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Kubota releases RTV-XG850 Sidekick utility vehicles that go up to 40 mph

Kubota Tractor Corp. gave the media a chance to demo its “fastest utility vehicle yet” Aug. 22-24 in Buford, Ga.

Kubota RTV-XG850 utility vehicle

The Kubota RTV-XG850 has transport speeds of up to 40 mph. (Photo: LM staff)

The Sidekick X-perience event coincided with Kubota’s new RTV-XG850 Sidekick utility vehicles making their way to dealerships nationwide.

Media also toured Kubota’s manufacturing operations in Gainesville, Ga., where zero-turn mowers, sub-compact tractors and utility vehicles are produced.

These vehicles feature a 48-hp gasoline engine, delivering speeds of up to 40 mph, compared to the top speed of 29 mph for Kubota’s RTV-X models.

“Customers can confidently take on any task or terrain with comfortable, convenient and capable features, and with the speed to get there fast, up to 40 mph fast,” said Roger Gifford, Kubota product manager, utility vehicles.

Equipped with a continuously variable transmission with centrifugal clutch, the Sidekick’s water-cooled engine provides plenty of torque for a quick and smooth take-off, Kubota said. The idle speed control and highland correction ensure stable power.

Kubota utility vehicles at its manufacturing facility.

Kubota utility vehicles are manufactured in a 502,000-sq.-ft. facility in Gainesville, Ga. The facility has the capacity to produce up to 75,000 units annually of sub-compact tractors, turf products and utility vehicles. (Photo: LM staff)

Designed for easy handling at any speed, the Sidekick offers speed-sensitive electronic power steering, improving both handling and stability. Tuned front and rear independent suspension offers a consistently smooth ride, and engine-assisted braking allows for greater control and increased safety during descents, the manufacturer said. A selectable full-time 4WD system gives the operator optimum traction and control on any terrain, even under heavy loads.

The Sidekick has 2,000-lbs. towing capacity and is standard equipped with a trailer hitch. Additionally, its cargo capacity enables it to carry up to 15.2 cubic feet or half a ton (1,000 lbs./600 lbs. California models) of tools, supplies and materials in its steel cargo box. Additionally, the cargo box comes with optional electric hydraulic lift for fast and effortless dumping.

The Sidekick offers electrical power for a variety of equipment. The regulator and fully-shielded generator are controlled by a microcomputer to ensue stable power for any attachment, including a work light, LED headlight, heater or wench.

Addtional features include an ergonomic meter panel, steering wheel and shift knob and LED headlights. For added operator comfort, shoulder guards on the ROPS keep all riders within passenger area during tight turns, while half doors keep brush and other elements out of the vehicle.

A full line of new attachments and accessory options, developed specifically for the Sidekick, are available.

The Sidekick will be offered in four distinct colors: Kubota Orange, RealTree AP Camo, green and black.

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2014 Kubota RTV-X1100C – First Ride

Right off the top let’s talk about what the Kubota RTV-X1100C is not. It’s not a fun trail-riding machine. It’s not a fair-weather utility-only machine. It’s not a speed-demon and it is certainly not a simple-minded weak design. All these nots are meant to push your understanding of this machine into the right mindset right here and now. This unit is a workhorse – with a capital “W”. Everything about this Kubota is heavy-duty and overbuilt – and when I started testing it, this trait came out right away.

How’s that? Well, there is a hydro-line that runs through my IronWood test site in Northern Ontario and once every twenty years the power line crews come through in the winter and clear it out. They use those huge Bombardier steel tracked tractors towing heavy equipment – and they make an un-Godly mess.

With this Kubota I headed up that hydro-line and immediately sunk axle deep into a mix of mud and mire. There is always standing water in this area, but being Spring it was really deep. I looked at my son as the little diesel churned the mud. “I think it’s too deep” I said. I didn’t have my four-wheel drive tractor out of winter storage yet, so if we sunk we’d have a long, wet, walk back.

Stephen pointed out the differential lock on the floor by my heel (just like on my Ford tractor). “I guess that’s our safety” he said. We pushed on hoping that if we got stuck the diff-lock would get us out. The water was one thing, but the hydro crew had also left ruts behind that could swallow a Buick so hanging up the unit was a real threat. Avoiding the worst of the holes, I was soon pushing water with the bumper – and still didn’t need the diff-lock.

Kubota RTV-X1100C

At this point we both looked at each other and wondered aloud what it would take to stop this little tank. The water rose to the doors (that have rubber seals) and still it plowed on. As it turned out – nothing stopped it – didn’t even slow it down. Not mud, not water, not any amount of timber slash. It was frankly a jaw-dropping performance.

I think what had really deceived us was the diesel engine. This little 3-cylinder power-plant makes tons of torque but it’s not fast. For horsepower it puts out 24.4, but it more than doubles that for torque at 52.7 lb-ft of torque. So here is where the deception comes in. The top speed we achieved was 28 km-h off-road. Its acceleration is slow as well, spooling up as if it’s tired. And that’s what really threw us. With a gas engine, in a sticky situation, you rely on the throttle to burn you out of trouble. Going into this muddy mire we knew this would not be the case with the Kubota – that’s when we found it just didn’t matter. This diesel churns the wheels at a steady rate even when completely buried in mud and water.

To ride in, Kubota RTV-X1100C offers a full steel chassis with a full steel cage mounted cab. This creates a solid skeleton as well as rock-solid base for hauling people, cargo and towing up to 1300 lbs. The fully closed cab is weather-proof, almost water-proof and offers roll-over protection as well.

A new Kubota feature is the Extra Duty IRS. This independent rear suspension now matches a front independent suspension as well. With eight-inches of travel at each corner this allows the wheel to drop into a hole, maintain torque, without pulling at the opposite wheel. Not to mention, without a full length axle there is one less low hanging obstacle that can get the unit hung up. Ground clearance is now up to 10.4” with this setup.

The drive system is based on Variable Hydraulic Transmission. This transmission offers a wide torque band and uses large oil coolers to maintain constant performance.

Kubota RTV-X1100C

Power is pushed to the wheels, where the operator can choose 2WD, 4WD – in either a Hi or Low speed range. The front wheels use a limited slip differential – which makes steering easy – while in back the heel pedal can lock the rear differential on demand. Making the steering easy (its power) is a good thing as the unit weighs in at 2,337 lb and has a turning radius of 13.1-feet.

Let’s get back to what makes this a true four-season (particularly for Canada) work vehicle. That full steel cab is completely enclosed. Windows are automotive style glass on all sides – with cranks to open the side windows in the steel doors. The doors have full rubber gaskets that seal them shut and a fully sealed floor-pan. On the passenger side is an auto-style HVAC control for heating and cooling. Yes, this unit has A/C too. The front windshield has a wiper and even a washer fluid sprayer. For the driver’s comfort the steering wheel tilts and the seat adjusts. There is also a deadman pedal on the left that helps relax the foot and also brace inside the cab. All controls are automotive style and the overall in-cab feeling is comfortable. There are 12V outlets for accessories and an electric horn – to get the attention of others on the job site – or your kid that is goofing off while working. There is a standard antenna mount on the rear of the cab by the roof. This can be used for standard radio – or two-way radio setups.

Kubota RTV-X1100C

Gauges easily keep track of all the running systems and I noted that the 30L fuel tank will easily get the machine through a full day out in the field – even if it’s idling all day long. Up front, under the hood, you’ll find the radiator and air-intake located high and dry. Here water isn’t a problem and the air is cleaner and cooler for the engine. This location improves both radiator performance and simplifies maintenance.

Kubota RTV-X1100C

A great feature from Kubota is the pickup truck like box that has a drop tailgate with a simple but sturdy latch system. A nice option on this unit (and it was on ours) is a spray-in bed liner. This stuff is scratch resistant and offers solid underfoot traction even when wet. Four tie-down hooks in the corners help keep loads in place

The bed itself is also lifted by a hydraulic cylinder with an in-cab lever that puts it up and down. It will hold any position as the hydraulic lever locks it into place till it’s moved. This also means there is no outside lock on the bed so you don’t even have to leave the cab to dump it.

Below the bed is a standard 2-inch automotive receiver hitch. You’ll need a longer bar as it is attached forward on the chassis. Above it is the PTO take-off. This unit opens the realm of possibility to whatever you can imagine and buy. The standard coupling is covered by a solid metal screw-off cover to keep it clean.

I haven’t even mentioned the brakes – because as I’m thinking about it now – I think I almost didn’t use them. See, the diesel engine provides dynamic braking – or compression braking as I call it. This braking action is so dramatic that on level ground I will bet that you never touch the brake pedal. Just take your foot off the accelerator and you almost pitch forward with the immediate slow down. On long harsh slopes this also means that the engine will hold the unit to a crawl. In fact during my test I couldn’t find a slope steep enough to let the Kubota roll down. Even on a 15% slope with my foot off the power the unit came to a halt. However if you are wondering the brakes are fully sealed wet type discs. They will have no problem stopping whatever you are hauling.

Overall, if work was my only criteria for a UTV I couldn’t think of a better machine than this Kubota RTV.

For vehicle options, specifications and pricing for the Kubota RTV-X1100C, please visit the Kubota Canada Website.

Sours: https://utvplanet.raven-media.ca/2014-kubota-rtv-x1100c-first-ride
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Sounds like the normal operation of the HST transmission to me. Have driven many, and they're basically all about the same. It is NOT an automatic transmission like a car, and it's not a belt drive. I could type out a very long explanation of how the HST works but it's confusing to everyone who doesn't understand their basic principles of operation, and boring.

The top speed should be in the 23-25mph range on flat ground, with no incline whatsoever. If there is ANY incline, or anything else that can load the transmission and engine, it's not going to reach top speed, and a lot of times, wont' even come close.

Also there's manufacturing tolerances within the HST. The clearance between the pistons and the motor block could be slightly on the loose side, say a few ten thousandths of an inch. That's all it takes and in manufacturing, it's almost impossible to get it dead on to zero every time.

If it's fairly new, call the dealer and ask them to double check the cable adjustments and the HST charge pressure as both can have a big effect on the operation of the HST. They can't be off very much.

And finally, we have something else to think about. We are dealing with a machine that weighs 2400 lbs + the weight of the blade (closer to 2700 lbs) and has 24hp. That is the same weight as a lot of small cars and only 24hp. It's not going to be a hot rod.

A turbo kit really wakes them up!


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Kubota RTV X1100C - Happy New Year Gift Run

Kubota RTV1100

The Kubota RTV1100 Worksite utility vehicle is a powerful and useful machine to have at your disposal. If you are looking for slightly smaller UTVs from Kuboto, then check out the Kubota RTV 900 Utility Vehicle or the Kubota RTV 500 Utility Vehicle. The RTV 1100 has been specifically designed for use on work sites, hence the name! It comes with an engine developed and manufactured in house by Kubota. It’s the D1105-E3-UV 4 stroke, diesel and it has a power output of 24.8 hp. The 3 cylinder engine has displacement of 1.1 liters. This engine is powered with diesel from a fuel tank that has a max capacity of 30 liters (7.9 US gallons). The engine sits on a choice of chassis, either a 2WD or 4WD chassis. Power from the engine is transferred to the wheels via a variable hydrostatic transmission that has 3 ranges of gears, low, medium and high.

The fastest that the Kubota RTV 1100 can travel at is 25 mph when it’s in high gear. Thankfully the RTV1100 utility vehicle uses power steering, as traveling over rough ground at these speeds without it could be very dangerous. Both the front and back wheels use a Mac-Pherson strut type independent suspension to make sure that you enjoy a comfortable journey no matter where you are using this ATV. The weight of the RTV 1100 comes in at 1120 kg (2469 lbs). The most that it can safely pull is 590 kg (1300 lbs) while the largest safe payload that it can carry onboard is 740 kg (1631 lbs).

The Kubota RTV1100 is fairly long at 3.26 m (128.4 inches) thanks to it’s large cargo bed. It measures 1.69 m (66.5 inches) wide and has a height of 2.1 m (83 inches) to the top of it’s roll cage (ROPS). The Kubota RTV 1100 comes with a Kubota ‘Premium Grand Cab’ that has doors so it can be operated even when the weather outside is miserable. The Kubota RTV 900 Utility Vehicle is the younger brother of this model and it’s advisable you check it out if you are interested in a similar but less ‘decked out’ ATV/utility vehicle.

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Speed kubota rtv x1100c top

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Kubota RTV-X1100C Review

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