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Loveland’s City Council agreed to change the terms of an annexation southwest of U.S. 287 and 14th Street Southwest on Tuesday, encouraging (the city hopes) the redevelopment of the Kangaroo RV & Boat Storage property.

Imagined as part of a “Community Activity Center” in the city’s Comprehensive Master Plan, the 10.6-acre property in south Loveland today is home to the outdoor storage facility that was built shortly after the land was annexed in 2011.

Council members at the time placed conditions on the annexation, prohibiting the storage facility from operating beyond October 2031 and promising to yank city approval if ownership or the managing member of the developer, Robert Paterson, were to change.

But the developer and city staffers have since raised concerns that some of the conditions may be standing in the way of the property being sold and possibly redeveloped, with developer attorney Chuck Jacobs telling the council Tuesday that “we’ve had at least one contract … fail for that reason.”

“My client or some successor owner may very well envision commercial development someday,” he said. “They also have to underwrite it on the idea that it’s a meaningful investment for the use it is being put to now.”

Members of the Loveland Planning Commission supported a recommendation by the owner and staff in August that the conditions regarding ownership and Paterson’s involvement be removed, but parties disagreed on whether and how the time limit should be changed.

While the developer initially asked for the time limit to be taken out completely, Jacobs told the commission they would settle for a 20-year extension, which city planning staff also supported. The commission disagreed and did not recommend that the council extend the deadline.

However, council members voted 6-1 to grant a 10-year extension on Nov. 24, with Ward III councilor Steve Olson opposed, his wardmate John Fogle recusing and Ward I councilor Richard Ball absent. The council passed the amendment as a whole 7-0.

On Tuesday, council members discussed the future of the “Community Activity Center” southwest of 14th and 287.

Ward I councilor Rob Molloy, who chaired the Planning Commission in 2011, said that, at the time, the commission was concerned about the vista of parked vehicles that would be seen by travelers entering Loveland from the south.

He also brought up the housing developments being planned on nearby Derby Hill and said he was “apprehensive” about presenting homeowners a view with of the same.

“I’m concerned we’re providing an unfavor(able) look at the city,” he said.

Ward IV councilor Dave Clark said he understood Molloy’s concerns about keeping the 287 corridor attractive but also pointed out that Kangaroo RV & Boat Storage is surrounded by similar industrial-type development.

“The hope that this whole intersection would turn into a nice, developable, business kind of environment or a gateway to Loveland is way down the road, if ever,” he said.

In the comprehensive plan, which was updated earlier this year, the area immediately southwest of the intersection is designated as “Community Activity Center” and “Downtown Activity Center.” The primary use of the first designation, including where the storage facility is now, is given as “employment and civic uses anchored by large-format retail.”

Kangaroo RV & Boat Storage borders two storage facilities and Loveland Garden Center and Nursery currently.

The council voted 8-0 to amend the annexation agreement, with Fogle again recusing himself.

Sours: https://www.reporterherald.com/2020/12/22/council-allows-kangaroo-rv-boat-storage-to-continue-using-south-loveland-property-through-2041

Breckenridge Self Storage

Breckenridge Stor-N-Go provides self storage units right in Breckenridge, Colorado in the heart of Summit County! New self-storage, secure storage facilities with multiple unit sizes in a convenient location in Breckenridge across from 7-11 on County Road 450.

Call today: 970-453-2270

Breckenridge Stor-n-Go

Breckenridge Storage Services

  • Professional and accommodating staff with on-site manager.
  • Inside, outside drive-up storage.
  • Security includes surveillance systems with cameras monitoring all traffic and well lit common areas.
  • Specially designed interiors constructed by Janus Systems
  • Serving all of Summit County, conveniently located on the north side of Breckenridge.

Call today: 970-453-2270

Breckenridge Stor-N-Go Fly-Over:

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Dillon Valley West has a Storage Lot for storing boats, RV’s, ATV’s and all your other toys.

The Storage Lot is NOT free. If you are interested in leasing a space in the storage lot, contact Focus Property Management to check availability, then download the Storage Lot Lease Agreement from here, fill it out and either mail it to Focus Property Management or drop it off at their office in the clubhouse.

All units stored in the Dillon Valley West Storage Lot must be owned by a Dillon Valley West resident or property owner and must display a current DVW storage lot parking pass for identification purposes. Owners must be current on their HOA dues to rent a space. Non-owner residents must provide a copy of their lease and may not rent a space beyond the term of their lease.

The monthly rental fee is $50.00 per space and is due, in full, on 5th of every month. A $100.00 deposit is required for each space. If payment is not received within 45 days, Focus Property Management (FPM) will consider this to be an abandoned vehicle and you will be charged for towing and any additional costs. FPM will work closely with Basic Property Management to ensure all owners and tenants are current on their payments.

Summary of rental charges:
$500 for a year must be paid up front.
$250 for 6 months must be paid up front.
$50 a month
$25 a week

To provide the best possible access for all Storage Lot tenants, the front of the lot is reserved for smaller units such as utility trailers and pop-up campers, boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and the back of the lot are for medium or large units, no vehicles larger than 20’ may be stored in the DVW Storage Lot.

Only one (1) vehicle/unit may be stored in each space. No damaged or project vehicles, to include vehicles needing bodywork and/or mechanical work may be kept on the property. Exceptions are at the discretion of FPM.

If you wish to store a vehicle other than the one that was originally registered for your space, you must first contact FPM. This is both for identification purposes and to assure that your vehicle is appropriate for your assigned space.

FPM reserves the right to refuse storage of a vehicle other than the one originally registered if it is deemed to be too large for the space or trailers or vehicles needing repairs.

FPM reserves the right to reassign spaces at any time in order to assure that each tenant has equal access and turn-around room. FPM will work with owners as needed.

If you use a covering only grey, tan, dark green, brown or black tarps are allowed,
due to visibility from neighboring residents and roads, especially during the winter months.

All units must be parked within their assigned spaces, centered as much as possible so as not to encroach on adjoining spaces.

Cars left in your space while you are using your stored vehicle (for example, if you leave your car there while you take your camper on a trip) must display the current storage lot parking pass.

Subleasing of spaces is not permitted. Rental agreements will be terminated immediately for any tenant found to be subleasing their space or allowing its use by anyone other than the person to whom the space is registered.

Dillon Valley West home owners association, Focus Property Management, Basic Property Management will not be responsible for any damages to or theft of items stored within the area. All items must be covered by the owner’s insurance.

Sours: https://dillonvalleywest.net/ammenities/storage-lot

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