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15 best indoor & outdoor DIY firewood rack & storage ideas, such as easy DIY wood rack, creativelog holders, simple firewood shed, & more!

It is almost time for some cozy crackling fire, isn&#;t it? Let&#;s talk firewood rack and creative firewood storage ideas for indoors and outdoors!

Besides being functional and practical, log holders and firewood storage racks can actually be very attractive as well.

15 best indoor & outdoor DIY firewood rack & storage ideas, such as easy DIY wood rack, creative log holders, simple firewood shed, & more!

These DIY firewood racks will give you plenty of ideas and inspirations to make your own, with simple materials such as pallets, plumbing pipes, or 2x4s!

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Firewood storage is practical, it can be attractive indoors and outdoors as well! Check out today&#;s inspiring ideas on these gorgeous and DIY friendly firewood rack ideas! 🙂

1. Indoor firewood storage bench.

Indoor firewood storage bench farmhouse style

This farmhouse entry bench is great for indoor firewood storage in winter. The firewood offers such a warm and welcoming vibe to a space when stacked neatly under a cubby bench. ( Source: 1 )

You can also build a bench like this using crates! Here are some easy DIY storage bench ideas!

DIY crate bench

2. Outdoor firewood storage bench.

how to build Outdoor firewood storage bench

You can also build a simple and great looking firewood storage bench for your porch and patio easily! ( Source: 2 )

3. Easy DIY firewood rack and log holders.

Easy DIY firewood rack and log holders

This firewood rack and log holder has a simple wood frame and sits on a few concrete cinder blocks. It is easy to build and can hold a lot of wood. ( Source: 3 )

4. Easy DIY pallet firewood storage rack

Easy DIY pallet firewood storage rack

Gather a few pallets, cut some in half. With minimal assembly, you will have a sturdy outdoor firewood rack in no time. ( Source: 4 )

If you are wondering where to find good quality free pallets, how to take them apart and project tips, check out this detailed guide all about pallets!

how to find and use pallets

5. Pallet wood log holder with roof

Pallet wood log holder

Add a roof to the DIY outdoor log holder to protect the firewood from rain. ( Source: 5 )

6. A-frame outdoor firewood storage ideas

The simple outdoor firewood storage shed above is designed to be folded flat once empty.  A drain pipe is screwed to one of the panels at top. ( Source )

outdoor firewood storage ideas

The upside-down A frame wood rack and log holder is so simple and smart! Just two concrete blocks and four 2x4s! This firewood storage rack is both great for indoors and outdoors. You can even paint the cinder blocks and 2x4s. ( Source )

7. Easy DIY indoor firewood rack

Easy DIY indoor firewood rack with pipes

This chic and industrial DIY indoor firewood rack / log holder is made from plumbing pipes. The wheels make it portable and easy to clean around. ( Source: 7 )

8. Use a display shelf for indoor firewood storage.

display shelf for indoor firewood storage

Make some room on an organizing shelf or in a niche and let the firewood become seasonal decor. ( Source: 8 )

9. Modern farmhouse firewood racks.

Modern farmhouse firewood racks in fixer upper style black metal

These beautiful metal firewood organizers ( from, site no longer available ) would look stunning in a fixer upper style modern farmhouse! Steel is not easy to DIY with, but we can find something to re-purpose and recreate the look! See the next two ideas!

Repurposed metal log holder.

Repurposed log holder

Galvanized water tank or roofing sheets are easy to transform into wood holders for outdoor and indoor storage. ( Image source lost, please let me know if you find it! )

You might also love this great use for all the firewood: wood fired pizzas! Check outHow to build a simple wood-fired cob oven with readily available materials!

Super detailed tutorial on building a cob / earth oven from scratch using simple and recycled materials! Taught by a world renowned teacher plus a free info and picture packed ebook! - A Piece of Rainbow

Modern geometric DIY firewood storage shelf

Modern geometric DIY firewood storage shelf

Such a good looking DIY firewood rack! It&#;s actually quite easy to make due to the nice design! ( Source: 11 )

12 . Easy DIY outdoor wood log holder.

Easy DIY outdoor wood log holder

This small DIY log holder is compact and great for an outdoor patio or porch. ( Source: 12 )

DIY covered outdoor firewood storage rack

DIY Covered outdoor firewood storage rack

This large DIY outdoor firewood storage rack with a roof protects the wood logs from rain, and looks great in the backyard. ( Source )

 log store

This open back log store structure looks quite attractive against an old stone wall. Update: One of our readers made a good point about not putting lots of firewood too close next to houses with wood sidings, because it may attract bugs. ( Source )

Farmhouse indoor firewood storage ideas.

Farmhouse indoor firewood storage ideas

A fireplace niche is the perfect place to store firewood logs. ( Source )

Vintage wood crates as log holders

Vintage wood crates are great log holders with a lovely farmhouse charm. ( Source )

Talking about crates, you can make these vintage inspired wooden crates from pallets, and transfer images to them with wax paper!

Make a charging station from pallet scrap wood, and clear up the clutter on your table or desk! Plus some gorgeous vintage crate labels as a free download!

Beautiful DIY firewood rack on wheels.

DIY firewood rack on wheels.

This DIY log holder cart is built with such attention and love. Even the paint color is chosen with care to blend beautifully with their furniture and house colors! Tutorial at the Wood Grain Cottage.

Happy building! See you next week!



It’s time to batten down the hatches, stock up on ice melt, and make sure that your firewood situation is locked down. That means stocking up on firewood and making sure you have a good place to store it. Don’t have one yet? Then check out these 15 DIY firewood storage solutions!

DIY Firewood Rack with Roof

If you are looking for something a little smaller than a full-blown firewood storage shed, but something just as secure, then check out these DIY firewood racks with roofs!

Small Firewood Rack Box

diy small firewood rack with roof

If you love the idea of a compact rack, then check this small firewood rack box plan. Its materials are low cost and it’s relatively easy to build, but does require some power tools.

It securely stores firewood in a small space and leaves room for some customization so you can paint it to match your backyard’s decor. It even has a flat space on top that can hold drinks, food, or whatever else you’ll be serving next to your fire pit.

Large Log Store

how to build a log store

For people who stock up on a lot of logs, and want a safe, roofed place to store them, this large log store plan will be right up your alley. With a 6-foot height and a 6-foot width, there is more than enough room to store all of your logs for the winter.

While it’s somewhat difficult to make, it’s well worth the work because a similar product would cost you 5 times the DIY material’s cost to buy. It’s also a very attractive log store, that will add a rustic accent to your backyard.

Curved Rack with Roof

Firewood Rack Outdoor wood storage project

I didn’t know that firewood racks could be beautiful, but this curved rack with a roof is undeniably stunning. It features a gorgeous light brown shingled roof that contrasts wonderfully with its white wooden base.

This rack even has a separate space for you to store seasoned wood and kindling. Of course, beauty comes at a cost, this is definitely a project for advanced woodworkers willing to figure out how to build this rack from the plan’s pictures and diagrams.

DIY Firewood Rack Using Pallets

One of the best things about DIY projects is how they enable you to make well-built products for cheap. If you’re looking for an affordable material to make your firewood storage rack, you should easily be able to find free wooden pallets somewhere in your town!

Simple Pallet Firewood Rack

Pallet firewood rack

DIY projects don’t get much easier than this simple pallet firewood rack. This extremely easy and affordable plan only requires you to scrounge up three wooden pallets and 4 planks of wood.

To construct it you merely have to prop two of the pallets up on the ends of one of the pallets so that they are directly across from each other. Then join them together by screwing the planks of wood to them as braces. Wa-lah! You have a firewood rack!

Pallet Firewood Rack with Roof

This durable pallet firewood rack with a roof plan is a great way to keep your firewood safe and secure- even through inclement winter weather. While this plan requires few materials, like old pallets, wood, and roofing felt, it does take a little bit of woodworking knowledge to pull it off successfully.

The video is extremely helpful though in walking you through the building process. I loved the finishing touch of roofing felt on top of the rack since it not only helps protect your firewood but also makes the whole contraption look neat and put-together.

Pallet Firewood Shed

Pallet Firewood Shed

If you stock up on tons of firewood in the winter and need a lot of space to hold it all, then check out this pallet firewood shed plan. This plan is absolutely not for people looking to make dinky, compact racks.

This huge shed simultaneously protects firewood while also giving it enough air circulation to help it effectively dry. To make it you’re going to need a lot of pallets though, like 16, which means it will also take quite a bit of time to construct.

DIY Firewood Rack Using Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks are another useful, cheap material that you can use to build helpful products, like firewood storage racks! These wonderful outdoor racks are a safe, secure way to store your firewood.

Small Cinderblock Firewood Rack

While this small cinderblock firewood rack’s V-shape may seem a little unusual, it’s actually surprisingly effective at holding firewood. This project is also perfect for beginners, requiring no woodworking skills or tools.

All you need to make this plan is 2 cinderblocks and 4 boards. Simply place the 2 cinder blocks together, side-by-side, and then place a board in each of the cinder blocks’ 4 holes so they make a V shape. You can then stack your firewood in the totally secure V, creating a cool, uniquely-shaped backyard accent.

Long Cinderblock Firewood Rack

DIY Cinder Block Firewood Rack

Even though this long cinderblock firewood rack may look like a complicated project because of its large size, it’s actually fairly simple to make. All you need are cinder blocks, landscape timbers, and 2&#;4 planks. In fact, it’s so easy you don’t even need any tools.

It has a similar idea as the small V cinderblock rack except its stretched out, with two-pieces of wood jutting out at a slant from each cinder block on the end, and some wood horizontally lining the rack’s bottom.

Indoor DIY Firewood Rack

During the winter I always like to store a handful of logs inside, just in case it’s so cold out that I don’t feel like traversing my yard to get some firewood from my backyard rack. These indoor firewood racks are a small, stylish way to keep wood inside.

Indoor Raw Firewood Rack

Indoor Firewood Rack Made Using Raw Firewood

This handsome indoor raw firewood rack will look incredible in elegant living rooms with dark wooden accents. The rack is made from raw firewood which juxtaposes nicely with the actual firewood within it.

While this is definitely a project that requires some skill and time, the step-by-step instructions adeptly walk you through the process, guiding you through sanding, polishing, and constructing this exquisite mantlepiece.

Vertical Firewood Log Holder


While this vertical firewood log holder can technically be used indoors or outdoors, it looks particularly dashing in living rooms with dark, warm accents. This simple yet elegant looking firewood rack is easy and quick to construct.

More difficult than building the wooden frame is making it look nice through sanding and wood stain. Depending on the wood accents in your living room, you can customize which stain color you use.

Wall-Mounted Firewood Rack

wall mounted indoor firewood storage idea DIY free tutorial

I have never seen a firewood rack like this wall-mounted firewood rack but I absolutely love the idea behind it. It’s the perfect space saver, and great for individuals who don’t find themselves going through that many logs. Not to mention, it simultaneously adds a rustic and urban accent to living rooms.

This easy project only takes a few pieces of wood and some brackets to construct. It’s perfect for people looking for a beginner DIY firewood rack project that doesn’t take a lot of dollars or time.

Plumbing Pipe Firewood Holder

plumbing pipe tutorial diy indoor firewood storage

The industrial look of black plumbing pipe is always welcome in my home, especially if its in the form of this trendy-looking plumbing pipe firewood holder. Not only does it incorporate an urban-industrial look, it also is on wheels, allowing you to easily move the firewood around your house.

While the materials for this project are slightly more pricey than those features in other projects on this list, it’s fairly easy to make and will last you a lifetime.

Outdoor DIY Firewood Rack

These large, convenient, and multifunctional DIY firewood racks are perfect for safely storing firewood in your backyard.

Outdoor Lumber Stack

Firewood Rack diy on instructables outdoor 2x4s

This super simple, super clean looking outdoor lumber stack is perfect for porches or backyards. To make it, all you need is a saw, drill, steel straps, and some 2 x 4 x 8 lumber blocks. This is the perfect DIY project for woodworking beginners.

You can easily customize the size of the rack so it fits however big your firewood pile may be. You can also add paint to it to give it a more finished look.

DIY Rolling Firewood Rack


While this DIY rolling firewood rack would look great indoors or outdoors, it’s especially well suited for back patios. Because this neat little contraption rolls, you can easily move it, allowing you to clean up behind your woodpile which helps prevent furry creatures from invading it.

This easy to follow tutorial features lots of in-depth steps and helpful pictures. While the project as a whole definitely takes some DIY experience, with enough time, anyone should be able to do it.

Firewood Storage Bench

lowe's firewood storage bench diy tutorial

Unsure if you want to add a neat firewood rack or extra seating to your back patio? There’s no need to choose if you build this firewood storage bench plan.

This multifunctional bench safely stores wood in a cubby mostly protected from winter weather. It also provides you with extra seating or table space.

The plan is somewhat hard to follow and does take some woodworking experience to pull off, so this is not a project for beginners.


Whether you’re looking for a small indoor firewood rack, a huge backyard rack made from pallets, or even a firewood rack that also functions as a bench, this list features some of the best firewood racks that you can build.

I hope you found these ideas inspiring! If you did, be sure to share them and comment below with which DIY firewood rack you want to build. 


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Introduction: The 30 Minute Firewood Rack - Pallet Style

Everyone knows how brutal those Florida winters areHAHA! Well, it is that time of year again. We just had our first cold snap, temperatures dropped to Burr! We had to turn the heat on in the house and everything. My wife said she wanted a fire inside, so my crazy instructable mind started working. This request meant I needed to split wood, build a rack for the wood out of a pallet, make an instructable in one afternoon, and then finish the evening with a nice fire. So without further ado here we go!

Step 1: Cutting the Pallet

I found this pallet behind our garage when we bought our home. The pallet was pretty heavy duty and constructed of good wood. I took my circular saw and cut along the 4x4 using it as a guide. Now that the pallet was cut, it was time to move onto the disassembly of the remaining piece.

Step 2: Removing the Slats

Using my cordless drill, I removed all the screws and put them aside to use later.

Step 3: Ripping the Extra Slats

Using the circulation saw, I ripped two of the extra slats. These pieces would be used to hold the side walls up.

Step 4: Connecting the Side Walls

With the four even slats, I simply connected them to the base using the screws that I removed in step 2. Also, the strips that were cut in step 3 were cut to size and attached at the top of each sidewall for added support and a good handle to lift the rack.

Step 5: Connecting the Sidewall Supports

With the remaining wood (2 long ripped slats and 2 short ripped slats), I devised a simple system to support the walls. The two longer pieces would be used on the backside, and the shorter pieces on the front. Using the last remaining screws, the supports were attached.

Note: I used every screw from the original pallet, but I ended up short by two screws. So total cost of this project for me was two screws, haha.

Step 6: Finished Product

I added the two 4x4's to the bottom of the rack to promote maximum airflow. The whole family got into this project. What a fun, productive morning. Total time to build was 30 minutes, total time to write Instructable 30 minutes, and total cost to me was two screws from my tool box. There was no scrap; every piece of the pallet was used! Now, for our fire tonight Pictures will follow.

Picture update: pmMy wife now has her fire!

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