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How to use Verizon Smart Locator

When you get your Smart Locator it will be blinking and ready to pair. After it’s paired, the LED light will turn off to conserve battery life. The light will only show one of the following patterns when it’s connected to your charger or when you press the button on the Verizon Smart Locator to check its status.

Solid amber: Turning on.

Blinking amber: Ready to pair.

Blinks green once every 3 seconds: Connected to your charger and charging is in progress.

Solid green (no blinks): Charging is complete. Disconnect from your charger.

3 green blinks (after you press and hold the button for 3 seconds): Smart Locator is sending a location update.

Solid green for 5 seconds (after you press the button): Battery level is above 20%.

Solid amber for 5 seconds (after you press the button): Battery level is below 20%.

No blinks (after you press the button): Power is off.

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Killer feature: Rings even if the phone is set to silent.

Pro tip: If a laptop isn’t available, ask a friend to send a special text message to your phone to activate one of the aforementioned options.

Best for: People who manage a family or small fleet of phones. The free version tracks the whereabouts of up to three devices and the pro can manage ten.

2. Find My Phone (Android™ Wear)

This app is “The Clapper” of lost phones. Made for smart watches and connected devices, finding a lost phone is always within (pun alert) arm’s reach.

How it works: Open the app on your smart watch, tap, and the phone starts ringing.

Killer feature: Forget your phone at home a lot? As soon as you go far enough for the smart watch to lose its Bluetooth® connection, a reminder message pops up while there’s still time to turn around and get it.

Pro tip: Download Wear Mini Launcher for fast access to all wearable apps and nix the swiping and scrolling.

Best for: People with smart watches who are lost even when the phone’s close by.

How to Create a My Verizon Account

Without assistance, losing your phone can be expensive or put important information at risk. Here's how to find a lost phone.

Mobile devices have joined the list of items people just can’t live without. Photos, contacts, confidential email, passwords and apps make your device a valuable asset.

No one plans to lose their device, of course, but it happens. When this occurs, one great tool to have is Digital Secure, an app available to Android and iOS smartphone customers who are subscribed to Verizon Total Mobile Protection. Here are steps you can take to find a lost phone and keep your data safe and secure.

Secure sensitive information on your lost device.

Finding your phone can take time, so in the interim, you might want to secure the personal information. Digital Secure allows you to lock the phone—or delete data—remotely so you don’t have to worry about any sensitive info getting into the wrong hands.

Locate your lost phone on a map.

Depending on your operating system, there are easy ways to find your phone. Both iOS and Android phones can the app will find your device on a map. Remember-safety first. You should not attempt to retrieve a stolen device or a device that is located in an unfamiliar or unsafe location.


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How do I get my Verizon account number and PIN?

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