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The Toughest Survivor Trivia On Any Island, Anywhere

Think you know everything about Survivor? Test your knowledge of the show with this super tough trivia game!

Most Survivor seasons last a total of 39 days. What was the only season of Survivor to go longer?Survivor: The Australian Outback, won by Tina Wesson, lasted for 42 days.Survivor is a hard enough game to win once, but one incredible castaway has been able to pull off the feat twice. Can you name him or her?Sandra Diaz-Twine was able to outwit, outplay, and outlast her competition to win both Survivor: Pearl Islands and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.The game of Survivor has attracted a number of high-profile sports celebrities over the years, including Jimmy Johnson, John Rocker, and Jeff Kent. Of these three, who lasted in the game the longest?

The game of Survivor has attracted a number of high-profile sports celebrities over the years, including Jimmy Johnson, John Rocker, and Jeff Kent. Of these three, who lasted in the game the longest?

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It was Jeff Kent who lasted in the game the longest.

It was Jeff Kent who lasted in the game the longest.

The Survivor: Philippines castaway was voted out post-merge on day 22. Both John Rocker (Survivor: San Juan Del Sur – Blood vs. Water) and Jimmy Johnson (Survivor: Nicaragua) were voted out of their respective seasons on day eight.

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What Survivor famously gave away his prize of a brand new truck as part of an immunity deal, only to later have the deal broken?Yau-Man Chan offered his truck reward to Andria “Dreamz” Herd.

Yau-Man Chan offered his truck reward to Andria “Dreamz” Herd.

Chan extended this offer in exchange for the individual immunity necklace at the final four tribal council, if Dreamz had the power to give it to him. 

Dreamz indeed won Immunity at the Final 4, but refused to hand over the necklace to Yau-Man. As a result, Yau-Man was voted out.
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Who is the oldest person to win the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollars?

Who is the oldest person to win the title of Sole Survivor and the million dollars?

At 72 years of age, Survivor: Kaoh Rong castaway Joseph Del Campo is one of the oldest people to play the game, second only to Survivor: All Stars Rudy Boesch, who was 75.

But, who was the oldest to win the game? 

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Physics teacher Bob Crowley What Survivor: Tocantins player gave himself the grandiose nickname “The Dragonslayer?”Benjamin “Coach” Wade

Benjamin “Coach” Wade

Coach gave nicknames to all the members of his Timbira tribe, himself included. When the Timbira warrior alliance voted out Brendan Synnott, whom Wade had nicknamed "The Dragon," the former women’s soccer coach announced that his title was now "The Dragonslayer."

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Which Survivor agreed to vote out her own mother in the first Survivor: Blood vs. Water season?Ciera Eastin

Ciera Eastin

Not content to get in the back seat and let her mom drive – and worried that a mother-daughter twosome would be a huge target late in the game – Ciera Eastin (right) voted with her alliance to send Laura Morett (left) to Redemption Island.
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What was the only pre-merge Survivor tribe to face eight consecutive tribal councils?

What was the only pre-merge Survivor tribe to face eight consecutive tribal councils?

The numerous Tribal Councils were a result of the tribe's inability to win a single Immunity Challenge, causing it to be disbanded before the merge.

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Ulong Who was the lone member of that ill-fated Ulong tribe to make the jury?Stephenie LaGrossaAside from Antarctica, what is the only continent to never play host to a season of Survivor?EuropeWhat Survivor winner said he’d spend his winnings on “exotic expensive furs” for his shoulder, “jewels on these pretty fingers,” and a “man tiara?”Tyson Apostle

Tyson Apostle

Castaway Tyson Apostle made big plans for the million-dollar prize while on Survivor: Tocantins, but he wouldn’t actually be able to take the money home until his win in Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

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Who was the first Big Brother alum to play the game of Survivor?

Who was the first Big Brother alum to play the game of Survivor?

Survivor: Kaoh Rong’s Caleb Reynolds—aka Beast Mode Cowboy—is not the first former Big Brother contestant to play the game of Survivor.

Who was?

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Hayden Moss What castaway tricked his tribe into thinking his grandmother had just died?Jonny Fairplay

Jonny Fairplay

In what Jeff Probst once declared "the greatest lie in Survivor history," Survivor: Pearl Islands castaway Jonny Fairplay (right) made an arrangement with his friend Dan (left) that, if invited to participate in a loved-one challenge, Dan should tell him that his grandmother had died.

The other members of Fairplay’s tribe fell for the story and threw the Reward challenge to him. Jeff Probst would later call the incident "the greatest lie in Survivor history."

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What castaway made things difficult for his alliance by telling them to Keith Nale Who is the only Survivor to have attended—and survived—every single Tribal Council held on his or her season?Denise Stapley

Denise Stapley

Survivor: Philippines’s Denise Stapley (right) was unlucky enough to be on the losing tribe in every pre-merge challenge. But, she definitely turned lemons into lemonade: Stapley ultimately made it to the final Tribal Council and was awarded the title of Sole Survivor.

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Which two Survivor: All Stars castaways wound up getting married?“Boston Rob” Mariano and Amber BrkichWhich castaway gave his Hidden Immunity Idol to a member of the opposing tribe? J.T. Thomas

J.T. Thomas

While a castaway on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, J.T. Thomas (Heroes) passed a Hidden Immunity Idol to Russell Hantz (Villains) to protect him and win his favor, believing Hantz to be at the bottom of an all-girls alliance.

Hantz ultimately used the Idol at the first post-merge Tribal Council to ensure that a member of J.T.’s Heroes tribe would go home.

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What Survivor: Worlds Apart contestant won five individual immunity challenges in the final stretch of the game?Mike HollowayWhich Survivor: Cagayan winner spent his early days on the island building his “spy shack” and forming an alliance called “Cops R Us?”Tony Vlachos

Tony Vlachos

Police officer (and llama whisperer) Tony Vlachos (right) used his professional skills to gather secret information while on the island, putting him in a great position to ultimately win the game.
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HintContestant% CorrectThe editors spoiled that this contestant made the merge by showing her face in the background of the intro shot of a contestant on the opposing tribe.Kelly Wiglesworth12%Another contestant complained about wanting to smack this contestant with an oar.Wanda Shirk12%Mentioned Jeff Probst by name in their first confessional of the season.James Miller12%This female contestant's incredible expressiveness became a running joke on the Funny 115 2.0.Becky Lee12%This 30-year-old, draconian contestant had already founded a company and sold it for $60 million prior to Survivor.Brendan Synnott12%Unbeknownst to production, this male already knew another contestant from his tribe at the start of the game.Brett Clouser12%NEEDS A BREAK!!!Sekou Bunch11.9%Voted off after a serious bicep injury in a Reward Challenge.Jim Lynch11.6%Jeff Probst's favorite first boot. For some reason.Jessica deBen11.6%Has a daughter who wants to be a doctor.Lillian Morris11.5%Is a bird; consequently, must fly.Courtney Marit11.5%Loved one's name was Annie.Scout Cloud Lee11.4%Alliterative first boot.Jolanda Jones11.4%IS SMILING NOW!!!!Jamie Newton11.4%Voted out first after pulling a practical joke.John Raymond11.3%The first player to have a vote cast against them by somebody with the same name (last name needed)Kim Powers11.2%First name is the same as someone's from season 22, last name is a homonym of someone's from season 12.Julie Berry10.9%Commented on another contestant's 'premature evacuation.'Brandon Bellinger10.8%Said the members of his tribe were like 'legless chickens running after sleek weasels.'Ace Gordon10.6%Believes the mere presence of a visage outweighs shoddy craftsmanship and materials and thus grants probable legitimacy.Jason Siska10.4%This female's first and last name together are only six letters long.Liz Kim10.4%Referred to by a nickname they had on a tattoo.Robert 'The General' DeCanio10.3%This contestant's last name has 4x as many letters as their first name.Mia Galeotalanza10.3%FBI Agent.Brady Finta10.3%Broke the tribal Immunity Idol.Rory Freeman10.3%The first contestant who was voted out after only ever receiving one vote. (Also, has the same birthday as Ken Hoang.)Terry Deitz10.3%First and last name both start with the same three letters.Ashlee Ashby10.2%Noted the differences between the hood and the wood.Yasmin Giles10.2%Belittled the challenge skills of another contestant who would later win the season's first post-merge Immunity in this contestant's boot episode.Charlie Herschel10.1%Equates his temple to a car.Osten Taylor10%Has selective sympathy regarding stolen spirits.Bobby Mason10%Holds the record for becoming the highest ranking member of a certain gender of a tribe in the quickest time.Nate Gonzalez9.9%The only person who was not awful on stilts in a challenge.Tammy Leitner9.8%Male first boot from a red tribe.Brook Geraghty9.8%Holds the record for most consecutive challenge victories.Randy Bailey9.8%Eliminated after a deadlocked tie with somebody who would later be eliminated in a deadlocked tie.Carl Bilancione9.7%Criticized the finalists for being boring in his jury speech.Adam Gentry9.6%Wishes to know whether you have engaged in carnal activity in an educational setting.Lisi Linares9.6%Lambasted another contestant for their offensive remarks about a member of the opposing tribe.Jaison Robinson9.6%Was unsure of the destination to which his or her tribe would not be returning.Angie Jakusz9.5%Fresh Prince.Willard Smith9.4%Another contestant said of this player, 'His problem is that he's trying to do strategy on his own.'Dreamz Herd9.4%Asked the two finalists in his season who from his tribe would have made finals.Nick Brown9.3%Sex kitten.Sandy Burgin9.1%This pre-merge boot shares his name with the first boot of the season before his.Ryan Shoulders9%Confidently declared that she thought the majority alliance would split their votes.Stacy Kimball9%Was voted out in the episode entitled 'Assumptions'.Shii Ann Huang8.9%Is not an answer to any other question on this quiz.J.P. Calderon8.9%Has had it up to here.Caryn Groedel8.8%Voted out in the episode 'The End Of Innocence'.Gabriel Cade8.6%This female remained on a red tribe after a swap and was voted out the same round.Cecilia Mansilla8.6%This contestant, voted out in 8th place, voted in the majority only one time.Sally Schumann8.2%Compared another contestant to 'Jon Bon Jovi in his prime.'Mike Bortone8.1%According to polls on CBS.com, this contestant is the most popular in the show's history.Jessie Camacho8%This pre-merge female was referenced by name in a later season's Tree Mail.Ghandia Johnson7.9%Smacked in the ass by his loved one.Gregg Carey7.9%Came from the same hometown as Sue Hawk.Erinn Lobdell7.9%First contestant to exit the game on Day 5.Mike Borassi7.9%First person to be voted out immediately after the merge but still be a juror.Ken Stafford7.8%Allegedly received one vote in a tied vote that was not shown on television.Tracy Hughes-Wolf7.8%Could maybe be siblings with another contestant in a parallel universe one millennium from now when deceased.Paloma Soto-Castillo7.8%Had a very energetic appearance on The Price Is Right.Rita Verreos7.7%Received only one confessional in her last five episodes and none in her last three.Rebecca Borman7.6%Cast a vote against somebody who blamed his own alliance.Teresa Cooper7.5%Voted out in 9th place right before the merge.Erin Collins7.4%Professed to have 'Jesus of Nazareth powers.'Austin Carty7.4%Has the same birthday as Becky Lee.James 'Rocky' Reid7.4%Regularly complained about the poor strategic skills of the rest of his tribe despite being directly responsible for his tribe's downfall.John Fincher7.4%Was there. We all were there.Zoe Zanidakis7.3%First contestant to win Individual Immunity before the merge.John Kenney7.3%The first person to receive votes from original tribemates immediately upon merging.Clarence Black7.1%Shares his or her first name with two people from the next season (last name needed).Ryan Aiken7.1%Received no confessionals in the first four episodes despite receiving votes at all TCs attended during those episodes.Chet Welch7.1%The first person to be voted out because his or her original tribe threw a challenge.Jed Hildebrand7%Was voted off in 19th place with 6 votes on their first season.Mary Sartain7%Big Bird.Christa Hastie6.6%First contestant who was born in the 1950s.Debb Eaton6.5%Has hosted several shows on The History Channel since Survivor.Hunter Ellis6.5%Also appeared on the reality TV series 'Solitary'.John Palyok6.3%Complained about being on the less attractive tribe.Michelle Chase6.3%Assistant manager and assistant buyer for one of the high-end retail stores in Chicago.Kelly Czarnecki6.3%Voted off in the episode 'Surprise And... Surprise Again!'Leann Slaby6.2%Is That Girl.Alexis Jones6.1%The second boot from her merge tribe but received only four votes.Kelly Sharbaugh6%Voted out second. Only received votes from the eventual final five.Tanya Vance5.7%Voted out by a 3-1 vote immediately before the F10 merge. (And is not Dan Barry.)Gina Crews5.5%The first contestant to attend multiple Tribal Councils and receive multiple votes at each one.Ramona Gray5.3%The only other male with whom this contestant shares his name received the same place. Of the two, this contestant played first.Alex Bell5.2%Broke the bank.Jan Gentry5%Swore loyalty to her alliance on an invisible Bible.Lisa Keiffer5%After this person was voted out, six more people from his or her original tribe were voted out in a row.Stephanie Dill4.8%Second contestant to be voted out 3-2 right before the merge.Sydney Wheeler4.7%Made the merge despite being twice as old as the next-oldest member of his tribe.Jake Billingsley4.6%The first contestant to be voted out on Day 11.Kim Mullen4.6%Won Immunity, then Reward, then lost Immunity and was voted out in fifth.Ted Rogers, Jr.4.5%In a season with one tribe swap, was one of only two people from his/her tribe to not change tribes and then make the merge. The other was the winner.Deena Bennett3.6%Eliminated in episode five after receiving votes in three of four attended Tribal Councils.Ashley Trainer3.3%Attended ONLY the second, fourth, and fifth Tribal Council in her season.Jeanne Hebert3.1%The first male contestant from South Carolina.Lea Masters3%The third of five consecutive California natives to be voted off.Dave Johnson2.3%
Sours: https://www.sporcle.com/games/zimdelinvasor/when_in_doubt_just_type_dan_fields/results
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How Far Would You Get on Survivor?

Congratulations! You have what it takes to outwit, outplay, and outlast all the other contestants. You would win competitions and immunity idols all while being at the top of a strong alliance. The jury would have no choice but to award you the title of sole survivor.


So close. You would almost have what it takes to win it all. You would find yourself a part of a strong alliance, but your most trusted ally would take home the cool million at the end of the day. Don't worry, runner up still gets $100,000 and that's a lot of cash.


You wouldn't be the first one voted off but would only make it to the jury. You might be genuinely disliked, not perform the best at challenges, or be seen as a big threat. You would make it to the jury.

To the Jury

You don't have what it takes to be the sole survivor. Perhaps the elements might be a bit more than you bargained for or the challenges much more difficult than anticipated. You might annoy others around you to the point where they want you gone. You are better off watching Survivor from your couch.

First one Voted Off

You might not win the million dollar prize but your personality would win millions of fans. Maybe you don't have what it takes to lie your way to the top, but your personality will keep audiences entertained. Who knows, you might just be asked back to an All Star season for another chance to compete. You would be a Survivor Fan Favorite.

Fan Favorite

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Understanding the Social, Strategic, and Physical Games of Survivor \u0026 Big Brother

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Win survivor quiz would you

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