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Mr Cool MrCool Condenser Wall Bracket for 24K & 36K Systems

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Temperature control for thousands less
Because of the MRCOOL DIY®

Your Space At The Perfect Temperature

The only ductless air conditioning and heating unit that is easy to install for thousands less than a conventional HVAC system. MRCOOL DIY® even adjusts the temperature to the perfect degree wherever you are in your room.

Patented Easy DIY® Installation

Pre-Charged Ra Quick Connect Lineset

Wireless Mini-Stat

Corrosion Resistance


with Single Zone DIY® Mini-Splits

- The New MRCOOL® Wireless Mini-Stat Smart App Controller -

Learn More

Temperature Control
Down To The Degree

Easily control the temperature of your space from your phone or with the included remote control. The temperature adapts based on where you are in the room.

Quick Connect
No Expensive Tools Necessary

With our simple quick connect lines, you'll be able to install your MRCOOL DIY® without needing specialized training or expensive tools.

Mount & Connect
Easy Mount System

Getting your MRCOOL DIY® system mounted and ready to go is a snap away. Using our easy mount system you'll be ready to go in minutes instead of days.

Pick the perfect MRCOOL DIY® for your space

Every space is a little different. Whether your space is big or small we have the perfect MRCOOL DIY® so you can be totally comfortable in your space.


Cool / Heat up to sqft.

  • Easy DIY Install

  • 7-year Compressor Warranty and 5-year Parts Warranty

  • Fast Shipping and Easy Returns


Cool/heat up to sqft.

  • Easy DIY Install

  • 7-year compressor warranty and 5-year parts warranty

  • Fast Shipping and Easy Returns


Cool/heat up to sqft.

  • Easy DIY Install

  • 7-year compressor warranty and 5-year parts warranty

  • Fast Shipping and Easy Returns


Cool/heat up to sqft.

  • Easy DIY Install

  • 7-year compressor warranty and 5-year parts warranty

  • Fast Shipping and Easy Returns

Need an Option for Multiple Rooms?

Check out the NEW MRCOOL DIY® Multi-Zone Systems


No-pressure peace of mind.

Rest easy with MRCOOL DIY's 30 Day Money Back satisfaction guarantee, premium 7-year compressor warranty, 5-year parts warranty, and Energy Star certification.

7 year compressor warranty
7-Year Compressor Warranty
5 year parts warranty
5-Year Parts Warranty
fast and easy
Fast Shipping & Easy Returns*
ahri certified
AHRI Certified

* There will be a 15% restocking fee for accepted returns 30 days after the purchase date

Why people love MRCOOL DIY®

No duct work needed.

MRCOOL DIY doesn't require any expensive ductwork. Simply mount, connect, and enjoy.

Degree Temperature Control

Control the temperature of your space down to the degree using MRCOOL DIY's sensor technology.

DIY Install

Simply install MRCOOL DIY without the need for expensive tools or specialized training.

I use it to cool down a square foot living area and from the start up to comfortable cool takes five minutes. I can honestly say it's the best air conditioner I ever installed for myself. I'm 72 years old and I installed it myself.


Let’s compare.

May the best AC & Heating system win.

No Duct Work

MRCOOL DIY® is ductless. This allows you to quickly install the MRCOOL DIY® unit into your space even if you don't have duct work in place. Avoid buying expensive tools and install it yourself.

Requires Expensive Ductwork

Conventional HVAC work requires installing expensive ductwork in your house, and ductwork repairs. This work typically costs thousands of dollars.

Cost Effective Equipment

From the start of your project to cooling your home, we will ensure that you are up and running with quality equipment, great cost savings and minimal effort.

Expensive Equipment & Utility Costs

HVAC equipment is expensive and often isn't optimized for utility costs. Don't be surprised if HVAC equipment runs you into the thousands of dollars even before installation fees and monthly utility costs.

DIY Installation

Simply follow instructions and install MRCOOL DIY® yourself in hours. No need to for specialized training or expensive tools.

Expensive Installation

Installing an HVAC system often requires several days of work and thousands of dollars in professional installation costs.

Not sure what size you need?

Every space is a little different. Whether your space is big or small we have the perfect MRCOOL DIY® so you can be totally comfortable in your space.


Cool / Heat up to sqft.

  • Easy DIY Install

  • 7-year Compressor Warranty and 5-year Parts Warranty

  • Fast Shipping and Easy Returns


Cool/heat up to sqft.

  • Easy DIY Install

  • 7-year compressor warranty and 5-year parts warranty

  • Fast Shipping and Easy Returns


Cool/heat up to sqft.

  • Easy DIY Install

  • 7-year compressor warranty and 5-year parts warranty

  • Fast Shipping and Easy Returns


Cool/heat up to sqft.

  • Easy DIY Install

  • 7-year compressor warranty and 5-year parts warranty

  • Fast Shipping and Easy Returns

Join thousands enjoying their space in comfort.

Over 1, verified customer reviews

This was the best purchase and project I've ever done

This was the best purchase and project I've ever done! That's why this is the first review I've ever taken the time to submit. Fantastic product - and the packaging was amazing.

Install is a couple of hours, not hundreds of dollars

I own 6 total mini-split units. All of the others I had to pay a licensed HVAC person to install them costing an additional $ per unit. This Unit I installed by myself in just a couple of hours and it was up and running and cooling my shop.


I had my doubts about these simple DIY units, but after installing two of them, one of which ran very well for the entire summer, I'm a convert now.

Your MRCOOL DIY® questions, answered.

What exactly is the MRCOOL DIY®?

A MRCOOL DIY® Series heat pump is the only ductless mini-split system on the market explicitly designed for amateur installation. You don't need special tools or training to install this high efficiency heat pump. The line sets precharged with RA refrigerant, the quick hook-up electrical connections, and the quality engineering mean just about anyone can install a MRCOOL DIY® in their home with no problem at all in only a few short hours. If you want great air comfort without paying an arm and a leg for installation, you want an easy-to-use MRCOOL DIY® Series ductless heat pump.

  • Unlike any other ductless heat pump on the market, the MRCOOL DIY® series is specifically designed for easy installation, the MRCOOL DIY® series comes with precharged line sets alleviating 1 major obstacle to amateur installation in a single stroke.
  • 7-year compressor warranty and 5-year parts warranty
  • DC inverter and variable speed compressor technology cuts operating costs
  • Refrigerant leakage detection ensures your system remains operating efficiently without degradation due to undetected corrosion
  • MRCOOL DIY® temperature compensation technology help keeps you comfortable in any weather conditions

Are the indoor and outdoor components included?

Yes, both the indoor wall mounted air handler and the outdoor condenser are included, along with the line set and communicating wire to connect the two units.

How efficient is this unit at low temperatures such as 20F?

So far the lowest temperature that I have experienced with this unit is -7 Celsius which is Fahrenheit and it was still making adequate heat but it was noted that there was a reduction in the heat output. You should have a supplemental or backup heat source if you live in an area where you experience consistent temps near or below freezing!

Does the inside unit come with mounting brackets?

Yes, and a nice template to drill the holes for the mounting bracket.

Does the system include the communication wire to connect the indoor to the outdoor unit?

Yes, every MRCOOL DIY® includes the communication wire to connect the air handler, the indoor unit, and the condenser, the outdoor unit.

You’ll spend over hours in your space this year.
Be Comfortable.

Shop now

How Many Areas / Rooms do You Need to Heat / Cool?

How Many Square Feet is Your Area / Room?

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DIY 27, BTU 22 SEER MRCOOL Dual Zone Heat Pump System 18+12 - Wall Mounted


Coming in as one of the first brands to offer a multi zone DIY mini split, MRCOOL offers the DIYHP-WMAHB wall mounted air handler for use in almost any installation need while providing a simple installation process. When paired with the proper installation materials, installation is fast, convenient, and cost-effective with MRCOOL’s DIYHP-WMAHB.


  • 12, BTU multi zone DIY wall mounted air handler
  • Generally suitable to cover a small room in ideal climates
  • Direct-from-manufacturer customer technical support available for all MRCOOL DIY units
  • % sealed and pre-charged system when installed with the right accessories
  • Energy Star certified
12, BTU

With a rated output of 12, BTU, the MRCOOL DIYHP-WMAHB wall mounted air handler can generally heat and cool a small room in ideal climates.
Please note that in order to function, this air handler must be installed with a compatible condenser, controllers, MRCOOL precharged line sets, and other installation equipment, available at an additional cost. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for details.


MRCOOL offers a 5 year parts and 7 year compressor warranty on their multi zone DIY units when installed following the installation instructions and registered online through the manufacturer.

With MRCOOL's WiFi compatibility built-in to each DIY air handler, you can control your home's comfort from anywhere in the world that you have Internet—across town or across the world. This WiFi is easily set up, further improving the ease of this unit's installation.

When paired with MRCOOL's easy-install precharged line sets and air handlers, the DIYHP-WMAHB is installation ready for almost any wall-mounted application. With no need to evacuate the line sets or add refrigerant, this unit can support multi-room heating and cooling without the expensive labor cost of a regular mini split. With this major obstacle out of the way, you will only need to follow the instructions for the unit and hard wire the condenser to power.

How-To: MRCOOL DIY Mini Split Installation (Step by step) / Garage has A/C!

Maintain curb appeal and protect your ductless mini-split condenser with a MrCool Condenser Wall Mounting Kit. Built for heavy condensers that can weigh up to pounds, this kit is strong, attractive, and easy to put together. It can attach securely to virtually any exterior home facade. Also compatible with other ductless condenser products.

Warranty Terms

For a full description of all warranties applicable to this product as well as individual manufacturer requirements, please review the manufacturer's consumer brochure and/or product warranty documents.  Online warranty registration must be completed within 60 days of installation.  Due to state laws, online registration is not required in California or Quebec. Call for warranty availability on scratch & dent and surplus items.

For additional warranty information, click here.

Installation of any product must comply with all applicable codes and regulations. The service of a certified and trained electrical technician may be required for the installation process.


Product Height (in)
Product Length (in)
Product Width (in)Adjustable
Weight (lbs)
California Residentssee Prop 65 WARNING


Q & A

Do you have questions about this product?

I see there is no back support bracket. Is this correct?

will the MBa mounting bracket work with a 3 ton DC Inverter / Condenser

Question by: Howard James on Sep 9, PM

Best Answer: The MDUO weighs lbs. The MBA can support up to lbs, so it could handle the weight of the MDUO

Kyle Davis Expert on Sep 9,

Can the bracket be installed upside down? I would like to attach it to my foundation block.

The manual for the MBA shows that it comes with a horizontal brace (bracket) between the 2 "L shaped arms. Mr. Cool did at one time have a MB (without the "A") and that had not horizontal brace (bracket) between the the "L" shaped arms. So my question is it the model # description wrong or are the pictures completely wrong. (i am looking for the MBA)

Also, if the unit you are selling is indeed the MBA, how adjustable are the "L" shaped arms left to right as far as distance between them?

The specs say " arm depth, the condenser is 18" deep, the picture shows a condenser mounted " from brick wall with only about 2" arm length in front of the condenser Doesn't add up to me 18"+4"+2"= 24" Is the pictured product different than what's described in specs? Asking because I'm tight on space and don't want " of arm hanging out in front. Is there a different wall mount system that's shallower? What's the required clearance behind the condenser?

Question by: Joel on Sep 16, AM

Best Answer: The listed specifications are correct. The picture is for demonstrative purposes. There is not a different wall mount for 24k and 36k ductless condensers. Refer to the appropriate installation manual for your preferred condenser to determine the manufacturer recommended clearances.

Kyle Davis Expert on Sep 18,

Can this be used for the MrCool 4/5 ton Universal series condenser?

i see the wall bracket for the mr cool k call is on backorder. is the condenser compatible with other brand brackets?

I'm planning to install 24K BTU unit on the ground floor of a garage studio space. I'd like to mount the condenser on a wall bracket so that I don't have it my driveway outside. Does the outside condenser unit need to be at a lower level than the inside wall mounted unit? In other words, if the indoor unit is 7 feet off the ground, can the outdoor condenser be mounted such that it is also 7 feet or maybe even slightly higher than that?

Can this be used for the 51k BTU models as well? It has the weight capacity (lbs) as the specs on that 51k condenser is lbs. But not sure if it would work since the condenser has a different layout.

Question by: Kris VanWagner on May 26, PM

Best Answer: Not sure which 51k model you're referring to, but you could use this for any condenser in the weight limit and that would abide by the condenser manufacturer's installation requirements.

Kyle Davis Expert on May 27,



Cool mount mr wall

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DIY Multi-Zone Ductless Mini Split AC \u0026 Heating System - MR Cool Install 2021

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