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Coming this December: “The Ultimate Aang & Korra Collection” ATLA & TLOK box set with 80+ minutes of NEW bonus features and 8 collectible art cards

There’s a new complete series bundle box set coming on December 7th, 2021, and it has some notable features that make it more newsworthy than other box sets.

First, it’s interesting that they’re referring to this by Aang and Korra’s names rather than the show titles. This feels like it could be moving to a new norm where more Avatars have media in the future, which would make sense because it’s highly likely most, if not all, Avatar Studios shows and movies feature an Avatar and/or their era. Moving forward, it could be cleaner to refer to the shows/eras by the Avatars’ names rather than long show titles (for example a hypothetical “Kyoshi Collection”).

Second, and also on the topic of naming, one of the bonus features is an interview with the “Avatarverse creators” so I guess that’s a point for “Avatarverse” being the official (or unofficial???) name of the franchise. “Avatar: The Last Airbender” has mostly been used as an umbrella term including other media/eras, but recently there have been a lot of (informal?) uses of “Avatarverse". This feels like the first formal/“official” use, but it’s still not conclusive. We’ll see if some kind of official name/naming scheme becomes clear when Avatar Studios projects are announced.

Lastly, this is the first release in a long time to include new bonus features, which is why I emphasized it so much in the title. I doubt they will contain any monumental reveals or news, but it still is notable and something to watch for.

Here’s the official description:

“The ultimate Aang and Korra Blu-ray collection features over an hour of all-new and exclusive bonus features including an Auditory Exploration with the Avatarverse Creators, a conversation with Janet Varney and Dante Bosco [sic], hosts of the Avatar: Braving the Elements podcast, and 8 collectible art cards! Experience the complete Avatar saga with Aang and Korra. From the discovery of Avatar Aang in the iceberg in Avatar: The Last Airbender to Korra’s heroic journey to set things right in Republic City through The Legend of Korra, relive all the epic air, earth, water and firebending in the ultimate Avatar Collection.”

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This article is about the character. For the series, see Legend of Genji.


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Genji is the current incarnation of the Avatar and immediate successor of Avatar Korra. Born and raised in the Earth Kingdom, where he learned earthbending, specially sandbending. Born and raised in a small sandbender settlement, Genji’s family moved to the bustling city of Jinsha following the forced relocation of sandbender tribes 4 years ago.Genji traded his homemade sand-sailor for a mop and bucket, taking on odd jobs around the city to support his mother and little sister. Now 17 years old, Genji is a skilled sandbender, but also a chronic truant who struggles in school.

Speed Drawing - Genji VS. Quicksand

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