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1‘they're not as stupid as they look’


unintelligent, ignorant, dense, brainless, mindless, foolish, dull-witted, dull, slow-witted, witless, slow, dunce-like, simple-minded, empty-headed, vacuous, vapid, half-witted, idiotic, moronic, imbecilic, imbecile, obtuse, doltish

gullible, naive

informal thick, dim, dumb, dopey, dozy, crazy, cretinous, birdbrained, pea-brained, pig-ignorant, bovine, slow on the uptake, soft in the head, brain-dead, boneheaded, lamebrained, thickheaded, chuckleheaded, dunderheaded, wooden, wooden-headed, fat-headed, muttonheaded

British informal daft, barmy, not the full shilling, thick as two short planks

North American vulgar slang dumb-ass


intelligent, clever, astute

2‘I promised never to make the same stupid mistake again’


foolish, silly, unintelligent, idiotic, brainless, mindless, scatterbrained, crackbrained, nonsensical, senseless, irresponsible, unthinking, ill-advised, ill-considered, inept, witless, damfool, unwise, injudicious, indiscreet, short-sighted

inane, absurd, ludicrous, ridiculous, laughable, risible, fatuous, asinine, pointless, meaningless, futile, fruitless, mad, insane, lunatic

informal crazy, dopey, cracked, half-baked, cock-eyed, hare-brained, nutty, derpy, cuckoo, loony, loopy, zany, screwy, off one's head, off one's trolley, out to lunch

British informal daft, potty, dotty, batty, barmy, gormless

Scottish, Northern English informal glaikit

North American vulgar slang half-assed


sensible, prudent

3‘all he'd do was sit and drink himself stupid’


into a stupor, into a daze, into a state of unconsciousness, into oblivion

stupefied, dazed, groggy, sluggish, semi-conscious, unconscious


Frequently Asked Questions About dumb

How does the adjective dumb contrast with its synonyms?

Some common synonyms of dumb are crass, dense, dull, and stupid. While all these words mean "lacking in power to absorb ideas or impressions," dumb applies to an exasperating obtuseness or lack of comprehension.

too dumb to figure out what's going on

When would crass be a good substitute for dumb?

While in some cases nearly identical to dumb, crass suggests a grossness of mind precluding discrimination or delicacy.

a crass, materialistic people

Where would dense be a reasonable alternative to dumb?

The synonyms dense and dumb are sometimes interchangeable, but dense implies a thickheaded imperviousness to ideas.

too dense to take a hint

In what contexts can dull take the place of dumb?

Although the words dull and dumb have much in common, dull suggests a slow or sluggish mind such as results from disease, depression, or shock.

monotonous work that leaves the mind dull

When is stupid a more appropriate choice than dumb?

While the synonyms stupid and dumb are close in meaning, stupid implies a slow-witted or dazed state of mind that may be either congenital or temporary.

stupid students just keeping the seats warm

stupid with drink

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Synonyms:public nuisance, creep, loudmouth, horror, yob, know-all, ass, vermin, public enemy number one, (the) scum of the earth
Synonyms:unreasonable, wrong, extreme, absurd, childish, irrational, irresponsible, perverse, hysterical, ridiculous
Antonyms:practical, sensible, rational, logical, realistic, rightly, sound, mature
Synonyms:unstructured, haphazard, chaotic, undisciplined, disorganized, unplanned, uncoordinated, hit-and-miss, all over the place
Synonyms:evil, wicked, gross, immoral, deviant, sordid, sinful, unethical, amoral, perverted
Antonyms:moral, correct, right, proper, just, ethical, virtuous, high-minded, irreproachable, decent
Synonyms:useless, ineffective, inefficient, defective, faulty, purposeless, worthless, cumbersome
Antonyms:useful, efficient, effective, valuable, helpful, operative, worthwhile, high-powered, devastating, functional
Synonyms:serious, severe, grave, worrying, disturbing, alarming, stressful, distressing, anxious, tense
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Synonyms for Stupid:

What is another word for stupid?

1395 synonyms found


[ stjˈuːpɪd], [ stjˈuːpɪd], [ s_t_j_ˈuː_p_ɪ_d]
  • adj.

    absurd (adjective)
    • farcical,
    • contradictory,
    • flaky,
    • invalid,
    • meaningless,
    • outlandish,
    • bizarre,
    • crazy,
    • inconsistent,
    • ridiculous,
    • inane,
    • implausible,
    • laughable,
    • incongruous,
    • campier,
    • ludicrous,
    • off the wall,
    • jokey,
    • impossible,
    • self-contradictory,
    • paradoxical,
    • loony,
    • gagged up,
    • fooling around,
    • campy,
    • anachronistic,
    • nonsensical,
    • for grins,
    • idiotic,
    • screwy,
    • illogical,
    • fallacious,
    • campiest,
    • eccentric.
    all (adjective)asinine (adjective)backward (adjective)
    • feeble minded,
    • under privileged,
    • un-developed,
    • most checked,
    • more behind,
    • sub-normal,
    • most subnormal,
    • more checked,
    • most behind,
    • subnormal,
    • under-privileged,
    • under-developed,
    • sub normal,
    • under developed,
    • more subnormal,
    • un developed.
    balmy (adjective)banal (adjective)
    • triper,
    • stereo typed,
    • most noplace,
    • more nowhere,
    • wishywashy,
    • more nothing,
    • everyday,
    • stereo-typed,
    • most cornball,
    • most cornfed,
    • un-imaginative,
    • wishy-washy,
    • wishy washy,
    • more cornfed,
    • most nowhere,
    • most nothing,
    • most zero,
    • most pabulum,
    • more zero,
    • un-original,
    • un original,
    • un imaginative,
    • more pabulum,
    • stocker,
    • more noplace,
    • more cornball,
    • tripest.
    blank (adjective)
    • empty,
    • un communicative,
    • in scrutable,
    • lifeless,
    • most unexpressive,
    • more poker-faced,
    • un-communicative,
    • in-scrutable,
    • impassive,
    • more poker faced,
    • in expressive,
    • non committal,
    • more masklike,
    • most masklike,
    • un-expressive,
    • more unexpressive,
    • in-expressive,
    • most poker faced,
    • un expressive,
    • most poker-faced.
    boring (adjective)brainless (adjective)comatose (adjective)
    • dead the world,
    • out,
    • most inconscious,
    • in sensible,
    • drugged,
    • out to lunch,
    • in conscious,
    • in-conscious,
    • dead world,
    • dead to world,
    • out lunch,
    • most soporose,
    • stuporous,
    • in-sensible,
    • somnolent,
    • more inconscious,
    • more soporose.
    corny (adjective)crass (adjective)
    • in-delicate,
    • un-couth,
    • in delicate,
    • un refined,
    • in-elegant,
    • most lowbrow,
    • oafish,
    • more lowbrow,
    • most blundering,
    • un couth,
    • in elegant,
    • more bovine,
    • most bovine,
    • more blundering,
    • un-refined.
    creative (adjective)dim (adjective)dull (adjective)
    • sleepy,
    • big yawn,
    • obtuse,
    • not bright,
    • oft-repeated,
    • boorish,
    • longwinded,
    • wornout,
    • besotted,
    • shallower,
    • blunt,
    • loutish,
    • ponderous,
    • prosy,
    • dense,
    • thick-witted,
    • lethargic,
    • sluggish,
    • usual thing,
    • halfbaked,
    • out-of-date,
    • out of date,
    • uninspiring,
    • benumbed,
    • unintellectual,
    • drowsy,
    • cloddish,
    • stupefied,
    • run of the mill,
    • repetitive,
    • apathetic,
    • doltish,
    • indolent,
    • bovine,
    • soporific.
    empty-headed (adjective)
    • more know nothing,
    • untaught,
    • un-educated,
    • most know-nothing,
    • uneducated,
    • knownothing,
    • most know nothing,
    • most knownothing,
    • more knownothing,
    • more know-nothing,
    • un-taught,
    • un-schooled,
    • empty headed,
    • un educated,
    • know nothing,
    • un schooled,
    • un taught.
    expressionless (adjective)farcical (adjective)feebleminded (adjective)
    • un-intelligent,
    • soft in head,
    • soft in the head,
    • soft head,
    • dull witted,
    • most dull-witted,
    • Dull-witted,
    • more dull-witted,
    • more dullwitted,
    • most dullwitted,
    • un intelligent,
    • more dull witted,
    • most dull witted,
    • dullwitted,
    • soft the head.
    foolish (adjective)
    • dopey,
    • meat-headed,
    • dim-witted,
    • nerdy,
    • ignorant,
    • nitwit,
    • chuckle-headed,
    • jackass,
    • dotty,
    • lame-brained,
    • half-witted,
    • moronic,
    • cockeyed,
    • bone-headed,
    • crackpot,
    • injudicious,
    • asinine,
    • tomfool,
    • blithering,
    • imbecilic,
    • zany,
    • dumb,
    • dippy,
    • light in the head,
    • harebrained,
    • kooky,
    • ill-considered,
    • knuckle-headed,
    • loopy,
    • cockamamy,
    • blockheaded.
    glassy (adjective)goofy (adjective)ignorant (adjective)imbecilic (adjective)impolitic (adjective)inapt (adjective)
    • in-apposite,
    • in expert,
    • un suitable,
    • more inadept,
    • un-suited,
    • un abler,
    • in-expert,
    • more ill fitted,
    • in aptest,
    • un-facile,
    • more ill adapted,
    • illsuited,
    • un-proficient,
    • unhandiest,
    • in appropriate,
    • un-meeter,
    • un proficient,
    • un suited,
    • un-suitable,
    • in adept,
    • un handiest,
    • un-fit,
    • most ill fitted,
    • more unfacile,
    • un-handiest,
    • in-apter,
    • most ill-adapted,
    • most illadapted,
    • illadapted,
    • in-aptest,
    • most ill-fitted,
    • most illfitted,
    • un-ablest,
    • most inadept,
    • un facile,
    • un meeter,
    • most inapposite,
    • in experienced,
    • un handy,
    • more ill-adapted,
    • most unproficient,
    • un-dexterous,
    • in-adept,
    • in-felicitous,
    • in-appropriate,
    • most ill adapted,
    • illfitted,
    • un-abler,
    • more undexterous,
    • un dexterous,
    • un-skilled,
    • in-experienced,
    • more illfitted,
    • more unproficient,
    • in apter,
    • un skilled,
    • un meet,
    • more ill-fitted,
    • un ablest,
    • un-handy,
    • most unfacile,
    • un handier,
    • unmeetest,
    • most undexterous,
    • ill adapted,
    • un meetest,
    • in apposite,
    • unhandier,
    • un-handier,
    • more inapposite,
    • more illadapted,
    • un-meet,
    • ill fitted,
    • unmeeter,
    • ill suited,
    • in felicitous,
    • Unmeet,
    • un-meetest.
    insane (adjective)insipid (adjective)
    • in-nocuous,
    • more ho hum,
    • in sipid,
    • more nebbish,
    • more ho-hum,
    • most ho-hum,
    • in-sipid,
    • more hohum,
    • most nebbish,
    • most hohum,
    • most ho hum,
    • in nocuous.
    inutile (adjective)irrational (adjective)
    • in-coherent,
    • mindless,
    • more off-the-wall,
    • un-reasoning,
    • un-stable,
    • most off-the-wall,
    • more cockamamie,
    • in-valid,
    • more reasonless,
    • more unreasoning,
    • dis-connected,
    • most reasonless,
    • un stabler,
    • dis jointed,
    • un-thinking,
    • more off the wall,
    • most unreasoning,
    • un-sound,
    • un stable,
    • un-stabler,
    • un sounder,
    • dis connected,
    • un-soundest,
    • un-sounder,
    • un thinking,
    • in valid,
    • un sound,
    • dis-jointed,
    • un reasoning,
    • most off the wall,
    • un-stablest,
    • un stablest,
    • most cockamamie.
    limited (adjective)listless (adjective)
    • uninterested,
    • out it,
    • most energyless,
    • in-attentive,
    • in animate,
    • more energyless,
    • in-different,
    • in attentive,
    • in-animate,
    • insouciant,
    • un-interested,
    • un interested,
    • laidback,
    • most mopish,
    • in different,
    • more mopish.
    lumpish (adjective)lunatic (adjective)not intelligent; irresponsible (adjective)
    • dazed,
    • trivial,
    • gullible,
    • dummy,
    • stolid,
    • irrelevant,
    • unthinking,
    • ill-advised,
    • deficient,
    • insensate,
    • futile,
    • thick,
    • indiscreet,
    • naive,
    • witless,
    • loser,
    • half-baked,
    • puerile,
    • unintelligent,
    • rash.
    numb (adjective)Other relevant words: (adjective)
    • ho-hum,
    • emptyheaded,
    • thoughtless,
    • hohum,
    • banal,
    • know-nothing,
    • pointless,
    • reasonless,
    • unexpressive,
    • simple,
    • lunatic,
    • untactful,
    • around in circles,
    • pigheaded,
    • foolish,
    • unfacile,
    • on treadmill,
    • empty-headed,
    • ditzy,
    • dim,
    • madcap,
    • nowhere,
    • impolitic,
    • senseless,
    • Unconsiderate,
    • glassy,
    • Gelastic,
    • tasteless,
    • ill-fitted,
    • cornball,
    • expressionless,
    • cliched,
    • lagging,
    • cockamamie,
    • birdbrained,
    • derisory,
    • poker-faced,
    • astigmatic,
    • all wet,
    • Soporose,
    • short-sighted,
    • unprogressive,
    • drear,
    • unproficient,
    • airheaded,
    • Anencephalous,
    • ho hum,
    • absurd,
    • simpleminded,
    • inadept,
    • cornfed,
    • useless,
    • shortsighted,
    • inapposite,
    • gorked,
    • unenjoyable,
    • masklike,
    • taking the cake,
    • not pertinent,
    • undexterous,
    • full of hot air,
    • feebleminded,
    • undiplomatic,
    • out cold,
    • underachieving,
    • laid back,
    • goofy,
    • in vicious circle,
    • Imperceptive,
    • vacuous,
    • noplace,
    • lowbrow,
    • needle in haystack,
    • near-sighted,
    • dull as dishwater,
    • out of question,
    • crass,
    • numbskull,
    • dead to the world,
    • boring,
    • off-the-wall,
    • clueless,
    • unreasonable,
    • unsagacious,
    • ill-adapted,
    • mentally defective,
    • inapt,
    • torpid,
    • unreasoning,
    • comatose,
    • Mopish,
    • vacant,
    • anencephalic,
    • non-committal,
    • slow-moving,
    • preposterous,
    • sheepheaded,
    • scatterbrained,
    • retardo,
    • untutored,
    • listless,
    • Unpolitic,
    • referring to eyes blank,
    • corny,
    • tactless,
    • nitwitted,
    • rustic,
    • Purportless,
    • clownish,
    • slow,
    • backward,
    • sappy,
    • silly,
    • energyless,
    • Clodhopping,
    • cretinous,
    • non-germane,
    • Unhandy,
    • out of it,
    • nongermane,
    • Inconscious,
    • brainless,
    • halfwitted,
    • uninteresting,
    • Pig-headed,
    • irrational,
    • simple-minded.
    pig-headed (adjective)pigheaded (adjective)
    • un-yielding,
    • in-tractable,
    • most stiffnecked,
    • head-strong,
    • most stiff-necked,
    • stiff-necked,
    • more self-willed,
    • un yielding,
    • most stiff necked,
    • more self willed,
    • in tractable,
    • more stiffnecked,
    • self willed,
    • most self willed,
    • more stiff-necked,
    • most selfwilled,
    • in-flexible,
    • self-willed,
    • most self-willed,
    • stiff necked,
    • in flexible.
    pointless (adjective)
    • in effectual,
    • in effective,
    • in-effectual,
    • in consequential,
    • re-mote,
    • most purportless,
    • non germane,
    • in-effective,
    • un availing,
    • un-availing,
    • un-profitable,
    • most nongermane,
    • needle haystack,
    • un-necessary,
    • un productive,
    • more nongermane,
    • un-productive,
    • around circles,
    • in-consequential,
    • un profitable,
    • un necessary,
    • in significant,
    • more purportless,
    • going nowhere.
    pokerfaced (adjective)preposterous (adjective)
    • in-credible,
    • out the question,
    • in credible,
    • un thinkable,
    • taking cake,
    • un-believable,
    • out question,
    • un believable,
    • un-usual,
    • un-thinkable,
    • un usual,
    • farout.
    retarded (adjective)
    • more gorked,
    • most pinhead,
    • most dumbo,
    • most underachieving,
    • more yoyo,
    • most yoyo,
    • more dumdum,
    • dummiest,
    • more underachieving,
    • slow witted,
    • dummier,
    • most yo yo,
    • re-tardo,
    • most retardo,
    • most yo-yo,
    • most gorked,
    • re tardo,
    • more pinhead,
    • under achieving,
    • more dumbbell,
    • more yo-yo,

Stupid for another word

antonyms for stupid


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What are other ways to say stupid?

The adjective stupid implies natural slowness or dullness of intellect, or, sometimes, a benumbed or dazed state of mind; it is also used to mean foolish or silly: He was rendered stupid by a blow; It is stupid to do such a thing.Foolish implies a lack of common sense or good judgment or, sometimes, a weakness of mind: a foolish decision; The child seems foolish.Fatuous implies being not only foolish, dull, and vacant in mind, but complacent and highly self-satisfied as well: fatuous and self-important; fatuous answers.Silly denotes extreme and conspicuous foolishness; it may also refer to pointlessness of jokes, remarks, etc.: silly and senseless behavior; a perfectly silly statement.Inane applies to silliness that is notably lacking in content, sense, or point: inane questions that leave one with no reply.Asinine originally meant like an ass; it applies to witlessly stupid conversations or conduct and suggests a lack of social grace or perception: He failed to notice the reaction to his asinine remarks.


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How to use stupid in a sentence

Stupid things puns—made one myself then, though—just like me.


Stupid you were when you stole things out of my book—could you not guess that I might have read my own books?


Stupid you were when you thought yourself cleverer than me, and when you thought that I could be lured into becoming a thief.




adjectiveridiculous, senseless





Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

Another Word For Stupid

Stupid synonyms


Of, having the nature of, or characteristic of an idiot; very foolish or stupid


The definition of obtuse is someone who is slow to understand things.


Mentally deranged; crazy.


Having or suggesting a heavy or viscous consistency:

groping (in the dark)


Showing foolishness or stupidity.


Allowing movement or action only at a low speed:


(Historical) Having knowledge of black magic, etc.


Not prudent; without thought of the consequences; lacking in judgment or caution; rash; indiscreet


The definition of fatuous is foolish or silly.


The definition of dumb is unable to speak or someone or something that appears stupid.


Occurring or developing later than desired or expected; delayed.


Mentally deranged; crazy.


Characterized by or resulting from care or wisdom in practical matters or in planning for the future:


Of, like, or characteristic of a child


Containing or producing many nuts

having a block for a head


Marked by or resulting from lack of forethought or thoroughness:


Lacking in sense; foolish or crazy.


Broken so that fissures appear on the surface:


Having or showing little intelligence and experience


not seeing an inch beyond one's nose


Showing good sense; sensible


Having, applying, or showing sound judgment; wise and careful


The definition of shallow is something that is not deep or someone who is concerned only about silly or inconsequential things.


Thick-headed; dull; stupid


(Archaic) Pretentious; showy; spruce.


The definition of torpid is having lost motion, slow or unenergetic.


Having or showing a lack or deficiency of intelligence


Not alert to danger, problems, or deception.


Of comic strips or cartoons


Immature, especially in being silly or trivial; childish.


Not determined by reason; capricious; arbitrary; irrational.


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[ stoo-pid, styoo‐ ]

/ ˈstu pɪd, ˈstyu‐ /


lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull.

characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless: a stupid question.

tediously dull, especially due to lack of meaning or sense; inane; pointless: a stupid party.

annoying or irritating; troublesome: Turn off that stupid radio.

in a state of stupor; stupefied: stupid from fatigue.

Slang. excellent; terrific.


Informal. a stupid person.


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Origin of stupid

1535–45; <Latin stupidus, equivalent to stup(ēre) to be numb or stunned + -idus-id4

synonym study for stupid

1. See dull.





ignorant, stupid

Words nearby stupid

stupefacient, stupefaction, stupefactive, stupefy, stupendous, stupid, stupidity, stupor, Sturbridge, sturdy, sturgeon Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021


What are other ways to say stupid?

The adjective stupid describes things characterized or proceeding from mental dullness. Do you know when to use stupid, fatuous, silly, inane, foolish, and asinine? Find out on

Words related to stupid

simple, irrelevant, naive, ludicrous, senseless, dumb, futile, ill-advised, laughable, foolish, trivial, dull, shortsighted, dummy, thick, rash, loser, unintelligent, brainless, dazed

How to use stupid in a sentence

  • If all “stupid grids” were replaced by smart grids, it would allow cities, for example, to manage production, storage, distribution and consumption of energy and to cut peaks in energy demand that would reduce CO2 emissions dramatically.

    Use today’s tech solutions to meet the climate crisis and do it profitably|Walter Thompson|February 12, 2021|TechCrunch

  • I’m just going to make this as completely stupid as I want to be.

    How Gideon the Ninth author Tamsyn Muir queers the space opera|Constance Grady|February 5, 2021|Vox

  • Her philosophy, onstage and off, is that not everybody is stupid, not only her views are right, and if we listen to those we disagree with instead of rolling our eyes, we might get somewhere.

    Sarah Silverman just wants to make things right|Geoff Edgers|February 4, 2021|Washington Post

  • What that story missed is that professional investors don’t underperform the market because they’re stupid.

    What happens after the GameStop bubble bursts?|Peter Kafka|February 2, 2021|Vox

  • Like, this thing will get published and then some Wyomingite will ride in on a horse and be all like, “Just kidding, we eat chicken wings at our Super Bowl parties, you stupid East Coast rube.”

    The 2021 Super Bowl food map is a deep dive into America’s weird culinary underbelly|Matt Bonesteel|February 2, 2021|Washington Post

  • Later, his turn as a lothario in the box office hit Crazy Stupid Love made him even more swoon-worthy.

    Rob Lowe: Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful|Tricia Romano|April 8, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Contrary to What Stupid Republicans Think… A completely different U.S. foreign policy may not be the answer.

    P.J. O’Rourke on Foreign Policy and France, Hold the Swiss|P. J. O’Rourke|January 17, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • As expected, initial reports were met with cries of “Stupid!”

    Will Valve’s New Steam Controller Revolutionize Video Game Play?|Alec Kubas-Meyer|September 27, 2013|DAILY BEAST

  • On Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who said Republicans are acting like the Stupid Party?

    Donald Trump, Still Wacky, Rips Republicans at CPAC|Lauren Ashburn|March 15, 2013|DAILY BEAST

  • They did not pander to social-conservative populists, and no one would accuse them of representing the Party of Stupid.

    GOP Needs More Northeast Republicans to Save the Party|John Avlon|January 30, 2013|DAILY BEAST

  • Stupid things puns—made one myself then, though—just like me.

    Frank Fairlegh|Frank E. Smedley

  • Stupid you were when you stole things out of my book—could you not guess that I might have read my own books?

    Creditors; Pariah|August Strindberg

  • Stupid you were when you thought yourself cleverer than me, and when you thought that I could be lured into becoming a thief.

    Creditors; Pariah|August Strindberg

  • Stupid you were when you thought balance could be restored by giving the world two thieves instead of one.

    Creditors; Pariah|August Strindberg

  • Stupid Polish Majesty has his natural envies, jealousies, of a Brandenburg waxing over his head at this rate.

    History of Friedrich II. of Prussia, Vol. XV. (of XXI.)|Thomas Carlyle

British Dictionary definitions for stupid


lacking in common sense, perception, or normal intelligence

(usually postpositive)stunned, dazed, or stupefiedstupid from lack of sleep

having dull mental responses; slow-witted

trivial, silly, or frivolous


informala stupid person

Derived forms of stupid

stupidly, adverbstupidness, noun

Word Origin for stupid

C16: from French stupide, from Latin stupidus silly, from stupēre to be amazed

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012


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