2018 honda hrv remote start

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Honda HRV Remote Starter for North East Client

Honda HRV Remote Starter
Honda HRV Remote Starter
Honda HRV Remote Starter

Shawn, a repeat client of ours from North East, Pennsylvania, needed a long-distance remote start and wanted no extra remotes for this push-to-start 2017 Honda HRV. No problem!

We started with our basic Factory Start V4. This will allow the driver to start the HRV simply by using the factory Honda remote control or fob. Sounds great, right? But when you use the Honda fob, the range will be limited to about 100 ft. No problem – we have an app for that. Seriously, we do. All the client had to do was download an app on their phone, enter all of the information and voila.

This system is called our Smartphone App. By using this app on your smartphone, you can lock, unlock and start the vehicle from literally anywhere. What – why would anyone need that? Well, when you work deep inside UPMC Hamot Hospital in Erie, for instance, and your vehicle is parked blocks away, this is the perfect setup.

Because this was a new Honda HRV, Shawn was concerned about the new car Honda warranty. Also no problem: ENORMIS does not automatically void the vehicle warranty and ENORMIS stands behind our remote start installations for as long as the original owner owns the vehicle.

If you are interested in the latest remote car starter technology, contact us about your particular vehicle.

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Sours: https://www.enormis.net/honda-hrv-remote-starter-for-north-east-client/

Which Honda Vehicles Have Remote Start?

Whether you live in a cold, snowy climate or a hot and humid climate — there’s one feature that can be invaluable in terms of your comfort and driving enjoyment. Remote start is now one of the most desirable options available on new cars. It’s the perfect solution for cooling your car down on a hot summer day or warming up on a frigid winter morning. If you’re curious about which Honda models are available with a remote start system, check out this informative guide from our team of experts at Germain Honda of Ann Arbor.

How Does Remote Start Work?

This feature is designed to start the engine while you are away from the vehicle without using the ignition key. On models equipped with automatic climate control, the remote start system can operate the air conditioning and heating automatically based on the temperature outside. For your convenience, remote start systems can be activated from a range of up to 400 feet. Depending on the year and model, your climate control can automatically activate and set itself to 72 degrees.

Sours: https://www.germainhonda-annarbor.com/which-honda-vehicles-have-remote-start/
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Long-Range Compustar Remote Start System on a 2018 Honda HRV

A customer came in looking for an autostart for their 2018 Honda HRV. They had never had an autostart before, so we walked them through the differences between one- and two-way remotes. “Two-way” means they will be notified when the vehicle is started, locked or unlocked through an LED light, audible tone or LCD screen — even through a push notification if using the Compustar Drone. “One-way” means that the remote will still start the car, but it will not give you any notifications, so you would have to see the car to know that it started. We also talked to the customer about what kind of range they needed and if they would be using Drone, the app for your smartphone that allows you to start and stop your vehicle from your phone.

After talking with our customer, we decided to go with the RFX-P2WG15-SS, a two-way remote start that has a two-mile range. We installed the system using our standard procedure of checking all of the vehicle’s functions on an iPad, plugging it into a battery charger after doing a battery test, and soldering and taping all of the wire connections. After we completed the install, we double-checked all of the vehicle’s functions and vacuumed the interior as a final step.

The customer was so happy on picking up their vehicle, knowing that they would be warm every morning and not have to go out into the cold to start the vehicle! If you are looking for an autostart for your vehicle, feel free to give us a call or to contact us here.

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2018 Honda HRV Remote Start System

How-To-Video: 2017 & 2018 Honda CR-V Remote Engine Start

Possibly the most convenient feature in the Honda CR-V (EX and above models) is the remote engine start. With remote engine start, you can get the engine running without ever leaving your home. No need to brace yourselves for Mississippi’s unbearable summer heat; with the click of a button, you can have your CR-V cooling down way before you enter. Here’s how it works:

Using the key fob:

  • Ensure that the vehicle is locked (press the lock button twice)
  • Press the circular button (left-hand corner) and hold for 2-3 seconds
  • The car is running! IT’S THAT SIMPLE!
  • **CR-V will continue with the heat/air conditioning settings that were last set**

The remote engine start is a practical feature designed to make everyday driving just a little easier. However, though intended to protect you from mother nature’s wrath; the CR-V cannot protect you from dangerous negligence. What does this mean? Make sure your CR-V is in a well-ventilated space before using the remote engine start. In other words, do not start the CR-V in a closed garage.

Disengaging Remote Engine Start

To disengage the remote engine start, follow the procedure below:

On the CR-V touchscreen:

  • Select the Home button
  • Select Settings
  • Select Vehicles
  • Select Keyless Access Set-Up
  • Select Remote Start System
  • Turn off the Remote Start System
  • Approve the selection
  • All Done!

If you have any questions regarding engaging and/or disengaging the remote engine start in your Honda CR-V, feel free to contact Patty Peck Honda in Ridgeland near Jackson, Madison, and Flowood at 601-957-3400.

Sours: https://www.pattypeckhonda.com/how-to-crv-remote-engine-start/

Honda remote start hrv 2018

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How To Install Remote Start Honda Factory Key in 10 Mins

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