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10 Best Gray Paint Colors by Sherwin-Williams

Looking to paint a room, cabinets or doors gray? When it comes to finding the perfect shade there are hundreds of pale grays, dark gray, and darker shades of greige. It can be overwhelming to narrow down! Natural light plays a big role in how a color will look, sheen of the paint, the size of the room, and what furniture you have in the space.

I spent hours researching the most popular Sherwin-Williams gray paints and narrowed it down to ten favorites. Below I share information about each paint color, swatches of each paint color, and the colors in rooms and some on cabinets. 

The goal of this article is to help you narrow down which paint color would work well for your home. While I worked hard to capture the swatches’ true color, the swatches below will vary some from the actual paint colors. Please visit your local paint store for paint samples before making your final decision!

Quick Tip: This article includes the RGB and LRV value for each paint color. RGB represents how much Red, Green, and Blue is in each paint color. On the LRV scale, O absorbs all light (black) and 100 reflects all light (white).

SW Agreeable Gray is a very popular color choice and is a warm shade of light greige. If you are deciding between this color and Repose Gray, Agreeable Gray is the warmer color between the two.

R: 209 G: 203 B: 193 LRV: 60 

SW Agreeable Gray swatch

below image source of Agreeable Gray in nursery:  Living Letter Home

Agreeable Gray in nursery:  Living Letter Home

below image source of Agreeable Gray in dining room: Green with Decor

Agreeable Gray in dining room: Green with Decor

SW Repose Gray is another popular color choice in the greige category, but a bit cooler than Agreeable Gray. It was a pick for the Pottery Barn Kids - Fall/Winter 2019 collection.

R: 204 G: 201 B: 192 LRV: 58

Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray swatch

below image source of Repose Gray: Rain on a Tin Roof

Repose Gray: Rain on a Tin Roof

below image source of Repose Gray on cabinets: Table & Hearth

Repose Gray on cabinets: Table & Hearth

This color is a mid-tone cool gray with a slight blue undertone. SW Light French Gray is in the Historic Color Collection and is a good neutral option for interiors and exteriors.

R: 194 G: 192 B: 187  LRV: 53

Sherwin-Williams Light French Gray swatch

below image source of Light French Gray: Jennifer Allwood

Light French Gray: Jennifer Allwood

SW Mindful Gray is a shade darker than Repose Gray and a shade lighter than Dorian Gray. It stays on the light side of a mid-tone gray, and shows beautifully against white trim and white furniture. This gray has a touch more red than green and blue, but is overall neutral. 

 R: 188 G: 183 B: 173  LRV: 48

Sherwin-Williams Mindful Gray swatch

below image source of Mindful Gray in bedroom: Sonya Barker

Mindful Gray in bedroom: Sonya Barker

below image source of Mindful Gray on cabinets: Evolution of Style

Mindful Gray on cabinets: Evolution of Style

SW Amazing Gray is a warm gray a shade darker than Worldly Gray. This color shows up well against white trim and is a solid choice for interiors and exteriors. 

 R: 190 G: 181 B: 169  LRV: 47

Sherwin-Williams Amazing Gray swatch

below image source of Amazing Gray: Dimples and Tangles

Amazing Gray: Dimples and Tangles

SW Dorian Gray is a mid-tone gray one shade darker than Mindful Gray. Its greige tone is a popular color choice for cabinets and doors. Included in the PBteen Collection - Fall/Winter 2019

R: 172 G: 167 B: 158  LRV: 39

Sherwin-Williams Dorian Gray swatch

below image source of Dorian Gray: Maison de Pax (visit link for more office pictures)

Dorian Gray in office: Maison de Pax

below image source of Dorian Gray on cabinets: Pink Peppermint Design

Dorian Gray on cabinets: Pink Peppermint Design

SW Worldly Gray is a light warm gray, a shade lighter than Amazing Gray. It is a similar color to Agreeable Gray with a little more green in it.

R: 206 G: 198 B: 187  LRV: 57

Sherwin-Williams Worldly Gray swatch

below image source of Worldly Gray in office: Atta Girl Says

Worldly Gray in office: Atta Girl Says

SW Anew Gray is a shade darker than Agreeable Gray and is between beige and gray (basically a warm greige). This color gives good contrast against white trim and is a good option for cabinetry.

R: 191 G: 182 B: 170  LRV: 47

Sherwin-Williams Anew Gray swatch

below image source of Anew Gray on cabinets: Evolution of Style

Anew Gray on cabinets: Evolution of Style

SW Comfort Gray is in the green family one shade darker than Sea Salt. I selected this color for its blue green vibe perfect for coastal decor.

R: 190 G: 195 B: 187  LRV: 54

Sherwin-Williams Comfort Gray swatch

below image source of Comfort Gray: Sand & Sisal

Comfort Gray: Sand & Sisal

below image source of Comfort Gray: Home Stories A to Z

Comfort Gray: Home Stories A to Z

SW Online is a good cool neutral paint option. This color can show blue in some light and pairs well with cool or warm-toned furniture.

R: 176 G: 181 B: 181 LRV: 45

Sherwin-Williams Online swatch

below image source of Online: Charleston Crafted

SW Online: Charleston Crafted

This article was written to help you to narrow down the right color choice for your home--whether it is the perfect greige, a light gray, or in the neutral grays family. Gray paint can go warm or cool, and how it looks on a wall or cabinets will vary depending on how much light you get in a room. 

Have you painted your home with any of these colors or have a favorite?

10 Best Gray Paint Colors by Sherwin-Williams
Sours: https://www.tagandtibby.com/blog/10-best-gray-paint-colors-by-sherwin-williams

Warm Grays

Revere Pewter, Benjamin Moore

"For those on the fence about gray, I sometimes introduce Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter. It threads the line with greige and has warmer brown undertones. When a darker gray shade is going to feel too dark or somber, I find a gray like this one integrates well with warmer wood furnishings while keeping the room light." - Carolyn Pressly

Conforth White, Farrow & Ball

"This pale gray paint has a touch of taupe/lavender that provides a wonderful neutral backdrop to both traditional and modern interiors. I love how the color evolves over the day: cooler earlier in the day and a bit more moody at night." - Grant Gibson

Cornforth White, Farrow & Ball

"This is a perfect tone of gray. It catches light beautifully. It's subtle and very chic. It is the perfect complement to any other neutral." - Nicole Fuller

Ammonite, Farrow & Ball

"It's the perfect neutral and a great alternative to off-white. I recently painted a wood paneled room this color, and the overall effect was warm and inviting." - CeCe Barfield Thompson

Modern Gray, Sherwin Williams

"This is the ideal background color: warm, soft, and plays well with everyone. It's like the consummate party hostess who brings out the best in every guest. It's the perfect backdrop for blues (denim, chambray, navy) in a living room, and makes olive green look fantastic. It can handle fuchsia and orange in a bunk room, but also goes beautifully soft with creams and grays when used in a master bedroom or kitchen." - Allison Bloom

Elephant's Breath, Farrow & Ball

"This warm and luxuriant shade is stunning in a room with white woodwork and crystal chandeliers. Pop it with coral or hot pink." - Dana Gibson

Agreeable Gray, Sherwin Williams

Lamp Room Gray, Farrow & Ball

"This shade of gray is pretty because it has a little taupe in it that makes it very chic. It can be beautiful in a living room, dining room, or bedroom." - Alex Papachristidis

Rodeo, Benjamin Moore

"It has the right mix of warm and cool undertones to be a true gray. It has just enough brown to achieve that perfect warm gray. It looks beautiful on walls, trim, paneling and cabinetry—use it everywhere!" - Wendy Labrum

Purbeck Stone, Farrow & Ball

"A lovely warm neutral that enriches the space, and looks amazing with any wood floor stain. I love this color because of its versatility, and can be used in both formal and casual settings. The color is always pleasing to the eye." - Amanda Sacy

Pashmina, Benjamin Moore

"It's a rich, warm gray that creates an inviting, intimate space. It's also a perfect exterior color paired with a dark charcoal trim." - Karen Vidal

Revere Pewter, Benjamin Moore

"I keep coming back to this paint color again and again. It's warm enough to use in a space with little sunlight, but not too warm to be considered "greige." It looks soft and rich without overtaking the room." - Amanda Reynal

Charleston Gray, Farrow & Ball

"Hands down my favorite gray paint is Charleston Gray by Farrow & Ball. It’s a deep, sumptuous shade of gray that wraps you like a velvety fog. I use it when I’m trying to create intimacy in an oversized space, or warmth in small room with little natural light." - Patrick Ediger

Dark Grays

Artist Grey, Ralph Lauren

"This color is true to Ralph Lauren. It is a chameleon color in the sense that it works with many different tones of gray and blue." - Robin Strickler

Cheating Heart, Benjamin Moore

"The biggest fear to overcome when using a dark color is that it will make your room feel smaller. Not true! A dark color makes the walls seem to disappear and adds incredible drama to a room. This charcoal has just the right amount of brown in it to add warmth. It's as gorgeous on walls as it is on millwork and trim. I've even used it on the bottom of a claw foot tub." - Jen Going

Iron Mountain, Benjamin Moore

"I look for dimension within paint colors, something that shifts a little from day to night. I love the subtle depth and warm brown underpinning of this shade. This deep, dark gray is beautiful in a matte wall finish, stunning in satin for millwork, or easily pulls off sexy in a gorgeous gloss for furniture and cabinetry." - Drew McGukin

Down Pipe, Farrow & Ball

"It's such a beautiful shade that works with a mixture of tones and finishes. The color has a deep richness that doesn't fall flat and can give a space a great punch, especially when paired with light colors for high contrast." - Shannon Wollack & Brittany Zwickl of Studio Life.Style

City Shadow, Benjamin Moore

Pantone Charcoal Gray, Valspar Paint

"A perfect backdrop for art collectors and enthusiasts. This grey sets a bold tone and pairs beautifully in a monochromatic setting or one with a stark contrast. I'm a firm believer in giving a big impression in a subtle way and this gray never falls flat." - Becky Shea

Mole’s Breath, Farrow & Ball

"This rich, warm gray is the perfect neutral when you want to create depth in a space. It works equally well in small spaces to cozy them up, as well as large rooms to make them feel inviting. I also love it as a trim color to add sophisticated glamour to your millwork and moldings. A kiss from a Mole never seemed sweeter!" - Donna Mondi

Plumbago Gray, Fired Earth

"This rich shade has warm blue undertones, which makes one feel right at home. It’s sophisticated tone makes any space feel chic." - Birgit Klein

Guggenheim Color G042, Fine Paints Of Europe

"As an avid art collector, this gray in their Eurolux Interior Matte, is the perfect backdrop for any collection. The matte finish absorbs natural and artificial light allowing the space to come alive with undertones that appear to make the walls gradually change throughout the day. Very alluring!" - Patrick Planeta of Planeta Design Group

Chelsea Gray, Benjamin Moore

"I use this shade over and over again on cabinets and vanities because it is the perfect medium-dark gray. It has warmth, but never looks brown, and has enough pigment to make a statement without shouting. Such a classic!" - Erin Gates

Chelsea Gray, Benjamin Moore

“I love this shade of grey when I want to create a dark, moody aesthetic. It’s the perfect way to add drama to a room—such as in the luxurious lounge of our recent design project at 10 Greene Street. The deep, cool grey tone is sexy, seductive and just perfect for this stunning Soho loft.”- Cheryl Eisen

Pale Grays

Silver Blade, Fine Paints of Europe

"To me, Silver Blade by Fine Paints of Europe is a rich, elegant and classic gray that elevates any room. It contrasts beautifully with light and dark colors as well as all textures. Always welcoming you in." - Raquel Garcia

Passive, Sherwin Williams

“This is a light airy gray that enhances architecture with subtle shadows, but doesn’t become too heavy or drab…A happy gray! I love it for bathrooms, kitchens or bedrooms.” – Jeff Andrews

Silver Chain #BM1472, Benjamin Moore

"It is soft and works well in both traditional and modern rooms. I recently used it on the cabinetry of a townhouse kitchen with countertops in super white quartzite." – Mark Cunningham

Cloud, Dunn-Edwards Paint

"It feels soft and airy, but is still saturated enough to make an impact and elevate a space. It's incredibly versatile, working in anything from traditional to modern spaces, and pretty much everything in between. I love it paired with white for a crisp, clean contrast, and with dark charcoal for more dramatic feel." - Jessica McClendon

Graytint, Benjamin Moore

"This is the perfect whisper of gray to add to a room where you want a crisp, tailored look but something more than white or ivory. It provides a lovely soft highlight to decorative trim in traditional settings, and is cool enough to provide a modern edge to more contemporary interiors." - Emilie Munroe

Winter's Gate, Pratt & Lambert

"This color has the ideal hint of color for homeowners that may be too shy to jump out of their beige comfort zone. It's light enough to read as a neutral and is a beautiful balance for bright white trim. It's ultra-versatile on ceilings, as it complements both light and dark wall colors." - James Wheeler

Green Grays

Stonington Gray, Benjamin Moore

"I've found that this hue looks pure and fresh at any time of day or in any type of space. It's not too dark, not too light…it's just right." - Caitlin Murray

Stonington Gray, Benjamin Moore

"Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray HC-170 is my tried-and-true favorite gray. Subtle enough in tone, with just enough depth of color to add personality to any interior. It works perfectly as an “up and over” color, encasing a room in a solid hue. And it's sophisticated and modern—all the while being classic and cool." - Nathan Thomas

Graystone, Benjamin Moore

“I love the way this gray dresses up a room! You’ll find me rolling this handsome hue from the walls up through the ceiling for a seamless, sophisticated look that never goes out of style.” - Marie Flanigan

Horizon Gray, Benjamin Moore

"I like that it is light and airy. It is a whisper of barely there color. This gray doesn't go green, blue or lavender. It is a perfect neutral backdrop!" - Summer Thornton

Sleigh Bells, Benjamin Moore

"This color is warm without being muddy, and it has just the perfect amount of pigment–dark enough to be sophisticated and crisp, light enough to be bright and airy." - Orlando Soria for Homepolish

Gray Owl, Benjamin Moore

"This gray is super classic and sophisticated, but not boring AT ALL. It's a very, very warm gray–meaning that it's still a cool tone, but has more yellow in it than blue." - Emily Henderson

Gray Owl, Benjamin Moore

"This fabulous gray reminds me of French porcelain—cool with a slight hint of green. Great for morning light! Try it in a white kitchen to lacquer barstools and pop them with shades of buttercup." - Christine Markatos Lowe

Moonshine, Benjamin Moore

"I like Benjamin Moore Moonshine because it’s a pure-toned gray, not too yellow, not too blue. It can go from moonlight shimmering over water to stormy seas and it goes with literally EVERYTHING. I can’t think of one other color it wouldn’t complement, coordinate with or support." - Danielle Rollins

Gray Cashmere, Benjamin Moore

“For me, this is a no-fail selection. I’ve used it in bathrooms, kitchens, garden rooms, and bedrooms—all with beautiful results. It has the perfect amount of blue saturation to pair with bronze, green, periwinkle, or even spice. I prefer it EXTRA glossy on paneling!” - Meredith Ellis

Whisper, Benjamin Moore

"It's a super soft and subtle shade of gray that feels fresh, light and airy. It reflects light beautifully to really open up a space, and serves as the perfect neutral backdrop." - Nicole Gibbons

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These Are the 12 Best Light Gray Paint Colors for Any Room, According to Designers

When it comes to picking a neutral hue, you don't have to stick to whites only. In fact, light gray could be considered the perfect neutral. It provides just enough color to add depth to any room in your house while keeping your space feeling light and airy. It's the ideal color for anyone seeking a sophisticated and chic hue that's versatile enough for any decor style.

  • Color Family: Gray
  • Complementary Colors: No complementary colors
  • Pairs Well With: Pair cool light gray with blues and greens; pair warm light grays with deeper orange and red-based hues
  • Mood: Crisp and calming
  • Where to Use: Anywhere in the home, including walls, cabinets, and vanities

From warm to cool undertones, we asked designers to share the 12 best light gray paint colors to help you pick the right hue for every room in your house.

01of 12

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

According to Sherri Monte of Elegant Simplicity, Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter is the perfect warm greige tone that still feels distinctively neutral. "It's absolutely timeless for every room in your home," Monte says. "It's elegant and light in the bright spaces of your home yet sophisticated and classic in the darker areas."

revere pewter

Benjamin MooreRevere Pewter$42


02of 12

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

"If you're looking for a very pale warm gray, Classic Gray is your choice," says Monte of the Benjamin Moore shade. "It is one of our go-to colors because, although it's very light, it adds such a strong warm energy to a home."

Classic Gray

Benjamin MooreClassic Gray$42


03of 12

Clare Paint Seize the Gray

A newbie on the paint scene, Clare Paint's Seize the Gray is a wonderful middle-of-the-road light gray paint. According to Joanna Hawley-McBride of Jojotastic, this hue is "a neutral-toned gray that isn't too light and isn't too dark" and is perfect for a dining room.

seize the gray

Clare PaintSeize the Gray$49


04of 12

Benjamin Moore Fieldstone

Kim Valente of Brick + Beam Studio loves Benjamin Moore's Fieldstone because "it looks great in so many different lighting conditions. It has a little bit of a green undertone but is still warm enough to keep the room looking cozy and inviting."


Benjamin MooreFieldstone$42


05of 12

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl

One of Benjamin Moore's best-selling colors, Gray Owl is a versatile light gray. According to Valente, it has a great balance of warm and cool undertones. "[Gray Owl] does change dramatically in different lighting situations, which is great if you’re using it in several rooms because it will look different from room to room depending on the lighting conditions," she says.

Instead of using white primer, consider a gray-tinted printer, especially before applying very light paint colors. This will allow you to do fewer coats and still end up with a vibrant color.

gray owl

Benjamin MooreGray Owl$42


06of 12

Sherwin-Williams Repose Gray

"It can be hard to find a true gray paint color that doesn't feel too greige or too blue and adds just enough warmth to any space," says Monte. But Repose Gray by Sherwin-Williams is just that. It's great for living rooms and bedrooms and pairs well with a wide variety of hues due to its neutral undertones.

repose gray

Sherwin-WilliamsRepose Gray$39


07of 12

Sherwin-Williams Analytical Gray

One of the darker light-gray hues on our list, Analytical Gray by Sherwin-Williams is a favorite of Valente's because it's an almost greige shade with soft green undertones. "It’s easy to pair this paint color with either warm grays or tans in your furniture and accessories," she says.

analytical gray

Sherwin-WilliamsAnalytical Gray$39


08of 12

Sherwin-Williams Amazing Gray

"Amazing Gray is a warm gray, with some depth to it," says Valente of the Sherwin-Williams hue. "It’s a great color to use in an open floor plan or in a main living area because it creates a great neutral backdrop."

amazing gray

Sherwin-WilliamsAmazing Gray$39


09of 12

Farrow & Ball Cornforth White

Farrow & Ball's Cornforth White is a sophisticated gray with a subtle blend of both warm and cool undertones. It's a wonderful neutral gray that pairs beautifully with soft blues or blushes and creates a tranquil feel.

cornforth white

Farrow & BallCornforth White$110


10of 12

Benjamin Moore Light Pewter

Amanda Amato-Scotto of AMA Designs loves to use Benjamin Moore's Light Pewter in bedrooms for a soothing vibe. "Although it may be the lightest color on the paint strip, it still has enough color to make white trim pop," she says.

light pewter

Benjamin MooreLight Pewter$42


11of 12

Valspar Soulful Grey

A warmer gray, Valspar's Soulful Grey is ideal for nurseries or bedrooms. It's mellow but still holds its own when paired with other neutrals or even bold paint shades.

soulful grey

ValsparSoulful Grey$52


12of 12

Sherwin-Williams Modern Gray

Sherwin-Williams' Modern Gray is a warm gray that feels clean and crisp. We love it when paired with dusty oranges, olives, and even darker grays, and it works in nearly any room in the house.

modern gray

Sherwin-WilliamsModern Gray$39

Sours: https://www.mydomaine.com/light-gray-paint-4798617
The Most Popular Gray Paint Color - Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Top 10 Expert-Recommended Gray Paint Colors, Plus How to Pick the Best Shade

Gray continues to top the list of popular paint colors for homeowners, and for a good reason. Whether cool, warm, light, or bold, grays of all tones and intensities provide a fresh backdrop for decor and coordinate beautifully with tile, countertops, furnishings, and art. Although this crisp neutral is highly versatile, gray is one of the most challenging colors to select due to its shifting undertones and sensitivity to natural light levels. Going gray seems simple enough at the outset, but sample paint chips and the finished result often vary greatly. Sometimes previously unseen, warm, cool, green, or blue tones can surface after gray paint is on the wall. To help you choose the best gray paint color for your space, take these essential factors into consideration.

How to Choose Gray Paint Colors

Before you pick up a gallon of paint, take into consideration these tips for choosing a shade of gray.

Consider Undertones and Lighting

To make the gray paint selection process easier, consider your paint's undertones and test the shade before committing. Undertones are the warm or cool colors added to paint to provide complexity and nuance. While they might not jump out at you initially, they often make a surprise appearance on the wall.

"The key to selecting the right gray is to focus more on the undertone of the color and the lighting in the space rather than the chip itself," says Cyndy Aldred, the blogger behind The Creativity Exchange. "In darker rooms, grays take on a warmer tone and transform the atmosphere." She also notes that if a room has an abundance of artificial lighting, gray walls can shift and appear green to the eye.

Match Decor and Flooring

If you're designing a space around existing furniture and flooring materials, these elements can draw out hidden colors, too. To ensure a successful result, coordinate gray paint undertones to your interior finishings, suggests Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. "It's important to consider whether the decor in the room is mostly warm or cool, and match the undertones accordingly," she says.

In areas with lots of wood elements, such as kitchens, tread carefully when choosing gray paint colors with greenish notes. "Be mindful of the other aspects of the room, such as furniture, cabinets, and flooring," Wadden says. "The green undertones in gray look very prominent when paired with wood."

Best Light-Gray Paint Colors

We asked designers and paint experts to share their picks for the best light-gray paint colors. These are the shades they turn to again and again for kitchens, living areas, bedrooms, and more.

grey and white tile kitchen with stools
Credit: Courtesy of reDesign Home

Agreeable Gray SW 7029, Sherwin-Williams

Chicago-based interior designer Alessia Loffredo of reDesign Home selected Agreeable Gray by Sherwin-Williams for the cabinetry in her client's light-filled kitchen. "We were looking for a light accent that would coordinate with the marble and limestone flooring, one that needed to perform rain or shine," she says. "Agreeable Gray checked all of the boxes for this space."

Wadden selected this color as a favorite, too, stating that Agreeable Gray is Sherwin-Williams's most popular color. "It's the perfect hue for any living space, whether it be a family room or bedroom, as it acts as a neutral backdrop," she says. "This gray is less cool than others, which bodes well for the resurgence of warmer hues and beiges that we're seeing."

light grey kitchen and couch
Credit: Courtesy of Light and Dwell

Naturel SW 7542, Sherwin-Williams

After a long search for the perfect fit, Oregon-based designer Molly Kidd of Light and Dwell chose Naturel by Sherwin-Williams for her own kitchen cabinetry. "This one has all the things I love in a gray," she says. "It's soothing, not too blue or too taupe, and it brings warmth to the space." 

Related: 15 Soothing Paint Colors to Try Now, According to Designers

white kitchen and dining room
Credit: Poppi Photography

Classic Gray OC-23, Benjamin Moore

Krissy Peterson, an interior designer based in Redmond, Washington, believes that Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore is the perfect neutral. "Classic Gray is one of those amazing colors that adapts to its surroundings, which makes it really transitional," she says. "I love that it doesn't have undertones that can turn it too purple or pink. It's a great basic gray that can go a little greige to coordinate with warmer colors."

Gray Owl 2137-60, Benjamin Moore

Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore gets the vote of interior designer Ariel Okin, based in New York City. "Gray Owl is a beautiful true gray through and through. It's not too green and not too blue, and it hits the right balance between warm and cool," she says. "I particularly like it in bedrooms for a clean and monochromatic palette of creams and grays."

Related: Standout Bedroom Paint Color Ideas for a Space That's Uniquely Yours

grey kitchen cabinets and oven
Credit: Courtesy of BANDD Design

Anonymous SW 7046, Sherwin-Williams

Sara Barney of Austin, Texas-based BANDD Design chose Anonymous by Sherwin-Williams as her go-to gray paint color. "I love this shade of gray because it adds the perfect touch of color while also keeping the room bright and sleek," she says. "We wanted to keep this kitchen neutral for the most part since we incorporated copper statement pieces throughout. This color was a perfect option to keep it looking fresh and modern."

Kitchen with bar seating and white cabinets
Credit: James Nathan Schroder

Mantra SW 9631, Sherwin-Williams

For a more unconventional option, Wadden suggests a blue-green gray called Mantra for its calming qualities. A new color from Sherwin-Williams, this gray paint offers relaxing, cool undertones. "Mantra is an ethereal blue-gray that's reminiscent of a soft, efflorescent sky," she says. "It relaxes me just by thinking about it!"

Sours: https://www.bhg.com/decorating/color/paint/gray-paint-colors/

Grey paint colors popular

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The Most Popular Gray Paint Color - Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

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