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There is a range of Boye Crochet Hook Sets. Some sets include both the smaller steel hooks and the larger size Aluminum hooks. There are Boye Plastic Hooks Sets and their Ergonomic Aluminum set.

Here are my reviews of these crochet hooks.

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Boye Crochet Master Steel and Aluminum Crochet Hooks Set

Boye Crochet Master Steel and Aluminum Crochet Hooks Set

The Boye Crochet Master hook set is perfect for the beginner crocheter. This set includes 24 different sized crochet hooks and a zippered case to keep them neat and organized.

With this many hook options, you’ll be able to complete nearly any crochet project you want. You’ll have all the hook sizes you need!

The smaller crochet hooks are made of steel. They are great for crocheting with thread. The larger crochet hooks are made of aluminum and used with various types of yarn.

The set includes 16 steel crochet hooks (00-14) & eight aluminum hooks (D-K).

The hooks have a tapered head, which allows for easy crocheting.


  • The set comes within a compact case
  • Different colors denote different sizes
  • No splitting of yarn due to the rounded head
  • Durable vinyl/canvas case


  • Some people find their wrists ache when using steel or aluminum hooks for extended periods.
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Boye Ergonomic Crochet Hook Set

Boye Ergonomic Crochet Hook Set

These aluminum hooks have a soft rubber ergonomic handle in different colors. The grip helps make crocheting more comfortable.

These crochet hook packs have sizes –

  • B – 2.25mm
  • C – 2.75mm
  • D – 3.25 mm
  • E – 3.5 mm
  • F – 3.75 mm
  • G – 4.0 mm
  • H – 5.0 mm
  •  I – 5.5 mm
  •  J – 6.0 mm
  •  K – 6.5 mm
  •   L – 8 mm


  •  Letter and mm sizing printed on the handle
  •  Ergonomic handle
  • Affordable
  • An excellent option for beginners


  • Some customers found the quality wasn’t the best
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Boye Interchangeable Head Steel Crochet Hook Set 

Boye Interchangeable Head Crochet Hook Set

This Boye Interchangeable Head Crochet Hook Set consists of fourteen steel crochet hook heads that fit into an aluminum handle. 

This Boye crochet hook set comes in a durable and compact zippered carrying case. The case has a foam insert with individual slots for each head and the comfort grip handle. 

  • 0.75mm – 14
  • 0.85mm – 13
  • 1.0mm – 12
  • 1.1mm – 11
  • 1.3mm – 10
  • 1.4mm – 9
  • 1.5mm – 8
  • 1.65mm – 7
  • 1.8mm – 6
  • 1.9mm – 5
  • 2mm – 4
  • 2.1mm – 3
  • 2.25mm – 2 
  • 2.75mm – 1


  • Convenient carry case
  • Lightweight


  • Crochet hooks don’t have the size on them. They have a spot in the case for identification.
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Boye Plastic 5 Piece Crochet Hook Set

Boye Plastic Crochet Hook Set

 This packet includes five Boye Crochet Hooks.

 Includes G (4.25mm), H (5mm), I (5.25mm), J (5.75mm), and K (6.5mm).


  •  Hooks are color-coded by size so you can easily pick the one you want during projects.


  • The listing says six hooks, but this is an error.
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Boye Jumbo Hooks Set

Boye 235001MM Plastic Crochet Hook Set, Sizes L11 to P16

This package includes four plastic hooks.

Sizes: L (8mm), M (9mm), N (10mm), and P (11.5mm). 


  • Great for bulky yarn projects
  • Affordable


  • Some yarns may create a squeaky noise when working the stitches with this hook
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Boye Aluminum 3 Piece Crochet Hook Set, Sizes G6 to I9 

Boye Aluminum 3 Piece Crochet Hook Set, Sizes G6 to I9

This packet contains 3 Boye Aluminum hooks in sizes – G/6 (4.25mm), H/8 (5mm), and I9 (5.5mm).


  • Easy to get into stitches
  • Smooth surface
  • Each size is a different color


  • Doesn’t come in a travel case
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Boye Aluminum 8 Piece Crochet Hook Set, Sizes D-K 

Simplicty Aluminum Crochet Hook Crochet Hook Set, 8pc, Sizes D-K

 Includes eight assorted crochet hooks in sizes D-K


  • Needles are color-coded by size for convenience.
  • Durable anodized aluminum


  • Doesn’t come in a travel case, only in cardboard packaging
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So there you go, there are quite a few Boye Crochet Hook Sets available. They are an affordable option and great for beginners. 

Something I forgot? Or have a question? Leave a comment at the end.

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Boye Crochet Hook Set D-K Multicoloured

Boye Crochet Hook Set D-K Multicoloured
Boye Crochet Hook Set D-K Multicoloured
Boye Crochet Hook Set D-K Multicoloured
Boye Crochet Hook Set D-K Multicoloured
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Bates or Boye? Which crochet hook brand rules them all?

Since the beginning of crochet history, this has been an ongoing debate: Susan Bates or Boye crochet hooks? If you are just starting, which should you choose?

Some people use both brands, and some pick one and are loyal for life. But why? What are the differences? What are the pros and cons? Aren't all crochet hooks the same? 

Nope! We'll explain the differences between these popular crochet hooks and why you might prefer one over the other. And why it might not make a difference to you. As they say, it's not always all about the size —it's how you use it!

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Speaking of hooks:We have a great subscription bonus — a free set of crochet hooks! When you subscribe to our magazine, you become part of the happiest crochet family out there.  Check out the prices and your free hooks here.

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What's the difference?

bates vs boye crochet hooks parts labeled

Knowing the crochet hook parts can help you figure out why one feels more comfortable and works better for you than another.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means we may garner a small commission at no cost to you if you choose to make a purchase.

Boye Hooks

Boye hooks have a tapered throat.The head and shaft are not a perfect cylinder and gently taper down the shaft of the hook. They also have a tapered, more pointed hook head — that's the part that goes through the yarn first. 

Boye hooks have a long shaft, so the thumb rest is slightly further down on the handle. They, in turn, have a shorter handle.

crochet hooks boye bates inline

Bates hooks have an inline hook with a rounded top, while Boye hooks have a more pointed top with a tapered throat.

Susan Bates hooks

Susan Bates hooks have an inline throat.This means that the head and shaft are basically like a cylinder with a notch in the hook for the yarn. Some crochet instructors recommend in-line hooks because it can help a beginner to maintain tension better. Bates hooks also have a rounded point on the head of the hook.

Bates hooks have a short shaft, and the thumb rest is closer to the hook's head. They, in turn, have a longer handle. 

strings of yarn

Happily Hooked hooks: At Happily Hooked, we give new members a full set of crochet hooks in the most commonly used sizes with soft grips to keep your hands comfortable longer. These hooks are similar to the Boye style hooks.  

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So, how do you choose?

The answer really boils down to personal preference. 

When many people learn to crochet, they use hand-me-down hooks. Or, it's whatever is available at the craft store. To figure out which hook type you prefer, here's what I recommend you do: 

Step One: Buy a hook size in both brands and test each for yourself. Which feels best in your hand with your own grip?

Step Two: Crochet a small swatch with a few different types of yarn with both hooks. Test out some cotton, wool, and acrylic. That should give you an idea of which hook is best for you. You may also find that your hook brand preference depends on what fiber you are working with. (Mine definitely does. Some yarns split a lot, so a pointy-headed hook is annoying. More on that in a minute.)

Step Three: You can also get a FREE set of crochet hooks (hooks similar to Boye-style) when you join Happily Hooked. Free goes a long way towards making a hook your favorite—wink wink. 

happily hooked free crochet hooks

These hooks each have a silicone handle on them, which makes them ergonomic so you can crochet in more comfort.

A few things to keep in mind

Basic crochet hooks, right off the shelf, are usually aluminum, and that's true of the Susan Bates and Boye crochet hooks we've discussed here. When you're shopping around, here are a few more notes you'll want to know

Handles help

Plain aluminum (or wood, bamboo, plastic, etc.) hooks are usually very narrow. Gripping them for any extended amount of time can cause tired hands. You can purchase handles separately, purchase hooks with handles already installed, buy custom hooks with fancy handles from independent sellers, or even create your own handles.

It's in your head

The yarn you use for a project may determine the hook you use, so you may want more than one crochet hook brand on hand. (Or, if you're like many crocheters, you may have ALL the brands! And multiples of them!) For instance, if you're using a yarn that tends to split into separate strands, you probably want a hook with a rounder head, so it doesn't accidentally go between the plies.

But, if you're working with tight stitches in your pattern, like slip stitches, a pointy hook head can help you ease the hook into the tight spaces. You may also find that a deeper notch holds on to slippery yarn better. Trial and error will show you which hook makes the most sense for your project. 

Many more makers make more hooks

There are other hook manufacturers outside of Boye and Susan Bates. They are just the most recognizable brands that are most commonly found in craft stores. Other brands include Clover, Tulip, Addi, Furls, Denise, and many more.   

More info

There's more to crochet hooks that choosing them. You need to care for them, as well. Check out this article for crochet hook tips, and enjoy this handy crochet hook size chart, which tells you which hook size is which.

crochet hook conversions

Click on the picture thumbnail for a full-size version of the crochet hook conversions chart that you can save to your own device.

Here's the hook

No matter what you hear from anyone else, the hook(s) you choose must be those you feel most comfortable with and that work best for you. And don't feel like you have to stay with one brand. There are plenty of crochet hook collectors … dare we say, ADDICTS out there. Our own Courtney is one. 

The most important tip we can give you is that you keep experimenting and keep an open mind. Crochet should always be fun and make you happy. And that even includes the hooks you use. 

strings of yarn

In case you missed it, you get free crochet hooks when you sign up with Happily Hooked. But, of course, there are so many MORE reasons to join us. You get 16+ patterns every single month. And a great group of crocheters to hang out with. VIP bonuses and surprises! And more, more more! 

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