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TRX Specifications

ManufacturerHondaYearModelTRXModel NameFourtrax Model CodeTE17Product CodeHF1Frame VIN LocationStamped on cross member at front of frameEngine Serial LocationStamped on bottom of left crankcase coverFrame Starting NumberTE*LAEngine Starting NumberTE17EOwner Manual31HFService Manual61HFLength mm ( in)Width mm ( in)Height mm ( in)Seat Height mm (29 in)Wheelbase mm ( in)Ground Clearance mm ( in)Curb Weight kg ( lb)Dry Weight kg ( lb)Caster Angle5°Front Tire Size (HxW-R)21xRear Tire Size (HxW-R)22xEngine TypeOHC single cylinder 4 stroke air cooledCylinder ArrangementSingle cylinder inclined 25 degreesValve TrainOverhead camshaft - chain driveDisplacement cc ( ci)Bore65 mm ( in)Stroke60 mm ( in)Compression RatioCylinder Compression kPa ( psi)Starter TypeElectricOil Capacity - Oil Change L ( US qt;  Imp qt)Engine Dry Weight35 kg ( lb)Clutch TypeAutomatic wet multidisc centrifugalTransmission Type4 speed constant mesh with reversePrimary ReductionFirst GearSecond GearThird GearFourth GearReverseFinal ReductionGear Shift PatternR - N - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4DrivelineChainBrandKeihinIdentification MarkPD63BTypePiston valveThrottle Bore24 mm ( in)Main Jet#95Pilot Jet/Slow Jet#35Jet Needle Clip Position3rd GroovePilot Screw Adjustment1 1/2 turns outFloat Level14 mm ( in)Engine Idle RPMFuel Tank Capacity L ( US gal;  Imp gal)Fuel Tank Reserve L ( US gal;  Imp gal)Ignition TypeCDICDI Identification MarkCI (HF1)Spark PlugDR8ES-L (NGK), X24ESR-U (Denso)Spark Plug Gap Max mm ( in)Pulse Generator &#;Pulse Generator Peak Voltage V minimumExciter Coil &#;Exciter Coil Peak Voltage V minimumLighting Coil &#;Ignition Coil Primary &#;Ignition Coil Secondary w/o Cap &#;Primary Coil Peak Voltage V minimumInitial Ignition Timing° BTDCFull Advance Ignition Timing° BTDCVoltage12 VPower TypeFull Wave Rectified DCRegulator Voltage VFront Brake TypeHydraulic drumRear Brake TypeCable operated drumFront SuspensionDouble wishboneRear SuspensionSwing arm

Ah, the Honda TRX. One of the most popular ATV models ever made, the TRX has cemented a reputation for being a very dependable, rugged, and affordable quad which can be used for pretty much any task, from farm work to offroading, and more! my first ATV was a TRX, so the model holds a special place in my heart. If you are reading this article, chances are that you want to know the top speed of the TRX and its other trims. In this article, I provide the verified top speeds of the TRX and all its trims. I also talk about why you can’t reach the top speed in your personal 4-wheeler.

The top speed of a stock TRX has been consistently clocked at about MPH. This top speed will only be achieved with decent tires and premium gas, so if you can’t reach 50 MPH, check below so that you know what the problem is. Also, this top speed will only be reached if the TRX in question doesn’t have a rev/speed limiter installed. If that is the case, then the quad probably won’t even reach 20 MPH.

But I also decided to find the top speeds of other Honda TRX trims, such as the TRX, TRXXX, TRX, among other models. If you have any of those trims and want to know the top speed, please check below! I also talk about reasons why your TRX is not reaching the top speeds and what to do about it.

Top Speed Of The Honda TRX

As I said above, a stock Honda TRX is going to achieve a top speed of about 51 MPH from is cc engine on a straight line. This speed will be achieved as long as the ATV has a good set of tires and no speed/rev limiter installed, so if you can’t reach it, then the culprit might be the rubber being used or the fact that there’s a rev limiter on your quad.

When it comes to the tires, the reason why it slows down your ATV is that worn tires will not grip the road as well as newer tires. To know if you need to replace your tires for newer ones, one trick that I use is sticking a quarter between the treads. The deeper you can go with the quarter, the less likely that the tires are worn. But if the threads look spent, then it might be wise to replace them. Doing so will drastically improve your ATVs performance when cornering and also on a straight line. I’m personally using ITP sport tires are the moment, and I recommend that you do so too.

Also, there’s the chance that your TRX has a speed/rev limiter installed. If this is the case, your ATV will NOT reach top speeds. To know if your quad has a rev limiter, try revving it as much as it can go. It should have a fluttering sound or feeling or might sound like BRAPRAPRAP.

Top Speed Of The Honda TRX

The TRX is a bigger, more powerful Honda TRX that has been acclaimed by the enthusiast crowd. A stock TRX is going to do about MPH on a straight line, and even more if you do some mods on it. As I said, you will not get more than from this , but if you do some mods, you can easily reach speeds higher than 75 MPH.

Talking about mods, the TRX has become a really popular model for modifications. Many people like installing a K&N air filter and a new performance exhaust, and these changes tend to significantly improve the quad’s acceleration and performance.

Top Speed Of Honda TRXXX

The Honda TRXXX was originally introduced several years ago as a response to the uber-popular Yamaha Raptor As its name implies, TRXXX has an (almost) cc engine that produces a lot of power. The TRXXX has a top speed of about 71 MPH on a straight line when stock, and many people have reached speeds even higher than that with a few modifications.

I’m not sure why Honda decided to discontinue this model after just 1 year. From what I have heard of it sold very well and the model was lauded by Honda enthusiasts. Resale prices on the used market have stayed really high.

Top Speed Of Honda TRX90X

The kid’s version of the TRX, this is perhaps the best selling kids ATV on the market. When it comes to the top speed, this model will achieve a top speed of 23 MPH on a straight line. Now, most kids ATV have rev limiters installed so that kids don’t go crazy with them and hurt themselves, so you may not be able to reach 23 MPH without tinkering with the limiter first.

Top Speeds Of Other Honda TRX Models:

There are some other lesser-known TRX models. Since most of you probably won’t have these, I decided to group them together.

  • TRX 19 MPH
  • TRX Fourtrax 56 MPH
  • TRX (Rancher): 58 MPH
  • TRX (Rancher): 61 MPH
  • TRX 48 MPH

How To Make Your TRX Faster

If you are reading this article, chances are that you want to speed up your ATV as much as possible. If so, I recommend that you follow these tips to do so. I did some of the things with my own TRX and it definitely made accelerate much faster and reach higher top speeds. Here are the tips:

  • Try To Reduce Weight As Much As Possible: One of the most effective and cheapest ways to make your ATV faster is to simply reduce as much weight as possible from it. You will be surprised with how many useless plastics the TRX holds on. I recommend that you start with the back fenders and some detachable parts of the chasses. You could easily remove lbs if you are willing to remove a lot of plastics. I recommend that you read this forum thread to know more about which plastics to remove.
  • Install A Performance Exhaust: Another cost-effective way to improve the top speed of your ATV is to install a decent performance exhaust. I have talked about this in my other top speed threads, and I’m going to repeat it here: buying a decent performance exhaust from a good brand like FMF is your best option for improving your ATV speed. It’s obviously more expensive than just reducing your ATVs weight, but it’s also going to do a better job at improving your ATVs speed.
  • Install A New Air Filter: This is another overlooked way of making your ATV faster. What I’m saying here is that installing a performance filter is going to nimble up your quad, and also it’s much cheaper than buying a performance exhaust. A decent performance filter shouldn’t be more than 50 bucks, which is perfect considering the added horsepower you get.

Top Speeds Of Other ATV Models

Aside from owning a TRX, I’m also the proud owner of a Raptor and YFZ I decided to also write about the top speeds of those 2 models, so if you are interested in knowing them, please check below!

Top Speed Of Raptor & Related Models

Top Speed Of Yamaha YFZ & Related Models

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of driving your Honda Recon through challenging terrain, thick mud, rough trails, and rocky pathways, all while enjoying the crisp, fresh air. With the Honda Recon , you’ll be driving at speeds you didn’t expect before. You may be wondering how fast you can go.

What is the Honda Recon &#;s top speed? The top speed of the Honda Recon is 45 mph. This rugged and tough machine will get you where you need to go and is a reliable vehicle for anyone who loves to explore the outdoors.

Although the top speed is 45 mph, some have reported a bit higher, such as 46, 47, and even a max speed of 50 mph. With proper maintenance, Your Honda Recon should drive smooth and may surpass the 45 mph mark.

So what makes this monster of a machine do what it does? To answer that question, we will have to delve deeper into the details and see what makes this machine reach its top speed. Let’s get down into the specifics and learn more about the specs that make this a truly great ATV.

Honda Recon Specs

  • TRX TE/TM &#; Honda Recon models identify by two-letter codes that pertain to what type of two-wheeler drive it is and the transmission type it has. If the ATV has a TM code to it, it means that it’s a two-wheel drive with a manual shift, while the TE code means that it’s on electric shift.
  • Engine &#; The Honda Recon is powered by a cc air-cooled OHV longitudinally mounted single-cylinder four-stroke engine, which brings power in a compact size. The induction has a 22mm carburetor (view on Amazon) while the bore and stroke are mm x mm. The starter is quick and easy, electric with auxiliary recoil, and a push of a button is all you need to begin your next adventure.
  • Transmission &#; It also has an automatic clutch with a five-speed transmission, which also has a reverse feature that allows for quick and easy changes while maneuvering through your paths.
  • Driveline &#; The direct rear driveshaft helps bring the power from the engine towards the wheels and bring you forward to your destination.
  • Suspension &#; You can expect a relatively comfortable ride with the front suspension, which is an Independent double-wishbone that gives inches of travel. In comparison, the back suspension is a swing arm with a single shock and give inches of travel. This allows for some serious maneuvers when out and about in the untamed wilderness.
  • Brakes &#; Safety is taken into account with Front Brakes, which uses a dual-sealed hydraulic drum and rear breaks, a single sealed mechanical drum. Control your stops and turns with ease with these set of breaks.

Honda Recon Dimensions

  • The Honda Recon has a length of 75 inches and a width of inches, making it more compact than the competition without impacting performance.
  • The Honda Recons wheelbase measurement is inches helps maintain sturdiness. 
  • A seat height of inches allows you to see ahead of you and all around.
  • The ground clearance of 6 inches enables you to travel through the roughest terrain.
  • A turning radius of feet makes it very easy to handle and maneuver.

Honda Recon Weight

A manual shift Honda Recon complete with all standard equipment and required fluids, including a full tank of gas, has a curb weight of pounds. An electric shift Honda Recon weighs around pounds.

Innovations With the Latest Models

A product launched in , the Honda Recon , has undergone several changes over the years. Its latest product offering boasts of a backup recoil starting system allows you to use your ATV even in cold weather conditions. Newer models also feature a more advanced reverse mechanism lever and parking brake lever allowing for more comfortable and intuitive use.

For more comfort when driving your Honda Recon at its top speed, newer versions are uniquely designed with floorboards to grip the footrest without getting dirty from mud and debris along the way. Another addition to Honda Recon is the shaft drive, which provides easy maintenance, minimizing the need for lubrication or adjustments while you are out on the trail.

Honda Recon Tires and Racks

The front tires, which are 22&#; and the rear tires, which can range from 22 x, allow for a solid grip while traversing all sorts of terrain, whether it be trees or underbrush, jutting rocks or any manner of road or terrain difficulty.

And for the avid outdoorsy person with many other tools, the Honda Recon comes with a front rack capacity of 33 pounds and an even bigger rear rack capacity of 66 pounds. This allows for ample carrying space and the ability for all sorts of gear, whether camping, fishing, hunting, or a combination of all three.

How to Make a Honda Recon Faster?

Reaching the Honda TRX top speed may be the main priority for many thrill-seekers out there. To do that, make sure that you break it in correctly once you get your Honda Recon , and always make sure that the engine is in top form, complete with all the needed fluids.


One main culprit why your ATV might be slowing down could be traced back to how worn your tires are. Compared to newer tires, old tires will have less grip on the road, especially those with rougher terrains. One way to identify if the problem is within your tires is to stick a quarter between the treads. If your quarter goes deep, then the problem isn’t in tour tires. However, if the opposite happens and the treads do show signs of wear and tear, then that’s your signal to replace them. With this step, you can significantly improve and get back to your ideal Honda Recon Top Speed.

These durable tires by WANDA Libre Trailer Parts (view on Amazon) will provide your Honda Recon with good traction over rough terrain, and their heavy 6 ply rated nylon resists punctures and abrasions.

Rev Limiter

Another thing that you should look into is if you have a speed or rev limiter installed in your ATV. You can verify this by revving your machine as much as you can. If you observe a distinct fluttering sound, then there’s a possibility that your quad is installed with a rev limiter, which impedes you from reaching top speeds.

For example, a TRX model usually has a Honda Recon TRX top speed of about 50 to 51 miles per hour. However, if one or two of these factors are present, the ATV might only run for around 20 miles per hour.

Keep your ATV well maintained with the Honda Recon ATV Maintenance Kit (view on Amazon), which comes with 2 Quarts of Honda GN4 10W, an air filter, spark plug, convenient funnel, and crush washer.

Honda Recon accessories

To enjoy the best features that your Honda Recon has to offer, you might want to look at the possible installations, such as:

  • Plow and Mounting
  • Farm accessories such as plows, spreaders, sprayers, sleds, and lift systems
  • Seat cover: Create unique combinations for your ATV’s look with customizable seat covers
  • Camping accessories and equipment: As a fan of the great outdoors, lug on some camping accessories such as tents, sleeping bags, outdoor cooking, and outdoor lighting accessories to complete your great adventure.
  • Lift kits (view on Amazon): Having a lift kit will lift the front and rear of your ATV to about 2”, giving you with additional ground clearance. This is good if you want to protect your tires from rubbing your fenders.

Conclusion &#; Honda Recon Top Speed

The Honda Recon top speed is mph. If you’re looking for a fun machine that will also be a reliable pack mule of sorts, check out the Honda Recon It can get you and your equipment through the untamed wilderness or a quick ride to help you explore the great outdoors in speed and safety.

Top speed on a honda fourtrax 200cc

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Top 200 speed fourtrax honda

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Top speed on a honda fourtrax 200cc

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