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destiny 2 ascendant challenge weekly bounty
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Once inside, head left and look for a blight – a big black ball of energy with a shield around it. Go into the shielded area and shoot the ball. When you’ve destroyed it, look for the next one. Ignore the enemies – they’ll just keep spawning until the challenge is over. Once the final blight is down, you’ll get a message with the words “An Opportunity”. The crystals at the entrance will lose their shields at that point. Run back to them and break them all.

destiny 2 ascendant challenge destroy blight
destiny 2 ascendant challenge destroy crystals

The best way to do this is by running in circles and destroying them as you go. The enemies that spawn there are mostly melee, and they won’t be able to catch you if you don’t stop moving. So just run in circles, destroying crystals as you go. When you destroy the final one, the challenge will be over. If you die, you’ll have to start over from the beginning.

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Destiny 2: Ascendant Challenge guide

Our Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge guide contains an overview of how Ascendant Challenges work and will be updated with how ways to complete Ascendant Challenges each week.

If you manage to complete the Awoken quest line and reach Forsaken’s endgame area, the Dreaming City, then you’ve reached the tip of the iceberg. It’s an enormous space that’s Bungie has filled to the brim with secrets, puzzles and activities which will keep players discovering content over the next few weeks, months and maybe even years.

Among the Dreaming City’s elusive secrets are Ascendant Challenges. These are weekly tasks hidden away in the depths of the city and require a special item to even have a chance of stumbling into one. That’s right, you’re not even given the challenge, so much as thrown into it when exploring and fulfilling the right conditions.

Below we've put together a guide which contains each week's Ascendant Challenge and the various ways of completing them all.

Make sure you check out our Ace of Spades Quest guide if you want to get your hands on Cayde's Exotic Hand Cannon!

UPDATE: We've overhauled this article with "how-tos" for every Ascendant Challenge currently in Destiny 2, along with the weeks they'll be active.

How do Ascendant Challenges work?

There are total of 6 Ascendant Challenges which rotate each week, and we've broken down how they work just below.

  • To access Ascendant Challenges, you will need to have gained access to the Dreaming City. If you’ve not done so, our Awoken Quest guide has you covered on this front.
  • Once you've gained access, you'll need to visit Petra and accept her Ascendant Challenge Weekly Bounty.
  • Next, you’ll a special consumable item called the Tincture of Queensfoil. It’s a random item that can drop from chests in both the Dreaming City and throughout the game world in general. There seems to be a higher drop rate from Region Chests in the Dreaming City, so this is your best bet.
  • When you use these Tincture potions, you’ll be able to see special secrets and portals that’ll lead to these Ascendant Challenges within the Dreaming City.
  • Complete an Ascendant Challenge and you’ll be rewarded with Powerful Gear.

Ascendant Challenge: How to complete Week 6

Weeks Available

  • 1st January - 15th January reset
  • 19th February - 26th February reset
  • 2nd April - 9th April reset

To complete the final Ascendant Challenge in the weekly rotation, you'll need to head on over to Rheasilvia, which is over to the north of the Dreaming City.

As per usual, pop a Tincture of Queensfoil and locate the portal in the first area which is tucked behind a large circular arena filled with Hobgoblins.

Jump through and you'll reach the Cimmerian Garrison. Run and platform your way along the largely linear route, being careful not to fall off or get caught out by large mobs. Take your time and pick them off from a distance, or opt to zip past them - it's your call.

Once you've reached the end, you'll need to eliminate an Ascendant Knight. We'd recommend popping your Super straight away and letting loose on the boss and the mobs which'll spawn in. Switch to a power weapon to finish it off, wait for the chest to spawn and collect your reward!

Ascendant Challenge: How to complete Week 5

Weeks Available

  • 25th December - 1st January reset
  • 12th February - 19th February reset
  • 26th March - 2nd April reset

For this challenge you'll need to head to the Bay of Wishes which is located just behind the primary landing zone in the Dreaming City. Once you've landed, pop your Tincture of Queensfoil, turn around and head into the nearby Lost Sector.

Just make your way through the Lost Sector as normal and keep an eye on your right for the portal. Don't worry about clearing enemies here, it's better to just run and jump past them all considering you're main aim here isn't Lost Sector completion.

Once you're inside the Ascendant Realm, the whole challenge revolves around following the orb of light all the way down to the bottom. It's actually pretty simple, just take your time and make sure each of your jumps are all nicely timed to avoid falling to your doom. Some of the later platforms rotate slowly, so don't get too hasty!

When you've reached the bottom, you'll face off against some powerful Wizards so pop your Super and whip out a Shotgun or Power Weapon to clear the area quickly.

KackisHD's video is a perfect video guide to Week 5's Ascendant Challenge. If you found it helpful, do make sure you give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing to the channel for more insightful Destiny 2 content.

Ascendant Challenge: How to complete Week 4

Weeks Available

  • 18th December - 25th December reset
  • 5th February - 12th February reset
  • 19th March - 26th March reset

To complete Week 4's Ascendant Challenge you'll need to head over to Harbinger's Seclude, pop a Tincture of Queensfoil and scale quite a finicky statue in order to jump through the usual portal.

Once you're in the Ascendant Plane follow the floating orb and hop across the platforms until you reach a large circular arena containing a number of strong hive enemies. First off, you'll need to eliminate a wave of Wizards, Thrall and a number of Acolytes. Trigger this encounter by attacking any of the enemies in the centre.

We'd recommend either staying on the move, or taking refuge on one of the side paths that branch off from the main arena as all the enemies will funnel towards you and make it easier spray them down.

Complete this step and you'll be prompted to pick up a Hive Relic Sword from the centre of the arena. Be warned, as once you do this you'll trigger the final boss wave. All of the yellow bar Hive Knights will spring to life, as well as the usual mobs of Hive too. Time to start swinging!

The key here is to keep on the move and take swings when you've got enough armour and health to afford being static for a second or two. Thankfully sword swings stagger the knights, so don't be afraid to get up close and personal and chain big hits to chunk their health bars fast.

Once you've cleared the room, you'll then need to do a bit more platforming and slashing, except this time it'll be a much easier to fall into the abyss below. Time your jumps right, and even go about changing your glide or equipping boots that'll give you maximum air time to avoid any mishaps.

Open the chest at the end and you'll be done! Make sure to check out the video by Esoterickk as it'll give you a complete walkthrough of what to do and where to go. It's also worth subscribing to their channel as it's filled with brilliant Destiny content.

Ascendant Challenge: How to complete Week 3

Weeks Available

  • 11th December - 18th December reset
  • 29th January - 5th February reset
  • 12th March - 19th March reset

This week's ascendant challenge is located in the Spine of Keres. Remember the introductory mission to the Dreaming City? Well, we want to double back all the way to this starting area before popping your Tincture of Queensfoil.

Dive into the portal and you'll notice a large spire with a broken spiral staircase leading all the way to the top. Your aim is to race your way to the top, avoid the bombs and eliminate the Taken Phalanx at the peak - and that's it!

Honestly, just ignore all the enemies on the way to the top and pop your Super once you've reached the boss. Simple.

PlanetDestiny's got a great video outlining the process which we've linked above. Do make sure you give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing if you found it useful!

Ascendant Challenge: How to complete Week 2

Weeks Available

  • 4th December - 12th December reset
  • 22nd January - 29th January reset
  • 5th March - 12th March reset

Courtesy of Arekkz, here's how to complete this week's Ascendant Challenge. We've linked his video down below, so if you found it helpful, do make sure to give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing if you're after more content like this.

For those of you who can't watch the video for whatever reason, here's a quick breakdown of all the important steps:

  • Speak to Petra and purchase her Ascendant Challenge Weekly Bounty. It reads, "At the overlook's edge, the garden grows onwward".
  • Spawn into the Dreaming City, head right into the cave and upon exiting the cave take another right. This'll lead you up a long winding path into the Gardens of Esila.
  • Pop the Tincture of Queensfoil item.
  • The portal you need to go through is nestled on the left side of this area. Keep an eye on the cliff edge and you'll spot it eventually.
  • You'll spawn in a vast space with three Orbs dotted around the edge and a huge blight in the centre. Your aim here is to grab each of the orbs and dunk them in the middle of this area.
  • Be mindful of the Blight fields as they'll slow you down.
  • Once you've dunked all the orbs it'll spawn a bunch of powerful Taken Knights who are capable of one-shotting you if you're not 520+ Power Level. However, a big pool of light will spawn in the centre of the room which will recharge your Super in seconds. Dip in and out of this, clear the room and you've completed the challenge!

Ascendant Challenge: How to complete Week 1

Weeks Available:

  • 15th January - 22nd January reset
  • 26th February - 5th March reset

Credit goes to both mrwhizkid97 and Houndish for all the info.

  • There’s a Lost Sector located to the East of Petra’s location in the Strand. It’s just behind her, below the cliff edge where she stands.
  • Pop your Tincture potion and move inside. You’ll bump into a Taken Portal, so hop in!
  • You’ll be transported into a darkened room called Ouroborea. It’s filled with pillars and a number of floating crystals at first glance, but turn around and you’ll see a number of Taken Blights.
  • Destroy 4 Taken Blights which are all located in the corners of the room. Once you’ve done so, a message will pop up in the bottom left corner of your screen which says “ A seal breaks. An opportunity.”
  • At this point, move towards the middle and begin destroying the crystals in the centre. Once all the crystals are destroyed, you’ve completed your first Ascendant Challenge!
  • A chest spawns in the centre of the room and should contain a piece of powerful Dreaming City gear - very nice indeed.
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Destiny 2: How To Complete Every Ascendant Challenge

Quick Links

The Dreaming City is one of the most feature-rich destinations in Destiny 2. A three-week cycle controls this destination's secret chests, Blind Well enemies, and current Ascendant Challenge.

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Ascendant Challenges are particularly unique because there are six challenges in total. Completing these challenges can grant random Dreaming City gear and the Starlight Shell, a Ghost Shell needed for the Cursebreaker title. Whether you're chasing loot or titles, these challenges are worth experiencing for yourself. Let's go over what you'll need to attempt these challenges, where all six are located, and how to complete every Ascendant Challenge present on the Dreaming City.

Updated August 7th, 2021, by Charles Burgar: Completing Ascendant Challenges has become worthwhile with the return of random-rolled Dreaming City gear. For those looking to obtain a perfect Dreaming City weapon, you'll want to complete at least one Ascendant Challenge each week. We've updated this guide with clearer information on each Ascendant Challenge. Tips have also been added to most challenges to make Ascendant Knights and challenge bosses much easier to deal with.

Ascendant Challenge Prerequisites

Before you attempt any Ascendant Challenge, you'll need:

  • A Tincture of Queensfoil
  • Know the location of the Ascendant Challenge
  • Petra's weekly Ascendant Challenge bounty
    • This is optional, but it gives you additional loot for something you'll be doing anyway.

A Tincture of Queensfoil is a consumable item that grants the "Ascendance" buff for 30 minutes, allowing you to enter these weekly Ascendant Challenges. You can find Tinctures from activities and chests scattered throughout the Dreaming City. Tinctures can also be purchased from Huginn, an Ahamkara skull inside Harbinger's Seclude.

If you plan to complete the challenges each week, it's a good idea to visit Petra Venj. She sells a weekly bounty that asks you to complete an Ascendant Challenge, granting Dreaming City gear if completed.

Note: You get one life in every Ascendant Challenge. If you die, you'll respawn at the portal to the challenge. The portal will open after a few seconds, allowing you to attempt the challenge once more. Ascendant Challenges are listed in order of release, not curse strength.

Ascendant Challenge Week 1: Ouroborea

LocationAphelion's Rest Lost Sector
ChallengeDestroy Taken Blights to expose crystals
Curse StrengthStrongest

You can find this challenge in the Aphelion's Rest Lost Sector, located in The Strand. The portal will be floating above a ramp towards the final boss arena.

Completing this challenge is a two-step process:

  1. Destroy four Taken Blights, located in each corner of the arena.
  2. Destroy every crystal in the center of the arena.

You'll spawn at the center of the arena, sandwiched between multiple Ascendant Knights. These enemies are fairly tough so keep your distance. There are four Taken Blights you must destroy, one for each corner of the arena. Rotate clockwise around the arena, destroying each Blight you come across. Enemies will spawn when you get near a Blight, although you can easily avoid them. A single Anarchy bolt is enough to destroy a Blight.

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When all four Blights are destroyed, a message stating "An opportunity" will appear. Every crystal will now be vulnerable to damage. Destroy the crystals at the center of the arena to complete the challenge. Be careful, as the Ascendant Knights will begin to charge you during this part. Distance yourself from the Knights as much as possible.

Ascendant Challenge Week 2: Forfeit Shrine

LocationGardens of Esila
ChallengeDeposit orbs, then kill Ascendant Knights
Curse StrengthWeak

This week's challenge is located at the Garden of Esila, the southern-most section of The Strand. The portal can be found on the southeast corner of the zone, just after the first group of Hive Acolytes.

Completing this challenge will require the following:

  1. Deposit three orbs to the center of the arena.
  2. Kill the Ascendant Knights.

Each orb can be found in the outskirts of the area. They'll be a UI indicator for where the orbs are, so they should be fairly easy to find. Grab the orb and escort it to the center to dunk them. You can melee with these orbs to build some momentum.

After you deposit three orbs, a pool of Light will spawn beneath you. This pool will give you infinite Super energy. You'll be rushed from all angles by Ascendant Knights. Use your newfound power to turn these enemies into dust. Kill all of the Knights to finish the challenge.

If you're struggling to kill the Knights, consider the following Supers:

  • Hunter: Golden Gun and Shadowshot are great for this challenge. Spam Golden Gun shots, or tether all of the Knights together to clear them out quickly.
  • Warlock: Chaos Reach is fantastic for killing the Knights.
  • Titan: Thundercrash works best for this, even without Cuirass of the Falling Star.

Ascendant Challenge Week 3: Shattered Ruins

LocationSpine of Keres
ChallengeClimb a tower, then kill a boss.
Curse StrengthGrowing

Once you reach the Spine of Keres, head towards the shore. You'll see a portal floating along the path.

This challenge is quite straightforward:

  1. Ascend a tower
  2. Kill the boss

The tower is littered with traps and levitating platforms you'll need to hop between. Completing this platforming section shouldn't take more than a few minutes, but feel free to take it slow. At the apex of the tower is a Cabal Phalanx. Be careful not to get hit by the Phalanx's shield, as it can easily launch you to the bottom of the tower. Kill the boss to finish the challenge.

Ascendant Challenge Week 4: Keep Of Honed Edges

LocationHarbinger's Seclude
ChallengeUse a Hive Sword to kill two Ascendant Knights
Curse StrengthStrongest

Travel to the northern end of Harbinger's Seclude. You'll enter a spacious room with an Awoken statue at the northern tip of the room. Use a Tincture of Queensfoil to reveal a hidden path beside the statue. Follow the path to enter the portal.

You only have one objective here:

  1. Kill two Ascendant Knights with a Hive Sword.

Make your way to the arena by jumping across rock platforms. The center of the arena will have a Hive Sword protected by numerous Hive. They'll be two Knights near the Sword that are impervious to damage. Kill every other Hive in the area to use the Sword.

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You'll have ten minutes to kill both Knights with the Sword. Use heavy attacks and the Sword's Super attack to output as much damage as possible. When both Knights are defeated, follow the Toland wisp outside the arena to reach the chest. You'll have multiple Taken enemies try to kill you during this part. Feel free to drop the Sword to shoot them from a distance.

Ascendant Challenge Week 5: Agonarch Abyss

LocationBay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector
ChallengeKill two Taken Wizards
Curse WeekWeak

From the Divalian Mists, turn around and run into the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector. The portal is just before the entrance to the boss arena.

Week 5's challenge is straightforward:

  1. Follow Toland's wisp through a platforming section.
  2. Defeat a pair of Taken Wizards.

Toland will guide you through a long platforming section. Run to his orb to reveal the next platform. Follow Toland until you reach the arena at the very bottom. Alternatively, you can use your movement abilities and Super to make your way to the arena.

Once you reach the bottom, run to Toland's orb to spawn the final boss. You'll need to kill two Taken Wizards while avoiding Taken Blights and Thrall. These Wizards are fairly weak, so this shouldn't be a difficult encounter. Bring a Sword if you want to kill the Wizards quickly. The challenge ends once both Wizards are slain.

Ascendant Challenge Week 6: Cimmerian Garrison

LocationChamber of Starlight Lost Sector
ChallengeKill an Ascendant Knight
Curse StrengthGrowing

The Chamber of Starlight is located at the southern end of Rheasilvia. You'll find the portal directly behind the Lost Sector chest.

In essence, this challenge is a gauntlet. You'll need to:

  1. Push through a myriad of enemies and traps.
  2. Defeat an Ascendant Knight boss.

Reaching the boss is a long ordeal, filled with traps that can push you off the map. Hobgoblins and Shriekers dot the path to the boss. If you want to play it safe, stay back and kill these enemies before you continue onward.

As for the final fight, you'll be facing off against an Ascendant Knight in a cramped arena. A Shrieker will spew projectiles at you during this part, so it's recommended that you kill it first before facing the boss. Every time the boss loses 25% of its total health, it'll vanish for a few seconds and spawn Taken Thrall. The Knight will become enraged when it loses 75% of its health, denoted by the loss of its helmet. Burst the Knight down as fast as you can to complete the challenge. The Lament, Anarchy, Deathbringer, and most Rocket Launchers should take the Knight down quickly.

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Destiny 2 - Ascendant Challenge Guide and Location 10-26-2021

Ascendant Challenge This Week – Destiny 2

The next update is October 26, 2021

Ascendant Challenge is Dreaming City’s activity that players can complete every week to get Dreaming City Gear. The challenge location rotates every week and is confusing for new players. The planet is so big and finding certain locations would be difficult for the new light players, so this guide will help you out.

Dreaming City has three different curse cycles; Weak, Medium, and Strong. We can use the curse type for finding the location of Petra Venj, she is the vendor who will give you the Ascendant Challenge. Her locations are: The Strand for Weak Curse, Divilian Mists for Medium Curse, and Rehasilvia for Strong Curse.

Finding out the location is really easy, in this article we’ve added a map that you can use.

Ascendant Challenge This Week

The location for this week is mentioned in the table for the whole year.

DateChallenge NameLocationCurse
October 5thCimmerian GarrisonChamber of StarlightMedium
October 12thOuroboreaAphelion’s RestStrong
October 19thForfeit ShrineGardens of EsilaWeak
October 26thShattered RuinsSpine of KeresMedium
November 2ndKeep of Honed EdgesHarbinger’s SecludeStrong
November 9thAgonarch AbyssBay of Drowned WishesWeak
November 16thCimmerian GarrisonChamber of StarlightMedium
November 23rdOuroboreaAphelion’s RestStrong
November 30thForfeit ShrineGardens of EsilaWeak
December 7thShattered RuinsSpine of KeresMedium
December 14thKeep of Honed EdgesHarbinger’s SecludeStrong
December 21stAgonarch AbyssBay of Drowned WishesWeak
December 28thCimmerian GarrisonChamber of StarlightMedium

Ascendant Challenge Location This Week

This week’s challenge is Shattered Ruins, and the curse is Medium. Head to Spine of Keres to complete this week’s challenge and collect your loot. I have updated the table for dates, you can also click the link given below for the guide on completing the challenge.

Here’s a guide explaining the Shattered Ruins Challenge

There are six locations where the Ascendant Challenge is; Bay of Drowned Wishes, Chamber of Starlight, Aphelion’s Rest, Gardens of Esila, Spine of Keres, and Harbinger’s Seclude. Locating these are easy, I will add YouTube videos with the exact location every week.

Note: Keep in mind that to see the Ascendant Portal, you need to use the Tincture of Queensfoil. You can purchase it from Petra if you don’t have it. Upon consuming it, you’ll be able to see a black portal that you can head inside.

Complete the challenge on all of your characters to collect Dreaming City loot from all three. I don’t really have good RNG by my side, so completing the challenge for the Retold Tale God Roll on all three characters helped. Ascendant chests also have higher chances of dropping exotics, I’ve got multiple exotics from these chests.

Too bad this doesn’t drop any pinnacle gear, dreaming city was an amazing source for leveling up. Do comment below if this article helped you out. We have more amazing destiny 2 content that you can check out – This Week’s Reset, Trove Guardian Location, Eververse’s Inventory and more.


Challenge bounty ascendant weekly

Ascendant Challenges are one of the several moving parts involving the Dreaming City’s intricate Curse, which envelops the area in a three-week time loop. The curse ranges from weak to strong to strongest, and each cycle brings players a ton of treasure to hunt for—if they’re brave enough to dive into the Ascendant Plane in search of riches, that is.

Destiny 2 has a total of six Ascendant Challenges, which rotate every week. They’re a surefire source of Dreaming City gear, including reissued versions of Waking Vigil, Tigerspite, and Twilight Oath. Finishing an Ascendant Challenge grants a piece of Legendary gear, but players can get their hands on an extra drop if they have Petra Venj’s weekly bounty.

Ascendant Challenges yield one piece of gear each week, plus another from Petra’s bounties. Those objectives are character-based, meaning that players can get six pieces of Dreaming City gear from Ascendant Challenges alone.

To find the entrance to the Ascendant Challenge, players must consume an item called Tincture of Queensfoil, available from Petra for 50 Baryon Boughs or found in chests throughout the Dreaming City. Each Ascendant Challenge will have its own entrance, and though the challenge itself changes every week, its entrance will remain in the same spot whenever it pops up.

What is the Ascendant Challenge this week in Destiny 2? (Oct. 19 to 26)

  • Challenge: Forfeit Shrine
  • Entrance: Gardens of Esila (The Strand)
  • Corrupted Eggs: two
  • Ahamkara Bones: one

How to get Dreaming City gear?

The Ascendant Challenge is one way of getting Dreaming City gear, but players will find far more options than that if they check with Petra Venj’s stock.

Petra offers a weekly bounty for completing the Ascendant Challenge, which will award you with an extra piece of gear for your trouble. Each week, she’ll also offer a bounty that costs Dark Fragments and yields an Offering to the Oracle. Taking the reward to the Oracle in the Spine of Keres will give you an extra drop and, on weeks where the Curse is strongest, will let you visit Queen Mara Sov’s throne room. (There’s also an Ahamkara Bone there).

In addition, check out Petra’s bounties every day for a daily objective that also gives out gear, as seen in its tooltip. (Challenge: The Shattered has been broken for some time, however, so don’t get your hopes up.) Finishing eight daily bounties and doing Petra’s weekly quest will also yield Dreaming City gear if you have bought the objectives from her inventory. Like Ascendant Challenges, these are on a weekly lockout per character, meaning you can accomplish them more than once a week as long as you’re not running the same guardian.

Destiny 2 - Ascendant Challenge Guide and Location 10-19-2021

Ascendant Challenge This Week or Destiny 2 Challenges: We cannot talk about Ascendant Challenge without Dreaming City. It consists of many endgame activities like Blind Well Challenge, Ascendant Challenge, Bounties, and Weekly Missions.


The World merchant for Dreaming City is Petra Venj, who resets every week. To open the Dreaming City, one must own and achieve the Forsaken DLC campaign. After that, Petra Venj will greet you to Dreaming City. If you are new to the ascendant challenge and looking for how to start the ascendant challenge then you must read How to Complete Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge.


Ascendant Challenge This Week

Ascendant Challenge is a Dreaming City activity that players can complete every week to get gear. The challenge location keeps rotating every week while changing with the level of the curse and maybe disturbing for new players. The planet is so big, and finding certain locations may be difficult for the new players. Ascendant Challenges are not known by most new light players.


Dreaming City has three different curse cycles that are Weak, Medium, and Strong. We can use the cursing type for locating  Petra Venj, she is the vendor who will give you the Ascendant Challenge. Her locations are The Strand, Divalian Mists, and Rehasilvia for Weak Curse, Medium Curse, and  Strong Curse respectively.

Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge is an activity that you unlock when you reach Dreaming City and are tied to the Ascendant Plane. Every week players will get a single portal at random locations that act as the door to the Ascendant Plane. The level of the curse determines the location of the Ascendant Challenge every week.

Ascendant Challenge List

There are few set locations Ascendant Challenge This Week and the rotation happens between these locations only. That is:


Where is the Ascendant Challenge This Week?

Players especially new ones are always confused about the location for the Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge whenever there’s a weekly reset. Let’s dive into Week’s Ascendant Challenge. These are the ascendant challenge locations:

How do you do the ascendant challenge?

If you are not able to complete any challenge and looking for how to beat the ascendant challenge, then read our detailed guide about How to Complete Ascendant Challenge. This guide will help you with the tricks and tips to complete the challenges.


You have to pick up the Week’s Ascendant Challenge from Petra as I already said above, once you have it, consume the Tincture of Queensfoil. After that, go to the location mentioned above, and there will be a black ball that you can head inside. Complete and finish the challenge accordingly, and secure your weekly reward. You can complete the challenge on all three characters.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset

Every week there is a weekly reset of these challenges, you can follow the table for the next weekly reset. Destiny 2 weekly reset is after 7 days.

Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge List September 2021

Year 2021 | DateAscendant Challenge NameAscendant Challenge LocationCurse
September 29thAgonarch AbyssBay of Drowned WishesWeak
October 5thCimmerian GarrisonChamber of StarlightMedium
October 12th Ouroborea Aphelion’s Rest Strong
October 19th Forfeit Shrine Gardens of Esila Weak
October 26th Shattered RuinsSpine of KeresMedium
November 2nd Keep of Honed EdgesHarbinger’s SecludeStrong

Where is Toland this week?

You can found Toland inside the Portal area. The location of Toland always changes you can get it by completing the bounty. You need to pop a Tincture of Queensfoil to make the Ascendant portal appear in the location. The tincture only works for a 30-minute duration and will run out when switch maps. Read a proper guide about What is Toland and where it is.


Destiny 2 What are Challenges

Begin by spawning at Divalian Mists and make your way towards the Spine of Keres. Now the problem is the Spine of Keres is a tremendous location, and the Ascendant portal sits at a very tiny corner in this large area. So if someone is new to the game, it is almost impossible for him to find out the exact location.


Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge Today

Destiny 2 today, which you can find while exploring the Dreaming City. These not only provide you access in the end game patrol space but also achieving them aids you to achieve Petra’s bounties. For the location of the Destiny 2 ascendant challenge, today and the entire week do check the challenge list above.

Ascendant Challenge Location

Ascendant Challenge location is good for farming dreaming city exclusive weapons and farming exotics. There are only six Destiny 2 Locations that are Gardens of Esila, Spine of Keres, Harbinger’s Seclude, Bay of Drowned Wishes, Chamber of Starlight, and Aphelion’s Rest.

You can locate Petra Venj at the Strand since this is a Strong Curse week .you get to the strand by spawning at Divalian Mists and make your way to The Strand. Then go to the location when Petra Venj arrives on The Strand. Just under that location, you will find the gateway to the Aphelion’s Rest Lost Sector. To get to the Ascendant portal go direct to the boss area of the Lost Sector. Just before you enter the boss area you will see the portal open up if you have already used the Tincture of Queensfoil.


Destiny 2 Challenges 

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Ascendant Challenge This Week Video Guide (Gameplay)

These are the demonstrated videos for the challenges, this will help you out more if you are getting stuck in any place.

Forfeit Shrine Challenge Video Guide

Shattered Ruins Challenge Video Guide

Agonarch Abyss Challenge Video Guide

Cimmerian Garrison Challenge Video Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can you redo the ascendant challenge?
Answer: Yes, if you failed any ascendant challenge then you will get another chance after a week.

Question 2: Who is Petras in the ascendant challenge?
Answer: Perta reset the ascendant challenges every week.

Question 3: How to get eggs in the ascendant challenge?
Answer: To get the corrupted eggs in the ascendant challenge, follow our video guide mentioned above.

Question 4: How to see which ascendant challenges you’ve done?
Answer: Unfortunately, there is no option to check the completed ascendant challenge.

That is all for Ascendant Challenge This Week. You should also know if you die during any challenge, it will reset, but you’ll respawn close enough by outside that you can easily give it several more attempts before the Tincture of Queensfoil buff ends. Remember that the weekly challenges, enemies, bounties, missions will last for 7 days and the weekly reset happens every Tuesday.


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Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge location this week, how to get Tincture of Queensfoil and Toland location

The Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge is a weekly activity you can find while exploring the mysterious Dreaming City.

Not only do these allow you to access new areas within the end-game Patrol space, but completing them helps you complete Petra's bounties - including Toland located - giving you access to valuable Powerful Gear.

It's not the easiest activity to find, however - requiring access to some Tincture of Queensfoil and some know-how of where it'll turn up.

On this page:

There are a total of six Ascendant Challenges, which loop around in a linear order - so Week 2 will be followed by Week 3 at the weekly reset, and after Week 6, it'll return to Week 1.

Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge this week

You can find out which Ascendant Challenge is active, and whether the Shattered Throne and maximum Curse is available, through to the end of September:

Start of WeekEnd of WeekAscendant Challenge this weekMax Curse / Shattered Throne availability
October 1stOctober 8thWeek 3No
October 8thOctober 15thWeek 4Yes
October 15thOctober 22ndWeek 5No
October 22ndOctober 29thWeek 6No
October 29thNovember 5thWeek 1Yes
November 5thNovember 12thWeek 2No
November 12thNovember 19thWeek 3No
November 19thNovember 26thWeek 4Yes

Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge location - Week 1

This is found within the Aphelion's Rest Lost Sector. Enter and in the final room, on the left side, is the portal.

Once inside, the challenge begins. The aim is to destroy all the Taken Blights on the outskirts of the area, then when you get the 'An opportunity' message, return to the centre and smash all the crystals, all while avoiding enemy fire.

Above is a video from Esoterickk showing it in action.

Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge location - Week 2

To find the Ascendant Challenge in the game's second week, you need to visit the Gardens of Esila location. It's not named on the map, but it's at the very south of the Dreaming City.

To get there, travel to The Strand from the opening Divialian Mists area, and when you arrive, there is a path on your right as soon as you emerge. Take it up and follow the rote until you arrive at the Gardens of Esila location.


Once there, you'll want to progress just a little further, passing two large rock structures on your left. Behind the second one - which is next to a plaza of sorts - is the portal.


You'll have to climb some rocks on the cliff edge to see it. Leap into the portal when ready.


Inside is the Forfeit Shrine. The solution is fairly simple - there are three Orbs located on the outskirts of the area, which must be collected and deposited in the centre.

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The Orbs are located on-screen, and the area you take them to is directly underneath the massive glowing sphere. Once done, you then have to clear out all the enemies nearby.

Of course, this is easier said than done. There are Blights along your path, which slow your movement, as well as regular enemy spawns, many of which can one-shot you if you get too close. Having a higher power level will help with this, but you can get away with completing the challenge if you are careful.


Also, where you deposited the final Orb will generate a well that refills your Super gauge, which can make things easier in the final stages.

It should also be noted if you die during an Ascendant Challenge, it will reset, but you'll respawn close enough by outside that you can easily give it several more attempts before the Tincture of Queensfoil buff ends.

If you're struggling, then here's Arekkz with some tips on taking down those enemy spawns:

Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge location - Week 3

The third week's Ascendant Challenge portal is found in the Spine of Keres, which is where you hand in the Oracle Engine Offering.

You'll want to go to the same building as the Oracle, but instead of turning right up the steps, go left and outside. At this point, you'll want to use your Tincture of Queensfoil, as you can cut across the gap on the right thanks to some newly-revealed platforms.

Then, from the bridge, you can see the portal in the distance. This video by Arekkz shows the location, as well as a playthrough of the actual challenge.

The challenge is pretty simple - it's a jumping puzzle all the way up to an area up above. There are multiple hazards along the way - such as bombs and sniping enemies - and a confusing route to take, but the above video can help guide you through it.

Once at the top, you then need to take down a boss. Take your time and keep your distance, then once done, open the chest and the Ascendant Challenge is complete.

Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge location - Week 4

Ascendant Challenge week 4 clue: "Crush the first queen's crown beneath your bootheel."

The fourth week's Ascendant Challenge portal is found at the top of a pillar on an outside balcony, through Harbinger's Seclude (entered via the door in the north-east corner of the Rheasilvia part of the patrol area).

Once you get to the pillar, pop the Tincture of Queensfoil and then do your best to platform up to top of it, as shown in the video below. Start by hopping onto the large sphere round the back, then work your way up and around the column to the portal above it.

You'll come out in the Keep of Honed Edges, in the Ascendant Plane, and you now have a mixture of platforming and combat ahead of you if you want to complete the challenge. Here's a video showing the location and a full playthrough of the challenge.

After a brief bit of platforming across floating rocks near the start, you'll come to a structure with a ritual happening. The first thing you need to do is clear all the additional enemies that spawn.

Once they're down, a waypoint marker will pop up over the central podium where the ritual was happening - there's a weapon there (a 'relic') for you to pick up. It's a sword, and when you grab it the real challenge starts, which is a boss fight including a large number of additional enemies and multiple bosses.

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Kill the first that attacks - the others will be invulnerable while they kneel for now - then stay mobile and clear some additional enemies around the sides of the room.

The other two bosses will then activate at the same time. Try to stay away from edges so you don't get knocked off, but otherwise offence is your best form of defence here, so go all out using the powerful sword to take them down.

When they're down, follow Toland - the little ball of light - to a platforming section, which is much harder than the first. Work your way across the floating rocks and rubble, using the glowing enemies as some guidance, but beware that some platforms will crumble away beneath you, so be quick!

Eventually you'll end up back at the place you started, with a chest spawning in front of you - note that you need to keep the sword equipped for the chest to spawn!

Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge location - Week 5

The location for the Week 5 Ascendant Challenge is pretty straightforward - it's in the Bay of Lost Wishes Lost Sector, which is the one directly behind you when you load into the Dreaming City spawn point.

You'll find the portal just before the tunnel at the end of the beach.

The challenge itself is also one of the simplest we've seen so far. It's a jumping puzzle, where you have to leap down a series of platforms to an area at the bottom. Once there, you must clear everything - specifically several Blights and some Wizards.

If you are doing it solo, then you may want to sprint around this final area in a wide circle. Doing so will allow you to avoid all the advancing enemies and their fire. Then, when your Super has charged, find the right opportunity to use it against the Wizards. once they are down, the reward is yours.

Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge location - Week 6

Ascendant Challenge Week 6 location clue: "Starlight, star bright, first untruth she'll craft tonight..."

You'll find the entrance to Ascendant Challenge Week 6 in the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector, which you'll find in Rheasilvia, the area to the north of The Dreaming City. Once you have used a Tincture of Queensfoil, the portal is located towards the end of the first area, near some snipers.

As for the challenge itself (Cimmerian Garrison) it's not unlike Week 5 where you have a linear route and have to clear specific enemies - an Ascendant Knight - at the end to complete it.

However, one big difference is the route is littered with tough enemies. As shown by Arekkz in the below video, it is possible sprint past them all if you have the Power level advantage and the skill, meaning all you have to do at the end is take down the Ascendant Knight while keeping other enemies at bay.

It's a tough challenge either way, so if you can do it with others, it'll certain make life easier.

This year's Festival of the Lost has arrived - which includes the Book of the Forgotten and Jurassic Green to unlock. Elsewhere in Season of the Lost, there are new Exotics such as the Ager's Scepter and the long-awaited arrival of crossplay. New activities include the Wayfinders Voyage, the Astral Alignment activity and finding Atlas Skew, Trivial Mystery, Enigmatic Mystery, Ascendant Mystery, Data Cache, Parallax Trajectory and Ascendant Anchor locations. Elsewhere, we've seen new Nightfall weapons such as the Uzume RR4, Plug One.1 and Hung Jury SR4. Other recent new features include transmog and materials Synthstrand, Synthcord and Synthweave, the Splicer Gauntlet and Decrypted Data used to upgrade it.

How to get Tincture of Queensfoil, access Ascendant Challenges and complete Toland located in Destiny 2

If you plan to access Ascendant Challenges or complete the Toland located bounty, you need to unlock The Dreaming City, the end-game destination after completing the Forsaken walkthrough.

Once you have access to the patrol space, you'll want to find some Tincture of Queensfoil. This is a consumable which "opens your mind to the secrets of the Dreaming City" according to the in-game description.


What this means is it'll give you a buff that opens up new discoveries - such as new platforms and portals, including one to the Ascendant Challenge - for 30 minutes.

To get Tincture of Queensfoil, you'll find it as a drop from anywhere within The Dreaming City - much like Dark Fragments.

This means you should complete Patrol Activities, Public Events, open Chests and complete Bounties. They are uncommon drops, but keep playing and one should drop in time.

Alternatively, you can buy one for 50 Baryon Boughs from a 'secret vendor' named Huginn, found in the Harbinger's Seclude area of The Dreaming City - though the route to get there is a little long winded. Here's the way to go (thanks to aGelatoo on Twitter for the tip!):

When you are ready, note the Ascendant Challenge changes every week, with not only a new location but the actual challenge itself. There are a total of six that rotate round. Make sure you collect the Weekly Bounty from Petra, which note only gives you a clue of its location, but also gives you Powerful Gear rewards.

Another daily bounty to look out for is Toland Located. Toland is found within the Ascendant Challenge area, as a wisp that is hovering somewhere in side. It's location changes each time but is usually on the critical path. Simply approach it to complete the bounty.


It should also be noted if you die during an Ascendant Challenge, it will reset, but you'll respawn close enough by outside that you can easily give it several more attempts before the Tincture of Queensfoil buff ends. And if you fail after that? Get another Tincture of Queensfoil and try again.


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