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4 Reasons Why Virgo And Sagittarius Are A Match Made In Heaven Or Hell

Earth and fire signs definitely have a few differences, but Virgo and Sagittarius have more things in common than you may realize at first. As mutable signs, they are both constantly adapting and changing, making it easy for both of them to adjust to life’s ups and downs. On one hand, this can make Virgo and Sagittarius’ friendship compatibility incredibly strong because they innately can understand each other. On the other hand, however, their elements couldn’t be more different, and it can often feel like they’re speaking in two completely different languages to one another. Whether or not Virgo and Sagittarius get along as friends is definitely a mixed bag — but they can both learn so much from each other (when they’re not driving the other one crazy).

One of the big things that these two signs do have in common is their desire to gather information and knowledge. Since Virgo is Mercury-ruled, they tend to ask a lot of questions in order to be of service to those around them when a dilemma arises. Sagittarius individuals are Jupiter-ruled, so they tend to prioritize sharing knowledge, experiences, and wisdom with their loved ones as a way to form connections. With this quality in common, they can learn a lot from each other. The only issue is that Virgo is detail-oriented while Sagittarius is more focused on the big picture, meaning that meeting in the middle is challenging, but not impossible. Here’s some reasons this friendship may (or may not) go up in flames:

1. Virgo Is An Earth Sign While Sagittarius Is A Fire Sign

Virgos are as earth sign as it gets. They’re detail-oriented, logical, and grounded, and they don’t often like to be around people who are scattered or unorganized. Sagittarius individuals, on the other hand, are looking for excitement and adventure at every turn, and may easily get bored with Virgo’s desire to be productive all the time. Simply put, Sagittarius sees life as a journey, not a destination. Meanwhile, Virgo is stressing over the directions before even getting on the road. Let be honest — a road trip with these two may not exactly be the most peaceful one, and while they are both flexible enough to adapt to any changes along the way, this may not exactly be enough to keep this relationship going long term. They both view life in very different ways, and this can ultimately lead to their downfall.

2. Sagittarius Are The Optimistic Idealists Of The Zodiac, While Virgo Tends To Lean Towards Realism

As the Jupiter-ruled sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius folks are all about expansion and personal growth. They’re excellent at taking in the big picture and they never get too caught up in the details. They tend to believe that everything will simply work itself out, and if it doesn’t — well, they’ll deal with it later. This is something that Virgos detest, and they’ll be quick to ask, “What do you mean we’re just going to embark on a long journey without a road map?” This is something that a Virgo secretly admires about their Sagittarius bestie, but also simultaneously frustrates them to no end. Their desire to obsess over details can often leave them stressed and exhausted, and they often need someone with them to lift their spirits or lighten the workload. Sagittarius’ positive attitude is sure to put a smile on Virgo’s face, but it’s only a matter of time before that smile turns into agitation because their Sag friend isn’t exactly prioritizing the facts.

3. Virgo Excels At Logical Decision-Making, While Sagittarius Tends To Be A Free-Thinker

Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury, which governs over things like speech, writing, and communication. They make excellent teachers, writers and public speakers, and they tend to be the mentally sharpest people in the room. Sagittarius individuals are incredibly intelligent, but they need a lot of freedom when it comes to their thoughts and ideas. As a fire sign, their reasoning may not always make sense to a logical, down-to-earth sign like Virgo. In a friendship, this could easily lead to disagreements if Virgo tries to talk some sense into Sagittarius when they’re being a little impulsive. Sagittarius individuals can’t be held back by anyone, so they likely will resent Virgo’s efforts to try to bring them back down to earth. While they both mean well, they may just be a little too different for their own good.

4. These Two Signs Can Make It Work, But It May Be An Uphill Battle

A Virgo and Sagittarius friendship can be incredibly profound and insightful, but at the end of the day, it can also be incredibly limiting for Sagittarius and a big headache for Virgo. These two signs simply want very different things in life, and unless they’re able and willing to constantly meet in the middle, they may not exactly be the best of pals. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should drop your Virgo BFF, but your differences are significant — and this can either make or break your relationship.


Virgo is a Mutable, negative, Earth sign. The Virgin is the planetary symbol of the sixth sign of the zodiac. Mercury, the winged Messenger of the Gods, is the planetary ruler of those born between August 22 and September Virgos live a structured life.

They are known to be the perfectionists of the zodiac.
They have exceedingly bright minds that pushes them to explore new avenues. Those born under this sign thrive best when they go over details, make lists, plan things in advance, stick to routines and put things in order.

What you’ll find in this article:

When the sun is not on their side they can become fussy, critical, judgmental and obsessive compulsive.  

Sagittarius is a Mutable, Positive, Fire sign.  The Archer or Centaur, a half man/half animal, is the symbol for the ninth sign of the zodiac.  Sagittarians are known to be energetic, optimistic and idealistic.  Jupiter, the planet of good fortune governs the people born between November 22 and December  

Sagittarius is a Mutable, Positive, Fire sign.  The Archer or Centaur, a half man/half animal, is the symbol for the ninth sign of the zodiac.  Sagittarians are known to be energetic, optimistic and idealistic.  Jupiter, the planet of good fortune governs the people born between November 22 and December  

Their enthusiasm and positivity comes from the influence of their ruling planet.  Sagittarians are highly ambitious. They never give up, until they reach the peak.These Archers aim their arrows so high and the term impossible does not exist in their lives.

Sagittarians love to explore the world.  It would be difficult to keep an Archer in one place because their thirst for knowledge must always be quenched.  Thus, they love to go to the ends of the world…even to places where most men won’t dare to go.  

For this reason, those born under this sign find it hard to commit themselves into relationships. Those born under this sign are freedom loving people, commitment scares them.

However, the right person can change their perception on relationships.  Sagittarians are best matched with people who share the same level of enthusiasm for life and understand their need for space.  The perfect candidate is someone who can keep with the Archer’s pace.  

Will reserve Virgo hit it off well with free spirited Sagittarius?  Find out if these two are meant to be.

Virgo Man and Sagittarius Woman

Fun loving Sagittarius woman is not all about adventure.  She seeks a romantic partner who can accept her need for independence.  This lady falls in love fast but sadly gets bored easily when the man fails to keep up with her pace.  

The Archer gets attracted to a man who shares her love for traveling.  If you want to get her attention, share stories of your adventure in places she’s never been to.  

Dates with the Archer will definitely be outdoors ….. Hiking, basketball game or scuba diving.  Romantic dinner date for two?  She’ll find it sweet but follow it up with a walk on the beach.  

Keeping up with this lady can be challenging but life with her will surely be filled with positivity and new discoveries.  Sagittarius woman will walk out on a possessive and jealous man.

Mr. Virgo wants every area in his life to turn out perfect.  He is not the type to foolishly rush into love.  This man has to be really sure before he pursues a woman.  It will take a series of date before he decides whether the girl is the “One” for him.  

He gets attracted to independent, driven, witty, neat and well-dressed women.  Virgo falls for a woman who is genuine, smart, organized and decisive.  

Since this man tends to be too stressed in his pursuit for perfection, he matches well with someone who can infuse a less detailed approach on life and who will boost his confidence whenever needed.

Virgo Woman and Sagittarius Man

Reserved Virgo takes her time when it comes to love.  She is very careful with her heart so this lady seeks a patient man who is willing to wait for the day her mind’s made up.  

Virgo gets attracted to driven, intelligent, and well-groomed men. She falls in love with a romantic, trustworthy man who can understand her need for space.  

It would be great for this lady to be involved with someone who will help her loosen up and realize that it’s fine not to be perfect.  She gets turned off by men who are lazy, unkempt, disorganized and opportunists.

Adventure seeker Sagittarius is never afraid to take risk.  However, it’s a different story when it comes to love.  

He can fall in love fast but before the momentum even peaks, this man may be off to another direction leaving his partner baffled.  When the Archer matures, his views on commitment change.  

His romantic side comes out of the shell. This man is capable of nurturing his relationship to make it work and last.  He gets attracted to smart, independent, health conscious women who are capable of conversing with him intellectually.  

This elusive man falls for someone who understands his ways and is fiercely loyal to him.  Clingy women make him look the other way.

Virgo And Sagittarius Compatibility Verdict

With these two, perfect timing is the key to a lasting relationship.  If Virgo and Sagittarius meet when they are still immature, their personalities will clash.

Virgos are mysterious and difficult to size up.

The Sag doesn’t have the patience to linger and figure him/her out.  Virgo will find Sagittarius too restless.  On the other hand, the Archer will find Virgo too quiet and rigid. Virgo prefers to stay home while Sagittarius wants to come out and play.  Virgo is structured while the Archer does thingshis/her way.  

However, if Virgo and Sagittarius hook up when they are mature already, things will take a different turn.  Both are Mutable signs so they are capable of easily adapting to changes. Virgo is a stickler to plans but spontaneous Sagittarius will help the other to be more flexible.  

On the other hand, Virgo can keep the extremely impulsive Archer grounded and help him/her approach life more carefully.  If these two can find ways to balance their differences, their relationship has the potential to last and stay strong.

My Verdict:  When the timing is right, even opposites can fall in love!

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Friendships between Virgo and Sagittarius tend to be highly enjoyable and robust. The two highly independent astrological signs come together based on mutual interest and genuine affection, and their relationship never seems to be one of convenience or need.

The horoscopes of these two sun signs are very different in some ways, but those differences add color to the relationship rather than being a source of tension. As a result, their bond is deep, their loyalty sound, and their friendship likely to last.

Here are the Virgo and Sagittarius friendship key areas:

Mutual interests&#;&#;&#;&#;&#;
Fun and Excitement&#;&#;&#;&#;&#;
Likelihood to Last&#;&#;&#;&#;&#;

Virgo and Sagittarius Compatible as Friends?

Virgo and Sagittarius make excellent friends. They are both fun-loving and adventurous, but while Sagittarius is spontaneous, Virgo likes to have a plan. Far from being a source of contention, they two become more than the sum of their parts.

Both are very independent, which means that they don’t like to live in each other’s pockets. But as a result, theirs is a friendship based on genuine affection and mutual understanding, rather than on a need for one another. As a result, they can trust one another’s motives.

Mutual Interests

Virgo and Sagittarius, despite outwards appearances, actually have a lot in common. While Virgo is not as restless as Sagittarius, they love adventure and exploring things that are new and challenging as well.

The big difference is that Virgo likes to come up with a plan, while Sagittarius jumps in headfirst. But together they can reach a happy balance between the two.

Both sun signs are also natural learners, and have a growth mindset which means that they don’t mind failing as long as they are learning something. But while Sagittarius doesn’t really mind sharing their setbacks, Virgo will keep theirs under wraps. They don’t like other people to see them as less than perfect.

But Virgo and Sagittarius are more similar than different when it comes to what they are interested in, and their different perspectives just add more depth. So, these two will always enjoy pursuing their interests together.


Both Virgo and Sagittarius are incredibly independent. In fact, for most Sagittarius, it is not going too far to say that they are commitment-phobes. And that does not just apply to relationships, but every aspect of their lives. They don’t like the idea of anything that will tie them down and stop them from doing whatever appeals.

Virgo is actually very similar, and don’t like to tie themselves down to anything that they are uncertain of. As a result, they understand Sagittarius and doesn’t expect too much from them. They won’t be hurt if Sagittarius forgets a birthday or cancels at the last moment. And Sagittarius will be just as understanding with Virgo.

But while these two might be willing to let things slide on the day to day, both believe that when things get heavy, they need to be there. Both signs have a deep ethical core and believe in doing what is right, even when it is difficult. Importantly, they also see it as beneath them to breach the loyalty of a friend.

As a result, Virgo and Sagittarius might not appear like they are that loyal to one another to outsiders, but they know that they can trust one another.

Fun & Excitement

If you meet a Virgo and a Sagittarius separately, you might think that there is no way that these two can have fun together. But when they do come together, things just work.

Sagittarius is spontaneous and always injects fun into a situation. Virgo prefers to have a plan, but they do like to enjoy themselves. Combine Sagittarius’ energy with Virgo’s planning, and both end up having a better time.

Since Sagittarius doesn’t always put a lot of thought into what they do, things don’t always work out. But working together with Virgo, they do.

Both enjoy exploring the world and learning new things. But while Virgo can be reticent when it comes to meeting new people, Sagittarius is more outgoing. But this works out for Virgo as well, who is good with people despite what they think, and can use Sagittarius’ encouragement to break out of their shell.

Likelihood to Last

Friendships between Virgo and Sagittarius won’t always be close, but they are built to last. Both signs are highly independent and always have their eye on some adventure or goal.

As a result, they don’t always make time for their friends in the way they possibly should. As a result, they can sometimes pass long periods without seeing the people they care about.

But for both signs, they know that a connection is about more than how much time you spend with someone. When they do come back together, for them, it is as though no time has passed at all, except that they have more excitement to catch up on.


Virgo and Sagittarius, if they spend a fair amount of time together, are likely to form a deep bond. Neither are the type to open up and start telling someone that they have just met their deepest and darkest secrets. They tend to keep friendships playful until they know that they can trust somebody.

But once trust builds up between these two, they will want to confide in other another, as they can see that the other has a similarly broad view of the world as them. As a result, they respect their perspectives and opinions.

Neither sign is overly sentimental, and so their bond will be more robust than emotional. But that is how they both prefer it.

Virgo and Sagittarius Potential to be More Than Just Friends

Virgo and Sagittarius often find themselves looking to make a love connection. These two generally find one another intriguing.

Virgo is attracted to Sagittarius’ adventurous and passionate spirit, while Sagittarius is intrigued by Virgo’s independence and self-assurance. Fascination can grow into infatuation.

Whether a relationship between the two will work out is another question. While Virgo is an independent soul, when it comes to relationships, they want a genuine commitment.

Sagittarius is not always the person to do that. If Virgo doesn’t think that Sagittarius wants the same thing as they do, they will walk away.

But if they can get past this hurdle, the two are very compatible, as they like to remain independent in their relationships, and never need to do everything together. Their relationship is based on love, but they do not expect the other person to fill every need in their lives.

Cozmic Love: VIRGO + SAGITTARIUS (Sun Sign compatibility by pro astrology, Joan Zodianz)


A Virgo and a Sagittarius form a well balanced relationship. Sagittarius are gregarious and adventurous, and Virgo are studious and like mental exercise. Both partners love to converse and discuss things with each other. Virgo want to create a strong bond between them right away, while Sagittarius like a slower, steadier friendship that evolves over time. However, they would soon appreciate the loyalty and steadiness of Virgo, and a deep relationship forms between them.

Virgo and Sagittarius have entirely different outlook of life. Virgo are rational and careful, while Sagittarius are adventurous and like to discover new things. Virgo might not understand the enthusiasm of Sagittarius, and Sagittarius might not understand Virgo’s logical mind. Virgo bring in constancy and security to the lives of Sagittarius, and keep Sagittarius’ dreams and ambitions from going wayward. Sagittarius bring vivacity and spontaneity into the lives of Virgo.

The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury, and of Sagittarius is Jupiter. Mercury symbolises communication and perception, and Jupiter symbolises academy, philosophy, and travel. Virgo and Sagittarius communicate well with and entertain each other. The virgin concentrates on the details of things, and the archer focuses on the big picture.

Virgo is an earth sign, and Sagittarius is a fire sign. Sagittarius look for excitement and independence, and Virgo look for stability and security. Sagittarius are ruled by their desires and ambitions, and Virgo are ruled by their rationality. Virgo and Sagittarius might not fully understand, yet are fascinated by, each other’s differences. As long as both friends feel that they have shared interests and ambitions, their disagreements are easily settled.

Virgo and Sagittarius are mutable signs. Both signs keep shifting their attention from one plan to another, as they please. They could easily become interested in each other’s pursuits. The partners could easily allow each other the independence to go after new schemes, particularly as they themselves require the same freedom. Virgo and Sagittarius assist and support each other well, and work well together.

The best aspect of a friendship between a Virgo and a Sagittarius is the stability and security they could provide for each other, once they have accepted their differences. Virgo and Sagittarius could teach each other entirely new aspects of life. They communicate well with each other, and maintain a pleasant, solid friendship.


Friendship sagittarius virgo and

Sagittarius and Virgo Compatibility: Friendship, Love &#; Sex

Virgo and Sagittarius compatibility is exceptional when this duo is on the same page! This romantic pairing has the right stuff to form a lasting relationship. Both parties have the gift of gab and inquisitive minds. Their matching intellect and leadership skills make them a force to reckon with. They&#;ll need to align their ambitions. They are both action-oriented and driven. So, success is almost assured with any undertaking this couple chooses.

A shared interest in philosophy ensures intense, stimulating conversations between them. They also share an interest in all things holistic. They’ll apt to have a strategic approach to their diet and exercise regimen. Being big on timing and planning, the Virgo and Sagittarius pair will find peace of mind in mapping out a future.

There will be moments where compromise and patience will be necessary though. Just as this couple has so very much in common, their differences pose challenges. In fact, even some of their commonalities may stir up negative vibes. When this happens, the issues that arise require tender loving care.

Sagittarius and Virgo Table of Contents

Sagittarius and Virgo Compatibility

Both Virgo and Sagittarius are natural explorers at heart. They want to explore the world and different cultures. It’s their philosophical minds and wandering spirits calling to them. They yearn to be out and about in the world. Engaging with different personalities and cultures from around the world enriches their mind. It also feeds their love of conversation. They want to share everything they experience and learn with one another!

The sensations a great conversation stirs are a turn on for Virgo and Sagittarius love match. It’s as if talking is an art form and the two are creating a work of art through thought and word-weaving. It’s of no surprise when a conversation about world events and experiences end up in a sexual encounter!

Virgo and Sagittarius individuals are people who are happy enough beginning as friends. They are in no rush to change the status between them either. They can end up meeting each other young and keeping the friendship status for many years. Later, they might introduce sex into the mix for a little immediate gratification. Romance is often the last part of the equation to emerge in the Virgo-Sagittarius affair.

When Virgo and Sagittarius form a friendship, they do so on similar ethics and values. They have a similar desire for constant change. Knowing each other well helps in forming a solid bond together. Their need for continuous change, however, can prove problematic. It’s as if both parties struggle to settle down in a long-term relationship. Both parties have a lot of growing to do when friendship makes room for romance.

Sagittarius and Virgo Love

Since Virgo and Sagittarius are born travelers, they are away from the homestead much of the time. When dating they may travel to different destinations alone. But, when love and marriage enter the mix, during free time, they’ll travel together. This couple’s ambitions might wind them up in jobs where they are both traveling. So, for this love affair to be successful, they must adjust to long-distance romancing. If anyone can be successful at long-distance dating and love, it’s a Virgo and Sagittarius couple.

The married life of a Virgo and Sagittarius will take a lot of understanding and give and take. This duo can form some intense and loving bonds by aligning common goals. Both parties are humanitarians by nature. Thus, Virgo and Sagittarius love the feel-good sensation they derive from charitable endeavors. Joint work and efforts on projects serve to strengthen their emotional bond.

Trust is a slow undertaking in the Virgo and Sagittarius relationship. Virgo trusts nobody right off the bat. Sagittarius develops trust faster than Virgo. But, truth be told, this duo has difficulty seeing a vision for this relationship. With a lack of vision comes a lack of trust in the fact the relationship is going anywhere at all. Time heals all wounds by allowing trust its slow evolution.

Virgo is a sign demanding security and stability. Adventures and risk-taking are something Virgo prefers to avoid. Sagittarius is the opposite needing risks to keep things enticing. Sagittarius is apt to dive into emotional intimacy before Virgo gets their feet wet. Virgo may seem way too practical for Sagittarius. It can put an anchor on the flight of love if Virgo doesn’t learn to let go and “just be” occasionally.

Sagittarius and Virgo Sex

It’s easy for this duo to keep a romantic link under wraps or to never develop a love connection at all. Virgo has a nonchalant approach to love and sex, having no problem separating the two. Sagittarius can be the same way, so a friends-with-benefits situation is not at all out of the question.

The pair in the Virgo and Sagittarius love match have unique views of the world. They also have different approaches to life and sex. The physical sex between them will differ depending on which person takes the lead. Sagittarius can sometimes be a selfish lover and get caught up in all the pampering Virgo gives. If they aren&#;t direct with Sagittarius about sexual needs, Virgo ends up disappointed. It does Virgo well to remind Sagittarius they need some spoiling too.

Virgo has inhibitions they must conquer before they can share in a physical connection. Only after trust grows, Sagittarius will witness the full liberation of their partner. Trust is essential before Virgo feels safe letting loose between the sheets. Sagittarius will have to prove they are discreet and a good keeper of Virgo’s secrets.

With sexual experimentation, Virgo is a traditional lover. They need Sagittarius to prove themselves trustworthy. Once Virgo knows Sagittarius won’t share secrets, they&#;ll turn up the heat! The only thing for this duo to do now is to match up speeds. Virgo is a slow, tender lover looking to extend the ecstasy as long as possible. Sagittarius takes things at a faster pace toward physical gratification.

Sagittarius and Virgo Communication

Virgo’s communication style is matter-of-fact and direct. They have a realistic lens casting a view of the world. They expect the same realism in return when communicating with another. A Virgo will try to keep emotions out of the equation as they look at things as black and white. The most straightforward, clearest answer to a question or issue is what will satisfy a Virgo. In debates, Virgo will demand empirical evidence to support someone’s “truth.”

When in a debate with a Virgo personality, they take everything seriously. It’s better not to joke around or to digress too often. If topics run from one thing to another rapidly, Sagittarius loses Virgo’s attention.

Virgo and Sagittarius have similar communication styles. They both expect concise communication in a clear, succinct language. Similar expectations can contribute to Virgo and Sagittarius compatibility. Neither party appreciates when the other beats around the bush. Irritation grows when either party hesitates in saying what needs to be said.

If Sagittarius tells Virgo something uncomfortable, it’s best done with compassion. The words Sagittarius chooses should be as gentle and soothing as possible. Virgo doesn’t respond to terrible news well. It will throw them for a loop, leaving them longing for the predictable once more.

Sagittarius is an intuitive communicator is as quick to act as they are to respond. If Virgo shares something negative with Sagittarius, they should brace for the aftermath. Sagittarius has a temper with an itchy trigger. The only thing Virgo can do once Sagittarius’ temper flies, is to kick back and wait for the dust to settle. There will be no talking to them until it does.

Sagittarius and Virgo Clashes

Virgo likes spending more time at home than Sagittarius does. With energy levels, Sagittarius wins the endless on-the-go race. Virgo likes downtime and the solitude the home front provides.

Virgo is direct in the way they communicate. So, they’ll have no problem telling Sagittarius they need more private time at home. Sagittarius may see this as Virgo’s trying to rain on their parade. But, Virgo is just seeking the sense of stability they crave. Being on the go all the time seems to break from routine, which is something Virgo needs.

The parties in the Virgo and Sagittarius relationship share similar high intellects. But, methods of processing such information differs. Virgo desires things to be simple, neat, and succinct. Sagittarius prefers things intense and expansive. Virgo puts full focus on the immediate moment and is very much into mindful living. Sagittarius is always looking full-force into the near and distant future. Virgo is a diligent and committed worker bordering on workaholic. Sagittarius is a hard worker. But, they soften their focus with a free-spirited attitude.

Sagittarius and Virgo Polarity

In astrology, all zodiac signs align with a polarity. The two energetic forces signs align with are Yin and Yang. Yin is a feminine force. Yang is masculine. Such references do not relate to gender. Rather, the gender references indicate the type of energy in question.

Yin is passive, receptive, and open. Yang is direct, action-oriented, and assertive. Virgo aligns with Yin. Sagittarius aligns with Yang. From the outset, it appears this couple has complementary energies between them. This is true if they focus on their strong characteristics. Each partner brings unique attributes to the relationship. What Virgo lacks, Sagittarius has and vice versa. This duo creates a delicate balance between one another.

However, if the polarities polarize, it changes the attributes of each party. Polarization can hinder Virgo and Sagittarius compatibility. If Yin polarizes, Virgo becomes passive-aggressive, unsympathetic, and reserved. If Yang polarizes, Sagittarius becomes bullish, domineering, and aggressive. If either party goes out of balance, they will need to embrace the opposing polarity. Sagittarius will have to become more sensitive, intuitive, and open. Virgo will need to become more direct and assertive. This couple should offer tolerance and patience to one another. It&#;s the fasts means to restore harmony.

Sagittarius and Virgo Aspects

In astrology, the aspect is a measurement one uses to assess compatibility. It’s an angle or distance between signs on the celestial wheel of the zodiac. Virgo and Sagittarius are three signs apart. It results in a square aspect forming a degree angle.

It may seem as if the pair in the Virgo and Sagittarius love match are going in two different directions. One partner is coming and the other going. Virgo is the homebody, while Sagittarius is on tour moving from one show to the next. Virgo goes left, and Sagittarius moves right. Virgo steps backward. Sagittarius leaps forward. It might seem difficult to see these two ever meeting eye-to-eye.

The friction between these two is enough to make the relationship exciting. It can bring to life old emotional wounds though, which prove difficult to work through. Emotions stemming from childhood might rear their ugly head. It&#;s an opportunity for this duo to confront their shadow sides once and for all. Once those problems resolve, differences between them will remain. There will always be plenty of challenges for this couple to work out.

There’s no rest for the wicked or so they say, and that’s the case in the Virgo and Sagittarius love affair. These two will battle over who is in charge and what routine they’ll follow. Debates of dates, day-to-day responsibilities, and personal agendas are in the future. Some days there’s peace, and all is well. Other days this duo can cut the tension with a knife. But, there&#;re lessons to learn here and, if these two are patience, room for growth.

Sagittarius and Virgo Elements

All zodiac signs align with an element: Earth, Fire, Water, or Air. Earth energies influence Virgo. Fire influences Sagittarius. Already there’s volatility in this pairing. Especially when comparing the influencing elements over a Virgo and Sagittarius relationship.

Virgo is practical, sensible, and grounded. With an earthy influence, they want a stable position in life. It’s natural for Virgo to seek roots and to want to remain in one place. Consistency is one of the main desires of a Virgo personality.

Sagittarius seeks conquests and exploits. They love risk-taking and adventure. The fiery attitude of Sagittarius flies in the face of Virgo’s need for security. Virgo needs predictability. Fiery influences bring in surprises and the unexpected.

The difference in elemental influences causes a push-pull dynamic between Virgo and Sagittarius. But, it is this same friction that makes the connection exciting and worth fighting for. The formula for success lies in this couple showing tolerance. They will also want to have acceptance of one’s differences. Virgo can build a loving home that Sagittarius wants to come home to. Sagittarius can help instill adventure in Virgo’s otherwise routine life.

Virgo Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Virgo and Sagittarius compatibility depends on the adaptability of this duo. There’s no doubt there are pitfalls on the road to love for the Virgo-Sagittarius affair. Their differences prove striking, but it doesn’t mean they cannot be embraced or overcome.

The Virgo Man is sensible, predictable, and direct. The Sagittarius Woman will have no problem knowing what to expect from him or what he expects from her. The predictability is a nice factor as it never leaves her questioning. The only problem here is the Virgo Man might be a mite too predictable. It can lead to boredom or dimming of excitement in the relationship. If the Sagittarius Woman always knows what to expect, it leaves her longing for surprise.

The Sagittarius Woman likes a nice balance between being serious and being playful. Here, she may have to take the Virgo Man by the hand to lead the way. He isn’t one who plans playtime, no matter how well he plans things. He always has full focus on basic daily needs and the long-term outcome of immediate actions. The Sagittarius Woman needs some imaginative, creative time and some “just-for-the-fun-of-it” experiences.
The partner prone to taking things way too seriously is the Virgo Man. He can become the stick-in-the-mud at Sagittarius’ party. He might grumble about responsibility when Sagittarius is seeking escape from monotony. If he does this too often, he’ll drive the Sagittarius Woman off to greener pastures.

The moment the Virgo Man gets on her nerves, the Sagittarius Woman makes it clear. She doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind at all times and doesn’t hide her true feelings. The Virgo Man is equally unambiguous.

It might seem like a blessing merging two people who speak honestly about emotion. But, it’s not the big gift it seems for the Virgo and Sagittarius love match. These two can by cynical, cool, and aloof. They can both say things, without regret and without a lot of forethought. The result is bitter sentiments stemming from hurtful words and harsh expressions.

The good thing is a Sagittarius Woman can find the man she is looking for in a Virgo. She demands someone who is loyal, honest, and dependable. He will protect her at all costs. She loves it when he shelters her. She also likes the fact he appreciates her need for personal freedom. He’s not clingy or obsessive.

They both hold family high in value. But no one person gets pinned to the household and the responsibilities that come with it. Instead, the Virgo Man works with the Sagittarius Woman to create a home. The home environment is predictable and stable. Every ounce of planning the Virgo Man is happy to address.

Virgo Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

The Virgo Woman and Sagittarius Man is not your everyday romantic pairing. It’s unusual to see this couple together because it is a challenging relationship. But, when the duo in the Virgo and Sagittarius relationship work on obstacles, they are a force to reckon with! They can prove the epitome of a romantic pairing when they embrace strengths conquer weaknesses.

There’s a mix of good qualities and bad qualities in the Virgo-Sagittarius affair. The things they have in common are their greatest source of strength. The things this couple see as challenges are really life lessons in the making. It’s a good thing the Virgo Woman and the Sagittarius Man have exceptional communication skills. Since they love communicating, they’ll have they’ll have an edge over problems that might arise between them. The first step to conquering any problem is being able to talk it out.

The Virgo Woman holds high her commitment to herself, family, and then the world (and always in that order!). Her entire life is orderly, and that’s just the way she likes it. Anything that disturbs her sense of orderliness and predictably will meet head-on with her aggravation. She has a solid constitution and can handle most blows that life delivers. If things get too traumatic though, it can unsettle her natural balance. She likes a partner equal in terms of intellect, but also in his need for orderliness.

The Sagittarius Man is usually level-headed and of high intellect. It’s his gift for conversation and brains that first appeal to the Virgo Woman. Similar communication modes contribute to Virgo and Sagittarius compatibility.

She loves the way he moves smoothly from topic to topic without jumping all over the place. He’s attractive and meticulous with his good looks too. He’s sensible when talking about and pursuing goals, knowing full well what’s reasonable and what’s not. He doesn’t fool himself or anyone else with what he’s capable of achieving.

The need for freedom for personal peace and development is something both Virgo and Sagittarius understand. They allow each other this freedom which allows for good growth in the relationship. Because the Virgo woman is so practical and sensible, the draw to her is natural for the Sagittarius Man. She teaches him the importance of remaining grounded and patient.

This duo will meet with a huge clash between the Virgo Woman’s need for perfection and the Sagittarius Man’s free-spirited approach to life. He may see the Virgo Woman as obsessive or one who is an obnoxious nag. Everything has to be just so, much to the far more carefree Sagittarius’ liking.
Both parties will trust one another assuming they are loyal until one or the other proves otherwise. If Sagittarius is disloyal, which is uncharacteristic for him to do so, the Sagittarius Man may become distant. He can forgive the offense, but he may use it against the Virgo Woman later in a heated argument. If it’s Virgo who is unfaithful (which he is more prone to do than his partner), Sagittarius may have trouble getting over the transgression.

Sagittarius and Virgo Love Match Wrap-Up

Virgo and Sagittarius can make a go of love. The compatibility of the Virgo and Sagittarius love match depends on their commitment to one another. Both parties will have to be flexible and adaptable to make the most of things. Tolerance and patience are the essential keys to romantic harmony. Being able to adapt to differences and embrace strengths promises lasting love!

Do you wonder if your relationship can be as successful as a Virgo and Sagittarius pairing? What quirks and idiosyncrasies does your mate have that may influence your relationship? Let Building Beautiful Souls lead the way in learning all about zodiac compatibility! Find out more information now for free!

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VIRGO VS SAGITTARIUS - Love \u0026 Anger Relationship Compatibility - Hannah’s Elsewhere

What is Virgo and Sagittarius Friendship Capable of?

A friendship between a Virgo and a Sagittarius may seem like an unusual combination, but, when these two unstoppable forces of nature combine, it makes for a dedicated friendship that cannot be broken. These ambitious and mutable signs are capable of offering each other support while also giving one another the space and independence they need.

What Makes These Two So Compatible?

Virgo is an earth sign, which means they are down to earth, patient, and hardworking. Sagittarius, on the other hand, is a fire sign. Fire signs are passionate, flighty, and always on the go. At first glance, these two signs may seem to have very little in common. But when you look a little closer, you will see just how well these two signs balance each other out.

One of the biggest similarities between these two signs is their loyalty. Both signs may take a bit to truly warm up to one another, but once they do, they’re friends for life. They will defend each other in any situation, and will always be by each other’s side no matter what.

Another aspect where these two signs find common ground is in their love for independence. They both value their own space to pursue their own projects, and can easily feel suffocated if they aren’t given that space.

Thankfully, when these two signs are friends, they understand that need perfectly, and will not crowd one another. This is the sort of friendship that is strong even when they are apart. Even if both people are busy with their own projects and careers, they know they can still count on one another for support whenever they need it.

One final similarity between these two signs is their ambition. While they show it in different ways, both Virgos and Sagittarians are incredibly driven in their approaches to life. Both have big goals to achieve in life, and a friendship between the two can lead to a lot of support and motivation in this regard.

While Virgos and Sagittarians can find similarities in their loyalty and independence, as well as in their ambition, they are quite different from one another in many ways. These differences, however, actually bring out an interesting balance in each other, which forms a strong bond.

Virgos are very rational creatures who like to meditate on problems. To Virgos, life is a puzzle just waiting to be solved. Sagittarians are more philosophical, however, and view life with a bit more enthusiasm.

A Sagittarian’s goal in life is to see and experience as much of the world as possible. These fundamentally different worldviews may cause some clashes at first, but over time, they will learn to appreciate these differences.

Sagittarius’ natural curiosity will no doubt lead to them trying to learn about Virgo’s way of life, and Virgo will try and figure out what makes Sagittarius tick. Both signs will be very curious about the way each others’ minds work, which will lead to deeper understanding.

Can You Bring Out the Best in Each Other?

Sagittarius is a notorious dreamer. They have tons of wild ideas, but rarely put them into practice. This is where a Virgo friend can help their Sagittarius grow. Virgo’s practical and logical manner will cause them to help their Sagittarius implement those ideas, and find a bit of ambition in their life.

On the other hand, Virgo’s studious nature might lead them to miss out on some of the fun in life. A Sagittarius friend is perfect for dragging a Virgo out of their shell, and helping them quit the books and enjoy life a little bit more.

The energy and passion in Sagittarius, when combined with the drive and intelligence of Virgo, creates an unstoppable force. This leads to a friendship that is powerful and able to overcome any obstacle. When a Virgo and a Sagittarius become friends, it’s time to watch out; these two people are a force to be reckoned with!

Will You Have Fierce Loyalty?

Sagittarius takes a while to make close friends, and prefers to keep people at a distance before deciding if they are trustworthy or not. Virgos are patient souls, however, and will wait as long as it takes for their Sagittarius to come around. When Sagittarius finally warms up to Virgo’s quiet and dedicated nature, the two will form a friendship whose loyalty cannot be broken.

If one friend is in trouble, you can bet the other one will be by their side immediately to help them through it. When it comes to Virgos, you had better not mess with any of their friends; they will make you pay dearly for hurting any of their loved ones. Sagittarians like their independence, but they are always just a phone call away, and will always come to help their Virgo in need. Overall, the loyalty between these two signs is nearly impossible to break, and this is a friendship that will last a lifetime.

What About Your Finances and Careers?

When it comes to money, Sagittarius is usually at a bit of a loss. However, with a Virgo as a best friend, they’re unlikely to have financial troubles again. The impulsive nature of Sagittarius will usually lead to some pretty reckless purchases, something a Virgo will be quick to nip in the bud. Virgo can help Sagittarius spend money more wisely, which can prevent them from getting into hot water with their bills. On the other hand, Virgos are typically very stingy when it comes to spending money. Sagittarius can help to balance this out and remind Virgo that it’s okay to appreciate the finer things in life sometimes.

Virgos and Sagittarians are also very career-oriented. Virgos prefer careers that will provide a stable income, no matter how boring it is. Sagittarians, however, are ambitious about landing their dream job. Alone, these may be somewhat extreme tendencies, but a friendship between these two signs can help balance each other out. Virgo can help Sagittarius to settle down and find a job that is realistic, and Sagittarius can help Virgo find a job where they feel happy.

These two signs also make an excellent creative team. Sagittarians are never at a loss for brilliant ideas, and Virgos are perfect at implementing those ideas. Together, they can achieve tons of fun projects, and this is a friendship where the two would also make great business partners. So long as Virgo handles the financial aspects, Sagittarius will help to come up with ideas that are sure to be successful.

What Is In Your Romance?

While Sagittarians are fiercely loyal after they learn to trust their partner, they are notoriously flighty in the beginning. When it comes to relationships, Sagittarius may leave their partner for fear of being chained down.

They value their independence greatly, and a relationship may seem like a threat to that independence. Virgo’s rational mind, however, can help Sagittarius see sense. A Virgo friend will be quick to offer their Sagittarius relationship advice, and maybe even help them realize that settling down is okay. Sometimes, their Sagittarius may need a reminder that it’s possible to have a relationship while also maintaining their own independence.

On the other hand, the earth in Virgo is liable to make them extremely stubborn. They may get into numerous petty arguments with their partner because they are unwilling to admit fault, or simply don’t want to accept change. This is where the versatile Sagittarius friend can come to the rescue. Sagittarius can remind their Virgo friend that sometimes you have to make sacrifices in a relationship, and it’s okay to accept change and go with the flow sometimes.

These are two friends whose approaches to romance are so wildly different that they can offer each other heaps of advice when it comes to finding (and keeping) a partner. A friendship between a Sagittarius and a Virgo will likely result in many late nights gossiping about their significant others, and the two will almost certainly provide one another with helpful insight that can lead to healthy and long lasting relationships.

In Conclusion

It may seem odd that an earth sign and a fire sign can get along so well with each other. However, despite their many differences, Virgos and Sagittarians can find a lot of common ground between one another, as well. They are both passionate and driven signs, and they can find a lot of similarities when it comes to independence, loyalty, and ambition. Furthermore, their differences in worldview lead to an incredible balance, which allows them to bring out the best in each other.

This is an unlikely friendship that can lead both signs to transcend all of their differences and result in higher understanding between one another. After they warm up to each other, a Virgo and a Sagittarius will become positively inseparable, motivating each other to accomplish their hopes and dreams, as well as supporting each other through any hardship. At the end of the day, this is the kind of fierce and loyal friendship that will last a lifetime.


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Virgo Compatibility: Love, Trust, Friendship, Sex (All 12 Signs)

What happens when you take a fire sign and an earth sign? An interesting and pretty incompatible pair, that’s what. There is mutable energy between Virgo and Sagittarius. However, it is hard for them to connect and form a strong friendship or relationship.

Virgo and Sagittarius Compatibility

The Virgo Zodiac

  • Virgo’s ruling planet is Mars, the planet of wisdom and communication.
  • The symbol for the Virgo zodiac sign is a virgin or a woman. In astrology, she represents fertility and wisdom.
  • As an earth sign, a Virgo is intellectual, efficient, and practical. She can appear down-to-earth sometimes too.
  • As a mutable sign, a Virgo can tailor themselves to different situations in life. They just need to analyze the situation first and organize their thoughts.

Virgo’s personality traits: 

  • Good communicators
  • Patient, dependable, organized hard-workers
  • Judgmental and bossy perfectionists
  • Would rather sit back and observe but can be social butterflies if need be
  • This astrology sign tends to worry and overthink and be overly critical of everything, especially their relationships.

Virgo man personality traits:

  • Will overanalyze everything
  • Very organized and hard-working
  • He will be ready to settle down if his lover is loyal and willing to settle down too.
  • In love, he doesn’t want to feel smothered.

Virgo woman personality traits: 

  • Intelligent
  • Bossy and judgmental
  • Practical and realistic and cautious in love
  • A woman who over-analyzes and is overly-critical of everything.

In astrology, every person has a sign in the moon, rising, and Venus placements of their zodiac chart. Your moon represents your inner self, your rising is how people see you when they first meet you, and Venus represents love and beauty.

  • If your moon sign is in Virgo, you’re passionate about and invested in people and things. However, you’ll want to analyze them first to make sure they’re worth it.
  • If your Venus sign is in Virgo, you are devoted and nurturing in love. You also might be more inclined to nitpick things about your relationship or your partner. That’s just your way of showing you care and want the best.
  • If your rising sign is in Virgo, you are an organized perfectionist and tend to criticize and doubt every move you make.

Virgos are critical. They need a partner with thick skin who is going to be able to handle their orders, their complaints, and their nagging. They cannot be with someone overly sensitive who is going to get upset whenever they state their opinion. Virgos need a partner who understands they aren’t trying to do any harm by pointing out the things they see that are wrong. They simply want to make their loved ones’ lives easier and are helping in the only way they know how.

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Virgos are worriers. When they care deeply about someone, they are going to put effort into taking care of that person. Sometimes, this can come out in the form of compliments, and sometimes this can come out in the form of complaints. Either way, they are simply trying to help. Virgos are givers. They are fixers. They are nurturers. When they see a problem, they cannot rest until solving it.

The Sagittarius Zodiac

  • Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the ruler of luck, fortune, philosophy, and truth.
  • The symbol for the Sagittarius sun sign is a bow and arrow, or, an archer.
  • As a fire sign, a Sagittarius is honest. They have an enthusiasm for life and an intense personality, and will do anything to achieve their goals.
  • As a mutable sign, they are adaptable and flexible, but also careless and inconsistent.

Personality traits of a Sagittarius:

  • Intense and energetic
  • Adventurous and unafraid to take a risk
  • Will rebel under authority
  • Hates routine and would prefer if life was unpredictable
  • Huge egos and overly confident
  • Very honest and has no filter

Sagittarius man personality traits

  • Courageous
  • Cocky and likes attention and for people to feed his ego
  • Flirtatious
  • Enjoys his freedom and isn’t likely to settle down in a relationship

Sagittarius woman personality traits

  • Wild and independent
  • Will speak her mind, even if her words could hurt someone
  • Won’t be easy for her to fall in love
  • She wants to be in an exciting and spontaneous relationship

In astrology, every person has a sign in the moon, rising, and Venus placements of their zodiac chart. Your moon represents your inner self, your rising is how people see you when they first meet you, and Venus represents love and beauty.

  • If your moon sign is in Sagittarius, you have a deep sense of wonder and love to learn. You trust yourself more than you trust others, and this might come across as cocky, selfish, and cold.
  • If your Venus sign is in Sagittarius, you are a big flirt and are afraid of settling down in a relationship. Love should be exciting and adventurous and impulsive more than committed and claustrophobic.
  • If your rising sign is in Sagittarius, you are the life of the party, and you love meeting new people. The more friends you have, the more they can feed your ego.

Sagittarius are rebellious. They don’t like orders. When they are asked to follow a specific set of rules, they are tempted to break them. They don’t like being bossed around by their partners, their friends, or their family members. Sagittarius would rather make their own decisions. They need a partner who isn’t going to order them around the house. Sagittarius will work much better with someone who gives them the freedom to decide for themselves.

This sign doesn’t fall in love easily. They aren’t interested in settling down with one person because they would rather lead an exciting, unpredictable life. Sagittarius don’t want their future set in stone. They don’t want to get stuck in a rut where they repeat the same routine day after day. Sagittarius need variety in their life. They cannot be in a relationship that is too repetitive, or they are going to get bored and break up with that person.

Virgo and Sagittarius: Friendship Compatibility

  • It might be hard for Sagittarius to go along with Virgo’s perspective on life, responsibilities, and their pragmatic realism. Meanwhile, Virgo will struggle to understand Sagittarius’ energetic, adventurous side.
  • They could find balance in the friendship, with similar interests and being secure in that, however, they’ll face more obstacles than anything else.
  • A Virgo is great at giving advice. They will want to bring their Sagittarius friend back down to earth and to take responsibility (especially in situations that call for it). An honest Sagittarius will ignore this and go off and have fun because that’s what they want to do.

Virgos and Sagittarius don’t always see eye-to-eye. They have very different ways of living their life. Virgos prefer to think things through before they make a decision. They will analyze situations, problems, and people from as many angles as possible. Virgos value knowledge, and they pride themselves on doing the right thing.

Meanwhile, Sagittarius are one of the most impulsive signs of the zodiac. They would rather choose the adventurous route than the safe route. They don’t care about the right thing to do. All they care about is having a good time. A Sagittarius will view a Virgo as a downer because Virgos listen to their common sense more often than their gut impulses. At the end of the day, Virgos are much too practical to put up with a Sagittarius’ wild, carefree side.

Virgo and Sagittarius: Sex and Love Compatibility

  • Sexual compatibility is weak between this earth sign and fire sign.
  • Sagittarius lovers are passionate and pushy in the bedroom and reserved Virgo won’t want to be pushed into anything that they’re not comfortable with.
  • Sagittarius’ sloppiness is a turn off for Virgo, and Sagittarius won’t like the nature of Virgo’s routine and unwillingness to try new things.
  • In both a romantic and sexual relationship, they’ll have a hard time trusting each other and developing deep emotions.

These two signs want completely different things when it comes to sex. Virgos want to sleep with someone who makes them feel safe and secure. They are much more interested in comfort than passion. Meanwhile, Sagittarius want to try new things every single time they hop into bed. They can be pushy and stubborn about getting what they want, which will not make a Virgo happy. Neither of these signs likes to be given orders. They both like to do things their own way.

These signs won’t click much better outside the bedroom. Virgos want a reliable, consistent relationship that they never have to question. They want to know they can rely on their partner through thick and thin. They are going to feel neglected by a Sagittarius, who is unpredictable and unreliable. Sagittarius want to go out on adventures. They want to have a good time without worrying about what the future might hold. They are going to get annoyed by a practical, sensible Virgo.

Zodiac Compatibility With A Virgo or Sagittarius

Virgo Compatibility:

  • If you’re a Virgo, expect a relationship with the Capricorn sign to be a strong one! You both are very patient and understanding of one another and will find that communication is strong. Both signs lack emotion but are trusting enough of one another to peel back the layers.
  • If you’re a Virgo, you might find that a relationship with a Leo would be a little too intense. Fire signs are known to be very passionate and somewhat selfish and arrogant. A practical, nurturing Virgo lover with their earth element won’t like that kind of personality. You’ll also have trouble with air sign Libra. Not only will you just not be attracted to one another, but you’ll both struggle with communicating and trusting your emotions and each other.

Sagittarius Compatibility:

  • If you’re a Sagittarius, you’ll find that a relationship with Aries will be super strong. As two fire signs, both are passionate in their own ways and both are aware of their excessive need for honesty and adventure. You’ll also get along with air sign Aquarius. Although you might struggle with intimacy at first, once you develop an emotional bond and communicate, you can make this love work.
  • If you’re a Sagittarius, you’ll be very incompatible with a Pisces. Although you are both ruled by Jupiter, it’s a fire and water pairing with a lot of ups and downs. You’ll make strong friends but very weak lovers, and you’ll both struggle trusting one another. This isn’t a relationship that will last very long, or at all.

Virgos aren’t going to last long with a selfish, impatient sign. They need someone who is willing to put real effort into the relationship, like a Capricorn. Capricorns will make a Virgo feel safe, secure, and comfortable inside and outside the bedroom because they are dependable, reliable, responsible, and committed. Although neither of these signs enjoy talking about their feelings, they will learn and grow together. They will help each other reach their full potential.

Meanwhile, Sagittarius are better off forming relationships with Aries. They are both fire signs, so they have a lot of overlapping personality traits. They are passionate, love embarking on new adventures, and have a selfish streak. These two signs will understand each other in a deep, meaningful way. Even more importantly, they will embrace each other’s wild sides. Instead of holding each other back, they will propel each other forward.

Virgo and Sagittarius Compatibility with a Virgo / Sagittarius

Virgo and Sagittarius Compatibility (Virgo man + Sagittarius woman)

He is very mature and grounded while she likes to play and have fun. This striking difference in their character will be a challenge. She will be restless in love, and he will want a stable relationship. This romantic relationship only works if they’re hopelessly and madly in love and are willing to work at the relationship.

Virgo and Sagittarius Compatibility (Virgo woman + Sagittarius man)

This love match has potential. They will express their feelings in different ways. These signs will want to try and learn from each other, and they’ll find common ground in the desire to learn. They are also both level-headed and this makes it easier to work things out if problems arise.

Virgo and Sagittarius Compatibility (Virgo man + Sagittarius man)

When these signs come together, they are bound to fight. They don’t tackle problems in the same way. Virgos overanalyze every situation in order to make an informed choice. Meanwhile, Sagittarius act more impulsively without thinking through their options. Overall, Virgo and Sagittarius make a poor love match.

Virgo and Sagittarius Compatibility (Virgo woman + Sagittarius woman)

These are both mutable signs, but that doesn’t mean they’re destined for true love. In fact, Sagittarius don’t match Virgo well. There are too many differences between them in order for a relationship to run smoothly. Virgo needs consistency and dependability. Meanwhile, Sagittarius needs freedom and space. They want different things in a partner.

Virgo’s compatibility with a Virgo:

No matter if it’s a Virgo woman and woman, man and man, or man and woman, a Virgo-Virgo relationship will be pretty decent. They might think that sex with each other is inadequate because they’re so critical and always searching for the faults in things. They’ll both struggle with emotion. They will keep going in the relationship for the practicality and routine, even if the flame is long gone. With their shared activities and ability to communicate, this can be a good pairing. However, they need faith in themselves and each other.

Sagittarius compatibility with a Sagittarius:

A Sagittarius-Sagittarius relationship will be full of exciting adventures and a passion for trying and learning new things. As two fire signs, they can create a bigger flame. They’re both able to focus on themselves and their personal projects. Each lover will be understanding and respect that because they are probably doing the same thing.

For the most part, two Virgos are going to get along well. Unfortunately, if the relationship isn’t working, neither of them will want to call it quits. They will stay in the relationship for much longer than they should because they are stubborn. Virgos don’t want to admit they have fallen for the wrong person, and they don’t want to change their routine. They would rather continue along the same path, even if it makes them unhappy.

Meanwhile, two Sagittarius are going to have a blast together. Neither of them will want to waste the day sitting at home, so they will come up with fun, exciting plans. They will constantly bring each other to new places where they can meet new people and experience new things. Together, they are going to learn a lot about the world. Best of all, they are never going to get tired of each other, because every day will bring about a new adventure.

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