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Wacom Intuos 5 Pen Medium specifications

Brand Wacom
ModelIntuos 5 Pen Medium
Product Drawing Tablet
Language English
Connectivity technology Wired
Device interface USB
Working area x mm
Maximum working area (WxD) - mm
Maximum reading height 10 mm
Tablet input type Pen
Resolution lpi
Pen included
Wireless pen
Pressure levels
Accuracy pen mm
Pen report rate (points per second)
Ports & interfaces
Cable length 2 m
USB ports quantity 1


System requirements
USB required
Optical drive required
Minimum processor Intel
Compatible operating systems Windows XP SP3 (32/64bit), Vista SP2 (32/64bit),\n7 SP1 (32/64bit) +\nMac OS X +
Packaging content
Bundled software -
Cables included USB
Tablet stand
Quick start guide
Other features
Dimensions (WxDxH) x x mm
Tablet included
Format A5
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Wacom Intuos5 touch Medium

Reviews / Pen Tablets

Wacom Intuos5 touch Medium

Engadget Review

The Intuos5 gets high marks for its fresh design and on-screen reminders. We just wish the multitouch gestures were smoother.

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  • Great design and ergonomicsResponds well to pen inputOn-screen HUD for button remindersProgrammable ExpressKeys and Touch Ring


  • Touch gestures can be flakyNo bundle option with the wireless kit



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Key Specs


Digitizer, Capacitive




 points per second


Wired, Wireless

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    Wacom is the dominant name in the tablet market – not the touchy-swipey kind, but the pen-based input kind, devices that sit on your desk and serve as tools for pointing and clicking.

    The company has just announced a total refresh of its marquee Intuos line, its family of tablets made for professional designers, artists and anyone who uses digital production software.

    The big news is that with the Intuos5, Wacom's tablets now fully support multitouch finger gestures. So in addition to using the input stylus of yore, you can put down the pen and scroll, pinch-to-zoom, rotate and pan just like you would on the other kind of tablet, or on one of Apple's Magic Trackpads.

    The Intuos5 can handle all the standard Mac and Windows gestures out of the box, but it can also be programmed to support custom gestures. If you want to trick out Photoshop to run some automated action when you tap or swipe in a certain way, the sky's the limit.Intuos5 tablets come in three sizes: small ($), medium ($) and large ($). Each tablet comes with a comfortable Wacom input pen (no battery required), a pen holder that resembles an inkwell and holds extra pen nibs, and a USB cable to attach the tablet to your PC. Also available is a $40 wireless kit (a small USB receiver and a hour battery) that lets you run the Intuos5 free of cables.

    Wacom loaned me a medium-sized tablet to test for the month leading up to Thursday's launch. I can say that it's a significant improvement over the previous Intuos4 tablets, as well as a suitable upgrade for those who feel limited by the less-expensive, less-capable Bamboo tablets Wacom makes for consumers. However, while the pen-based input is crisper and more intuitive than ever, the multitouch features aren't quite as refined as those found on a glass interface like the Magic Trackpad or a smartphone's screen.

    New features are numerous. You get extremely precise and well-defined pen-based input with 2, levels of pressure sensitivity and up to 60 degrees of tilt recognition. You also get a set of eight programmable function keys along the edge of the tablet to modify your taps and drags, plus a circular touch-sensitive ring for scrolling. These function keys (called "ExpressKeys") have a new heads-up display that appears on screen when you hold your finger on of them for a second, sort of like a cheat sheet. It's helpful when you forget which ExpressKey is mapped to "shift" and which one is mapped to "command."

    Treating it as a mouse replacement in a standard desktop environment, it fares much better than the inexpensive ($80) Wacom Bamboo tablet I've been using for the past six months. But where the Intuos5 really shines is in the digital production setting. Inside Adobe Creative Suite, the ExpressKeys are suddenly able to modify brushes, and the toggle button inside the touch-sensitive ring transforms the whole circular assembly into a tool for quickly cycling through layers or tabs on a floating palette. The input pen is a marvel – the sensitivity and responsiveness when you're drawing with it are unmatched.

    The addition of multitouch support is also nice here. The Intuos5 can handle all the standard Mac and Windows gestures out of the box, but it can also be programmed to support custom gestures, handling up to five fingers. If you want to trick out Photoshop to run some automated action when you tap or swipe in a certain way, the sky's the limit.

    I stuck mostly with the standard gestures during my test, finding the most useful ones to be pinch-to-zoom (especially nice in Photoshop, Google Maps, and when reading PDFs) and swiping up and down to scroll. Basically, anything involving pinching or swiping was aces. But moving the cursor around on the screen using my finger instead of the pen wasn't as precise as I wanted it to be. Tap-to-click finger gestures were cumbersome – I often missed my target. Text selection, double-clicking, right-clicking and drag-and-drop actions were more problematic. One positive thing to note: touch input is disabled when the pen is in use, and the tablet never once got confused about which input method I wanted.

    Maybe I'm spoiled by the glass touch interfaces on my other devices, but I found the Wacom's matte black plastic surface to be less sensitive and responsive than I was expecting. I ended up keeping the input pen very close by whenever I switched to using my fingers.

    WIRED Addition of multitouch support makes Wacom's most popular input tablet even more capable. Ambidextrous design with the option to go wireless. New heads-up display on the ExpressKeys reminds you of your settings in an instant. All the settings and gestures are customizable. Pen is comfy.

    TIRED Touch features lack the accuracy and responsiveness of the input pen. Coated plastic surface doesn't come close to the feel of glass. Smoothness of gesture-based input is inconsistent.

    Update: This review was updated to add more details about the multitouch features.

    Sours: https://www.wired.com//03/wacom-intuos5/
    Wacom Intuos 5 Medium Touch Tablet Review


    Pros: Coming from a Genius F, this is gonna be fun First of all, I really like it. Wacom got the pen nib catching in corners problem solved fine. Rubber feeling of it is really nice and feels good. Lights on the active area is really good, but more to that. Touch buttons work good and the HUD that appears is quite nice, AND does not appear in livestreams nor videos I do sometimes, completely unexpected, but I really love that. Pen is the same, nothing difference about it really. Touch features are ok to say, but I prefer to keep them off when drawing or so, more on this. Do not have wireless module, so cannot comment on that, usb connection is meh though. Drivers are good and work fine.

    Cons: The fun part, but not bashing in total. I really wish it had a USB connection on both sides, it is irritating to route the cable the way I have to, as well i sometimes knock the cable attached to the tablet during strokes or so forth. If it was near the scroll wheel, would be better imo. But I can always buy the wireless module (isn't that expensive), so I am not really gonna QQ over that. Pen nib still gets eaten, just to forewarn on that part still. The feel is nice, but even at lowest pressure, it still grinds faster then I like. I use paper over my tablet, reduced it quite a bit "normal printer paper", still with paper fell without the grinding. Buttons on the side do not have lights, hard to see them in the dark, but finger feeling is there for a reason, so its user end on that. Cannot buy replacement surface films if yours wears down. You have to send for replacement. Be careful with the surface. All of the cons I think.

    Overall Review: Quite large to say, larger then I expected in compare to my Genius F They are almost the same size, yet different active area sizes. The touch gets annoying sometimes, esp if I am typing while the pen is in the holder, and accidentally touch the tablet, it click elsewhere Or sometimes the touch Gestures do not work like they should, could be driver, but not saying anything on that. In all, I really love it. But this is my first Intuos, and well thought I would get a Intuos 5 since they just had came out during my time of shopping for one. I do arm strokes for my sketches, so 8x6 was a must, 4x6 was just to small for that. If you have a Intuos 4 and it is still good and all, stick with it unless you REALLY want the touch features or wireless.

    Sours: https://www.newegg.com/wacom-pth/p/N82E

    Medium wacom intuos 5 touch


    You will get:

    • Pen
    • Pen Base
    • USB Cable
    • Wacom Tablet

    Getting started:

    1.) To properly use the Wacom tablet, you must first download the necessary drivers.  This can be done by visiting http://www.wacom.com/en/support/drivers. In the “tablet model” menu, select "Latest Driver for Intuos".

    2.) Click “run” and “accept” for the file to properly download.

    3.) Plug the USB provided in the box into your computer, and then plug into the right-hand side of the Wacom tablet.

    4.) The pen tool can be used to select, double click, right click, and erase using the buttons as follows:

    5.) This tablet can also be controled by touch:

    Your pointer finger can also be used in place of the pen as a selection tool.

    6.) Tapping with three fingers, as seen in the picture above, will display the radial menu, which give you these options:

    Radial menu options can be selected using either your pointer finger or the pen.

    7.) The buttons on the left-hand side of the tablet have the following functions:

    To move between the four option on the dial (auto scroll, circle layers, brush size, and rotate), press the center button. The light at each corner indicates which option is selected.


    Sours: https://researchguides.case.edu/devices/Wacom
    How to Set Up and Use a Wacom Tablet

    Wacom Intuos 5 Touch Medium Graphics Tablet Review


    Wacom Intuos5 Medium Graphics Tablet Pen Holder
    Recently we looked at the entry level Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen and Touch. For more advanced photographers, designers, illustrators, and even those who suffer from RSI, is the professional level Intuos 5 Pen and Touch Medium Graphics Tablet. The newest feature added to Wacom's popular Intuos line of graphics tablets is the ability to use hand gestures to control the computer.

    Wacom Intuos 5 Pen and Touch Features

    The Wacom tablet comes with five standard nibs, one flex, one stroke, and three felt nibs so that you can choose your favourite nib at the start. They are cleverly stored in the pen holder, which also contains a metal ring that is used for removing nibs from the pen.

    Wacom Intuos5 Medium Graphics Tablet Pen Nibs

    Key Features

    • Pessure sensitive grip pen, pressure-sensitive eraser
    • levels of pen pressure, with up to 60 degrees of pen tilt
    • Ergonomic design
    • Customisable expresskeys, 6 on small, 8 on larger versions
    • Expressview display (on screen)
    • Multi funtion touch ring
    • Multi touch surface
    • Active area: x mm
    • Overall size: xxmm
    • Available in small, medium, large
    • 2 year warranty
    • Wireless accessory kit available (same wirelss kit is used on the Bamboo and Intuos 5 making it easy to upgrade from the Bamboo to the Intuos 5 if wanted)
    The tablet includes: Various software titles including full versions of: Photoshop Elements 10, Autodesk Sketch Pad, Corel Painter Sketch Pad. (Choose and download one when you register the Wacom Product).

    System requirements: Internet connection fo software download, USB port, colour display, CD/DYD rom, PC: Windows 7 SP1, Windows Vista SP2, Windows XP SP3 or later, Macintosh: Max OS X or later, Intel processor.

    Wacom Intuos5 Medium Graphics Tablet Wireless Kit Installed
    Wacom Intuos 5 Medium Graphics Tablet Wireless Kit Installed

    Wireless Kit: This is an optional extra and includes a lithium ion battery, wireless transmitter and small wireless USB receiver this sits neatly in the tablet under removable covers.

    Wacom Intuos5 Medium Graphics Tablet Wireless Kit

    Wacom Intuos 5 Pen and Touch Handling

    Wacom Intuos5 Medium Graphics Tablet With Pen

    Tablet- The tablet features large rubber feet underneath to keep it securely in one place. The LCD display from the Intuos 4 has gone, and instead when you press any of the buttons, an overlay appears on screen giving you details of what each button does, as shown below:


    Touch- As this is a touch device as well, you can use the tablet with gestures. You just need to swipe a number of fingers across to perform certain functions, which can be customised, for example you can set four fingers up / down, as undo and redo. It also means you need to be aware that you can't leave your hand resting on it, as it will also control the mouse. Touch can be switched on/off so that you can rest your hand on the device if you want, and then use the pen only.

    Wacom Touch Settings

    ExpressKeys- These can be customised to anything you want, they can also be set to do different things in different applications. By default the top key is used to switch touch on and off. You can also add in your favourite applications in and customise these buttons to suit each application as desired.

    Wacom Button Settings

    Wacom Intuos 5 Pen and Touch Performance

    Here we've used the pen to retouch the original image to remove any blemishes such as stray hair, dust spots, or any skin imperfections and once this was done, we then used the pen to add additional colour highlights to the hair, as well as additional colour around the eyes. The use of the pen is much smoother than using a mouse and makes the process much quicker as it's not as painstaking as a mouse.

    Wacom Intuos 5 Sample Photos


    • Airbrushed / Retouched
    • Additional styling

    The pen gives you levels of pressure sensitivity, which is great, however I found that I have nowhere near that level of ability to control how hard I was pressing the pen, but it is good to know. If you're using Adobe Illustrator then this would be perfect for drawings and illustrations.

    The tablet takes up much more space than a normal mouse would in use, and there is quite a large border around the pressure sensitive area, however the additional control and benefits should outweigh the negatives, as long as you have enough desk space for it in addition to your mouse, as you may find that you still need to use your mouse at times - although with extended use it should be possible to move entirely to pen and touch use.

    Value For Money

    The tablet is available in three sizes, small with 6 express keys and the medium and larger versions have eight express keys, there is also a medium pen only version (without touch). The model reviewed here is available for £, which is very similar in price to the previous model, the Intuos 4. The wireless accessory kit is available for £35 (RRP).

    Wacom Intuos 5 Pen and Touch Verdict

    The Wacom Intuos 5 Pen and Touch feels like an excellent improvement over the Intuos 4 with improved handling and design. It feels more intuitive to use, and works extremely well. Using the graphics tablet with photo editing applications, such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro is extremely easy, as the software automatically recognises the pen and it can really speed up photo editing. If you've never tried a graphics tablet for photo work, but are beginning to see the benefits from using other touch enabled devices, then now is an excellent time to invest in one, and the Wacom Intuos 5 should make the transition smoother than ever.
     The Wacom Intuos 5 Pen and Touch makes an excellent product even easier to use.

    Wacom Intuos 5 Pen and Touch Pros

    2 year warranty
    Choice of nibs
    Customisable buttons
    Allows the use of Photoshop / other apps without the use of keyboards
    Clever touch gestures feature
    Feels good

    Wacom Intuos 5 Pen and Touch Cons

    Large border around working area

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    Wacom Intuos5 Pen & Touch Medium PTHEN reviews

    Dive into your digital image.
    Intuos5. The intuitive way to create. Redefined.

    The new Intuos5 may impress with sleek design but it diverts all attention to where creativity comes to life: on screen. Once again this pen tablet will redefine the way creatives work, allowing them to focus entirely on the job at hand.

    The Intuos5 is equipped with up to eight ExpressKeys which can be configured individually. Fitted with new haptics they enable you to &#;feel&#; the interaction with the computer application and allow you to work even more intuitively. But wait until you have tried the multifunctional Touch Ring – it&#;s incredibly easy and intuitive to use. It features four programmable functions for every application: for instance scrolling, zooming, brush size, canvas rotation or layer selection. As these can be tailored to your requirements work gets faster and more efficient. You only need to hover your finger over an ExpressKey to review the settings on screen via the Express View display. As a result distraction is minimised – and concentration on your creation maximised.

    But it doesn’t stop there, as the Intuos5 Grip Pen with 2, pressure levels opens new possibilities for accurate and artistic work. The four different nibs add to the pen-on-paper feel. Additional comfort is provided by the soft-touch surface of the pen tablet. An ergonomic wrist rest makes even longer sessions enjoyable – no matter if you&#;re left- or right-handed.

    Also, the radial menu cuts production time for retouching and design through structured and fast access to shortcuts.

    Aside from many new technical innovations the Intuos5 offers even more freedom through the optional Wireless Accessory Kit. So, if you are looking for more efficiency, productivity and precision the new Intuos5 is just the right tool for you.

    Intuos5 – for the best creatives in the world.

    Key features

    Focus on your work with the revolutionary Express View display on-screen
    Gain new freedom via the optional wireless accessory kit
    Deliberate ergonomics: the new soft-touch surface designed for maximum comfort
    Highest pen precision: 2, levels of pressure sensitivity and pen tilt for a real pen-on-paper feel
    Intuitive: up to 8 individually configurable ExpressKeys with new surface feel
    Efficient: multifunctional Touch Ring with 4 freely programmable functions per application
    Proven Intuos technology for maximum productivity
    Pressure-sensitive grip pen

    Reproduce the experience and artistic control of traditional brushes and markers at 2, pressure levels.

    Multi-touch surface
    Rotate, pan, scroll, zoom, flick, navigate at the touch of your fingers.

    Customisable ExpressKeys™

    Speed up your workflow using application-specific shortcuts and functions.

    ExpressView display

    Stay focused on your creation. Easily access and view all settings on your monitor.

    Multi function touch ring

    Control up to four user-defined functions such as scrolling, zooming, brush size, canvas rotation or layer selection.

    Wireless accessory kit available

    Just plug in your optional kit for wireless connectivity and enjoy total freedom. Not included in this item.

    The size of the Intuos5 M pen tablet marks the most versatile choice among many serious creatives, since it is sufficiently large to be suitable for large monitor or dual-monitor environments, yet still compact enough, so it doesn&#;t take up too much space on the desktop.

    Sours: https://www.reevoo.com/p/wacom-intuos5-pen-touch-medium-pthen

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