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Details about  Bucyrus Erie B Series 1 Dragline Brass - CCM Brass Scale Model !

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Although the machine had long since been melted down leaving only the bucket as a tribute, under the prodding of many of its best customers CCM decided to move forward with a model that would allow for an appreciation of the machine that perspective photos could never achieve.  At 5 feet long, this replica of the Big Muskie is one of the most detailed mining models ever built at scale.  This is partially due to the size of the machine but in large it is tribute to the extra effort put forth to recreate all of the hidden details of this incredible machine.

The result is individually hand soldered boom lattice cords, boom walks and platforms, maintenance ladders with safety cages, and individual boom and house lights used in night time operations.  Thirty-six static lines hold the boom in position and two self -locking drums run the drag and elevation cables on the bucket.  Bucket details include externally welded reinforcements, accurate wire rope clevises and two unique sheaves appropriate to the mid-life representation CCM has chosen for their Big Muskie Model.

Individual ventilation grates, access doors, walking feet hydraulic lines and valves and maintenance walkways top off the details that can be found on the house of the model.  Tipping the scales with 49 pounds of hand formed brass, CCM is proud to have created this model and given the machine a new life that can be appreciated for generations to come.

Booms &#; 45” long and 30” tall

Bucket &#; 3” wide x ” long x ” tall.

House &#; 20 ¾” wide at the feet and 21” long.

Overall length of the model  &#; 60”


When Central Ohio Coal Company, a division of American Electric Power (AEP), assessed the operating needs of their Muskingum mine in the mid’s, they determined a dragline unprecedented in size was necessary to keep pace with the increasing demand for coal.  To achieve the production they required, AEP commissioned Bucyrus-Erie to engineer and build this phenomenal machine.

After two years of engineering development, three years of construction and roughly , man hours, the Big Muskie went into service in at an estimated price of 25 million dollars.  At ’ long (’6” boomed down), ’ tall and ’ wide, this 27 million pound machine could move the equivalent of two Greyhound buses in one pass, cover an eight lane freeway for a parking spot and span the length of a football field with its ’ boom.

The Big Muskie, so named for the mine where it spent its working life, drew 13, volts of electricity to create 62, peak horsepower which it used to move a cubic yard, ton capacity bucket.  During her life she moved more than million cubic yards of overburden before she was parked in due to dwindling demands in the coal markets.  In comparison, million cubic yards of material were moved to clear the Panama Canal.

In , to the dismay of many enthusiasts, the Big Muskie was sent to the scrap yard.  Her giant bucket remains as one of the few tributes to one of the most significant earth moving machines ever built.


Additional information

Production Run

Limited to pieces

Precision Scale


61" long, 4" wide, 15" tall



Production Year

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Bucyrus Erie walking dragline model


Bucyrus-Erie logo.svg
TypeSubsidiary of Caterpillar Inc.
IndustryMachinery manufacturing
  • Bucyrus Foundry and Manufacturing Company (–)
  • Bucyrus Steam Shovel and Dredge Company of Wisconsin (–)
  • The Bucyrus Company (–)
  • Bucyrus Company (–)
  • Bucyrus-Erie Company (–)
FoundedBucyrus, Ohio, United States (&#;())
FounderDaniel P. Eells et al.
FatePurchased by Caterpillar Inc.

South Milwaukee, Wisconsin


United States

Area served

  • Dragline
  • RH Hydraulic Excavator
  • MTAC Mining Truck
Footnotes&#;/ references

Bucyrus-Erie was an American surface and underground mining equipment company. It was founded as Bucyrus Foundry and Manufacturing Company in Bucyrus, Ohio in Bucyrus moved its headquarters to South Milwaukee, Wisconsin in In , Bucyrus merged with the Erie Steam Shovel Company to form Bucyrus-Erie.

Renamed Bucyrus International, Inc. in , it was purchased by Caterpillar in a US$ billion[7] ($ billion including net debt) transaction that closed on July 8, At the time of its acquisition, the Bucyrus product line included a range of material removal and material handling products used in both surface and underground mining.



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Bucyrus was an early producer of steam shovels in its Bucyrus, Ohio headquarters and manufacturing facility. In , Bucyrus moved its operations to South Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

A Bucyrus steam shovel working in the Panama Canal

In Bucyrus supplied 77 of the steam shovels used to dig the Panama Canal. These were 95 ton models with five-cubic-yard buckets that could move approximately eight tons of material at once. They were operated by a crew of four. Similar to a locomotive, the crew was headed by an engineer, and included two firemen who stoked the boiler with coal, and a craneman. A support crew of six on the ground laid rails on which the shovel moved. A photograph of President Theodore Roosevelt was taken in November operating a Bucyrus shovel in Panama during his inspection trip. In March , a single Bucyrus shovel excavated 70, cubic yards in 26 days at the Culebra cut, setting a canal construction record. Each shovel averaged over 1,, cubic yards of earth excavated at the cut.[10]

Theodore Roosevelt on a Bucyrus shovel in the Panama Canal in


The company changed its name to Bucyrus-Erie in when it merged with the Erie Steam Shovel Company, the country's leading manufacturer of small excavators at that time.[citation needed]

In Bucyrus joined with Ruston & Hornsby Ltd Lincoln, England, forming the Ruston-Bucyrus Ltd firm in England. Ruston & Hornsby Ltd were the pre-eminent manufacturers of steam excavators at the time, having started in The merger gave the company access to previously unavailable world markets.


Ruston & Hornsby Ltd sold their share in Ruston-Bucyrus in , during a period of recession and consolidation in the mining industry, as they divested non-core businesses to survive.[citation needed]

For a time in the s the company was known as Becor Western following its merger with Western Gear.[citation needed]

On February 18, , Bucyrus-Erie filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and remained under bankruptcy protection until December 14,

The company adopted the name Bucyrus International, Inc. in [citation needed]

Bucyrus built hundreds of large mining machines, as well as construction equipment, competing with Marion Power Shovel. Bucyrus acquired Marion Power Shovel in [citation needed]

On May 4, , Bucyrus completed the acquisition of the DBT Group, a Lunen, Germany-based manufacturer of underground mining equipment, from RAG Coal International AG of Herne, Germany. Bucyrus acquired DBT because DBT's underground mining equipment complemented Bucyrus' surface mining products.[citation needed]

In February , Bucyrus International completed a US$ billion acquisition of the mining equipment division of Terex Corporation.[12]

On November 15, , Bucyrus agreed to be acquired by Caterpillar in a transaction valued at US$ billion. Caterpillar said it intended to create a new mining business headquarters at the former Bucyrus headquarters location in South Milwaukee. The transaction closed in mid

The Intellectual Property Rights for Bucyrus Erie marine cranes was acquired by Sparrows Group which has crane manufacturing operations based in Houston, Texas[14]


Bucyrus owned the Bucyrus, Bucyrus-Erie, Marion, and Ransomes & Rapier brands and provided OEM parts and support services for machinery which bears those brands.


  • W walking dragline, also known as Big Muskie, was built in , with a cubic-yard (&#;m3) bucket and weighed 13, metric tons. Big Muskie's cubic-yard (&#;m3) bucket is currently near McConnellsville, Ohio in a small park dedicated to coal mining.
  • Two B stripping shovels built in and , with bucket capacities of and &#;cu&#;yd (88 and &#;m3).
  • The W or WS, one of B-E's most popular dragline models with bucket capacities between and &#;cu&#;yd (92 and &#;m3). Ursa Major at Black Thunder Coal Mine was reported to be the third largest dragline ever built.
  • The Silver Spade and its twin the GEM of Egypt, B Stripping shovels, were built in and respectively, with a bucket capacity of 80&#;m3 (&#;cu&#;yd). The Silver Spade was dismantled in Videos of it working are on Bennetshovel on YouTube.com
  • The Stripping shovel Big Brutus, a B, was built in , with a yard bucket. It is in West Mineral, Kansas, as the centerpiece of a museum.
  • The Bucyrus-Erie R, 55 feet high and housing a massive drill, was responsible for the successful rescue of two miners during the Sheppton, Pennsylvania mining disaster.[16]
  • The B/W and W walking draglines, with buckets between 33 and 45&#;cu&#;yd (25 and 34&#;m3).
  • The 5-W walking dragline, carrying a 5-cubic-yard (&#;m3) bucket and produced until around ;
  • Marion Power Shovel Company of Marion, Ohio designed the crawler transporter used to carry Saturn V rockets and Space Shuttles to their launch pads.
  • in an RB walking dragline was transported to Britain as part of the Marshall Plan. It was used to remove overburden at various mines around the UK, lastly at St Aidan's opencast coal mine, Yorkshire, until the River Aire burst its banks and flooded the mine in March It has been preserved as a static monument at the site.[17]


Well known as a national and international concern, Bucyrus was noted for the long service of many of its employees.[citation needed]


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