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Best Jeep Wrangler Tire Covers

While they perform an essential task, Jeep Wrangler tire covers are so much more than simple practicalities; with literally countless different unique designs available, each tire cover can serve as an individualized expression of the owner’s likes and sensibilities.

Jeep Wrangler tire covers serve a simple but important purpose: keeping the tailgate-mounted spare tire protected from rain, snow, sand, and mud, whether commuting to work on city streets or tearing up the trail off-road. A simple plain black cover made from polyurethane or some other sufficiently durable plastic material, can accomplish that perfectly well. But if you’re the sort who likes injecting a bit of personality into each hand-picked item on your Wrangler, Jeep Wrangler custom tire covers represent one of the quickest, easiest ways to personalize your ride, and from Jeep logos to superhero imagery, to outdoorsy illustrations with personalized messages, and everything in-between, there are infinite different directions you can go.

Here, we’ve rounded up the very best spare tire covers for Jeep Wrangler available today, with a range of unique designs and price points, all with high-quality materials and construction. Whether you’re a fan of plain, low-profile Jeep Wrangler spare tire covers, or you’re after something bold and distinctive that radiates every bit as much personality as you do, you’ll find it here.

best jeep wrangler tire covers

If you’re a fan of simple, basic practicality on a budget, this faux-leather Moonet PVC tire cover is for you. It’s about as un-flashy as Jeep Wrangler tire covers get, with a plain black design, a leather-like texture, and no printed words, logos, or images of any sort. That contributes to its small price tag; the Moonet PVC tire cover costs just a fraction of what you might spend on a genuine Jeep-branded Mopar tire cover, and for the money, you still get an adjustable elasticized back hem, a non-scratch backing, and waterproof protection for your spare wheel and tire. And with multiple sizes available, covering tires up to 35 inches in overall diameter, this Moonet tire cover is about as close to universal as you can get.

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best jeep wrangler tire covers

Are you after a Jeep Wrangler spare tire cover that’s truly custom? Try American Unlimited and its Custom JL Spare Tire Cover. This tire cover allows you to really make it your own, with the option to have your own image and text printed right at the factory so you get a tire cover that’s completely unique and one-of-a-kind, just like your Jeep. Covers are available for tires measuring 32 and 33 inches in diameter, although you should take care when selecting an image; these Jeep Wrangler custom tire covers are made for the JL model with its standard backup camera, so you need to plan for there being a hole in the dead center of your print.

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best jeep wrangler tire covers

So you’ve lifted your Jeep and moved up to bigger tires, including your spare, and you’re not sure where to turn for coverage. Say no more; Rampage has you covered. Rampage offers at least two Jeep Wrangler tire covers for big, upsized off-road tires: one for tires measuring 33 to 35 inches in diameter, and one for inch tires. Both are made from high-quality vinyl fabric that will protect your spare for years to come, and both feature a center cut-out for the factory JL backup camera. Neither spare cover comes with a design or logo printed on it, but we tend to like that plain, practical all-black look anyway.

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best jeep wrangler tire covers

Pike Outdoors has a number of nifty Jeep Wrangler custom tire covers available for the JL, but our favorite has to be this “Keep It Simple” design, which features a cartoon-esque illustration of mountains, trees, clouds, and a campsite with the words “Keep It Simple.” all rendered in white over a black backdrop. It’s a fun, playful design that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it captures exactly what owning a Wrangler is all about: spending time in nature. It’s made from durable black vinyl with a bungee cord-type elasticized closure system, and it features a center hole for the standard JL Wrangler backup camera. Some other Pike Outdoors designs you might want to check out include a pure white mountain scene outlined by the cardinal directions, colorful tropical trees, and a modified Wrangler wearing the American flag.

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best jeep wrangler tire covers

Maybe the most budget-friendly option on our list, and one not necessarily made just for Jeeps, this Hitamus spare tire cover is our budget pick. The brand offers a number of interesting and attractive spare cover designs, like a giant sunflower graphic that’s half-American flag, and a raccoon in sunglasses giving the universal gesticulation for “rock on,” but easily our favorite is this stark mountain scene rendered in the shape of a bear. It’s a cool, understated graphic that will make your Wrangler-owning friends green with envy. This cover isn’t compatible with the JL’s factory backup camera, but Hitamus at least offers its covers in a range of sizes fitting tires from 23 to 33 inches in diameter, and with dust-proof polyester construction and an elastic closing system, you’re getting adequate spare tire protection for a whole lot less than the competition.


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best jeep wrangler tire covers

More than any other American brand, the Jeep name stands for rugged durability and an adventuring spirit. Wear the name with pride, with this Jeep-branded genuine Mopar spare tire cover. Fashioned from either denim or vinyl, depending on the model, with precise, high-quality stitching that can hold up to years of use, this spare tire cover is made to last, and it wears a simple, understated Jeep logo in gray to help you show your Wrangler pride. Being OEM accessories, these Mopar spare tire covers for Jeep Wrangler are designed with factory tire options in mind; you’ll be hard-pressed to find a version that can accommodate a spare tire any taller than 33 inches. But if that’s all you plan on running on your Wrangler anyway, they’re a solid, reasonably priced option with OEM fit and finish.

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best jeep wrangler tire covers

Not technically a spare tire cover, the NiLight TL is arguably something even better: a unique, stylish center brake light that replaces the somewhat clunky-looking Center High-Mounted Stop Lamp (CHMSL) on your Wrangler. It installs sits behind the spare wheel and tire on your tailgate. This LED ring takes over for your factory center stop lamp, bringing some extra style and panache to your rig with a total of 85 red LED chips arranged in a circle, shining through the gaps between your spare wheel’s spokes. It’s a major aesthetic upgrade without the major cost, and it’s as simple to install as removing the spare, sliding it onto the studs, connecting the positive and negative terminals to the factory wiring, and replacing the spare over it.

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How Do You Take Tire Covers Off of Your Jeep Wrangler?

Removing Jeep Wrangler spare tire covers could hardly be any easier; typically, these tire covers secure using a simple elastic band stitched into the back hem, allowing them to be removed by simply tugging around the circumference of the spare. Some spare tire covers for Jeep Wrangler are a tighter fit than others, mind you, so it may be necessary to methodically work your way around the tire.

Of course, in the time that the Jeep Wrangler JL has been in production, the US has made backup cameras standard equipment on all new volume production passenger vehicles. If your Wrangler is new enough to have a backup cam, that system can pose something of a complication for spare tire cover removal; the JL’s camera is mounted within an appendage in the middle of the spare tire carrier, which pokes through the center of the cover when installed.

In that case, the cover will either have an integrated plastic camera cover in the center with a snapping lock tab that needs to be released prior to cover removal, or it will have a hole with a rubber or plastic grommet that fits tightly over the factory plastic camera cover. In the former case, start removal by pulling the cover off at the bottom of the spare, and then reaching up underneath to pull on the snapping lock tab and slide the camera cover off. In the latter case, simply work the grommet off of the backup camera, taking care not to scratch the lens cover.

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Those who love dirt roads, or take their Jeep into uncharted territories should always have a protective spare tire cover. Jeep lovers know that there’s nothing ordinary about their off-roading rig, so why settle for an ordinarily boring cover for your spare? Our Jeep tire covers are great for jeep of all models, SUV, and other off-road enthusiasts. With a wide variety of designs, for military, girls, freedom fighters, and more, we’ve got something for everyone. Our premium quality tire covers are fitted to a wide range of tire sizes, so no matter what you’re driving, we’ve got a Jeep tire cover for your spare. Constructed of durable materials designed to withstand dirt, debris, rain, snow, and damaging UV light, our tire covers are made to last season after season. With affordable prices and an extensive selection, you’re sure to find genuine and reliable spare tire protection that expresses the spirit of your 4x4 lifestyle.

Get a custom vinyl Jeep tire cover to protect your spare and showcase your off-road style today!

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10 Best Spare Tire Covers 2020

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How the Spare Tire Covers for Wrangler JL Work! Camera Fits!

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