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PlayStation Move

Motion game controller by Sony Computer Entertainment

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PlayStation Move Motion Controller

A PlayStation Move controller

ManufacturerSony Computer Entertainment
TypeMotion controller (Video game controller)
GenerationSeventh, eighth, and ninth generation era
Units shipped15 million (as of November 11, )[5]
InputMotion controller:
  • Motion sensing
    (three-axis accelerometer, three-axis angular rate sensor)
  • Location tracking
    (magnetometer, object recognition (via PlayStation Eye or PlayStation Camera))
  • 1 Analog trigger
  • 8 buttons
    (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square, Start, Select, Home, Move)

Navigation controller:

ConnectivityBluetooth, USB
PowerLithium-ion battery

PlayStation Move (プレイステーションムーヴ, PureiSutēshon Mūvu) is a motiongame controller developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. Initially released in for use with the PlayStation 3video game console, its compatibility was later expanded to its successor, the PlayStation 4, in , its PlayStation VR platform in and the PlayStation 5 in Conceptually similar to Nintendo's Wii Remote and Microsoft's Kinect, its function is based around controller input in games stemming from the actual physical movement of the player. The Move uses inertial sensors in the wand to detect motion while the wand's position is tracked using a PlayStation Eye or PlayStation Camera. The device was generally well received by critics, but has not quite met Sony's goals for integration into the market.


As with the standard PlayStation 3 wireless controllers (Sixaxis, DualShock 3), both the main PlayStation Move motion controller and the PlayStation Move navigation controller use Bluetooth&#; and an internal lithium-ion battery[6] charged via a USB Mini-B port on the controller.[7] On the PlayStation 3, up to four Move controllers can be used at once[8] (four Move motion controllers,[9] or two Move motion controllers and two Move navigation controllers[10]).

Motion controller[edit]

The primary component of PlayStation Move, the PlayStation Move motion controller, is a wand controller which allows the user to interact with the console through motion and position in front of a PlayStation camera.[4] It functions similarly to the Wii Remote.

The PlayStation Move features a variety of internal sensors to gauge orientation.

The PlayStation Move motion controller features an orb at the head which can glow in any of a full range of colors using RGBlight-emitting diodes (LEDs).[11] Based on the colors in the user environment captured by the camera, the system dynamically selects an orb color that can be distinguished from the rest of the scene. The colored light serves as an active marker, the position of which can be tracked along the image plane by the camera.[12][13] The uniform spherical shape and known size of the light also allows the system to simply determine the controller's distance from the camera through the light's image size, thus enabling the controller's position to be tracked in three dimensions[13][14] with high precision and accuracy.[fn 1] The simple sphere-based distance calculation allows the controller to operate with minimal processing latency,[17] as opposed to other camera-based control techniques on the PlayStation 3.[18][fn 2]

A pair of inertial sensors inside the controller, a three-axis linear accelerometer and a three-axis angular rate sensor, are used to track rotation as well as overall motion.[12][15] An internal magnetometer is also used for calibrating the controller's orientation against the Earth's magnetic field to help correct against cumulative error (drift) by the inertial sensors.[19] In addition, an internal temperature sensor is used to adjust the inertial sensor readings against temperature effects.[20] The inertial sensors can be used for dead reckoning in cases which the camera tracking is insufficient, such as when the controller is obscured behind the player's back.[11]

The controller face features a large oblong primary button (Move),[21] surrounded by small action buttons (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square), and with a regular-sized PS button beneath, arranged in a similar configuration as on the Blu-ray Disc Remote Control. On the left and right side of the controller is a Select and Start button, respectively. On the underside is an analog trigger (T).[11] On the tail end of the controller is the wrist strap, USB port, and extension port.[22]

The motion controller features vibration-based haptic technology.[11] In addition to providing a tracking reference, the controller's orb light can be used to provide visual feedback,[11] simulating aesthetic effects such as the muzzle flash of a gun or the paint on a brush.[23]

Using different orb colors for each controller,[11] up to four motion controllers can be tracked at once on the PlayStation 3.[23] Demonstrations for the controller have featured activities using a single motion controller, as well as those in which the user wields two motion controllers, with one in each hand.[12][24] To minimize the cost of entry, Sony stated that all launch titles for PlayStation Move would be playable[needs update] with one motion controller, with enhanced options available for multiple motion controllers.[25]

On the PlayStation 3, image processing for PlayStation Move is performed in the console's Cell microprocessor.[17] According to Sony, use of the motion-tracking library entails some Synergistic Processing Unit (SPU) overhead as well an impact on memory, though the company states that the effects will be minimized.[26] According to Move motion controller co-designer Anton Mikhailov, the library uses megabytes of system memory.[17]

Navigation controller[edit]

PlayStation Move navigation controller

The PlayStation Move navigation controller is a one-handed supplementary controller designed for use in conjunction with the PlayStation Move motion controller for certain types of gameplay, similar to Nintendo Wii Nunchuk, although it lacks motion-sensing technology, as dual-wield, independent two-handed motion control is implemented with the use of another Move Controller. Replicating the major functionality of the left side of a standard PlayStation 3 gamepad, the PlayStation Move navigation controller features a left analog stick (with L3 button function), a D-pad, L1 button and L2 analog trigger.[7] The navigation controller also features Cross and Circle action buttons, as well as a PS button. Since all controls correspond to those of a standard PlayStation 3 gamepad, a Sixaxis or DualShock 3 controller can be used in place of the navigation controller in PlayStation Move applications.[19]


A number of additional accessories have also been released for use in conjunction with the PlayStation Move controllers.

  • PlayStation Move charging station could charge up any combination of two Move controllers.[27]
  • PlayStation Move shooting attachment adapts the Move controllers into a handgun form. The motion controller is fitted into the gun barrel so that the motion controller's T trigger is interlocked with the trigger on the gun attachment,[27] while leaving all the topmost buttons accessible through an opening in the top. Its functions are similar to the Wii Zapper.
  • PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter attachment adapts both Move controllers into a submachine gun form, which features an adjustable shoulder support.[28] The motion controller is fitted into the gun barrel, while the navigation controller is clipped into a holder below this gun barrel. This accessory also adds several buttons to the controller. Several games, including Killzone 3, Dead Space: Extraction, SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs and Resistance 3.,[29][30][31] officially support this peripheral.
  • The PlayStation Move Racing Wheel allows players to simulate driving in video games. The accessory features vibration feedback, paddle-style gear shifters and twist throttle controls. It supports games like LittleBigPlanet Karting, Gran Turismo 5, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Burnout Paradise, and MotorStorm: Apocalypse.[32][33][34]

Bundle packages[edit]

The PS Move Sharp Shooter, a controller holder shaped like an assault riflethat was commonly sold in a bundle with PS Move controllers, PS Eye and the games Killzone 3and Resistance 3.

In addition to selling the controllers individually, Sony also provides several different bundle options for PlayStation Move hardware such as: software/camera bundles with a PlayStation Eye, a Move motion controller and motion-control enabled software; console bundles which include a PS3 console, DualShock 3 controller, PlayStation Eye, and Move motion controller; and bundles with a Move motion controller with select games.[35]

Though the games with the bundles vary in each region, most bundles come with the PlayStation Move Demo Disc which contains demos for eleven different games. The bundles in Europe and Oceania however, come with the PlayStation Move Starter Disc with a setup tutorial and nine demos (same as the Demo Disc, except without Kung Fu Rider and Time Crisis). The demos included are for the games Beat Sketcher, Echochrome II, EyePet, Kung Fu Rider, Sports Champions, Start the Party!, The Shoot, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, Time Crisis: Razing Storm, Tumble, and TV Superstars.[36]

In North America, bundles are available with the game Sports Champions[37] or the PlayStation Move edition of EyePet.[38] In Japan, bundles with Beat Sketch!, Biohazard 5 Alternative Edition, or Big 3 Gun Shooting are available.[39] All bundles, as well as the stand-alone controller will also include the demo disk for a limited time.[39] In Europe, a bundle will be released with a demo disc.[40] In Asian countries outside Japan such as Singapore, the bundles are available with the games Sports Champions, Start the Party!, and Kung Fu Rider.[41]


PlayStation Move stems from early work on the EyeToy,[42] a webcam-based controller for the PlayStation 2 conceived in and released in Early in the EyeToy's inception, developers experimented with color-based 3D wand tracking,[43] including prototypes using spheres.[fn 3] By the time it was released, the EyeToy's focus was on hands-free applications. With the emergence of affordable inertial sensors and the success of the Wii Remote motion controller wand,[45] in Sony began work on productizing its own motion controller wand, revisiting the sphere-tracking concept for use with the PlayStation Eye, integrating inertial sensors, and refining the device from an engineering and a design perspective.[15] The Move's internal development codename was the "Y-con", so called because three groups — the hardware team in SCEI in Japan, the software engineering team at SCEA, and Sony's Worldwide Studios — worked together to develop the hardware, with the three points of a "Y" indicating the three teams coming together. This was the start of a new form of development at Sony, where hardware had previously been developed separately from software teams and later delivered along with technical documentation for software teams to get to grips with themselves; this move was continued with the development of the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4.[46]

The motion controller was revealed at Sony's E3 press conference on 2 June , with a live demonstration using an engineering prototype.[47] Tentatively referred to as the PlayStation Motion Controller, the device was originally stated to be available in Q1/Q2 As of August , the controller features and design had not been finalized.[25]

Soon after revealing the motion controller to developers, Sony indicated that it was exploring the possibility of using the motion controller in combination with a standard PlayStation 3 gamepad, such as having the player use "the motion controller as a sword and use DualShock 3 as a shield."[26][fn 4] One combination control scheme was demonstrated in September at the Tokyo Game Show for Biohazard 5: Alternative Edition, making particular use of the DualShock 3's analog stick. Although users found the setup to work well, some found holding a DualShock with one hand to be somewhat awkward.[49][50] At the time Sony was already rumored to be in the design phase of a supplementary controller akin to that of the Nunchuk controller for the Wii Remote.[51]

In January , Sony announced a revised release target, stating instead that the motion controller would launch in Q3/Q4 of [52] On March 10, Sony revealed the official name and logo at the Game Developers Conference, showcasing the final motion controller design, and unveiling the PlayStation Move navigation controller (then referred to as the PlayStation Move sub-controller[53]), to be launched concurrently with the motion controller.[19] The logo is a colored squiggle-like shape, representing a light trail from the sphere of a PlayStation Move motion controller being waved.[54] Newly revealed in the final motion controller was the inclusion of an internal magnetometer.


Prior to the Game Developers Conference , the PlayStation Move motion controller was known by several names. Initially given little guidance on what to call the device when it was unveiled in June , many in the video game press informally referred to the controller as the "magic wand", or simply "Wand" due to the controller's wand design and glowing orb.[55][56][57][58][59][60] Sony had used the term "PlayStation Motion Controller" from the motion controller's introduction,[24] but many perceived it to be used merely as a description. Sony gradually clarified "Motion Controller" as the tentative name,[61] but by this time media attention had shifted to rumored final names. In September , statements in two unconnected interviews at the Tokyo Game Show led to speculation that the controller may be referred to by developers as the "Sphere".[62][63] In December, a brief reference to the motion controller as "Gem" by Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello during a media industry conference presentation[64] prompted an admission by Sony that "Gem" was an early code name for the controller.[65]

In January , video game blog VG reported that Sony had named its PS3 motion control platform "Arc".[66] The name was observed to liken the controller's glowing orb to the charged sphere of a Tesla coil or a plasma globe electrode.[67] The report was supported by evidence emerging in the following weeks, including a registration of the domain name to SCE dated October (shortly after the Tokyo Game Show)[68] and numerous references to "Arc" by president Brian Farrell of video game publisher THQ during the company's February earnings conference call.[69] Responding to speculation that Farrell's statements effectively confirmed the name,[70] SCEA senior director of corporate communications Patrick Seybold stated that they did not, and that Farrell was referring to "Arc" as a "rumored code name."[71]

On March 1, it was reported that Sony submitted Japanese trademark application filing for "PlayStation Arc".[72] A week later on March 8, Sony was reportedly considering a hasty renaming due to a trademark held by competitor Microsoft for its Arc-brand PC accessories, which could present trademark conflicts.[73] On March 9, Sony submitted a European trademark filing for "PlayStation Move",[74] which was announced as the official name the next day at Sony's press conference at the Game Developers Conference.[19] Video gaming blog Joystiq reports several anonymous Sony sources claiming that the PlayStation Move logo presented at the conference resembles a letter "A" because it is the same design for when the name was "PlayStation Arc", in which the "A" would stand for "Arc".[75]


As part of the promotional marketing for Sorcery, the PlayStation Move controller was inducted into The Magic Circle museum by Vice President Scott Penrose.[citation needed]

Recreational therapy[edit]

PlayStation Move is now being actively used in recreational therapy on children that suffer from obesity. The Move creates a challenging physical environment for the children. In one study, recreational therapists utilized PlayStation Move Fitness. The children chose which activity to do and then, they engaged for a period of approximately 30 minutes. The recreational therapists monitored the children. These programs have shown to:

  • Lower BMI and weight.
  • Improve cardiovascular endurance.
  • Lead to healthier choices in recreation activities.
  • Improve self-esteem.
  • Identify the importance of exercise.[76]


Alongside SIE Worldwide Studios and its second-party partners, a total of 36 third-party game development companies had confirmed that they would support the PlayStation Move by the time the finalized controller was announced in March [19] On the box art of PlayStation Move games, underneath the PlayStation 3 logo banner, a blue bar with white letters indicates when a game supports the PlayStation Move. When a game can only be played with the PlayStation Move, the box art carries a "PlayStation Move Required" label. When a game supports traditional Sixaxis/DualShock 3 controls and PlayStation Move controls it carries a "PlayStation Move Features" (or "PlayStation Move Compatible") label.[77]


Critical reception[edit]

The PlayStation Move has been generally well received. Game Informer gave it an 8 out of 10, saying, "The PlayStation Eye and motion controller are a killer combination for accurate and highly responsive motion-based gameplay, and we applaud Sony for getting the hardware right the first time."[78]Kotaku praised its accuracy, design, use of augmented reality and said, "The Playstation Move is a intuitive, natural feeling way to play games and it brings with it not only a sense of increased immersion to already graphically immersive games, but a new way to play with your reality and a refreshing form of colorful feedback."[79]IGN gave the Move an out of 10, noting that the launch line-up of games for the controller was insufficient though it summarized by saying, "At the end of the day, the PlayStation Move has the potential to be the best motion control system on the current crop of consoles."[80]Joystiq praised the Move, saying, "The hardware's great, and I can see it being used in a multitude of really cool ways, but of course it's only as cool as the games that use it" and that the launch line-up was not worth the purchase, though it believed that the Move would be worth the purchase in early due to a stronger line-up of games such as SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs and Killzone 3.[81]CVG gave the Move an extremely positive review and awarded it 9 out of 10, saying, "Sony's motion control gets beyond being a gimmick. We found ourselves constantly itching for 'one more go'."[82]The Guardian strongly criticized the Move's launch line-up, though it noted that the hardware was strong and that after playing with the Move it was "very hard to go back to the relative inaccuracy of the Wii".[83]

The PlayStation Move won the Popular Science award for the "Most immersive game controller".[84]


In October , the PlayStation Move had shipped around million units in Europe and 1 million units in North America during its first month of release,[85] figures that Sony felt were selling "extremely well" at the time.[86] On 30 November , it was announced that million units had been shipped worldwide in the first two months since its release.[87] By June , at E3 , Sony announced that the PlayStation Move had sold million units.[88] By November , this figure had grown to 15 million.[5]

In March Fergal Gara of Sony UK spoke to Official PlayStation Magazine UK to acknowledge that, the device had not lived up to their expectations, in either their target audience or the software support that had been provided for it.[89]

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  89. ^"Sony boss on Move: "We could have done a better job" | PS3 News | Official PlayStation Magazine". Official PlayStation Magazine (UK). Future Publishing ltd. 8 March Archived from the original on 9 March Retrieved 27 May

External links[edit]


3dRudder For PlayStation VR: Maximize Your VR Experience in PSVR Games

Discover full, intuitive and precise motion control at the feet in already more than 40 PS VR games with the revolutionary 3dRudder foot motion controller for PlayStation VR, on your PS4 or PS5. Move forward, backward, strafe, turn, or move up & down. Speed up, slow down, stop exactly where you chose to. Achieve in seconds impossible movements like orbiting a target while shooting at it. And notice how after just a few minutes, locomotion at the feet in VR becomes second nature. Holding the PlayStation Move controllers or the PlayStation Aim controller, your hands finally focus solely on the action for a game-changing VR experience.

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Move with your feet. Multiply the action.

The 3dRudder for PlayStation VR is a game-changer. Full freedom of movement. Hands-free for action. A sheer VR experience.

To everyone that&#;s saying &#;just put thumb sticks on the move controller&#;, [&#;] this isn&#;t just a workaround either, having your feet do the movement work feels natural after a while and it frees your thumbs up for more button pressing ergo more control (more so in games that let you remap the button layout) and you can ruin people using standard controls in competitive games like Space Junkies. [&#;] These guys [&#;] have done a great job the thing works perfectly.

Adam K. &#; comment to the 3dRudder for PlayStation trailer on the 3dRudder Facebook page

Girl playing a PSVR games with a 3dRudder foot controller and a PlayStation Aim controller

Take your PlayStation VR experience to a whole new level

Discover the power of your feet

It takes only a few seconds to learn how to use the 3dRudder. After about 20 to 30 minutes of playing, you&#;ll just totally forget about it. Moving with the feet in VR will have become second nature as it is in real life.

Move in VR with incredible precision and intuition

Your 3dRudder grants you full motion control: speed-up, slow down, stop exactly where you choose to. Your feet are surprisingly good at moving you. You don&#;t think movement anymore. They just take you where you need to go.

Free up your hands of motion

Your hands can finally focus on shooting, looting, hitting&#; You are fully immersed in a fuller, enhanced, thrilling virtual experience.

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Already more than 40 compatible games

See the full list here

Full compatibility with the PlayStation VR system

PlayStation VR with all its accessories
The 3dRudder is compatible with all PlayStation VR controllers and accessories. The 3dRudder offers a seamless way to play with the Move Motion controllers, the Aim controller, and the Dualshock depending on the gameplay.

3dRudder PSVR Motion Controller Review:
Move In VR With Your Feet
by Shugghead Gaming

&#;No longer was I tied to the rigid constraints of walk or run, as I now had complete control of my movements as I eased the rudder forward.&#;

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The 3dRudder Ground Gripper for more stability and control

Some players, because of the intensity of their gaming style or of the type of floor they play on, will need the 3dRudder Ground Gripper. This add-on is designed to offer a perfect stability of the 3dRudder, no matter the type of floor and the way you play, while offering the exact same freedom of movement. The Ground Gripper will maximize your 3dRudder experience.

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The 3dRudder also works with some standard PlayStation games

Want to increase your control options in Fortnite (PS4 only for the time being)? Use the 3dRudder at the feet to move your character, change weapons, change tools, drive vehicles&#; A growing number of standard games are integrating the 3dRudder and start offering additional control schemes with it.


Experience total motion control in already more than 40 PlayStation VR compatible games, and also in a few standard PlayStation games, including Fortnite.

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How to Fix Issues with the PlayStation Move on a PS4

Authored by: Tech Pro Team
This Guided Path® was written and reviewed by’s Tech Pro team. With decades of experience, our Tech Pros are passionate about making technology work for you. We love feedback! Let us know what you think about this Guided Path® by rating it at the end.


Your PlayStation Move controllers are your gateway to immersive game-play, especially with VR-enabled games. When they won't quite respond properly, it can become frustrating quickly, especially when all you want to do is play.

This guide will walk you through the basic steps to get your PlayStation Move controllers functioning correctly again.

PlayStaion Move controllers.

1 Check Connection

The PlayStation Move requires a PlayStation Camera to function.

You must use a PlayStation Camera designed for the PlayStation 4.

You cannot use the PlayStation Move camera designed for the PlayStation 3.

PlayStation Camera
PlayStation Camera.
  1. Make sure the PlayStation Camera is connected properly to your PlayStation.
  2. Make sure the PlayStation Camera is facing toward you, so it can see you, and any controllers you are using.

2 Charge

Make sure your PlayStation Move controllers are fully charged.

  1. Connect the controller to your PlayStation using the included USB cable.
  2. Wait for the red status indicator light to stop flashing.

    PS Move controller with status indicator light highlighted.

3 Restart

Turn off your PlayStation 4 and turn it back on after a few seconds to restart it.

To turn off your PlayStation 4

  1. Press and hold the power button on the console for at least 7 seconds. The system will beep twice and then turn off.
    PS4 power button

4 Turn On

  1. Push and hold the PS button on your controller for a few moments.
    PS Move controller with PS button highlighted.
  2. The sphere at the top will turn on.

? Are your controllers working properly now?

  1. Yes
  2. No
New Sony PlayStation Move - Twin Pack - Unboxing \u0026 Easy Setup

PlayStation Move motion controller 

Immerse yourself in game-changing virtual worlds.

Perfect for Virtual Reality

Enhance your PlayStation VR experience with up to two PlayStation Move motion controllers, in compatible games. With its lightweight design, advanced motion sensors and tracking sphere, the PlayStation Move motion controller lets you effortlessly interact with your virtual environment, with incredible accuracy.

Ergonomic design

Feel an extraordinary connection to amazing virtual worlds, thanks to comfortable design and vibration feedback.

Accurate tracking  

Experience an astonishing sense of presence with built-in motion sensors, and colour changing sphere which is tracked by the PlayStation Camera.

Intuitive interface  

Take full control of your VR experiences with an easy-to-use button layout, including a large, dedicated trigger and the familiar DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller PS and action buttons.

PS VR aim controller

Bring precision aim to compatible PS VR shooters with this advanced controller designed specifically for PlayStation VR.

See the PS VR aim controller transformed into a weapon in your virtual world, aim down the virtual scope and open fire with incredible precision – while feeling the kick and vibration in your hands.


Controller motion vr playstation move

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How to Connect PlayStation(PS4) Motion Controller in PS5 Console?

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