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'AGT': Simon Cowell breaks show's rules so 9-year-old opera singer could make history

If you thought you'd seen the last of the Golden Buzzer on "America's Got Talent" this season, think again.

Though each judge typically gets one chance to smash the coveted buzzer and send an act straight to the live shows, 9-year-old singer Victory Brinker delivered a performance during Tuesday's episode that warranted a rule change.

Though Brinker admitted feeling "exnervous" (excited plus nervous), the young contestant, hailing from Pennsylvania, was all smiles as she strutted onto the "AGT" stage. When judge Simon Cowell asked what she would do with the $1 million grand prize, Brinker offered a simple answer: buy Cowell "a rainbow shirt that has glitter on it."

"You need some color," she told the judge, noting his somber, monochromatic wardrobe.

When it was time for her to perform, Brinker broke into a soaring opera number, stunning the judges with her controlled voice and impressive range.

Victory Brinker performs on "America's Got Talent."

And it wasn't just judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofía Vergara and Cowell who seemed impressed with Brinker. After her performance, a bird that had been flying around the studio glided down to the stage and landed on a box next to the contestant in true Disney-princess fashion.

"That is pretty incredible," Klum said. "That is a sign."

Mandel called Brinker's voice "angelic," while Vergara noted the contestant is "a star." But Cowell was coy with his feedback, commending Brinker for going through with her audition before asking to speak with host Terry Crews privately.

Cowell, Crews and the rest of the judges turned away for a brief huddle. Among their hushed voices, Cowell whispered, "How would you feel if we were to do something different?"

'AGT': Heidi Klum bewitched by magical quick change act dubbed 'the best' ever

After a tense pause that seemed to drag on for centuries, the judges turned back to Brinker with surprising news.

"Victory, as I said, turning up, in terms of your career, is really important; however, we're not going to give you a yes today," Cowell said, to massive uproar from the audience.

"We're going to do something else we've never, ever, ever done on the show before," he continued. "We are all going to give you something special."

On the count of five, all four judges, plus Crews, hit the coveted Golden Buzzer at once, sending Brinker straight to the live-show round. This is the first time all four judges and Crews have unanimously used the Golden Buzzer on a contestant.

'AGT': Simon Cowell tricks Sofía Vergara into thinking she killed him in botched danger act

This season's other Golden Buzzer acts include Northwell Health Nurse Choir (Mandel); singer Nightbirde (Cowell); World Taekwondo Demonstration Team (Crews); singer Jimmie Herrod (Vergara) and quick-change artist Lea Kyle (Klum).

Contestants from Tuesday's episode who wowed the judges and made it through to the next round include mother-daughter archery stunt duo Gigi Deluxe & Devon, stand-up comedian Cam Bertrand and singing dad Matt Mauser. Inspiring musician Mauser lost his wife, basketball coach Christina Mauser, in the same helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant last January. He got unanimous yeses from the judges after his emotional performance of Phil Collins' "Against All Odds," which he dedicated to his late wife.

More about Matt Mauser:Families of Kobe Bryant helicopter crash victims find different ways to cope

'AGT': Simon Cowell dubs this Olympic-worthy World Taekwondo act the best he has ever seen

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will AGT air?

“AGT CHAMPIONS” TIME & SCHEDULE: The premiere of the new season airs on January 7, 2019, from 8 – 10 p.m. ET/PT and 7 – 9 p.m.

Who are America's Got Talent winners?

America’s Got Talent Winners List (Seasons 1 – 14) 1] America’s Got Talent (Season 1) Winner: Bianca Ryan 2] America’s Got Talent (Season 2) Winner: Terry Fator 3] America’s Got Talent (Season 3) Winner: Neal Evans Boyd 4] America’s Got Talent (Season 4) Winner: Kevin Skinner 5] America’s Got Talent (Season 5) Winner: Michael Grimm

When does America's Got Talent return?

America's Got Talent will return for a 14th season on May 28, 2019. Terry Crews will replace Tyra Banks as the AGT host, Variety reports.

Where can I watch America's Got Talent online?

You can watch America’s Got Talent live online on NBC from any city in the country. You just need to bypass NBC’s location-detectors. You can do this to watch the America’s Got Talent live online on or the NBC app.

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America's Got Talent

Televised American talent show competition

For the Got Talent international franchise, see Got Talent. For the spin-off, see America's Got Talent: The Champions. For the most recent season, see America's Got Talent (season 16).

America's Got Talent (often abbreviated as AGT) is a televised Americantalent show competition, and is part of the global Got Talent franchise created by Simon Cowell. The program is produced by Fremantle USA and Syco Entertainment, distributed by the former, and broadcast on the NBCtelevision network, premiering on June 21, 2006, after plans for a British edition in 2005 were suspended following a dispute within the British broadcaster ITV; production would later resume in 2007,[3] following the success of the first season. Each season is mainly run during the network's summer schedule, and has featured various hosts over the course of the program's history; the current host is Terry Crews.

The program attracts a variety of participants, from across the United States and abroad, to take part and who possess some form of talents, with acts ranging from singing, dancing, comedy, magic, stunts, variety, and other genres. Each participant who auditions attempts to secure a place in the live episodes of a season by impressing a panel of judges - the current line-up consists of Cowell,[4]Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara. Those that make it into the live episodes compete against each other for both the judges' and public's vote in order to reach the live final, where the winner receives a large cash prize, primarily paid over a period of time, and, since the third season, a chance to headline a show on the Las Vegas Strip.

The show itself has been a rating success for NBC, drawing in on average around 10 million viewers per season. In 2013, a book titled Inside AGT: The Untold Stories of America's Got Talent was released, providing a description of the seasons, contestants, judges, and production techniques of the show, along with detailed interviews with contestants from all seasons, up to the date of the book's publication.[5] Since July 2021, the program has run for a total of sixteen seasons, and has spawned two spin-off competitions: America's Got Talent: The Champions, which premiered in January 2019; and upcoming series AGT: Extreme which will premiere in midseason of the 2021–22 television season.


Simon Cowell, creator of America's Got Talentand the Got Talentfranchise, is primarily a judge on the British international version of the franchise. He has operated as a judge on AGTsince May 2016.

The concept of America's Got Talent was devised by X Factor creator and Sony Music executive, Simon Cowell, who sought to create a talent competition far grander than those of other televised talent contests. His proposal, first made to British television network ITV in 2005, was for a competition in which participants of any age and location could enter with any form of talent they chose to perform. The network favored the concept, and green-lit production of a pilot episode to test out the format, with Cowell forming a panel consisting of himself and two other judges, including tabloid journalist Piers Morgan.[6] The pilot proved a success, and the original plan for the program was for a British edition to be produced and broadcast between 2005 and 2006, hosted by British television personality Paul O'Grady, who had assisted with the pilot,[7] before Cowell would propose the format for American television. However, O'Grady became involved in a dispute with ITV during work on the new program, ultimately terminating his contract with them and defecting to another British network.[8]

As a result, Cowell suspended work on the British edition, and hastened his efforts on launching the format in America. Approaching several networks, Cowell received an offer from NBC to produce his televised competition for their network, owing to feedback given to the pilot made for ITV, and agreed to a contract to produce fifteen episodes for the 2006 summer schedule. Cowell worked heavily with production of America's Got Talent, working alongside Fremantle with his company Syco Entertainment, but decided against becoming a judge for the new program, choosing to act as executive producer instead. Cowell and his producers hired Regis Philbin as host for the new program,[9] with David Hasselhoff, Brandy Norwood, and Morgan agreeing to be judges for the first season.[10] The first season proved a success, leading NBC to commission additional seasons, and prompting ITV to contact Cowell with the intention of resuming production on the British edition for 2007. The success of Britain's Got Talent, alongside the American original's own further success, effectively led Cowell to accepting offers for the rights to the competition and its format, creating the Got Talent franchise.



Each year's competition begins with a set of audition stages, the first of which, titled "Producers' Auditions", is conducted by production teams across various cities in the United States.[11] This stage is open to all forms of acts and judged by an independent group, and thus determines who will take part in the next stage of auditions titled "Judges' Auditions" - these are held in a public venue within select cities across the country and are attended by the judges handling that year's contest.

Each participant that reaches this stage of auditions is held offstage from the main performing area in a waiting room, and given a number that denotes when they will perform. Upon being called before the judges, the participant is given 90 seconds to demonstrate their act, with a live audience present for all performances. Each judge is given a buzzer, and may use it during a performance if they are unimpressed, hate what is being performed, or feel the act is a waste of their time; if a participant is buzzed by all judges, their performance is automatically over. At the end of a performance, the judges give constructive criticism and feedback about what they saw, whereupon they each give a vote - a participant requires a majority vote approving their performance to proceed to the next stage, otherwise they are eliminated from the program at that stage. Many acts that move on may be cut by producers and may be forced to forfeit their place due to the limited slots available for the next stage. Filming for each season always begins when the Judges' Auditions are taking place, with the show's presenter standing in the wings of each venue's stage to interview and give personal commentary on a participant's performance.

From the fifth to seventh seasons, acts who did not attend live auditions could instead submit a taped audition online via YouTube. Acts from the online auditions were then selected to compete in front of the judges and a live audience during the "live shows" part of the season, prior to the semi-finals. Before the inclusion of this round, the show had a separate audition episode in Seasons 3 and 4 (2008–2009) for contestants who posted videos on MySpace.[12]

In the ninth season, the show added a new format to the auditions in the form of the "Golden Buzzer", which began to make appearances within the Got Talent franchise, since it was first introduced on Germany's Got Talent. During auditions, each judge is allowed to use the Golden Buzzer to send an act automatically into the live shows, regardless of the opinion of the other judges; when it was initially used, the buzzer simply saved an act from elimination. The only rule to the buzzer was that a judge could use it only once per season; the host was later allowed to use the Golden Buzzer for an act starting from the eleventh season.

Second Round

After auditions are completed, the judges conduct a special session (or second "audition" round) to determine which participants will secure a place in the live rounds of the competition, though the format for this stage has been change several times over the course of the program's history. When the stage was first created after the first season, it was designed around a "bootcamp" format titled "Las Vegas Callbacks"  – under the format's rules, participants who made it through the preliminary auditions could undergo training to perfect their act, whereupon each would be assigned to a specific group of participants and perform a second time before the judges. Buzzers would be used to terminate a performance at any time, with those not deemed worthy of a place being eliminated from that season's format.

Between the fourth and ninth season, the format was changed to match that used in Britain's Got Talent - participants who made it through the preliminary auditions had their audition footage reviewed by the judges, who set each one into a specific group, and were not required to perform again, unless the judges requested this. Acts which they liked would be allocated spaces in the live rounds, with the remainder eliminated from that season's competition; all would be brought back to learn of the results of the judges' deliberations. The format was titled "Vegas Verdicts" and held on the Las Vegas Strip; for the final seasons of its usage, it was re-dubbed "Judgment Week" and conducted within New York.[13]

Between the tenth season and fourteenth season, the stage's format was changed again under a new arrangement dubbed "Judge Cuts". Under the new format's rules, participants that passed the preliminary auditions underwent a second stage of auditions before the judges at a fixed venue. However, their performance would not only be judged by the panel, but also by a special guest judge, with all participants divided up into four groups; each group would be judged by their own guest judge. Like the auditions, the main judges could use their buzzers at any time to stop a performance, while the guest judge would be allowed to use a Golden Buzzer for a participant they particularly liked, as well as providing comments on the performances they watched. In the fifteenth season, the round was condensed into a single episode and featured no guest judge, due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States in 2020, before the round was replaced to its current arrangement for the sixteenth season, matching that of Britain's Got Talent around that time.

Live Rounds

Participants who pass their auditions and secure a place in the live rounds of the competitions - including those who received the Golden Buzzer, after the format's introduction and subsequent amendment to match other Got Talent editions - are divided into groups and compete against each other to secure a place within the live final of the competition. Live episodes of the competition are held within a set venue - the location has varied, with the current arrangement focused on a venue within Los Angeles - with live episodes for each season being aired weekly on the network. The arrangement differs to the schedule used by other international editions - Britain's Got Talent, for example, broadcasts its live episodes within the space of a single week. The structure of the live rounds by this stage of the competition has varied, but is more commonly arranged as quarter-finals, semi-finals and the final itself - earlier seasons varied, sometimes having the finals split into separate rounds.

The format of the live rounds, for the quarter-finals and semi-finals, sees each participant conducts a new performance of their act before the judges and the viewers within a "performance" episode. In this episode, the judges can still give out feedback and comments about a participant's performance, and be able to use their buzzers, with the performance terminated if all the buzzers are used. After the episode is broadcast, the network provides the public a set period of time to vote for their act, with the results of these held in a separate "results" episode - when it is broadcast has varied, though it more commonly occurs after an interval of one day after the live "performance" episode. Participants are then informed of the results, with those receiving the highest votes (i.e. Top 4) advancing to the next stage. For the two acts that receive the mid-range of votes for all participants, they undergo a vote by the judges to determine who joins those who advanced; when the program brought in the format of using four judges, a tie-break on this vote results in the act with the higher number of public votes moving on. The Judges' vote was not a common format element in earlier seasons - in the first season, the judges did not decide on who moved on, instead voting for acts they liked or disliked, while in the second season, they could not vote on acts at all, instead only being able to buzz them.

For some acts that are eliminated, there is still a chance for advancement by being appointed as that round's "Wildcard". Until the tenth season, this format varied in how it would work - in some seasons, the judges could each individually select an act, or more than one, to move on to the next stage or compete within a special Wildcard round; in other seasons, the Wildcard acts were selected from amongst the auditions and competed in a special round. Since the tenth season, the format is more structured and works in a similar manner to that of the format used by Britain's Got Talent, in that the judges and the public can each chose the acts they want to see move on as a Wildcard act - although the judges are refrained to choosing a quarter-finalist as a Wildcard act, the public may vote online for an act within each quarter-final and semi-final to move on into the next stage, with this vote aptly named after the sponsor for the show in that respective season.

Those that make it into the season's final compete against each other to secure the most votes from the public, with the number of finalists varying between seasons - later seasons allow each finalist more than one performance and sometimes being joined by a celebrity guest, previous winner, or notable participant from a previous season. The winning act that achieves the most votes is crowned the winner and receives a cash prize - although stipulated as $1 million per the program's advertising, in reality winners can choose to either take it as a lump sum, or as a financial annuity of this amount that is paid out over forty years at around $25,000 per year, with both options liable to taxation.[14] From 2008, the program also includes an additional prize of headlining a show - except from between 2010 and 2013, where the winning finalist headlined a national tour,[15][16] the show they headline mainly takes place within Las Vegas.[17]

Judges and hosts

Terry Crews became the host in 2019, following his involvement in AGT: The Champions in January 2018

Howie Mandel is the longest serving judge on America's Got Talent, since joining in June 2010

Nick Cannon is the longest-serving host of the series, hosting eight seasons between 2009 and 2016

  1. ^ Cowell was absent from the live shows of season 15 due to an accident that resulted in a back injury. After doctors required him to remain under medical observation, production brought in temporary stand-ins for the first two quarter finals before settling on airing the remaining live rounds with a judging panel of three.
  2. ^Eric Stonestreet had to stand in for Klum during part of season 15, after she fell ill during the last two audition sessions.

In its first season, the judging panel consisted of David Hasselhoff, Brandy Norwood, and Piers Morgan, with Regis Philbin as the host. Prior to the start of the second season, Norwood was forced to step down due to a legal matter she was caught up in,[18][19] leading to her being replaced by Sharon Osbourne,[20] while Philbin was replaced by Jerry Springer as the show's host.[21] Further changes were made to the judging panel and host in later seasons: Springer was forced to leave after the third season, and was replaced by Nick Cannon for the fourth season;[22] Hasselhoff left the show after the fourth season, and was replaced by Howie Mandel for the fifth season;[23] Morgan left after the sixth season, and was replaced by Howard Stern for the seventh season.

In August 2012, Osbourne left the program following a dispute with NBC.[24][25] While the network replaced her with former Spice Girls member Mel B in February 2013,[26] the production staff decided to expand the number of judges on the panel to four - such a format change had already occurred in other international versions of the competition, such as on Britain's Got Talent two years prior. In March 2013, supermodel Heidi Klum was announced as the fourth judge for the eighth season.[27] In October 2015, Stern was replaced by Simon Cowell for the eleventh season.[4] After his eighth year hosting America's Got Talent, Cannon announced plans to retire from the show due to comments he made about the network;[28] despite being under contract to continue his hosting duties, NBC eventually replaced him with Tyra Banks for the twelfth season.

On February 11, 2019, NBC announced a change to the program's host and its judging panel following the conclusion of the thirteenth season – Banks had decided to move on to other projects, leading to her being replaced by Terry Crews, who was already working with the network as host of America's Got Talent: The Champions; both Klum and Mel B decided to leave America's Got Talent due to other commitments that year, leading to actress Gabrielle Union and dancer Julianne Hough replacing them, joining Mandel and Cowell on the judging panel.[29] However, both Union and Hough took part in only one season before they were let go by the program on November 22, 2019.[30] On February 27, 2020, it was confirmed that Klum would return for the next season, and announced Sofía Vergara as the fourth judge.[31] In September 2021, host Crews announced the 'end of an era' following the season sixteen finale of America's Got Talent and the series finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, stating that these both marked the end of his deal with NBC.[32]

Guest judges

In 2015, guest judges were introduced into the program as part of the revamp of the format's bootcamp stage. The following lists the guest judges who appeared within the program for the "Judge Cuts", per season and in order of their appearance by week:

Season synopses

Season Originally Aired Winner Runner(s)-up Third place
First Aired Last Aired
1June 21, 2006August 17, 2006 Bianca RyanAll That / The Millers 1
2June 5, 2007 August 21, 2007 Terry FatorCas HaleyButterscotch
3June 17, 2008 October 1, 2008 Neal E. BoydEli Mattson Nuttin' But Stringz
4June 23, 2009 September 16, 2009Kevin SkinnerBárbara PadillaRecycled Percussion
5June 1, 2010 September 15, 2010 Michael GrimmJackie EvanchoFighting Gravity
6May 31, 2011 September 14, 2011 Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr.Silhouettes Team iLuminate
7May 14, 2012 September 13, 2012 Olate DogsTom CotterWilliam Close
8June 4, 2013 September 18, 2013 Kenichi EbinaTaylor WilliamsonJimmy Rose
9May 27, 2014 September 17, 2014 Mat FrancoEmily WestAcroArmy
10May 26, 2015 September 16, 2015 Paul ZerdinDrew LynchOz Pearlman
11May 31, 2016 September 14, 2016 Grace VanderWaalThe ClairvoyantsJon Dorenbos
12May 30, 2017 September 20, 2017 Darci LynneAngelica HaleLight Balance
13May 29, 2018 September 19, 2018 Shin LimZurcarohBrian King Joseph
14May 28, 2019 September 18, 2019 Kodi LeeDetroit Youth Choir Ryan Niemiller
15May 26, 2020 September 23, 2020 Brandon LeakeBroken Roots Cristina Rae
16June 1, 2021 September 15, 2021 Dustin TavellaAidan Bryant Josh Blue
  • ^1 Although both acts were runners-up, neither were defined in terms of 2nd and 3rd place during the broadcast of the final's result for this season.

Season 1 (2006)

Main article: America's Got Talent (season 1)

The first season for America's Got Talent was promoted in May 2006, and was eventually aired later that year between June 21 to August 17. While later episodes would pre-record auditions at earlier dates, this season saw them conducted across June, atvenues within the cities of New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, with live-round episodes held within the latter city. Initial advertisements for participants for America's Got Talent implied that the winning act would headline a show in Las Vegas, but this was later dropped in favour of a cash prize of $1 million due to concerns surrounding the possibility of awarding such a prize to a minor.

The first season was hosted by Regis Philbin, with the judging panel consisting of actor David Hasselhoff, singer Brandy Norwood, and journalist Piers Morgan. More than 12 million viewers watched the program's premiere episode, a far greater viewing figure than had been achieved by the premiere of American Idol in 2002, becoming one of the most-watched program on U.S. television and the highest-rated among viewers aged 18 to 49, at that time.[33] The first season was won by singer Bianca Ryan, with clogging group All That and musical group The Millers being the runners-up; neither act were defined in the results in terms of who was placed 2nd, and who was placed in 3rd.

Season 2 (2007)

Main article: America's Got Talent (season 2)

Following the success of the previous season, NBC commissioned the program for additional episodes, but originally intended for the new season to be aired as part of its 2007 winter schedule. However, the network decided against this due to the program potentially being placed in direct competition for viewers with American Idol, and kept America's Got Talent within its 2007 summer schedule,[34] with the second season being aired between June 5 to August 21, 2007. Prior to filming taking place, Philbin left the program and was replaced as host by Jerry Springer,[35] while Norwood was forced to drop out, due to a legal situation, and was replaced by Sharon Osbourne. Auditions for this season involved venues within the same cities as had been previously used, but with the inclusion of Dallas as part of its competition schedule.

The second season saw the introduction of a new round in the audition process, which was referred to as the "bootcamp stage" - a period of callback episodes filmed in Las Vegas, aimed at streamlining successful participants from the first round of auditions towards a set number for the live rounds. Alongside this, participants in the live rounds moved on via the public vote only, while the episode for results was aired a week after each live episode's performance and within a smaller timeslot for its broadcast. This season was won by singing impressionist and ventriloquistTerry Fator, with singer and guitarist Cas Haley coming in second, and singer Butterscotch placing third.

Season 3 (2008)

Main article: America's Got Talent (season 3)

The third season was aired between June 17 to October 1, 2008, with a break in its broadcast between August 7–26 to avoid conflicting with NBC's live broadcasts of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Auditions took place much earlier in the production schedule to provide time for finalising editing on recorded footage, taking place between January to April across venues within the same cities from the previous season, but with the addition of a venue within the city of Atlanta. Unlike the previous season, the Las Vegas callback episodes doubled the number of semi-finalists involved in the live rounds.

Following the second season, production staff decided on allowing the judges to vote between the participants placed 5th and 6th in the public vote during the quarterfinals and semi-finals, to determine who moved on at each stage. Apart from some amendments to the program's format, staff also implemented cosmetic changes to the set pieces used on America's Got Talent  – an example of this included the "red X's", used to symbolize disapproval from each judge, being redesigned to match the visual style of those used in Britain's Got Talent. This season was won by opera singer Neal E. Boyd, with singer and pianist Eli Mattson coming in second, and violinists Nuttin' But Stringz placing third.

Season 4 (2009)

Main article: America's Got Talent (season 4)

The fourth season was aired between June 23 to September 19, 2009, and was the first season to be broadcast in high definition. Auditions were held between January to April  – while the production staff held auditions in venues within New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta, they also held additional auditions within Washington, D.C., Miami, Tacoma, Boston, and Houston. Alongside conducting live auditions, participants could also audition being uploading a video of their performance directly to the program's website. Prior to filming taking place, Springer departed from the program following the previous season, and so was replaced as host by Nick Cannon.[36]

For the fourth year of the competition, the prize for winning was amended so that the winner not only received a cash prize, but would be given their own 0-week headline show at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Apart from the change in the prize, the results episodes after each performance episode were returned to their original broadcast format. This season was won by country music singer Kevin Skinner, with opera singer Bárbara Padilla coming in second,[37] and percussionists Recycled Percussion placing third.

Season 5 (2010)

Main article: America's Got Talent (season 5)

The fifth season was originally intended to be aired as part of NBC's 2009 Fall schedule, much as had been intended with the second season.[38] However, the network disliked the idea and made certain the program was part of its 2010 summer schedule, with this season being aired between June 1 to September 15, 2010.[39] Audition were held between January to April, within venues in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, Portland (Oregon), Atlanta and Philadelphia. Prior to filming taking place, Hasselhoff was forced to leave the program due to other commitments,[40] and so had his role as judge taken over by comedian and game show host Howie Mandel.[41]

Online auditions for the program were modified to allow registration via YouTube with a guaranteed placement in the competition. Alongside this, the live rounds were extended to include two new quarter-finals, each themed to certain groups of participants  – those who were chosen from their YouTube auditions; and those who had been eliminated during the second round of auditions or their quarter-final  – with the final stage of the competition including its finalists conducting performance, each with their own guest performer, a format that would become a part of the program and an optional choice for finalists in future seasons. Finally, the production staff allowed all finalists to be offered a place on the America's Got Talent Live Tour that year, regardless of their final result, although the winner would be made the headline act for the tour in addition to their main prize.[15][16] This season was won by singer/musician Michael Grimm, with classical singer Jackie Evancho coming in second, and performance group Fighting Gravity placing third.

Season 6 (2011)

Main article: America's Got Talent (season 6)

The sixth season was aired between May 31 to September 14, 2011, with no major changes to the format for this year. Auditions were held between January to April within Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Houston, Minneapolis, Seattle, Denver and Chicago, whilst online auditions made via YouTube were conducted on May 4. This season was won by singer Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., with dance group Silhouettes coming in second, and dance group Team iLuminate placing third.

Season 7 (2012)

Main article: America's Got Talent (season 7)

The seventh season was aired between May 14 to September 13, 2012, with auditions held between October 2011 and February 2012  – these were conducted within the cities of New York, Washington, D.C., Tampa, Charlotte, Austin, Anaheim, St. Louis, and San Francisco.[42] Prior to filming taking place, Morgan was forced to depart from America's Got Talent after the conclusion of the sixth season, despite signing a three-year contract with the program in July 2010,[43] due to other commitments he had at that time, including hosting his own program on CNN.[44]

Because of Morgan's departure, his role as judge was taken over by radio personality Howard Stern. However, because of his involvement with hosting his radio show for SiriusXM, producers had to agree to move the program's production of live episodes to a venue in New York to avoid disrupting his schedule.[45] As Cowell had made plans to revamp the graphical presentation of America's Got Talent, including the title credits, logo and theme music, the change of venue to the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, New Jersey not only allowed Cowell to have designers revamp the studio set, but allowed production staff to invite larger audiences for performances in live episodes than in previous seasons.[46] This season was won by dog tricks act Olate Dogs, with comedian Tom Cotter coming in second, and musician William Close placing third.

Season 8 (2013)

Main article: America's Got Talent (season 8)

The eighth season was aired between June 4 to September 18, 2013,[47] with auditions held between January and March that year in a much larger range of venues - amongst these, auditions held in the cities of New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Antonio were filmed for the new season. Prior to filming commencing that year, Osbourne left America's Got Talent following the seventh season after a lengthy dispute in August 2012 between herself and NBC.[48][49] While her departure not only led to her role as judge being taken over by Spice Girls member Mel B,[50] production staff opted to expanding the panel for future seasons, recruiting supermodel Heidi Klum to join the new season as a fourth judge.[51]

For the live episodes of this season, producers opted to change the venue, moving it from Newark to New York, and holding them within Radio City Music Hall. In addition, the format for audition episodes, in terms of presentation style, was changed to match that for Britain's Got Talent - in this arrangement, each episode would consist of a number of auditions chosen from those taken from each major venue used for that season.[52] This season was won by martial arts dancer/mime Kenichi Ebina, becoming the first foreign act to win America's Got Talent, with stand-up comedian Taylor Williamson coming in second, and singer/guitarist Jimmy Rose placed third.

Season 9 (2014)

Main article: America's Got Talent (season 9)

The ninth season was aired between May 27 to September 17, 2014,[53] with "producer's" auditions being held between October to December 2013, across several cities including Miami, Atlanta, Houston, and Baltimore.[54] The "Judges'" audition for the competition were held between February to April 2014 within Newark, New York, and Los Angeles.[55] For this season only, a third-party program was involved in the audition process: one quarter-final place in the competition was offered exclusively by The Today Show, via their website, with the top three picked from those that entered competing against each other to be part of America's Got Talent that year.

Several changes were made to the program for this season. The most significant was the introduction of the "Golden Buzzer" format, first introduced on Germany's Got Talent in 2012, and which had recently been introduced into Britain's Got Talent earlier that year - although it was used mainly to save an act from elimination in the auditions, and wouldn't match the format used across the Got Talent franchise until the following year.[56]

Other changes included the "bootcamp" round being filmed in New York for this season, and the introduction of a new online vote for viewers, named after the program's sponsor during that season, to decide which three act placed in the mid-range of the public vote - 5th, 6th and 7th in the semi-finals; and 4th, 5th and 6th in the "Top 12" round - would be advanced, with the remaining two voted upon by the judges. This season was won by magician Mat Franco, with singer Emily West coming second, and acrobatic troupe AcroArmy placing third.

Season 10 (2015)

Main article: America's Got Talent (season 10)

The tenth season was aired during 2015, between May 26 to September 16. Producer auditions took place between late 2014 to early 2015 within Tampa, Nashville, Richmond, New York, Chicago, St. Louis, San Antonio, Albuquerque, San Francisco, Seattle, Boise, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.[57] Filming of Judges' auditions took place during Spring-early Summer 2015, between March and June within Newark, New York, and Los Angeles,[52][58] with a special "extreme" audition session held within Pomona, California, performed on an outdoor stage, for participants with acts considered too dangerous to be conducted within an indoor studio set.

This season saw the Golden Buzzer format, introduced in the previous season, being amended to match that on Britain's Got Talent, in that its use would send a participant directly into the live rounds, although the host was not allowed to use it per the revised format.[59] In addition, the Bootcamp round was revamped with a new format and renamed as "Judge Cuts", in which they were held over four weeks rather than one, consisted of around a total of 80 acts shortlisted from the auditions with around 20 per week, and featured the involvement of a guest judge for each of these episodes, who, alongside the judges, could use the Golden Buzzer for an act they wished to see in the live rounds. Neil Patrick Harris, Michael Bublé, Marlon Wayans, and Piers Morgan, became the first guest judges for the new format in this season.[60][61] The "Snapple Vote", introduced in the previous season, was renamed the "Dunkin' Save" to coincide with the program's new sponsor that season, with its format expanded to cover quarter-finalists who finished in 6th, 7th, or 8th place per public vote alongside the semi-finalists who finished in 4th, 5th, or 6th place per public vote.

This season was won by ventriloquistPaul Zerdin, with comedian Drew Lynch coming in second, and magician mentalist Oz Pearlman placing third.

Season 11 (2016)

Main article: America's Got Talent (season 11)

The eleventh season was aired during 2016, between May 31 to September 16.[62] Open auditions were held between late 2015 to early 2016, within Detroit, New York, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, San Jose, San Diego, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Orlando, and Dallas.[63] Filming of the judges' auditions took place in March 2016, prior to the premiere episode of the season, and were exclusively conducted within the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Los Angeles.[64] The season premiered on May 31, 2016.[62] During the previous season on June 24, 2015, Howard Stern announced his departure from America's Got Talent on his TV program,[65] leading to Simon Cowell announcing in October 22 later that year that he would be replacing him for eleventh season;[4] on October 4, 2016, Cowell signed a contract that would keep him as a judge on America's Got Talent until 2019.[66] Stern's departure led to the production team moving the live-round broadcasts back to Los Angeles,[67] and filmed at the Dolby Theatre.[68] Apart from this change, the Golden Buzzer format was amended so that the host Cannon could now use it during auditions.[69]

The guest judges who featured in the Judge Cuts for the eleventh season consisted of Ne-Yo, Reba McEntire, George Lopez, and Louis Tomlinson.[70] This season was won by singer-songwriter and musician Grace VanderWaal, with magician mentalist duo The Clairvoyants coming in second, and magician Jon Dorenbos placing third.

Season 12 (2017)

Main article: America's Got Talent (season 12)

The twelfth season was aired during 2017, between May 30 to September 20.[71] Open auditions were held in late 2016 to early 2017, within Chicago, Austin, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, San Diego, New York, Charleston, Memphis, and Los Angeles,[72] with filming of the Judges' audition conducted in March 2017 at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Los Angeles. On February 13, 2017, Nick Cannon resigned from hosting America's Got Talent, following a dispute between himself and NBC concerning remarks he had made during his Showtime comedy special Stand Up, Don't Shoot.[73] As a result, despite Cannon being under contract, the network were forced to find a replacement, and chose supermodel Tyra Banks as his successor.[74]

This season is notable for the death of American physician Brandon Rogers, who died in an automobile accident on June 11, 2017, shortly after securing his place on America's Got Talent during the audition's stage. Rogers became involved in the program, following his involvement with American R&B vocal group Boyz II Men earlier that year, after the group had seen footage of him singing on YouTube. In the wake of his death, production staff chose to postpone his audition, before eventually deciding to air it on during the final audition episode of the season on July 11, as a tribute to his memory.[75]

The guest judges who featured in the Judge Cuts for the twelfth season consisted of Chris Hardwick, DJ Khaled, Laverne Cox and Seal.[76][77][78] This season was won by singer ventriloquist Darci Lynne, with singer Angelica Hale coming in second, and Ukrainian dance act Light Balance placing third.

Season 13 (2018)

Main article: America's Got Talent (season 13)

The thirteenth season was aired during 2018, between May 29 to September 19.[79][80] Open auditions were held in late 2017 to early 2018, within Orlando, Cincinnati, Savannah, Milwaukee, Houston, Las Vegas, New York, Nashville, and Los Angeles,[81] with the Judges' auditions filmed in March 2018 at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Los Angeles.[82] A minor change was made to the format of the Judge Cuts in terms of the number of participants in this stage from the auditions being reduced to 72, with around 18 performing each week. The guest judges who featured in the Judge Cuts for the thirteenth season consisted of Ken Jeong, Olivia Munn, Martina McBride, and Chris Hardwick. This season was won by magician Shin Lim, with acrobatic group Zurcaroh coming in second, and violinist Brian King Joseph placing third.

Season 14 (2019)

Main article: America's Got Talent (season 14)

The fourteenth season was aired during 2019, between May 28 to September 18. Following the previous season, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum and Mel B, all opted to leave the program — Banks announced her resignation in December 2018,[83] while Klum and Mel B announced their respective departures two months later.[84] In response to this, production staff sought out their replacements in February 2019 — Terry Crews was appointed as Banks' successor, following his role on the program's spin-off The Champions, while both Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union were appointed as new judges for the upcoming season.[84] Both auditions and filming began on March 3, 2019.[85][86] On November 22, 2019, it was announced that Hough and Union were let go from the series marking their only season as judges.[87]

Alongside the usual lineup of guest judges for the fourteenth season's Judge Cuts - Brad Paisley, Dwyane Wade, Ellie Kemper, and Jay Leno[88] - this season is notable for the production staff including two additional guest judges for the live semi-finals - Sean Hayes and Queen Latifah.[89] This season was won by singer and pianist Kodi Lee, with choir group Detroit Youth Choir coming in second, and stand-up comedian Ryan Niemiller placing third.

Season 15 (2020)

Main article: America's Got Talent (season 15)

The fifteenth season was aired during 2020, between May 26 to September 23. Following the previous season, production staff sought to find replacements for Union and Hough, after both were let go from the program in November 2019,[30] leading to the return of Heidi Klum for the new season, alongside the appointment of Sofía Vergara as a new judge.[31] Although filming had begun by late February with auditions, the onset of COVID-19 pandemic in the United States towards March raised serious questions over the production of the program. Live audiences were discontinued on advice by health experts against large gatherings initially, before production was eventually suspended after Klum fell ill during filming, raising concerns about the risk of infection.[90] While production on the live rounds went under discussion, the program confirmed the season would premiere in May with audition episodes, after footage for these was completed and edited for broadcast.[91]

Production on the remainder of the season resumed in mid-June, while the season was being broadcast, though production staff made several changes to minimize the potential for infection amongst those involved, including participants and judges. While the Judges Cuts round was drastically changed, effectively condensing the stage into a single episode,[92][93] the live rounds featured several measures: these included being filmed at Universal Studios Hollywood; the use of a virtual audience; and an expansion in the number of quarter-finalists.[94][95][96]

Prior to the first quarter-final, Cowell was severely injured in an accident and forced to be absent from the remainder of the season leading to production staff initially bringing in guest judges for two of the quarter-finals, before opting to maintain the use of three judges for the remainder of the episodes.[97] The season was won by spoken word poet Brandon Leake, with country duo Broken Roots coming in second, and singer Cristina Rae placing third.

Season 16 (2021)

Main article: America's Got Talent (season 16)

A sixteenth season was announced in late February 2021 by NBC, who confirmed that both the host and its judges, including Cowell, would return for the new season.[98] Production began after auditions were opened up with participants asked to provide these for judgment, either virtually or via recorded video.[99][100] On March 9, 2021, it was announced that the season would premiere on June 1.[101] This season was won by magician Dustin Tavella, with aerialist Aidan Bryant coming in second, and stand-up comedian Josh Blue placing third.

Related programs

America's Got Talent Live

In 2009, production staff opted for creating a post-show made up of the best finalists from that year's competition, and conducted over a ten-week run between October to January at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Titled America's Got Talent Live, it featured performances by season four winner Kevin Skinner, and by ten of the finalists from that season, and was hosted by Jerry Springer in between taping for his self-named show in Stamford, Connecticut.[102] The show proved a success and was renewed for 2010 with Springer remaining as host and featuring the finalists of the fifth season, but was remade into a 25-city tour that began at the Caesars Palace Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, and concluding at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center in Orlando.[103]

The live show was put into hiatus following its 2010 run, and resumed in 2012 with a new host and performances from the finalists of the seventh season, including Olate Dogs, Spencer Horsman, Joe Castillo, Lightwire Theater, David Garibaldi and his CMYK's, Jarrett and Raja, and Tom Cotter. In 2013, another tour was scheduled consisting of the best acts from the eighth season, including Kenichi Ebina, and finalists Collins Key, Jimmy Rose, Taylor Williamson, Cami Bradley, The KriStef Brothers, and Tone the Chiefrocca.[104] In 2014, a new tour was scheduled, consisting of performances from top finalists of the ninth season - Mat Franco, Emily West, Quintavious Johnson, AcroArmy, Emil and Dariel, Miguel Dakota, and Sons of Serendip - as well as from season eight's runner-up Taylor Williamson.[17]

In 2015, America's Got Talent Live discontinued operating as a live tour, instead functioning as a series of shows at the Planet Hollywood Resort in Las Vegas, with performances from the top acts from the tenth season, including winner Paul Zerdin, runner-up Drew Lynch, and fan favorite Piff the Magic Dragon. In 2016, four more shows were scheduled at the same venue, and featured performances from the top acts of the eleventh season's final, including Grace VanderWaal, The Clairvoyants, and Tape Face.[105] In 2017, another four shows were scheduled at the same venue, and featured performances by the top acts of the twelfth season's final, including Darci Lynne, Angelica Hale, Light Balance, and Preacher Lawson.[106] In 2018, three new shows were scheduled at a new venue in Las Vegas, and featured the top acts from the thirteenth season, including Shin Lim, Samuel J. Comroe, Courtney Hadwin, Vicki Barbolak, and Duo Transcend.

Holiday specials

In 2016, NBC commissioned a festive two-hour special of the program, titled America's Got Talent Holiday Spectacular. Broadcast at the Dolby Theatre on December 19, 2016, the special was hosted by Nick Cannon and featured a mixture of performances by acts that had participated across the program's history and several special guests - amongst those involved were Grace VanderWaal, Jackie Evancho, Andra Day, Penn & Teller, Pentatonix, Terry Fator, Mat Franco, Piff the Magic Dragon, Olate Dogs, Professor Splash, and Jon Dorenbos - as well as the judges who had participated in the eleventh season.[107] The special proved a ratings hit, achieving around 9.5 million viewers during its broadcast.[108]

In 2018, NBC commissioned a second special centered on Darci Lynne, the winner of the twelfth season. Titled Darci Lynne: My Hometown Christmas, it was hosted by Farmer, involved Lonnie Chavis from This Is Us as the special's announcer, and broadcast at the Alex Theatre on December 11, 2018. The special featured a special sketch involving Farmer and that season's judges - Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Mel B - a series of duets involving Farmer with Lindsey Stirling, Toby Keith, and Kristin Chenoweth, respectively, and guest performances by Pentatonix and Hunter Hayes.

America's Got Talent: The Champions

Main article: America's Got Talent: The Champions

In May 2018, NBC commissioned executive producer and Got Talent creator Simon Cowell with producing an all-starspin-off competition, titled America's Got Talent: The Champions. Cowell had conceived of an idea for a global competition consisting of participants that had appeared across the Got Talent franchise across the years - including notable acts and winners. The format for the spin-off would be similar to the main program, though episodes would be pre-recorded when the spin-off contest was held in Autumn, and then later broadcast during the network's winter schedule.[109][110][111]

The spin-off premiered in January 2019, and as of February 2020, has aired two seasons, with both AGT season 13 winner Shin Lim,[112] and AGT season 14 finalists, V.Unbeatable, winning their respective season's contest.

AGT: Extreme

On May 14, 2021, NBC announced its second spinoff of the main AGT show, with a focus on daredevil acts. Got Talent creator Cowell will serve as an executive producer and judge for the series.[113] Originally planned for a midseason summer 2021 debut,[114] filming for the series is expected to occur at the Atlanta Motor Speedway between September 27 and October 20, 2021.[115][116]

On October 1, 2021, main series host Terry Crews was announced to continue the role in the spinoff, with former WWE wrestler Nikki Bella and motorsports competitor Travis Pastrana to join Cowell as judges. The series is expected to premiere midseason 2021–22.[117][118]


U.S. television ratings

Since the show began, its ratings have been very high, ranging from 9 million viewers to as many as 16 million viewers, generally averaging around 12 million viewers. The show has also ranked high in the 18–49 demographic, usually rating anywhere from as low as 1.6 to as high as 4.6 throughout its run. Audition shows and performance shows rate higher on average than results shows.

Although the show's ratings have been high, the network usually keeps the show's run limited to before the official start of the next television season in the third week of September with some reductions or expansions depending on Olympic years, where finale ratings are usually lower due to returning programming on other networks.

The highest rated season in overall viewers to date is season four (2009). The most-watched episode has been the finale of season five (2010), with 16.41 million viewers. The series premiere and an episode featuring the first part of Las Vegas Week in season six (2011) have each tied for highest rating among adults 18–49, both having a 4.6 rating.

Season Premiered Ended TV season Timeslot (ET) Season
Date Viewers
(in millions)
Date Viewers
(in millions)
1June 21, 2006 12.41 Final Performances: August 16, 2006 2005–06Wednesday 8:00 pm 1
Season Finale: August 17, 2006 12.05 Thursday 9:00 pm 1
2June 5, 2007 12.93 Final Performances: August 20, 2007 2006–07Tuesday 8:00 pm 1
Season Finale: August 21, 2007 13.87
3June 17, 2008 12.80 Final Performances: September 30, 2008 10.23 2007–08Tuesday 9:00 pm (June 17 – August 5)
Tuesday 8:00 pm (after August 26)
Season Finale: October 1, 2008 12.55 Wednesday 9:00 pm
(after August 27)
4[119][120][121]June 23, 2009 11.30 Final Performances: September 15, 2009 13.84 2008–09Tuesday 9:00 pm 1
Season Finale: September 16, 2009 15.53 Wednesday 9:00 pm 1
5[122][123]June 1, 2010 12.35 Final Performances: September 14, 2010 14.60 2009–10Tuesday 9:00 pm 1
Season Finale: September 15, 2010 16.41 Wednesday 9:00 pm 1
6[124][125][126]May 31, 2011 15.28 Final Performances: September 13, 2011 13.67 2010–11Tuesday 8:00 pm (May 31 – July 5)
Tuesday 9:00 pm (after July 5)
12.65 1
Season Finale: September 14, 2011 14.37 Wednesday 9:00 pm
(after June 22)
7[128][129][130]May 14, 2012 10.48 Final Performances: September 12, 2012 11.05 2011-12Monday 8:00 pm (May 14 – July 3)
Tuesday 8:00 pm (after July 3)
Season Finale: September 13, 2012 10.59 Tuesday 9:00 pm (May 14 – July 3)
Wednesday 9:00 pm (after July 3)
8[132][133][134]June 4, 2013 12.41 Final Performances: September 17, 2013 11.19 2012–13Tuesday 8:00 pm 11.22[135]1
Season Finale: September 18, 2013 11.49 Wednesday 8:00 pm
(after July 10)
9[137][138][139]May 27, 2014 12.00 Final Performances: September 16, 2014 11.46 2013–14Tuesday 8:00 pm (May 27 – July 15)
Tuesday 9:00 pm (after July 22)
Season Finale: September 17, 2014 12.21 Wednesday 9:00 pm
(after July 23)
10[142][143][144]May 26, 2015 11.09 Final Performances: September 15, 2015 11.33 2014–15Tuesday 8:00 pm 10.70[145]1
Season Finale: September 16, 2015 9.54 Wednesday 8:00 pm
(after August 12)
11[147][148][149]May 31, 2016 11.67 Final Performances: September 13, 2016 13.97 2015–16Tuesday 8:00 pm 11.71[150]1
Season Finale: September 14, 2016 14.41 Wednesday 8:00 pm
(after July 5)
12[152][153][154]May 30, 2017 12.37 Final Performances: September 19, 2017 14.70 2016–17Tuesday 8:00 pm 12.90[155]1
Season Finale: September 20, 2017 15.64 Wednesday 8:00 pm
(after August 9)
13[157][158][159]May 29, 2018 12.16 Final Performances: September 18, 2018 12.99 2017–18Tuesday 8:00 pm 11.43[160]1
Season Finale: September 19, 2018 12.88 Wednesday 8:00 pm
(after August 15)
14[161][162][163]May 28, 2019 9.75 Final Performances: September 17, 2019 9.88 2018–19Tuesday 8:00 pm
Season Finale: September 18, 2019 10.21 Wednesday 8:00 pm
(after August 14)
15[164][165][166]May 26, 2020 9.88 Final Performances: September 22, 2020 6.16 2019–20Tuesday 8:00 pm
Season Finale: September 23, 2020 6.57 Wednesday 8:00 pm
(after August 12)
16[167][168][169]June 1, 2021 7.37 Final Performances: September 14, 2021 7.42 2020–21Tuesday 8:00 pm
Season Finale: September 15, 2021 6.39 Wednesday 8:00 pm
(after August 11)

Awards and nominations

International broadcasts

Broadcasts of the program were made available for distribution to other networks on the international television market, and include the following:

  • In the United Kingdom, episodes of America's Got Talent are broadcast by ITV and TruTV since the program's first season, including through simulcasts on the Local Television Limited network.
  • In Canada, the program is broadcast by Citytv, and became a replacement in its scheduling for the Canadian franchise, Canada's Got Talent, after 2012. In June 2021, it was announced that Canada's Got Talent will be returning in spring 2022.[188]
  • In Indonesia, America's Got Talent is broadcast by NET. since October 2016, originally on weekend scheduling for its first week, before being allocated to the network's weekday schedule as a replacement for a concluded TV drama.[190]
  • In Singapore, the show is broadcast on Mediacorp Channel 5, though with a select number of seasons.
  • In the Philippines, originally aired on ABS-CBN from 2008 to 2010, before the premiere of Pilipinas Got Talent. The program was then moved to Studio 23 until January 2014, before it was rebranded to ABS-CBN Sports+Action (now branding as ABS-CBN S+A), and then The Game Channel until its closure in 2015. Since 2016, episodes of America's Got Talent air on AXN Philippines and on RTL CBS Entertainment (now Blue Ant Entertainment).

See also


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Golden Buzzer: 9-Year-Old Victory Brinker Makes AGT HISTORY! - America's Got Talent 2021

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Chris Klafford Wiki, Bio, Age, Wife, America’s Got Talent, Family, Parents,...

Chris Klafford Biography - Chris Klafford Wiki Chris Klafford born Mikael Christoffer Sjögren, is a Swedish singer and guitarist. In 2017, he competed on the...

Got wiki americas talent

Joseph Allen Biography | Who is Joseph Allen in AGT?

Joseph Allen is a 21-year-old singer from Texas who is one of the contestant on season 14 of America’s Got Talent which premiered on May 28 on NBC.

Joseph Allen Age

Allen is a 21-year-old Texas native. He likes to keep his personal life private hence it is not known which day, month he was born therefore it is not known when he celebrates his birthday.

Joseph Allen Family

Joseph grew up in a blending family and was the youngest of 12 siblings. He has always had a knack for accomplishing his dreams thus he taught himself how to produce and engineer music.

Joseph Allen Girlfriend

Allen likes to keep his personal life private hence there is no any information or news about his dating life. Since there is no any history of Allen’s past relationship, it seems like the singer is happily single until now.

Joseph Allen America’s Got Talent

During the ‘AGT’ season 14 auditions, Allen performed an original song for the judges and it’s a song about how everyone is going to know his name. He told the judges he just wants to leave his own footprint on this world.

Allen, who is a musician and also a motocross racer and student in Phoenix, Arizona, told audiences that he hopes to inspire others with his music. “I see myself as someone who can make a major impact in the world and I just want to see how much of a footprint I can leave on Earth before I leave,” he said before performing a ballad-rap fusion.

Allen mixed rap with stunning softer vocals. Simon told him he has a “great tone” and “amazing energy.” Howie was so impressed and inspired that he got up on the table in front of him and presses his Golden Buzzer for Joseph.

“Dreams come true on this stage, and I think we’re seeing your dream come true,” said Gabrielle Union, who gave her Golden Buzzer to singer Kodi Leeduring the premiere episode.

“I’m literally crying as well. There’s a new generation with millennials and putting out there what is good in this world. I believe you are so good, I’m a fan!” Julianne Hough said.

“You got amazing energy and I like your voice as well. You got a great tone,” Simon Cowell said. “Look, Joseph, first impressions to me are everything and watching you get the reaction before you even started was astonishing. That was an amazing audition. I loved it.”

Joseph Allen Golden Buzzer

Allen was given a Golden Buzzer by Howie Mandel after he blew the judges and audience away with his original song.

“I was waiting for an inexplicable moment,” Mandel, who is celebrating his 10th anniversary on the NBC hit, tells PEOPLE of his season 14 Golden Buzzer.

“The most gratifying experiences are always my golden buzzer moments because my golden buzzer moments are the most in the moment, emotional and heartfelt,” he says. “The way it looks on the stage with that huge noise and that golden confetti is exactly the way I feel. If you can visualize an emotion, that’s what’s going on in my heart when it happens.”

After a successful audition, Allen dropped to his knees and broke down in tears.

Donchez bags a GOLDEN BUZZER with his Wiggle and Wine! - Auditions - BGT 2018

America's Got Talent (season 15)

Season of television series

The fifteenth season of the American talent show competition series America's Got Talent was broadcast on NBC from May 26 to September 23, 2020. Following the previous season, both Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union left the program, leading to both being replaced prior to filming  – Heidi Klum was brought back to resume her former role; while Sofía Vergara was hired to join her as a new judge on the judging panel. Alongside this, Simon Cowell was forced to miss the live shows after sustaining an injury in August that year  – while the first two quarter-finals featured guest judges in his place, the remainder of the live episodes were conducted without any further stand-ins.

Production on the fifteenth season was greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the United States in 2020, alongside other television programs that year, which affected arrangements for pre-recorded and live episodes. While most audition episodes had been filmed by the end of April, despite minor issues, production on the remaining episodes was disrupted and only resumed after safety measures were implemented to prevent the risk of the infection spreading amongst staff and participants. Amongst these changes included the use of a virtual audience for the live rounds, an alteration in the program's broadcast schedule for that year, and a revamp to the format for the Judge Cuts round that would condense it into a single episode while featuring no guest judges as in previous seasons.

The fifteenth season was won by spoken word poet Brandon Leake, with singing guitarists duo Broken Roots finishing second, and singer Cristina Rae placing third.[1] During its broadcast, the season averaged around 6.61 million viewers.

Season overview[edit]

The departures of Union and Hough from AGT, led to the return of Heidi Klum and the recruitment of newcomer Sofía Vergara replacing each judge respectively for the fifteenth season

Kenan Thompsonserved as a guest judge during the second quarter-final, filling in for Simon Cowell after an injury.

Open auditions were held in late 2019, with closed auditions held across January to March the following year. Prior to the main auditions taking place, producers faced the task of finding replacements for Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union, who had been let go from the program following the conclusion of the previous season.[2] They eventually finalised a decision on February 27, 2020, announcing that Heidi Klum would be returning to America's Got Talent in her former role, alongside newcomer Sofía Vergara.[3]

Production on the season was dramatically impacted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which was already affecting television and film shoots across the globe. Although it had been partially disrupted by Klum falling ill, leading to Eric Stonestreet standing in for her during an audition session,[4][5] restrictions imposed by the United States to combat the spread of COVID-19 caused the program to initially move to filming without an audience present at auditions, before production was ultimately suspended;[6][7][8] additional auditions were later allowed, but these had to be conducted online as a safety precaution.[9] By April 27, production staff decided that the season would be broadcast as planned and premiere on May 26,[10][11] though with the season featuring a hiatus after the audition episodes had been aired with the footage that had already been filmed.[12]

In mid-June, production on the season resumed following changes in guidelines for media production by Californian state government, and discussions between industry unions, producers and local officials.[13] While the Judges Cuts stage was held at an outdoor venue in Simi Valley, California,[14] it required implementing several health and safety protocols: performances conducted via videoconferencing on a cinema screen; masks being mandatory for all personnel when off-camera; enforced social distancing; and regular testing amongst staff. The format of the stage was also changed - the number of participants for this stage was reduced from 72 to 60; no guest judges and Golden Buzzers would be involved; and each participant would be given a verdict after their performance.[14] Cowell notably approved the change in format, including the decision to condense all footage taken into a single episode, having disliked the arrangement used in previous seasons.[15][14]

By the end of July, production staff began focusing on how to produce the live round episodes for the season. A decision was reached to include a virtual audience for these rounds - applications being made available within the week of July 28 - in order to maintain safe working conditions for all involved, with Universal Studios Hollywood chosen as the venue for performances to take place within.[16][17][18] This decision also included an expansion in the number of quarter-finalists for the season, an additional quarter-final, and an amendment to the number of semi-finalists that each quarter-final produced. Prior to the first quarter-final's live broadcast, Cowell had an accident that left him with a severe back injury.[19][20][21] After undergoing surgery to help repair the damage, he was forced to temporarily stand-down his involvement in the live episodes until doctors would allow him to return to the program. Production opted to bring in guest judges during Cowell's absence for the first two quarter-finals,[22][23][24][25] before deciding to have the remaining live episodes stick to using a judging panel of three.

Of the participants who auditioned for this season, 44 secured a place in the live quarter-finals, with 11 quarter-finalists in each one - amongst these included: singer Roberta Battaglia, choir Voices of our City Choir, spoken word poet Brandon Leake, singer Cristina Rae, and dance group W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew, who had each received a golden buzzer from the main judges and host. Around 22 quarter-finalists advanced to and were split between the two semi-finals with 10 semi-finalists securing a place in the finals. The following below lists the results of each participant's overall performance in this season:

  Winner |   Runner-up |   Third place |   Finalist |   Semi-finalist
  Quarter-finalist | Playing card heart A.svgWildcard Semi-finalist | Yellow ffff00 pog.svgGolden Buzzer Audition
Participant[18]Age(s) 1Genre Act From Quarter-Final Result
Alan Silva38AcrobaticsAerialistLas Vegas3Grand-finalist
Alex Hooper 35 Comedy Stand-up Comedian Baltimore, Maryland4 Eliminated
Alexis Brownley 9 Animals Dog Tricks Act Weston, Florida2 Eliminated
Annie Jones 12 Singing Singer Victoria, Australia3 Eliminated
Archie Williams59SingingSingerBaton Rouge, Louisiana1Finalist
BAD Salsa16, 21DanceSalsa DuoIndia2Finalist
Bello & Annaliese Nock51, 23 Danger Daredevil Duo Sarasota, Florida 1 Eliminated
Bello Sisters14-22AcrobaticsAcrobatic TrioItaly4Finalist
BONAVEGA 31 Singing Singer Toledo, Ohio2 Eliminated
Bone Breakers 22-24 Dance Contortion Dance Group Conakry, Republic of Guinea3 Eliminated
Brandon LeakeYellow ffff00 pog.svg27VarietySpoken Word PoetStockton, California4Winner
Brett Loudermilk 31 Danger Sword Swallower North Carolina1 Semi-finalist
Broken Roots238, 44Singing / MusicSinging Guitarists DuoChicago4Runner-up
C.A. Wildcats 13-29 Dance Cheerleading Group Dallas, Texas4 Eliminated
Celina Graves 30 Singing Singer San Diego, California4 Semi-finalist
Cristina RaeYellow ffff00 pog.svg30SingingSingerNashville, Tennessee3Third place
Dance Town Family Playing card heart A.svg8-35 Dance Dance Group Miami3 Semi-finalist
Daneliya Tuleshova14SingingSingerAlmaty, Kazakhstan2Finalist
Divas & Drummers of Compton 3-20 Dance / Music Dance & Percussion Group Los Angeles4 Eliminated
Double Dragon 32 Singing Singing Duet San Francisco1 Semi-finalist
Feng E 13 Music Ukulelist Tapei, Taiwan1 Eliminated
FrenchieBabyy 25 Dance Contortionist Dancer Fairfield, California 1 Eliminated
Jonathan Goodwin40 Danger Daredevil Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom2 Semi-finalist
Kameron Ross 30 Singing Singer Dallas, Texas2 Eliminated
Kelvin Dukes 14 Singing Singer Burtonsville, Maryland2 Eliminated
Kenadi Dodds15Singing / MusicSinger & MusicianSalt Lake City, Utah4Finalist
Lightwave Theatre Company 32-35 Variety Puppeteer Act Bucharest, Romania4 Eliminated
Malik Dope 27 Music Drummer Washington, D.C.3 Semi-finalist
Max Major 33 Magic Magician Las Vegas 3 Semi-finalist
Michael Yo45 Comedy Stand-up Comedian Houston1 Eliminated
Noah Epps 12 Dance Dancer Virginia4 Eliminated
Nolan Neal 39 Singing / Music Singer & Guitarist Nashville, Tennessee3 Eliminated
Pork Chop Revue 9, 68 Animals Pig Tricks Act Miami 1 Eliminated
Resound 26-30 Singing Vocal Harmony Trio Richmond, Virginia 4 Eliminated
Roberta BattagliaYellow ffff00 pog.svg11SingingSingerToronto, Canada1Grand-finalist
Shaquira McGrath 26 Singing Singer Kennesaw, Georgia1 Semi-finalist
Sheldon Riley 21 Singing Singer Sydney, Australia3 Eliminated
Simon and Maria 12, 10 Dance Salsa Duo Colombia1 Eliminated
Spyros Brothers 23, 25 Variety Diabolo Duo New York City2 Semi-finalist
The Shape 15-19 Dance Dance Group Alhambra, California2 Eliminated
Thomas Day Playing card heart A.svg17 Singing Singer Brentwood, CaliforniaN/A 3Semi-finalist
Usama Siddiquee 29 Comedy Stand-up Comedian New York City 3 Eliminated
Vincent Marcus 32 Comedy Impressionist Los Angeles 2 Eliminated
Voices of our City Choir Yellow ffff00 pog.svg21-80 Singing Choir San Diego, California 2 Semi-finalist
W.A.F.F.L.E. Crew Yellow ffff00 pog.svg23-26 Dance Dance Group New York City 3 Semi-finalist
  • ^1 Ages denoted for a participant(s), pertain to their final performance for this season.
  • ^2 This act initially failed to pass through the Judge Cuts stage, but was later brought back for the quarter-finals after a quarter-finalist was forced to drop out.[26][27]
  • ^3 This participant initially pulled out from the contest for health reasons before the quarter-finals, but later returned as a Wildcard act for the semi-finals after being given the all clear by producers.[28][29]

Quarter-finals summary[edit]

Crystal Clear action button cancel.svgBuzzed Out | Crystal Clear app clean.svgJudges' choice |   Advanced to Semi-finals
  Won Online Public Vote |   Won Judges' Vote |   Lost Judges' Vote

Quarter-final 1 (August 11)[edit]

Guest Performers, Results Show: Mat Franco and Kodi Lee

Quarter-final 2 (August 18)[edit]

Guest Performers, Results Show: Darci Lynne and Jabbawockeez[31][32]

Quarter-final 3 (August 25)[edit]

Guest Performer, Results Show: Jon Dorenbos[34]

  • ^6 Dance Town Family were later brought back as a Wildcard act for the Semi-finals.[36]

Quarter-final 4 (September 1)[edit]

Guest Performers, Results Show: Cam and Duo Transcend[37][38]

Semi-finals summary[edit]

Crystal Clear action button cancel.svgBuzzed Out | Crystal Clear app clean.svgJudges' choice |   Advanced to Finals
  Won Online Public Vote |   Won Judges' Vote |   Lost Judges' Vote

Semi-final 1 (September 8)[edit]

Guest Performers, Results Show: Piff the Magic Dragon, David Copperfield, and Ndlovu Youth Choir[39][40][41][42]

Semi-final 2 (September 15)[edit]

Guest Performers, Results Show: BTS and Colin Cloud[43][44]

  • ^7 Due to the majority vote for BAD Salsa, Klum's voting intention was not revealed.

Finals (September 22–23)[edit]

Guest Performers, Finale: David Dobrik, Detroit Youth Choir, Meghan Markle, and Usher[45]

  Winner |   Runner-up |   3rd place |   Top 5
  • ^8 Alan Silva and Bello Sisters conducted a joint routine for their second performance, and thus shared the same guest performers.
  • ^9 Kenadi Dodds and Roberta Battaglia conducted a joint routine for their second performance, and thus shared the same guest performers.



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