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Season 2

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March 16,

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"Princes All"

"Endgame" is the 20th and final episode of the second seasonof Young Justice, as well as the 46th episode of the overall series. It aired on March 16,


On the verge of finally ending the alien invasion, the team discovers the price of victory may be the entire planet Earth![1]


In a courtroom, the accused Leaguers are asked by a tribune if they have anything more to "offer" before a verdict is reached. Icon rejects the opportunity, claiming that they have already presented enough evidence to prove his clients' innocence. Despite his confidence, the Leaguers are found guilty on all counts, and are taken away. Miss Martian, Superboy and Adam Strange arrive at the court just as the audience members leave. They have evidence that would clear the League—a holographic recording of the Light and the Reach admitting that they framed the League. Unfortunately, they are too late.

On the Reach flagship, Black Beetle expresses his desire to leave the meat-infested planet, but the Scientist points out that the infestation is already aboard their ship. Black Beetle claims that since the ambassador is gone, he will no longer restrain himself, and will now kill all the heroes.

Aqualad, Blue Beetle and Green Beetle arrive at the bridge. Green and Blue Beetles subdue every Reach agent, including the scientist, with their staple guns, while Aqualad takes on Black Beetle. They exchange blows, but Black Beetle overpowered Aqualad. He turns his attention to Blue and Green Beetles, but Green Beetle attacks first.

Using his telekinetic powers, Green Beetle slams Black Beetle to the ground, and connects his tendrils to reset Black's scarab and set him free. Black Beetle claims freedom is overrated, and responds with an attack of his own. Using the link forged by Green Beetle, he sends a surge of energy through the link, and destroys Green Beetle's scarab. B'aarz O'oomm's armor crumbles, and he collapses to the floor, unconscious. Black Beetle muses that he would have died if he wasn't a Martian, but his survival would easily be remedied.

Back in Rimbor's courtroom, the Tribunal admits that the evidence presented by the Earthlings is compelling, but the High Court has already ruled. Icon argues that they have to overrule, since there is a recorded confession that solidly places blame of the attack on Rimbor on the real criminals: the Light. Furthermore, the recording explained the motive—bringing the Earth to the Reach's attention.

The Tribunal agrees, but asks them to offer something "more". Realizing that they were asking for a bribe, Superboy and Miss Martian improvise. She says that whatever decision the court renders will have repercussions throughout the galaxy. Superboy adds that the new evidence offers the court an opportunity to demonstrate that truth and justice prevails on Rimbor. The Tribune interjects, saying that reputation is not the "more" they are accustomed to receiving. The young heroes respond by claiming that if the tribunal demonstrates its fundamental fairness, then more disputes would be brought to it. The higher volume of cases would naturally translate into more "mores" that the tribunal will receive.

On the Reach flagship, Blue Beetle blocks a killing shot Black Beetle took at B'aarzz O'oomm. Black Beetle focuses his attention on him, blaming him for the Reach's debacle. He sticks his tendrils into Blue Beetle's back, and tries to destroy the blue scarab the same way he destroyed the green scarab. Jaime Reyes and his scarab declare that they now share control, and are now comrades. Blue Beetle clamps down a tendril on Black Beetle's armor, and kills his scarab with the resulting pulse. Black Beetle's host collapses, and Aqualad congratulates Jaime on the victory. But what he learned while he was connected to Black Beetle unnerved him. The Reach had already implemented their plan to destroy the Earth in order to erase all evidence of Reach tampering there.

In a park, two beetle-like Reach drones emerge from a lake, followed by a red device which activates an energy sphere above it. Almost immediately, black thunderclouds form and spread over the city, raining lightning to the ground.

A supercell shrouds the city in darkness, and six stationery tornadoes appear around the Eiffel tower.

Much like Gotham City, lightning strikes hit the city, emanating from a black thundercloud. The red Reach device causing the instability is in the courtyard of a League of Shadows monastery, guarded by a drone.

Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, Nightwing, the Atom and Aqualad discuss the ongoing chain of natural disasters, while the League is spread thin saving lives across the globe. Blue Beetle claims that this is all due to Black Beetle's Magnetic Field Disruptors scattered around the world. The disruptors are causing a deterioration of the Earth's magnetic field, which in turn is causing all the not-so-natural disasters. Blue Beetle locates twenty disruptors, each protected by Reach drones. Upon reaching critical mass, they turn into their "chrysalis" mode which will completely destroy the world.

The discussion is interrupted by an incoming transmission from United Nations Secretary General Tseng, which, much to Captain Atom's surprise, was initiated by Lex Luthor. Luthor offers the League a possible solution for their problem. Although skeptical, the League hears him out. As the Light has always planned to betray the Reach, LexCorp has developed an anti-Reach software, a virus that can disable the Magnetic Field Disruptors.

While waiting for the Tribune's decision about the accused Leaguers, Miss Martian admits to Superboy that the deterioration of their relationship was her fault. She knows it's too late to rekindle it because he is already dating Wendy Harris. Superboy is surprised at her conclusion, and tells her that they are just friends. He's merely acting as a sounding board between Wendy and her real boyfriend, Marvin White. This news surprises but relieves Miss Martian and gives her hope. The Tribunal exit from their chambers, finally reaching a verdict: all charges against the League are dropped, and they will be released forthwith. Icon thanks them, and tells them the League owes its freedom and reputation to them and the Team. Entrusting the welfare of the leaguers to Icon and Hawkman, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Adam Strange take their leave and teleport back to Earth.

Forty heroes are gathered in a briefing in Metropolis, held by Captain Atom. Blue Beetle is working with Lex Luthor to create Reach-tech Eggs laced with the LexCorp anti-Reach virus. Each hero will be paired off with another, so the twenty squads can tackle all twenty disruptor sites simultaneously. While one squad member distracts the Reach drones guarding the disruptors, the other will plant the virus by physically touching the egg to the disruptor. Wonder Girl is very skeptical about trusting Lex, but Robin assures her that it isn't in Luthor's best interest to have his home world destroyed. In any case, the heroes don't have much choice either.

On Rimbor, the freed Leaguers walk down a street, happy to be heading home with their names cleared. Suddenly, Vandal Savage broadcasts a message through three holographic monitors to issue a message to the citizens of Rimbor and the whole galaxy. He declares Earth off-limits to all incursion or invasion, and threatens those who breach Earth's security with retribution. Superman is skeptical that Savage can back up his threat, but Batman points to the Warworld currently passing through Rimbor.

Meanwhile, Snapper Carr coordinates all twenty squads from the Watchtower.

Aqualad and Lagoon Boy engage a couple of Reach drones protecting a disruptor. Aqualad orders Lagoon Boy to plant the egg while he provides cover. Still stung at Aqualad for not informing him about his deep-cover mission, Lagoon Boy sarcastically expresses surprise at being trusted now. Aqualad disagrees—after all, he trusted Lagoon Boy enough to let him take his place on the Team. Lagoon Boy accepts the explanation, and the Atlanteans begin their attack. Using his hydrokinetic powers, Aqualad creates a sea monster-like creature and smashes two drones. Lagoon Boy uses his Atlantean sorcery to inflate himself and smash another. Aqualad cuts the remaining drones with two water swords while Lagoon Boy deactivates the disruptor.

Kid Flash is running around evading the Reach drone's attacks. Artemis tries to shoot one down but misses. The drone shoots a nearby school bus, blowing it up. Artemis is sent flying, but is caught by Kid Flash. He tells her that they'll go back to Paris someday, when they don't have a world to save. Artemis replies that they will always have a world to save, then shoots an arrow at the drones. It appears to miss, but disperses powerful magnetic pellets that attach to the drones and draw them towards each them until they short-circuit. Kid Flash deactivates the disruptor, and runs up to Artemis. Before she finishes her report, they kiss passionately, over the confused inquiries of Lucas Carr.

In the sewers beneath the city, Static and Black Lightning battle two Reach drones. While Black Lightning takes care of the drones, Static deactivates the disruptor. After they finish, Black Lightning offers to be Static's mentor.

Black Canary reports to the Watchtower that she and Asami have disabled their disruptor. All twenty squads have deactivated all twenty disruptors, Snapper Carr notes jubilantly. However, the Atom points out that the Earth's magnetic field is still being disrupted. Blue Beetle contacts the Watchtower to tell them he has found a twenty-first Magnetic Field Disruptor.

Blue Beetle informs the heroes that the twenty-first disruptor is in the North Magnetic Pole, and was previously hidden from his previous scans by Earth's magnetic field. Since there are no Zeta-Tubes in the Arctic, the Flash offers to take care of the situation.

The Flash races to the final Magnetic Field Disruptor, with Impulse arriving to provide him with backup. They find it inside an ice cave, but it was too late—the device has reached its chrysalis stage. The Earth's magnetic field begins to destabilize. Flash and Impulse escape the collapsing cave, and a vortex forms around the crysalis. They are unsure of what to do, but Luthor instructs them to run. Not run away, as Flash initially assumes, but run in the direction opposite to the vortex's energy flow. It might be possible to siphon off the energy through the speedsters' speed trails, but a massive amount of kinetic energy is required. Artemis questions Wally whether it is sufficient, but he has already left in the Zeta-Tube.

As the pair of speedsters begin their run, the Atom tells them not to slow down until the chrysalis is completely neutralized. The pair begin to run in the opposite direction of the tornado. They successfully create a counter-cyclical vortex that is beginning to siphon off the chrysalis' energy. Impulse notes the plan is working, but Flash tells him that their efforts have only weakened, not stopped the chrysalis. Even at their top speed, they still can't generate enough kinetic energy.


Young Justice: Outsiders Season Finale - "Into the Breach," "Overwhelmed," "Nevermore" Review

In Young Justice, being a teenager means proving yourself over and over&#;to peers, parents, teachers, mentors and, ultimately, to yourself. But what if you&#;re not just a normal teenager? What if you&#;re a teenage super hero? Are you ready to join the ranks of the great heroes and prove you&#;re worthy of the Justice League? That&#;s exactly what the members of Young Justice&#;Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian and Artemis&#;will found out, whether they have what it takes to be a proven hero. This all-new series is produced by Warner Bros. Animation and based upon characters from DC Comics. Sam Register (Teen Titans, Ben 10, Batman: The Brave and the Bold) is the executive producer. Brandon Vietti (Batman: Under the Red Hood, Superman Doomsday, The Batman) and Greg Weisman (Gargoyles, The Spectacular Spider-Man, W.I.T.C.H.) are the producers.

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Young Justice: Outsiders Ending Explained: What Happened & What’s Next

DC Universe's Young Justice: Outsiders concludes with a fantastic 3-part finale. Here's how the long-awaited season 3 ends & what comes next.

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Young Justice season 3's finale.

Young Justice: Outsiders ending episodes proved a perfect capstone for a fantastic season 3. Fans of the cult animated series fought tooth and nail to see it renewed for a third season after it was canceled after two years on Cartoon Network. The wait for the series' return was long, but it did not disappoint in the end.

Season 3 of Young Justice opened with an embittered Justice League seemingly breaking up, with Batman leading a number of heroes to form their own independent team (which Black Lightning sarcastically dubbed Batman Inc.) that would be able to act independently of the bureaucracy demanded by the United Nations. This increased regulation was the work of UN Secretary-General Lex Luthor, who was using his position to keep the Justice League tied up in red tape and unable to combat the growing problem of teenage metahumans trafficking. Naturally, the supervillains running the Light were profiting handsomely off of this black market, with brainwashed teens being shipped off-planet to act as soldiers and test-subjects for the New Gods of Apokolips.

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Independent of Batman and his plan to divide and conquer while secretly managing the seemingly splintered Justice League from behind the scenes, a new team of teen superheroes that could operate outside the system and inspire their peers to heroism was formed by Beast Boy and became known as the Outsiders. The forces of good largely won out by the season's end, but their victory came at a high cost and not everyone emerged unscathed. The final episode also suggested that even as the battle between Good and Evil on Earth continued, a larger conflict with consequences reaching into the depths of space and far into the future will unfold in Young Justice season 4.

Victor Stone Becomes Cyborg & Joins The Outsiders

For the better part of Young Justice: Outsiders, former star athlete Victor Stone was content to stay on the sidelines, hoping to find a cure for the New Gods' technology that had taken over his body after his father used it to save him from a fatal accident. However, episode 24, "Into The Breach," saw Victor fully embrace his new superpowers to help his friends among the Outsiders. Indeed, Victor came to take an active role and became the MVP of the rescue mission.

It was Victor's powers that allowed the Outsiders to locate Granny Goodness' new base on Earth, scanning hundreds of Goode World Studios sites until he found one that contained New Gods technology. It was Victor who hacked Granny's computerized follower Overlord, freeing himself and his friends from the Ghost Dimension. It was Victor who opened a Boom Tube into Granny's space base, the Orphanage, and followed after Granny's avatar, Gretchen Goode, as the technology that allowed Granny to be in two places at once failed. Finally, it was Victor who freed Halo from Granny's influence, allowing her to undo the damage she had done while mind-controlled, freeing the Justice League and her friends from the power of the Anti-Life Equation.

Once everyone was safely returned to Earth, Victor was humble about all he had accomplished, insisting it was a team effort all the way. Both the openly-operating Outsiders and the covert Team offered him a place among their ranks, though Superboy was quick to remind him that he didn't have to become a superhero just because he had helped save the day once. In the end, Victor joined the Outsiders, saying that he had never been afraid of the spotlight as a football star and he wasn't going to hide himself anymore. To that end, he chose the codename Cyborg and decided to put his celebrity to good use as a publicly-recognized superhero.

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Forager Decides To Stay On Earth & Reveals Himself As An Alien

The alien bug-man Forager faced the same choice as Cyborg following the events of Young Justice: Outsiders episode 24 but for different reasons. Mantis, the leader of Forager's hive, was discovered to be in league with Granny Goodness and was arrested by the Green Lantern Corps. Since Forager had been exiled because of false charges of treason that Mantis had leveled against him after Forager had plead for peace with the good New Gods, Forager now had the chance to return home to New Genesis. Yet as much as Forager missed his home and longed to stop hiding behind the magic charm that made him appear to be a human teenager named Fred Bugg, he had come to value his work as a superhero on Earth and did not want to abandon the friends who gave him a new home.

Superboy offered Forager a third option, taking him to the small town of Geranium City, in episode 25, "Overwhelmed." The small town was shielded from prying eyes by a telepathic illusion generated by the community's leader, Dubbilex, and served as a haven for creatures like the Genomorphs who had been created by Lex Luthor and Project Cadmus, but, unlike Superboy, could not pass for human. After touring the community, Forager became inspired and agreed to stay in Geranium City when he was not helping people as a member of the Outsiders. He also decided to abandon his Fred Bugg persona and to live life openly as an alien on Earth, revealing his true form to his classmates at Happy Harbor High School in the final scenes of Young Justice season 3.

Metron Recognizes Halo and Cyborg As His Grandchildren

As they were babysitting Lian Harper in the Outsiders' base in episode 25, Halo and Cyborg were abducted by the New God Metron. The three were suddenly floating in deep space, and while Lian found the experience thrilling, Halo and Cyborg were horrified to find they could only speak in the pings and drones of the Motherbox and Fatherbox that fueled their respective powers. Metron was quick to assure the two heroes that they, and their charge, were quite safe, even as he addressed Halo as "grandaughter" and Cyborg as "grandson."

Metron explained that while he was originally unimpressed with Cyborg upon their first encounter in episode 20, "Quiet Conversations," he had come to watch him and Halo from a distance after realizing their full potential as organic beings fused with the sentient machines that he viewed as his computerized children. Given that Halo was born as a result of a Motherbox soul inhabiting a human body and Cyborg's body was rebuilt by a Fatherbox later reprogrammed by his Mobius tech, Metron had come to regard the two heroes as his grandchildren and looked upon them with no small amount of pride given their accomplishments. He further noted that the two of them were destined to "become extremely important players in the coming galactic conflict." Metron then returned them to Earth, saying that he would enjoy watching their continued evolution, assuming that Darkseid did not kill them, as they were both potentially major obstacles to his plans.

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Terra Is Exposed As A Spy, But Sides With The Heroes

After the Light freed Baron Bedlam from prison and helped him to facilitate a coup of the government of Markovia in Young Justice: Outsiders episode 25, the Outsiders and the Team joined forces to reclaim the country (the United Nations refused to let the Justice League get involved). This played into the plans of Lex Luthor and Deathstroke, who had been using Terra to spy on their enemies for months. Their goal was to have Terra "accidentally" kill Beast Boy on a live video feed, seemingly proving Luthor's claims that metahuman vigilantes are a menace to society while killing the charismatic leader of the Outsiders' social revolution. This would allow Luthor to pass global legislation that would require mandatory registration of all metahumans and outlaw those superheroes who did not agree to reveal their secret identities to the public.

Before Terra had a chance to fulfill her orders, she was stopped by Tigress, who revealed that they had known that Terra was an agent of Deathstroke and the League of Shadows since before they rescued her in episode 13, "True Heroes." Tigress explained that Batman discovered that Terra had been set up as a double-agent while spying on Deathstroke during the events of episode 10, "Exceptional Human Beings." Torn between her brainwashing at Deathstroke's hands and the kindness and trust that the heroes showed her, even knowing what she was, Terra ultimately defied Deathstroke's orders and joined the heroes against him and the Light. By the end of the Young Justice season 3 finale, Terra had stood trial for her crimes at The Hague and been granted probation, working to make amends for her past as a member of the Outsiders.

Geo-Force Kills His Uncle & Claims Throne of Markovia…

The news that his beloved sister was a spy proved to be the straw that brakes the camel's back for the hot-tempered Geo-Force. Barely holding himself back when he first confronted his uncle, Baron Bedlam, the revelations that Terra was a willing agent of the League of Shadows and that his friends knew this but did not tell him pushed Geo-Force over the edge. When Bedlam taunted the hero and said that the conflict between them would never end so long as he drew breath, Geo-Force coldly replied, "Uncle, I believe you," before plunging his hand into the villain's mouth and creating a flow of lava that instantly suffocated him.

The sudden act of violence stunned Geo-Force's allies but enraptured the crowd of Markovian citizens who had stormed the Royal Palace under the direction of their ambassador to the United Nations, Zviad Baazovi. The ambassador was quick to lead the people in cheering Geo-Force's actions, declaring them the act of a just king executing a traitor rather than a cold-blooded act of murder. Baazovi also persuaded Geo-Force that he should assume the throne in the place of his usurped older brother because only he had the strength to see Markovia restored to its former glory. Geo-Force accepts this, but is stunned when Terra refused to accept his pardon in exchange for acknowledging his claim to the throne and Halo's likewise refused to become his queen.

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 … But He’s A Puppet Ruler, Working For The Light.

By the end of episode 26, "Nevermore," Geo-Force has assumed the throne of Markovia and accepted Dr. Helga Jace back into his employ as an adviser. While he was reluctant to allow her back into the country at first, Geo-Force was persuaded that Dr. Jace deserved a second chance by Ambassador Baazovi. The closing scenes of the episode reveal that Ambassador Baazovi is a psychic metahuman with remarkable powers of persuasion, which he can use to "nudge people toward their own worst impulses." It is also revealed that Ambassador Baazovi has taken Granny Goodness' place among the leadership of the Light.

Despite Luthor’s Legal Woes, The Light Endures

Despite the Light's plan to kill Beast Boy failing, Lex Luthor was still largely pleased with the outcome of events in Markovia. Luthor felt that having Geo-Force kill a man on live TV and declare himself king of a small nation is just as useful for making the Outsiders look bad. It also enabled Luthor to make his case about the dangers posed by superheroes while presenting his metahuman registration act to the United Nations.

Thankfully, Luthor suffered a vicious one-two punch of legal challenges before he got the chance to make his case. Black Lightning and Cyborg appeared before the United Nations with documents proving Luthor had illegally continued to run his company while serving as the UN Secretary-General and had ties to the metahuman trafficking organizations overseen by the Light. This was followed by Superboy publicly accusing Luthor of illegally creating new life forms that were genetically engineered to be weapons of mass destruction and revealing himself as a clone made from the DNA of Superman and Lex Luthor. These twin revelations were enough to trigger an immediate vote of no confidence on the floor of the United Nations, forcing Luthor to resign in disgrace.

While this left Lex forced to lawyer-up in the face of multiple criminal charges and killed his squeaky-clean image with the public, the scandal had little effect on the business of The Light. A meeting of their leadership at the end Young Justice season 3 revealed that their operations are expanding, with Markovia now under their control. Vandal Savage also confirmed that he and Darkseid have reaffirmed their partnership after some initial saber-rattling over their "mutual sense of betrayal" in the wake of Granny Goodness turning on the Light to secure the Anti-Life Equation on Darkseid's behalf. Savage warned his allies, however, that Darkseid will continue to search for the Equation and that they must prepare for an inevitable conflict should he uncover it again.

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Black Lightning Is Leading A Reunited Justice League

The recent events in Markovia also prompt a change in the leadership of the Justice League. After revealing that they had been involved in a plan to publicly break the team into separate groups while still coordinating their activities in secret, Miss Martian, Aquaman and Wonder Woman step down from their command posts. When it comes time to elect a new chairperson, it is unanimously decided that the job should go to the one person everyone trusts to keep them honest in the future - Black Lightning. Jefferson Pierce reluctantly accepts the job, but only on the condition that Batman, Nightwing and the rest of what he called Batman Inc. officially rejoin the Justice League. It is a condition they gladly accept.

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Miss Martian and Superboy Are Still Getting Married

With Superboy having revealed himself and the rest of the Genomorphs to the world, Miss Martian attempted to return his engagement ring, saying they can't be together if Superboy can't truly trust her or forgive her for having lied to him in the past. The two had argued extensively after Superboy learned about the secret leadership task force behind all the superhero teams. However, Superboy refused to take the ring back, saying he was afraid Miss Martian couldn't trust or forgive him after he reopened their old wounds and that he still wants to spend the rest of his life with her if she'll have him. Her answer is delivered with a kiss, which he quickly returns. The wedding of Superboy and Miss Martian will surely come in Young Justice season 4.

Here Comes The Legion of Superheroes

The final scene of Young Justice season 3 is a wordless montage where the founding members of the Team and their families join together for a private party at Bibbo's Diner in Metropolis. A blonde waitress moves between the tables, eventually coming to where Superboy and Miss Martian are sharing a booth and enjoying some pie and coffee. As the waitress - likely Saturn Girl - refills Miss Martian's mug, a close-up on her hand to reveal that she is wearing the distinctive ring of the Legion of Superheroes.

Given the difficulties involved in time traveling in the DC Universe, it rarely means anything good when the Legion of Superheroes shows up in the 21st century. Considering that the writers of Young Justice: Outsidersare fond of adapting relatively obscure event comics, one possibility is that season 4 could adapt The Final Night, where the time-lost Legion helped prevent a monster called The Sun Eater from devouring Earth's sun and destroying their future. Another possibility is that the new season will adapt The Great Darkness Saga - a classic story believed by many to be the greatest Legion of Superheroes miniseries ever, which saw the Legion and their allies fighting Darkseid.

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Why a Planet Hulk MCU Movie Hasn’t Happened Yet

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Kid Flash Is Alive (Season 3 Of Young Justice)


Season 3

Episode 26

Original airdate

August 27,

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"The Prize"

"Nevermore" is the 26th and final episode of the third seasonof Young Justice, and the 72nd of the overall series. It debuted on August 27, on DC Universe, along with the 24th and 25th episodes, "Into the Breach" and "Overwhelmed".


In the season finale episode, things come full circle as the team and the Outsiders return to Markovia for the final confrontation.


Jefferson Pierce shows up at Oracle's doorstep. Oracle remarks that she expected him two minutes ago. Jeff asks for details on the situation in Markovia. Oracle explains that since Lex Luthor has had the Justice League sidelined over this issue they all know that a win by the Outsiders will help the Leagues cause.

Black Canary and Red Tornado are observing an online post of Lex Luthor as his trending support is increasing.

Oracle then explains to Jeff that the Outsiders are going to sneak into Markovia with Bio-Ship's camouflage. Miss Martian is leading Gamma Squad to prevent Simon Ecks from killing those who are loyal to King Gregor Markov.

Meanwhile, Beta Squad will travel through the Zeta-Tube into the middle of Markovburg to backup Alpha Squad who will take the fight to Baron Bedlam.

In Gotham, Jeff asks Oracle what she is not telling him.

Lex Luthor and Deathstroke are meeting with other members of the Light through their monitors. Lex assures the group that they are tracking the Outsiders and that everything is going according to plan. He explains that after the Outsiders fail, it will prove to the world that he was right and that all super-powered beings should be registered worldwide. He even mentions that his own team of Infinity, Inc. will be the first to sign up once the job is done while the Light fills its ranks with Meta-Human's under their control. Vandal Savage asks how they can assure today's debacle. Lex and Deathstroke admit that in the process that Terra's cover will most likely be blown, but they believe that the outcome is worth the sacrifice. Lex then asks if there is any objection before telling Deathstroke to proceed. Deathstroke contacts Terra and orders her to kill Beast Boy once they give the signal.

Inside the Palace, Baron Bedlam is talking on the phone when a boom tube opens. Beta Squad, consisting of Superboy, Nightwing, Tigress, Forager, and Halo jump through. Bedlam recognizes them and runs off. The group charges at Bedlam when Count Vertigo suddenly appears and uses his sonic powers to bring them to their knees. In the hallway, another boom tube opens to bring in Alpha Squad, consisting of Beast Boy, Terra, Geo-Force, and Cyborg. Terra uses her power to drag Bedlam closer towards them. Bedlam slaps her away. Enraged, Geo-Force rams into Bedlam. The two smash through a window and out into the courtyard. Pete Danbury is outside with a camera and begins video taping the fight.

In Gotham, Oracle and Jeff watch Danbury's live video of the fight. Jeff calls up Cyborg and informs him that he is giving him a new mission.

Geo-Force and Terra take on Bedlam. Beast Boy turns into a gorilla and rapidly punches Bedlam. Bedlam stops him and breaks him arm. Geo-Force calls Cyborg to help Beast Boy, as he surrounds Bedlam in a pool of magma. Terra raises the platform that Bedlam is standing on and brings it down on him.

Outside the Palace, El Dorado and Wonder Girl are finishing up arresting Simon Ecks and his group. Miss Martian contacts Nightwing to inform him that their duty is finished.

In the Palace, Nightwing throws his nightstick and knocks Count Vertigo out. He sends Halo and Tigress to assist Alpha Squad.

In the Batcave, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman are watching the battle through Danbury's video. They are then joined by Green Arrow, Spoiler, Arrowette, and Orphan.

Geo-Force melts the ground until he has Bedlam trapped. He begins to hit him several times for his crimes until Bedlam surrenders. Geo-Force contemplates this and believes surrender is too easy. He is about to take another strike when Beast Boy stops him. Deathstroke speaks into Terra's earpiece, telling her that Bedlam is the cause of all her family's misery. Kill Beast Boy now and nothing can stop Geo-Force from ending Bedlam once in for all. Terra raises a piece of the ground and slowly lifts it over Beast Boy's head. Both Beast Boy and Geo-Force are taken aback by Terra's action. Before Terra can make another move, Tigress interrupts, telling Terra that she doesn't have to listen to Deathstroke.

In Metropolis, both Lex and Deathstroke are blindsided by Tigress's comment.

Tigress explains to Terra that they have known since before they rescued her that she was working for the Light. While Batman was spying on the League of Shadows, a while back, he could read Deathstroke's micro-expressions and tell that he was lying when he said that Terra washed out of the League. Terra asks why didn't they turn her in if they already knew. Tigress says that they wanted to give Terra a choice. Deathstroke tells Terra not to listen to her. Terra thinks back on all the times that the Team was there for her, loved her, and gave her a home. Finally, Terra throws her boulder aside and takes Deathstroke's earpiece off. She embraces Tigress. Cyborg picks up the earpiece and activates his cybernetic powers.

Deathstroke explains to Lex that he didn't know that Batman saw him unmasked. Suddenly a hologram of Black Lightning appears in front of them. Lightning is glad to see that they have finally caught Secretary Lex Luthor red handed.

Geo-Force screams at everyone for not telling him that they knew that his sister was conspiring with the enemy. Zviad Baazovi appears and he calls to the people of Markovia, telling them that their prince has returned. Suddenly, Baron Bedlam breaks free of his bindings and flees. Zviad tells Geo-Force that he can't let Bedlam escape. Geo-Force melts the ground, trapping Bedlam, again. Bedlam screams that he will never stop, so long as he is still breathing. Geo-Force states that he believes his uncle. Everyone watches in horror as Geo-Force turns his arm into magma and shoves it down Bedlam's throat. Zviad shouts to the people that the false King is dead and that Brion has assumed the throne. The crowd cheers in approval for King Brion.

Gregor Markov helplessly watches the video feed from his hotel room.

Geo-Force smiles as the crowd chants his name but is surprised to see that the rest of the Outsiders, the Team, and Halo are not enthused at all. Geo-Force defends his actions, saying that he executed a criminal while they allowed Terra, a murderer, to walk free. Terra shamefully admits that she did have a choice when she killed Jaqqar Marlo, and it was the wrong one. She suggests that both she and Geo-Force turn themselves in. Geo-Force disagrees, gesturing to the crowd chanting his name. He accuses Terra of being an assassin while he is a hero. Zviad agrees, saying that Kings make hard decisions for the sake of their people, decisions that King Gregor was too weak to make. He claims that Markovia need King Brion. Terra argues that Brion can't betray Gregor. Geo-Force states that the crown should have always been his. He offers Terra forgiveness if she supports his rule. Terra refuses. Geo-Force then offers Halo to be his Queen. Halo breaks down and cries in Tigress's arms. Geo-Force then orders Nightwing to get his Team out of Markovia immediately.

February 16, PST

At the Hub, Halo continues to sob in Forager's arms as Garfield consoles Tara. The rest of the Team are silent in the kitchen.

Deathstroke deems the operation a failure. Luthor argues that things couldn't have gone better. He believes that he now has enough evidence to convince the world to start registering and regulating heroes.

Later at the United Nations in New York, Black Lightning presents his evidence that Lex Luthor has defied U.N. regulations. Luthor just smiles. The next day, Luthor makes his statement, calling Black Lightning's accusations fake news. Superboy suddenly appears with Superman by his side. He interrupts Luthor, taking the mic from him and exposing to the world that he is a specimen, from Luthor's Project Cadmus, who carries both Luthor's and Superman's DNA.

Dubbilex, Kraig, and other members of the city watch Superboy's announcement with glee.

Despite Superman assuring the people that Superboy can be trusted, Superboy offers them to test his blood. Ambassador Garth calls for an immediate vote of no confidence in Secretary-General Lex Luthor.

Dick and Barbara watch Tod Donner's news program, stating that Lex Luthor has been forced to resign from the United Nations. Barbara mentions that Ambassador Troia is the leading candidate to replace him, also the Outsiders and the League are trending positively on social media. As a result, her father even restored the Bat-signal. Tod Donner begins talking about a new story: after her trial, Tara Markov has been released into the custody of her brother, the exiled King Gregor Markov. As part of her probation, she is assign to continue her services with the Outsiders.

King Brion Markov refuses to see "her". Zviad admits that the woman has made mistakes but everyone deserves a second chance. Finally, Brion agrees. Zviad invites Helga Jace into the throne room, and she smiles at Brion.

The Light is in a meeting. Aside from Lex Luthor's legal issues, everything else seems to be going their way, indicating that they now control Markovia through the "Puppet King" Brion, thanks to their newest Light member: Zviad Baazovi. Vandal Savage takes a moment to update the Light on his partnership with Darkseid, saying that the two of them were able to find common ground and renew it. But since Darkseid is still after the Anti-Life Equation, Savage warns the other members of the Light that they must keep an eye on Halo.

The Justice League, the Team, Outsiders and Batman's team are all gathered in the main hall with Batman and Nightwing standing at the front. Whoever was not able to be present at the meeting is communicating through the monitors. Nightwing is satisfied with the turnout, but admits that the one person he really needed is not accounted for. At that moment, Black Lightning arrives through the Zeta-Tube. Once everyone has settled down, Nightwing speaks up, confessing that he and other leaders had been secretly running task force against the Light but kept everyone else in the dark to protect them. Aquaman admits that they now know that what they did was wrong and, as a result, feels that he is no longer worthy to co-lead the League and announces his resignation. Wonder Woman steps down as well. Miss Martian also announces that she is stepping down as leader of the Team. Nightwing explains that the new leader of the League needs to be someone who has constantly acted as the conscience and suggests that they nominate Black Lightning. Wonder Woman seconds the nomination. All current members of the League shout in agreement. Black Lightning is surprised by this, claiming that he doesn't want the position. Superboy admits that they need him to take it. Black Lightning turns to Batman, asking what he thinks. Batman sheepishly admits that he is not a current member. Black Lightning argues that if he accepts the position Batman needs to be in or out. No more middle-ground or scheming in the shadows. Batman agrees. Black Lightning gets up in front of everyone and announces that as long as he's leader, there will be no more secrets from each other.

Conner and Megan are watching Tod Donner as he announces that the Outsiders are accepting new members Terra, Forager, and Superboy into their ranks. Megan hands Conner back her engagement ring, saying that if he can't trust her or truly forgive her, there's no point. Conner argues that he is hoping Megan trusts and forgive him, admitting that he crossed a line by bringing up old wounds. He explains that he can't imagine his life without her and if she will still have him, and Megan interrupts him with a kiss.

Kid Flash, Beast Boy, and El Dorado are in attendance as Wendy Jones has her Inhibitor collar removed. She smiles at El Dorado.

In the locker rooms at the high school, Ron Evers is picking on Cisco Ramon again, and this time, Victor stands up for Cisco.

Forager reveals his true form to his class at Happy Harbor High School. Everyone applauds except for Violet, who is deep in thought.

February 27, EET

King Brion is deep in thought as the Infinity, Inc. members kneel to him.

The Watchtower
February 27, EST

Black Lightning stands by the window, looking down on the Earth from above.

At Bibbo's Diner, the heroes are hosting a private party with friends and family. Megan feeds Conner a piece of pie as a blond waitress comes by to refill her coffee. The mysterious waitress bears a ring on her hand with an L-shaped insignia.


The title refers to Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The Raven", which Black Lightning quotes when he hacks the Light's channel. It is an older word for "Never again"; it ties with Black Lightning's proclamation of never again repeating the same mistakes and keep secrets from each other, and Terra's decision to turn her back on Deathstroke.

Cast and characters[]


Of last young justice episode

Young Justice: Outsiders Finale Teases the Debut of a Major DC Team

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for "Nevermore," the season finale of Young Justice: Outsiders, streaming now on DC Universe.

With Season 3 of Young Justice in the books, it's time to look to what the future holds for the animated series. Many of the season's subplots came to a satisfying conclusion in the final three episodes, released this week on DC Universe, which means the creators had to introduce something to entice fans to return for the already-in-production Season 4.

Young Justice has never shied away from bringing some of DC's most popular heroes to the small screen, but the next group of characters teased to debut in Season 4 may have the biggest fan base of them all.

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After a short recap of recent events -- the metahuman center Taos welcoming all of the rescued kids involved in the metahuman-trafficking ring in outer space, Forager revealing his identity to his classmates at Happy Harbor High School, Geo-Force ruling as the new king of Markovia and Cyborg stopping a kid from being bullied -- we see the majority of The Team and Outsiders celebrating at Bibbo's diner.

The camera follows a blonde waitress as she moves among the tables and booths to serve the heroes. Her final stop brings her to Superboy and Miss Martian, where she pours the couple another coffee. Before the scene goes to black, the camera zooms in to reveal she is wearing a Legion of Super-Heroes flight ring on her right hand.

This scene basically confirms the Legion of Super-Heroes will debut in the next season of Young Justice. Hailing from the 31st century, the Legion of Super-Heroes is a coalition of teenagers and young adults from various planets in the DC Universe, who come together to form their own super-team. The Man of Steel -- known as Superboy at the time -- would go on to join the Legion's ranks in their future, fighting alongside the same heroes he helped inspire.

Although Young Justice Season 4 will mark their first appearance on the season, it's won't be the first time the fan-favorite team has been adapted for the small screen. Superman: The Animated Series introduced viewers to Cosmic Boy, Chameleon Boy and Saturn Girl, another version of the Legion guest-starred on Justice League Unlimited, and the Legion of Super-Heroes also headlined their own animated series in Earlier this year, Warner Bros. Animation released an animated movie titled Justice League vs. the Fatal Five that teamed the Justice League with the Legion against the latter's arch-rivals.

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The identity of the Legionnaire working in Bibbo's diner remains a mystery for now, but the long blonde hair may give us a clue. The most likely suspect is Saturn Girl, as she was a founding member of the team. It also raises the questions of what brings the Legionnaire to the present day, and why she is hiding her identity. Superboy made some major changes to his status quo this season, outing himself as a public hero and officially joining the Outsiders. It's quite possible those choices are only the beginning of his rise as a superhero, leading to him being the inspiration for the Legion instead of his brother, Superman.

Coincidentally, the Legion of Super-Heroes is about to make a big splash this week in the comics as well. The Legion returns to the DCU in Superman #14 to recruit Superman's son, Jon Kent, which sets the stage for the two-part Legion of Super-Heroes: Millenium miniseries in September, followed by the launch of a new ongoing series in November.

Young Justice: Outsiders is currently streaming on DC Universe.

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You's Most Sadistic Weapon Just Became a Jigsaw Game

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Tim Adams ( Articles Published)

Tim Adams is a Lead News Editor at CBR. He's been a fan of comics since the '90s, when his older brother introduced him to the medium. Some of his first memories include receiving a monthly subscription box with Amazing Spider-Man #, the first part of "Round Robin: The Sidekick's Revenge," along with highly successful launches of X-Men #1 and X-Force #1. You can follow Tim on Twitter @timdogg98 where you can read his ramblings about comics, TV, movies, sports and wrestling.

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The Justice League Vs The Team - The Original Team - Young Justice Fights

We have learned that Young Justice season 4 will be premiering on October 21,


  • What is Young Justice?
  • Young Justice Season 4 Production Status
  • What is the Release Date of Young Justice Season 4?

What is Young Justice?

Young Justice Season 2

Young Justice is an animated superhero television series developed by Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman. The series originally premiered on Cartoon Network, before it moved to DC Universe for its third season and now HBO Max for its fourth season.

The series follows the lives of teenage superheroes and sidekicks, namely Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Superboy, Red Arrow, Miss Martian, and Arrowette, who are members of a fictional covert operation group referred to simply as &#;the team&#; (but bear resemblance to the Teen Titans). Within the show, the team is a group of young heroes attached to the famous adult team, the Justice League, but operating outside of the bureaucracy that constrains the more established superhero team.

With the exception of season 1, every season of Young Justice includes a subtitle. Season 2 was titled Young Justice: Invasion, with seasons 3 and 4 being titled Outsiders and Phantoms, respectively. The first three seasons have already been released, with season 4 (Phantoms) currently being in production.

Young Justice Season 4 Production Status

Young Justice Season 1 Promotional Poster

It was announced on the 20th of July , at San Diego Comic-Con, that DC Universe had decided to renew the series for a fourth season. At the time of the announcement, the fourth season was said to already be in production.

Vietti and Weisman also stated that season 4 will focus on a smaller group of characters, specifically the fan-favorite cast of characters from season 1. Weisman revealed during DC Daily episode that the fourth season will consist of 26 episodes. Additionally, there will be another time jump.

Later that year at DC FanDome, Weisman and Vietti announced that the season will be titled &#;Young Justice: Phantoms.&#; Weisman also stated that season 4 is being worked on from home by the show&#;s crew. Voice recordings were done individually with voice actors, instead of in group sessions.

Weisman has given us frequent updates on the production of Young Justice season 4 on Twitter. He announced that, by November 23, all twenty-six scripts were finished, twenty-two episodes were fully recorded and the last four were partially recorded.

On March 25, , it was revealed by Weisman that nine episodes were fully finished, with five episodes being in post-production and twelve being animated overseas. You can view the tweet below:

All 26 episodes have been fully recorded since the first day of July Thirteen episodes were ready to be released, with seven other episodes being in post-production and the last six episodes being animated at the time.

The entire season is being animated by Studio Mir, which is a South Korean animation studio, known for their work on The Legend of Korra, the fourth season of The Boondocks, the Netflix series Voltron: Legendary Defender, Dota: Dragon&#;s Blood, and films like The Death of Superman and Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion&#;s Revenge.

What is the Release Date of Young Justice Season 4?

Young Justice Season 3

Young Justice season 4 is set to premiere on the 21st of October, Three episodes will be released all at once, with ten other episodes releasing once a week after that. The season will consist of two parts, with part 1 making its debut on the 21st of October. The premiere date of the second part is currently unknown.

It is worth noting that we revealed back in May that season 3 of Titans is set to premiere on the 12th of August. This means that the season will finish airing on October 21, the same day as the Young Justice season 4 release date.

This is not just the case with Young Justice though; We revealed back in March that Titans season 3 was originally supposed to premiere on the 15th of July. The season was supposed to finish airing on the 23rd of September, which is also when Doom Patrol season 3 will premiere.

You have most likely already noticed a pattern in the schedule. This implies that another DC series will be premiering on the same day that Young Justice season 4 part 1 finishes airing, which is December What could this be? With Peacemaker coming out in January and shows like Green Lantern and Strange Adventures not even having started production yet, I can only think of Harley Quinn season 3 as a possible candidate.


Similar news:

List of Young Justice episodes

Wikipedia list article

Young Justice is an American animated television series created by Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti for Cartoon Network. The series follows the lives of teenaged heroes who are members of a covert operations team that takes orders from the Justice League. The series debuted on January 7, with a two-week reairing of the first two episodes, which originally aired as an hour-long special on November 26, [1][2]Warner Bros. Animation announced the show's return in November after an extended hiatus since ; new episodes began releasing in [3][4]

In July , the series was renewed for a fourth season titled Young Justice: Phantoms,[5][6] which premiered on HBO Max on October 16, [7][8][9] As of October&#;21, ,[update] 75 episodes of Young Justice have been released, currently in its fourth season.

Series overview[edit]


Season 1 (–12)[edit]

Season 2: Invasion (–13)[edit]


Main article: Young Justice: Outsiders

Season 4: Phantoms ()[edit]


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