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The four season travel trailer design was inspired by years of camping using other campers and making every aspect better, higher quality, more efficient, and easier to maintain. Once you see what the Oliver designers and engineers have developed you will soon see why we're the best insulated travel trailer in the industry.

Our 4 season travel trailers are built with a double hull shell with an air gap and insulation between, this insulates the same way a double-sided insulated cup does.

Oliver owners can enjoy camping in all four seasons because our campers have a heater that helps keep you warm during the harsh winter weather. Cold temperatures can be a big downer when you're out adventuring, but if you have an Oliver camper, you'll be protected from cold weather thanks to the heating system.

For insulation, we use an insulated double-sided radiant barrier, which is best described as follows:

"Reflective aluminum foil on each side of a 5mm (13/64 inch) polyethylene bubble center."

"*Polyethylene Bubble + Radiant barrier + Vapor Barrier + Air Gap Barrier"

4 season dometic wall mount thermostat

A lot of thought is put into every Legacy Elite Series Travel Trailer, being able to go camping in all four seasons has been a long-time desire here at Oliver. One of the components included in our standard package to help accommodate harsh cold weather is the 11, BTU ducted furnace that distributes heat evenly throughout the travel trailer in the winter and throughout the space between the inner and outer shells. Even in brutally cold winters, you will stay toasty warm.

To beat the summer heat, the Oliver comes standard with a quiet and efficient Dometic Penguin II roof-mounted air conditioner and the MaxxAir Fan Deluxe. It is the only complete RV ventilation system that incorporates a vent, fan & rain protection into a single all-in-one unit with a built-in wall-mounted thermostat.

You will not find a comparable design that provides the level of protection that the Oliver Four Season RV provides from the elements.

4 season rv twin bed floor plan

If you are interested in seeing an Oliver camper in person, we can arrange it for you!

double pane window 4 season travel trailer rv

Our double-pane windows make 4 season RV living comfortable, as the superior insulation keeps the heat of the day and the cold weather of the nights from seeping into the RV.

Superior insulation isn’t the only benefit of double-pane windows. Our windows have a locking system. This makes them sturdy and increases safety because the locking system prevents the windows from being opened from the outside.

With the double hull, you have similar attributes to a double-pane window. The space between the two shells of our travel trailer houses the water tanks and plumbing, protecting it from the harsh weather elements. Our unique double-hull helps to keep the interior at comfortable levels and the air space helps to prevent condensation from forming on the inside.

4 season camper shell enclosure
Sours: https://olivertraveltrailers.com/travel-trailers/4-season/

Are you an avid camper looking to do some trailer or RV camping all year round? Perhaps you do not want to limit your list of destinations to those that only have warm weather, or you just want the flexibility to travel anywhere regardless of the local weather conditions there.

A four-season travel trailer gives you this level of flexibility when it comes to choosing your destination.

These travel trailers have been weather-proofed to survive and provide comfort regardless of temperature or conditions.

In this article, I will look at the top four-season travel trailers currently on the market. I&#;ll also dive deeper to show you what makes a good four seasons travel trailer and what factors to consider when purchasing this type of trailer.

Our Top Picks for Four Season Travel Trailers

Lance Travel TrailerMost Customizable
Dutchmen Aspen TrailMost Affordable
Keystone MontanaBest for Cold Weather
Heartland BighornBest for Families
Livin Lite CampliteBest for Couples

In-Depth Reviews of the Best Four Season Travel Trailers

Here is a closer look at what makes these trailers the best options on the market when it comes to all-season traveling.

Most Customizable

Lance Travel Trailer

The Lance Travel Trailer has plenty of features and is highly customizable, so you can add more features if you want. With a wide variety of floor plans, you&#;re sure to find something perfectly suited to your needs.

Dual-pane windows ensure that you get protected from the elements, and the Azedel interior walls keep you well insulated even in frigid weather.

An exterior TV mounting makes it easy to tailgate when the weather allows for it while a propane connection and a fully decked out kitchen make it easy to prepare home-cooked meals.

The aluminum framing on the ceiling, floor, and walls, meanwhile, ensures durability even when you use the trailer repeatedly in harsh conditions.

Visit Their Website


  • Good insulation
  • Double-pane windows
  • Highly customizable
  • Full kitchen


  • Some customers complain about the performance of the air conditioner

Most Affordable

Dutchmen Aspen Trail

The Aspen Trail is one of the best travel trailers on the market in two areas. It has a vast variety of floor plans (36), and it is also affordable.

Most of the floorplans are lightweight, coming in at under 6, lbs. Something I like about many of the floorplans is that they take a lot of different needs into account. This trailer can sleep up to five people, for example, despite its modest foot length.

The underbelly is well-insulated, and a furnace ensures enough heat keeps the trailer warm. The Dutchmen Aspen Trail is particularly well-suited for journeys to cold places, or during the cold winter season.

It also has a bathroom skylight, an evergreen mattress (although you may want to upgrade), and lots of other luxury features to ensure you have a comfortable journey. All these features come at a reasonable price, making this trailer one of the best values on the market.

Visit Their Website


  • Very well insulated
  • High-performance furnace provides warmth in all conditions
  • Wide variety of floor plans
  • Very affordable considering the features available


  • Build quality is not top-notch in all areas, such as the water pump and refrigerator cooling unit

Best for Cold Weather

Keystone Montana

The Keystone Montana is one of the best travel trailers for cold weather camping. I was a little tempted not to include it on this list because it seems specifically designed to handle the winter, while we&#;re looking for four-season travel trailers.

However, given how well it handles the winter, it should be able to brave the other extreme season, summer, since many features can also protect against heat as well as cold.

Which features offer this level of protection? The floor and walls are insulated with foam to keep the internal temperature well maintained. The water lines are well protected too. In case you want to pump up the heat on the inside, a 35, BTU furnace helps you heat the interior in a matter of minutes.

On the other hand, the air conditioner provides good airflow when you want to cool things down in the summer.

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  • Good insulation
  • Protected water pipes
  • High-output furnace
  • Good build quality to handle the elements


  • The air conditioners perform best in the bedroom and living room, but other areas are not well covered
  • You need to use this trailer in winter to get the most value out of it

Best for Families

Heartland Bighorn

The Bighorn is a large travel trailer, making it an excellent choice if you&#;re traveling with your family or a large group of friends. All the floor plans have weights over 12, lbs and spare no expense in terms of luxury or number of accommodations.

The large frames use aluminum and the sidings of laminated high gloss material, which not only ensures that the inside is well-insulated, but also that the overall structure is stable. The inch fireplace keeps the interior warm while a inch television keeps everyone entertained.

Visit Their Website


  • Great for large families
  • Well insulated
  • Durable exterior
  • Lots of luxury features, including a fireplace


  • Quite pricey
  • You need a large truck to tow this heavy trailer

Best for Couples

Livin Lite Camplite

The Camplite models bring lightweight design and quality to smaller four-season trailers.

The Camplite has lots of floorplans. The great thing about the floorplans is that there are some for up to six people and some made to suit couples who want extra space. The Camplite is also pretty lightweight; it comes in at under 6, lbs.

The windows are all dual pane to keep the warmth in and the cold out. In case you want to pump up the heat on the inside during the winter, you can do that with a powerful and efficient furnace. The construction itself is aluminum, which makes it durable and easy to work with when you want to upgrade.

Visit Their Website


  • Durable construction
  • Very lightweight
  • Well insulated
  • A diverse range of easily customizable layouts


  • Not suitable for family camping as it most floorplans don&#;t take lots of people

Recap: The Best Four Season Travel Trailers

  • Lance Travel Trailer &#; Most Customizable
  • Dutchmen Aspen Trail &#; Most Affordable
  • Keystone Montana &#; Best for Cold Weather
  • Heartland Bighorn &#; Best for Families
  • Livin Lite Camplite &#; Best for Couples

A Buyer&#;s Guide for Four Season Travel Trailers

What exactly makes a trailer a &#;four-season trailer?&#; You will see this term thrown around by manufacturers and salespeople. However, the truth is that there isn&#;t a standard for four-season trailers.

Instead, different manufacturers create their own conventions and standards for what constitutes a four-season trailer or RV.

Though it&#;s mostly a marketing term, that doesn&#;t mean that there aren&#;t things that you should consider when shopping for a four-season trailer.

A four-season trailer&#;s main traits are the wall structure, insulation, heating and cooling systems, venting, and window size.

Essential Four-Season Trailer Questions

There are some critical questions you should ask yourself before investing in a four-season trailer.

  • How many people will be traveling in the trailer at a time?
  • Are you going to camp with hookups?
  • Are you ever planning to live in our trailer, or just vacation in it?
  • Are you going to stay at a campsite or some off-road area?
  • Is your trip long-term or short-term?

What Else to Consider

If you&#;re planning to make a long-term trip, consider the temperature rating of the trailer. If you&#;re only making a simple trip over the weekend, then a temperature range of 40 and 80 degrees should be sufficient.

On the other hand, if you&#;re going for a more extended trip, you&#;ll want something with a bit of a broader range that can handle sub-freezing temperatures and extreme weather.

Meanwhile, don&#;t forget to check ratings on the wall structure, insulation, heating and cooling systems, and venting and window size. These elements should work in cold and hot weather if you want a real &#;four-season trailer.&#;

Make sure to check the weight of the travel trailer as well, you need to be able to tow the thing after all. Check the max towing capacity of your vehicle and match that up to the travel trailer. Generally, we mostly considered four season travel trailers that are under 6, lbs.

It would help if you considered any other non-standard needs you might have unique to your circumstances. The beauty of travel trailers is that they are so diverse that they get equipped to handle any situation. Make sure that the trailer that you use can handle any customizations you need to make.

What Goes Into a Four Season Trailer?

Whether you&#;re planning to upgrade an existing travel trailer or buy a new one, there are some general things that you should look out for if you want to travel in very cold or very hot conditions.

The tanks should be enclosed

If you can see the tanks, they don&#;t have enough protection from the weather. Good insulation on the underside of the trailer keeps the tanks from getting too hot or cold.

Some four-season trailers have a wholly-enclosed underside, while others have extra insulation around the tanks. Another design option is to have as little piping and plumbing as possible on the bottom of the trailer.

You also need to be sure that there are heating elements to keep the plumbing and tanks from freezing.

A protected sewer hookup

A four-season sewer hookup should include hoses and pipes that aren&#;t exposed to the elements. The connection should be closed to avoid having to heat tape it. Frozen pipes could burst, creating a terrible mess that can end a trip early and create problems for the trailer owner.

Dual-pane windows

Dual pane windows offer extra insulation both in your own home and on a travel trailer. These double windows do a fantastic job of protecting you from the elements and minimizing heat loss.

This is assuming your trailer has windows, of course. Some trailers keep the glass to a minimum. If this is the case for your trailer, you still need to ensure insulation. A true four-season trailer should also have window tinting or shades to avoid solar heat gain during the summertime.

A ducted heating system

Efficient ducting is right for your trailer as it prevents the emergence of hot and cold regions within the interior.

Proper ducting ensures an even temperature throughout the trailer, which could protect you from having to raise and lower the furnace temperature depending on where you are within the trailer.

The water heater should have a bypass

If you have a water heater in the trailer, then you should ensure it has a winterizing valve and a bypass. These features make it easier to store the trailer and keep the heater in good condition when it is in use.

Insulated hatch coverings

If you&#;re going traveling or camping during the cold winter, then you should make sure your hatch covers have insulation. This protection will make all the difference in ensuring the heat generated on the inside stays on the inside. Heat loss can increase the amount of electricity or gas that you use for heating.


If you have a trailer with these traits and features, it will be able to handle harsh elements and give you the option to travel regardless of the temperature outside. There are enough options on the market that you can get a trailer with the features and floorplan that you need to meet your travel needs.

Still deciding? Read our other travel trailer guides:

If you want to rent first before commiting, make sure you rent from the best rental companies for RVs.

Sours: https://whereyoumakeit.com/rv/four-season-travel-trailers/
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A true four-season RV appeals to people who want to go beyond the fair-weather times of summer vacationing.

This might include things like fall leaf viewing trips, using an RV as a hunting base camp or getting out on the ice during the depths of the northern winter.

You might even be interested in taking a four-seasons-hardy RV on a high-altitude camping trip.

If these RV adventures sound like the sort of thing you are interested in, then you are likely looking for things like the best insulated 4 season travel trailer, a 4 season fifth wheel camper, of a cold weather-hardy motorhome.

Which RV’s Are Truly Four Season? These are the best 4 Season Travel Trailer & RV Campers ideal for extreme cold weather:

  • Jayco Redhawk 25R Class C motorhome
  • Tiffin Wayfarer Class C Diesel Motorhome
  • Keystone RV Montana Fifth Wheels
  • Forest River Arctic Wolf Explorer
  • Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels CKTS
  • The Heartland Bighorn
  • The Ice Castle All Seasons Traveler
  • Ice Castle RV Extreme Fish House/Travel Trailer
  • Glacier ARD
  • Ice Castle American Eagle Fish House Trailer
  • Highland Ridge Open Range Roamer

In this article we will take an in depth look at the kind of features you might want to prioritize in a 4 season travel trailer, camper, or motorhome.

Along the way you want to keep in mind that some of these units are geared to specific niche interests like ice fishing or public land hunting.

Just don’t let a niche interest turn you off to consider a particular model. The cold hardiness will serve you well when the mercury dips.

11 Best 4 Season Travel Trailer & RV Campers To Live In Year Round

1: Jayco Redhawk 25R Class C motorhome

Jayco is a titan in the RV industry with a wide range of 4 season camper units. They have built their reputation by designing with an eye toward quality and functionality, while also absorbing other smaller manufacturers into their line and tapping into the best of their best features. 

Their Redhawk is a Class C motorhome is one of the best four season class C RV available in several different floor plans.

It is constructed with what Jayco calls its “Climate Shield” weather protection system.

This gives it the insulation properties that you want to handle the cold in winter, as well as prevent the invasion of heat and humidity in the summer.

This Class C motorhome is built on a Ford frame with a reputation for durability and proven longevity.

The V10 engine also gives you the power to handle rough roads for times when you might want to take this RV off the grid for things like taking a hunting trip on public land.

The amenities and special features can vary depending on which of the six-floor plans you choose. In the middle of their line, the 25R is very appealing for a couple with a small family.


  • Gross Combined Weight Rating 22,
  • 30, BTU propane furnace
  • A gallon fuel tank
  • Fresh Water Capacity 47 gallons
  • Gray Water Capacity 41 gallons
  • Black Water Capacity 32 gallons
  • Ford L Triton EFI V10 engine
  • Oversized 30″ x 36″ shower with a 6-gallon water heater

2: Tiffin Wayfarer Class C Diesel Motorhome

This is another Class C Motorhome that was designed with four-season travel in mind.

That being said, it has some bells and whistles like heated mirrors and volt pad heaters for the water tanks. Yet they try to save weight and cost by not heavily insulating the underbelly.

This ultimately means that this all seasons rv can handle cold weather, in the mid-latitudes and at altitude during the summer.

Unfortunately, it’s not robust enough to handle upper midwestern or Canadian winters without additional modifications.

You could handle an overnight stay at subdegrees, but I wouldn’t recommend pushing it beyond that without at least adding some level of insulation to the water lines, or putting anti-freeze treatment in the gray and blackwater tanks.


  • Gross vehicle weight 11, pounds
  • 13, BTU air conditioner
  • 30, BTU propane forced air furnace
  • Fresh Water Tank Capacity32 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank Capacity 33 gallons
  • Black Water Tank Capacity 27 gallons

3: Keystone RV Montana Fifth Wheels

The Keystone line of RVs is manufactured under the Thor Industries umbrella.

This is another cold weather rv manufacturer in the industry that continues to expand its market reach by developing quality RVs while merging with other smaller manufacturers to infuse their line with well-designed features.

This 4 season travel trailer has a robust heating and air conditioning system to handle both ends of the seasonal weather spectrum.

The tanks are also large, which allows you to stay off the grid for longer periods of time or Boondocking when winter RV parks might not be open.

The Montana is available in 22 different floor plans, and just like the big sky state it is named for, each has spacious accommodations.

The least expensive of the line, the RL, rings in around $80, At the high end of the line, the FK and the FK are prices tagged at just under $93,

The sleeping spaces and special features of the Montana vary throughout the line. Still, even the most basic of their line feels on par with an efficiency apartment.

The highest end of their line could easily be mistaken for a luxury SUV for “Glamping.” Though most share some baseline construction specs.

If you want a four season RV that you can use off the grid for a hunting trip or base camp for a backwoods hiking adventure, yet you want to stay clean and comfortable, the Montana deserves a good hard look!


  • Gross Combined Weight Rating: 12, to 14, pounds
  • 35, BTU propane furnace
  • 15, BTU air conditioner with the ability to accommodate upgrades
  • Fresh Water Capacity 66 gallons (Insulated)
  • Gray Water Capacity 88 gallons (Insulated)
  • Black Water Capacity 49 gallons (Insulated)
  • Insulated in-floor water lines
  • Gallon gas-electric water heater
  • 75 AMP Converter with Charge Wizard technology
  • Welded aluminum framed walls and floors with steel I-beam frame
  • Laminated sidewalls with dual-layered luan
  • Seamless 5/8-inch floor decking

4: Forest River Arctic Wolf Explorer

Forest River is another one of the giants in the RV industry with units to appeal to just about every interest.

They have become a trusted name for cold weather rv manufacturer who prioritize quality and thoughtful engineering.

Their Arctic Wolf shares much in common with the very popular Cherokee.

Yet it has some extra material characteristics and special features that set it apart and help it endure as a true four-seasons fifth wheel RV.

When shopping through the Artic Wolf floor plans, keep in mind that not all models have their proprietary “Elemental Protection Package.”

This helps insulate the interior spaces to reduce heat loss or to better retain air conditioning.

It also reduces the vapor exchange allowing you to better deal with humidity issues that can be a problem in dog days of summer.

  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight 7, to 10, pounds. Approximate Average = 9, pounds
  • 15, BTU air conditioner
  • 35, BTU propane forced air furnace
  • Elemental Protection Package
  • Freshwater tank 49 gallons
  • Graywater tank 70 gallons
  • Blackwater tank 35 gallons

5: Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheels RSTS

As you might well imagine an RV giant like Jayco was sure to include a durable four-season fifth wheel camper in their line in the form of the Eagle.

This spacious 4 season fifth-wheel trailer is available in a wide range of floor plans, each with its own optional features and benefits. 

You will need at least a three-quarter-ton or one-ton pickup truck with a gooseneck trailer to tow this heavy beast.

There are multiple trim models and its available in seven different floor plans. Some allow you to sleep up to 8 people, while others are designed with plus amenities for a couple or perhaps a small family.

Like other four-season RVs in their line the Eagle is one of the best 4 season fifth wheel comes with their Climate Shield™ zero-degree-tested weather protection.

This 4 season fifth wheel includes things like an insulated underbelly as well as superior insulation in the ceiling and floor.

The fact that the underbelly is fully enclosed and insulated means you can keep it off the grid, in freezing temperatures without having to worry about the tanks slushing up or freezing.


  • Dual axle
  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight 10, pounds
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 12, pounds
  • 35, BTU propane forced air furnace
  • 15, BTU air conditioner
  • Climate Shield™ zero-degree-tested weather protection
  • Fully-enclosed and heated underbelly
  • Double-layer fiberglass batt insulation in ceiling and floor
  • Freshwater tank capacity 75 gallons
  • 2 Gray water tank capacity respectively 50 gallons & 37 gallons
  • Blackwater tank capacity 50 gallons

6: The Heartland Bighorn

Heartland is a subsidiary of Thor Industries that has been allowed to maintain its own brand identity while also being able to the RV giant’s high-quality materials, engineering, and components.

This ensures that you are getting a great product with the durability to keep you in comfort. 

It has superior R-Values rated in the specifications including:

  • R-Value of the walls = R
  • R-Value for the floor = R
  • R-value of the roof = R

This level of insulation helps lock in the heat in winter and the air conditioning in the summer.

The Big Horn travel trailer is designed to handle most four-season weather.

Though you might need to take a few extra precautions in extreme winter weather where the temperatures dip below zero degrees Fahrenheit for multiple days.

The optional dual air conditioner upgrade package is also a nice touch if you need to tackle blazing heat and humidity during summer vacations.

There are several trim levels within the Big Horn moniker. Their “King of the Mountain” seems to be one of the most popular with four-season RV enthusiasts.

As the name implies it has a king-size bed, yet most optional packages include sleeping space for more.


  • Dry weight 12, to 13,pounds
  • Average GVWR  16,pounds
  • YETI Cold Weather Package (Optional extra)
  • 30, BTU furnace
  • Two pound liquid propane tanks
  • Dual 15, BTU air conditioners
  • 5, BTU electric fireplace
  • 50 Amp built-in electrical system
  • 80 Amp converter
  • Freshwater tank 65 gallons
  • Graywater tank 90 gallons
  • Blackwater tank 45 gallons

7: The Ice Castle All Seasons Traveler

One could argue that this fifth wheel camper belongs in the ice/fish house category.

Yet, when you take a closer look at it, you see that it lives up to the name “All Seasons Traveler” as a camper that can occasionally travel out onto the ice.

The All Seasons Traveler is more geared towards families and groups of tradesmen who need a base camp to stay at while working projects in the coldest times of the year.

When paired with a heavy-duty generator it gives you the ability to live off the grid for up to a week without resupply.

It even has 12 and volt outlets for times when you need to be off the grid or have shore power available.

If you want to ice fish during the depths of winter this might be a good unit to consider.

Though the 9, gross means that you can only really use it on the thickest of ice for something like 4 to 6 weeks out of the year and only in the most northern climes of North America.

If you work in the trades and you need to stay in comfort during a remote project, this is a great way to keep you and other workers comfortable.


  • feet by 8 feet
  • Dual axle hydraulic frame
  • Arctic insulation package
  • 30, BTU forced air furnace
  • 13, air conditioning with a built-in thermostat
  • Fresh Water Capacity 15 gallons
  • Grey Water Capacity 30 gallons
  • Black Water Capacity 30 gallons
  • Water Heater Capacity 6 gallons

8: Ice Castle RV Extreme Fish House/Travel Trailer with Arctic Insulation Package

This is a niche that started out to serve ice fisherman who wanted to live on the ice for long weekends, without having to go ashore.

Over the years the industry has seen rapid growth catering to those who want a 4 season travel trailer that can handle the worst that winter can throw at them, yet still, let you live in comfort during the summer.

Most are designed to be surprisingly lightweight, as their priority purpose is to be pulled out onto relatively fragile ice sheets.

Yet this also means you can pull a travel trailer of feet or more behind a half-ton pickup truck!

  • feet by 8 feet
  • Dual axle hydraulic frame
  • Arctic insulation package
  • 30, BTU forced air furnace
  • Exterior Speakers w/Lights
  • A/C w/Thermostat
  • 3 Burner cook-top w/oven – Glass Door
  • 19’ Lighted Power Awning

9: Glacier ARD

Glacier has a wide range of ice house travel trailers that are designed to take anything an upper midwestern or Canadian winter can throw at it. When you aren’t using it for fishing, you simply leave to floor hatches in place.

Their ARD cold weather RV is a staggering feet long, and inches wide with dual EZ-lube axles, and a 22,pound maximum cargo capacity yet it only has a dry Weight info 5,

The gross vehicle weight can vary depending on the floor plan and features you prioritize. The standard model has 3 bunks and sleeps up to 4 with 9-hole hatches in the floor.

This ice house camper was designed to let you ice fish in style, without having to leave the lake for the weekend.

Still it has the suspension and other features you need to take it with you in the summer for a family camping trip.

Just keep in mind that while the windows are braced for air conditioners, they do not come with it as standard.


  • 30, BTU force air furnace
  • Dual pane windows braced for air conditioners
  • Enclosed battery box
  • Multi-leaf suspension with ride suspension and dampening kit
  • Trussed roof with seamless rubber to bear heavy snow load and waterproof
  • Exterior floodlights
  • The floor is ¾-inch Marine Grade plywood with marine-grade carpet

Ice Castle American Eagle Fish House Trailer

Ice Castle is one of the dominant and still fastest growing brands in the ice/fish house niche.

The American Eagle is one of their more popular cold weather travel trailer units that is just as at home on the ice as it is in an RV park at the edge of the Saguaro Desert in Arizona.

It rings in at just over 21 feet long, yet it is light enough to be supported on a single axle. The standard model can sleep up to five adults, and it has six hatch covers on the floor.

The spray foam insulation in the Arctic package offers superior insulation for deep cold. It also reduces vapor transfer during times of high humidity.

The rooftop air conditioner also speaks to the fact that Ice Castle designed the American Eagle is a true 4 season camper to handle summer trips just as well as they do the winter.


  • Gross weight 5,
  • inch sidewalls with fiberglass siding
  • Spray foam “Arctic” insulation
  • 30, BTU forced air furnace
  • Rooftop air conditioner with thermostat
  • Fresh Water Capacity 15 gallons
  • Black Water Capacity 30 gallons

Highland Ridge Open Range Roamer

This is a relatively large travel trailer that Highland also offers in a fifth wheel floor plan. They designed it with their special “Four Seasons Package.

This includes superior R-Factor insulation in the walls, ceiling, and floor. The Open Range Roamer also has thoughtfully engineered ductwork connected to the forced air furnace.

Just bear in mind that this 4 seasons travel trailer is meant more for cool-season camping or winter at temperate latitudes.

If you need to camp in the desert in the spring or fall or spend a night at altitude, this is still a great option for keeping everyone nice and warm.

Just bear in mind that straight from the manufacturer it might not be insulated well enough to handle sub-zero temperatures.

It’s also worth noting that with an average gross weight over 10, pounds you will need to tow it with at least a three-quarter pickup truck. Preferably one with a diesel engine.


  • GVWR or 10, pounds
  • Length feet
  • 13, BTY air conditioner
  • Fresh Water Tank of 50 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank of 62 gallons
  • Black Water Tank of 31 gallons
  • ATWOOD® Next Gen 30, BTU High-Performance Furnace  
  • Insulated baggage doors  
  • Heated and enclosed dump valves on the water tanks
  • Heated & Enclosed Underbelly w/4″ Duct -ZERO DEGREE TESTED  
  • R Reflective foil insulation in the ceiling  
  • R Reflective foil insulation in the floor  
  • R-9 Insulation in the sidewalls

How Will You Use Your Four-Season RV?

To really dial in the type of four-season options you want to target you should take a few minutes to sit down and think the way you’ll use it most as well as the kind of weather you’ll be facing.

It helps to research the top destinations you are considering, factoring in the time of year, and the type of weather conditions your RV may have to face.

The following are some key questions you should try to answer When looking to buy a 4 season travel trailer or RV camper.

What’s the average and record high temperature?

This will help you gauge just how robust of an air conditioner you need. A large RV might need to frequently deal with high heat and humidity.

If so, then you likely need an air conditioner rated to 15, BTU’s or perhaps one that can accommodate a secondary air conditioner mounted in the window.

What’s the average and record low?

Winter snow and cold is typically the biggest challenge faced bya four-season RV. If you are going to frequently travel where the temperatures dip below degrees Fahrenheit at night, or even stay below freezing throughout the day, you should prioritize a forced air furnace rated to produces at least 30, BTUs.

There are a few things that can help hedge your best in cold conditions. This includes things like:

  • Underbelly insulation
  • Tank heaters
  • Double Pane, Thermal, or Argon glass

How Much Precipitation Will There Be?

Most RV’s are designed to handle a reasonable amount of summertime precipitation. A few can even handle a modest amount of snow.

Still, if you’re going to be traveling where extreme snowfall or heavy rains are a common problem, you might want to look for special features like reinforced hatch covers, or seamless rubber roofing.

These things help the roof do things like bear snow load or shed water quickly before it has a change to invade the interior of the RV.

Special features like this might not always come in an RV’s standard package, but a dealer might offer then as an optional extra.

If you do find a unit you love, but the roof is just basic sheet metal, you might want to ask the dealer if they have any weather proofing upgrades available. Some might be able to accommodate your needs for a nominal fee.

Will Ice Be A Problem?

Ice can cause traction issues on the road, which essentially robs your tow vehicle or the motorhome’s engine of the power it needs to move down the road.

If you are going to be traveling in a region where ice is a frequent issue, such as the mountains during the transition seasons, you might want to inquire about tire options.

While robust tires and chains won’t be necessary for a travel trailer of fifth wheel camper, they can make a world of difference for a tow vehicle or a motorhome.

Many motorhomes are rear wheel drive, which can “Break Loose” or “Spin out” on an icy road. This could be a major problem if you are driving up or down hill on icy roads.

Are There RV Parks That Are Open Year-Round?

You also might want to do some research into the kind of RV facilities that might be available during off-peak times of the year.

Even if you are thinking of traveling to past haunts you enjoyed in the summer, that same RV park might not be open during an off-peak time of year.

In a situation like this, or one where you intend to say use the RV for hunting or ice fishing, you might want to put a higher priority on a unit that has the ability to Boondocking.

This essentially means it can run off its own water and generate power for a significant period of time without the need to connect to municipal services.

Different Types Of Four Season RVs

When you hear the the term “Four Season RV” your knee-jerk reaction might be to think of a motorhome.

While there are some that are set up to handle the winter, there are fifth-wheel trailers, toy haulers, travel trailers, and even portable ice fishing shanties that deserve your consideration.

Four Season Motorhomes

Motorhomes are some of the most popular options for four season travelers and campers who want to get out despite the winter snows. They come in various classes and sizes.

Class A motorhomes are the largest of these models. Some have significant special features to keep you traveling and camping in the lap of luxury.

In some states, you need a special license endorsement to operate these behemoths of the road. So, make sure to include that in your shopping research.

Class B and C motorhomes tend to be smaller. Some can be as small as a camper van or a panel van conversion. Yet there are others that are large enough to rub shoulders with a Class A motorhome.

Four Season Fifth Wheel Campers

If you have a heavy-duty three-quarter ton or one-ton pickup truck, you might be in the market for a four season fifth wheel camper.

This large trailer is attached to a special gooseneck hitch mounted into the cargo box of the truck.

Some four-season fifth-wheel campers can feel a little stripped down and basic. Though there are a few that have enough special features to play with the word “Luxury.”

Four Season Travel Trailer Campers

Depending on your specific interests, you might find yourself spoiled for a four season travel trailer choice in this market segment.

Manufacturers offering new units have taken to designing features that four-season RV enthusiasts need.

Though there are also units geared toward tradesmen, miners, and construction workers who need a place to live off the grid while working on remote projects.

In northern-tier states and parts of Canada, you can also find pre-owned models, that were originally designed to serve as a summer camper trailer, that someone converted themselves to handle winter conditions.

Though for our purposes here we’ll look at relatively newer models with manufacturer’s specs.

In this segment also resides so-called “Fish House” campers. Niche manufacturers in North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Maine, and Southern Canada produce units that are designed to cater to ice fishermen with families.

The philosophy behind these units is often described as “You can use a fish house to camp, but you can’t use a camper to ice fish.”

While they do appeal to a certain segment these units are also designed to be stout and warm in even the most severe of winter, off-the-grid conditions.

The one thing to bear in mind with these campers is that they generally don’t come with any type of air conditioning. Though some can be used to handle an RV window air conditioning unit.

Common Four-Season RV Questions 

Right off the bat, there are a few common questions you might want to keep in mind while you explore your four season RV options.

Important Materials And Construction Features To Look For In A Four-Season RV

A good forced air furnace or air conditioner is just the tip of the ice berg to look for when shopping for a four-season travel trailer or RV camper.

When we’re looking to buy a 4 season travel trailer Things like insulation, windows, wind-proofing, waterproofing, hatch covers, pipe insulation, tank insulation, window qualities and evenelectronic braking systemscan all come into play.

This includes things like:

  • RV insulation in walls, ceiling, and floor
  • Skirting
  • Underbelly insulation of tanks and pipes
  • Window glass characteristics and structure
  • The BTUs of a roof mounted air conditioner
  • The ability to safely hold a window mounted air conditioner
  • The plumbing features
  • The size and features of the water tanks
  • The BTUs of the furnace
  • An electronic trailer braking system

How Important Is RV Insulation?

The effectiveness and overall efficiency of an RV air conditioning or heating system will be greatly affected by the quality of insulation in the walls as well as the ceiling.

Different manufacturers use different insulation strategies in their RVs. At the same time, newer models are more likely to have more thermally efficient materials.

It’s helpful to take a few moments to look into what type of insulation the four season travel trailer has in the walls.

Even if the manufacturer doesn’t immediately note what materials they used, you can still get a good idea of how well insulated it is by the R-Value rating.

In general, the higher the R-Value, the more thermally efficient it will be at holding warm air from the furnace as well as cold air from the air conditioning.

In certain conditions, R-Value can also help reduce the invasion from outside humidity.

The type of seals on the panels might also be a factor. Especially if you are considering an older “Pre-owned” model.

A poor seal or compromised gasket by a propane line can cause a significant air leak which could take a significant amount of air with it.

What Are the Benefits Of RV Skirting?

If you are going to be camping in spring through early fall, you probably won’t need skirting to keep the underbelly warm.

It would certainly help keep your toes warm, but in general, the cost of skirting, hauling it with you, and installing it won’t give you a big return on your investment during the fair-weather times of year.

On the more extreme end of the spectrum an Four Season RV that needs to serve as a mobile hunting shack, or a winter ice fishing house, will certainly benefit from skirting.

Anytime the temperature dips below 40 degrees or so, even the slightest puff of wind can start to rob heat from your floor.

In high winds, the windchill effect can be so great that it can even cause uninsulated pipes to freeze and make rubber gaskets brittle.

When it comes to skirts, there might be some Four Season RV manufacturers who might offer it as part of a “Special Package” or “Bundle.”

Even if your RV doesn’t come with skirting, you can still choose to build it yourself or buy it online.

Sourcing it through an online retailer tends to cost more per square foot for the materials.

Still, you have to weigh this against the value of the time it would take you to build it yourself.

Do-it-Yourself Trailer Skirting

There are a few different options to consider based on your budget, mechanical skill, and the materials available as well as the overall aesthetic appearance of your RV.

Some of the more popular options for homemade skirting include:

  • Insulation sheets attached to aluminum siding

  • Fiber-cement sheets

  • Vinyl sheeting with a wooden frame

  • Home exterior foundation insulation panels

Do I Need An Insulated Underbelly?

An insulated underbelly is an absolute must for the times when you stay in sub-zero conditions. At least if you intend to use onboard water and drainage.

You see as water freezes it gradually starts to expand. Even though it becomes solid ice at degrees a minor amount of molecular expansion starts to occur at 39 degrees.

Once water enters its “Transition Phase” it can start to turn into slush, which can clog lines or hamper water pumps.

Left unchecked it could crack water lines, damage water pumps, clog freshwater and gray water tanks, or lead to other unforeseeable catastrophes.

An insulated underbelly is your best defense against these problems. Ideally, you want to look for a four-season RV that comes with an already insulated underbelly.

If not, there are things you can do to have one installed. Some dealers will even offer it as an upgraded service or can point you in the direction of a spray foam installer who can apply one for a modest fee.

What Types Of RV Windows Improve Thermal Efficiency?

Twenty or thirty years ago RV windows were pretty barebones. Many were little more than a single pane of glass or a flimsy sheet of plexiglass. ‘

If you were lucky a few of them would crank open for a little added airflow in the summer.

Some were just single panes of glass into vinyl tracks and you had to live with whatever breeze you could get.

Today, modern RV windows can potentially rival the windows you find in a home. Though you will most often find them trending on the cheaper side.

Just like the walls, the glass of a window and the seals can greatly impact thermal efficiency. Be prepared to be underwhelmed by some of the options you find on the marketplace.

There are a few different window options that you should keep an eye out for.

Double Pane, Thermal Glass or Argon Windows

These are common terms that you might see an Four Season RV manufacturer use to describe a window with two sheets of glass separated by a special gas like argon.

The exterior glass buffers against the cold or heat outside and one that helps to maintain the internal temperature.

Reducing the physical contact between the two panes reduces the heat transfer from interior to exterior.

If you have time to tour a showroom model, take a moment to look at the seals around the sills of the windows.

Are they hard plastic or vinyl, as vinyl tends to leak as they age. Also look for weather stripping to help maximize the seal potential. In the end, the best glass has little value if the seals around it leak.

Some type of window lock is also a bonus for safety, as well as minimizing leaks around the sealing edge of the sill. 

You might want to also prioritize an RV that has thick, or a reinforced window sill capable of holding a window air conditioner.

Many manufacturers are rushing these to market for people who want to stay where the temperatures can soar.

Just keep in mind that if you go this route, you will also need some type of onboard, or secondary generator to power the AC unit for more than a few minutes at a time. 

Does RV Roofing Matter?

The roof of an RV is just as important for a cold weather RV, if not more important than the walls. With some RV’s snow load can be a factor.

A major winter snowstorm can impact the structural integrity of an RV much the same way it can affect a house.

It might not necessarily mean that the snow will collapse the roof. Still, it could damage other things like the exterior air conditioning components, bathroom/plumbing vents, and hatch covers.

If possible, look for a travel that has things like “Heavy Duty” hatch covers, and vents.

Even if you fall in love with one that doesn’t, you might still be able to buy upgraded ones for relatively cheap.

A Tip For Dealing With Snow On An RV

Certain parts of North American like the front range of the Rocky Mountains or the Great Lakes Region, can drop enormous amounts of snow with little warning.

Keeping a roof rake of a push broom in the RV will allow you to clear snow that accumulates before you set off the next day.

Driving off with a major load of snow and ice could damage vents and hatch covers as the hard snow shears off with the wind.

What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need In A Four-Season RV?

Ideally, you want your RV’s overhead air conditioner to be able to handle the cooling duties of the main living area, without having to augment it with a motorhome’s dash AC.

Most modern-day RV air conditioners are set up to handle the basic living area without exceeding the capacity of the onboard electrical system.

If the RV is under 32 feet in total length a 15, BTU roof mounted air conditioner should keep you comfortable on an typical hot summer day. A smaller interior space under 20 feet or so, might do just fine with a 13, BTU air conditioner.

When shopping for a four season RV a unit that has more than one AC system per 32 feet,or has the ability to accommodate a secondary AC system of some type is certainly attractive. Some of the better RV AC units to keep an eye out for includes:

  • The Coleman Mach 15
  • Coleman Mach 3
  • Dometic C Penguin II
  • Dometic BXX1J0 Brisk II

Should I Consider A Window-Mounted RV Air Conditioner?

If you’ve ever been on a trip in extremely hot humid conditions, you’ve noticed that your RV’s air conditioner will struggle from time to time.

Especially when it comes to the initial cool-down phase after traveling or being away all day.

Some RVs come with reinforced window sills that are specifically designed to hold a window AC unit.

Even if a unit you are interested in doesn’t have sills to accommodate one, there are braces and bracket accessories available that might be able to get the job done.

Four-Season RV Plumbing With Pex Piping

In the past copper tubing was the most common way to plumb an RV. As the price of copper started to soar worldwide, it was gradually replaced with more freeze-resistant PVC.

Today Pex piping is becoming even more popular due to its affordability and ease of installation. It also happens to have better freeze resistance than its predecessors.

Hot Water Heater Tank Capacity

If you are going to be staying off the grid, or there won’t be any open RV parks in the wintertime, you might want to also keep an eye on the size of the water heater tank.

The larger the tank the longer it will take for the insulated water inside to cool.

This allows you to fire up the generator in the morning to fill and warm the water in the tank, then go out for the day, trusting that you won’t come home to a lukewarm shower.

Does The Size Of The Water Tanks Matter?

If you feel reasonably confident that you can find an open RV parks in the wintertime, the size of fresh water and gray water tanks might not be a big deal.

However, if you are going to be Boondocking, off the grid, for a significant amount of time, such as using the RV for winter hunting trip, you might want to factor tank size and underbelly insulation.

As you might imagine, the larger the tank, the longer you can stay off the grid, or away from municipal services.

At the same time, smaller tanks are more likely to slush up. Even if the pipes and water lines are fully insulated the tank itself might be exposed to the cold air under the RV.

As time goes on the water can enter the “Transition Phase” where it turns to slush before freezing. This can lead to all manner of complications.

A larger tank with a relatively full volume is a greater heat sink and will take longer to enter the transition phase than a small or somewhat low tank.

If you are going to be Boondocking, you might want to prioritize a larger freshwater, gray water and black water tank.

What Size RV Furnace Do I Need?

For a four seasons RV under 32 feet, you should target something in the neighborhood of 30, BTUs.

This is usually sufficient for heating an internal space against temperatures that dip below freezing for a prolonged period of time.

A forced air propane furnace rated to produce 35, BTUs or more should be able to keep you toasty during times when even the day time temperature struggles to get over degrees. Especially, if you have a high R-Value insulation and an insulated underbelly.

A all seasons RV with a smaller internal space of say 20 feet or less might be able to get by with a 20, BTU furnace.

Still, if you are going to go this low, you might want to keep some type of augmented heat onboard for times when an inclement stretch of severe cold strikes.

Do I Need An Electronic Braking System On A Four-Seasons RV?

In some states an electronic braking system is required for 4 seasons travel trailers over a certain weight or length.

So, make sure to check your states requirements. Most larger travel trailers and fifth-wheel campers will come with an electronic braking system built-in.

To use it, you will need a corresponding control unit installed in the tow vehicle. This is something that most RV dealerships can handle for you.

It will also require you to either connect the trailer to your tow vehicle’s onboard power or connect it to the RV’s onboard power.

The system is designed to apply special trailer brakes when you depress the tow vehicle’s brake pedal. This is incredibly helpful if you are going down grade on a hill or mountain during icy conditions.

How To Prepare Your RV for a Winter Adventure

The fresh water, gray water, and black water tanks are all vulnerable to freezing, as are the water and drain lines.

The fresh water tank and the accompanying water lines are the most vulnerable to freezing, or clogging up as the water cools into the slushy “Transition Phase.”

The gray water and black water tanks tend to have other things in them like soap and other waste products, which can potentially lower the freezing point down to around degrees.

Your best, and possibly easiest option is to have closed sell foam insulation sprayed onto the tanks and pipes.

Some dealerships and even home insulation companies will offer this as a service for a small fee.

You could try to install pipe insulation sleeves and fiberglass sheeting under the RV. Just make sure it is thoroughly connected.

If some of it pulls loose while you are driving down the road it could cause a major headache.

Not to mention the highway patrol could level you with a major fine for debris road hazards!

Cover The Windows With Plastic

Just like you do with your home in winter, covering the windows with sheets of clear plastic will also improve their insulation value. It’s especially handy if your RV has single pane windows or the sills are leaky.

Use Protective Skirting

There are sheets of skirting you can buy online or in stores that are specifically meant for RV’s. You deploy it essentially create a temporary, insulated wall sealing the air gap under the RV.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you could build your own skirting from insulated panels and other construction materials.

Install A Wood Pellet Or Corn Burning Stove

These units are popular in Northwoods cabins. They run off a small amount of power that drives an internal auger, which delivers the corn or wood pellets to a small internal fire pot. A small fan then blows the heat out to the rest of the interior space.

Just bear in mind that these units need a secondary chimney and other fireproofing safety requirements.

You might also want to double check your RV insurance policy. Some will void coverage if a non-propane furnace is installed.

Upgrade Hatch And Vent Covers

RVs that are designed for summertime travel tend to have hatch covers and vent covers that are made from thin plastic.

The weather stripping in these areas also tends to be rather poor. Upgrading to more sturdy covers, insulating existing covers, or upgrading the weather stripping will help hold hot air inside the RV.

In Conclusion

There is a certain misconception shared by many that RV’s simply aren’t meant to handle the full brunt of all four seasons.

For many models, geared for the average family this is indeed true. Yet there are those out there who are intrepid enough to want to travel and adventure the wide world no matter what mother nature throws at them.

This niche of RV adventurer can take solace in knowing that today there are RV manufacturers who produce high-quality motorhomes, fifth-wheel trailers and travel trailer campers that can pull double duty as an ice house.

Every year this space in the market continues to grow along with demand and new material innovations.

When shopping for a true four-seasons RV, take the time to consider things like:

  • The number of people you need to sleep

  • The average and extremes of weather you might encounter

  • The need and availability of a tow vehicle

  • Your heating and air conditioning needs

  • The amenities you want to prioritize

With a little forethought, and time spent putting in your due diligence, chances are you can find a true four-seasons RV that is perfectly tailored to fit your needs.

Best 4 Season RV For Cold Weather Camping

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All-Weather Bunkhouse


Outdoors RV’s new Creek Side floorplan offers family amenities plus four-season comfort


At the risk of painting with too broad a stroke, RVers can generally be classified into two categories: those who enjoy warm-weather respites at full-featured, meticulously manicured RV parks, and those who enjoy year-round adventure in any type of weather, wherever the road may take them — even if that means cutting through the backcountry. La Grande, wlakthrough logoOregon-based Outdoors RV knows quite a bit about the latter group (though it still relishes the former), as the area’s diverse climate and off-the-beaten-path access has led the manufacturer to make a name for itself in terms of durable, truly four- season trailers. The latest offering, the Creek Side 27BHS, is a family friendly trailer built for the backroads.
There are many RVs on the market that are billed as all-weather trailers. Unfortunately, that often means an upgrade in insulation here and there, with little or no attention paid to the road conditions these vehicles will likely face. Outdoors RV prides itself on the beefy construction of Creek Side trailers, beginning with a custom-built chassis featuring heavy-duty shock absorbers. The trailer’s walls feature aircraft-grade aluminum tubing to make a 2-inch-thick structure. Outside, an HD fiberglass front cap and diamond plate bumper wrap help protect the trailer when the going gets rough.

Smartly appointed galley features ample counterspace and an integrated knife block.

Smartly appointed galley features ample counterspace and an integrated knife block.

But the real star in the Creek Side — and all Outdoors trailers, for that matter — may well be the four-season construction. The roof has triple-layered insulation wrapped with Astrofoil. The underbelly is fully enclosed, heated front to back and insulated with Astrofoil, which also covers the slideout floor, with an additional wrap around the holding tanks. The luggage doors are 1-inch-thick thermal insulated to guard against freezing in extreme weather.
Now that we’ve established that Outdoors trailers are ready for the outdoors, what’s it like inside? The 27BHS is a dual-entry trailer, with one door opening to the living area, and a second door opening to the rear bathroom. Stepping up into that entry, I immediately noticed an RV tub in the shower, which is a sure sign that the manufacturer has thought things out in terms of its audience (more on that later). The shower itself is roomy enough to get the job done, and the open space in the bathroom — in addition to the porcelain toilet — makes for a comfortable experience overall. Plus, the fact that the door opens into the bathroom means the little ones won’t track dirt throughout the trailer.
Those aforementioned little ones can truly live it up in style in the 27BHS, as two oversized bunks complete with ladder and a curtain for separation are a fun highlight of this trailer. It should be noted there is an exterior access door on the lower bunk, so parents will have to lay down the law so as to avoid any unauthorized late night exploring by curious kiddos.

Master bedroom features attractive, functional nightstands on both sides of the comfortable bed.

Master bedroom features attractive, functional nightstands on both sides of the comfortable bed.

Walking past the bunk area, you are immediately hit with a feeling of wide-open space, thanks to the vaulted radius ceiling and extremely open living area. The attractive flooring features a 40 percent thicker wear layer than standard and offers a three-year warranty, yet another nod to the durability of the trailer. Curbside is the sizable galley, with a decent amount of counterspace plus a flip-up extension to expand the work area. Appointments include the usual three-burner stove/range, microwave, plus the not-so-usual extra-large fridge, which Outdoors claims can hold up to 20 percent more food than a standard model. A dual-basin sink with an

Coupled with the rear bunkhouse, the tub in the bathroom is further proof that this floorplan has been designed for RVing families.

Coupled with the rear bunkhouse, the tub in the bathroom is further proof that this floorplan has been designed for RVing families.

upgraded faucet is a nice touch, both aesthetically and in terms of practicality. The solid-surface countertops look absolutely great, and a clever wallpaper backsplash fooled me at first into thinking it was hand-laid tile. Behind the cooktop on the counter is an integrated knife rack, something I questioned at first but soon appreciated immensely.
Across from the galley is the living area, which features seating for seven to 10 people (depending on the number of little ones) thanks to a large U-shape dinette and comfy tri-fold sleeper sofa. Electronic entertainment is offered via a inch swivel volt DC LED TV ($1,) and the standard DVD/CD/MP3 stereo (which features premium interior/exterior speakers).
The second entry opens in front, with a profile view of the pillared entertainment center; not exactly a wow-factor entrance, but it does the trick.
When the sun goes down, Mom and Dad can hit the hay in the front master bedroom, which features a comfortable pillowtop mattress, for a good night’s sleep. As I have with many other trailers of this type of floorplan, I had trouble with my feet up against the pillared entertainment center, but I’ve come to the conclusion now that it’s not them, it’s me. The bed is flanked by dual nightstands, which are always appreciated, while the room is cordoned off using curtains on both sides of the entertainment center. If you’re looking for total privacy, this configuration is not for you. (But if you have children and/or grandchildren who would use the bunk area — and you’re looking for privacy at all — you may be a bit optimistic.)
Creek-Side specs, floorplanOutdoors has outfitted the Creek Side with a variety of surprising niceties, including a roof-mounted solar panel, an extra-large furnace, hookups for an exterior grill and dozens more amenities. From little things like a wall-mounted hair dryer and a rechargeable flashlight, to larger, more substantial add-ons like a power A-frame jack and the insulated skylight in the living room, it’s clear that the Creek Side 27BHS should be seriously considered when shopping for a fun, family friendly trailer that’s built for the long haul.



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Sours: https://www.rv.com/archive/all-weather-bunkhouse/

Season travel 4 trailer bunkhouse

Five 4 Season Travel Trailers You Can Use Year Round

If you&#;re going to spend a lot of money on an RV, then you might have an expectation to be able to take it out no matter what the weather is doing. You might want to remain comfortable during the summer months, warm during the winter, and everything in-between.

The vast majority of RVs that are available are not designed for this sort of use. But, 4 season travel trailers are, and should be able to tackle many adverse weather conditions with ease.

If you take a look at any online dealership, you&#;ll find plenty of results for the search term &#;4 Season travel trailer&#;. For the most part, these travel trailers, motorhomes, and campers should be able to handle the heat and cold pretty well.

However, you should be aware that some models are 4 seasons in name only. Other than a higher price tag and increased tow weight, some of these RVs are no better at handling extreme weather than any other RV.

What is a 4 Season Travel Trailer?

Unfortunately for the consumer, there is no industry-accepted definition as to what constitutes a 4 season travel trailer. Our intention for this article is to lay the groundwork for what you should be looking for in a travel trailer you can use year round.

We hope you&#;ll be able to make a smart buying decision and buy a 4 season travel trailer that meets your needs. Or, even what to so if you want to beef up your existing travel trailer so it can handle all weather types.

How Are You Going To Use Your 4 Season Travel Trailer?

How are planning to use your travel trailer and where you&#;re going to use it? Being able to answer these questions will give you an excellent understanding of the sorts of weather-related stresses your travel trailer is likely to encounter. In the long run, this can save you a ton of money.

As a starting point, answer the following questions:

  • Will most of your travel trailer trips be long or short?
  • Are you going to travel with your family, guests or solo?
  • Will you mostly be dry camping or using hookups?
  • Will your travel trailer be used off road or off the beaten track?
  • Are you going to live in your travel trailer full time?

If you can answer these questions truthfully and accurately, then you&#;re going to have a good idea of the kit your 4 season travel trailer will need. For example, solar panels will be great if you dry camp but might be unnecessary if you only ever camp at sites with a hookup.

Armed with your new knowledge you&#;re all set to go shopping.

Buying a 4 Season Travel Trailer

Now that we have a good idea of the kit, space, and features we must have, it&#;s time to start looking at 4 season travel trailers that meet are requirements within our price range.

We think there are four criteria that need to be given serious consideration when it comes to shopping for a 4 season travel trailer. These are:

  • Wall Structure: What are the walls made from.
  • Insulation: Is the travel trailer fully insulated.
  • Size of the Windows: Are we going to let in enough light without overheating.
  • Cooling, Heating, and Ventilation: Are the cooling, heating and ventilating systems able to keep us comfortable?

What a Great 4 Season Travel Trailer Should Be Made From

As with houses, the materials used to construct a travel trailer impact its ability to shrug off all weather conditions. The materials used by the various manufacturers will differ, but you should be able to get hold of this information easily by consulting the manufacturer&#;s website. Just bear in mind, you&#;re looking for quality materials.

A true 4 season travel trailer will have solidly constructed sidewalls, insulated ceilings, and paneling, and insulated holding tanks. If you take at online customer reviews, the better the reviews, the more capable the 4 season travel trailer is likely to be.

When we&#;re looking to buy a 4 season travel trailer we would expect the following:

  • A comfortably appointed living space where we can remain even if the outside temperates drops beneath freezing or rise above
  • Adequate insulation so as to prevent holding and pipes from freezing during cold weather.
  • Sufficient insulation so as to prevent the build-up of moisture and to keep occupants cool.
  • Insulated and sealed windows and doors so as to prevent cold/warm air entering or escaping.

How to Weatherproof Your Existing Travel Trailer

If you already own a travel trailer, chances are that it&#;s not cut out for extreme weather conditions. If your travel trailer falls into this category, then all is not lost, there are things you can do to increase the weatherproofing of your travel trailer.

Here are our top tips:

  • Insulate your windows with strips of self-adhesive insulation.
  • Replace the weather stripping around the doors.
  • Stuff foam into spaces and cracks that let in cold air.
  • Splash out and buy a tank heater to warm things up.
  • Cover water lines and exposed piping with insulation.
  • Treat your holding tanks with antifreeze when not in use.
  • Use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air.

Our Five Favourite 4 Season Travel Trailers

Livin Lite Camplite Travel Trailer

 Livin Lite CampLite CL21RBS Travel Trailer Exterior Front 3 4 Door

Camplite might not be a choice that immediately springs to mind, but we think the Livin Lite Camplite travel trailer is a worthy addition to out 4 season camper. Camplite features floor plans, with the CL14DB and CL11FK being some of our favorites. Depending on the configuration you choose, you can sleep up to 6 people comfortable, while remaining durable and easy to use.

The travel trailer boasts dual pane windows to keep things cozy, and full blinds to keep the sun out when things begin to heat up. When things begin to really cool down, the furnace and more than capable insulation ensure you&#;re going to remain comfortable no matter what the weather outside is doing.

If that&#;s not more than enough, the Camplite is well known for its durable construction, and it comes with a range of upgrade options. We think it&#;s a very capable 4 season travel trailer.


  • floor plans offering flexible living.
  • Double pane windows with integrated blinds.
  • Powerful furnace.
  • Full Aluminum structure.
  • Weatherproofed external speakers with lighting.
  • A range of interior color choices.

Lance Travel Trailer

lance trailer Ext hero 17 big

The lance brand has come up multiple times in our previous articles, and for good reason. Lance travel trailers boast several features which make them particularly well suited for all weather camping. They are available in a range of flexible floor plans which are able to create comfortable and fun interiors, perfect for those looking to take the trailer out no matter what the weather is doing.

Like the Camplite above, the lance comes with double paned windows. In addition, they come with Azedel walls for improved insulation properties. If that&#;s not enough to meet your needs, then there are a range of extras that will increase its comfort during extreme weather.

In terms of comfort and entertainment, you can enjoy an entertainment system, exteriour speakers and lighting, and a capable furnace to name just a few.


  • Flexible living arrangements offered by floor plans.
  • Tinted and insulated acrylic windows.
  • Double foam insulated walls throughout.
  • Strong aluminum frame.
  • Luxury cabinets and storage.

Forest River Flagstaff Micro-Lite Travel Trailer

The Forest River Flagstaff Micro-Lite Travel Trailer offers a warm, inviting and lightweight 4 season travel trailer option. They are available with staggering floor plans, which meet many of the requirements to be classed a 4 season travel trailer.

The Flagstaff has many things going for it, including a luxury interior and fittings. In terms of weatherproofing, the Flagstaff is available with optional Thermopane windows, double insulated walls, and a robust aluminum frame to give the structure strength and durability. Besides these points, the trailer has a ton of options to choose, from a furnace all the way up the color of the internal walls.


  • An impressive 17 variable floor plans.
  • Furnace with ducting.
  • Centrally controlled station.
  • Extensive WiFi provided by a range booster.
  • Attractively decorated sidewalls.
  • Tinted windows.

Jayco Jay Flight SLX Travel Trailer

 JayFlight QBW 3 4 web

Jayco has a ton of travel trailers available, but we think the Jay Flight SLX travel trailer ticks all the right boxes and we&#;re happy to recommend it as an excellent 4 season travel trailer.

The Jayco is available with 17 different floor plans which are more than enough to guarantee you&#;ll be able to find something to meet your requirements. The trailers provide a great mix of features, upgrades and most importantly weatherproofing features. We love both the Jay Flight SLX RB and the Jay Flight SLX BH, they are both excellent choices.

Most floor plans will comfortably sleep 4 adults, but look for plans featuring bunk beds if you need to sleep more.

If we take a closer look at the features and design, you don&#;t need to be an expert to see that special attention has been paid to the construction and insulation. The trailer features insulated reflective foil, ensuring the maximum amount of heat is reflected back into the RV. If you so choose, you can upgrade to the Canadian RV standard, which almost guarantees you&#;ll stay warm regardless of what the weather outside is doing.

In addition, the Jayco is constructed from a full aluminum frame and I-Beams, which means that it&#;ll last through almost anything you can throw at it. A pothole is going to be the end of your trailer.


  • 17 distinct floor plans.
  • Reinforced skirting.
  • Double-sided reflective insulation.
  • Easy to use electric slide outs.
  • Luxury wooden cabinet and storage.
  • Powerful and efficient furnace.

Dutchmen Aspen Trail Travel Trailer

The Aspen is the final 4 season travel trailer in our list, but its deserving of its place and is an outstanding RV. With an incredible 36 floor plans to choose from, even the fussiest of customers are bound to find something to their liking. We especially like the Aspen Trail RB and the Aspen Trail BH, both give large amounts of room and usability.

Most of the floor plan comfortably sleeps 4 adults, and that&#;s within a trailer which measures only 21 feet in length, which is great for the day tripper or those with limited space at home for storage.

The Aspen Trailer is surprisingly effective as a 4 season travel trailer. A heated underbelly and a powerful furnace keep the occupants warm and cozy even if the outside temperatures are freezing. If you need to travel in locations where the temperate drops at night, then this is the travel trailer for you.

Even though the Aspen has fantastic all weather properties, it&#;s still a luxury trailer. We especially like the central command center, skylights, and luxury mattresses. If you so choose, there&#;s a range of additional options to pick from.


  • An impressive 36 floor plans to choose from.
  • Aerodynamic design.
  • Powerful furnace.
  • Weatherproof outdoor speakers.
  • Prefitted satellite TV input.

Final Thoughts

Finding a 4 season travel trailer to meet your needs doesn&#;t need to be a frustrating experience. We&#;ve listed five of our favorites, but if you&#;re a big fan of another brand, let us know in the comments below.

If you liked this article, you might also like to check out our other travel trailer recommendations here or learn more about RVs here.

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2021 Forest River Vibe 28BH Bunkhouse Travel Trailer

The Best 4 Season Travel Trailer: Our Top Picks for Year-Round Comfort

When it comes to RVing, some people like to be weekend warriors, while others choose to be on the road full-time. While living in an RV comes with lots of perks, it does require plenty of planning and foresight.

One of the most critical points to consider is the type of RV you buy. Although you get to choose where you&#;ll be staying throughout the year, you want something that can handle every kind of weather, from intense heat to frigid cold. 

In this case, you will want the best 4 season travel trailer. Although this term gets thrown around a lot among RV manufacturers, the fact is that there is no standard definition for four-season trailers.

So, you have to be discerning when comparing features and specs. Fortunately, we&#;ve searched through dozens of models to bring you the top travel trailer models. Whether you&#;re planning on RVing full-time or you know that you&#;ll be traveling throughout the year, here are the best four season trailers we recommend. 

Northwood Arctic Fox 25W

Arctic Fox best 4 season travel trailer parked by a rover
  • Length: 29&#; 6&#;
  • Width: 8&#; 6&#;
  • Accommodations: Slide Out Sofa and Pantry, Extra Thick Insulation, Convertible Dinette Area, Corner Kitchen, Master Bedroom

Here we have a travel trailer that spells out why it&#;s one of the best 4 season travel trailer options out there. With a name like Arctic Fox, you know that it&#;s built to withstand cold weather.

One of the ways you can tell if an RV is considered &#;four season&#; is if it has thick insulation and double-paned windows. It&#;s always easier to cool your rig than it is to warm it up, so having these features can make a significant difference in your comfort level. As you can imagine, the Arctic Fox best 4 season travel trailer has both. 

Interior of the Arctic Fox best 4 season travel trailer

Beyond staying warm in the winter, this best 4 season travel trailer also comes with all of the usual refinements. This particular model is designed for couples, although the dinette does convert into a sleeping area, so feel free to bring friends or kids along as well.

To help you get more space, this unit has a slide-out feature. The dinette extends outward, giving you plenty of room to move around. The kitchen in this RV is located in the corner, which offers more storage and counter space.

Learn more about the Northwood Arctic Fox.

Lance Travel Trailer

The Lance best 4 season travel trailer parked in a campground
  • Length: 20&#; 5&#;
  • Width: 7&#;
  • Accommodations: Slide Out Dinette, Swing Arm TV, Full-Size Refrigerator, Hardwood Accents, Faux-Marble Countertop, Built-In Awning

When determining the best 4 season travel trailer, size does matter. If you&#;re planning on heading out with other people, you want a rig that can accommodate everyone without feeling too cramped.

Alternatively, if you are riding solo or just with a partner, you may prefer the best small 4 season travel trailer. Case in point is the model from Lance. 

Interior of the Lance 4 season camper

First of all, Lance is a well-known RV brand, meaning that you can feel confident no matter which floorplan you purchase. However, the is ideal for those who want a compact rig that doesn&#;t skimp on the accouterments. This is another slide-out model, so you get more interior space once you are parked and set up. 

Overall, this trailer is efficient and straightforward, with a dinette, kitchenette, queen-sized bed, and a swing arm TV that allows you to watch while in bed or eating. As far as seasonal protection, the comes with dual-pane windows and insulated walls. 

Learn more about the Lance camper.

Dutchmen Aspen Trail BHS

Exterior of the Dutchman best 4 season travel trailer
  • Length: 27&#; 4&#;
  • Width: 7&#;
  • Accommodations: Dual Bunk Beds, Exterior Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Pass-Through Storage, Slide Out U-Shaped Dinette

Since you will be traveling in one of these 4 season campers for the long term, you want to have plenty of options. Fortunately, the Aspen Trail series from Dutchmen has over 30 different floorplans, so there is no reason to believe that you won&#;t fall in love with one of them.

However, based on our comparison, we appreciate everything that the BHS offers, particularly for family travel. 

Interior of the Dutchman, one of the best 4 season campers

When talking about withstanding the different seasons, this particular RV is designed for both hot and cold conditions. Insulated walls and a heated underbelly ensure that you can stay warm and toasty during the winter.

An exterior kitchen and awning, however, make this rig ideal for summer barbecues and tailgating. Now you can make your hot dogs and hamburgers without having to stay inside a stuffy RV. 

Other features that we like about the BHS best 4 season travel trailer include pass-through storage, a slide-out dinette section, and dual bunk beds. This rig can easily sleep four to six passengers, so don&#;t worry about having to get too close to your travel companions. 

Learn more about the Dutchman Aspen Trail.

Heartland Bighorn DL

Exterior of the Bighorn 5th wheel, one of the best 4 season campers
  • Length: 39&#;
  • Width: 8&#;
  • Accommodations: Two Sofas, Master Bedroom w/King-Size Bed, Kitchen Island, High-Quality Insulation, 15, BTU Air Conditioner

When it comes to the best 4 season travel trailers, one way to tell whether a model is suitable for all kinds of weather is to look at its R-values. These numbers reflect the quality of insulation within the RV, and the higher the number, the better it can keep out the cold.

Interior of the Bighorn best 4 season travel trailer

In this case, the Bighorn 5th wheel series from Heartland has some of the highest values across the board. The walls are R, the roof is R, and the floors are R Overall, you don&#;t really have to worry about staying warm when traveling during the winter. 

In the summer, you can take advantage of the Bighorn&#;s massive 15, BTU air conditioner, which helps the rig stay cool and breezy no matter how high the temperatures get outside. With the DL model, you get two sofas, making it easy to sit back and relax when the lazy days of summer hit. 

Because this is such a massive trailer (it is classified as a fifth wheel), you have more than enough space to move around inside. The sofas also convert into beds, so traveling with other people is no problem as well. This is one of the most luxurious 4 season trailers you can find. 

See the Bighorn.

Check out more travel trailers with King sized beds.

Keystone Montana FL

Keystone Exterior best 4 season travel trailer
  • Length: 41&#;
  • Height: 13&#; 4&#;
  • Accommodations: Full and Half Bath, Expanded Living Room, Fireplace, Master Bedroom, Full-Size Refrigerator, Kitchen Island, Heat Pads on Holding Tanks

Although this is another fifth-wheel model, it is definitely one of the best four season travel trailer options out there. Not only is this RV well-suited for hot and cold weather, but it is a luxury model, meaning that you will be traveling in style.

The FL unit is perfectly designed for families of up to six, with plenty of space for everyone to stretch their legs and relax. 

Interior of the Keystone Montana, one of the best 4 season trailers

When it comes to cold weather handling, the insulation in this RV is superb.

Keystone tests their rigs by setting the interior temperature to 72 degrees and then lowering the outside temperature to -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Even with such extreme cold, the inside stays at a balmy

Another feature that makes this RV ideal for winter camping is that it comes with heating pads for the holding tanks. If you have ever had your water freeze, you&#;ll understand why this is such a relief. 

Outside of being one of the best 4 season travel trailer models, the Montana offers so many accommodations that you&#;ll feel like you&#;re living in a four-star hotel.

The FL comes with a full-size living room, complete with two sofa beds, an adjustable big-screen TV, a fireplace, and two recliners. It&#;s pretty rare to be able to sit six people in the same place in an RV, but the Montana is nothing if not spacious. 

Learn more about the Keystone Montana.

Outdoors RV Mountain Creekside 21RD

Mountain Creekside 4 season camper parked near a river
  • Length: 25&#; 10&#;
  • Height: 6&#; 11&#;
  • Accommodations: Enclosed Entertainment Room w/Recliners, Master Bedroom, Shower Skylight, Swing Out TV, Flip-Up Countertop

Much like the Northwood Arctic Fox, the Mountain series from Outdoors RV is designed to be taken off the beaten path and into the great unknown. Outdoors RV Specializes in heavy-duty travel trailers built to withstand any weather or elements.

The insulation on this best 4 season travel trailer is impeccable, the windows are double-paned, and you get plenty of heat from the furnace. However, while cold temperatures are the specialty, models like the Creekside 21RD can also make you comfortable when the weather warms up. 

Interior of the Creekside 4 season camper

This is one of the few best 4 season travel trailer models that doesn&#;t have a slide-out. Instead, it comes with an enclosed entertainment center in the back, complete with two recliners (or a sofa) so that you can watch TV in comfort.

The rest of the rig comes with all of the standard materials, including a bathroom, dinette, kitchenette, and a master bedroom. 

One element that we like about this 4 season camper is that it has two skylights. One is over the dinette, and the other is in the shower. These add-ons enable you to save on battery power (or shore power if you&#;re plugged in) since you get tons of natural light inside.

We also appreciate the rustic decor style, which helps solidify Outdoors RV as the brand made for roughing it. 

Learn more about the Mountain Creekside.

Need some help organizing your RV? Check this out: 16 Space-Saving RV Kitchen Storage Ideas You Can&#;t Miss

Forest River Flagstaff Micro Lite 25FKBS

Exterior of the Keystone 4 season camper
  • Length: 25&#; 11&#;
  • Width: 8&#;
  • Accommodations: Pass-Through Storage, Thermopane Windows, Two Slide Outs, Theater Seating, Fireplace, Master Bedroom

Our final four season travel trailer is the 25FKBS model from Forest River. This is part of the Micro-Lite series, which features trailers under 6, pounds. So, if you&#;re worried about your vehicle&#;s towing capacity, you will appreciate the lightweight nature of this RV. 

As far as seasonal protection goes, this rig has excellent insulation and thermopane windows, which are designed to trap heat. During the summer, you can simply open the windows so that you can get a cool breeze flowing inside the trailer.

This particular model comes with a fireplace as well, so you and your travel buddies can snuggle up to the fire when the temperatures drop outside. 

Interior of the Forest River with couches and footrests

When it comes to features, this 4 season travel trailer has everything you need. It has two slide outs &#; one in the master bedroom and one for the theater seating in the living area. T

his rig also has pass-through storage to make it easier to bring materials in or out of the RV. The master bedroom even has its own entrance, offering more privacy than you would get with other RVs. 

Before you head off on your next adventure, be sure to check out each of these RVs to see what they have to offer.

The best 4 season travel trailer models will ensure that you stay comfortable and cozy all year long. Happy travels!

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4 season travel trailers are a good option for those who are interested in bringing their trailer out during the winter. Four season trailers, also known as all season travel trailers generally have better insulation and are all around better prepared for winter than other travel trailers. As a result, if you are interested in going out in the winter you will want to purchase a trailer with the 4 season or all season label.

When you start to look for the best travel trailer for you, you might not know where to start. The first thing you should do is figure out what the best brands are. This way you can narrow your search so that you only need to look at a few brands. Luckily, there are a few brands that stand out from the rest as four season travel trailer sellers.

When you decide to purchase a travel trailer you are making a big financial commitment. Travel trailers, RVs, and campers are expensive and as a result you need to do a lot of research so that you make the right purchase. Not every travel trailer will be right for you, so you need to figure out which 4 season camper trailer is best for you.

The 10 Best Four Season Travel Trailer Brands

Here we will look at 10 of the best travel trailer brands available for you. Each of these 10 brands manufacture trailers that are suitable for the winter. So, no matter which one you choose you cannot go wrong. You should note that this list is not ranked. The brands are listed in no particular order.

1. Lance

Lance four season Travel Trailer
Lance 4 season travel trailer

If you are in the market for a 4 season travel trailer, Lance is a great brand to start your search. They produce trailers that will keep you warm in the extreme heat and in the cold. They have a Lance Four Seasons Certified option that has dual pain windows and advanced ducted heating. The ducted heating contains a water heater bypass and winterizing valve. Additionally, the trailer has insulated hatch covers and heated holding tanks.

The ducted heating system that comes with Lance’s 4 season travel trailers is routed into individually insulated holding tanks. This keeps the system, the valves, and the PEX lines warm.

The water heater system that is included in their trailers makes draining the system for winter storage incredibly easy. With other trailers this might be a long and drawn out process, but with Lance it will be quick and efficient.

Additionally, the hatch covers give the trailer and extra layer of insulation. The more insulation the better in 4 season travel trailers because the more insulation you have the warmer you will be.

2. Oliver

 Oliver Legacy Elite Ext
 Oliver Legacy Elite Int

Oliver knows that camping in the winter can be incredibly uncomfortable if you are not prepared. As a result, they have put a lot of money and resources into producing a travel trailer that is great for the winter.

Oliver knows that the most important thing when it comes to winter proofing a trailer is the insulation. So, that is where they started when they decided to make a four season travel trailer. They used an insulated double-sided radiant barrier for their insulation. This barrier is made of reflective aluminum foil on each side of a 5mm polyethylene bubble center.

Additionally, they understand that you need a good furnace to ensure that the trailer is heated up quickly. So, their four season travel trailers include an 11, BTU ducted furnace. This furnace evenly distributes heat throughout the trailer. It even heats up the space between the inner and outer shells.

Furthermore, four season travel trailers are not just for the winter; they are also needed in the summer. So, they have a Dometic Penguin II roof-mounted air conditioner and the MaxxAir Fan Deluxe that come with the trailer. These things will help keep your trailer nice and cool with the summer.

Additionally, the trailer comes with double pane windows. These windows make camping in the winter even more bearable as they provide another layer of insulation. The trailer all includes a double hull. This is the space between the two shells of the travel trailer. It is the space the water tanks and plumbing occupy. There is extra protection in this space to help prevent condensation from forming.

3. Dutchmen

Dutchmen insulated under belly
Dutchmen 4 season camper trailer

Dutchmen does not have trailers that are explicitly labelled 4 seasons. However, that does not mean that they do not have trailers that fit that category. Many of their trailers have a heated and enclosed underbelly which helps keep the trailer insulated during the winter. Their trailers also include a high output furnace that will help heat up your trailer very quickly during the winter.

4. Keystone

travel trailer with king bed Keystone Outback RL Ext
travel trailers with king bed Keystone RV Outback RL

Keystone is one of the best brands you can choose to buy from for your four season travel trailer. The trailer has been tested many times to prove that their trailers are insulated effectively. To test their trailers they set the temperature inside their trailer to 74 degrees Fahrenheit. They then lowered the ambient temperature outside the trailer to -4 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though the temperature outside was drastically cooler, the temperature inside the trailer was at 72 degrees. Additionally, the holding tanks, dump values, and waterlines all remained intact and operational.

The insulated main floor has an R value of R, and the insulated slide out floors are rated at R The insulated double layer supported fiberglass sidewalls are valued at R, and the radiant technology insulated roof has a value of R

Furthermore, they have 35, BTU furnaces with auto ignition as well as a high capacity foam core straight line heat duct system. The attic system is fully vented, and the underbelly of the trailers are heated, insulated, and enclosed.

Additionally, the trailers have 12v electric tank heaters and heated city water low point drains. All these four season features are available as an additional feature with any trailer you purchase. They are included in Montana Four Seasons Living Package.

5. Livin Lite Camplite

KZ Escape Mini
KZ Escape Mini Camper Trailer

Livin Lite Camplite is another brand that does not advertise their trailers as four season options. However, they are still very well insulated and could be taken out on the road to your campsite during when there is snow outside.

Their travel trailers include a fireplace to help you keep warm and dual pane windows to prevent cold air from seeping through in the cracks of the window. Additionally, their trailers are made from fiberglass which is one of the best materials for insulation. They also use block foam and composite material to help keep their trailers insulated.

Colorful Outdoorsy Logo

6. Heartland

Heartland NorthTrail 4 season travel trailer
Heartland all season travel trailer

When you purchase from Heartland, you can add on the Yeti Extreme Cold Weather Package. This is one of the most popular winter packages among travel trailer buyers. With the package you will get an enclosed and insulated underbelly. You will also get R insulated floors, dual pane windows, and several other features that will make your life easier during the winter.

Additionally, the package includes a v electric holding tank with heating pads. This will help ensure that your water stays warm and does not freeze even in severe conditions. You will get even more protection to the cold thanks to the layer of R38 Radiant Technology insulation inside the front and rear caps. This will help eliminate heat loss through the ends of the fifth wheel.

Furthermore, the package includes insulation for the main waterline. It has a 12v heater line that senses when the temperature dips below freezing temperature. When this happens it turns on automatically to prevent freezing.

Trailers from Heartland have two-inch thick sidewalls with Azdel Backed Fiberglass. This provides you with a significant amount of insulation. They also come with a 30, BTU furnace that will help keep you warm even on the coldest nights. There are also plenty of luxury features for you to add on to the trailer with your purchase.

7. Northwood Arctic Fox

North Woods four season travel trailers
North woods four season camper

The trailers from Northwood Arctic Fox have fully insulated holding tanks. They have warm air that circulates around the tanks to ensure that they are protected from freezing. The knife valves on the tanks are also enclosed which helps make sure that they do not freeze. The rest of the trailer is insulated with a plethora of other materials. Notably, they use residential quality rigid foam, batten, and reflective foil to help insulate the trailer during the winter months.

8. Outdoors RV

Outdoors RV 4 season camper
Outdoors RV four season camper

Outdoors RV is proud to make trailers that can be taken out in the winter. They believe that you should be able to enjoy the comforts of your trailer at any time of the year. To help you with this they have created the Climate Designed Four Seasons Package. This package contains several features which will improve your quality of life in your trailer during the winter months. It can be added onto any trailer you like with your purchase.

The package includes mountain extreme thermal pane windows. These windows are thick and sealed shut so that no cold air can seep in through the cracks. The package also includes one-inch thick thermal insulated luggage doors. This way your clothes will stay warm when they are in storage. There is nothing worse than putting on cold clothes, so this is a very nice feature to have included.

Additionally, the package gives the buyer an XL furnace to help heat up the trailer extremely quickly. You will also be given a Norcold Cold Weather Kit. This kit operates down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Finally, the package provides an exterior shower that is protected by a one-inch insulated door. This means you will not need to worry about getting cold while you are in the shower.

9. Forest River Alpha Wolf

Forest River Alpha Wolf all season trailer
Forest River Alpha Wolf 4 season travel trailer

Forest River Arctic Wolf offers the Elemental Protection Package. This package will help make your travel trailer a suitable living area during the winter. However, some of the features that are included in the package are not available for all models.

The package includes a high efficiency furnace with 35, BTU’s. It encloses the underbelly with forced air heat to all the holding tanks. It also has a BTU fireplace with several heat and fan settings that can be adjusted remotely.

Furthermore, the package comes with an insulator series wood roof and floor superstructure. It has a seamless roofing membrane with heat reflectivity.

The package also helps buyers who only want to camp in the summer as it includes several cooling features. Firstly, it has an oversized bathroom attic fan to improve air flow. It also provides you with a racetrack style ceiling air ducting system to maximize your cooling capacity.

The package provides the buyer with a 15, BTU supersized air conditioning unit. So, you will be able to cool down your trailer extremely quickly when it gets hot.

Jayco Eagle

Jayco Eagle BHOK ext
Jayco Eagle BHOK bunk beds travel trailer int

Standard travel trailers from Jayco Eagle are built to work all year round. They include a 35, BTU furnace which will keep you warm at any time of the year. They also include a fully enclosed and heated underbelly which helps prevent cold air from seeping in through the floor.

Furthermore, their trailers are very well insulated as a they have double layer fiberglass batt insulation in the ceiling and floor. There is also double sided radiant barrier insulation for the roof, floor, cap, and slide room floors. If that is not enough for you, there are plenty of luxury features that are included with their trailers as well.

Browse Travel Trailer Rentals Near You!

If you are considering buying a 4 season travel trailer we suggest you rent one before you buy one. This way you can learn what you like &#; and don&#;t like &#; to make a better buying decision!

What Makes a Travel Trailer 4 Season?

When you are searching for a 4 season travel trailer, you are looking for a trailer that can be used at any time of year, no matter the weather. As a result, you need a trailer that you can live in when it is extremely cold and extremely hot. So, you need a trailer that has features that make the living area livable.

Some features that are extremely important in 4 season travel trailers are insulation, heating, and cooling systems. Insulation makes it so it is difficult for air from the outside to get into the trailer and it is difficult for air inside to get out. The only way air should be able to leave or enter the trailer is through the ventilation. However, with the ventilation system the temperature is regulated so that you do not need to deal with extremely hot or cold air.


Tips for RV Camping in Freezing Temperatures

Here we will give you a few tips on how to improve your camping experience when it is extremely cold outside.

1. Install and Upgrade Your RV Insulation

Insulation is the most important thing for winter campers. It makes it so your trailer stays warm even when it is extremely cold outside. Without insulation you will have several very cold nights.

To improve your insulation, you can do things like seal your windows and doors so that no cold air seeps in through the cracks. You can also install window covering in help insulate your windows. Windows are one of the most difficult places in the trailer to insulate, so it is where you should put the most effort.

2. Install RV Skirting

A great way to keep your camper warmer while camping in freezing temperatures is to add skirting around your travel trailer. Skirting helps to shield the underside of your camper from wind and cold air thereby keeping your tanks, pipes, and even the inside of your RV warmer.

We tried a great product called AirSkirts on our RV and even temperature tested it! Check out the video below to see why we love AirSkirts and highly recommend them to our readers.

2. Protect Your Plumbing

The last thing you want is to have a plumbing issue while you are in the middle of no where on a camping trip. When water freezes it expands which means there is a big risk of pipes cracking and bursting. So, you need to protect your plumbing before any issues arise. You can do this by putting heat tape on your pipes and hoses. This will help ensure that the water does not freeze, and your pipes are not damaged.

You can also add a small amount of antifreeze to your holding tanks so that they do not freeze. However, you want to make sure that you do not add too much because that can cause issues as well.

3. Watch Out for Black Ice

Even once you have winterized your travel trailer, you are not completely out of the woods. The winter is one of the most dangerous times to be driving and black ice is one of the biggest reasons for that. If you do not know, black ice is ice that you cannot see because it blends in with concrete. This type of ice is one of the biggest causes of car crashes during the winter, so you need to be careful while you are on the road.

It is especially important to be careful when you are driving with a travel trailer. The larger the vehicle you have, the less control you have over it. This means that it is a lot easier to lose control of your vehicle, and harder to get in back under control once you lose it. So, you need to be extra careful when driving to avoid crashes.

4. Purchase a Space Heater


A lot of people will not do anything to improve their experience once their trailer is fully insulated and their plumbing is protected. However, there are still things you can do to improve your quality of life. For example, when you are outside your trailer you probably will not have a lot of your electrical equipment on. That sometimes will include your heating system.

So, when you get back to your trailer at the end of the day you will need to heat up your trailer. However, heating systems can take a while to heat a trailer. If you purchase a space heater, it will accelerate the speed at which your trailer heats up which is very nice. We love our Mr. Buddy space heater! It keeps us and the RV nice and toasty!

5. Inspect Your Furnace Before Leaving

Your furnace is going to have a heavy workload while you are on your winter camping trip. So, it is very important to make sure that it is working properly before you leave. It does not hurt to get it checked by a licensed technician every so often to ensure that it is fully functional.

If you want to inspect it yourself, you should check to make sure that there are not any obstructions that could limit air flow. You should also consider purchasing a dehumidifier to ensure that moisture does not get into your furnace. Condensation can cause corrosion in your furnace, engine, and pipes. This can cause serious issues, so it is better to play it safe and get a dehumidifier.

How to Insulate RV Windows for Summer and Winter

Insulating your windows on your own can be a difficult task that might seem impossible to do on your own. However, with the right equipment and instructions, it is a task that you can manage on your own or with a partner.

There are several things you can do to improve your camper window insulation for both the winter and the summer. To learn more about the different ways to insulate your RV check out our article called RV Window Insulation Tips for Summer and Winter.

Enjoy Using Your Travel Trailer All Year Round with a 4 Season Travel Trailer

After reading, we hope you have all the information you need to purchase the best 4 season travel trailer for you. We know that there is a lot of information to absorb, but it is important to be thorough when you are thinking of making a significant purchase like a travel trailer. The last thing you want to do is wrap up a lot of money on a travel trailer only to find out that it does not fit your needs. It is better to do your research now and ensure that you have the right fit for the trips you want to take.

When looking for a 4 season travel trailer it is important to find one that has amazing insulation. Insulation is the most important thing for a trailer to be functional in the winter. Without insulation you will have some very cold nights. You should also look for a trailer with a high quality furnace.

Many travel trailer brands offer winter packages that you can add on to all or some of their trailers. These packages are usually good options, but it is important to remember that they do not always offer them for all trailers. So, you need to be aware of that when making your purchase. That being said, as long as you do your research you should be able to find the perfect 4 season travel trailer for you in no time.

Are you a new or experienced travel trailer owner? What is your favorite travel trailer brand? What is most important to you in a 4 season travel trailer? Let us know in the comments!

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