Usb display adapter multiple monitors

Usb display adapter multiple monitors DEFAULT

i-tec USB Dual Display Adapter Advance


Question: The video output (HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI &#;) does not work after connecting to my MacBook even after installing the DisplayLink drivers.

Answer: Apple has added a new security feature to macOS and later, which blocks the automatic installation of drivers which use the &#;kernel&#; extension. The DisplayLink driver uses these extensions. For proper function, you must allow an exception for DisplayLink Corp, in your MacBook security settings. You can find detailed instructions here:


Question: I have a MacBook with an external 4K monitor connected. In native 4K resolution, the icons are too small, I want to change the display resolution on the monitor, but the image is either blurry or the cursor response is slower.

Answer: Unfortunately, this is a problem with the DisplayLink driver. DisplayLink is working to fix this problem, unfortunately, currently we do not know when this problem will be fixed.


Question: How many maximum external monitors does DisplayLink software support?


  • Windows &#; supports up to 6 monitors &#; multiple monitors can also be connected, but this is not supported and drivers for more monitors are not tested
  • macOS &#; supports maximum 4 monitors
  • Ubuntu &#; supports up to 2 full HD monitors &#; multiple monitors can also be connected, but this is not supported and the drivers for more monitors are not tested
  • Android &#; supports maximum 1 external monitor. Additional connected monitors will show the same image as the first connected monitor.
  • ChromeOS &#; The maximum number of monitors is not limited by the DisplayLink driver. But it can be restricted by the ChromeOS itself


Question: After the update of the Windows operating system the docking station does not work.
Answer: Please do the following:

  1. Disconnect the docking station / video adapter.
  2. Download and run DisplayLink Installation Cleaner &#; it can be downloaded in the &#;Manuals, Drivers” section.
  3. Download and install the latest DisplayLink drivers &#; these can be downloaded in the &#;Manuals, Drivers” section.
  4. Reconnect the docking station / video adapter.


Question: The graphic / video editing program (such as Adobe Photoshop) does not work properly on an external monitor connected to the DisplayLink device. But on the laptop&#;s internal display it works properly. What is the reason and can I fix it somehow?

Answer: It is possible that such programs mistakenly assign the tasks for internal graphics of the computer to the graphics adapter of the docking station and this causes the problems. In this case, you need to disable the graphic acceleration directly in the affected program settings. In different programs, this function may be named differently. Then we recommend restarting your PC / laptop.


Question: When I close the laptop lid, the laptop turns off. Is it possible to prevent it?


  • Windows has a special setting which controls what the laptop should do in case of closing the lid. This setting needs to be changed. Right-click the Start button and select Power options. From the options on the right, select Other power settings. A new window opens, and here from the left menu, select Choose what closing the lid does / When I Close the Lid and select Do nothing.
  • In macOS there are 4 conditions to be met to avoid turning off the MacBook. The MacBook needs to be connected to the power supply, an external keyboard, mouse, and monitor must be connected. Then you can close the MacBook lid and work with an external monitor only.



Question: Can the monitor connected via the docking station use the graphics technology from nVidia/AMD/Intel? E.g. G-sync, or FreeSync.

Answer: The docking station cannot use the graphics technologies from nVidia/AMD/Intel.


Question: Is it possible to set the frame rate to Hz ( Hz etc.) with the docking station / video adapter?

Answer: This is not possible. The docking station can handle maximum 60 Hz.


Question: Is it possible to connect a touchscreen monitor?

Answer: This is possible, but in this case i-tec Technologies cannot provide technical support because it is the technology of the monitor manufacturer.


Question: The image on the connected monitor flickers.

Answer: Please try a better HDMI/DisplayPort cable, this can solve your problem.


Question: Can I use a reduction to convert the signal from DVI/HDMI to DisplayPort?

Answer: Signal conversion from HDMI to DisplayPort is possible, but only in case of using the active (powered) adapter.  In any case, a passive (non-powered) cable/adapter cannot be used. The passive cables/adapters can only convert the DisplayPort signal to HDMI.


Question: The USB/Thunderbolt 3 cable is too short for my needs. Can I use a longer third-party cable?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. Please see the table below. Here you can see maximum cable lengths according to USB/Thunderbolt 3 specifications. Longer cables may not work properly.

Also, for USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 cables, you need to make sure they support DisplayPort Alt Mode (UBS-C only) and Power Delivery (USB-C and Thunderbolt 3) profiles. In case the docking station need it for its operation.

In case you are not sure, you can contact our technical support: [email protected]

Cable typeMaximum cable length according the specifications
USB 2 m
USB-C1 m
Thunderbolt 3 &#; passive cable &#; maximum rate 40 Gbps m
Thunderbolt 3 &#; passive cable &#; maximum rate 20 Gbps2 m
Thunderbolt 3 &#; active cable &#; maximum rate 40 Gbps, not compatible with USB-C2 m


Question: What is the function of the shutdown button if it cannot turn on/off the laptop?

Answer: The on/off button is used to turn the docking station on/off.


Question The external monitor will not wake up after waking up my laptop.
Answer Try changing the monitor&#;s input setting from AUTO to a fixed monitor input.
If, after a long time, the automatic search for the active port does not find any input,
then the monitor may sleep so that it fails to respond to the signal from the docking station port.


Question: What are the requirements for the primary graphics cards for use with graphics chipsets in i-tec graphics adapters and docking stations?
Answer: The graphics chipsets in i-tec products are secondary (additional) graphics cards in a PC.
They need a primary graphic card installed for their functionality.
Note for Windows 10 and later: In these operating systems, the graphics driver only works depending on the primary graphics cards: Intel, NVidia, ATI/AMD, VIA. It can’t work with SiS or Matrox graphic cards.


Question: The image on the screen connected via the docking station flashes.
Answer: If you experience this issue, you may only have an improper setting of the monitor refresh rate. If you have setting of 59 Hz, please set to 60 Hz.


Question: Where can I download the driver DisplayLink for ChromeOS?
Response: The ChromeOS drivers do not need to be downloaded or installed. As of version R51, they are a part of ChromeOS. Simply connect the docking station.

Question: I use ChromeOS and the image on the external monitor isn&#;t consistent/is choppy.
Response: In this case, this is a problem of an inadequate CPU.  In most cases, laptops with ChromeOS do not have adequate processors and the DisplayLink software uses only the CPU for calculations.

Question: I have a laptop with ChromeOS with two external 4K monitors, is it possible to set fullHD resolution on both monitors?
Response: Unfortunately, resolution can only be set for one monitor in ChromeOS. The second monitor is set to the maximum possible (native) resolution.


Question: I have a laptop with ChromeOS, is there a limit to how many external monitors I can connect using products built on DisplayLink technology?
Response: The DisplayLink software itself doesn&#;t have any limitations for ChromeOS but your laptop manufacturer may set up limitations.

Since ChromeBooks tend to have slower processors, connecting several external monitors may burden the processor and the image may be choppy.


Question: I have a different Linux distribution than Ubuntu. Can I still use this device?
Response: Ubuntu is the only officially supported Linux distribution. It&#;s possible, however, to download drivers on the internet, which were modified for many additional distributions by the Linux community.

If you aren&#;t sure that your distribution has drivers modified in this manner, or you don&#;t know where to find them, you may contact our technical support staff: [email protected]


Question: I have an older version of Windows and I&#;m not able to install the latest DisplayLink drivers. What should I do?
Response:  The latest DisplayLink drivers no longer support some older versions of Windows.

Currently, only Windows 7//10 support the latest DisplayLink drivers.

If you are using Windows , please install the M2 drivers. If you are using Windows XP (32bit) and Vista, please install the M2 driver.



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Brasil poderia ter impedido mil mortes por covid, diz epidemiologista

Pandemia: Fiocruz alerta para maior risco de reinfecção por variante Delta

Brasil tem primeira morte confirmada pela variante Delta do coronavírus

Novo coronavírus infecta e se replica em células das glândulas salivares

Pesquisa busca compreender o que o brasileiro pensa sobre a vacina da covid]

Covid: Risco de infecção por coronavírus varia ‘muito’ de acordo com máscara usada, diz estudo

Pesquisadores de Harvard criam máscara que testa covid na respiração

Butantan estuda a criação de uma vacina única contra a gripe e a Covid 

28/06/ - segunda

Pfizer e AstraZeneca: pesquisa mostra efeitos ao misturar as duas vacinas

Estudo com vacina da Pfizer aponta indícios de que vacinas de mRNA dão imunidade de longa duração

Fiocruz: Covid se espalhou pelo Brasil por rodovias federais e estaduais

É falso que Universidade de Oxford concluiu que ivermectina é eficaz contra a Covid

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Sintomas da covid mudam e ficam parecidos com gripe

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Teste da saliva permite detectar diferenças na carga viral de coronavírus

Covid cientistas identificam novos sinais que neurônios são infectados

Baixa da testosterona em homens é sinal central para se detectar agravamento da Covid, diz pesquisa

Covid pode causar inflamação semelhante ao Alzheimer, diz pesquisa

Em novo estudo, antisséptico bucal tem eficácia in vitro contra SARS-COV2

Estudo sugere que novo coronavírus começou a circular em outubro de


Estudo sobre disseminação da Covid apresenta resultados preliminares 

A ivermectina, a realidade não-mediada e os estudos bem projetados

A nova geração de máscaras faciais 

Fiocruz conclui que medidas sanitárias ajudam a prever letalidade da Covid

Novo estudo argentino conclui que Sputnik V é mais segura comparada com Sinopharm e AstraZeneca

Estudo indica que Covid pode infectar os neurônios


Japão usa supercomputador mais potente do mundo para buscar cura para Covid

EUA anunciam doação ao Brasil de 3 milhões de doses da vacina da Janssen

EUA: agência aponta provável ligação entre miocardite rara e vacinas

Oxford testa ivermectina como tratamento para Covid

Resultado primário de estudo feito na Argentina demonstra que a ivermectina não reduz a carga viral do coronavírus

Sars-CoV cientistas relatam caso de mutação e replicação por dias


Brasil aplicou 1ª dose de vacina da covid em 92% dos idosos; EUA em 87%

Com UTIs lotadas, interior de SP vive pior fase da pandemia, diz levantamento

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Presidente do Conass diz que já estamos "diante de uma terceira onda"

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Por que pessoas que tomaram duas doses da vacina pegam covid e até morrem?

Taxa de transmissão da covid sobe para 1,13 no Brasil, diz Imperial College

Brasil recebe primeiro lote com 1,5 milhão de doses da vacina da Janssen

Vacina da Janssen: 12 pontos sobre eficácia, proteção contra variantes, reações e prazo de validade do imunizante

Vacina de covid não altera qualidade de espermatozoides, demonstra estudo

Em tempos de COVID, você sabe o que é parosmia? Veja como se tratar


Estudo sobre disseminação da covid no Estado de São Paulo apresenta resultados preliminares 

Como as vacinas agem em quem tem o sistema imunológico deficiente

CoronaVac é vacina que mais previne mortes, diz pesquisa de ex-secretário

Doenças desencadeadas pelo estresse têm aumento durante a pandemia de Covid

50% da população adulta já tem anticorpos contra covid


OMS amplia debate sobre quebra de patentes durante uma pandemia 

Por que a Covid pode matar mesmo após a alta hospitalar? 

Teste da saliva permite detectar diferenças na carga viral de coronavírus

Reação à vacina? Veja o que você pode fazer para diminuir desconforto

Covid: Com dados incertos em MG, Brasil bate recorde em número de vacinados

Brasil e Índia têm as maiores médias de mortes por covid no mundo

Anvisa autoriza estudo no Brasil de dose de reforço da vacina da Pfizer


Pandemia desafia gestão da saúde e expõe urgência de pauta ambiental

COVID sono pode impactar resposta imunológica à vacina 

Em meio a casos de 'fungo negro', Anvisa faz alerta sobre coinfecção fúngica e de Covid 

QR Code para agendar vacina contra covid? Veja como a tecnologia funciona

Austrália aumenta restrições para vacina contra covid da AstraZeneca

Indígenas poderão ter vacinação permanente contra covid, diz secretário

Lotação de UTIs no interior de SP atinge pior momento da pandemia


Covid é a maior causa de morte no Brasil em maio de ; nos EUA é a 5ª

Ministério da Saúde quer comprar 60 milhões de doses da vacina da CanSino

Anvisa autoriza importação excepcional da vacina Sputnik V por 7 estados

Covid tratamento com anticorpos não é eficaz, diz AstraZeneca

Butantan identifica 19 variantes do coronavírus no estado de SP

Anvisa alerta que testes não avaliam nível de imunidade de pessoas vacinadas

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System Requirements
  • Windows® 7 or later (bit or bit)
    macOS® –
    macOS® or later
  • Available USB™ Type-A port
    USB™ / is required for 4K resolutions
  • For Office applications/Web browsers:
    • CPU: Intel® Core™ i3 5th gen Dual Core GHz
    • RAM: 4 GB memory or higher
  • For x @ 60 Hz full-screen video playback:
    • CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 5th gen Quad Core
    • RAM: 4 GB memory or higher
  • For one 4K or two x @ 60 Hz full-screen video playback:
    • CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 5th gen Quad Core
    • RAM: 8 GB memory or higher
    • GPU: Intel® HD Graphics 5xx or AMD™/ NVIDIA® equivalent or higher

host connector

USB™ Type-A Male


  • 1 - HDMI™
  • 1 - 4K HDMI™

video output

HDMI™ Female


audio channel

via HDMI™

max data transfer rate


max display refresh rate

max display resolution


Mouse SpecificationsPower

power consumption

≤ mA

Physical Specifications

cable length

in. ( mm)

operating humidity

< 85% non-condensing

operating temperature

32 to °F (0 to 40°C)

product depth

in. (15 mm)

product height

in. (61 mm)

product weight

oz (84g)

product width

in. (68 mm)

storage humidity

< 85% non-condensing

storage temperature

14 to °F ( to 65°C)

Wireless ProtocolsSpecial Notes
  • MacBook® must support AirPlay® and macOS® is limited to supporting only one additional display with up to p resolution
  • The adapter is not intended for graphic intensive applications, such as gaming
  • A 4K-capable display is required for obtaining the x resolution
  • The adapter can connect to a USB™ port, but it will only support resolutions up to x @ 60 Hz
  • Video playback for Windows® users
    • ‘Windows® Media Player’ is recommended for Windows® /8/7 users
    • ‘Movies & TV’ is recommended for Windows® 10 users
  • Rotation mode is supported on Windows® only
  • Only one adapter is supported per macOS® computer
  • Content protected by HDCP may not play when connected to an unsupported display
  • Internet access is required to automatically install the driver on Windows® 10
  • To ensure that your device is equipped with the most current driver, please visit our website at and install the latest driver for this model
Package Contents
  • 1 - JUA USB™ to Dual HDMI™ Multi-Monitor Adapter
  • 1 - Quick Installation Guide
J5create JCA366 Multi Monitor Adapter Unboxing \u0026 demo

Melita Fogarty told me, “I would like to set up two monitors, but my PC only has one port. Is there an adapter I can buy to make this work?”

You can work far more efficiently with two—or better yet—three monitors than with one. But your hardware may not support that many. if you have a desktop PC, you can update the video card, but that’s not an option with a laptop.

Even with a desktop, there are easier solutions than installing a new video card—especially if you’re not enthusiastic about opening your PC.

[Have a tech question? Ask PCWorld Contributing Editor Lincoln Spector. Send your query to [email protected].]

 startech usb2vgae3 manufactures and sells a wide selection of USB-to-video adapters for various configurations. For instance, it offers adapters for VGA, DisplayLink, DVI, and HDMI. Some require USB —a good choice for gaming, graphic design, or HD video. Some of the USB adapters even have USB pass-through, so you won’t have to lose the use of that port for other devices.

I tested the most generic of Startech’s adapters, the USB to VGA External Video Card Multi Monitor Adapter – × (model number USB2VGAE3). As the name suggests, it connects to a USB port and to your monitor’s VGA port, and can handle resolutions up to × It lists for $76; I didn’t find significant discounts at other online sources.


A piece of tape on the USB plug warns you to install the drivers first—you can’t plug it in without at least reading that warning. I recommend you skip the enclosed CD and download drivers from’s website. The documentation lists the USB2VGAE3 as compatible for Windows – Windows 7. I tried it on Windows 8 with no problems.

After I installed the drivers, rebooted, and plugged in the adapter, it just worked.

However, you can’t use Windows’ own tools to set up how the monitors will work together. For that, you’ll find a new, purple monitor icon in the notification area. Click that for options.


Monitors multiple usb adapter display

Plugable USB Dual Display Adapter for Multiple Monitors with Gigabit Ethernet

Computer networking is a complex topic. In this article, we'll be taking a deep dive on the nuances of network performance for those who need some additional explanation while striving to be concise, and to educate users of various experience levels relating computer hardware and computer networking.

If you just need to know how to perform a network performance test/benchmark, jump down to configuring iPerf.

Core Network Concepts


With regards to network performance, it is crucial to first separate whether an issue is with Wide Area Network (WAN) performance, or if the issue is with Local Area Network (LAN) performance.

Your LAN is essentially the network inside your home or business. Many homes use a combination modem/router device provided by their Internet Service Provider (ISP). In some cases, especially in businesses, you may have a separate modem and router, along with other equipment connecting to the router such as a network switch.

Your modem, and the connection it establishes to your ISP—whether through coaxial cable, fiber, phone lines, or long-range wireless—essentially marks the point between the WAN and the LAN. The connection your modem makes to your ISP is the WAN, and any devices you connect through your router behind that modem belong to the LAN.

Link Rate

Almost every type of connection your computer makes to any piece of hardware will have a link rate of some kind. The link rate establishes how fast data can possibly be transferred across any given connection, but it does not guarantee how fast the hardware on either end of the connection will actually transfer data.

The concept of link rates, and their related bottlenecks, is likely best conveyed by giving an example of what connections might be involved in transferring a file from one computer on your LAN to another.

  • Mbps—The file source is a USB thumb drive capable of MB/s (Mbps) read/write.
  • Mbps—The USB thumb drive is plugged into a USB port on the PC, which has a maximum throughput of Mbps
  • Mbps—PC1's Ethernet connection establishes 1Gbps (Mbps) link to the router via Ethernet
  • Mbps—The router connects to a second PC (we'll refer to this as PC2) via Wi-Fi, and it has established a Mbps link to the Wi-Fi adapter on PC2
  • Mbps—The Wi-Fi adapter on PC2 is connected via a USB port. The link rate of the USB connection to PC2 is at Mbps
  • Mbps—PC2 is going to store the file on an internal hard drive with a link rate of 6Gbps
  • Mbps—File Destination: SATA hard drive capable of MB/s (Mbps) read/write.

Following this chain, we see that Mbps is the slowest link rate established. This means that, regardless of the link rates established elsewhere, the absolute maximum the data can possibly be transferred is Mbps.

if we were to change the Wi-Fi connection to a wired Ethernet connection capable of 1Gbps, our performance bottleneck would then become the USB connection to the USB drive where the file is stored.

Ports and Interfaces


A network interface represents connections, whether wired or wireless, that are made to form a network between devices.


Some may refer to physical hardware connections as "ports". For the purposes of networking, ports are logical constructs that can also be referred to as "network ports". Each network interface has 65, of these logical ports. Each port on a network interface is a separate data connection.

Benchmarking Network Adapter Performance

To properly benchmark network adapter performance, we need to:

  • Use a simple LAN configuration
  • Eliminate bottlenecks, especially link rate bottlenecks

Websites like,, and other performance tools in your web browser are going to use your WAN connection, and are not appropriate for determining if a network adapter is working well.

Transferring files from one computer to another on your LAN is typically not the best way to benchmark a network adapter. File transfers are bottlenecked by a number of things, including performance limitations of the disk the data is on, and often times a lack of establishing parallel network connections to perform the task.

One of the most accurate ways to benchmark network performance on a LAN is by using iPerf . To more effectively benchmark network adapter performance, it is best to establish a point-to-point connection between two PCs, rather than connecting through a router or switch.

Configuring iPerf

To test a connection using iPerf, you'll need at least two network interfaces, and preferably two computers. You'll also need to know the IP (Internet Protocol) address assigned to each network interface . One network interface will function as an iPerf server, and the other network interface will function as an iPerf client. Lastly, you'll need to download the version of iPerf 3.x that's appropriate for your computer's operating system and extract/install it .

  • Make sure the drivers for both network interfaces involved in the test are using up-to-date drivers. Drivers for Plugable products can be found here.
  • Download and extract iPerf for Windows
  • Open Command Prompt
    • Press or , then enter in the window that appears
    • Search the Start Menu for , and open it
  • Navigate Command Prompt to the directory the directory where iPerf is located
    • The command is for 'change directory'
      • If you have a folder named 'iperf' on your Windows desktop, you can reach it in command prompt with the command
  • Run iperf in server mode via Command Prompt
  • Usually it is best to install iperf using the package manager in your Linux distro. For example, in Ubuntu, use :

  • Make sure the drivers for both network interfaces involved in the test are using up-to-date Drivers
  • Open Terminal
  • Run iPerf in server mode

Next, you'll need to run iPerf in client mode, targeting the IP address of the server/interface where iPerf is running in server mode. Additionally, we'll run the test for 30 seconds using and with four parallel connections using . Running 4 parallel connections is optimal for saturating a network link.

  • Open Command Prompt
    • Press or , then enter in the window that appears
    • Search the Start Menu for , and open it
  • Navigate Command Prompt to the directory the directory where iPerf is located
    • The command is for 'change directory'
      • If you have a folder named 'iperf' on your Windows desktop, you can reach it in command prompt with the command
  • Run iperf in client mode via Command Prompt (replace with the IP address of the server/interface where iPerf is running in server mode)
    • Open Terminal
    • Run iPerf in client mode (replace with the IP address of the server/interface where iPerf is running in server mode)

      iPerf should start performing a network performance test. If the test fails to start, make sure that iPerf is not being blocked by your PC's/Mac's firewall.

      Why iPerf is Ideal for Benchmarking

      Unlike a file transfer, iPerf runs in memory on the PC and generates data to send using the CPU directly. This alleviates potential bottlenecks generated by storage devices, and allows you to explicitly control how many parallel connections are being used to transfer data rather than being unsure if parallel network connections are being used by other means.


      There's a lot more to networking that isn't covered in this article, but we hope this helps explain enough to get an accurate measure of your network performance.

      If you need assistance with your Plugable product that features network connectivity, please contact us for further assistance.

      Dual Monitor Setup for Laptop With One USB C Port (Windows 10)

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