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AKA - Jad

The TzHaar Fight Caves is an Old School Runescape challenge in which you must battle through 62 waves of monsters and then defeat the Fight Cave&#;s final boss &#; TzTok-Jad.

Completing the fight caves awards one of the best melee capes in the game, the Fire Cape.

On release, the Fight Caves was for a very long time the most difficult challenge in Runescape. As time went on, new gear and more advanced tactics decreased the difficulty of the caves to the point that some veteran players can now complete the Fight Caves in under an hour using very few supplies, with powerful weapons like the Twisted Bow.

The most common tactic for completion of the Fight Caves is to use Ranged. Generally, players with 75 Ranged and above should be able to complete the Fight Caves with a bit of practice and a Toxic Blowpipe. This is a good challenge for new players who are looking to try out PVM in Old School Runescape.

At least 43 Prayer is highly recommended for all methods of completing the Fight Caves, as the full set of Protection prayers will be needed throughout.

Notable Drops

The Fight Caves - An Overview

The Fight Caves

The fight cave is the first difficult challenge for a med level. You&#;ve gotten maybe 70+ Range and you feel like you are ready to take on this huge challenge. I myself recently went through this, and have since done a second trip during a slayer task, this by no means necessary makes me an expert, but I figured I would share what knowledge I have, and hopefully others will share their knowledge in the subsequent comments in this thread. Knowledge that I gained from watching a lot of YouTube content especially the video[OSRS] In-Depth JAD Guide (Fast + Easy Fire Cape) by Seerz, which I have also used to write this overview. So if you prefer to watch a video, then I would strongly urge that you watch that.

Link to video:

What is it?

So first of all, what are the fight caves? The fight caves are a challenge that consists of 63 waves of increasing difficulty. The first wave consists of only a single weak &#;bat&#; while the final wave sees you facing off against the, for new players, challenging TzTok-Jad, or simply Jad for short.

The Fight Caves - An Overview px-TzTok-Jad


So first off all, the stat requirements, theoretically there are none, the fight caves have been done by players at all levels. However for my first kill I was 75 ranged and 65 defense.
I waited until I was able to purchase a Blowpipe, which not only made my attempts faster, it also just felt better.
You are also going to want AT LEAST 43 prayer for the overhead protection prayers. Ideally you want it to be a bit higher than that, as that allows Prayer pots and Restores to restore more prayer.

The Gear

Let's talk about the gear, and I figured I would show you the setup I used for when I first managed to complete it.

The Fight Caves - An Overview C5Ifk8ZL1S1bsAszhHya_v4S6utVOtnjiBbcoPd6tvUQceTkR8vs1SlOFuYRgOgLmPW9_gsH67yVI1R8XLK8TsRyM0kcBJH_CKfGzdgQI-2DWyb_BxzyWH0rT1daj2-VGZDW4

So let's break it down.

Head slot: Slayer Helmet (i)* > God d&#;hide helmet
Cape Slot: Ava&#;s Device, there really isn&#;t any substitution for this, except for a ranging cape.
Amulet slot: Necklace of Anguish > Fury > Glory
Blessing/Arrow slot: Rada&#;s blessing 4 > Any other blessing
Main Weapon: Blowpipe > Dragon Crossbow > Rune Crossbow (Seriously, buy the blowpipe)
Chest: Blessed D&#;Hide > Black D&#;hide - Karil&#;s also works, but the Blessed D&#;Hide is awesome for the prayer bonus.
Leg slot: Again, Blessed D&#;Hide is just awesome, for the prayer bonus - if you can&#;t wear it, Black D&#;hide or Karils again also works.
Gloves: Barrows Gloves > Blessed D&#;Hide Vambraces
Ring: Archers Ring (i) > Archers Ring (don&#;t be like me, imbue your rings)
Boots: Blessed D&#;Hide > Black D&#;Hide (If you for some reason have ranger boots and not Blessed D&#;Hide, use ranger boots)
 * Only use Slayer Helmet if you are on task

In the blowpipe adamant darts are more than sufficient, make sure you have a few thousand charges ready.

The Inventory

Your inventory is going to consist primarily of Saradomin Brews and Super Restores, you can also bring prayer potions.

A good start will be something like this:

The Fight Caves - An Overview D--TaQS1ijTF7dCe9VsHYu7eRe87yXzo0lrM5FTt_EGXLPEEZwLV0P3k8NDyudAaCs8m0KCYlTpFPbJ2XB0lNCtALBIf0slHrebNwAp7x70NlixC8kxxeu8EXDaL0RX3WiBtH

Edit: I completely forgot to add Bastion potions in the mix, I would probably drop a two Prayer Pots and put in two Bastion Potions instead, the Ranging bonus and defense bonus can come in very clutch!

Overall the inventory is very flexible, and you may change it as you try and fail to get through the caves, you might realise that you don&#;t need all the sara brews and can bring a few more prayer pots, or you might realise you need less prayer pots and more restores, it&#;s all up to how you feel is the best.

Now besides just potions there are a few items you can bring that will help you through the fight caves.

First let's get the expensive option out of the way.
The Saradomin Godsword (SGS for short) will help you restore life and prayer throughout the fight caves.
Secondly, if you&#;ve completed the Rum Deal quest you also have access to the holy wrench, it will allow for each prayer pot to restore just a little more prayer, making this a very useful item.

The Challenges you will face

You&#;ve now got your gear setup, let's talk about the different monsters you will face throughout the caves.

The Fight Caves - An Overview px-Tz-Kih

Tz-Kih (Lvl 22), or as I call them bats, are the weakest of all the enemies, the first one spawning at wave one and has a relatively low max hit of 4. However these guys drain prayer while they are meleeing you so these are of utmost priority to kill.

The Fight Caves - An Overview px-Tz-Kek_%28level_45%29

Tz-Kek (Lvl 45), or Blobs are the second weakest enemy, the first of which you will face on wave 3. They will melee hit you and have a max hit of 7, however they are very inaccurate and they are very low priority. They can also be used as a safe spot for one of the monsters I will mention later.

The Fight Caves - An Overview px-Tz-Kek_%28level_22%29

Also, Tz-Kek (Lvl 22), two of these spawn when you kill the red blob, again these are very weak and are not hugely important to kill, they have a max hit of 4.

The Fight Caves - An Overview px-Tok-Xil_%%29

Tok-Xil (Lvl 90), or the Rangers are the first dangerous mobs that spawn. These will spawn on wave 7. They can max hit up to 13 and can do a lot of damage quickly making them a relatively high priority to kill.

The Fight Caves - An Overview px-Yt-MejKot_%%29

Yt-Mejkot (Lvl ), or the Melee mobs are very dangerous and you should never let them hit you, as they can max hit up to a 25, but can also heal other monsters. You will be safespotting these most of the time.

The Fight Caves - An Overview px-Ket-Zek_%%29

Ket-Zek (Lvl ), the magers, the really dangerous foes, which can max hit up to a While these are up, you will always have Protect from Mage on as these can end a run very quickly if you get hit. They can also Melee, but ideally you will NEVER get in melee range of them.

The Fight Caves - An Overview px-TzTok-Jad

Big Boy TzTok-Jad, or simply Jad. This is why you are here, to defeat this monster at the end of a long fight. Has a massive Max hit of 97 and hits with all three combat styles. So how do we defeat him? Prayer flicking, and Nerve Control.

The Fight Caves - An Overview px-Yt-HurKot

Yt-HurKot, or healers, spawn when Jad reaches 50% and will heal Jad unless dealt with. We will get to that later.

How do the caves work?

So now you know what you will face, now we will get to the how. The caves consist of 63 increasingly difficult waves. The way the waves get tougher is that it adds one more monster each time. The way it does this is simple addition.

Wave 1: Level 22 Bat
Wave 2: 2x Level 22 Bat
Wave 3: Level 45 Blob
Wave 4: Level 45 Blob and Level 22 Bat
Wave 5: Level 45 Blob and 2x Level 22 Bat
Wave 6: 2x Level 45 Blobs
Wave 7: Level 90 Ranger

So these are just the first seven waves, but essentially it goes in cycles, and then the monsters &#;add up&#; to a bigger monster each wave. Once you start to recognize what monsters will come up next without looking up the waves, you will find that the caves will become a lot easier to deal with. At least up until the last few waves.
Here is a link to the Wiki, which has a complete wave layout:

The Essentials

So here are a few things you need to know. Between wave 1 and 14, the only time you need to pray is when the ranger is alive. Once he dies, you can turn off your prayer to preserve as much as you can.

On wave 15, the first melee mob spawns, use the rock (see below) to safespot him while you kill off the rest of the wave. If you need to, you can turn on protect from Melee and run through him, but only as long as you are sure that Mage can&#;t hit you. This can be difficult, and sometimes a precise flick to protect from melee and back to protect from mage can be required. You can also use the blobs to safe spot the melee mob, if you can get a blob between you and the melee mob, remember that if you kill the blob you will effectively have 2 barriers in front of you that you can use to safespot the melee mob..

The waves now repeat with a melee mob on every wave up to and including wave 30, once it dies you want to make sure you turn on protect from mage immediately as from now on you will be dealing with a mage all the way till the end. The only times you turn off protect from mage is when either the mage is dead or the mage is safespotted. It can be needed to quickly flick protect from melee to safespot a melee mob.

The Trick

Okay Viku, thanks, you&#;ve given me a layout of the monsters, but I can find all of this on the wiki, how does this help me beat the caves?

I will show you.

The Fight Caves - An Overview TrmrsqzrOISRrirpn_EfiYjQfp9QxAoYCuXv7mV14rwQCpfO6v77V3YWJCY6cJMjc8uIhzT-fgEW8sR-pvQV61nm7LG26BcerKa4jlxNDST-_SQgmmpgySJUqv6ya8-lZocLa0XE

That rock will be your rock. You can use this rock to safe spot all monsters. Start where the arrow is pointing every wave and the rangers and mages will mostly be in range when they start attacking. Melee coming right at you? Pray Melee and run through him and around the corner *BOOM* Safe spotted. Mage spawned on the opposite side? *BOOM* SAFEPOTTED!! Ranger out of range of the rock? Run to the other side of the rock and he will be coming straight to you! This rock is love, this rock is life and if you learn to use it, you will find that the waves become increasingly trivial.

Does this mean that it&#;s an automatic win? No, no it doesn&#;t, but it helps you to be able to &#;Solve&#; the puzzle that each wave inevitably is.

The only time you will leave the rock is wave 62 which is the wave before Jad, that will spawn 2 Mages.

Wave 62 and Wave 63 (Jad)

So you have now made it to wave 62 this is where the nerves are starting to set in. It&#;s important that once wave 62 starts you run to the middle and take note of where the Orange Mage spawns, this is where Jad will spawn. Kill the red Mage and get the orange Jad low, get to full prayer, turn on Rigour or Eagle Eye, and when you are ready kill it and Jad will spawn.

Big Boi Jad

Jad, oh the mighty Jad, you are so nervous you can barely keep it together. And that, is your biggest enemy. The easiest way to beat this fight is to try and be as relaxed as you can, though not too relaxed!!

Jad primarily uses two moves.

The first is where he rears up on his hind legs, his forelegs hanging in the air for a few moments. This indicates that he is using a mage attack and as soon as you see this you need to switch to the Protect from Mage prayer, failure to do so will most likely result in a quick death.

The second attack, Jad also lifts his forelegs, but this time he will slam them down quickly, this indicates that a ranged attack is incoming. Quickly switch to protect from ranged and you will also completely nullify this attack.

And that&#;s the hard part. Keeping your concentration, with the heart beating fast and making sure to switch those prayers. It&#;s not easy, you will most likely fail a few times, but that is okay.

Now when Jad hits 50% the 4 healers will spawn, these will rush to heal jad. You must attack these to take away their attention from Jad, I personally try to aggro all 4 of them and then kill them 1 by 1. If Jad gets healed to % he will spawn adds at 50% again, so it&#;s important that we don&#;t let Jad get back to %

And now you might be thinking &#;But Viku, this is insane, how am I supposed to do all of that and still keep flicking the prayers?&#;

Well I have a self imposed rule. 1 Prayer, 1 Action. Look at Jad, check what is doing and flick the prayer and then I do 1 action. The action can be attack a healer, OR drink 1 sip of brew, OR 1 sip of restore, OR 1 sip of prayer and then be ready to swap prayer again. (I STRONGLY recommend you use the F keys to swap between inventory and Prayers)

If you do this, you will find you have plenty of time to flick the prayers.


Alright so I think that's everything, as mentioned previously, I am by no means an expert, and it may be that I am way too early to make a guide like this, however recently I saw some clannies talking about going through or having trouble with the fight caves and I figured I would share my experience and how I went about it.

If I missed something, lets be honest I probably did, then feel free to reach out in the post below or directly to me.
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The TzHaar Fight Cave is among the hardest minigames in RuneScape. To fully complete this minigame, the player must have high Combat skills and effective equipment.

If the player clicks log out while fighting in the caves, they would automatically be logged out at the end of the wave. Logging out manually before that means they have to repeat the wave.

The general approach to the Fight Cave is by using Ranged. This will allow the player to trap monsters and attack them from a distance. Using Ranged gives by far the largest chance of success. Using only Melee is a more difficult method, which will give you a low chance of winning. A combination of Ranged and Guthan's equipment can be very strong and reduce/eliminate the need of food.

Playing this activity until the end takes a considerable amount of time and resources, requiring usually 2 hours of continuous playing and a considerable number of potions. The time taken to complete the waves can be an annoyance for high-levelled players that consistently fail to activate the correct protection Prayer in the final wave. While experienced players can take less than half an hour to reach Jad, beginners and those with low Ranged levels might struggle and take several hours to reach Jad.

Suggested skills

For the Fight Cave, there are no skill requirements. It is, however, recommended that the player has at least the following stats before attempting the Fight Cave. Recommended stats may vary according to the method of combat chosen. In addition to this, lower stats are still possible, assuming the player has experience in the Fight Cave.

If you decide to go with Melee, 94 Magic is advised (for Vengeance) but not needed.
Additionally, if you want to heal with Blood Blitz or Blood Barrage, 80 or 92 Magic is required respectively.
Also, if you decide to go with Broad bolts, 55 Slayeris required to use them.
Lastly, 75 Attackis required to wield all melee weapons up to godswords if intending to use.

Choosing your weapon

Toxic blowpipe.pngToxic blowpipe
Requiring 75 Ranged, the toxic blowpipe is very effective against all enemies in the fight caves. Despite being less accurate and having a smaller max hit than crossbows, the overall damage output is much higher due to its faster attack speed. In addition, the venom can add some extra damage on some of the higher levelled enemies. Mithril darts or higher are recommended.

Twisted bow.pngTwisted bow
Although extremely effective against Ket-Zek and Jad, the very high price of the twisted bow as well as its lower effectiveness against the lower level enemies make it a less viable option for most players. Nonetheless, if the player can afford it, it is definitely worth to bring along for the later half of the caves.

Rune crossbow.pngRune crossbow
The rune crossbow is a powerful and very cheap Ranged weapon. It is the fifth strongest tradeable and non-degrading crossbow requiring a Ranged level of 61 to use. It fires semi-slow but can hit high and is quite accurate. It fires bolts - for the Fight Cave, about adamant bolts or broad bolts are recommended. Furthermore, one can wield an Ava's accumulator in the cape slot when using this weapon, and the bolts can be picked up and reused, thus making this weapon a good choice.

Armadyl crossbow.pngArmadyl crossbow
The Armadyl crossbow is an alternative for people with 70 Ranged and wealth, and it is the best crossbow in RuneScape. It is slightly more accurate and shoots farther than a rune crossbow, meaning you can get through the Fight Caves a bit faster and safer. It also has a special attack, Armadyl Eye, which doubles the player's overall accuracy for one shot.

Karil's crossbow.pngKaril's crossbow
For players with 70 Ranged or higher, Karil's crossbow is an option. It has a Ranged attack bonus almost as high as the Rune crossbow. However, this weapon fires much faster - just as fast as a shortbow would hit. This weapon fires bolt racks instead of bolts. The max hit of this crossbow is less than a Rune crossbow, but it can still inflict the most damage per second of any non-PvP Ranged weapon. Downsides to using this weapon are that it is two-handed, the bolt racks disappear upon use, and the ammunition costs around gp per bolt rack. At 70 range take bolt racks per run to be safe.

Crystal bow.pngCrystal bow
Another Ranged weapon requiring the Roving Elvesquest, 70 Ranged to use, and 50 Agility as well, is the crystal bow. This bow degrades when used. When fully charged, it has a Ranged attack bonus surpassing that of the Rune crossbow. It is also faster, attacking with the speed of a longsword. It would be wise to take two fully charged bows into the Fight Cave. For every shots fired, the Crystal bow currently wielded will degrade, decreasing its stats. It is highly recommended to imbue your Crystal bow so its stats do not decrease as it degrades throughout the cave. After shots are fired, the bow will revert to a crystal seed. If one fires - shots and then swaps to the second bow, the second will degrade and the first one will still have the maximum stats. The player should switch back to the first bow, after another - shots, use the degraded bow to take in the next degradation, and repeat these steps. The price of using this weapon varies greatly since the more bows the player has recharged, the lower the price. This means this weapon will cost between and 72 coins per shot.

Guthan's warspear.pngGuthan's warspear
If the player chooses to use Guthan's equipment, they must take this weapon as well as the other set pieces for the set effect, Infestation, to activate. Successful attacks will have a chance of healing the player for the amount of damage they did. This can be very helpful as it will conserve a lot of potions. The warspear is, however, a melee weapon so one must come out of their safespot and run towards the monsters to use it. It is also two-handed, so no shield can be wielded alongside the spear. When one starts the Fight Cave with a full inventory and both a weapon and a shield equipped, the warspear can't be used until an inventory spot is freed up. The use of Guthan's warspear will actually take up 4 inventory spots, since the other pieces of Guthan's are also needed. Note that the set effect will only randomly activate, so one should not rely on restoring health with Guthan's when they have very few hit points left.

Saradomin godsword.pngSaradomin godsword
Higher levelled, wealthy players may find that the Saradomin godsword is a useful secondary weapon to bring into the caves. Level 75 Attack is needed to use the weapon. Its special attack, Healing Blade, will restore half the amount of damage they did to their Hitpoints and 1/4 to their Prayer points&#;and decrease the amount of potions needed. The special attack drains 50% of the special attack energy. Despite some of the lower levelled creatures having only 10 or 20 hit points, players can still heal the equivalent to what they would have hit should the given monster have had more health. Players will be able to use the special attack once per wave after roughly Wave The godsword should be used for its special attack only - for normal killing, the player should use a Ranged weapon. One good tactic is to kill the strong monsters first, and save a Tz-Kek for last to use the special attack on. Other godswords are, to a lesser extent, also useful in the Fight Cave.

Dragon halberd.pngDragon halberd
Only for players who have completed the Regicide quest, the Dragon halberd can be a cheap yet effective 'last resort' weapon for players who don't want to use Ranged and don't have a lot of money to spend. It is a melee weapon that can strike from two squares away out of range of the monsters' melee attacks. The halberd has a special attack, Sweep, that drains 30% of one's special attack energy. This attack can strike multiple opponents in multi-combat areas if they are lined up properly next to each other. Against large monsters, this special attack will hit twice. For some players, this could be a strong weapon; it may, however, be difficult to use - for example, if one has run on there is a change of ending up a little bit too close to a Ket-Zek, player could then get hit by it's melee attacks and quickly die.


The simplest method to use is the Ranged-only method. The Ranged-only setup involves using only Ranged all the way through to the end. This is, perhaps, harder than using Guthan's equipment as well as Ranged as more food and potions are required, and more damage is taken. However, it isn't very difficult to make it to the end using only Ranged, and it is a good alternative to people who don't want to use Guthan's. As the player will be taking more damage, it is highly recommended they maximise their&#;Defence bonus (especially against slash and Ranged to help defend against Tok-Xil and Yt-HurKot) as well as&#;Prayer and Ranged attack stats.


  • This method is cheap and simple.
  • No inventory slots will be occupied by armour pieces.


  • As you will require more potions to restore your HP, this method is usually harder than using Guthan's.
Slot Item (most effective → least effective)
OSRS Full Fight Cave Run (Add on to Fire Cape Guide)

This article is about the minigame in which players must defeat waves of TzHaar. For the minigame in which players fight against each other, see TzHaar Fight Pit.

This is a safe minigame.
If you die here, you will not lose any of your items.
Invasion plans.png
This article has a strategy guide here.

All information on mechanics and strategy will be on this page.

The TzHaar Fight Cave is an advanced area in RuneScape introduced in October It is a combat minigame in the outer area of Mor Ul Rek located within the Karamja volcano. Up until this update, the Kalphite Queen had been the most powerful of all creatures within RuneScape. However, the introduction of the TzHaar Fight Cave introduced 2 new monsters, the level Ket-Zek and the level TzTok-Jad, both of which are higher in level, and more powerful.


Deep under the ground of Karamja, a new species of creature has been discovered. To find the entrance to this underground city, players must go into the Crandor and Karamja Dungeon. Once there, players will see a cave, which leads to Mor Ul Rek.


Killing TzTok-Jad can be unlocked as a slayer task for slayer points at Duradel, Nieve or Chaeldar. Defeating waves of the fight caves gives 11, slayer xp. Jad gives another 25, xp. This totals out to 37, xp for all of the fight caves.


The residents here are much stronger than most places, which is to be expected from a race living inside a volcano, and have devised many tests of skill and strength. Some, like the TzHaar Fight Pit, are meant as tournaments between bold adventurers. However, the TzHaar Fight Cave pits adventurers against a succession of monsters, each harder than the last. The final boss is the immensely powerful level TzTok-Jad, but to get to him, players must battle past 6 other types of monsters ranging from level up to level

The monsters are in order of appearance:


Main article: TzTok-Jad

The goal of the Fight Cave is to reach and defeat the level TzTok-Jad, but that is extremely difficult to do, and is impossible for all but the most versed in combat tactics.

TzTok-Jad is the final monster encountered in the TzHaar Fight Cave Minigame. Examining the monster yields the discouraging message "This is going to hurt". TzTok-Jad is one of the highest level monsters in all of RuneScape, and those who are skilled enough to defeat it are able to obtain the fire cape, one of only a few animated capes, and the second-best cape for melee combat (after the infernal cape).

Tactical analysis

Main article: TzHaar Fight Cave/Strategies

Fire cape

If one is successful in defeating TzTok-Jad, they receive 8, Tokkul and the highly-coveted Fire cape. This cape has an animated "lava" pattern. The animation shows lava flowing downwards continually.

The Fire Cape is considered one of the best capes in RuneScape. It provides much more protection than the cape of legends and the obsidian cape, as well as slight offensive bonuses. It is, of course, not tradeable. The only capes better in any area are the infernal cape which provides all-around superior stats, the God capes which provide a higher magic attack bonus, Ava's attractor, accumulator or assembler for a higher ranged attack bonus, and the Ardougne cloak for prayer and offensive stab bonuses. A max cape also provides a plethora of useful perks albeit having the stats of a regular trimmed skill cape.

Previously, if a player defeated TzTok-Jad after obtaining a Fire cape, the player would receive 16, TokKul and nothing else, which was highly inadvisable due to the high cost of each trip. However, after an update, the Fire cape became a stackable item when placed in a player's bank, allowing players to receive another Fire cape if they dared to re-enter the caves.

Rewards for completing the Elite Karamja Diary include doubled Tokkul from the Fight Caves and one resurrection per day inside the Fight Caves.

Map & wave breakdown

Map breakdown

The TzHaar Fight Caves is mapped out on the right.

Monster spawn in waves with each wave getting progressively difficult. You can look below, under Wave breakdown, to see what monsters spawn in each wave.

One of the main safe spots is Italy Rock which is located on the eastern side of the arena. Standing directly on the western or southern wall of Italy Rock will make the level 45 Tz-Kek and level Yt-MejKot stuck on the corners. Italy Rock is a great location to camp during waves where you encounter those monsters.

The other two locations, Long Rock and Dragon Rock are also useful for safespots. Standing on the south side of the long rock or the west side of the dragon rock will lure all spawns to get stuck on them, except for the one that is immediately next to them.

Note:&#;As of the update on 20 August , there are no longer static spawns in the fight caves. However, there is still a pattern to let you predict spawn points, although not quite as easy to remember. When entering the caves, the game chooses a random spot in the following cycle: SE, SW, C, NW, SW, SE, S, NW, C, SE, SW, S, NW, C, S. At the start of each wave, move the spot one forward, wrapping if necessary. The game then spawns the monsters in descending combat level order, starting from that spot. Using this information you can position yourself for each new wave to do it as effectively as possible. When it comes down to the&#;TzTok-Jad&#;spawn, he will spawn where the off-coloured was on the previous wave; this is the same location as the first 45 spawn.

Wave breakdown

Each wave displays which monster (by level) will spawn. Waves highlighted in red have an important detail to look out for.

  • Wave 1.) 22
  • Wave 2.) 22, 22
  • Wave 3.) 45 (Jad will spawn at wherever this spawns)
  • Wave 4.) 45, 22
  • Wave 5.) 45, 22, 22
  • Wave 6.)

Osrs waves fight caves

Zybez RuneScape Help's TzTok-Jad Image

Table of Contents

- Introduction

On October 4th, Jagex updated RuneScape to include the toughest mini-game in RuneScape to date. This is known as the TzHaar Fight Caves. When this was first released, not even the best RuneScape players could beat this mini-game. It took many days of putting ideas together to figure out how to beat the final boss of this mini-game, the TzTok-Jad (level). In this guide you are going to learn the strategy needed to beat the TzTok-Jad along with some other information.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Fight Caves Map

- Requirements

There are no basic requirements set down by Jagex to do this mini-game. Though if you want to get all the way to the end, you'll need to follow the minimum suggested requirements:

Note: These are only the minimum requirements that our staff have suggested. A few selected players have completed the fight caves with Ranged. Having a higher ranged/prayer level will be to your advantage. The higher your ranged level, the faster you will complete this mini-game. The Fight Caves can take as low as 1 hour, and as much time as 3 hours.

High levels aren't the only thing this mini-game asks of you to be able to beat it. You will also need to have access to a lot of money or friends who are willing to help you out. If you are unable to spend a lot of time, money, or unable to borrow some items from trusted friends we suggest that you don't attempt to complete this mini game until you are able to do so.

- Item Recommendations

If you have decided you have enough time and money to spend on the fight caves, and are going to go through with it, this is the suggested inventory you should take with you:

When HealingInventoryNormal Gear
Zybez RuneScape Help's Equipment SuggestionZybez RuneScape Help's Inventory SuggestionZybez RuneScape Help's Equipment Suggestion

Note: Guthans are currently an optional item, and many players have completed the Fight Caves without it. The new god cloaks received as rewards from the Treasure Trail minigames give a +3 prayer bonus, allowing your prayer to sustain more time before being drained. This is recommended above the Obsidian cape. You can try various other combinations or equipment, but these suggested above are cheaper, and overall, better for those with good melee stats. A ring of recoil may also help slightly. Also, the bone-looking object is called the Holy Wrench. This item will add an extra prayer point whenever you drink a Prayer Potion, or Super Restore Potion. In order to attain this item, you must complete the Rum Deal Quest. Also, while the crossbow is more effective, it can be substituted for a crystal bow. Be sure to take more than one if you decide to go with the crystal bow, however. Another useful item can be an Ancient Mace, which can be received from the Another Slice of H.A.M.. This mace has a special which drains prayer points from your opponent to you. Your hit equals the amount of prayer points you receive. This method means you can use less potions and food. If you don't have high range and have nice melee skills, you could use a dragon halberd. This will be much more difficult than ranging, however.

- Starting the Fight Caves

Once you have the recommended equipment and stats (or your preferred equipment), head over to the Fight Caves and go into the bank. Once there, it is recommend that you drink one dose of a super set, and withdraw the other suggested items for your inventory. When you're ready, speak to TzHaar-Mej-Jal and he'll let you enter the caves. He can be found under the mini-game icon across the road from the bank.

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Once you have entered the cave, head directly to the middle and wait for the first monster to start attacking you. The first monster you will encounter is a Tz-Kih (level); beware, as this monster will drain your prayer every time it attacks you. Also, ensure that you kill this monster first, no matter what wave of attacks you are on. You will need to remember this for battles later on against the Ket-Zek's (level).

Once you have killed all the monsters in one wave, another wave will start up. This time, it will appear with the same, and stronger monsters, although more than before. This cycle continues all the way up to the TzTok-Jad (level).

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- Monster Wave Breakdown

There are a total of 63 waves of monsters in the Fight Caves, including the TzTok-Jad. This section is here to break them down so you can understand your current progress in the Fight Caves.

Waves This wave is rather easy, with the highest level being two Tok-Xils (level). They attack you with range and can do a lot of damage if you are not careful. You may want to pray against them occasionally, but doing so is not suggested as you will need all the prayer you can get later on.

Waves Now the Fight Caves start to get harder by adding a Yt-MejKot (level) into the mix. This monster is pure melee. You can use smaller monsters to block, and range him if you wish - only after killing the Tok-Xil and Tz-Kih first. If you do need to heal with your set of Guthans, the Yt-MejKot sometimes hits a lot so if you are on low hit points you might want to melee protect.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Yt-MejKot Image

Waves As soon as you finish off the two Yt-MejKot, immediately put on your mage prayer. At this point you will be facing a Ket-Zek (level). This monster can do up to 50 damage without your mage prayer on and can do nasty melee damage if you get too close. Remember when you face this monster always watch your prayer and kill the Tz-Kih before they drain your prayer. It is suggested to range every monster from here on out. You can melee smaller monsters if you need to and want to save arrows but make sure to kill the Ket-Zek first so you can save prayer; remember to turn it back on after finishing the current wave.

Wave If you are not at full hit points and are approaching the TzTok-Jad, then wave 61 is your last chance to heal. This wave will have one Ket-Zek, and two Yt-MejKot. Quickly finish off the Ket-Zek while using him to block the Yt-MejKot. Afterwards, use protect from melee, equip your Guthans, and use the last monsters to heal off of until you're at full hit points. Once that is finished quickly turn the protect from magic prayer back on.

Wave: This is the final wave before the TzTok-Jad (level). Like other final waves it will contain two of the strongest monsters from proceeding waves: two Ket-Zek (level). Make sure your prayer is as close to maximum (without wasting a dose of prayer restore), and that the magic protection prayer is on. Then proceed to range one and then the other. After you have finished killing the last Ket-Zek, TzHaar-Mej-Jal will appear in the chat box and say "The TzTok-Jad has spawned!"

Blocking The TzTok-Jad: This strategy is not always used, but it is recommended if you're going in for the first time and are scared of dying. Within the fight caves there is a rock shaped like Italy, which you can use to block the TzTok-Jad. Once it has spawned, run to where the player is located on the picture, blocking the TzTok-Jad. Take your time to get ready for the battle.

Zybez RuneScape Help's TzTok-Jad Blocking Screenshot

Wave The TzTok-Jad: Finally, after about an hour and half of battling some of the hardest monsters in RuneScape you have come to the strongest monster to ever appear in RuneScape to date: the TzTok-Jad!

After TzHaar-Mej-Jal comes on the screen and says the TzTok-Jad has spawned, from experience, it usually begins by attacking with range, so put on protect from ranged. You can try having auto retaliate on and see if you can find the TzTok-Jad faster or not, sometimes it helps, and other times it doesn't if you can't locate him right away.

Once you have located the TzTok-Jad pay immediate attention to his feet. If you don't, you will die in a matter of seconds due to lack of the correct protection prayer. Here is how his attacks work:

  •    » Range: He will raise his feet up, and then slam then down right away. When the feet rises, it will wave around once, and then slam it down. Quickly, turn on protect from range.
  •    » Mage: He will raise his feet up; they will be in the air for a few seconds. Quickly, turn on Protect from Mage.
  •    » Melee: He will attack using melee if you are standing beside him.
Fire Cape Animation

During this battle, make sure you are keeping up your prayer points, or you may find yourself dead.

Healers: Once you have managed to get the TzTok-Jad to half health, four healers will spawn in attempt to heal him back to full hit points. You need to attack all four healers right away so they focus on you and not the TzTok-Jad. If the healers are successful in healing the TzTok-Jad all the way then you're at risk of losing, as they'll all turn on you. Once you have killed the healers they will not appear again, unless they completely healed him.

There are several movements you can recognize, and immediately tell what type of attack the Jad is going to use. For Jad's Ranged attack, he will quickly lift up his front legs, and wave it once, then quickly slam it down on the ground. When you recognize the leg wave, quickly use protect from range. For Jad's Magic attack, he will lift his front legs up, and dangle them back and forth. Recognize this, and quickly use protect from magic. Keep in mind that there is no specific pattern for the Jad's style of attack. The order is completely random so make sure you pay close attention to his leg movement.

After the healers, there are no more surprises and all that is left is for you to kill the TzTok-Jad once and for all. Once he's dead you leave the cave and TzHaar-Mej-Jal will award you with a fire cape and 8, Tokkul. If you do the fight caves again you will only get 16, Tokkul and nothing else.

If you managed make it this far, congratulations you have just finished the hardest mini-game in RuneScape!

List of Waves: There are 63 waves in total, including the final one with the TzTok-Jad (level ). Click here to show a list of the waves, and what monsters are included in each wave.

Wave 1 - 1 Lvl 22
Wave 2 - 2 Lvl 22's
Wave 3 - 1 Lvl 45
Wave 4 - 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl 22
Wave 5 - 1 Lvl 45, 2 Lvl 22's
Wave 6 - 2 Lvl 45's
Wave 7 - 1 Lvl 90
Wave 8 - 1 Lvl 22, 1 Lvl 90
Wave 9 - 2 Lvl 22's, 1 Lvl 90
Wave 10 - 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl 90
Wave 11 - 1 Lvl 22, 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl 90
Wave 12 - 2 Lvl 22's, 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl 90
Wave 13 - 2 Lvl 45's, 1 Lvl 90
Wave 14 - 2 Lvl 90's
Wave 15 - 1 Lvl
Wave 16 - 1 Lvl 22, 1 Lvl
Wave 17 - 2 Lvl 22's, 1 Lvl
Wave 18 - 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl
Wave 19 - 1 Lvl 22, 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl
Wave 20 - 2 Lvl 22's, 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl
Wave 21 - 2 Lvl 45's, 1 Lvl
Wave 22 - 1 Lvl 90, 1 Lvl
Wave 23 - 1 Lvl 22, 1 Lvl 90, 1 Lvl
Wave 24 - 2 Lvl 22's, 1 Lvl 90, 1 lvl
Wave 25 - 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl 90, 1 Lvl
Wave 26 - 1 Lvl 22, 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl 90, 1 Lvl
Wave 27 - 2 lvl 22's, 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl 90, 1 Lvl
Wave 28 - 2 Lvl 45's, 1 Lvl 90, 1 Lvl
Wave 29 - 2 Lvl 90's, 1 Lvl
Wave 30 - 2 Lvl 's
Wave 31 - 1 Lvl
Wave 32 - 1 Lvl 22, 1 Lvl
Wave 33 - 2 Lvl 22's, 1 Lvl
Wave 34 - 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl
Wave 35 - 1 Lvl 22, 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl
Wave 36 - 2 Lvl 22's, 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl
Wave 37 - 2 Lvl 45's, 1 Lvl
Wave 38 - 1 Lvl 90, 1 Lvl
Wave 39 - 1 Lvl 22, 1 Lvl 90, 1 Lvl
Wave 40 - 2 Lvl 22's, 1 Lvl 90, 1 Lvl
Wave 41 - 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl 90, 1 Lvl
Wave 42 - 1 Lvl 22, 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl 90, 1 Lvl
Wave 43 - 2 Lvl 22's, 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl 90, 1 Lvl
Wave 44 - 2 Lvl 45's, 1 Lvl 90, 1 Lvl
Wave 45 - 2 Lvl 90's, 1 Lvl
Wave 46 - 1 Lvl , 1 Lvl
Wave 47 - 1 Lvl 22, 1 Lvl , 1 Lvl
Wave 48 - 2 Lvl 22's, 1 Lvl , 1 Lvl
Wave 49 - 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl , 1 Lvl
Wave 50 - 1 Lvl 22, 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl , 1 Lvl
Wave 51 - 2 Lvl 22's, 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl , 1 Lvl
Wave 52 - 2 Lvl 45's, 1 Lvl , 1 Lvl
Wave 53 - 1 Lvl 90, 1 Lvl , 1 Lvl
Wave 54 - 1 Lvl 22, 1 Lvl 90, 1 Lvl , 1 lvl
Wave 55 - 2 Lvl 22's, 1 Lvl 90, 1 Lvl , 1 Lvl
Wave 56 - 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl 90, 1 Lvl , 1 Lvl
Wave 57 - 1 Lvl 22, 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl 90, 1 Lvl , 1 Lvl
Wave 58 - 2 Lvl 22's, 1 Lvl 45, 1 Lvl 90, 1 Lvl , 1 Lvl
Wave 59 - 2 Lvl 45's, 1 Lvl 90, 1 Lvl , 1 Lvl
Wave 60 - 2 Lvl 90's, 1 Lvl , 1 Lvl
Wave 61 - 2 Lvl 's, 1 Lvl
Wave 62 - 2 Lvl 's *one will be orange to indicate that jad is next*
Wave 1 lvl Tztok-Jad , 4 lvl

- Logging Out

A big problem with this game when it was first released, was that you could not log out during the fight caves unless you were willing to give up all your progress. However, you can now logout during the fight caves and pick up where you left off!

Click the logout button and it will say you will be logged out after the current wave or click "logout now" to abort the mini-game entirely. Once you're sure you've finished off all the monsters in that wave, click logout. When you next login, you will start from the next wave. Don't forget to turn your prayers back on!

- Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if I die during the Fight Caves?
A: You will be removed from the fight caves, and will keep all of your items.

Q: Can I get more then one Fire Cape?
A: No, you cannot. They are also untradable.

Q: What happens if I lose my Fire Cape?
A: You will have to do the fight caves again to receive another.

Q: What stats does the Fire Cape give?
A: Attack: Stab: +1; Slash: +1; Crush: +1; Magic: +1; Range: +1
Defence: Stab: +11; Slash: +11; Crush: +11; Magic: +11; Range: +11
Other: Strength: +4; Prayer: +2

Q: How many tokkuls do you receive after beating Tztok-Jad?
A: You receive 8, Tokkul, after defeating the Tz-Jad on your first attempt.

Q: How can I train for switching prayers quickly?
A: Go to the duel arena and have a friend mage and range you with a bow and air staff. When you see them equip the air staff, magic protect, when you see them equip the bow, range protect.

[OSRS] Fight Caves Guide For Noobs! - Fire Cape Done Easy!

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