest thing in the world for your enemy - or a third party - to snipe you and kill you in one shot.
  • Follow up a snipe with an Assault Rifle. At mid- to long-range, you should always follow up your snipes with a few shots from your Assault Rifle, particularly when using a Heavy Sniper, because after you break an opponent's wall with the snipe it's very possible to get a few quick hits in with your AR before they wall themselves back up.
  • Remember your AR's shortcomings. Don't treat every Assault Rifle in the same way. As we've mentioned, there are various differences in how you should use each of them. And you should also take this into account when choosing your other weapons. If you've a Heavy Assault Rifle, for instance, an SMG is more or less a must-have item. If you've a SCAR or Suppressed AR, then you can perhaps exchange your SMG for a sniper rifle.
  • Scoped Assault Rifles belong in your Sniper slot, not your AR slot. Scoped Assault Rifles shouldn't even be classed as Assault Rifles, because their function is completely different. The core trait of an Assault Rifle is versatility - they can strike at any range and pretty much any situation. Scoped Assault Rifles, like Sniper Rifles, only excel at long range, so don't ever be tempted to use a Scoped AR instead of a standard AR.

That wraps up our Fortnite Assault Rifles guide, but be sure to check back here after Epic makes any adjustments to existing Assault Rifles, or switches around the roster. We'll be working hard to make sure all our Fortnite pages are fully up to date, including this one. So until then!

Nick Eh 30 reacts to Combat Assault Rifle in Fortnite!

Fortnite has lots of weapons, far more than Epic Games can feature in the game at once. Most weapons take turns and rotate in and out of the vault, and Epic sometimes tinkers with their stats to make them more balanced as they come and go with each season.

Considering Fortnite has been around since 2017, you may need to pull an all-nighter to memorize all the weapons and their damage numbers. Though each weapon is different, Epic will maintain at least one armament from each category in the rotation. This means Shotguns or Assault Rifles, for instance, will be a common presence unless Epic decides to introduce drastic changes.

If you’re looking to pick a weapon solely based on its flat damage numbers, though, you may be getting into this with the wrong mindset. Raw damage may look like the key, but there are also other factors to consider. Fire rate and reload time are two other metrics that will also be crucial depending on your playstyle. Players who prefer keeping their distance may like weapons with high damage and slow fire rates, while the ones who like to get up in their enemies’ faces may favor guns with high fire rates and slightly less damage. 

There’s a weapon for every player and every situation in Fortnite. Here’s a list of all Fortnite weapon stats to help you prepare that one layout to rule them all.

RarityWeaponDPSDamageFire RateMagazine SizeReload Time
CommonAssault Rİfle165305.5302.52 seconds
UncommonAssault Rİfle170.5315.5302.41 seconds
RareAssault Rİfle181.5335.5302.3 seconds
EpicAssault Rİfle192.5355.5302.18 seconds
LegendaryAssault Rİfle198365.5302.07 seconds
MythicSkye’s Assault Rifle222376302.0 seconds
CommonHeavy Assault Rifle135363.75253.08 seconds
UncommonHeavy Assault Rifle142.5383.75252.94 seconds
RareHeavy Assault Rifle150403.75252.8 seconds
EpicHeavy Assault Rifle157.5423.75252.66 seconds
LegendaryHeavy Assault Rifle165443.75252.52 seconds
MythicMeowscles’ Peow Peow Rifle180483.75252.5 seconds
CommonBurst Assault Rifle122.45313.95202.86 seconds
UncommonBurst Assault Rifle126.4323.95202.73 seconds
RareBurst Assault Rifle134.3343.95202.6 seconds
EpicBurst Assault Rifle142.2363.95202.47 seconds
LegendaryBurst Assault Rifle146.15373.95202.34 seconds
MythicOcean’s Burst Assault Rifle154393.95202.2 seconds
CommonInfantry Rifle14436482.5 seconds
UncommonInfantry Rifle15238482.4 seconds
RareInfantry Rifle16040482.3 seconds
EpicInfantry Rifle168424102.2 seconds
LegendaryInfantry Rifle176444102.1 seconds
RareSuppressed Assault Rifle165305.5302.3 seconds
EpicSuppressed Assault Rifle176325.5302.2 seconds
LegendarySuppressed Assault Rifle181.5335.5302.1 seconds
RareTactical Assault Rifle154227302.2 seconds
EpicTactical Assault Rifle161237302.1 seconds
LegendaryTactical Assault Rifle168247302 seconds
EpicThermal Scoped Assault Rifle64.836151.82.2 seconds
LegendaryThermal Scoped Assault Rifle66.637151.82.1 seconds
UncommonScoped Assault Rifle64321522.4 seconds
RareScoped Assault Rifle68341522.3 seconds
EpicScoped Assault Rifle72362022.2 seconds
LegendaryScoped Assault Rifle74372022.1 seconds
UncommonDrum Gun168218403.2 seconds
RareDrum Gun176228403.0 seconds
MythicMidas’ Drum Gun2502510402.7 seconds
MythicJules’ Drum Gun204248.5402.7 seconds
MythicShadow Midas’ Drum Gun204248.5402.7 seconds
RareStark Industries Energy Rifle162.8374.4153 seconds
EpicStark Industries Energy Rifle171.6394.4152.85 seconds
LegendaryStark Industries Energy Rifle180.4414.4152.7 seconds
RarityWeaponDPSDamageFireRateMagazine SizeReload Time
CommonPump Shotgun58.8840.755.1 seconds
UncommonPump Shotgun64.4920.754.75 seconds
RarePump Shotgun701000.754.4 seconds
EpicPump Shotgun75.61080.754.05 seconds
LegendaryPump Shotgun81.21160.753.7 seconds
CommonTactical Shotgun108721.586.27 seconds
UncommonTactical Shotgun114761.585.99 seconds
RareTactical Shotgun120801.585.7 seconds
EpicTactical Shotgun126841.585.41 seconds
LegendaryTactical Shotgun132881.585.13 seconds
CommonCharge Shotgun71.4840.8544.7 seconds
UncommonCharge Shotgun74.8880.8544.5 seconds
RareCharge Shotgun79.05930.8544.3 seconds
EpicCharge Shotgun83.3980.8554.1 seconds
LegendaryCharge Shotgun86.71020.8553.9 seconds
CommonLever Action Shotgun88.993.60.9566.6 seconds
UncommonLever Action Shotgun93.298.10.9566.3 seconds
RareLever Action Shotgun98.3103.50.9566 seconds
EpicLever Action Shotgun103.5108.90.9565.7 seconds
LegendaryLever Action Shotgun108.6114.30.9565.4 seconds
EpicDragon’s Breath Shotgun152152144.3 seconds
LegendaryDragon’s Breath Shotgun160160144.1 seconds
EpicHeavy Shotgun7474175.9 seconds
LegendaryHeavy Shotgun7777175.6 seconds
CommonDrum Shotgun180454124.7 seconds
UncommonDrum Shotgun192484124.5 seconds
RareDrum Shotgun200504124.3 seconds
RareCombat Shotgun96.6571.785.3 seconds
EpicCombat Shotgun102601.785 seconds
LegendaryCombat Shotgun107.1631.784.7 seconds
EpicDouble Barrel Shotgun216.61141.922.8 seconds
LegendaryDouble Barrel Shotgun2281201.922.7 seconds
ExoticThe Dub2281201.922.7 seconds
RarityWeaponDPSDamageFireRateMagazine SizeReload Time
CommonSubmachine Gun1761611302.31 seconds
UncommonSubmachine Gun1871711302.2 seconds
RareSubmachine Gun1981811302.1 seconds
EpicSubmachine Gun2091911352 seconds
LegendarySubmachine Gun2202011351.89 seconds
EpicCompact SMG2002010403.1 seconds
LegendaryCompact SMG2102110403 seconds
CommonSuppressed Submachine Gun156207.8302.1 seconds
UncommonSuppressed Submachine Gun163.8217.8302.1 seconds
RareSuppressed Submachine Gun171.6227.8302 seconds
EpicSuppressed Submachine Gun179.4237.8301.9 seconds
LegendarySuppressed Submachine Gun187.2247.8301.8 seconds
CommonRapid Fire SMG1951315201.65 seconds
UncommonRapid Fire SMG2101415201.58 seconds
RareRapid Fire SMG2251515201.5 seconds
EpicRapid Fire SMG2401615261.42 seconds
LegendaryRapid Fire SMG2551715261.32 seconds
CommonMachine Pistol2101514322.4 seconds
UncommonMachine Pistol2241614322.3 seconds
RareMachine Pistol2381714322.2 seconds
CommonBurst SMG72243242.5 seconds
UncommonBurst SMG75253242.4 seconds
RareBurst SMG78263242.2 seconds
UncommonTactical Submachine Gun162189252.2 seconds
RareTactical Submachine Gun171199252.1 seconds
EpicTactical Submachine Gun180209252 seconds
LegendaryTactical Submachine Gun189219251.9 seconds
RarityWeaponDPSDamageFireRateMagazine SizeReload Time
CommonPistol162246.75161.54 seconds
UncommonPistol168.7256.75161.47 seconds
RarePistol175.5266.75161.4 seconds
MythicPistol189286.75161.33 seconds
LegendaryPistol195.7296.75161.26 seconds
RareSuppressed Pistol168.75256.75121.4 seconds
EpicSuppressed Pistol175.5266.75121.3 seconds
ExoticShadow Tracker195.75296.75161.3 seconds
EpicHand Cannon60750.872.09 seconds
LegendaryHand Cannon62.4780.871.98 seconds
RareDual Pistols154.6393.96183 seconds
EpicDual Pistols162.5413.96182.8 seconds
MythicDeadpool’s Hand Cannons111.09215.29182.2 seconds
UncommonSix Shooter17034562.4 seconds
RareSix Shooter18036562.3 seconds
EpicSix Shooter19038562.2 seconds
RareDual Supressed Pistols154.4393.96183 seconds
EpicDual Supressed Pistols162.4413.96182.8 seconds
LegendaryDual Supressed Pistols170.3433.96182.6 seconds
CommonRevolver81541.562.2 seconds
UncommonRevolver85.5571.562.1 seconds
RareRevolver90601.562 seconds
EpicRevolver94.5631.561.9 seconds
LegendaryRevolver99661.561.8 seconds
EpicScoped Revolver67.2421.662.1 seconds
LegendaryScoped Revolver70.4441.662 seconds
ExoticNight hawk70.4441.662 seconds
RarityWeaponDPSDamageFireRateMagazine SizeReload Time
CommonBolt-Action Sniper Rifle31.4950.3313.3 seconds
UncommonBolt-Action Sniper Rifle331000.3313.15 seconds
RareBolt-Action Sniper Rifle34.71050.3313 seconds
EpicBolt-Action Sniper Rifle36.31100.3312.35 seconds
LegendaryBolt-Action Sniper Rifle38.31160.3312.5 seconds
UncommonHunting Rifle68.8860.811.9 seconds
RareHunting Rifle72.8910.811.8 seconds
EpicHunting Rifle76.8960.811.7 seconds
LegendaryHunting Rifle891000.811.6 seconds
EpicSuppressed Sniper Rifle31.25950.3311.9 seconds
LegendarySuppressed Sniper Rifle331000.3311.8 seconds
EpicHeavy Sniper Rifle421260.3314.3 seconds
LegendaryHeavy Sniper Rifle441320.3314.1 seconds
ExoticBoom Sniper Rifle7070154.1 seconds
UncommonSemi-Auto Sniper Rifle90751.2102.5 seconds
RareSemi-Auto Sniper Rifle93.6781.2102.3 seconds
ExoticStorm Scout76.5850.962.7 seconds
EpicStorm Scout Sniper Rifle72.98162.8 seconds
LegendaryStorm Scout Sniper Rifle76.58562.7 seconds
RareAutomatic Sniper Rifle160404163.8 seconds
EpicAutomatic Sniper Rifle168424163.6 seconds
LegendaryAutomatic Sniper Rifle176444163.4 seconds
UncommonLever Action Rifle88.993.60.9566.6 seconds
RareLever Action Rifle93.298.10.9566.3 seconds
EpicLever Action Rifle98.3103.50.9566 seconds
LegendaryLever Action Rifle103.5108.90.9565.7 seconds
MythicAmban Sniper Rifle5511012.4 seconds
RarityWeaponDPSDamageFireRateMagazine SizeReload Time
CommonRocket Launcher52.5700.7514.68 seconds
UncommonRocket Launcher63.8850.7514.14 seconds
RareRocket Launcher751000.7513.6 seconds
EpicRocket Launcher86.31150.7513.06 seconds
LegendaryRocket Launcher97.51300.7512.52 seconds
RareGrenade Launcher7070163 seconds
EpicGrenade Launcher7474162.8 seconds
LegendaryGrenade Launcher7777162.7 seconds
ExoticThe Big Chill000.7562.7 seconds
UncommonSnowball Launcher53.25710.7563.2 seconds
RareSnowball Launcher56.25750.7563 seconds
EpicSnowball Launcher59.25790.7562.8 seconds
LegendarySnowball Launcher62.25830.7562.7 seconds
UncommonEgg Launcher6767163.2 seconds
RareEgg Launcher7070163 seconds
EpicEgg Launcher7474162.8 seconds
LegendaryEgg Launcher7777162.7 seconds
MythicKit’s Shockwave Launcher0062.7 seconds
EpicGuided Missile55.57412.4 seconds
LegendaryGuided Missile57.57712.2 seconds
EpicQuad Launcher8080144.7 seconds
LegendaryQuad Launcher8484144.5 seconds
EpicProximity Grenade Launcher43.55670.6523 seconds
LegendaryProximity Grenade Launcher45.5700.6522.8 seconds
RarityWeaponDPSDamageFireRateMagazine SizeReload Time
RareLight Machine Gun2002581005 seconds
EpicLight Machine Gun2082681004.7 seconds
EpicMinigun24020124.7 seconds
LegendaryMinigun25221124.5 seconds
MythicBrutus’ Minigun25221124.5 seconds

Assault rifles fortnite all in

Full list of all weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

A new season in Fortnite has introduced a new arsenal. From common to mythic, all weapon tiers have new additions. Several weapons have been vaulted, while others have been brought out of the vault to bring a shift in the weapon meta.

Players now have a variety of weapons to choose from. They can either select a trusted loadout from the older weapons or learn how to bring their enemies to their knees using the new Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 weapons.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 weapons lack the much-loved Tactical Shotgun and the Heavy AR. The Silenced SMG and the Hand Cannon a.k.a Desert Eagle, have also been sent back to the vault. Epic Games has added the Burst and Lever-action rifles to fill the void with all these weapons gone.

All the weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 has a variety of weapons to offer to players. They can either be found in random loot drops, supply drops, sideways portals, or from NPCs. The number of weapons will only increase in the future if Epic decides to add new Mythic weapons or unvault a few.

Primary weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8


  1. Standard SMG
  2. Combat SMG
  3. Rapid Fire SMG

Assault Rifles:

  1. Standard AR
  2. Burst AR
  3. Suppressed AR
  4. Lever-Action rifle
  5. Combat AR


  1. Pump Shotgun
  2. Lever-Action Shotgun
  3. Charge Shotgun

Sniper Rifle:

  1. Standard Sniper Rifle
  2. Automatic Sniper Rifle


  1. Standard Pistol
  2. Flint-Knock Pistol

Mythic and Sideways weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

Sideways Weapons:

  1. Sideways Lightblade
  2. Sideways Minigun
  3. Sideways Rifle

Mythic Weapons:

  1. Venom Symbiote
  2. Carnage Symbiote
  3. Slone's Bust AR

Best Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

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Players are already familiar with how the standard Fortnite weapons work, with the Scar and the Rapid Fire SMG being the go-to primary weapons. Players who like to take up long-range fights might also prefer the sniper rifle for one of their slots.

Ultimately, with Dr. Slone's Bust AR and all the Sideways and Mythic weapons, the weapon meta in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 is definitely going to be diverse.

Nick Eh 30 reacts to Combat Assault Rifle in Fortnite!

The best weapons in Fortnite

Surviving in Fortniteand securing a Victory Royale takes skill. Getting better at Fortnite takes a knowledge of the playing field and a drive to outlast your opponents. But none of that matters if you aren’t picking up the right weapons. Building a loadout that suits your playstyle and managing your inventory as the match progresses is key to snagging a win. You don’t want to be caught in a long-range battle with someone on a mountaintop without a solid sniper rifle on hand, and you don’t want to find the storm closing in on a part of the map filled with smaller buildings without a shotgun.

Our guide to the best weapons in Fortnite breaks down rarity types and what they mean, the most effective arms in each weapon category, and tips on how to use them. Season 8 brought big changes to the Fortnite arsenal — including four new weapons and the vaulting of some timeless favorites. If you’re looking for the best Fortnite weapons in season 8, here’s what you need to know.

Weapon colors and what they mean

Fortnite weapons scattered on the ground.

Fortnite Battle Royale’s selection of weapons varies between categories, with plenty of different arms to choose from. From the deadly pulse rifle to the explosive rocket launcher, there’s something to fit every playstyle. Each weapon is assigned a tier on a rarity scale, too. Whether you’re selecting an SMG or an assault rifle, all weapons will be color-coded as such.

  • Gray: Common
  • Green: Uncommon
  • Blue: Rare
  • Purple: Epic
  • Orange: Legendary
  • Gold: Mythic

The rarer the gun, the higher the damage it will do. In a firefight, the better class of gun has the higher potential for damage, so if you take a gray assault rifle into battle against a blue one, and so on, the person with the blue gun will have an edge.

If at any time during the game you find a higher rarity tier of the weapon you’re currently using, make sure you swap out your current weapon and pick up the new color. This allows you to make sure you are maximizing your damage. Gray and green weapons are fine at the start of the match, but you should have at least blue ones by the time half of the players are dead.

Choosing between different weapons of different tiers is more difficult. It might not be a good idea to trade a common assault rifle for an epic pistol if you know you’re about to cover some open terrain. If you have to make such a choice, think about where you plan to head next and what weapon is best suited to the terrain. If you find yourself not very skilled with sniper rifles, don’t waste the inventory space by picking it up, even if it’s legendary.

Best guns in Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite big battle with main character firing an explosive weapon.

While simply stumbling upon any weapon is preferable to running around the Fortnite map wildly swinging your pickax and hoping to avoid the first 90 players before you’re shot out, there are some that are preferable to others. For instance, you should really hope you happen upon a shotgun over a pistol because it’s going to keep you a whole lot safer.

Here’s a reliable hierarchy of the weapons you should strive to aim for, ranked in order of desirability. Some of the following weapons have been Vaulted — meaning they’ve been removed from Fortnite — but they will periodically make an appearance during special events. When available, they’re some of the best weapons in the game, so keep your eyes peeled!

Assault rifles

While assault rifles aren’t the most powerful set of guns in the game, they’re the most versatile. You’ve got several different variants with different kinds of stopping power. They won’t take out enemies from across the map, but you’re easily covered whether you need to make a quick getaway to safety or you’re going on a run for your Victory Royale with five people left standing in your way. Just make sure to fire in short bursts, and you’ll be golden.

These are the different types of assault rifles that you can currently pick up in Fortnite:

  • Slone’s burst assault rifle (new for season 8)
  • Sideways rifle (new for season 8)
  • Boss minigun (new for season 8)
  • Sideways minigun (new for season 8)
  • Pulse rifle
  • Assault rifle
  • Burst assault rifle
  • Lever action assault rifle
  • Suppressed assault rifle

Powerful Vaulted assault rifles include:

  • Midas drum gun: This weapon only drops when Midas is defeated at the Agency.
  • Skye’s assault rifle: This weapon only drops when Skye is defeated in the Shark.
  • Meowscles Peow Peow rifle: This weapon only drops when Meowscles is defeated on his Yacht.


Shotguns aren’t great at range, of course, but if someone is nearby, you can rock their world with a devastating shotgun blast. They are the perfect complement to your assault rifle. Some are notably better than others, so play around to find the one that suits you best. You can find the different types below:

  • Charge shotgun
  • Pump shotgun
  • Lever action shotgun


While not as powerful or as direct as assault rifles or shotguns, SMGs are still preferable in battle when you need something quick and light to eliminate the competition. They’re automatic, so you can hold the trigger down in a panic, and they’ll hold plenty of ammo.

They won’t do as much damage as assault rifles or shotguns, but they’re like little firecrackers that can still make for quite the party when people come to try and mess with you. Many players underrate the SMG, but it can entirely wreck a shotgun player in close range, especially if you take advantage of that weapon’s delay in shots and frequent reload time. Here are all currently available SMGs:

  • Rapid-fire SMG
  • Submachine gun
  • Kymera ray gun

Sniper rifles

Let’s face it: Not everyone can excel as a sniper. But if a sniper rifle is all you can find, use it wisely. It will require you to constantly remain on the move and on the lookout for areas in-game where you can sit and wait for passersby to pick off, but you’ll be a force to be reckoned with while hidden, and you can one-shot kill anyone who gets in your way with a well-placed headshot. Though not necessarily a rifle, we’ve also included the crossbow in this category because of its functionality.

  • Storm Scout
  • Rail gun
  • Bolt-action sniper rifle
  • Suppressed sniper rifle
  • Plunger bow
  • Automatic sniper rifle

Here are a few Vaulted snipers to look out for during special events:

  • Boom Bow (this weapon will drop when TNTina is defeated in the Rig)
  • Hunting rifle

Explosives and heavy weapons

Explosives and heavy weapons can be hit or miss. If you find a grenade launcher or RPG, you’ll be good for a short while but can quickly run out of ammo. They’re not ideal in most situations, but they can still get you out of a jam if you need a quick fix. Because of this, these are best saved for those final assaults when there are only a handful of players left.

Explosives and heavy weapons are extremely powerful but are just as extremely hard to find outside of supply drops. That’s why it’s best that you don’t rely on these weapons and simply use them as a strong asset.

  • Rocket launcher
  • Orange paint launcher
  • Purple paint launcher
  • Recon scanner

Here are a few Vaulted heavy weapons to keep your eyes out for:


Most pistols do meager damage, though they can be deadly when you find the right ones. They’re just a lot slower, rarely automatic, and do less damage per shot than most other weapons. Still, a pistol is better than nothing. Thankfully, Epic Games has added some pretty impressive pistols in the last couple of months that can surprise enemies.

  • Night Hawk
  • Marksman Six Shooter
  • Pistol
  • Shadow Tracker

Best guns in each class


Close-up of standard Fortnite pistol.

You’ll want to switch to another weapon from a pistol as soon as possible most of the time. However, there are some noteworthy pistols you might want to keep in your inventory. The first is the Marksman Six Shooter. One of the more recent additions, this powerful pistol packs a nice punch.

There’s also Night Hawk, which was un-Vaulted for season 7 and can be purchased from Guggimon or picked up from a malfunctioning vending machine. It works much like the normal scoped revolver but boasts a thermal scope for easy enemy identification. As great as it is for a pistol, you’ll still want to be on the lookout for a weapon with a bit more punch.

Assault Rifles

Close-up of Fortnite standard assault rifle.

Assault rifles come in several different flavors, including the burst-fire and M4 variations. The M4 is the middling, simplest choice that players tend to gravitate toward.

However, arguably the best assault rifle in all of Fortnite is Slone’s burst assault rifle. This item deals 38 damage and fires at a rate of 4.2 — making it a deadly weapon in the right hands. In order to add it to your arsenal, you’ll need to take down Dr. Slone. That can be done just at a roadside camp just northwest of Dirty Docks, but you’ll need to bring some heavy firepower for the job.

Do so successfully, and you’ll be rewarded with one of the best weapons in Fortnite.

Or, you can jump into the Sideways realm — look for the massive portals scattered randomly across the island — and look for the deadly Sideways rifle that deals more damage as it warms up. You can also find a Sideways minigun, although you’ll need to make sure it doesn’t overheat while in use.

Sniper rifles

Fortnite sniper rifle.

With the Storm Scout un-Vaulted for season 7, it’s quickly become one of the most popular snipers in the game. The Storm Scout is sticking around for season 8, and you’ll want to add it to your arsenal whenever possible, as it tells you where the storm is moving next. This makes it easy to plan ahead and get into a good sniping position before all other players start scrambling towards you. It can be purchased just east of Retail Row on the nearby yellow bridge.

The Bolt-action sniper is a solid replacement for the Storm Scout, which is once again among the most powerful long-range weapons in Fortnite.

However, if you’re looking for something a bit more powerful — but still effective at a distance — look no further than the Rail gun. While you can’t zoom in as much as you can on a typical sniper, the Rail gun outputs incredible damage after charging for a few seconds. It can also shoot through player structures, making it a must-have weapon towards the end of a match.


Close-up of Fortnite SMG.

When it comes to SMG’s, you’re probably good no matter which one you pick up. As such, your best bet is to focus on making sure it’s the highest quality you can find. When you come across another SMG, don’t allow yourself to automatically ignore it, but make sure it’s not better than the one you already have.

Most of the best SMG’s have been Vaulted for season 8, so we’d recommend using a shotgun for most close-range encounters instead. Still, if you happen across a high-level SMG, feel free to keep it in your inventory.


Close-up of Fortnite shotgun.

You’ll find different categories of shotguns to choose from in the form of pump shotguns, tactical shotguns, and lever-action shotguns. The tactical shotgun is currently the best choice for players looking for a high rate of fire.

While the pump shotgun is a much more powerful option, it sacrifices the fire rate for its 95 damage points. It’s a devastating pick for close-range combat, especially with the potential for one-hit kills, but you’ll need to land every shot, every time.

The tactical shotgun is the better all-around choice for that reason, as it’s a more versatile weapon that allows you to pull off various defensive and offensive maneuvers, firing off shots one after another and landing what you can without having to worry yourself with pinpoint accuracy. However, it’s been Vaulted for season 8 — so you’re stuck with using more traditional shotguns for close encounters. You might consider checking out the charge shotgun in its place, which can be crafted by upgrading a pump shotgun or lever-action shotgun with Nuts and Bolts.


Close-up of Fortnite grenade launcher.

When it comes to grenades, you can select a few different types outside of the typical grenade. These include the vaulted Boogie Bomb, Stink Bomb, and Impulse Grenade. Most of these grenades are less than impressive, but we can’t help but love the Boogie Bomb. It’s a meme for a reason: It opens up your enemies to a heartbreaking loss.

As far as available explosives go, it’s hard to beat the standard rocket launcher. Capable of taking down huge sections of buildings in a single shot, it’s a great way to expose hidden enemies or disrupt someone’s building pattern.

The recon scanner is another useful heavy weapon, which will scan your surrounding for gear, enemies, and vehicles. Attacking foes with the recon scanner is futile — its DPS output of 15 is pretty terrible — but it’s a perfect way to get a grip of your surroundings and locate nearby points of interest.

Fortnite Victory Royale screen shown for winning a match.

While there are plenty of shortcuts and ploys you can learn to master Fortnite, it is equally important to know what kinds of weapons you’re dealing with and how to utilize them at each stage of your journey. There is a color-coding system that categorizes each weapon, which acts as a useful guide to form the most well-rounded and successful armory.

After you’ve mastered how and when to use every weapon in your arsenal, you’ll be prepared for a victorious experience in Victory Royale. You’re sure to make it to the top if you have purple or orange weapons known to represent the epic and legendary categories, respectively.

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