Wavy ponytails for black hair

Wavy ponytails for black hair DEFAULT
Black woman with weave hair extensions sewed to her own hair

Wavy hairstyles are equally effortless and fashionable, and with weaves, anyone can achieve them. From bobs and half-up styles to ponytails and braids, there’s no shortage of styles to try.

We’ve scoured the internet and compiled a list of the top 18 wavy weave hairstyles for black women – we guarantee your next best wavy hairdo is here!

The Best Wavy Weave Hairstyles for Black Hair

African American lady wearing wavy Indian hair with a white dress shirt

There are bobs, finger waves, ponytails, lobs, braids, and much more. We’ve included a hairstyle for all occasions.

Most of these styles are simple to execute and work for a variety of hair lengths, while others will take some practice to master.

1. Wavy Bob

HOW TO: Quick weave from start to finish

The wavy bob is a fun play on the ever-trendy classic bob. It’s an excellent short weave for anyone who likes low-maintenance styles that wow.

The waves give off an effortlessly gorgeous vibe that goes well with both casual outfits and formal attire. This look pairs well with most face shapes and can be adapted to fit your style like a glove.

You can also experiment with different wave types, like beach waves, body waves, loose waves, and more. Also, if you’ll be using human hair, feel free to switch up the hair color with bleach. 

To see a professional do a wavy bob quick weave, watch this YouTube video. Just know that if you choose a quick weave, you won’t be able to change up the style.

If you want a wavy bob that you can pull up into half-up half-down styles, go with a full lace wig. You can also use the same tutorial to create a curly bob if you purchase curly human hair bundles.

2. Super Long Waves

Quick Weave Tutorial W/ Wet & Wavy Hair | Anahya P.

Do long, sleek styles entice you? If so, then this super long wavy style is just what you’re looking for. Yes, it’s simple – but it’s as sexy as waves can get.

Also, since the waves are long, you can restyle the hair in numerous ways. You can pull your hair into a low ponytail, chill out with a messy bun, or even get creative and experiment with a dainty updo.

Switch it up depending on your mood or the occasion. It’s all up to you. 

♡ The NEW Flip Over Method !! ft. Ondibu Hair | TUTORIAL

This YouTube tutorial will teach you all you need to know about creating super-long waves with a quick weave. Check out this tutorial to learn about the flip-over method of installing wavy hair (or other types of weave). 

3. Wavy Ponytail

Quick & Easy drawstring Wavy Ponytail Transformation

The wavy ponytail is a simple yet stunning hairstyle for ladies who want their face to be in focus. It’s also the ideal style for busy women who hate having hair in their faces. 

You’ll be glad to know that the wavy ponytail is one of the simplest wavy styles you can try. All you’ve got to do is pull your hair up into a bun and then attach a wavy ponytail on top.

Some wavy ponytails have combs, while others come with a drawstring. Either way, you’ll be done in a snap – the wavy ponytail takes less than half an hour from start to finish! 

If you want a more formal look, wrap your wavy ponytail around itself multiple times and make a bun.

Here’s a YouTube tutorial that explains how to do a wavy ponytail. 

4. Wavy Pixie with Finger Waves

How to do a partial quickweave with curly hair on natural short hair..

Sometimes you need a style with extra oomph, and this is it! The wavy pixie with finger waves is an edgy style that features defined waves in the crown and finger waves on the sides.

Whether you’re going to a family barbecue, a girls’ night out, or even date night, your hair will look bomb! It complements most face shapes but looks best on people who have heart, square, or oval-shaped faces. 

If you want to learn how to do a wavy pixie with finger waves at home, watch this video demo. Creating the style could take a couple of tries, but you’ll get it down soon enough. 

5. Hollywood Waves

GRWM - Hollywood 70s Waves & Neutral Tones and Feat. ISEE Bodywave Hair | Shornell Stacey

If you want to go full-on glam, consider Hollywood waves. They’re large, uniform waves that ooze luxury and vintage style.

You can rock this style with a t-shirt and jeans or a princess-style wedding dress – it’s just that versatile. Though these waves may seem difficult to achieve, they’re simple enough to complete at home with a bit of practice. 

Check out this YouTube video tutorial to find out how to do Hollywood waves on yourself or a friend. The tutorial features a wig, so if you’ve got a wig you’ve been wanting to doctor on, this tutorial is just what you need. 

A cheerful black girl with a curly weave texture

6. Waves with a Headband

I tried the HEADBAND WIG... Must Watch!! | Amazon Beauty Forever Hair

When you need a quick and easy wave style for everyday errands or lounging, headband waves are the way to go. Using a wavy headband wig is the best way to get this look.

However you can also slip a headband over your wavy sew-in, quick weave, or braided style. Watch this video to learn more about headband wigs and how to get this look. 

7. Beach Waves 

Beach Wave Curls On this Gorgeous Body Wave Wig Ft. Nadula Hair

Are you a trend-spotter? If so, you know that beach waves are all over social media, flaunted by top celebs and influencers.

The style exudes a dreamy boho vibe that pairs perfectly with a crew neck top and leggings, a neon jumpsuit, or even your Sunday best!  

These beach waves look like professionals crafted them, but trust us, you can achieve them at home with a curling wand in just a few minutes. 

Watch this video to find out how to achieve beach waves on your weave.

8. Deep Side Part Waves

How to do a Deep side part Quick-Weave ft Alibele Hair

Deep side part waves are super sexy; there’s no other way to say it. They’re great for a romantic date, a night out, or any errand where you want to look gorgeous.

The style compliments most outfits and face shapes, so if you feel like you want to give it a try – have at it!  

Another great thing about deep side part waves is styling versatility. You can wear your deep side part waves down your back, cut them to shoulder-length, or go even shorter! Have fun your way! 

This video tutorial will show you how to get these deep side part waves at home. 

9. Half Up Half Down Waves

Half Up Half Down Quick Weave | Ft. Unice Hair

Half-up half-down waves are more playful than some of the other styles on our list. People love them because they make you look younger and more vibrant.

To get the look, you’ll pull the front of your hair up into a ponytail and leave the back down. Make the style your own with wispy strands on each side of your head, or create intricate designs with your edges (i.e., baby hair). 

Though doing a half-up style is pretty straightforward, a demonstration never hurts. Here’s a YouTube video to walk you through the process. 

10. Crown Braid with Waves


When you want to look like a Queen, a crown braid with waves is the ideal style to rock. It features a crown braid, which is a large braid that wraps around your head, with waves that hang down in the back.

The style can be worn for semi-formal and formal occasions, like a work event or wedding. But if you’re feeling it, you can wear it with more casual outfits. 

The waves take just a few minutes to create. However, since the crown braid goes all around your head, you may find the style hard to achieve.

But trust us, after watching this video demonstration and practicing a few times, you’ll get the hang of it! 

Beautiful African girl rubbing her long hair with a huge smile

11. Bombshell Waves


You’ve seen bombshell waves on some of the top A-list celebrities. These waves scream glamour and luxury. 

The style looks best with a middle part, but you can try it with a slightly off-center part or take it a step further with a deep-side part.

Certain parts look better on some face shapes – feel free to try multiple to see which best fits your facial structure.

To the surprise of many, these waves are easy to achieve using heat tools or heatless methods. This YouTube video will show you exactly how to achieve these gorgeous waves on your weave. 

12. Wavy Lob

$$$ Simple Wavy Summer Bob Wig STARTING AT $96 ft. Omgherhair.com

This wavy lob is just gorgeous. It’s got a middle part, a ton of volume in the crown, and a natural sheen that looks stunning.

The length is just right – long enough to frame your face and short enough not to be annoying or high-maintenance. 

To get the look, you can buy a pre-styled wig, do a quick weave, or get a sew-in, among other options. This YouTube video features an affordable wig that comes pre-styled.

How To Cut Your Hair Short At Home! (Brad Mondo Guide)

To find out how to cut hair into a lob, watch this video demo. 

13. Wavy Crochet Braids


Up until this point, we’ve featured several quick weave and sew-in styles. But another option you should consider is crochet braids.

These wavy crochet braids look natural and are much more straightforward to install than other weaving methods, provided you already know how to braid.

Crochet braids require you to cornrow your natural hair and then attach small sections of hair to the braids using a crochet hook. 

Just like other types of weave, crochet braids can be pulled up into a high ponytail, low ponytail, or braided in various ways for styling versatility. You can also make the style as full or thin as you want. 

Check out this video tutorial to learn from start to finish how to achieve wavy crochet braids at home. You’ll learn what hair to buy, how to cornrow your natural hair, and how to attach the crochet hair. This style has no leave-out. 

14. Wavy Goddess Box Braids

Goddess Braids *IN DETAIL* Bobbi Boss

Wavy goddess box braids combine waves with braids for a unique look that makes a statement. These braids are created by adding weave to sections of your natural hair, braiding down a bit, and then separating out some of the wavy extension hair.

Goddess box braids can be styled in a ton of ways – the only limit is your imagination. So, if you like to switch up your hairstyle often, these braids are a great option to consider. 

When it comes to installation, these braids are on the more difficult side of the spectrum. But if you’re patient with yourself and watch YouTube videos like this one, you will become a pro in no time! 

15. Waves with Bangs


Who says that waves and bangs don’t mix? Not us! These waves with bangs are every bit as bomb as bomb can be. They’re not only light and airy, but they can easily take you from a play date with your kids to a night out with your partner. 

This specific style is a homemade wig, but you can get this look via many other weaving methods. If you want to know how to get the look, watch this YouTube video for a step-by-step demo. 

Bangs often fail for one main reason. In order for bangs to look right, they need to be cut to fit your unique face shape. So, use the above YouTube video only as a guide. Your bangs should be cut to a length that flatters your face shape and features. 

Female wearing sunglasses, a white shirt, and jeans with a wavy virgin hair bundle

16. Sleek Wavy Low Ponytail


For when you want your hair to look snatched and sleek, a wavy low ponytail is just the thing. It requires you to brush and smooth your hair into a low ponytail and then attach some wavy weave to the ponytail.

You could use wavy bundles or go for a wavy ponytail attachment, which is much more convenient to use. 

A sleek ponytail is the perfect style for a summer stroll through the park, a cookout with family, or running your usual errands. 

Making curly hair sleek can take some finessing, smoothing products, and techniques you may not be used to. So, we encourage you to watch this video to see how it’s done.

17. Wavy Individual Tree Braids

Individual Tree Braids Full DVD Tutorial

Wavy tree braids are another wavy look that we’re loving. They are similar to goddess box braids but much smaller. They give the illusion of loose natural hair vs. a hybrid braided and wavy look.

Depending on the hair you use (human or synthetic), the style can last for weeks (synthetic) or up to a month or longer (human hair).

Style your tree braids however you want – put them in space buns, fishtail braids, French braids, or any other style you can think of! 

This style can take hours and hours, so we recommend that you block out an entire day for styling your hair. That way, you won’t have to stress out or rush through the styling process. 

To create tree braids, you’ll have to use a specific technique, and since the braids are small, it’s easy to mess up. So, to make the process easier, we recommend watching this instructional video.

You may need to watch it a few times to get the technique down. Not only does the video show the tree braiding process in detail, but it also shows you how to do a couple of tree braid styles! 

18. Asymmetrical Wavy Bob


Do you like fun hairstyles? An asymmetrical wavy bob is a whole lot of fun. It’s a bob that’s longer on one side than the other.

Only the bravest of us try styles this quirky. But we shouldn’t let that underscore the fact that this style is absolutely stunning and practically demands stares. 

Cutting an asymmetrical bob is a bit more involved than cutting a regular bob. Though asymmetrical bobs are characteristically uneven, the taper line should still be clean, or else the style will look more unkempt than asymmetrical. 

How To Cut an Asymmetrical Bob Haircut Full Class | Featuring Lucas Doney

Watch this YouTube video to learn how to cut an asymmetrical bob on your weave. For a more detailed tutorial on cutting the bob, check out this video.

Black woman dancing wearing a combo wavy-straight hair bundle with casual clothes

Tips for Wavy Weave Hairstyles

Some view weave styles as protective styles that are gentle on the hair, and that may be the case sometimes, but not always. At times, weave styles can cause considerable damage to your hair and scalp.

Here are some tips to keep your natural hair healthy while experimenting with the styles on this list: 

  • Avoid skin reactions by washing your weave before installing it. Weave is made in factories and comes in contact with many chemicals that can irritate your scalp. Before synthetic weave comes anywhere near your hair, do an apple cider vinegar (ACV) soak. Soak your hair in a bowl of water and a cup of apple cider vinegar for a few minutes, rinse the weave thoroughly with water, and then let it air dry. Human hair weave can be washed with traditional shampoo and water.
  • Never style your hair too tightly. Doing any style too tightly could lead to traction alopecia, scalp pain, and headaches. 
  • Give your hair a break between styles. Constantly switching up your style can cause many issues with your hair, from traction alopecia to increased breakage. Give your hair a couple of weeks to rest after taking down a style. 
  • Don’t do weave styles on unhealthy hair. If your hair is brittle or thinning or your scalp is irritated, adding weave will only make these issues worse. Wait until your hair is in good condition to add weave to it. 
Black girl making a heart with her fingers while wearing deep wave braiding hair


As you can see, there are tons of wavy hairstyles to choose from, each with its own unique appeal.

With all of the options presented in this article, you’re sure to find your next wavy hairstyle. For more hairstyle inspiration, we recommend you check out social media outlets like YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Sours: https://www.curlcentric.com/wavy-weave-hairstyles-for-black-hair/

31 Stunning Ponytail Hairstyles for Black Women

Ariana Grande is not the only one who can rock a sexy, high ponytail, and you can do the same. What we love about ponytails is that they’re practical as they get the hair out of our way, but at the same time they look hot.

Many black women and girls wonder whether they can rock pony because their hair is thick and can be challenging to control. Of course, you can! We bring you some of the most awesome black ponytail hairstyles you should definitely try.


How to Do a Ponytail on Black Hair

 ponytail styles for black hair

Black or natural hair can be quite difficult to control, but it’s still quite easy to do a perfect ponytail. In fact, you don’t even need to spend hours working on your pony, and you can get a perfect hairstyle in about five minutes.

To make it happen, you’ll need a comb, brush, and spray bottle with water. Just flip your hair to the side where you want the parting to be on. Now, spray your hair to make it easier for you to create a sleek and sexy black ponytail.

Once you’re done spraying your hair with water, use the brush to straighten your hair. Tie your hair in a nice little pony before you spray it again to detangle it. Brush your hair thoroughly to get a sleek look.

You’re probably thinking “it would be easier with hair straightening iron,” but the less heat styling, the better. If you’re using the weave or something, create a low ponytail, make a bun, and place your weave around it.

When you’re done making the ponytail, use a little bit of styling gel and gently rub it in your hair to avoid frizzy hair. Use a toothbrush with styling gel to control the edges i.e., baby hair. If you want the ponytail to appear in sexy locks and waves, use a curling iron.


Tips to Get A Perfect Ponytail

black ponytail hairstyles

The perfect ponytail for black hair is entirely achievable, and it’s not something that only famous hairstylists can create. These tips will help you get an awesome ponytail every time:

  • Before you even start, you need to determine where to place the pony. High ponytails that are level with temples or above give your hair more bounce while lower ponys have less movement
  • Always make sure you brush your hair thoroughly before you go ahead and make a ponytail. Ideally, you should brush hair in the direction of where the pony will be
  • To avoid messing up hair as you’re tying it, you need to be patient. First and second ties are easy, but third or fourth (depending on the size of the hair tie) can be tricky. The secret is to bend the hair that’s already in the ponytail tightly to completely go through the third and fourth loop as easily as it’s possible
  • Use mousse to boost the volume of your hair, or gel to avoid the frizz
  • Use accessories such as headbands to spice things up
  • To make the pony look fuller you can opt for a double ponytail look. For this purpose, you’ll need to create two ponys, one of which is hidden i.e., one is higher and the second is lower
  • Avoid sloppy and saggy ponytail by using bobby pins. Simply slide the bobby pins over the hair tie at the bottom part of the pony. Place the bobby pins at a steep, diagonal angle


Best Black Ponytail Hairstyles

Now that you know how to achieve ponytail hairstyles it’s time to get inspired for the look you’re going to rock on the next night out. Scroll down to see 31 amazing ideas for black women.

1. Sleek High Weave Ponytail

sleek high weave pony for black hair

Probably the easiest way to style ponytail for black hair is to opt for a straight and sleek updo. In order to make this hairstyle happen, you’ll need to follow the instructions provided above in the post; spritz your hair with water, brush thoroughly, and pick up your hair carefully.

If you don’t want hair tie to show, use one strand of your hair and wrap it around the hair tie for a sophisticated look.


2. Red Ponytail with Bangs

black ponytail with bangs

Do you like to experiment with different hair colors? If so, then you should definitely try vibrant red. Fire-like red is wild, edgy, adventurous, and yet so elegant at the same time.

This is the type of hair color that you could rock on different occasions. Rock your hair in a sleek high pony and complete the look with long, choppy bangs. Of course, this ponytail black hairstyle with bangs would work just as easily with any other hair color.


3. Ponytail + Side Braid

ponytail hairstyles for black ladies

Ponytail styles come in different shapes and sizes, and that’s, definitely, a good thing because you have tons of options to try. One way to rock ponytail is to add a braid into the mix. For example, you can make a high and sleek pony with a thin braid on the side. How cute!


4. Ponytail Braid with Waeve

black girl ponytail hairstyles

You’re a fun-loving person and want your style to show it? Besides the fun and edgy outfits, you can also make sure your black hair perfectly depicts your personality. Make a high pony and create a huge braid that you’ll decorate with accessories. Look how awesome it is.


5. Crochet Braided Ponytail

black ponytail hairstyles

The black ponytail doesn’t have to be sleek in order to look sexy and fabulous. A curly pony can be a picture of elegance, as well. Start by making braids on top of your head and as you reach the crown, simply pick up your hair in a high ponytail.


6. Black Braided Pony

Natural black hair tends to be thick, but it doesn’t mean you’re out of styling options. A good brush and quality hair styling products can help you make any hairstyle you want. You can also make a sleek and neat ponytail and form a nice, elegant braid.


7. Bob Ponytail

When high pony comes to mind, we immediately picture a super long style. But, it doesn’t always have to be like that. If your hair is medium-length, you can still rock pony with ease. Let’s be honest, and this is one of the easiest ponytail hairstyles for black women to rock.


8. Box Braids Ponytail

As seen above, braids and ponys are a perfect match. You can make braids and then create a “regular” high ponytail, or you can turn pony into a braid. Yet another style you can try is to pick up your braided hair into a wonderful look.


9. Blonde Pony

Caramel blonde is such a lovely hair color for black ladies. Bring more attention to your hair with a sophisticated high ponytail. Not only is it easy to create, but this style also gives an amazing vibe to your whole outfit. Try it out.


10. Black Hair with Red Ombre

ponytail hairstyles for black hair

Want to make your ponytail edgier? Not a problem! This hairstyle allows you to combine straight and curly, demure, and edgy with amazing results.

Create any pattern you want, brush your hair to make it sleek, make a low pony, and use a curling iron to create lovely locks. Easy!


11. Short Invisible Pony

Short hair, don’t care! Black girls who would love to rock some amazing ponytail hairstyles should also take this style into consideration. No need to brush your hair to keep it sleek, simply pick up your short or medium-length curly hair into a pony, and your job is done.


12. Burgundy Ponytail

Love red, but you’re more into subtle, demure shades? Then, burgundy hair color is the answer for black girls. You can easily rock this super long ponytail on your next night out. You’ll get ready in five minutes and be on your way to have the time of your life.


13. Genie Ponytail

Wavy hair and long locks are incredibly hot. Make a regular ponytail and use a curling iron to create gentle, subtle waves that will flow perfectly down your back or shoulders. This is a cute, sophisticated look every woman can rock.


14. Electric Yellow

Black women with blonde hair always looks amazing, but if you’d like to rock an edgier style, you may want to opt for proper yellow, and spice things up with electric or vibrant shade.

The pony will accentuate this unique hair color. Complete the look with choppy straight bangs.


15. Low Ponytail with More Fullness

low ponytails for black women

Low ponytails don’t have that well-known bounce that their high counterparts do. However, you can make low pony edgier by making it more voluminous. You can style your hair to get more volume by using mousse, a good brush, but you may also want to add extensions for a more dramatic look.


16. Orange Ombre Hairstyle

Here’s a stylish take on black ponytail hairstyles – fire-red hue and gentle waves. Waves and this hair color complement one another perfectly and give your hairstyle new dimension. You can make this style elegant or edgy, depending on the occasion.


17. Wrap Around Pony

The last thing you want is to spend hours on your hair, especially when you’re in a hurry. This simple and easy hairstyle will make it seem like you invested a lot of time, although you can get it done in a few minutes.


18. Shiny and Wavy

Glossy and shiny hair is attractive, appears more voluminous, and it’s ever so elegant. While many people assume ponys are just a casual hairstyle, the truth is that they can also look absolutely fabulous in more sophisticated settings. Take this style as an example, it’s stylish, and you can rock it anywhere.


19. Blue Stitch Braids

Want to do something new with your braids? Combine black and electric blue colors and pick your braids up into a high ponytail. So easy, yet so awesome.


20. Cornrow Pony

cornrow braided ponytail for black women

Even though we tend to place our ponytail high or low in the very middle of our head, there are also other options for black women to choose. We can also style pony to the side for a unique look. Make sure you try this look when you’re rocking ponytail styles.


21. Mohawk Ponytail

You’d prefer a more casual ponytail instead of sleek and sophisticated looks? Not a problem, we’ve got you covered.

Make a few braids on top and pull your hair up in a pony, but instead of brushing it, you can tousle hair with your fingers for a messy pony look.


22. Side High Pony

Black girls and women who want to achieve the effortlessly chic look may want to try this style. The best thing about this ponytail style is that it works on every hair length. Sleek top, wavy pony moved to the side – this look has it all.


23. Dramatic Weave Ponytail

Want to accentuate your amazingly voluminous hair? Then make a super dramatic ponytail. You can also add weave into the mix for even better effect.


24. Half Up Half Down Pony

Here’s one of the coolest ponytail hairstyles that black women can try. Instead of picking up all your hair in a pony, use only an upper portion. Make a high ponytail while the remainder of your hair is gently flowing down your shoulders or back.


25. Crimped Hair Pony

crimped ponytail hairstyle for black girls

Instead of feeling bad about baby hair when you make a pony, embrace its cuteness. Style your ponytail in subtle locks and waves that boost volume and give you a more natural look.


26. High Curly Pony

Contrasts in the hair are always a good idea. Instead of the straight ponytail from top to bottom, you can try something different. Make sure the top section of your hair is straight and neat, while pony is super voluminous and curly.


27. Simple Yet Edgy

Drama, drama, drama! We love drama in general, and why not transfer it into our hair? Use weave, hair mousse, and good styling equipment to make your black ponytail dramatic and edgy while retaining its simplicity.


28. Super Long Ponytail

Take your love for long hair to a new level with this super-size pony. Opt for dramatic length to make your style even more awesome.


29. High Ponytail Braids

No need to have your braids down all the time. Pick them up in a ponytail to the side, rather than in the middle. This will give you a unique look.


30. Ponytail + Jumbo Braids

ponytail hairstyles for black women

Braids give black girls a wonderful opportunity to create all sorts of styles. One of them is this unique braided ponytail that will make you stand out.


31. Fulani Braids Pony

black ponytail hairstyles

Decorate your braids with any accessory you’d like. Leave two braids on each side and pull the remainder in a pony. What an amazing style, don’t you think?


Now that you have some amazing suggestions for ponytail hairstyles for black hair, you’re ready to get your next look. Follow our tips, tricks, and instructions to look absolutely fabulous. Good luck.

Sours: https://hairstylecamp.com/black-ponytail-hairstyles/
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30 Classy Black Ponytail Hairstyles

Not only is this hairstyle practical, but ponytail is also classy and chic at the same time! To give your pony a go with a bit of a difference, we’ve got together some really great options with how to’s and inspiration to try new takes on the classic hairstyle everyone knows very well.

Chic Black Ponytail Hairstyles

Check out the ideas in pictures below to get inspired.

#1: Long and Sleek Black Ponytail

This is a chic and stylish variety of ponytail hairstyles for black hair. Lovely, lengthy and totally sleek, this ponytail is ideal for day or night, and it can easily take you from the afternoon boardroom to evening cocktails in a flash. The hair is flawlessly straightened and then pulled back into a ponytail with a hair wrap around the base.

#2: Low Ponytail with Waves

This particular style works well with relaxed hair or it can be re-created by utilizing hair extensions. It’s very pretty, with sexy, loose, shiny waves. To copycat the style, create a low ponytail with an accurate side part, wrap hair around the base of the ponytail and style waves using a curling iron.

#3: Curly Blonde Afro Puff

If you hate putting heat on your curls, but love color, then this is the hairdo for you. You can proudly spotlight your natural coils with this fluffy afro puff. Plus, updo styles for natural hair don’t get any easier than this one. Opt for a low-tension hair tie, like ribbon elastics or spiral, telephone cord-inspired ones, – these will reduce the chances of breakage.

#4: Sleek Bubble Ponytail

Black ponytail hairstyles are versatile because they can be everything from fun and expressive to sleek and modern. This coif falls into the latter category. While it looks very intricate, it’s actually super easy to recreate. Start with a routine low pony. Then, apply six more hair ties, evenly spaced, to create the cute, bubble effect.

#5: Pony with Accent Braids

Braids are a stunning way to enliven updo hairstyles. Not only can they enhance the sleek allure, but they are also used for a diversity of textures, extra volume and height. Add in a couple of cornrows for some edge and wrap several more braids around the base of your ponytail as a chic accent.

#6: Waist-Length Ponytail with Bangs

Black ponytails are not just for the gym and off-duty days, as proven by this elegant pony. The side 4-strand braid and swooping bangs are the sophisticated finishing touches that transform this classic pony. Try out this hairstyle for your next formal affair and you’re sure to make a statement.

#7: Cornrows and Senegalese Twists

Ponytail hairstyles for black hair can be great choices to protect your natural locks. With braids and twists, you don’t have to worry about straightening or brushing your hair. They are simple, cute, and ready to go. Just be sure to keep your scalp moisturized with oil or a hair lotion to maximize the protective benefits of the coif.

#8: Curly Pony with a Braided Pompadour

Balance the svelte style of an updo with a bevy of curls. With the slicked-back sides and voluminous top, it’s a modern, clipper-free alternative to a mohawk. Add color, by incorporating a metallic thread to the accent cornrows instead of opting for highlights. There are endless ways to keep your ponytail exciting.

#9: Black and Luscious Pony

Want longer and fuller hair, but don’t like the high price tag of a weave? Opt for a drawstring ponytail as a more economical choice. It will let you change-up your look in an instant, whether you want something casual or fancier like the coif pictured.

#10: French Braids

If you want to wear weave ponytail hairstyles, you can get creative with braids trying a chunky braided pony wrap like the one pictured. Add a side braid that starts from the hairline and feeds into the braided wrap for a new take on the old and good sleek pony.

#11: Sky-High Pompadour Braid

French braids don’t always have to be close to the scalp. Fan yours out for a voluminous, pompadour effect. It will give you extra height and make your hairstyle stand out from the crowd.

#12: Braided Millennial-Pink Pony

Box braids are a classic choice for black women; make the hairdo yours with fun colors and a high pony. This ever-trending shade of pink is a Tumblr-worthy color that radiates playful vibes. While this black-and-pink palette is stunning, choose whatever will show off your personality best.

#13: Chocolatey Pony with Wavy Edges

Black girl ponytail styles are mostly fun and extravagant, as shown in many of these pictures. Make yours unique by wearing it up high and adding a little curl to the ends for a retro vibe. Slick down your baby hairs to enhance the sleekness of the coif.

#14: Black Layered Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists are an extensions favorite among African American women. While it takes hours to get them installed, it’s worth the time you save the weeks following. Just throw the twists up in a ponytail, whether you are off to the gym or hanging out with friends. Hairdos don’t get any more low-maintenance than this.

#15: Side-Pony with Swooping Bangs

With bangs swooping in the front and a sleek pony in the back, this burgundy coif makes a statement coming and going. The reddish hue ensures your hairstyle is stunning when it’s up or hanging down. But a ponytail, shifted to the side, is an elevated choice for dressier occasions.

#16: Half-Up, Half-Down Style

Taking its cues from Kylie Jenner, this half-up style is svelte and alluring. Ponytail hairstyles with weave, are gorgeous because the extensions not only bring length, but also unmatched luster. To maintain the sheen, apply oil to your hair and sleep in a silk bonnet or scarf. It will keep your long locks healthy, even if they aren’t technically yours.

#17: Sleek and Chic Ringlet Ponytail

Hairstyles can be understated without it being a bore, because simple and plain are not synonymous. This sleek ponytail relies on a single ringlet to elevate its allure and add just the right amount of femininity.

#18: High-Top Ponytail with Wavy Extensions

Use a drawstring ponytail to get an “I dream of Jeannie”-inspired look like this one. The waist-length tresses will be fun to whip around on the dance floor, and they will beautifully flutter behind wherever you go. For a more natural-looking appearance, cover up the base of the extensions with a thick strand of the hair.

#19: High Curly Black Ponytail

Ponytails for black hair often have lots of texture to use to their advantage. Whether you have kinky curls or tight waves, show them off with a half-up coif. Use different sized French braids at the top of the head to inject some visual interest.

#20: Lustrous Blonde Updo

Shades of blonde really pop against African-American skin tones. The warm hues beautifully complement each other. A sleek ponytail is a lovely way to show off the dimension of the color fade. With weave, you can achieve an even longer, svelte style.

#21: Chunky Black Ghana Braids

A traditional go-to for black hair, these Ghana braids make getting ready in the AM a cinch. Already braided into a ponytail, there isn’t much styling left to do. You can always change-up your coif, for example, with beads or filigree cuffs for a boho finish.

#22: Reverse French Braids with Chocolate Coils

Natural ponytail styles are perfect if you want to make your beautiful kinks and coils the focus of your hairdo. Keep it simple with two French braids that draw the eye into your voluminous mane.

#23: Long Braided Ponytail

Black ponytail hairstyles rarely get more unique and interesting than this one. Featuring extremely long braids, this cute ponytail is definitely a head-turner. As the photo shows, there are several lengthy individually braided pieces that form the actual ponytail, while there are also three divided sections on top that are also braided. One of the highlights of this ponytail look is the intricate braided base that is wrapped around the ponytail itself.

#24: Micro Braid Ponytail

There is a wide variety of ways to create black hair ponytails. This one happens to feature the accurate rows of small cornrows braided closely to the scalp and fed into a cute ponytail. The actual ponytail is left long and freely-hanging. The final result is a style that is great for warm weather, vacations or weekend getaways.

#25: High Ponytail with Accessory

If you’re going to rock a high ponytail, you may want to keep it simple but adorned with an accent accessory. Featuring a soft light brown hair color, this pretty ponytail is long and touchable. The highlight of the look, however, is the stylish golden hair accessory that allows the ponytail to keep its super high position on the head.

#26: High Black Pony for Relaxed Hair

A sleek high ponytail is definitely perfect for evenings and special events. To get it just right, it needs to be pulled back neatly and tied high enough to let the hair fall around your face. Ciara gives us a great example.

black ponytail hairstyle for relaxed hair

lev radin / Shutterstock.com

#27: Sleek and Shiny Ponytail

Rihanna knows how to wear a ponytail well. Her sleek and shiny low ponytail creates a perfect texture harmony with her satin dress. The hairstyle is sophisticated and elegant, and it’s also easy to recreate – just as long as the hair is kept very tight and hair serum is used for shine.

Rihanna sleek low ponytail hairstyle

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#28: Black Ponytail Hairstyle with a Bouffant

Ponytail hairstyles can be really creative and playful. Shaun Robinson has styled hers with an added volume on top – a bouffant. She also has her bangs styled to the side and delicate waves added to her long black locks.

black ponytail hairstyle with bangs

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#29: Low Black Ponytail with Bangs

Ponytails are great when you want to keep your hair away from your face and also go for a bit different look. Styles like Penny Johnson’s Jerald work perfect as a variety of effortless day-to-night ‘dos you can cope with in a matter of minutes.

black side ponytail hairstyle

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#30: Neat Ponytail with Voluminous Curls

Voluminous black curls look terrific not only in side downdos, but in chic ponies as well. Lilly Ghalichi rocks a luxurious hairstyle with flowing silky waves gathered at back into a posh ponytail.

beautiful black ponytail hairstyle

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

As you see, there’s no need to wear the same type of pony for years. Try different textures, finishes, accessories and new quirks you’ve learnt here. Why not give these fab styles a try?

Sours: https://therighthairstyles.com/black-ponytail-hairstyles/
Sleek Wavy Ponytail With Shaved Sides

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