5 inch chrome exhaust stacks

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7 Inch to 5 Inch Stacks

About Our Semi Truck Stacks 

Many parts can give your rig personality. The most noticeable are the shiny truck stacks glistening in the sun. These true symbols of life on the road don’t just make people take notice, they are also imperative to keeping you on the go. 

A stack exhaust system helps boost power and performance. When they are operating correctly, they help make climbs and passing easier, as well as let your truck pull harder. They work by relying on exhaust to expel hot air and potential contaminants out of the system. 

Whether replacing or upgrading, technology has made these parts more efficient. They also are available in array of sizes, shapes and materials, which allows you to keep your rig running smoothly and looking good.

Endless Options

Regardless if your rig is decked out in subtle chrome or is extra polished, we have got you covered. We have a 5" chrome stack to help keep the look flowing from top to bottom. While some may seek a sleek, straight look, we also havecurved top stack plain endthat provides a simple and classic look. For a real show-stopper, the West Coast curve one-piece stackemits a super shine that will make people take notice. 

Truckers looking for a little less shine can choose from an array of mitered stacks, designed with a classy nickel finish. To really add your personality to your stacks, we have options with cutouts inspired by gun designs for a truly unique appearance.

Size isn’t a problem thanks to our array of products. We have stacks available from 2 inches up to 8 inches, making finding the right part a breeze. 

Replacement Parts

Only need to replace an elbow? We have parts available to help you get the right fit without replacing the whole system. Keeping your elbow but want to replace part of the stack? Lower stacks can help give your monster-truck look a smooth finish. Other replacement parts include brackets and tailpipes.

Put the finishing touch on your big rig exhaust system with a new, shiny chrome top stack. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles. Chrome stacks offer a way to add a unique touch to your rig. Our quality parts make it easy to choose the right look and fit, ensuring you keep trucking smoothly.

Click here to learn how to measure your exhaust and choose the best stacks for your semi truck.

Sours: https://www.iowa80.com/exhaust/stacks/7-to-5

Chrome Stacks: 5" Chrome Truck Stacks

5" Diameter Super Premium Chrome Exhaust Stacks for Truckers with Bull Horn. Plain end has a 5" Outside Diameter. Expanded End has a 5" Inside Diameter. Length is 18", 24:, 36",48" and 60". Plain = 5" OD; Expanded = 5" ID

Note:Change the Quantity to 2 to get your 2nd Stack for 1/2 Price. For example, 1 60" Plain Stack is $159.99, the 2nd is 1/2 Price for $80 for a Total Price of $240. The Cart will change to show 2 Stacks for $120 each Total $240).

RoadTrucker also carries a line of 6" Miter Chrome Truck Exhaust Stacks.

Buy 1 - Get 2nd Stack for 1/2 Price!

Choose Your Stacks Very Carefully as There Are No Returns on Opened Stacks

We have them separated Miter Cut, Turn Out & Bull Horns. You Are Responsible for Choosing the Length & the End Type

Note: The Expanded ends are 4" in length and about 1/8" difference in size and made to fit over the outside of a 5" Stack.

Plain, Expanded & Reduced Ends

Sours: https://www.roadtrucker.com/chrome-stacks/chrome-stacks.htm
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5" Diameter Chrome Exhaust StacksMade In America

⚠ Please Note: The pandemic brought the American steel industry to its knees last spring, forcing manufacturers to ... More Details

Choose your "Made in USA" Chrome Exhaust Stack with 5" Diameter, based on the Type of Tip and End needed. Available Tip Types includes Miter, Curve, Bullhorn, Flat Top, Short 30, West Coast Curve, and Diablo with a length of 24" up to 120". You can either choose Plain or Expanded end types. Manufactured by Lincoln Chrome.

Note: Plain end has a 5" outside diameter while Expanded end has a 5" inside diameter.



End Type:



End Type:



End Type:

Flat Top


End Type:

Short 30


End Type:

West Coast Curve


End Type:

Left Diablo


End Type:

Right Diablo


End Type:

Diablo Pair


End Type:

⚠ Please Note: The pandemic brought the American steel industry to its knees last spring, forcing manufacturers to shut down production as they struggled to survive the imploding economy. But as the recovery got underway, mills were slow to resume production, and that created a massive steel shortage.

Domestic steel mills that idled furnaces last year amid fears of a prolonged pandemic-induced economic downturn have been slow in ramping up production, despite a recovery in demand for cars and trucks, appliances, and other steel products.

The delays in stack production can be significant and it is possible those delays might cause an extended lead time of 5 to possibly as much as 6 weeks for 5", 7" and 8" stacks. 6" stacks seem to have been impacted the hardest with lead time that could be as high as 8 weeks.

We do apologize and hope this will not stress you. We will keep a close eye on production.
-True Support Team

Sours: http://www.truechrome.com/chrome-stacks/5-inch-chrome-stacks.htm
8 inch to 6 inch stacks

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Inch stacks 5 chrome exhaust

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8 inch to 6 inch stacks

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