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Energy Efficient By Design

Today’s homebuyer expects energy efficiency. Impresa Modular prides itself in producing the most energy efficient home possible. Currently an Energy Star partner, Impresa Modular offers many features as standard that meets or exceeds current Energy Star, LEED, and Green Building Standards.  Impresa Modular allows you, the customer, the choice to enhance any of our modular homes to meet the requirements for the program of your choosing. If it’s an optional Energy Star Certified home you require, Impresa Modular will engage a third party Energy Star rater to guarantee your new home meets or exceeds the present requirements mandated by Energy Star.

Modern modular construction means less homeowner headaches. Indoor construction in a controlled environment means exterior finishes are completed last, instead of first. We can build your new home from the inside out, the opposite of conventional outdoor construction. What this means to you is that the building envelope of your new home can be constructed to be super energy efficient. This just comes standard with modular homes and their construction process. Increased insulation, better sealants, and the use of advanced materials are just a few of the reasons to adopt the worry-free benefits of modular construction for your new home.

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Small homes building company opening in Butte wants to help state's affordable housing crisis

BUTTE — A new company opening in Butte that creates small, factory-built homes hopes to be part of the solution to Montana’s growing affordable housing problem.

“So we are trying to bring something to market that isn’t there and create some housing equity for people that are being shut out of the housing market and out of the rental market right now,” said Foothold Co-founder Hannah Van Wetter.

Foothold is a public-benefit corporation started in Bozeman and is opening in Butte’s Montana Connections Park this summer. It builds modular homes in six sides from 600 square feet up to 1,800 square feet.

“We aim to create a product that uses less waste, so creating something that can really efficiently utilize all of your cuts of lumber is great. Saves you money,” said Van Wetter.

Butte Chief Executive J.P. Gallagher said Foothold will be a benefit to Butte in dealing with affordable housing. He plans to hold meetings in the near future to find more ways in dealing with this issue.

“We want to make sure that we’re addressing those needs ahead of time before that hits us and we’re playing catch-up, and I think we’re seeing that in Bozeman, they’re having to try and figure out how to address those housing needs,” said Gallagher.

The Butte Housing Authority said affordable housing is a major issue in Butte, in fact, they have clients on their waiting list for up to a year and a half.

“Like success for us is making a tangible difference to Montanans and to people that live in Butte and to people that live in Deer Lodge and these sort of small communities and people are either not able to enter the housing market and buy their first home or they aren’t able to find a place to live at all,” said Van Wetter.

Small homes building company opening in Butte wants to help state's affordable housing crisis

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Manufactured homes in Montana

Typical Investor funded projects


 Project Cost                                                                $160,000

   Includes Land (40,000) + Home (90,000) + Home Installation (30.000)

LESS Buyer Down Payment                                           (20,000)

Balance                                                                         140,000

Management fee (10% of balance)                                14,000

Investor capital (70% of balance = 61% LTV)                 98,000

Home Nation capital (30% of balance)                          42,000

Net to Investor at Buyer’s loan closing in

approximately 90 - 120 days

(50% of Management fee)                                             $7,000



Project Cost(See VA loan pre approval here)                267,000

Less Buyer down payment                                             (1,000)

Management fee(@10%)                                               26,000

Investor capital (@70% = 63% LTV)                              187,000

Home Nation capital (@30%)                                         80,000

Net to Investor at loan closing in

approximately 90 - 120 days

(50% of Management fee)                                             $13,350


Washington Ready-to-Move (RTM) Walkthrough

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Here's why modular homes are more popular than ever! This floorplan has my heart! Modular Home Tour

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