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AIWB / IWB Light Bearing

  • Great product5 Star Review

    Posted by David Noble on Oct 14th

    Love new holster. Fit my p80 with olight perfect. Not uncomfortable to wear either.

  • Great quality holster5 Star Review

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 7th

    I saw an review on YouTube for this manufacturer of holsters
    And decided to give them a try . Happy to say I was Not disappointed, the holster is made very well , ordering was extremely easy, and I received the holster relatively quickly considering it’s a hand made holster . Very happy with my purchase and wouldn’t hesitate to buy from knight fall .

  • Best holster I’ve owned 5 Star Review

    Posted by Andres on Sep 15th

    It&#;s nice I&#;m telling you. Even with the light and red dot it&#;s the most comfortable IWB holster I ever owned. Thank you!

  • Great Holster and well made for the options and price5 Star Review

    Posted by Aidan on Aug 27th

    Holster has been great and carries my P80 with TLR-1 well. the positions of the loops could be better but not a deal breaker. Overall a great product that works well and is well made despite that small flaw. Its comfortable, easily adjustable draw, and has a lot of customizations options.

  • Fantastic P80 Holster! 5 Star Review

    Posted by Philip Williams on Aug 17th

    Wanted to take some time with the holster before writing a review, and I can honestly say that this is a fantastic product. Conceals very well, is modifiable for comfort, and hasn&#;t come loose or un-clipped from my belt once. Drawing from the holster is also more straightforward than other holsters I&#;ve used. I was also very impressed by Knightfall&#;s attention to the customer, and have zero complaints about the whole process. Will probably buy some more holsters for other handguns.

  • Conceals perfectly! 5 Star Review

    Posted by Chris on Jul 30th

    I ride this holster with the M&P compact with the TLR7a and it conceals like a dream. It’s comfortable for being an IWB and I think the holster looks slick too (I got black carbon fiber).

  • Good product but please introduce an FFXI themed holster5 Star Review

    Posted by Jeffrey Crow on Jul 24th

    Please introduce an FFXI holster theme; if you do, I will use my social networking, which is far and wide, to advertise your holsters (a simple final fantasy xi branding would do!)

  • Glock 34+tlr1 concealable?5 Star Review

    Posted by Brody on Jul 12th

    Fourth holster ordered from here, and they do not disappoint. Got this for my glock 34, which lives as my competition gun, but this holster makes it disappear almost as well as a glock Just add a wedge and a paint job, and you&#;re ready to rock. The wing really helps hide the grip. Only downside would be the lightbearing holster doesn&#;t allow as protected of a trigger as a non light bearing holster.

  • Compact, Comfortable5 Star Review

    Posted by Mickey on Jun 29th

    Super comfortable, conceals well and stays put with the belt-wing. Very quick production time as well for a somewhat oddball combo Gun/light.

  • just what I wanted5 Star Review

    Posted by C on May 30th

    Really good fit and shipped fast. Glad Knightfall was recommended to me.

  • Sours:

    Product Description

    Check Out All of Our Color Options Here.

    All Light Bearing Holsters ship in days.

    This is it. Good light bearing holsters are difficult to come by, and so many have exorbitant lead times. Not here! We've worked hard to get a fine tuned process and product that will exceed your expectations, and get delivered to your door in days, not weeks or months.

    We're always working on adding new models! If you don't see your light/gun combo here, feel free to shoot us a message with what you have and we'll let you know if that one is coming up soon.

    • Made with high quality components, meant to last a lifetime
    • Adjustable retention so you can get the perfect fit
    • Adjustable cant to 0 and 15 degrees
    • Thick Kydex material that is strong, durable, and molded specifically for your weapon; providing a consistently smooth draw
    • Fully covers trigger and backside of gun, providing safety and protection from sweat
    • Great for appendix, hip, side, and back carry.
    • Slim, compact design allows for highest level of concealment
    • year guarantee against all manufacturer defects

    And of course, made here in the USA.

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    % Sourced & Manufactured In The U.S.A Mod Wing

    Feel free to contact us with any questions!

    This IWB Kydex holster is custom made with a precision vacuum form press for a perfect fit every time. This process ensures a functional, reliable and safe holster that has superior definition and utility. It comes compatible with several belt attachment systems that can be adjusted from zero digress to twenty digress and is ride height adjustable to make it's comfortable and fully accessible in any carry position. It features a highly adjustable retention system to adjust how much force it takes to remove the firearm from the holster. it's slim design has no sharp corners or edges to ensure the highest level of comfort while carrying. This holster will, without a doubt become the best friend to your E.D.C weapon of choice.


    Made with KYDEX® a thermoplastic that is fire retardant with significantly high impact strength and extensibility. KYDEX® is less hygroscopic, offering more uniform forming with less wall thinning and substantially high resistance to a broad range of corrosive chemicals.


    The ModWing is a stand alone piece of concealment-enhansing hardware. It allows a user’s belt to apply additional leverage by rotating the holster and the grip of the gun towards the user’s body, creating better concealment and less user “printing” of the firearm. 


    - Gen. 3 Glocks

    - Gen. 4 Glocks

    - Gen. 5 Glocks

    - Undercut trigger guards

    - Extended slide locks

    - Suppressor height sights

    Any MRS & RMR systems




    TLR-1 & X Holster are always open bottom 



    ***Custom Colors And Prints Available*** 


    53 Reviews

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    • Ben Skibinski - May 14th

      Unbeatable value

      IŠ—Ève had my holster for approximately a month now and was carrying a Glock 23/tlr 7 combo In it and love it so far. Will be carrying my new Glock 45/tlr 7 in it now. You cannot beat the price point these holsters are at and the quality of them. I have a $75 light bearing kydex holster from another manufacturer for my hk Vp9sk with olight and there is nothing more special about that holster compared to my $39 setup from Davis Tactical.

    • Whisky Joe - May 14th

      New Standard

      Great product, crazy value, super fast shipping. A++++

    53 Reviews

    • Ben Skibinski - May 14th

      Unbeatable value

      IŠ—Ève had my holster for approximately a month now and was carrying a Glock 23/tlr 7 combo In it and love it so far. Will be carrying my new Glock 45/tlr 7 in it now. You cannot beat the price point these holsters are at and the quality of them. I have a $75 light bearing kydex holster from another manufacturer for my hk Vp9sk with olight and there is nothing more special about that holster compared to my $39 setup from Davis Tactical.

    • Whisky Joe - May 14th

      New Standard

      Great product, crazy value, super fast shipping. A++++

    • Zack - May 14th

      Excellent quality

      This is my second holster from Davis Tactical, another 5 star holster. Great quality at an unbeatable price. Had the holster about 3 days after I ordered which is incredible for a custom holster. Trent is always great to deal with, if you are on the fence about buying this holster I highly recommend it. We all have a box or drawer full of old holsters we don&#;t use and I wish I found these earlier to save myself the time and money try out other brands. I recommend these holsters to everyone I know, and I&#;m glad to see them adding more options.

    • Ben Skibinski - May 14th

      Not disappointed

      My second purchase from Davis Tactical was just as smooth as the first. Awesome product at an awesome value. Went with the multi-cam this time and love the look of it. Gun fits nice inside and is easy to adjust the tension.

    • Jeffrey Allen - May 14th

      Only Davis

      This has been the best most comfortably holsers i have had. Also best priced , love the rolled ends great attention to detail .

    • A.S - May 14th

      Exceptional Quality

      I am very pleased with every aspect of the holster and really appreciate the last minute changes Davis Tactical did for me.

    • Jerry D - May 14th

      I&#;m blown away

      Ordered my G MOS light bearing holster a few days ago. IŠ—Èm blown away with processing time, quality of the holster and overall great experience with Davis Tactical. The fit is awesome, great retention and attention to detail. CanŠ—Èt wait to start carrying. Just wanted to let you know how utterly impressed I am. While definitely be referring friends!

    • Jim - May 14th

      Thank you!!

      Thank you on your exceptional service with my order, I am thrilled with the product now that I have it on my person. Fit and finish are exceptional and the optional claw is doing the job flawlessly. I look forward to purchasing from you in the future.

    • Al - May 14th

      The comfort holster

      The Glock 19 holster with claw is the most comfortable holster I own and is now my EDC. IŠ—Ève spent a fortune on holsters that cost over twice as much and they now sit in my unused bucket. Do yourself a favor and try one. The price is outstanding and the quality is as good as youŠ—Èll get anywhere.

    • Tony C - May 14th

      Unbelievable Value!

      I&#;ve had some time to use the holster and mag carrier and I couldn&#;t come up with negative criticism if I tried. Literally flawless, the fit and finish is comparable to holsters that cost me literally double.

    Best Kydex Thickness for IWB /AIWB Holsters? (.060, .080, .093, .125 Comparison)

    Light Bearing (IWB)

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    • 5
      Light Bearing IWB For Walther PPQ M2

      Posted by Charlton Benson on Oct 19th

      I was blown away by how fast this was delivered. Original email said delivery on Monday, instead it came Fridaybefore Monday in under 1 week from placing the original order. Craftsmanship and quality of Kydex was great. Only complaint was I ordered full slide coverage, which was fine, but the back sight got hung up at the end as it was too tight. I heated it up a little, slightly compressed from the top, and it goes in perfect now. Otherwise this holster is great. Excellent retention for a light bearing holster. Although tested empty of rounds with a clip in the Walther PPQ M2 it passed the upside down shake test very well. ANDthere are complaints with a lot of light bearing holsters about being able to slip a finger into the trigger guard. Not a problem with this holster, nice and tight. Draw from the holster (w/o Ulti-clip) at o&#;clock is very smooth. I give this product and Huckleberry 5 stars. However, I ordered the Ulti-Clip XL and I give it 1 star. I carry at o&#;clock and this thing will get you killed in a gun fight. Hangs my shirt every pull to draw. Might be fine for appendix carry, which unfortunately my body doesn&#;t do well with. I tore a hole in a t-shirt and ripped a regular shirt trying out the o&#;clock draw. Also, it takes something metal to open it as it is so tight after closing. Not necessarily bad, especially if one were to wear it on shorts w/o a belt in appendix. Do not recommend the Ulti-clip for side draw. I was able to use a clip off of another holster to make it work. Bottom line is company and holster itself were great. I am confident if I had complained about the rear sight catch the owner would have brought it back and fixed it. I do a ton of plastic molding on Kayaks and was not hesitant to know I could carefully heat up the end and fix that myself in a timely manner. Would have ordered something else with the clip had I known. Maybe I can use it on shorts in the summer where I don&#;t wear a belt as long as I keep in mind I need to do an extra wide sweep to clear the shirt and pray I don&#;t need a fast draw at the time. Would definitely order from Huckleberry Tactical again.

    • 5
      Light Bearing (IWB)

      Posted by Simon Atkinson on Sep 18th

      Billy at Huckleberry Tactical, his customer service is the best I have ever experienced! The holsters are by far the most comfortable and functional I&#;ve ever used. I have purchased many holsters from Huckleberry Tactical and will continue to do so. Customer for life!

    • 5
      Super comfortable, great quality

      Posted by Kevin Gilley on Sep 11th

      Order was received way faster than expected. Took less than a week from the time I ordered to have it at my door. Quality seems to be great, and coming from an alien gear iwb holster, this thing is 10x more comfortable. Can hardly tell I’m even carrying with this holster and with the claw it conceals great!

    • 5
      Best IWB Holster

      Posted by Wyat on Aug 28th

      This thing is amazing. Fits my weapon perfectly with the right amount of retention. The ulti clip is perfect. Super tight fit even without a belt. This is my second holster from Huckleberry and I’m going to be a lifelong customer.

    • 5

      Posted by Jason Murray on Aug 23rd

      Better than expected!

    • 5
      Light bearing holster

      Posted by Nicholas Baker on Aug 10th

      Absolutely love the color.

    • 5
      Great build quality and fantastic shipping time

      Posted by Jesse Akers on Aug 4th

      I was expecting a delay of at least a couple of weeks for a custom holster, but it was to my door in a couple of days instead. Fit, finish, and quality are top notch. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

    • 5
      Just what I was looking for

      Posted by Bret Whitmire on Aug 3rd

      This holster was exactly what I was looking for. It fits like a glove on my pistol with its laser/light attachment. Am very happy with my purchase.


    Holster bearing best light iwb

    Inside the Waistband (IWB) Light Bearing Kydex Holster

    (Please go here if you are wanting a Non-Light Bearing IWB Holster: IWB Non-Light Bearing Holster)

    Our IWB Light Bearing Kydex holster has been fine tuned after 8 years of experience and feedback from our Law Enforcement, Military and Concealed Carry customers. We believe you will see the craftsmanship that has gone into each handmade product.  No compromises and no shortcuts were made.  We want this product to last you a lifetime and back that up with a lifetime warranty.

    Our IWB Holster features:

    • Adjustable Retention

    • Cant is adjustable between straight drop and 10/15 degrees forward. 

    • Magazine release is blocked out on most guns to prevent accidental release of the mag.

    • Anti-print wing moves the grip in closer to the body and can be removed.

    Large array of Kydex colors, prints and fabrics.  We offer Multicam, Kryptek and ATACS in fabrics just to name a few. Check out here for examples: Colors/Fabrics

    For more photos of our work please visit our Instagram page -> CrankyTexan's Holsters & MFG

     To view Belt Clip options or to place an order for extra belt clips please visit: Belt Clip Types

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    Werkz M6 IWB Holster for Pistols with Lights

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