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EZ Flow® Gravel-Free French Drain

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NDS EZflow® is a revolutionary gravel-free French drain product, which provides up to 50% of labor savings over traditional systems. It is a key component in the NDS S5 system for sustainable surface water management.

EZflow® Drainage Bundles EZflow® drainage bundles are 3 meters in length with a slotted pipe surrounded by expanded polystyrene aggregate and enclosed in geotextile mesh. Configurations are available in 17.78 cm bundles with or without a 7.62 cm pipe, 25.4 cm bundles with or without a 10.16 cm pipe, and 38.1 cm bundles with or without a 15.24 pipe. Accessories include 7.62 cm, 10.16 cm and 15.24 cm internal couplers and end caps. EZflow® bundles can also be used with internal tees, and internal wyes. The 38.1 cm bundles are available with the pipe located in the center or bottom of the bundle for varying applications. Unless specifically required by code or other requirement, the pipe can be either centered or at the bottom of the bundle. Multiple panels and rolls easily connect together with a series of locking joints. EZ Roll Grass Pavers have an ultimate compression load rating of 282.6 t/m2 “empty.” Applications EZflow® drainage systems are appropriate for a wide range of applications and are a convenient alternative to traditional stone and pipe drainage, storage and infiltration systems. EZflow® drainage systems can be used as a substitute for stone in most applications where the stone is not utilized for structural support. A professional engineer, landscape architect or other qualified design professional should be consulted for complex applications. Product selection is relative to the desired application and benefits from establishing anticipated flow into, through and out of a proposed drainage system configuration. Selection considerations include: bundle sizing and storage volume, the presence or absence of pipe, pipe size and location within the bundle, and arrangement of bundles. Design factors may include: length of system, watershed area, soil type and permeability, groundwater levels and system discharge opportunities.

  • Gravel-free installation provides up to 50% labor savings over traditional systems.
  • Better flow through and detention volume than traditional systems.
  • Durable with a 100-year lifespan.
  • EZflow® is a key component of the NDS S5 system for sustainable management of surface water.

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10' Drainage

Product Overview

EZflow™ is a gravel-free alternative to a traditional French Drain system. It works great in crawl spaces with standing water! EZflow drain combines the pipe, aggregate and mesh in one product which reduces the labor costs of installing a French Drain system by 50% or more.

A 10 foot long slotted pipe surrounded by Poly Rock (polystyrene aggregate) and enclosed in a geotextile mesh, EZflow is uniquely designed with “flow channels” meant to increase void space which provides improved water flow rates up to 35 percent. It also means a greater storage capacity and structural integrity to resist compaction.

EZflow also offers a sustainable solution for management of storm water run-off by collecting surface water and redistributing it into the subsoil. It has many applications, including use on interior and exterior foundation drains, curtain and landscape drains, retaining walls, golf course drainage and crawlspaces.


  • Geosynthetic aggregate pipe
  • Convenient installation
  • No gravel needed
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Highly reliable
  • Long lasting


  • 7" fabric finished outside diameter x 10', containing 3" corrugated perf-pipe and EPS Poly-Rock aggregate. Installs easily with hand tools alone

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NDS EZ Flow vs Traditional French Drains

EZFlow drainage systemsWelcome to the Hessenauer Sprinkler Repair and Irrigation blog and website. We like to keep our readers informed about news, tips and advice concerning irrigation systems and drainage here in Central Florida. Today we would like to give our online visitors the scoop on the NDS EZ Flow French Drain versus traditional French drains.

Understanding your drainage system allows flooding resolutions to come easier when they occur. Basically, drainage systems use a series of pipes to channel water from downspouts and other areas that collect water out to the street or to underground drains.

NDS EZ Flow French Drains are much easier and less laborious than traditional pipe, rock and sock drains because they eliminate lugging tons of river rock for a drainage job. The NDS EZ Flow French Drain is up to 40 percent more efficient than the traditional type due to the construction involved and far easier to install at any home or business.

The NDS EZ Flow French Drains involve carrying the system in on your shoulder, digging a trench and dropping in the drain. A sump pump can be used to provide assistance with problems from water collecting in low points of the lawn or landscape.

Drainage system installations can provide solutions for poor gradient drainage issues. Sump pumps are used to remove water accumulating in a water collecting sump basin, and provides the lowest point for the french drain to exit out to. Using a float switch, the sump pump discharges water into the sump the float switch will rise.

Since the NDS EZ Flow French Drains are a much easier drainage system to install, I would never resort to installing traditional type french drains.

Allow us to resolve your flooding and drainage problems. We offer solutions to all your irrigation and drainage needs, so be sure to contact us today at 407-302-2227 concerning irrigation system sales, service, maintenance, installation and repair. Keep posted on our blog and website for more on residential and commercial irrigation system projects here in Orlando and Central Florida.

Sours: https://www.pro-sprinkler.com/advice/nds-ez-flow-vs-traditional-french-drains/
NDS EZ Flow French Drain One Year Progress Report.

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Ez drain ez flow vs

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EZ Drain french drain installation: the gravel free alternative

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