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Transitional Sling Swivel Rocker Chair with Tall Back

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Stella Sling High Back Swivel Rocker 7A910

The Stella Sling High Back Swivel Rocker (7A910) by Homecrest combines the strength and durability of aluminum with the comfort of a premium-quality double layer sling to create a chair that's easy to love. Stella collection chairs feature elegantly sloped arms, a clean visual style and a sturdy build, which can withstand even the strongest of winds. Built for commercial or residential use, these chairs will bring openness and comfort to any outdoor setting. Homecrest's famous slings are quick-drying, available in a variety of durable color finishes and conform easily to the sitter's body, enabling you to relax in style.


  • One (1) Stella Sling High Back Swivel Rocker 7A910


  • Chair: 43" H x 24.5" W x 30" D
  • Seat Height: 17.5"
  • Arm Height: 21.5"


  • Double layer sling is quick drying, flexible and fade resistant
  • Welting and 5-thread serging process doubles the strength of each seam for a strong hold
  • Powder coated aluminum frame is sleek, durable and corrosion resistant
  • Chair arms added for additional convenience, weight and support
  • Swivel rocker mechanism allows for freedom of motion
  • Frames designed with added weight for additional wind stability
  • Commercial quality construction built to last
  • Made in the USA
  • Some assembly may be required


  • Double Layer Sling has 5 year Residential / 2 year Commercial warranty against tearing, discoloration or excessive fading
  • Aluminum Frame has 15 year Residential / 5 year Commercial warranty against structural failures
  • Finish has 5 year warranty against peeling, flaking or blistering

Care & Maintenance

Enjoy your Homecrest furniture for years to come by keeping it in good shape! Simply hose off to clean and spot treat for stains, but avoid power washing. You can further protect your aluminum frame by waxing it at least once a year. If you plan on using your sling near salt water or an indoor pool, wipe down and wax regularly to prevent paint blistering. Make sure to store your chair right-side up during cold winter weather to prevent damage caused by ice.

Durable Aluminum Frame

Homecrest's products go through an extensive process that cleans the raw material from any debris and prepares the surface for quality paint adhesion. A baked-on polyester powder-coat finish is applied, which will provide a durable finish season after season. All Homecrest powder-coat finishes are backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Double Layer Slings

Homecrest's double layer sling has been a consumer favorite for decades, offering unsurpassed comfort and exceptional longevity. The Homecrest double layer sling uses internal support rails to shape and stretch the sling, which allows for the sling to ergonomically conform to the body. After the first sew line is in place, slings go through a five-thread serging process that doubles the strength of the seam. Sling construction is finished with a sewn-on welt. Welting is attached with a third sew line to combine the multiple layers of fabric. Finally, Homecrest slings are static-load tested to ensure durability of seam strength by dropping a 125 lb. weight on a sling chair for 50,000 cycles. Outdoor double layer slings are protected with an industry-leading 5 year residential/ 2 year commercial warranty, and are easily field replaceable.

Differences in Dining Heights

Homecrest offers a variety of seating and table heights for several types of market applications ranging from lounging to dining, cafe, balcony and bar. It is important to note the desired seating height when selecting tables or pairing with existing tables or seating.

What is Welt?

Welt goes by several names. It can be called a welt trim, welt cord, welt piping, or simply welting. It is the decorative trim around the edges of a cushion to give the cushions a more finished look. A thin piece of cord or piping is wrapped in fabric and sewn to the seams of a cushion. It serves two primary functions. The first is functional, helping to strengthen and protect the seams of the cushion. The second is visual. Welt gives cushions a more finished look and emphasizes the shape of the cushion. Welt that matches the color of the cushion fabric is called a "matching" or "self" welt. Welt that is a different color than the color of the cushion fabric is called a "contrast" welt.

Adding a welt to a cushion is a custom process and may extend an order's lead time by 2 - 4 weeks. There may also be an additional charge for adding welt, which varies by manufacturer.

About the Manufacturer

Homecrest combines a rich history of quality and classic design with today's demand for affordable luxury and versatile living. Homecrest's focus has broadened to encompass the increasing demands of sophisticated, style-driven consumers seeking to complement their homes' interior designs and create a seamless flow between indoors and out. Homecrest is poised to build its future on consumer and contract needs, innovative new products and global opportunities.

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Best Swivel Rocker Patio Chairs. Outdoor Swivel Rockers!


Best Swivel Rocker Chairs

Swivel rocker patio chairs are extremely useful pieces of outdoor furniture. The swivel movement means they are quite easy to get in and out of, and the rocking motion is always welcome on a hot day. After a close examination of several chairs, we’ve found that the best swivel rocker chairs are the Coastlink Nevada Swivel Rockers.

These pass the counts of being both being well built and aesthetically pleasing. The scarlet Sunbrella cushions mesh with the antique bronze finish seamlessly, giving them a luxury feel no matter the setting. Additionally, they are treated with extreme care when shipping. The careful packaging shows a manufacturer really believes in their product when they go above and beyond regular shipping to make sure their product arrives in one piece and functions well. These are the Best Swivel Rocker Patio Chairs on the market today.

For a complete review, please see our Product Reviews section below.

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Runner Up Outdoor Swivel Rockers

For a two-piece set of chairs, the Courtyard Classic Agio Bellevue swivel rockers are the second best option – and best option for chairs without cushions.

Their espresso finish and the brown textile sling is the only thing that comes close to matching the aesthetically pleasing finish of the antique bronze and scarlet of Nevada. Overall, they boast a higher seat height than other chairs, at 17” – making them very comfortable.

If you’re looking for something with little to no maintenance, these may be the best option. There are no cushions to worry about, and textile sling tends to hold up quite well against rain and elements.

For a full review of these chairs, please see our Product Reviews below.

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Budget Pick: Patio Swivel Chairs

The PatioMaster Sienna Swivel Rocker is the cheapest of the bunch, but that does not mean it is cheaply made. The steel frame with brown powder coating ensures that it will last some time, and like the Agio Bellevue, it uses sling fabric which has its benefits, primarily low maintenance.

The chair itself is a bit basic and has a bit too much of an office chair vibe to us, which is why the Agio Bellevue beat it out in terms of aesthetics. The build is simple, lacking the contoured back design of the Agio as well.

However, this chair is straightforward and gets the job done: it’s comfortable, it rocks, and it swivels. The basic design and sleek color should ensure that it fits into almost any environment, both design and aesthetics.

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Outdoor Swivel Rocker Chair Reviews

In this section, we will take a close look at several different options for swivel rocker patio sets.

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1. Patio Master Sienna Swivel Rocker Set of Two

The PatioMaster Sienna Swivel Rocker set is an excellent choice for those on a budget, and won our budget choice. The price on these chairs is aggressive, given the quality of construction, durability of sling material, and general aesthetic. While not super modern, these chairs will fit into any decor without standing out and are low maintenance and comfortable.

Patio Master Sienna Swivel Rocker

Basic Features

  • Set of two
  • Steel frame with a powder-coated finish; dark brown
  • Comfortable sling fabric
  • Simple, clean look

For warranty information, see here.

Dimensions and Specs

  • 21.85” x 36.22” x 28.94”
  • 39.4 pounds
  • Seat height: 16 inches
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds

The Details

Sienna Swivel Rocker Set of Two in Context

Aesthetically speaking, the Sienna Swivel Rocker is a notch above what you might expect out of a typical patio chair. Its style is sleek, simple, and effective. It should be easy to assemble and comes with a few tools to help put it together. The aesthetic is a little bland and leans toward an office chair vibe, but it unassuming and comfortable.

Considering these chairs will mostly sit outside on the patio, an important factor to consider is how they respond to rain. The sling fabric provided is quick to dry and also easy to replace, should you ever run across any problems with it.

Given its simple build, These chairs are lightweight, making them easy to move. On the same note, however, that can detract from the overall feel of perceived quality you might get from sitting in a heavier chair, and they are prone to sailing away in inclement weather or high winds.

If that is a concern, please see our patio furniture weighting guide here.

Analyzing the chair itself, there are two questionable design approaches. First, the arms are a bit narrow for such a chair. This definitely affects overall comfort and ability to enjoy just “kicking back” as you may find your arms hanging off or just awkwardly sitting on the rests. The other is that the chair is only 15” high from the floor. These two factors combined may leave taller or heavier-set people finding more comfort in another option.

The Bottom Line: Inexpensive Swivel Patio Furniture

Overall,  the set of two Sienna Swivel Rockers is a great purchase for the price point given. They certainly aren’t a luxury item, but hold up quite well in the functionality department in accomplishing their job.

They provide a comfortable seat that you can both swivel in and lean back. Their easy assembly, simple elegance, and light weight make them a good choice for any patio.

They are most similar to the Agio Bellevue, which we will be taking a look at next.

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2. Agio Bellevue Swivel Rocker Set of Two

Agio Bellevue Swivel Rocker Patio Chairs

The Agio Bellevue swivel rocker set is a slightly more stylish version of the Patio Master Sienna above, though with a notably higher price point.

These chairs are elegant and comfortable, and their swivel and rock mechanisms make for great outdoor relaxation chair.

Basic Features

  • Set of two
  • Aluminum frame, powder coated, rust free
  • Light brown textile sling
  • Espresso colored finish

Contact Agio for warranty information.

Dimensions and Specs

  • 28.8” x 26.2” x 40.3”
  • Weight capacity: 250 pounds
  • Seat height: 17.64”

The Details

The Agio Bellvue feels like a slightly higher-end version of the PatioMaster Sienna set above. Aesthetically, it has a leg up over the Sienna, with more detail in the metal, and a higher quality textile sling. The shape of the contoured backing suggests quality workmanship and thought went into the design of these chairs. The espresso finish, combined with the textile sling, is just a tad more pleasing to the eye than the plain brown that the Sienna offers.

However, the surprisingly important factor that gives these high back swivel patio chairs a leg up on tje competition is the seat height: over 17.5”! It might not seem to be a lot, but one can definitely feel the difference in comfortability when comparing seats that are only 15” high to those that are over 17”.

Compared to the Sienna, this chair adds an extra foot to its backrest, giving it a more elegant look and perhaps more comfort as well. Like the Sienna, it is very easy to clean and keep dry, even after a rainstorm.

It is also relatively easy to assemble. Typical assembly takes about 45 minutes to an hour, and it’s not very taxing.

The Bottom Line: Great Patio Swivel Rocking Chairs

The Agio Bellvue swivel rocker gets the job done on all fronts – it seems to be carefully thought out from its design, its high, contoured backing, and attention to small details.

It shares one notable feature with the Sienna: it doesn’t rely on cushions to create a comfortable chair. You could add your own small cushion for additional comfort if you wanted, but this should be pleasing enough without.

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3. BHG Azalea Ridge 3 Piece Set

BHG Azalea Ridge 3 Piece Swivel Table Set

Better Homes and Gardens has long been an outstanding brand in the patio decor and design area, and they have recently begun to produce furniture under the BHG name. The Azalea Ridge set by BHG is a beautiful pair of swivel lounge chairs with included table, with their super comfortable chair design, though certainly not particularly modern.

Basic Features

  • 3 piece outdoor furniture set
  • Reddish brown weave color
  • Steel frame
  • Tempered glass (increased strength)
  • Chairs swivel but only rock a little bit

Warranty information: contact Better Home and Gardens

Dimensions and Specs

  • Chair: 38” height
  • Seat: 21” x 22”
  • Table: 24” x 20”
  • Total weight: 150 pounds

The Details

Azalea Ridge with Green Cushions

Unlike both the swivel rockers above (the Sienna Swivel Rocker and the Agio Bellevue), the Azalea Ridge bistro set from Better Home and Gardens is a bit different. To start off, we’re looking at a 3-piece outdoor set, which includes a table as well. The set is fairly easy to put together and assemble, but it’s normal to encounter one or two difficulties at some point, usually putting together the chairs. Let’s start by comparing the chairs with those from Sienna and Agio.

There are two things that set these chairs apart from the Sienna and the Agio Bellevue. They have cushions, which is a nice feature, and they have a friendly, inviting design. However, they only rock at most little bit, so if you’re looking for something capable of significant movement, these chairs aren’t for you.

While you may notice an increased comfort factor from the cushions, some of that may be diminished by the inability to significantly lean back or just relax  – part of the joy that swivel rockers offer in the first place.

Cushions can really go either way. They usually require extra care than just having a chair by itself. Its definitely important to keep them clean regularly and even take them inside during harsher weather, such as high winds or rain. Since these chairs were built with the cushion in mind, it’s important to keep good care of them – since they usually aren’t as comfortable without them.

The build quality of the chair itself is excellent. These are made from all-weather PE rattan wicker with a heavy duty steel frame – giving them quite a bit of durability, being made for the longer term. It’s worth talking about the table as well since that is a key piece of what makes this set different. Overall, the table is also made from hand-woven wicker and has a tempered glass top, which should withstand being outside quite nicely.

With that being said, it probably won’t hold up too well if an entire oak tree falls on it, but a small branch or so probably won’t shatter it. Overall, the table looks fitting with the chairs and it doesn’t seem like they were just trying to throw in an extra piece for the sake of calling it a set.

The Bottom Line: High-Quality Swivel Patio Chairs

This is a fine 3 piece set and a serious contender for being among the best of swivel (sorta) rocker chairs.

For its price, it is quite competitive and is of high quality.

However, the lack of much rocking capability may be a big negative for many.

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4. Nevada Rocker Chairs (Set of Two)

Nevada Cast Aluminum Swivel Rocker Chairs with Scarlet Cushions

The Nevada Rocker chairs by Coastlink are an interesting option, with a structure made of cast aluminum, and high-quality Sunbrella cushions for seats.

With two fabric options to choose from, and an interesting crossed back pattern that is surprisingly comfortable, the Nevada is an outstanding swivel rocker chair.

Basic Features

  • Solid cast aluminum construction
  • Antique bronze color
  • Sunbrella cushions, scarlet/brown colored
  • Multiple options: set of 2, set of 3 bistro set, 5 piece dining set, 7 piece dining set

For warranty information, contact Coastlink furniture.

Dimensions and Specs

  • 22” x 23” x 36”
  • Weight of each chair: about 30 pounds

The Details

Nevada Swivel Rocker Chairs with Sesame Cushions

The Coastlink Nevada cast aluminum chairs are a premium set of furniture, through and through. Built with pleasing design and high-quality materials, the Nevada chairs are top notch.

Cast aluminum is a great outdoor furniture material, as it is very light but sturdy, and is more rust-resistant than stainless steel. The supplied Sunbrella cushions are great, and Sunbrella is among our favorites when it comes to outdoor fabric.

Coastlink offers multiple options to pair with the Nevada swivel rockers, ranging from these two swivel rocker chairs with Sunbrella cushions, to an entire 7 piece dining set, with plenty of options in-between.

Everything about these chairs shows the level of work that was put in to maintain their high quality. First, they have a solid cast aluminum construction, giving them plenty of long-term viability. They boast a hand-finish in antique bronze, with multiple steps taken during the finishing process to ensure they are weather resistant.

The cushions themselves are made from premium Sunbrella fabric. As we’ve reviewed in other articles, especially with hammocks, Sunbrella is one of the strongest and most weather resistant outdoor fabric there is.

Nevada Swivel Rocker Frames Only

That is important, as chairs made with cushions are usually best when the cushion is still around. That said, it is always wise to store patio furniture cushions in a storage area or deck box when not in use — even Sunbrella. The more time they are out of the elements, the longer they will last.

Expert care is taken during the shipping and delivery of these chairs, and table if you order the set. The hardest part of the assembly is actually unwrapping the chairs from the packaging, as some users have noted it can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to actually free them completely.

All parts and hardware needed to assemble these chairs (or sets) are included with adequate instructions, so it should make assembly itself decently easy.

The Bottom Line: The Best Patio Swivel Chairs

Overall, we see the Nevada chair being the best swivel rockers available with cushions.

One word comes to mind to describe them: sturdy. And besides aesthetics (which are top notch on these chairs), sturdiness is the most important factor for any furniture that will be prone to the elements.

The Sunbrella cushions are outstanding on these chairs, and they are an excellent choice in general. They are our top choice among swivel rocker patio chairs.

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5. Outsunny Rattan Swivel Rocker Lounge Chair

Outsunny Rattan Wicker Swivel Rocker Recliner

The Outsunny Rattan Swivel Rocker chair is a bit of an outlier on our list, as it’s more of a recliner that happens to swivel and rock, as opposed to a dining chair with swivel and rock capabilities.

Basic Features

  • Water resistant
  • Rust resistant
  • Swivel 360 degrees
  • PE Wicker made

For warranty information, you must contact the seller, which is Sunny.

Dimensions and Specs

  • Chair: 23.5” x 24.5” x 36”
  • Cushion thickness: 5.5”
  • Back cushion: 25” x 22.5” x 22.5”
  • Seat cushion: 26.5” x 23.5” x 26”
  • Weight capacity: 397 pounds
  • Weight of the entire chair: 71 pounds

The Details: A Patio Recliner!

Outsunny in Recline Setting

The Outsunny Rattan Wicker swivel rocker is a bit different than the other chairs on our list, as it functions as an outdoor recliner, as well as a swivel rocker.

Aesthetically speaking, this is your run of the mill chair. The PE wicker material does add a nice touch, but some of the other chairs listed have an overall cleaner look, like the Agio Bellevue or the Nevada Rockers. Overall though, the design of these chairs is thoughtful and contemporary, but we find something like Nevada’s scarlet/brown Sunbrella cushions a bit more pleasing to the eye than the beige cushion available here.

The biggest upside is that it ships as one piece, so if you’re not one for the task of assembly, there’s nothing better than just having it land on your doorstep, ready to use. Functionally speaking, it does its job of swiveling – but rocking can be questionable. Despite being advertised as a rocker, more than one user has left reviews that it just didn’t rock very much for them. If you’re looking for a chair that has a significant rocking motion, as opposed to the recline, this chair may not be quite right for you.

The Bottom Line: Elegant Wicker Swivel Rocker Patio Chairs

The Outsunny swivel rocker recliner is a good choice for an outdoor reclining chair.

It is constructed with a high-quality steel frame, weather resistant PE-wicker rattan weave, and detachable cushions.

If your need for a swivel rocker is more of a lounge chair than a dining chair, then this may be a great choice for you!

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Conclusion: Patio Swivel Rocker Chairs

When shopping for outdoor swivel rockers for your patio set, there are a few things you need to look for. The first is to make sure the chair accomplishes what it sets out to do. Some manufacturers will throw out “swivel” and “rocker” in the title just to make more sales, when their chair may only do one of the two or will flex a little bit and get a pass for being called “rocking”. We closely investigated these chairs to make sure they successfully accomplish both, which you can read in the reviews above.

Beyond that, you want to make sure the chair is comfortable by checking out measurements. Most people will find seat heights of 15” too low and therefore uncomfortable; but go too high and you face the same problem. Back height is also important.

For example, we found the Agio Bellevue has much higher back support than the Sienna Swivel Rockers – it’s worth noting both but in the end, this comes down to preference. Lastly, cushions are the major differentiating factor for most chairs. It may provide more comfort but it will require more care in the end.

Ultimately, our favorite chair came out to be the set of two Coastlink Nevada cast aluminum swivel rocker chairs. The quality of the frame material, the Sunbrella cushions, and the comfort of the chair made it our top choice!

Last update on 2021-10-13 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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