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Every Naruto Shippuden Filler Episode You Can Skip According To Reddit

Adult Swim

By Ryan Ariano/July 22, 2021 2:24 pm EDT

"Naruto Shippuden" is a complex anime masterpiece where one dynamic story arc leads to another, coming together to create Naruto's compelling hero's journey. The series starts off with the criminal organization Akatsuki making big moves to take down the jinchuriki hosts of the legendary tailed beastscon. It winds through Naruto getting next-level powerful and joining his friends for the future of humanity in the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Still, any anime that makes it to 500 episodes is going to have some filler.

Filler is a necessary evil to keep your favorite anime on the air long enough to tell the full story from its source manga. Masashi Kishimoto, artist and creator of the "Naruto" manga, worked insane hours to churn out compelling comics regularly. Still, given the low cost and efficient process for making anime, at some point a given series will probably get ahead of its source material. This is why long-running shows like "Naruto" and "Naruto Shippuden" create episodes that aren't canon and add little to nothing to the storyline.

"Naruto Shippuden" is full of filler. Some are actually fun bits of entertainment, detailing epic battles. Some have bits that tie into the plot or add extra background to the main story. And some ... well, some you can just skip altogether, should you wish. Luckily, there are some geniuses on Reddit to help you decide.

Canon episodes

Adult Swim

Before we say anything else, the canon episodes of "Naruto Shippuden" are 1-27, 29-56, 72-90, 113-143, 152-169, 172-175, 197-222, 243-256, 261-270, 272-278, 282-283, 296-302, 321-346, 362-375, 378-388, 391-393, 414-415, 417-421, 424-426, 451-463, 469-479, and 484-500.

These episodes are taken directly from the manga, centered on Naruto's progression toward achieving his destiny alongside his colleagues from Konoha and the other hidden villages, as well as his longstanding alliance with his original teammates Sakura and Sasuke. This is the bildungsroman of Naruto as completed in "Naruto Shippuden." The original "Naruto" series began with him as a troublemaker and weak student shinobi. "Naruto Shippuden" ends with him as the most powerful shinobi on the planet, with various evolutionary forms he can turn on when the battle really heats up. At the beginning, Naruto is a hated troublemaker; by the end, he's the world's savior. If you want to watch the bare minimum of episodes, these are absolutely not to be missed.

Skip these

Adult Swim

These are the filler episodes you can skip without losing any of the storyline: 28, 170-171, 223-242, 257-260, 271, 279-281, 376-377, 416, 422-423, 427-450, and 480-483.

Many of these episodes are standalones or mini-arcs with no relevance to the storyline, some flashbacks to young Naruto and his friends going on some silly, pointless adventure. There's a drawn-out arc of Naruto and Yamato being seasick (at some point, Naruto's clones turn on him) as they head to Naruto's training with Killer B. One, Episode 271, only exists as a sort of advertisement for "Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie," and it should be added that none of the movies are canon, though they can be fun.

These filler episodes add nothing to the story and, in general, aren't worth watching. In fact, as some of these drag, on you'll often find yourself just wanting to jump forward to watching the canon episodes.

57-71: mostly filler, though you should watch

Adult Swim

These "Naruto Shippuden" episodes have good stories and introduce some cool new abilities. We see a Land of Fire monastery full of formidable fighters, and any ninja story with legendary fighting monks is always awesome. (Just watch the old Shaw Brothers kung fu movies.) Several Akatsuki members show their power in wiping out some extremely powerful monks to collect bounties on them, including one monk with a jutsu, the Welcoming Approach: Thousand-Armed Murder, that looks like later jutsu involving manifesting powerful larger beings. (Hashirama's Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands specifically comes to mind.)

Plus, these episodes present the idea that a warrior can possess some tailed-beast chakra and still get the benefits. The fact that part of a tailed beast's chakra can reside inside somebody and turn them into a partial jinchuriki, even giving that person a tailed-beast cloak, will come in to play later.

And again, fighting monks are always cool.

91-112: filler, but you could watch some

Adult Swim

This is filler, a story about some leftovers from Orochimaru's fallen empire, and you don't have to watch it. Still, this could be worth watching, if only because it shows some amazing fighting and introduces cool new jutsu.

There are plenty of elements that play into the canon. One is the introduction of the fact that there are Orochimaru compounds full of powerful shinobi, all of whom possess unique and, in some cases, truly frightening jutsu. There's a compelling story about how even an "evil" Orochimaru disciple can change for the love of another. We see the Three-Tails for a few episodes, more than any other time in the series. And we see the Four-Corner Sealing Barrier being used on a tailed beast, which will have a huge role towards the climax of the Fourth Great Shinobi War.

At the least, watch from Episode 100 to 112, though you might as well watch it all if you want to understand the whole arc.

144-151: filler you should watch

Adult Swim

"Naruto Shippuden" Episodes 144 to 151 follow a filler arc with little to no impact on the main story, but of all the filler arcs, this is one of the most interesting. The main storyline is about a forbidden jutsu that can destroy whole villages. It is strangely reminiscent of an atomic bomb.

This forbidden jutsu is sealed within a girl, and there's a shinobi tasked with keeping her safe — a shinobi who has a very unique bubble jutsu. In fact, the two develop a bit of a sensei/student relationship, something which Naruto takes very seriously. Plus, as time goes on, we discover something amazing about the shinobi.

This arc has atomic bomb metaphors, unique jutsu, and the Six-Tails jinchuriki. Therefore, it also eventually has the Akatsuki, and it hints at the fact that things are getting very bad for anybody opposing the Akatsuki's drive to collect all the tailed beasts.

176-196: filler, but you could watch it all

Adult Swim

This stretch of filler takes place after the great arc in which Pain destroys Konoha, only to find salvation at the hands of Toad Sage-mode Naruto. Konoha has literally been flattened, yet Pain brought its inhabitants back to life after his conversation with Naruto. And the boy who once was shunned and written off as a joker is a hero all in the village are proud of.

The beginning and end of most of these episodes show the villagers working together to rebuild the Village Hidden in the Leaves. Yet in between the open and close, we get mostly flashbacks. Many of these center on Naruto and how the individual shinobi rebuilding the village remembered the troublemaker years ago, and how proud they are of the shinobi he's become. None of the episodes make any changes or have any real bearing on the story, though they are fun, and again, the beginning and end of each episode is part of the main story.

284-295: filler you can skip, except for a few

Adult Swim

Episodes 284 to 295 are filler, full of more flashbacks and stories that have no bearing on moving the main story or explaining anything about to happen. Yet there are a few exceptions which you should watch due to the fact that they not only work into the Great Shinobi War but also have pretty epic battles.

Watch Episodes 284 and 285 since they have some battles in which reanimated elite shinobi fight members of the allied shinobi forces, including, in Episode 284, Sai and Kakashi fighting a member of the Legendary Swordsmen of the Mist.

Episodes 288 and 289 also connect to the story. Analogous to Episode 284, in 288, Kakashi and Might Guy have to fight and seal up other reanimated Legendary Swordsmen of the Mist. In Episode 289, they have to fight yet another reanimated Legendary Swordsman. These episodes are strong and fit into the current story so well that you might not even identify them as filler if you don't know.

303-320: filler you can mostly skip

Adult Swim

Again, here's a run you can mostly skip, but there are a few episodes in this filler stretch you'd want to watch. Specifically, you should check out Episodes 303 through 305, 307, 308, and 317 before moving back into the canon episodes at 321.

For episodes 303 to 305, the Sound Village Four are reanimated for a rematch against the Hidden Leaf shinobi who had originally fought them in "Naruto." Not only is this worth watching for the rematch, with the Leaf shinobi now considerably stronger, but it also it explores the idea of how friends can be sealed off from each other and fight their way back. Episodes 307 and 308 are about another reanimation with deep emotional ties to the person he's fighting (a theme throughout this war being these painful reunions), as is Episode 317. Plus, both are centered on former Leaf Village Shinobi fighting current ones.

347-361: filler, but watch it

Adult Swim

Technically, this run is filler, but it's really good filler — as in you might not even notice it's filler if you don't know it's not manga canon. Either way, you should watch these episodes.

Episodes 347 and 348 tell you more about the formation of the Akatsuki, specifically about the conditions that took the originally noble, peace-driven Akatsuki, led by Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan, and twisted it into the evil criminal Akatsuki we all know.

As for the rest, if you like Kakashi as much as everybody else, Episodes 349 to 361 are some amazing and fun installments about his Anbu years. This ties in young Yamato and young Itachi, and, of course, it's full of amazing scenes centered on young Kakashi. Seeing these guys fighting together as young chunin is worth the price of admission.

So, yeah, just watch this whole run and cut episodes out somewhere else.

388-390: filler, but you should watch it

Adult Swim

This is a short filler run of three pretty amusing episodes, so you might as well watch them. Episode 388 shows Gaara working with his former tailed beast, Shukaku, and rallying the other tailed beasts to join them in helping Naruto. Seeing a former jinchuriki pleading with his former tailed beast is extremely entertaining.

Episodes 389 and 390 are a flashback to Hinata's childhood, when her younger sister was on track to supersede her as the Hyuga clan main family's heiress, given Hinata's weakness. The story moves forward, however, to find Hinata's younger sister finally respecting her elder sibling again after Hinata challenges Pain. Isn't family great?

Again, these episodes don't necessarily add much to the canon story, though they are worth watching. And it's just a short handful of episodes, anyway, so in this case, just let the "Naruto Shippuden" binge ride.

394-413: filler you can skip

Adult Swim

This long run of filler doesn't advance the plot or set up anything else. There's no canon here at all, and you won't lose anything if you skip it. It's about a chunin exam that took place during the break between "Naruto" and "Naruto Shippuden." On the other hand, it's about a chunin exam that took place during the break, and, obviously, the original chunin exam arc was a cornerstone of the original "Naruto" series.

So if you kind of wish you'd seen the chunin redemption exams full of all the kids who'd failed the original "Naruto" chunin exam arc, here it is. There's some back-and-forth between known and unknown shinobi, and you get to see some interesting alliances and new moves from these great young shinobi. Plus, it's part of a plan to suck in the Akatsuki, giving it more impact and bringing more Akatsuki action into play. 

So if you want to see the genin you loved from Naruto's academy days and first chunin exams actually turning into chunin, or you're just hungry for some old-fashioned Akatsuki action this late in the Fourth Great Shinobi War, give it a gander.

464-468: filler worth watching

Adult Swim

Yes, these episodes aren't from the manga, so they're not canon. But they also give additional exposition about the Otsutsuki clan. Obviously, the introduction of these great otherworldly deific beings changed the direction of "Naruto Shippuden," taking the deepest truths of the shinobi world to an absolutely unforeseen place. Without giving away too much about the Otsusuki clan, let's suffice it to say that their story and its importance to the current "Shippuden" shinobi is similar to the creation stories in many of the great world religions.

Since we learn so much about the main characters of the series, from Naruto and Sasuke to even Hashirama and Madara, it's a good thing to get as much Otsutsuki beta as possible, especially since they not only founded the shinobi world but, at this point, are threatening to destroy it. These five filler episodes are definitely worth watching.

469: Kakashi's face is finally revealed!

Adult Swim

Kakashi Hatake was first brought in during "Naruto" as the sensei for Team 7, shaping the young careers of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. He wears the outfit most people associate with shinobi, most notably the facemask. Kakashi is one of the most powerful Leaf shinobi, eternally cool and unflappable and strong enough to handle nearly any other shinobi in the world. It's a running theme that Kakashi has never shown his face, from his introduction at the very beginning of "Naruto" all the way through most of "Shippuden." 

Fans have requested it. In Episode 101 of the original "Naruto" series, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura have some goofy camaraderie for once. Even the ever-serious Sasuke is so intrigued by the idea of trying to get the great shinobi to take down his mask that he joins his teammates in hatching schemes to try to get beyond the veil. They finally get him to take it down to eat, only to have their view blocked, though the team at Ichiraku reacts to seeing Kakashi's apparently handsome jaw. Finally, Kakashi takes down his mask — only to revel another mask beneath it.

Well here it is, finally, in Episode 469 of "Naruto Shippuden." Yes, it's filler. And yes, you absolutely have to watch it just to see the great copycat ninja's face. 

And no, we won't reveal it here. 

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15 Naruto Filler Episodes That Don’t Deserve The Hate

If anime fans start watching a long-running series, or one inspired by a manga still being published, there's one thing they know for sure: there will be filler episodes. Filler episodes do, as their name implies, fill in the gaps between major storylines or, like with Naruto's The New Chunin Exams Arc, set during a time skip between series. They can even feature interesting anime-only characters, like Guren. Sometimes, however, this doesn't go over well with fans and filler episodes can be viewed as worthless by fans, even with incredibly popular shows like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto.

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Updated on September 2nd, 2021 by Amanda Bruce: Some fans might argue that it seems like there is more filler than canon in anime. That can be especially true when a series lasts for hundreds of episodes, as Naruto does. Filler episodes give fans a chance, however, to spend more time with sidelined favorite characters. That's the case with Naruto as characters like Shikamaru Nara and Kakashi Hatake find themselves with a large presence in filler episodes and they each deserve their moments to shine.

15 Road To Sakura

One of the few episodes in the series to tie into a Naruto movie, "Road To Sakura" actually references Naruto: Road To Ninja. The movie features Naruto and Sakura visiting a whole other version of their world, dubbed a genjutsu world, as it's hinted to be a hallucination. This episode, however, also hints that it's very real.

Much of the episode is spent with Ino trying to help Sakura jog her memory after she suspects the latter has amnesia. All of Sakura's memories of her friends, however, turn out to be the exact opposite of what they're really like, hinting at what that other world is like when Sakura reveals she isn't the Sakura that Ino knows and vanishes at the end of the episode. It certainly doesn't fit into the larger series continuity or provide the audience with any new information, but it's an enjoyable diversion for those who enjoy the movie.

14 Kidnapped! Naruto's Hot Spring Adventure

After Jiraiya and Naruto set out to retrieve Tsunade and bring her back to the village to become the new Hokage, they run into a slight complication. That complication involves a pair of gang members pursuing Tsunade to retrieve payment for her gambling debts.

The audience gets to see hints of the dynamic between Tsunade and Jiraiya as the two discuss their lives, but they also get to see just what lengths Shizune will go to in order to protect Tsunade. Shizune thinks Tsunade's gambling debts could lose her mentor the Hokage position, so she pretends to be Tsunade to take care of the situation herself. It's one of the funnier Naruto filler episodes while still expanding on the character dynamics.

13 A New Formation: Ino-Shika-Cho!

Team 10 is a fan favorite, especially Shikamaru Nara and his relatable character arc, so any filler with the group at the center is usually pretty well received. This particular episode features Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji acting as the distraction, fighting an enemy while Naruto goes off to complete a mission.

Traditionally, the Yamanaka, Nara, and Akimichi clans all team up, so the three characters have presumably been working together for a while off-screen. That's part of what makes watching their fight so fun. Even though they're still learning, they work together a bit more smoothly than anyone else, and it's a nice preview of what's to come when the group ends up having to take on their fallen sensei in the Fourth Shinobi World War.

12 The Four Corner Sealing Barrier

This particular episode is actually part of one of the longest and best Naruto filler arcs. It features the anime-only character of Guren, a Crystal Release user who has a skill unique to the anime, encasing her enemies in crystals.

While the arc is a long one, this episode is where Gurne truly becomes conflicted about her role in Orochimaru's plans. She isn't willing to sacrifice the child she's been caring for and is no longer truly interested in becoming a vessel for Orochimaru either. It's the kind of chapter in the anime that allows the audience to see that not everyone who finds themselves working with Orochimaru is actually one of the villains, just caught in a bad situation.

11 Sealed Sand: The Counterattack!

Like Team 10, the Sand Siblings are fan favorites. Much of their inclusion in the anime is in non-filler episodes, but there is an arc that sees members of the Konoha 11 have to team up with the siblings to save one of their own. That's when this particular episode occurs.

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It's always interesting to see different combinations of team-ups. Here, Shikamaru, Temari, Kiba, and Kankuro have to work together to save Gaara (who is attempting to save his student), and they're eventually joined by Lee and Naruto. While Temari and Shikamaru would go on to work together a lot, the rest of the characters don't team up nearly as often as fans might like, so it's a nice diversion from the usual team-ups.

10 Follow My Lead! The Great Survival Challenge

Quite a few Naruto filler episodes tease the future relationship of mentor-mentee between Naruto Uzumaki and the fifth Hokage's grandson Konohamaru Sarutobi. This filler episode is one of them as it places the young shinobi in Naruto's Academy class in charge of younger shinobi teams for a training exercise.

Naruto is the leader of Konohamaru's group, and though he doesn't have all of the answers as he works with them, the team bands together to help their leader. It's also fun to see other young ninjas, like Rock Lee, enjoy being sensei for the day.

9 Laughing Shino

When Naruto's anime writers focus on comedy, they excel. Most fans wouldn't expect Shino to appear in one of, arguably, the funniest filler episodes of the series.

Shino and Naruto go on a mission that involves standing in for a man at a relative's funeral. The catch is that the man won't get his inheritance if he laughs during the service, which is why Shino in particular is chosen. Unfortunately, Shino is poisoned on the mission with a substance that leaves him unable to control his laughter, and Naruto is left attending the funeral alone and repeatedly tempted to laugh at the antics of the man's relatives. It's fun for the audience to see another side of Shino, and see Naruto attempt to get serious.

8 Multiple Traps! Countdown To Destruction

A lot of the filler episodes involve Naruto befriending characters the audience never sees again. In this particular instance, however, his new friend is an older man named Gennō that Naruto comes to believe is out to destroy Konoha.

Naruto and his friends face off against Gennō, and the older man eventually loses his life. It's a fruitless battle, however, as it turns out he had no intention of actually destroying the village but was really just playing a game - creating a scavenger hunt. It's pretty dark and acts a bit as commentary on the cycle of war and violence present in the series, making it unique amongst the Naruto filler.

7 Run! The Curry Of Life

This episode sees the always interesting filler team-up of Naruto, Neji Hyuga, and Rock Lee. In it, the three are incapacitated during a fight and need a special recipe curry to revive them.

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Unfortunately, the curry doesn't work on Neji since he can't tolerate spicy food, so he spends the episode out of commission. It does, however, work really well on Lee - along with the bottle of wine spilled in the curry while it was cooking. It spotlights the rarely seen Drunken Fist fighting style with Lee, giving some screen time to a fan favorite in a unique story.

6 Gotta See! Gotta Know! Kakashi Sensei's True Face

For any fan who wonders what Kakashi Hatake really looks like, this is the episode for them. Since Kakashi always wears a face-covering in public, his students start to wonder why. They want to know what's under the covering.

As the episode unfolds, the kids come up with elaborate ways to uncover Kakashi's face as well as speculate about just what's covered up. Kakashi eventually takes pity on them and uncovers his face to reveal another mask underneath, much to his own amusement. It's one of the most amusing amongst the best of Naruto filler episodes.

5 Blaze Away, Byakugan! This Is My Ninja Way

One filler arc after Sasuke defects from Konoha involves Naruto teaming up with Hinata, Shino, and Kiba to find a rare beetle that can detect Sasuke's scent. This particular episode lands in the middle of the arc and finally gives Hinata Hyuga her due.

Hinata is one of the shyest anime characters to ever exist. Her own anxieties tend to get the better of her despite how much training she puts in. Here, Hinata perfects her very own new technique with the aid of her Byakugan and uses it to save Naruto, Kiba, and Shino. It's one of the few times she gets to show just how strong she really is.

4 The New Chunin Exams Arc

The longer name of this particular arc is "In Naruto's Footsteps: The Friend's Paths." It covers nearly 20 episodes, and it's hard to pick just one. Which episode is worthwhile depends on just which character the audience member is most interested in.

That's because this arc is set during the time skip between the two Naruto series. While Naruto is away training with Jiraiya, his friends take their Chūnin Exams again. The exams, however, are a joint effort by Suna and Konoha to lure out the Akatsuki. It allows all of Naruto's former classmates a chance to shine, brings back the Sand Siblings, and explores new dynamics as Sakura Haruno has to take her exams with Ino and Choji since they're down a teammate and she's down two.

3 Genjutsu Or Reality?

This episode is set in the middle of a filler arc focusing on Kurenai Yuhi. The sensei of Team 8, Kurenai is mostly a background character - even when it's eventually revealed that she's pregnant with Asuma's child at the time of his death. This arc fleshes her out a bit, but she's still not a huge player in it. Instead, this episode messes with the heads of Naruto and his friends as well as the viewer.

When Naruto, Sakura, and Team 8 arrive in Konoha, they find their village destroyed. As it turns out, they're actually caught up in a massive genjutsu that envelopes the entire village. They have to find a way out to get to Kurenai. It's the first time the audience sees a genjutsu of this magnitude and it really sets the stage for the Infinite Tsukuyomi's effect in the final season.

2 A Clash Of Fate: You Can't Bring Me Down!

This episode brings the series full circle. It provides for some pretty lovely parallels to the beginning of Naruto's journey.

For one thing, it features the return of Mizuki. Mizuki is the first villain Naruto encounters at the start of the anime and the person his first teacher, Iruka, saves him from. Naruto has the chance to return the favor as he and Iruka battle Mizuki. Naruto saves Iruka's life and the two are eventually able to stop him.

1 Kakashi's Anbu Arc

Much like the arc concerning the new round of exams, it's difficult to pick just one episode of this arc that stands out. It's entirely devoted to Kakashi's wild backstory from before season one of Naruto, but it gives the audience so much more than that. Plenty of fans would consider this some of the best Naruto filler episodes.

There are more explanations as to just how the Anbu work, there are hints at Yamato's backstory, and there are also more hints at Itachi and Orochimaru's pasts. This arc is dark and allows the audience to better understand the man Kakashi is before he becomes the teacher for Team 7 when the series begins, but it also fills in a lot of the gaps in the series' history.

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New Team Kakashi!Manga Canon2007-11-1535An Unnecessary AdditionManga Canon2007-11-2236The Fake SmileManga Canon2007-11-2937UntitledManga Canon2007-11-2938SimulationManga Canon2007-12-0639The Tenchi BridgeManga Canon2007-12-1340Nine-Tails UnleashedManga Canon2007-12-2041The Top-Secret Mission BeginsManga Canon2007-12-2042Orochimaru vs. JinchurikiManga Canon2008-01-1043Sakura's TearsManga Canon2008-01-1744The Secret of the Battle!Manga Canon2008-01-2445The Consequences of BetrayalMixed Canon/Filler2008-01-3146The Unfinished PageManga Canon2008-02-0747Infiltration: The Den of the Snake!Manga Canon2008-02-1448BondsManga Canon2008-02-2849Something Important...Mixed Canon/Filler2008-03-0650The Picture Book's StoryMixed Canon/Filler2008-03-1351ReunionManga Canon2008-03-2052The Power of the UchihaManga Canon2008-03-2053TitleManga Canon2008-04-0354NightmareMixed Canon/Filler2008-04-0355WindManga Canon2008-04-1756SquirmingMixed Canon/Filler2008-04-2457Robbed of SleepFiller2008-05-0858LonelinessFiller2008-05-0859A New EnemyFiller2008-05-1560ImpermanenceFiller2008-05-2261ContactFiller2008-05-2962TeammateFiller2008-06-0563The Two KingsFiller2008-06-1964The Jet-Black Signal FireFiller2008-07-0365Lockdown of DarknessFiller2008-07-0366Revived SoulsFiller2008-07-1067Everyone's Struggle to the DeathFiller2008-07-2468Moment of AwakeningFiller2008-07-3169DespairFiller2008-07-3170ResonanceFiller2008-08-0771My FriendFiller2008-08-1472The Quietly Approaching ThreatManga Canon2008-08-2173Akatsuki's InvasionManga Canon2008-08-2874Under the Starry SkyManga Canon2008-09-0475The Old Monk's PrayerManga Canon2008-09-1176The Next StepManga Canon2008-09-2577Climbing SilverManga Canon2008-09-2578The JudgmentManga Canon2008-10-0279Unfulfilled ScreamManga Canon2008-10-0280Last WordsManga Canon2008-10-1681Sad NewsManga Canon2008-10-2382Team TenManga Canon2008-10-3083Target: Locked OnManga Canon2008-11-0684Kakuzu's AbilitiesManga Canon2008-11-1385Terrifying SecretManga Canon2008-11-2086Shikamaru's GeniusManga Canon2008-12-0487When You Curse Someone, You Dig Your Own GraveManga Canon2008-12-0488Wind Style: Rasen Shuriken!Manga Canon2008-12-1189The Price of PowerMixed Canon/Filler2008-12-1890A Shinobi's DeterminationMixed Canon/Filler2008-12-2591Orochimaru's Hideout DiscoveredFiller2009-01-0892EncounterFiller2009-01-1593Connecting HeartsFiller2009-01-2294A Night of RainFiller2009-01-2995The Two CharmsFiller2009-02-0596The Unseeing EnemyFiller2009-02-1297The Labyrinth of Distorted ReflectionFiller2009-02-1998The Target AppearsFiller2009-02-2699The Rampaging Tailed BeastFiller2009-03-05100Inside the MistFiller2009-03-12101Everyone's FeelingsFiller2009-03-26102Regroup!Filler2009-03-26103The Four-Corner Sealing BarrierFiller2009-04-09104Breaking the Crystal StyleFiller2009-04-09105The Battle Over the BarrierFiller2009-04-16106Red CamelliaFiller2009-04-23107Strange BedfellowsFiller2009-04-30108Guidepost of the CamelliaFiller2009-05-07109Cursed Seal CounterattackFiller2009-05-14110Memory of GuiltFiller2009-05-21111Shattered PromiseFiller2009-05-28112A Place to Return ToMixed Canon/Filler2009-06-04113The Serpent's PupilManga Canon2009-06-11114Eye of a HawkManga Canon2009-06-18115Zabuza's BladeMixed Canon/Filler2009-06-25116Guardian of the Iron WallManga Canon2009-07-02117Jugo of the Northern HideoutManga Canon2009-07-09118Formation!Manga Canon2009-07-23119Kakashi Chronicles: A Boy's Life on the Battlefield, Part 1Manga Canon2009-07-30120Kakashi Chronicles: A Boy's Life on the Battlefield, Part 2Manga Canon2009-07-30121AssembleManga Canon2009-08-06122The HuntManga Canon2009-08-13123Clash!Manga Canon2009-08-20124ArtManga Canon2009-08-27125DisappearanceManga Canon2009-09-03126TwilightManga Canon2009-09-10127Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 1Mixed Canon/Filler2009-09-24128Tales of a Gutsy Ninja ~Jiraiya Ninja Scroll~ Part 2Mixed Canon/Filler2009-09-24129Infiltrate! The Village Hidden in the RainManga Canon2009-10-08130The Man Who Became GodManga Canon2009-10-08131Honored Sage Mode!Manga Canon2009-10-15132In Attendance, the Six Paths of PainManga Canon2009-10-22133The Tale of Jiraiya the GallantManga Canon2009-10-29134Banquet InvitationManga Canon2009-11-05135The Longest Moment...Manga Canon2009-11-19136The Light & Dark of the Mangekyo SharinganManga Canon2009-11-19137Amaterasu!Manga Canon2009-11-26138The EndManga Canon2009-12-03139The Mystery of TobiManga Canon2009-12-10140FateManga Canon2009-12-17141TruthManga Canon2009-12-24142Battle of UnraikyoManga Canon2010-01-07143The Eight Tails Vs. SasukeManga Canon2010-01-14144WandererFiller2010-01-21145Successor of the Forbidden JutsuFiller2010-01-28146The Successor's WishFiller2010-02-04147Rogue Ninja's PastFiller2010-02-11148Heir to DarknessFiller2010-02-18149SeparationFiller2010-02-25150The Forbidden Jutsu ReleasedFiller2010-03-04151Master and StudentFiller2010-03-11152Somber NewsManga Canon2010-03-25153Following the Master's ShadowManga Canon2010-03-25154DecryptionManga Canon2010-04-08155The First ChallengeManga Canon2010-04-08156Surpassing the MasterManga Canon2010-04-15157Assault On the Leaf Village!Manga Canon2010-04-22158Power to BelieveManga Canon2010-04-29159Pain Vs. KakashiManga Canon2010-05-06160Mystery of PainManga Canon2010-05-13161Surname Is Sarutobi! Given Name, Konohamaru!Manga Canon2010-05-20162Pain to the WorldManga Canon2010-05-27163Explosion! Sage ModeManga Canon2010-06-03164Danger! Sage Mode Limit ReachedManga Canon2010-06-10165Nine Tails, Captured!Manga Canon2010-06-17166ConfessionsManga Canon2010-06-24167Planetary DevastationManga Canon2010-07-01168Fourth HokageManga Canon2010-07-15169The Two StudentsManga Canon2010-07-22170Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage's Legacy, Part 1Filler2010-07-29171Big Adventure! The Quest for the Fourth Hokage's Legacy, Part 2Filler2010-07-29172MeetingManga Canon2010-08-05173Origin of PainManga Canon2010-08-12174Tale of Naruto UzumakiManga Canon2010-08-19175Hero of the Hidden LeafManga Canon2010-08-26176Rookie Instructor IrukaFiller2010-09-02177Iruka's OrdealFiller2010-09-09178Iruka's DecisionFiller2010-09-16179Kakashi Hatake, the Jonin in ChargeFiller2010-09-30180Inari's Courage Put to the TestFiller2010-10-07181Naruto's School of RevengeFiller2010-10-14182Gaara's BondFiller2010-10-21183Naruto: OutbreakFiller2010-10-28184Deploy! Team TentenFiller2010-11-04185Animal DistrictFiller2010-11-11186Ah, the Medicine of YouthFiller2010-11-18187Gutsy Master and Student: The TrainingFiller2010-11-25188Record of the Gutsy Ninja Master and StudentFiller2010-11-25189Sasuke's Paw EncyclopediaFiller2010-12-02190Naruto and the Old SoldierFiller2010-12-09191Kakashi Love SongFiller2010-12-16192Neji ChroniclesFiller2010-12-23193The Man Who Died TwiceFiller2011-01-06194The Worst Three-Legged RaceFiller2011-01-13195Team 10's TeamworkFiller2011-01-20196Drive Towards DarknessFiller2011-01-27197The Sixth Hokage DanzoManga Canon2011-02-10198Five Kage Summit's EveManga Canon2011-02-10199Enter the Five Kage!Manga Canon2011-02-17200Naruto's PleaManga Canon2011-02-24201Painful DecisionManga Canon2011-03-03202Racing LightningManga Canon2011-03-10203Sasuke's Ninja WayManga Canon2011-03-17204Power of the Five KageManga Canon2011-03-24205Declaration of WarManga Canon2011-03-31206Sakura's FeelingsManga Canon2011-04-07207The Tailed Beast vs. The Tailless Tailed BeastManga Canon2011-04-14208As One's FriendManga Canon2011-04-21209Danzo's Right ArmManga Canon2011-04-28210The Forbidden Visual JutsuManga Canon2011-05-05211Danzo ShimuraManga Canon2011-05-12212Sakura's ResolveManga Canon2011-05-19213Lost BondsMixed Canon/Filler2011-05-26214The BurdenManga Canon2011-06-02215Two FatesManga Canon2011-06-09216High-Level ShinobiManga Canon2011-06-16217The InfiltratorManga Canon2011-06-23218The Five Great Nations MobilizeManga Canon2011-06-30219Kakashi Hatake, The HokageManga Canon2011-07-07220Prophecy of the Great Lord ElderManga Canon2011-07-21221StorageManga Canon2011-07-28222The Five Kage's DecisionManga Canon2011-07-28223The Young Man and the SeaFiller2011-08-04224The Ninja of BenisuFiller2011-08-11225The Cursed Ghost ShipFiller2011-08-18226Battleship IslandFiller2011-08-25227The Forgotten IslandFiller2011-09-01228Fight! Rock Lee!Filler2011-09-08229Eat or Die! Mushrooms from HellFiller2011-09-22230Revenge of the Shadow ClonesFiller2011-09-29231The Closed RouteFiller2011-10-06232The Girls Get-TogetherFiller2011-10-13233Naruto's ImposterFiller2011-10-20234Naruto's Favorite StudentFiller2011-10-27235The Kunoichi of Nadeshiko VillageFiller2011-11-03236Friends You Can Count OnFiller2011-11-10237Ah, My Hero Lady Tsunade!Filler2011-11-24238Sai's Day OffFiller2011-12-01239The Legendary Ino-Shika-Cho TrioFiller2011-12-08240Kiba's DeterminationFiller2011-12-15241Kakashi, My Eternal Rival!Filler2011-12-22242Naruto's VowFiller2011-12-28243Land Ahoy! Is This the Island of Paradise?Manga Canon2012-01-05244Killer Bee and MotoiManga Canon2012-01-12245The Next Challenge! Naruto vs. The Nine Tails!!Manga Canon2012-01-19246The Orange SparkManga Canon2012-01-26247Target: Nine TailsManga Canon2012-02-02248The Fourth Hokage's Death MatchManga Canon2012-02-09249Thank YouManga Canon2012-02-09250Battle in Paradise! the Odd Beast vs. the Monster!Manga Canon2012-02-16251The Man Named KisameManga Canon2012-02-23252The Angelic Herald of DeathManga Canon2012-03-01253The Bridge to PeaceManga Canon2012-03-08254The Super Secret S-Rank MissionMixed Canon/Filler2012-03-15255The Artist ReturnsManga Canon2012-03-22256Assemble! Allied Shinobi Forces!Manga Canon2012-03-29257MeetingFiller2012-04-05258RivalsFiller2012-04-12259RiftFiller2012-04-19260PartingFiller2012-04-26261For My FriendManga Canon2012-05-03262War Begins!Manga Canon2012-05-10263Sai and ShinManga Canon2012-05-17264Secrets of the Reanimation JutsuManga Canon2012-05-24265An Old Nemesis ReturnsManga Canon2012-05-31266The First and Last OpponentManga Canon2012-06-07267The Brilliant Military Advisor of the Hidden LeafManga Canon2012-06-21268Battleground!Manga Canon2012-06-28269Forbidden WordsManga Canon2012-07-05270Golden BondsManga Canon2012-07-19271Road to SakuraFiller2012-07-26272Mifune vs. HanzoManga Canon2012-08-02273True KindnessManga Canon2012-08-09274The Complete Ino-Shika-Cho Formation!Manga Canon2012-08-09275A Message from the HeartManga Canon2012-08-16276Attack of the Gedo StatueManga Canon2012-08-23277Unison SignManga Canon2012-08-30278Medic Ninja in DangerManga Canon2012-09-06279White Zetsu's TrapFiller2012-09-13280Aesthetics of an ArtistFiller2012-09-20281The Allied Mom Force!Filler2012-09-27282The Secret Origin of the Ultimate Tag Team!Manga Canon2012-10-04283Two SunsManga Canon2012-10-11284Helmet Splitter: Jinin Akebino!Filler2012-10-18285User of the Scorch Style: Pakura of the Sand!Filler2012-10-25286Things You Can't Get BackFiller2012-11-01287One Worth Betting OnFiller2012-11-01288Danger: Jinpachi and Kushimaru!Filler2012-11-08289The Lightning Blade: Ameyuri Ringo!Filler2012-11-15290Power: Episode 1Filler2012-11-22291Power: Episode 2Filler2012-11-29292Power: Episode 3Filler2012-12-06293Power: Episode 4Filler2012-12-13294Power: Episode 5Filler2012-12-20295Power: Episode FinalFiller2013-01-10296Naruto Enters the BattleManga Canon2013-01-17297A Father's Hope, a Mother's LoveManga Canon2013-01-24298Contact! Naruto vs. ItachiManga Canon2013-01-31299The Acknowledged OneManga Canon2013-02-07300The Mizukage, the Giant Clam, and the MirageManga Canon2013-02-14301ParadoxManga Canon2013-02-21302Terror! the Steam ImpManga Canon2013-02-28303Ghosts from the PastFiller2013-03-07304The Underworld Transfer JutsuFiller2013-03-14305The VengefulFiller2013-03-21306The Heart's EyeFiller2013-03-28307Fade Into the MoonlightFiller2013-04-04308Crescent Moon NightFiller2013-04-11309The A-Rank Mission: Food Fight!Filler2013-04-18310The Fallen CastleFiller2013-04-25311Prologue of Road to NinjaFiller2013-05-02312The Old Master and the Dragon's EyeFiller2013-05-09313Rain Followed by Snow, with Some LightningFiller2013-05-16314The Sad Sun ShowerFiller2013-05-23315Lingering SnowFiller2013-05-30316The Reanimated Allied ForcesFiller2013-06-06317Shino vs. ToruneFiller2013-06-13318A Hole in the Heart: the Other JinchurikiFiller2013-06-20319The Soul Living Inside the PuppetFiller2013-06-27320Run, Omoi!Filler2013-07-04321Reinforcements ArriveManga Canon2013-07-18322Madara UchihaManga Canon2013-07-25323The Five Kage AssembleManga Canon2013-08-01324The Unbreakable Mask and the Shattered BubbleMixed Canon/Filler2013-08-08325Jinchuriki vs. Jinchuriki!Manga Canon2013-08-15326Four Tails, the King of Sage MonkeysManga Canon2013-08-22327Nine TailsMixed Canon/Filler2013-08-29328KuramaMixed Canon/Filler2013-08-29329Two-Man TeamManga Canon2013-09-05330Promise of VictoryMixed Canon/Filler2013-09-12331Eyes That See in the DarkMixed Canon/Filler2013-09-19332The Will of StoneManga Canon2013-09-26333The Risks of the Reanimation JutsuManga Canon2013-10-03334Sibling Tag TeamManga Canon2013-10-10335To Each Their Own LeafManga Canon2013-10-24336Kabuto YakushiManga Canon2013-10-31337The Izanami ActivatedManga Canon2013-11-07338Izanagi and IzanamiMixed Canon/Filler2013-11-14339I Will Love You AlwaysManga Canon2013-11-21340Reanimation Jutsu, Release!Manga Canon2013-11-28341Orochimaru's ReturnManga Canon2013-12-05342Secret of the Transportation TechniqueManga Canon2013-12-12343Who Are You?Manga Canon2013-12-19344Obito and MadaraManga Canon2014-01-09345I'm in HellManga Canon2014-01-16346World of DreamsMixed Canon/Filler2014-01-23347Creeping ShadowFiller2014-01-23348The New AkatsukiFiller2014-01-30349Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – A Mask That Hides the HeartFiller2014-02-06350Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Minato's DeathFiller2014-02-13351Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops: Hashirama's CellsFiller2014-02-20352Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops: The Rogue Ninja OrochimaruFiller2014-02-27353Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Orochimaru's Test SubjectsFiller2014-03-06354Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Their Own PathsFiller2014-03-06355Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – the Targeted SharinganFiller2014-03-13356Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – a Shinobi of the LeafFiller2014-03-20357Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – an Uchiha ANBUFiller2014-04-03358Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Coup D'ÉtatFiller2014-04-10359Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – the Night of the TragedyFiller2014-04-17360Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Jonin LeaderFiller2014-04-24361Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops – Squad SevenFiller2014-05-08362Kakashi's ResolveMixed Canon/Filler2014-05-15363The Allied Shinobi Forces JutsuManga Canon2014-05-22364The Ties That BindManga Canon2014-06-05365Those Who Dance in the ShadowsManga Canon2014-06-12366The All-KnowingManga Canon2014-06-19367Hashirama and MadaraManga Canon2014-07-03368Era of Warring StatesManga Canon2014-07-10369My True DreamManga Canon2014-07-24370Sasuke's AnswerManga Canon2014-07-31371HoleManga Canon2014-08-07372Something to Fill the HoleManga Canon2014-08-14373Team 7, Assemble!Manga Canon2014-08-21374The New Three-Way DeadlockManga Canon2014-08-28375Kakashi vs. ObitoManga Canon2014-09-04376The Directive to Take the Nine TailsFiller2014-09-11377Naruto vs. Mecha NarutoFiller2014-09-11378The Ten Tails' JinchurikiManga Canon2014-09-18379An OpeningManga Canon2014-09-25380The Day Naruto Was BornManga Canon2014-10-02381The Divine TreeManga Canon2014-10-09382A Shinobi's DreamManga Canon2014-10-16383Pursuing HopeManga Canon2014-10-23384A Heart Filled With ComradesManga Canon2014-10-30385Obito UchihaMixed Canon/Filler2014-11-06386I'm Always WatchingMixed Canon/Filler2014-11-13387The Promise That Was KeptManga Canon2014-11-20388My First FriendFiller2014-11-27389The Adored Elder SisterFiller2014-12-04390Hanabi's DecisionFiller2014-12-04391Madara Uchiha ArisesManga Canon2014-12-11392The Hidden HeartManga Canon2014-12-18393A True EndingManga Canon2014-12-25394The New Chunin ExamsFiller2015-01-08395The Chunin Exams Begin!Filler2015-01-15396The Three QuestionsFiller2015-01-22397One Worthy As A LeaderFiller2015-01-29398The Night Before the Second ExamFiller2015-02-05399Demon Desert SurvivalFiller2015-02-12400As a Taijutsu UserFiller2015-02-19401The UltimateFiller2015-02-26402Escape vs. PursuitFiller2015-03-05403Unwavering GutsinessFiller2015-03-12404Tenten's TroublesFiller2015-03-19405The Imprisoned PairFiller2015-03-26406The Place Where I BelongFiller2015-04-02407The Yamanaka Clan: Secret NinjutsuFiller2015-04-09408The Cursed PuppetFiller2015-04-16409Their BacksFiller2015-04-23410The Hidden Plot Set Into MotionFiller2015-04-30411The Targeted Tailed BeastFiller2015-05-07412Neji’s JudgementFiller2015-05-14413Hopes Entrusted to the FutureFiller2015-05-21414On the Brink of DeathManga Canon2015-05-28415The Two MangekyoMixed Canon/Filler2015-06-04416The Formation of Team MinatoFiller2015-06-11417You’ll Be My BackupFiller2015-06-25418The Blue Beast vs Six Paths MadaraManga Canon2015-07-02419Papa's YouthMixed Canon/Filler2015-07-09420The Eight Inner Gates FormationManga Canon2015-07-23421The Sage of the Six PathsManga Canon2015-07-30422The One Who Will InheritFiller2015-08-06423Naruto's RivalFiller2015-08-06424To Rise UpManga Canon2015-08-13425The Infinite DreamManga Canon2015-08-20426The Infinite TsukuyomiMixed Canon/Filler2015-08-27427To the Dream WorldFiller2015-09-03428Where Tenten BelongsFiller2015-09-03429Killer Bee Rappuden, Part 1Filler2015-09-10430Killer Bee Rappuden, Part 2Filler2015-09-17431To See That Smile, Just One More TimeFiller2015-09-24432The Loser NinjaFiller2015-10-01433The Search MissionFiller2015-10-08434Team JiraiyaFiller2015-10-15435Order of PriorityFiller2015-10-22436The Masked ManFiller2015-11-05437The Sealed PowerFiller2015-11-12438The Rules or a ComradeFiller2015-11-19439The Child of ProphecyFiller2015-11-26440The Caged BirdFiller2015-12-03441Returning HomeFiller2015-12-10442The Mutual PathFiller2015-12-17443The Difference in PowerFiller2015-12-24444Leaving the VillageFiller2016-01-14445PursuersFiller2016-01-21446CollisionFiller2016-01-28447Another MoonFiller2016-02-04448ComradeFiller2016-02-11449The Shinobi UniteFiller2016-02-18450RivalFiller2016-02-25451Itachi's Story - Light and Darkness: Birth and DeathMixed Canon/Filler2016-03-03452Itachi's Story - Light and Darkness: the GeniusMixed Canon/Filler2016-03-10453Itachi's Story - Light and Darkness: The Pain of LivingMixed Canon/Filler2016-03-17454Itachi's Story - Light and Darkness: Shisui's RequestMixed Canon/Filler2016-03-24455Itachi's Story - Light and Darkness: Moonlit NightMixed Canon/Filler2016-04-07456Itachi's Story - Light and Darkness: the Darkness of the AkatsukiMixed Canon/Filler2016-04-14457Itachi's Story - Light and Darkness: PartnerMixed Canon/Filler2016-04-21458Itachi's Story - Light and Darkness: TruthMixed Canon/Filler2016-04-28459She of the Beginning Manga Canon2016-05-05460Kaguya OtsutsukiMixed Canon/Filler2016-05-12461Hagoromo and HamuraMixed Canon/Filler2016-05-19462A Fabricated PastMixed Canon/Filler2016-05-26463The No. 1 Most Unpredictable NinjaManga Canon2016-06-02464Ninshū: The Ninja CreedFiller2016-06-09465Ashura and IndraFiller2016-06-16466The Tumultuous JourneyFiller2016-06-30467Ashura's DecisionFiller2016-07-07468The SuccessorFiller2016-07-21469A Special MissionMixed Canon/Filler2016-07-28470Connecting ThoughtsManga Canon2016-08-04471The Two of Them...AlwaysMixed Canon/Filler2016-08-11472You Better...Mixed Canon/Filler2016-08-18473The Sharingan RevivedManga Canon2016-08-25474CongratulationsManga Canon2016-09-01475The Final ValleyManga Canon2016-09-08476The Final BattleManga Canon2016-09-29477Naruto and SasukeManga Canon2016-09-29478The Unison SignMixed Canon/Filler2016-10-06479Naruto Uzumaki!!Mixed Canon/Filler2016-10-13480Naruto and HinataFiller2016-10-20481Sasuke and SakuraFiller2016-10-27482Gaara and ShikamaruFiller2016-11-03483Jiraiya and KakashiFiller2016-11-10484Sasuke’s Story - Sunrise, Part 1: The Exploding HumanManga Canon2016-12-01485Sasuke's Story - Sunrise, Part 2: ColiseumManga Canon2016-12-08486Sasuke’s Story - Sunrise, Part 3: FuushinManga Canon2016-12-15487Sasuke’s Story - Sunrise, Part 4: The KetsuryuganManga Canon2016-12-22488Sasuke’s Story: Sunrise, Part 5: The Last OneManga Canon2017-01-05489Shikamaru’s Story, A Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 1: The State of AffairsManga Canon2017-01-12490Shikamaru’s Story, a Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 2: Dark CloudsManga Canon2017-01-19491Shikamaru’s Story, a Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 3: RecklessnessManga Canon2017-01-26492Shikamaru’s Story, a Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 4: Cloud of SuspicionManga Canon2017-02-02493Shikamaru’s Story, a Cloud Drifting in the Silent Dark, Part 5: DawnManga Canon2017-02-09494Hidden Leaf Story, the Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 1: Naruto’s WeddingManga Canon2017-02-16495Hidden Leaf Story, the Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 2: A Full-Powered Wedding GiftManga Canon2017-02-16496Hidden Leaf Story, the Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 3: Steam and Food PillsManga Canon2017-02-23497Hidden Leaf Story, the Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 4: the Kazekage’s Wedding GiftManga Canon2017-03-02498Hidden Leaf Story, the Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 5: The Last MissionManga Canon2017-03-09499Hidden Leaf Story, the Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 6: The Outcome of the Secret MissionManga Canon2017-03-16500Hidden Leaf Story, the Perfect Day for a Wedding, Part 7: The MessageManga Canon2017-03-23

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BORUTO Filler List - Filler episodes to skip in Boruto

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